June 2016

[Wednesday, 01st] Limitless [21:00, Sky One] Brian can't stop thinking that Sands, the guy who protects him, killed Agent Rebecca's father. There's a body. Then the city's lights go out. Is it cyber-warfare? Brian notices a link with the city's natural air circulation pattern. It's a biological attack by aliens? The dead guy is coated with the weird stuff which eats electricity. Brian and Rebecca end up in quarantine.
   Brian works out that the electron-eating bacteria were used to cover a theft of mutilated but repairable banknotes. An FBI raid on Brian's apartment finds only 2 of his 5 NZT pills but his family are also getting at him.
   The inventors of the bugs are tracked down. They didn't kill the security guard. That was a female research assistant and her cousin with a history of armed robbery. They're busted. Brian finds that his sister also burgled him and his mom excommunicates him over the pills she found. So Brian leaves a note for Rebecca and goes walkabout.
Death Race 3: Inferno (2012) [21:00, Syfy] The Death Race is going global and getting bigger and better and more frequent. But Frankenstein has won 4 races and he's only one win away from release. He's sent to South Africa and told the new deal is "win and you die" in the Kalahari desert. It's a 3-day event and it goes through town full of gangstas with guns.
   Frankie is 2nd after day one, and everyone is dumped in flooded cells full of bugs. Frankie tells his crew about the "you die" rule at the start of day 2. More revolting, crazy natives get involved, 4 cars left. Frankie gets his crew blown up on the last day? The boss-man fails to take him out with a missile. The broadcast network lady gets the hump at being screwed over by the boss-man.
   Frankie lets 14K win the race. The network lady chains the boss-man to a table when Frankie drives into his bunker to blow it up. Frankie survives, burnt to a crisp, but he denies being Frankenstein. Which is true. He's the boss-man and the new Frankenstein. The previous driver known as Frankenstein and his crew have gained their freedom.

[Thursday, 02nd] Lie To Me [22:00, Alibi] Senator Brooks was playing the education card as he ran for governor. Bang! A female staffer was killed, not the candidate. A 9-point bump for Brooks, who 'knew' her rather too well? He could be president. "Not with this girl's blood on his hands," sez Cal.
   The Feds went after the killer's accomplice. Cal and Foster grilled Brooks; who didn't cross the line but only by luck. The prisoner in the orange jump suit was just a distraction. Cal wanted to know how a nutter like that got past Brooks' security. He believed that one of Brooks' black ops pals offed Michelle.
   Was Michelle a drunk driver who killed someone and had it covered up? The senator offered her video confession. Cal didn't believe she was the driver and there was a convenient suicide. The drunk driver was the senator's wife and she was behind the murder! So Cal invited the senator to step down right after he'd won the election, or else.

[Friday, 03rd] NCIS [Dead Letter, 21:00, FX] Gibbs was all revved up to kill Scott for killing the MI5 lady and putting Fornell in hospital, but it was episode 23/24 so there was bound to be a "continued". The FBI was taking potential targets into custody but there were 2 off the grid. Kort, the one-eyed CIA agent, was found bashing an MI6 guy near the body of one of the targets.
   McGee tracked down the last agent. He gave up a motel clue. Scott beat NCIS to his stash. He was looking for Agent David, Abby found, so was he off to Israel? No, he strolled into the NCIS office with his hands up, claiming he was being framed; just like he was framed in 2002.
   Scott thought David could prove his innocence using her Mossad boss father's secret files. Kort killed the ex-agent, not him. Kort was selling secrets to the Russians in 2002, not Scott and Kort killed Scott's wife. At the end, Kort was in Israel, blowing stuff up. Continua . . .

[Saturday, 04th] Indycar Detroit Dual, Race 1 [20:30, BT Sport1] Pagenaud was the early leader. Chilton went into the barrier on lap 10/70 for the first caution. A lot of rain, but only at the south end of the island, reported on lap 22. But it was only a small shower and the drivers stayed on slicks. Hinchcliffe was left steaming in his car after he went into the wall on lap 42 whilst 5th.
   Some spits of rain on pit road. Montoya, off strategy, inherited the lead when other drivers made yellow pit stops. Win Jer's car croaked during the caution; his left rear wheel came off! Dixon claimed the lead when Montoya stopped on lap 55. Rain on some of the cameras. Dixon got stuck in 2nd gear after his last stop, so that was him done for.
   Bourdais took over the lead from Daly, who rejoined 2nd after his last stop. Montoya was 3rd and unable to close on Daly. And that's how they finished.

[Sunday, 05th] MotoGP of Catalunya [09:30, BTSport 2] Moto3: Binder on pole, 22 laps. Pawi slipstreamed into the lead for lap 2. Riders going off and lots of lead changes and passing. Binder was bashed down to 8th by Roderigo, who fell off before the stewards could give him a penalty. Navarro was ahead as the last lap started. Binder went up to 5th, then zoomed to 2nd. Bastianino finished 3rd. No champagne on the rostrum as Luis Salom died on Friday in a crash during Moto2 practice.
Moto2: Zarco on pole for 23 laps but he had a poor start. Luthi went into the lead, Rins took over into lap 2. Corsi and Baldezari bashed each other off and Corsi was unable to continue. Rins and Zarco went out in front, ahead of Luthi. Zarco took the lead with 7 laps to go and Nakagami went up to 3rd, having suddenly found some form in the second half of the race. Lowes was left in a "lonely" 6th.
MotoGP: Marquez on pole, 25 laps, Lorenzo into the lead. Rossi went 2nd on lap 6 and took the lead on lap 7. Marquez went up to 2nd on this lap. Lorenzo was struggling for pace and went backwards, and Iannone crashed him out with 9 laps togo. Marquez managed to get ahead of Rossi a couple of times but Rossi took the lead into lap 24 and stayed there. Pedrosa was 3rd.
Duel in Detroit, Race 2 [20:00, BT Sport 2] Pagenaud on pole. Bang! Chilton & Hinchcliffe crashed out at turn 1, lots of others to the pits for repairs. Dixon & Montoya had to pit on lap 23 after a wing-shattering bump. Pagenaud was still leading. Montoya crashed on lap 35 for a caution. Castroneves was in the lead on lap 41.
   A yellow on lap 50 for a crash by Hawksworth. Castro pitted and dropped down the field. Bummer. Win Jer took the lead and held it ahead of Pagenaud and RHR to the end.

[Monday, 06th] Gotham [21:00, Channel 5] Selena flattened Firefly to escape from her. Harve was acting captain and there wasn't enough of Azrael left to prove he was Galivant revived. Harve told Gordon that he can't touch Strange. But Gordon reckoned that he could, not being a copper. Strange revived Miss Fish, who had all her faculties, unusually. Bruce Wayne took Mr. Fox of the Wayne Foundation (and his radiation detector) to inspect the Asylum, which is paid for with Wayne money.
   Strange had BW and Fox grabbed. Selena told Firefly she's really Bridget, but her former pal insisted on being a flame-proof goddess, so Selena had to pretend to worship her. Alfred sent the cops racing to the Asylum to rescue BW. Meanwhile, Strange turned his creature The Chameleon into another Jim Gordon!

[Tuesday, 07th] Agatha Raisin [Walkers of Dembley, 21:00, Sky One] There was a landowner, whose crops had overgrown a public footpath. Ag joined a gang of stroppies, who were deflected from exercising their 'uman right to roam by the charming landowner when they came up against a shotgun-shootin' minion. One of the stroppies was done in; a serial protester with a dodgy boyfriend.
   The cops were comical clowns. Ag was unreasonable with her boyfriend. Bummer. He saved her from being run over. Ag did her best to bog things up but a killer was found eventually: a lady whose life was about to be ruined by the dead stroppy, so justifiable homicide.
The Closer [22:00, Alibi] The father of an aspiring pop girl, Missy, fell to his death in a national park. He was pepper-sprayed, said the pathologist. Missy's agent was a real sleazeball and Brenda had to schmooze him. The father was supposed to have been missing for 5 days but he'd just eaten pizza? He was never lost; it was a put-up job.
   Bruno, the manager, was arrested. Then the widow was bamboozled and busted. Brenda's smart lawyer saved her from signing a compensation case document, which would have left her in deep doo-doo. And Missy got lots of publicity for her pop video.

[Wednesday, 08th] Limitless [21:00, Sky One] Brian a few shots and told his trouble to some Russian mobsters. They told him the lady he was looking for was in gaol, not dead. He took his last NZT pill to rescue her, only to find that she couldn't leave St. Petersburg. She had a job to do, and she had more NZT.
   Agent Rebecca, itching to do something to find Brian, ran up against his stroppy dad when she tried to interview his sister about the guy Brian operated on (Sands). Brian and his pal burgled an oligarch. Brian ended up in gaol but his ladyfriend got him out. At the end, Rachel told Rebecca about Sands.

[Thursday, 09th] Lie to Me [20:00, Aibi] Cal went to an underground fight; 2 idiots knocking lumps of each other; and Foster had a dodgy bit of rough. The cops brought Cal in on the investigation of the murder of a Peruvian, Raul, who'd been at the fight. He was also asked to prove the innocence of Orlando, a suspect. Cal's DNA was under the dead man's fingers and Agent Bernard, with whom Cal had history, was in charge, so Agent Reynolds tried to slow down the DNA processing.
   Ria spotted Cal at the fights on CCTV and edited him out. Cal saved Orlando's ass from a scarred and psycho Scotsman. There was a Shining Path terrorist after Raul, Orlando said; who turned out to be Raul's own brother. Orlando helped to bust him, so that was Agent Bernard happy, and Foster's bit of rough turned out to be a DEA undercover.

[Friday, 10th] NCIS series finale [Family First, 21:00, FX] Dinbozo was sent to Israel. Agent Fornell was a bit paralysed. Agent David has been zapped and burnt to the ground? Everyone was still looking for the bald bad guy Kort. Surprise! He was still in the US.
   Surprise! David had a daughter and Dinbozo is the father, so he went all mushy. Kort had got Polk, the nuclear guy. But he was tracked down and everyone got to put some lead into Kort. Dinbozo is now history but the episode ended with Gibbs telling the survivors to saddle up for another murder.

[Saturday, 11th] F1 qualifying [18:00, Sky Sports F1] Well, that's another Mercedes lock-out on the front row and Lewis Hamilton is on pole. But for how long will he stay in the lead when the lights go out tomorrow? 3 seconds? 4?
Euro 2016, England v Russia in Marseille [20:00, ITV 1] The first shot on goal for England came in the 7th minute. Nearly again a couple of minutes later, and again after 11 minutes. No immediate danger from the Russians but it was end to end stuff. The Russians managed a header on target from a corner after 16 minutes. Kane got the ball in the net but he was offside. Lots of small frights but no big shock.
   More of the same in the second half. The Russians got very close after 63 minutes. What a save of a shot from Rooney after 70 minutes. Dier hammered in a free kick from the edge of the box after 73 minutes. Hooray! Blow the final whistle, ref. But he didn't and those rotten Russkies (Glushakov) hoofed in an equalizer in the second of 3 minutes added on. 1-1. Bummer.
Zombeavers (2014) [22:00, Syfy+1] A dozy sod hauling toxic waste is messing about with his phone when he runs into a deer. Splat! A can of nastiness ends up in a river and spouts green stuff onto a beaver dam.
   Mary, Zoe, her dog and Jenn go to Ashwood for a BF-free weekend. There's no phone service. The three jerkish boyfriends turn up at nightfall. An invading beaver is battered to death in the bathroom. There's another beaver attack at the lake the next day and Mary's BF gets his foot chewed off. The dog is sacrificed. Jenn has to kill the beaver in the bathroom again. It's undead.
   The beavers drop a tree onto one of the BFs. They've killed the neigbours and chewed up all the landline phone wires. And they kill a helpful backwoodsman. Jenn, bitten by the bathroom beaver, turns into a zombie and nearly kills Mary. The BF with no foot goes the same way. And the old lady next door.
   A beaver chews wiring and sets the house on fire but Zoe crashes a truck inside to save Mary. But Mary turns into a Zombie and Zoe has to slay her. Then Zoe tries to get a lift but the 2 bozos in the waste truck wipe her out. Splat! Just like the deer at the start of this epic.

[Sunday, 12th] Canadian GP in chilly Montreal [19:00, Sky Sports F1] It was cold enough to make getting the tyres to work a problem, 40% chance of rain – but none arrived. Vettel leapt straight into the lead as if jet-propelled! Rosberg looked like getting ahead of Hamilton but he held his line and Rosberg was obliged to take a detour off the track and dropped to 10th.
   Button's engine blew on lap 9, VSC. The car was whisked off the track within a couple of minutes. Both Ferraris went in for tyres and Vettel was up to 2nd on lap 19. Hamilton made his only stop on lap 25. Lots of switches from 1 to 2 stops, and vice versa. Rosberg had to do an extra stop on lap 52/70 for a slow puncture.
   Vettel was looking very racy and closing on Hamilton but he made a couple of mistakes and stayed 2nd. Hamilton started his last lap with a lead of over 7 seconds. Rosberg bogged an attempt to take 4th from Verstappen, went off the track but still managed to finish 5th. Bottas claimed 3rd for Willams.

[Monday, 13th] Gotham series 2 finale [22:00, Channel 5] The Chameleon, with Gordon's face, fooled the cops into calling off their attack on the Asylum. Nygma played games with Bruce Wayne & Mr. Fox. Strange drugged the real Jim Gordon and messed with his head. There is a secret council running Gotham City but Gordon knows nothing about it. BW doesn't know who runs Wayne Enterprises.
   Nygma ended up back in his cell; because he's crazy. The boss lady told Strange to kill everyone. Selena told BW that there was a bomb. Fish staged a gaol break. Strange armed the bomb. Barbara exposed the Chameleon at the PD. Strange was zapped when Friese confronted Firefly.
   The bomb is surrounded by radioactive stuff! But Gordon wrecked the bomb by mistake! Fish escaped in a bus full of monsters. Penguin shot it up, making it crash, and fainted clean away when he saw Fish still alive. Gordon went south in search of Dr. Lee. BW dismayed Alfred by announcing that he is going after the secret council. A bag lady let the monsters out of the bus before the cops could get there.

[Tuesday, 14th] Agatha Raisin [Hell's Bells, 21:00, Sky One] The local bell-wringers were crap; Ag was one of them; and full of jealousy. One was lynched with a bell rope. There was a suicide not but Ag was determined to make it murder. The dotty old bishop was having the books audited and the vicar was worried.
   Dead Amanda's dad went bust but she had married money. The vicar did a runner. His parents were notorious executed BGs in Ghana and Amanda had lots of money from the sale of church land. She blew it but she was a blackmailer. Ag's cronies did some blackmailing and their tame and dim copper bought the fit-up.
The Closer [22:00, Alibi] A sheriff's deputy was murdered and a kid was busted. He wasn't searched properly (by the deputies) and he shot himself in an interview room. Buzz saved Brenda from going into the room.
   The sheriff's dept. was on the warpath and the dead deputy's partner was watching a high-end car theft operation, which the Feds were failing to bust. He said he found the deputy-killer dead just before Brenda's gang busted in.
   A big fish in the car ring was suckered into running for it. Brenda's lawyer made the crap law suit go away. But the vexatious lawyer was building up another bogus case against her. He wanted to put an end to Brenda, so he was obviously a nutter.

[Wednesday, 15th] Limitless [21:00, Sky One] The FBI boss lady gave Brian 10 new rules after his adventure in Russia. The Feds can't figure out what he was doing but being involved with Sands and Morra is bad news. A big wheel turned up with a kidney missing; a repo job? No, it was 3D-printed, said the widow. One of Brians new robots works for Senator Morra.
   There was DNA from a Sri Lankan guy all over the crime scene; he was the donor and the 3D-printing was a con. Stavros took one for the team in the search for the rogue doctor. Brian escaped from his robot but Ms Piper didn't turn up at a meet. Her bloodstained bracelet was in his apartment and the drugged robot had gone.
   Agent Boyle made Agent Rebecca admit there was something going on with Brian. The dodgy doctor was a vet. He gave up the widow for the killing; she fed the removed kidney to her dog. Brian confronted Morra to beg for Piper's life; he didn't know she was still alive. He said Sands must have Piper and he'd gone rogue and he was taking NZT.
   The Senator wasn't worried about Sands. His mind was on world domination. The next day, Rebecca turned up with a gun to ask Brian about his connection to Senator Morra.

[Thursday, 16th] Lie To Me [22:00, Alibi] Cal goes to see a murderer done in and decides that his final "I didn't do it" is true. The kidnapping and murder was Cal's first case; has he got an innocent man killed? There are phone calls to his parents with the kidnapped boy's voice and the dead killer's brother goes into "sue Cal into extinction" mode.
   The dead kid's brother, Oliver, goes missing. Eli prepares to jump the sinking ship. The Feds chuck Cal off the case. He gets himself admitted to a looney bin to talk to the dead murderer's girlfriend. His ex-wife has to get him released. The dead killer had a confederate, Cal tells Agent Reynolds. Ria defuses the litigious brother.
   The accomplice grabs Cal's daughter? Not yet. Cal identifies Kevin, the dead killer's brother, as the accomplice. Will the Feds be able to save Oliver? Yep. Cal has a fight with the brother, who is busted. So Cal isn't sued.

[Friday, 17th] Unforgettable series 4 [21:00, Living] Carrie and her boss in a big shoot-out. One day earlier . . . Carrie was in the paper, having solved 100% of her cases, and there was nothing about Det. Al, her partner. Det. Burns, her husband, showed up in pursuit of 2 killers delivering drugs. He needed Carrie's help because they'd killed Cody.
   The BGs were found dead in their van, which made it a Major Crimes case. Yeah, let's have a big shoot-out half-way through. The dead guys were transporting something other than meth. Resin for making plastic missles! A plastic made by a guy who'd been tailing Carrie & Co. was also needed.
   A dirty cop in Narcotics killed the 2 couriers. The target was local? A Pakistani politician arriving by plane. Cue the opening shoot-out and Carrie got to plug the guy with the rocket launcher. Then she got her husband to sign the divorce papers to make him her ex.

[Saturday, 18th] Taggart, series 26/5 (2007) [Point of Light, 20:00, Alibi] A dead PI in a quarry, a young child in his car. Ross wanted suicide. No, said Jackie and the red herring girlfriend. Andrew was looking for the missing daughter of the mining Sherwoods. Stella, a wild child, ran away a month earlier. Andrew was stabbed before being chucked in the quarry, said the pathologist.
   Eddie, the ex-crook working for the Sherwoods, was busted with Stella's credit card. She didn't have a termination. Her sister's husband got Stella pregnant. Stuart found the PI's mobile at an abandoned colliery; and Stella's long-dead body. Stella's brother-in-law was busted. Not him, natch. Only Jackie realized that the killer was Fiona, Stella's sister, who didn't want Stella to break their ancient father's heart.

[Sunday, 18th] First ever Azerbaijan GP from Baku [14:00, Sky Sports F1] Rosberg was on pole, Hamilton 10th after bogging up Q3. There was a fairly civilized start to the 51 laps of a street course. Hamilton stayed out of trouble in the early stages. Lots of blue plastic bags flying around on the long final straight. Kvyat went out early with car trouble. Hamilton was running 4th on lap 11.
   Struggling with lots of warning lights on his dashboard with 20 laps to go, Hamilton found his team unable to advise him over the radio, thanks to the rules. Raikkonen had the same problem. Vettel was always going to be second. Raikkonen collected a 5-second penalty for crossing the pit lane line, but Perez got past him on the track at the end to confirm his podium slot. 5th place for Hamilton.

[Monday, 20th] England v Slovakia [20:00, ITV 1] The first shot on goal came from England after 32 minutes. Wales had already put 2 past Russia by then. Everything was happening in the Slovakia half of the field. Except goal-scoring, of course.
   More of a muchness in the second half. England had a shambles shock after 52 minutes. Off the Slovak goal line after 61 minutes. With 68 minutes gone, Wales knocked another past the Russians on the way to a 3-0 win. No danger of a goal from either team here.

[Tuesday, 21st] Agatha Raisin and the Wellspring of Death [21:00, Sky 1] The chairman of the parish council is being awkward, and so he gets his head smashed in. Ag takes a PR job with the water company that's being messed about. She used the Rosy Girls card. The water company boss turns down her offer to solve the murder. He wants to leave it to the bumbling copper, and he rejects Ag's advances.
   The Girls get themselves busted. And God rains on Ag's PR parade. Then rent-a-mob scumbags get in her way. Punch up with the fat copper in the middle of it. Another body; another obstructive parish councillor. Portia calls Ag an old lady, so that's her done for and framed? No Ag's employer makes a total bog of doing the world a favour and doing her in.
The Closer [22:00, Alibi] A dead school principal. Captain Raygun made a pest of herself at the crime scene, getting procedure followed. Then she tried to quit. Big Boss Pope offered her a commander's job; he wanted her to find the leak to the crooked lawyer. First the widow then the sports coach was harassed.
   The coach was looking after 3 neglected kids. The FBI decided that he was being fitted up and bowed out of the case. One of the kids confessed. He took one for the team by getting rid of the head who was trying to get rid of the coach.

[Wednesday, 22nd] Limitless [21:00, Sky One] Agent Rebecca interrogates Brian about Morra and NZT. He tells her about the threats to his family and Sands killing her father. She takes an NZT tab! Brian and Rebecca visit a lady who's a wreck from NZT side-effects. She offers a cigarette end with DNA on it. Rebecca is shot but she doesn't feel it much on NZT, so she plugs the sniper and Brian sews her up.
   Brian does some NZT-fuelled analysis on the DNA result and comes up with a Mr. Hawks. But he's dead when found. So Brian finds a way round Houston's locked-in syndrome to interrogate him about Sands killing Rebecca's father. Sands is busted and Brian quits the FBI again.

[Thursday, 23rd] Lie To Me [22:00, Alibi] Cal made a nuisance of himself with Foster and her DEA undercover guy, then he and Reynolds saw Agent Burns being grabbed by a pissant drug dealer's son, who wanted to know who killed his scumbag father. There was a photo of Burns showing fear near a woman; his ex-partner. She knew who was holding Burns.
   A boss villain orders the kid to hire Cal (& Foster). He interrogated the battered Burns. The drug dealer knocked up Burns' partner. Would Cal have to do some meatball surgery after he got Foster to safety. No, it was a ruse. The Feds crashed in too late to prevent the CI from being shot (but not killed). And the kid was busted.

[Friday, 24th] TNF replay [13:30, ESPN] The Argos at their new stadium, which looks very Brickish until the lights go on, hosted the TiCats for the season opener. Collards was still out so Masoli was in for the TiCats, and Ray was back and fully fit for the Argos.
   A long field for the Argos after stopping the Cats' opening drive. 2 & oat, and they gave up a safety. 2-0. A tipped pass in the end zone ended up in the hands of Fantuz. 9-0. Ray was sacked for another 2 & oat, and the punt was blocked plus no yards. A TD for the TC was lost to holding, FG, 12-0. The Argos were stopped on a 3rd down.
   Another FG for the Cats 3 minutes in to Q2. 15-0. Then a 52-yarder for 18-0. Another sack for Lawrence on Ray. Another sack, by Dean, held the Argos to a FG. 18-3. A sack for Hall of the Argos. Lawrence forced and recovered a fumble by Ray with the Argos in scoring range. A 52-yard FG got the Argos to 18-6.
   A minute into Q3, a tipped pass went to Lawrence and he dashed in for 6. 25-6. The Argos got close, they got defensive PI from a challenge and advanced to the TC 1, then Ray found Hazelton in the corner of the end zone. 25-13. Banks was forced to fumble the kick off return. The Argos from the TC 10, TD pass to Hazelton on the next play. 25-20. Masoli to Banks for a TD at the end of the quarter. 32-20.
   A TD pass to Owens half-way through Q4; a long bomb from the Argos' 40; put the Cats 39-20 ahead. There was a long delay for an injury to Gabriel of the Argos. The Cats recovered a fumble inside the last 3 minutes. FG, 42-20. Another Cats' sack for Nevis. And that was it.
Unforgettable [21:00, Living] Double murder at a hotel. Carrie's bookie keeps asking her out. There's a mystery woman at the hotel; a federal witness who was being protected by 2 private security guys. Carrie and her partner had to drive Rosie 1,300 miles to Miami before a judge tossed a case against a cartel guy.
   There was a dirty Fed after Rosie and she was leaving crumbs for the cartel to follow. Some bozo local cop let Rosie escape; she knew where her dead boyfriend had stashed cartel billions and she wanted to spend them. But Carrie outsmarted her and the killer Fed was popped.

[Saturday, 25th] The Alouettes in Winipeg replay [14:00, ESPN] Both teams were 2 & gone to start. A 41-yard FG from the next Als' drive. 3-0. The Als lost a pick to offside. There was a break for lightning 8 minutes into Q1. An hour later!! Glenn to S.J. Green for a 40-yard play. Glenn was nearly picked in the WPG end zone on 1st down and more pressure ensured a pick of his next play. Willy was sacked, should have been a safety and the Bombers did give one up instead of punting. 5-0.
   About half-way through Q2, Glenn hit Carter with a 30-yarder, on to FG range, then on to a TD for Bridge, over the pile at the goal line. 12-0. Willy's first play was picked off by Cox, who's 33 today, but Randle forced a fumble, near the goal line, Bombers' ball. They were stopped. The Als lost a TD pass to holding, punt. Penalty after penalty on MTL in the last couple of minutes. A 47-yard FG try hit the post.
   Harris gained on the ground for WPG in Q3. Cor! A 58-yard FG from Medlock to get the Bombers on the board. 12-3. The Als fooled everyone to make a 3rd down in WPG territory, Cunningham fumbled a 22-yard catch out of bounds at the WPG 7, TD for S.J. Green on the next play. 19-3. The Bombers got a rouge from a punt.
   The Als kicked a 47-yard FG a couple of minutes into Q4 for 22-4. The Bombers went out on downs at the MTL 4, and the Als wasted some time before giving up a safety. 22-6. A 63-yard TD pass to Adams +2 gave the Bombers some hope. 22-14 with 2½ minutes to go. A bad snap on a FG try, kick missed, run out the end zone. 1 minute to go; not enough. The Als win.

[Sunday, 26th] CFL Live : The Redblacks in Edmonton [00:00, BT Sport 1] Nearly Reilly to Bowman for a TD, the Esks punted for a rouge. Nearly Burris to Ellingson, punt. The next RB drive stated at the EE 30 but they fumbled the ball away. Punt, punt. Reilly sacked for a safety. 2-1. Then a rouge for the RBs. 3-1.
   Burris was sacked 3 minutes in to Q2. FG for the Esks after 9 minutes. 3-4. TD for the RBs with 2½ minutes to go, +2, 11-4. A 55-yard pass play to Walker was reduced to 34 yards after a RB challenge but the Esks went on to a TD for White. 11-all. Which left a minute for a RB FG, 14-11.
   In Q3, the RBs had a punt blocked for a TD by Frank. Then Willis tipped a pass to himself and the Esks kicked a FG. Suddenly, 14-21. A strange injury to Burris put Harris on the field for a 71-yard TD pass to Williams. 21-all. Harris to Williams again for another TD. 28-21. The Esks kicked a FG. 28-24.
   The RBs kicked a FG 2 minutes into Q4. 31-24. A 40-yard pass to Bowman, FG, 31-27. Ellingson to the EE 29, blasting through the defence, FG, 34-27. A monster play to Walker; 64 yards, and a TD for White made it 34-all with 4 minutes left. The Esks kicked a FG and the RBs dredged a 55-yard FG out of Milo at the end for a 37-all tie.
   O/T: The RBs marched to a TD for Sinopoli and +2. The Esk went 3 and out. So a 45-37 win for the Redblacks. Off to bed at 03:20.
Up again for the replay of the match in BC, which started with the Lions sacking the Stampeders' opener to a standstill [08:38, ESPN] Six minutes in, the Lions fumbled away a punt return, the Stampeders were held to a FG try and got 1 point for a miss. A blocked Als' punt with a minute or so left in the quarter set up a FG in the first minute of Q2. 4-0.
   Blocking another BC punt put the Stamps at the BC 1. They were stopped twice, and stopped again when they tried a fake punt. Jennings of BC was getting a good hammering. The Stamps partially blocked another BC punt, went on to a TD pass to Jordan but missed the convert. 10-0. The Lions missed a FG try with a minute left and the ball was run out of the CGY end zone. But they nailed another FG try. 10-3.
   The Lions kicked a FG in Q3. 10-6. An amazing catch by Durant got the Stamps to the BC 1, TD for Messam, 17-6. BC reached the CGY gaol line in the last minute fo the quarter, on to a TD for Rainey, no +2. 17-12.
   The Stamps punted in Q4 and Rainey returned the kick for a TD!! 71 yards, +2, 17-20, game on! The Stamps were sacked to a punt. They were sacked to a FG try with 4 minutes left and got a rouge for a miss. 18-20. Then the Lions ate up the clock for a win.
Meanwhile, the Dutch MotoGP in Assen was being run on a Sunday instead of Saturday for the first time ever, starting with Moto3 [10:0, BT Sport 2] Bastianini was on pole for 22 laps. Fenati was the early leader. A nasty crash on lap 2, 2 riders out. Bagnaia led for a while. Lots of close racing. A 3-bike crash with 15 to go. More fearless biking!
   There was rain on some cameras with 5 to go. Bastianini crashed out with 4 to go. Antonelli was leading into the last lap. Fenati went ahead but Bagnaia took the win from the sprint to the line from the last corner and Fenati was 2 bike lengths behind him and 4th.
Moto2 [11:15: BT Sport 2] Luthi on pole, 24 laps. Lowes reached 2nd briefly then went backwrds. Morbidelli was ahead on lap 5. Nakagami elbowed his way into the lead going into lap 9 and pulled a gap. Zarco was 3 seconds behind with 7 to go. Spits of rain. Luthi crashed out with 5 to go. Rain flags were waved at the wet bits. More of them. Then there was a red flag on lap 23 and Nakagami had won his first race. Zarco, Morbidelli, Lowes to follow and it was chucking it down with rain.
MotoGP [13:00, BT Sport 2] Dovizioso was on pole for 26 laps. The race was expected to start on wets with a switch to slicks after 7 laps or so if the rain held off. At the start, Redding went from 3rd to 1st to 7th. Iannone was soon up from last to 7th. Hernandez took the lead on lap 3! Lorenzo went backwards to 15th, 18th. A rain flag with 18 to go. Then rain everywhere.
   Dovi went 2nd with 16 to go. Hernandez failed to make turn 1 and dropped back, leaving Dovi in the lead on lap 12. The sun was out in Romiley. Iannone fell off again. Petrucci got past Rossi, Redding went past Rossi to put 3 Ducatis out front. But a red flag after 14 laps on safety grounds as rain began to bucket down.
   After a delay, the race was restarted for the remaining 12 laps in the track order of lap 13. Pedrosa fell off, but remounted. Crutchlow fell off, and Smith. Rossi, Marquez and Miller out front. Rossi fell off on lap 3!! Miller took the lead and Marquez clearly settled for 2nd and 20 points. The sun came out with 5 laps to go. Redding went 3rd on the penultimate lap. Iannone was 5th somehow. Lorenzo managed 10th.
   Three first-time winners and a great day's racing, especially thanks to the rain in the main event.
Road America Grand Prix [18:00, ESPN] was the first trip to Plymouth, Wisconsin, since 2007. It's the longest road track, very narrow with difficult overtaking, and a real roller coaster trip. It looked like being a very quiet occasion with no Yanks nattering, but the Brits in the studio here took over that job.
   Dixon was running a solid second for 7 laps, then his car croaked. Fairly uneventful to lap 40/50, then Daly came out of the pits, his left rear suspension broke and he went across a gravel trap to hit the wall going backwards for the first caution. Pagenaud looked okay in 2nd, but everyone suddenly started going past him. Win jer led from start to finish. Kanaan was 2nd and Rahal 3rd.

[Monday, 27th] Spain vs Italy [17:00, BBC 1] The Italians knocked one in after half an hour and then it was the usual pattern: Italy sitting down and defying the other lot to score, which they couldn't do. Then Italy did the dirty trick of scoring in time added-on for 2-nil. Bye-bye España!
England vs Eisland [20:00, ITV 1] England got a penalty after 3 minutes and the boy Wayne banged the ball into the net. Two minutes later, one the other way from a long throw-in. 1-1. Oh, no! A shot by Iceland squirmed under the keeper and it was 1-2 the wrong way. In the second half, there was a big scramble in front of the England goal after 55 minutes. No more goals, though, and England out. But they were rubbish.
   Score early and score often, were the orders. They got the first part right.

[Tuesday, 28th] Agatha Raisn and the Potted Gardener [21:00, Sky 1] Vandalized gardens everywhere, and murdered fish. Mary was upside down in a giant plant pot; strangled first. Ag stuck her nose into the murder. Surprise! Mary has a socialite daughter, Beth. Ag assaulted her black fiancé because he was wearing red shoes. Then she went to burgle Mary's home for clues.
   Beth was a week off coming into a big inheritance. There was some money thing going on with Mary, who was as messed up as Ag. Ag accused Beth of murdering her mother because Mary didn't approve of the black fiancé. Wrong. Humiliatingly and very publicly.
   Mary's death turned out to be yet another case of justifiable homicide. Ag didn't win the best garden contest, so her cronies cobbed together a bogus award for her.
The Closer [22:00, Alibi] Santa was coming down a zip wire at the North Pole Xmas rip-off. Crash! Not the boss, his stand-in dead due to sabotage. Santa was over-friendly with the elves and his wife wasn't happy. Brenda had all of the stroppy elves busted. The case could offer drugs, cash and sex. But there was a break for her scumbag lawyer to persecute Brenda. He wanted another 25 grand.
   The deputy was planning to open a rival Santaland in L.A. because it was a lucrative racket. Everyone at the PD had the hots for Buzz's hot sister. Santa was too drunk to know what was going on and saying inadmissible incriminating stuff.
   Brenda discovered that there had been lots of earlier attempts on Santa's life. The killer had got the wrong guy. Santa's niece was busted. Then Chief Pope called the scumbag lawyer's bluff and saved Brenda $25K.

[Wednesday, 29th] Limitless 21/22, series-ending 2-parter [21:00, Sky 1] Brian is after the Legion of Whom, who want the Immunity Enzyme that stops NZT from driving users crazy. He also wants Piper. There is now loads of NZT on the streets; someone is dumping it. Brian risks taking another shot. Agent Rebecca does a deal with Sands in pursuit of whoever created NZY and whoever is chasing the creator.
   Brian brings what he knows to Rebecca, gets nowhere and striked out on his own. The Feds roll up the Legion despite Brian's misgivings. Sands says he'll swap Morra for Piper. Brian can't figure out why NZT failed him. The Feds fail to bust Morra.
   Brian tells the Feds that the NZT surge is a smokescreen to let Brewster, the mole, free Sands. All the people rolled up by the Feds are Morra's mob and they were in Sands' way.

[Thursday, 30th] Lie To Me [22:00, Alibi] Cal & Foster were looking for a missing girl, who was in the porn trade, and Cal's daughter wanted to shadow him for 2 days for a school project. The father didn't molest Molly and her sister Amy, but he had a secret. Molly was rescued from a pornographer's mansion and Cal took her to his home and set his daughter on her.
   Molly said her dad killed her mother 14 years earlier and she was HIV+. But it was her fault that Mom fell down the stairs and her dad kept that from Molly. Amy came up with a way to do another cover-up and get Molly back friends with their dad; which involved Amy taking one for the family.
   Reynolds busted the actor who made Molly and several other girls HIV+, and the doctor who was giving him bogus clearance certificates, for attempted murder. And Cal's daughter deleted the school project from her computer. Meanwhile, Eli got a promotion and Ria got the grumps because she wasn't picked.

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