October 2015

[Thursday, 01st] CFL replay [06:00, ESPN] The Alouettes in Saskatchewan. The MTL opening drive ended in a pick. TD for the RR on the next play but the PAT missed. 0-6. A 52 yard FG try for the Als missed for a rouge. The Riders started with another deep shot to the MTL 18, a TD pass was dropped and they kicked a FG. 1-9. Then a short FG for the RR. 1-12.
   Messam fell, fumbled and the Als grabbed the ball after 6 minutes of Q2; only to go 2 & out. They were giving away too many penalties but containing the Riders. A pick by the RR with 1 minute left; Macho Harris again. FG. 1-15.
   Glenn was picked off in the MTL end zone in Q3. Cato came on for the Als in Crompton's place, punt for another rouge. 2-15. Macho Harris made a pick-6 play with 4 minutes left, his 3rd pick of the match. A rouge for SK from the kick off. 2-23. The Als replied with a FG. 5-23.
   In Q4, the Als challenged an apparently botched pitch by Glenn, but it was ruled a forward pass and the Riders went on to a TD for Messam, who did most of the work on the drive. 5-30, 6½ minutes left. The ball was batted on a MTL 3rd down but Cato ended up with it and made a 1st down run to the RR 11! On to a TD plunge by Marsh after PI in the RR end zone. +2 by Cato. 13-30, 3 minutes left. FG for the Riders. 13-33. A quick drive by the Als went to a TD for Stamps at 00, +2 points, 21-33 final.
Rizzoli & Isles [21:00, Alibi] A woman is stabbed in the rush to get in to a big store sale. The cops rake in a guy who can't retain images of faces. They find another body; stabbed with the same weapon. Elliot thinks this guy tried to kill him. But he's a work colleague.
   IRS bureaucracy gets in the cops' way. Jane decides Elliot knew something was going on. Maura works some technical magic and connects a major killer with the case. Elliot does a runner from police custory and he helps Jane to slug the killer. Then Maura outsmarts the family insurance swindler.

[Friday, 02nd] TNF replay: the Ravens in Pittsburgh [11:00, Sky Sports 1] Vick on for the injured R'berger on a windy day. A FG to open the Steelers' account. The Ravens replied with a solid drive to a TD. 7-3. The Ravens were stopped by a pick in Q2, Vick was sacked out of FG range but the Steelers recovered to a TD by Bell, who must have run about 50 yards sideways on the way to the end zone. 7-10.
   Another sack on Flaco; the Steelers would nail him 5 times. Time enough left in the half to stop the Ravens and kick a FG. 7-13. Flacco fumbled away the first play of Q3 and an alert Steeler grabbed it before the ball could squirt out of bound. On to a PS TD. 7-20. A 33 yard run by Dorsett in a Ravens TD drive. 14-20. A fake FG play by the Ravens didn't fool the Steelers.
   In Q4, the Steelers missed a 49 yard FG try with 2½ minutes to go, and then another long one with a minute to go. Which left the Ravens with enough time to get into FG range for a 20-20 tie. OT. The Steelers went out of down trying to avoid a long FG. The Ravens managed a 52-yarder with the wind for the win.
Body of Proof [19:00, Alibi] Dani of the ME's staff staggers out of a club to be hit by a car. Peter thinks she was drugged. A creep is busted but he ends up in a coma when Peter attacks him. It's an infection, not poison. Cut the full Biological Isolation Garment scene and a hunt for Patient Zero. Megan, natch, tries to take over from the Disease Control experts.
   A masked terrorist claims the credit. Megan makes Dr. Kate spike herself. The Feds take over to upset Megan more. The bald cop busts an internet pest. The black lady cop spots a world-saving clue. Dr. Kate tells the truth at a press conference; that the terrorist himself is Patient Zero, then she collapses dramatically.
Beauty & The Beast [series 3, 13, Watch catch-up] Liam was trying to expose Vince as a Beast as revenge for not being allowed to kill the Ellingsworths. He was trying to make the police connect dots by grave-robbing and murder. J.T was hoping to enhance Vincent. He was busted and HSD went after Vince, who decided to tell the truth; that the government had turned him into a Beast.
   Liam killed the stoopid HSD guy and Vince ran; apparently to be killed. Vince was kick-started and he went after Liam, who had kidnapped Cat. Vince zapped Liam. The genie was out of the bottle with HSD. Cue a rush wedding.

[Saturday, 03rd] CFL TNF replay [07:00, ESPN] The Alouettes in Ottawa. A long break for an injury after 5 minutes. Eventually, half-way through the quarter, a TD for the RBs. 0-7. A FG from the Als in reply. 3-7. The RBs scored another TD 3 minutes into Q2. 3-14. They added a FG with 6 minutes left, another with 3 minutes left and yet another at the end of the half. 3-23.
   The Als did nothing with a fumble recovery 3 minutes into Q3. A TD for the RBs at half-way. 3-30. The RBs reached the MTL 1 and Burris went in for a 2nd TD. 3-37. In Q4, Burris beat Calvillo's record of 44 completions as Calvillo watched from the MTL sideline. The drive ended with Burris held out of the end zone; the RBs out on downs. The Als had to give up a safety. 3-39.
   The Als scored a TD with 7 minutes to go; no +2. 9-39. They scored another with 1 second left and added 2 points. 17-39 final.
FNF replay: the Stampeders in Hamilton (minus Collards) [10:30, ESPN] The Tigercats punted then the Stamps; and their kick was returned for a TD by Banks! 0-7, 3 minutes gone. A single from the kick off. 0-8. The Stamps gave up a safety then a 57 yard FG with the wind put the Cats 0-13 up.
   A FG for the Stamps at the start of Q2. 3-13. The Stamps lost a TD to holding and a FG kick missed. 4-13. The Cats were stopped by a pick but 2 plays later, they forced and recovered a fumble; only to give the ball right back in the next play. The Stamps punted but the Cats fumbled the kick back to them at the TC 15. TD, no +2, but a point from the kick off. 11-14. 1 minute left; enough for a CS FG. 14-13.
   A CS recovery of the kick off was wiped out by offside. The Cats got close but fumbled the ball away. No damage. In Q4, a CS FG try was blocked. Another 6 minutes later scored. 17-13. A 59 yard play for the Cats from a shambles scramble went to the CS 1, shove! TD 17-20. The Stamps got the ball with 2 minutes left. Mitchell picked but wiped out by a penalty, FG, 20-all, 48 seconds. A rubbish punt, the Stamps into FG range, one play then the FG. 23-20.
Asteroid vs Earth (2014) [19:00, Syfy] A young astronomer spotted a death-rock; 10 days to impact. NSA goons crashed in on Evan, waving guns. The military bozos wouldn't listen to Evan. The Russians were useless. Evan told the general the asteroid couldn't be deflected but he reckoned setting off nukes in an ocean trench would cause massive quakes which would move the Earth out of the path of the steroid.
   Chase, submarine XO, had his date with Marissa, ROV specialist, cut short by his own crew waving guns. Marissa got the job of placing the nukes in the trench. The sub's launch bay caught fire and Chase and Marissa were almost croaked. Big precursor meteorites bombarded the US military.
   The Russian missiles fired at the rock just made things worse. The attempts to destroy the rock cut 3 days off the time left to act. The Chinese didn't want a planet-saving US sub in their waters. Chase's buddy, Lt. Rudi, had to dodge a tsunami. Hong Kong was wiped out. The ROV was launched just before the Chinks opened fire on the sub.
   Chase decided to split the sub in two and drop the nukes into the trench inside the useless rear half. But the nukes didn't go off. But the ones in the ROV did. The bang wasn't big enough. So Rudi had to drop some small nukes into a volcano by hand. Kaboom! And the Earth was saved.
CFL Live [21:00, BTSport 1] The Eskimos in Winnipeg. The kick off was fumbled by the Bombers, the Esks got the last touch before it went out of bounds. The turnover produced a FG. 3-0. The Eskimos managed another FG after 9 minutes for 6-0 but there was a hell of a lot of punting going on. The Bombers returned an EE punt for a TD at the end of Q1. 6-7.
   The Bombers missed a FG 7 minutes in to Q2. Reilly flung one; 55 yard TD for Stafford with 2½ minutes left. 13-7. The Esks were getting close again in the time left when Reilly was picked, then a stoopid EE penalty, but the Bombers missed another FG try.
   Nichols fired a big pass to Denmark in Q3, but the Bombers missed another FG try for a rouge. 13-8. A 22 yard scamper by Nichols, a big pass play to Moore on 2nd and inches, then a TD for Moore but no +2. 13-14. End zone PI got the Esks to the BB1 two minutes into Q4. Reilly went in for the TD, +2 points. 21-14.
   The Bombers came back with a TD but their useless kicker missed the convert. 21-20. He bounced a FG try off the post with 5 minutes left. The Esks ate up the clock into FG range but Reilly was picked off. The Bombers went out on downs but got the benefit from a criminally wrong pass interference call on the Esks. So they were handed a FG. 21-23. But they left the Eskimos with a minute to set up Whyte for a 53 yard FG to claim the win. 24-23 final.

[Sunday, 04th] NFL Sunday [17:30, Sky Sports 2] The Chiefs @ the Bengals. The Bengals marched to a TD. 0-7. Sack for the Bengals; the Chiefs reached their red zone but just a FG. 3-7. The Bengals marched down field again to end the quarter with a TD. 3-14. KC kicked 2 FGs in Q2, the Bengals missed one, then KC kicked another to close the half @ 12-14.
   In Q3, the Bengals continued to sack and batter Smith. Palmer fired a pass for 55 yards to Tate on a busted play; he dived for the catch got up and dived into the KC end zone. 12-21. KC kicked a FG. 15-21. Sack #5 for the Bengals on a 3rd & 30, fumble, recovered by the Bengals to the KC 5; wrong call, there was no fumble; but the Bengals went on to a TD +2. 12-29 at the end of Q3.
   In Q4, KC kicked 2 FGs and the Bengals also kicked one. 21-36 final. Solid win for the Bengals.
The Rams in Arizona. The Rams caused and recovered a fumble of their kick off and went on to a TD. 7-0. Why were the Cardinals in blue and trying to look like the Rams? They shudda had a TD but got only a FG. 7-3. Another AC FG. 7-6. We lost the pictures but did see Palmer being picked in the Rams' end zone. Foles to Austin, a huge pass to the AZ red zone, just a FG. 10-6. The Cards kicked a FG with about 1 minute of the half left. 10-9.
   The Rams forced a turnover after 6 minutes of Q3 and got a TD from it. 17-9. A FG for the Cards with about 1 minute left. 17-12. Were the Cards done out of a fumble recovery at the end of Q3? They kicked a FG in Q4. 17-15. Another TD against an all-out blitz got the Rams to 24-15 with 8 minutes to go.
   The Cards survived having to make a 4th down, and a sack/fumble on Palmer, and went on to a TD. 24-22. 4½ minutes left. The Cardinals went out on downs with 1:44 left. The Rams were able to make ground, chew up the clock and claim a win.

[Monday, 05th] The Wembley match replay: the Jets vs the Dolphins [BBC iPlayer] The Jets took their opening drive to a TD. Then they added a FG. 10-0. They kicked another FG in Q2, then persistent PI by the Jets helped the Dolphins to a TD. 13-7. The Jets finished the first half with another TD. 20-7.
   Ivory continued to run through the Dolphins but Stacy rushed in for a TD. 27-7. Their next scoring chance ended with a missed FG. The Dolphins scored a TD 5 minutes into Q4. 27-14. A 12th Jets' penalty with 8 minutes left. The Dolphins spent a long time hovering in the Jets' red zone before Tannehill was picked off in the end zone.
   The Jets seemed to fumble away their first play but it was overturned on review. The Dolphins tried again for a TD but another pick in the Jets' end zone on 4th down left the Jets able to take knees to run out the clock.
CFL replay, the Riders @ the Lions [15:00, ESPN] The Riders were doing okay until the Lions forced and recovered a fumble and went on to a TD. Then the Lions turned a pick into a FG miss for a rouge. 0-8. A monster pass by Jennings + a roughing penalty got BC close, FG, 0-11.
   In Q2, the Riders were sacked to a punt and BC was held to a FG after 4 minutes. 0-14. BC were pinned deep, lost out to a review and had to give up a safety. 2-14. The kick off was returned to the BC 45, Glenn was almost picked, FG, 5-14. Which left enough time for a BC TD and a missed convert. 5-20.
   The first play of Q3 was an 82 yard TD pass to Arcenaux! 5-27. He got another TD after 9 minutes. Missed convert. 5-33. Glenn was hit and picked at the RR 21. TD on the next play: Collie hurled a pass to Jennings!!! 5-40.
   Q4 started with the Riders going out on downs at the BC 14, BC going 2 & out and having their punt blocked for a Riders' TD! No +2, 11-40. The Riders bagged their on-side kick, Smith came on for Glenn, but the Riders got just a point from a punt. 12-40. BE kicked a FG with 6 minutes left. Roosevelt got a RR TD inside the last 3 minutes, and Smith ran about 30 yards for the 2-point convert. 20-43. BC finished the scoring with another FG. 20-46 final.
Body of Proof 2/2 [19:00, Alibi] The plague was still rampant and Kate was whizzed off to hospital. The Fed realized that one of the 100 bodies in the morgue could be the dead terrorist. No, he was a guy in Kate's isolation ward. No, he was still running around. The Disease Control guy realized it was Marburg, Ebola's nastier cousin.
   The suspect in Kate's ward got an experimental vaccine; and promptly croaked. But from coincidental natural causes. Peter saw the killer on a bus video and got to shoot the creep. Kate got to try the vaccine and survived. So when Dr. Stafford was fired for stealing the vaccine, Kate gave him a job.
NFL SNF Replay [21:00, Sky Sports 3] The Cowboys in New Orleans. The Saints went 3 & out. The Cowboys ran all over them, FG, 3-0. NO took the lead with a TD after 11 minutes. 3-7. The Cowboys drove into Q2 and just got the ball to break the plane with a leap at the goal line. 10-7. The Saints were sacked to a punt.
   In Q3, too many Cowboys on the field helped the Saints to a FG. 10-all. A 67 yard pass got Butler to the NO 9, but the Cowboys were sacked back to a FG. One back for NO, 13-all.
   In Q4, Ingram blasted in for a No TD after 7 minutes? No, down at the 6" line, so a TD on the next play. 13-20. The Cowboys got an equalizing TD after the 2 minute warning. A NO FG try hit the upright! Into OT. The first NO play was dropped. The next went 80 yards for a TD (number 400 for Drew Brees). 20-27 final.

[Tuesday, 06th] MNF replay, the Lions in Seattle [12:00, Sky Sports 2] Not much offence in the first quarter. A monster scramble by Wilson kept a Q2 SH drive going to a TD. The Lions were held to a FG in reply. 3-7. The Hawks reached the DL 9, the Wilson was sacked back to a 51 yard FG. 3-10.
   The Hawks kicked another long FG in Q3 for 3-13. The Lions recovered a fumble of one of their punts but did nothing with it. Wilson fumbled twice in a Q4 drive; the 2nd was returned for a TD by the Lions' defence. 10-13. Then the Lions were about to win when Megatron fumbled just short of the goal line and the ball went through the end zone for a touch-back. Unbelieveable! Not one the Hawks won, one the Lions lost.
Body of Proof [19:00, Alibi] A faux party girl was done in. Nikki was being hazed by a sorority at college. The bald cop and Dr. Kate went looking for a sucker to frame. Megan found that the vic's brain had been removed!! The cops went after a guy who didn't do 3 similar murders in the past. Megan went to harass Wilson, the guy she got locked up.
   Surprise! Megan screwed up. The cops did no better. Their 'evidence' was crap. The bald cop tried to frame Wilson's daughter, which made Wilson escape. He got to slug Megan before Peter murdered him.
Lie to Me [20:00, Alibi] HSD wanted a portable lie detector tested; Cal proved that it was useless. The military wanted to find out if a rape allegation against a sergeant, who was about to be posted, was true. Dr. Foster investigated a young basketball player for taking a bribe.
   Cal decided that the 'rape' victim was lying and the sergeant had raped someone else, who was too scared to come forward. So he stitched up the sergeant with the defective lie detector. And the teenage basketball guy with arthritis got a deal of sorts.
Battle Creek [23:00, Universal+1] is the armpit of the universe; none of the police equipment works and the cops are as screwed up as the gear. FBI Agent Milt is booted out of Detroit and sent to a palatial field office there to catch a double homicide on his first day. And he does so much better than the local detectives. Det. Russ has to team up with him.
   Milt is exposed to the Battle Creek Way. Russ ends up in hospital after a drive-by precipitated by Milt, and he has to admit that the naive, simplistic Milt is way better than him. Surprise! The fake witness turns out to be the perp. And at the final confrontation, Milt's BS loses out to Russ' pragmatism.

[Wednesday, 07th] CFL replay: the Argos in Ottawa having a "home" match there thanks to baseball in T'ronno [14:30, ESPN] The RBs blasted to an opening TD. The first TA play went 56 yards to Elliott +15 for a horse-collar tackle, the Argos at the RB 12; TD pass to Elliott. 7-7 after 3 minutes.
   Another TD for the Argos after 10 minutes. 10-14. A pick stopped the RBs at the TA 1, and Harris was picked right back! FG, 10-14. A pass went right through a receiver's hands to give the RBs another pick and another FG. 13-14.
   8 minutes into Q2, the RBs lost a fumble recovery to a penalty and the Argos went on to a FG. 13-17. The RBs were left with a minute to do something at the end of the quarter; it was a 46 yard FG. 16-17.
   The Argos almost killed a Q3 drive with penalties but scored a TD. 16-24. The RBs had a short field after sacking the TA to a standstill but managed just a FG. 19-24. Another RB drive was stopped but the Argos fumbled the ball away on their 1st play. TD RBs, 26-27.
   In Q4, PI got the Argos to the RB 5, TD, 26-31. The RBs sliced into TA territory but missed a FG kick. The Argos had to give up a safety for field position, then gave up penalties which helped the RBs to a TD. 35-31. The Argos had 2 minutes to score a TD, a 3rd & 1 at the RB 14; Owens made an unbelieveable one-handed catch in the RB end zone. 35-38, 24 seconds left. Burris was sacked and injured. The end.
Body of Proof [19:00, Alibi] There was a Russian connection to a murdered woman and Dr. Kate was in bed with one; no, he's Ukrainian and Megan got on his case out of her usual sheer bitchiness and her desire to bug Kate. The murdered woman was pregnant and the bady was removed. The father was a rich businessman.
   The cops found the dead woman's prison. Is Sergei an enforcer for sex traffickers? Det. Tommy busted him but he had diplomatic immunity. The killer turned out to be the rich guy's nasty mom. And Sergei? He recovered the baby for the grandmother and his mission was too spuriously top secret for him to tell Kate he was a good guy. Very, very lame.
Castle [21:00, Alibi] The air marshall on Castle's flight to London with Alexis is done in and his gun is missing. Terrorism!!! The crew gives the case to Castle and he phones Beckett in New York. There's an Arab bloke with a stolen passport, but he's just a red herring, not an ISIS terrorist. There's also a crazy woman aboard but she can't be the killer.
   Castle spills red win on the crazy woman, making her even madder. She's the dead guy's girlfriend!! There's a courier wearing a $13M watch; no, it's a fake. He was drugged and robbed by an elderly dinner lady, who produced the gun. But Alexis defused her.

[Thursday, 08th] Body of Proof [19:00, Alibi] Megan failed to drag Det. Tommy into bed. He had doubts about a guy being done for murder so Megan tried to frame Tommy for killing a woman just because she saw him talking to her in a bar. The woman was trying to prove the innocene of the guy being framed.
   His frame put Tommy in gaol. The stoopid Chief believed Megan's frame-up so much that she got Megan pulled from the case! Megan's daughter shamed her mom into busting the frame. The real killer tried to take out Det. Tommy and Megan's frame-up fell apart.
Rizzoli & Isles [21:00, Alibi] A dog found the body of Sheila, an all-round good kid. A shrink dropped in on Maura after a gap of years wanting to know about Sheila. Why? Jane assumed he was the killer. The shrink was found stabbed in his office with a bloodstained kid in a cupboard. Jane decided the prof. wasn't molesting the evil brat.
   The kid was a psycho animal-killer who had moved on to people. He was trapped trying to kill his mom. Maura bought Jane a new couch to replace the disgusting one in her apartment so Jane set fire to the building. But before the couch was delivered.

[Friday, 09th] NFL TNF replay: The Colts in Houston [16:00, Sky Sports 2; shudda been on 3 but those stoopid twats at Sky got their channels bogged up] The Texans were stopped by a pick of a tipped pass. The Colts drove at length to a TD. A penalty on their head coach in Q2 deprived them of a 3rd down and made them kick a FG. 10-0. Penalties slowed the Texans, FG, 10-3. And the Texans ended the half with a Hail Mary TD! 10-all.
   The Colts scored a TD in Q3 for 20-10 (when did they get the FG?) A TD back for the Texans after 11 minutes via a pass to a wide open receiver. 20-17. A pick by the Texans in their own end zone was wiped out by holding. More penalties on the Texans and the the Colts scored a TD for 27-20 (another unshown FG). Another pick stopped the Texans and let the Colts run out the clock.
Body of Proof [19:00, Alibi] Murder at a mental hospital for girls. Det. Tommy and Megan tried to browbeat the head doctor. Megan was still trying to dig up her father to prove he was murdered. Even Tommy spotted that Megan was being vindictive.
   Megan believed a girl who said her mother sent a killer to the hospital to get her, and her mom killed her sister. Megan decided to frame Mom. Darby escaped with violence. Tommy joined in Megan's plan to stitch up both the head doctor and Mom.
   Darby was the killer!! Which didn't fit Megan's plan. Surprise! Darby showed out as a crazed killer. There wasn't enough egg in the world to go on Megan's face.

[Saturday, 10th] Classic Albums: The Dark Side of the Moon [20:00, Sky Arts] I've watched this before and I'll probably watch it again. It's good to revisit the music and hear it explained; and the Floyd occasionally being pretentious about it. But they're forgiven. (2003)

[Sunday, 11th] CFL FNF repay [07:17, ESPN] The Roughriders in Hamilton. Roughing the kicker and objectionable conduct penaltys on the Cats helped the Riders into FG range, but the kick missed and it was returned.
   The Cats kicked a FG with a couple of minutes left in Q1. 0-3. A blocked punt 4 minutes into Q2 put the Cats at the RR 6, on to a TD, 0-10. Another TD for the Cats with a minute left in the half. 0-17. Glenn's next play was picked and that gave the Cats a FG. 0-20.
   Smith came on for Glenn in Q3, and he was picked. A fake FG try by the Cats came unstuck, Riders' ball. Smith scrambled 15 yards for a 1st down then he tossed a 79 yard pass to Dressler for a TD. 7-20. One back the other way; 87 yards for Sinkfield after 8½ minutes. 7-27.
   FG for the Cats. 7-30. Smith to Smith for a 68 yard cosmetic TD for the Riders with 2 minutes left. +2 points, 15-30. The Riders got close again at the end, but nothing came of it.
SNF #1 replay: The Esks @ the Stamps [09:30, ESPN] Sack & out for the Esks; same treatment for the Stamps, but their punt went for a single. The next EE drive went to a FG. 3-1. A pass bounced off Watson for a pick by the Stamps but they ended up punting for a rouge in Q2. 3-2.
   An Esks' punt went for a rouge. Then a pick by Ojo at the CY 47 led to a TD pass to Stafford. 11-1. A FG for the Esks toward the end of the half left time for a TD back for the Stamps +2 points, +another from the kick off. 14-10 at half time.
   The Stamps gained another single from a punt at the end of a defensive Q3. The Esks did the same in Q4. 15-11. The Stamps penetrated EE territory toward the end but Mitchell was picked with 1:23 left. Enuf for the Eskimos to win the season series 2-1.
Russian GP replay [12:00, Sky Sports F1] 53 laps, Rosberg on pole. There was a safety car right away for a 3-car crash. Restart on lap 4, Hamilton went into the lead on lap 7 and Rosberg retired on the next lap. Big crash for Grosjean on lap 12, SC, driver walked away. off again on lap 17.
   Hamilton built a good lead over Bottas and Vettel. Sainz went out with brake failure. Bottas mugged Perez for 3rd into the last lap but Raikkonen crashed him out and Perez held on to his podium place. Both McLarens finished in the points!
Japanese MotoGP replay [12:00, BT Sport 2] Moto3: Fenati was on pole for a race reduced to just 13 laps because of the wet conditions. Antonelli shot into the lead and Kent was back to 16th by lap 2. Fenati went onto the wet paint and crashed on lap 3. Loi crashed out with 9 to go.
   Antonelli built up a big lead; would Olivera catch him? Nope. Binder crashed out of 3rd. Kent was up to 7th with 2 laps to go, and he managed to get past Bastianini for 6th. Antonelli won, Olivera 2nd, Navarro 3rd.
Moto2: New champion Zarco was on pole for another wet race but Folger went into the lead from 3rd on the grid. Luthi crashed out of 4th with 13 laps to go. There were a few more crashes in the we conditions, and a few good saves. Zarco went out in front ahead of Folger and then Shah, but Cortese mugged Shah on the last lap.
MotoGP replay [14:00, BTSport 2] Lorenzo was on pole for the 24 laps. Rossi followed him into a lead. Dovizioso went past Pedrosa for 3rd, Marquez bogged the start. Iannone's Ducati broke down. Pedrosa went 3rd with 13 laps to go. Would he catch Rossi? Would the rain tyres on the Yamaha's last the race? Pedrosa took Rossi with 9 laps to go and the lead with 7 to go and went on to win. Would Rossi get past Lorenzo? Easily. Marquez managed 4th.
NFL Sunday [17:30, Sky Sports 3] The Saints @ the Eagles. Some exercise for the punters then the Eagles penetrated the red zone at the 2nd attempt but a bad pass was picked off in the NO end zone. The Saints then drove to a TD. 7-0.
   After 3 minutes of Q2, the Eagles got level with a 41 yard TD pass. With about a minute of the half left, the Eagles did a sack/fumble on Brees and recovered the ball, and suffered an 15 yard objectionable conduct penalty on their own bench. Just a FG to follow. 7-10.
   NO had a good opening drive in Q3 and kicked a FG. 10-all. The Eagles barged into the NO end zone after 8 minutes. Sack/fumble on Brees right away, PE ball, and a TD right away but the PAT missed. 10-23. Another FG for the Eagles. 10-26.
   The Eagles kicked another FG 5 minutes into Q4. 10-29. Brees found Snead with a 59 yard pass into the PE red zone but the Saints fumbled the ball away in the next play. Yet another FG with 4 minutes left. 10-32. Brees was picked at the NO 4, TD Eagles, 10-39. The Saints managed a consolation TD @ 00; 17-39 final.
The Patriots in Dallas. The Cowboys punted. The Pats were sacked to a punt, and got to Manning when the Cowboys took over. Another DC sack, FG, 3-0. The Cowboys got level after 13 minutes. 3-3 and Brady was being sacked to bitz.
   The Cowboys got their 4th sack after 7 minutes of Q2. The Patriots managed a TD with less than 4 minutes to go, and kicked a long FG to close the half at 13-3.
   NE started Q3 with a TD; Dallas could manage only a FG in reply. 20-6. In Q4, Edelman ran 59 yards right through the Dallas defence for a TD. 27-6. The Patriots turned a pick into a FG. 30-6. The Cowboys could have scored a TD at the end but the pass was overthrown.

[Monday, 12th] CFL replay: the Blue Bombers @ the Lions [06:00, ESPN] The Bombers were stopped but recovered a fumble of their punt at the BC 21 and kicked a FG. Lots of defence then an equalizing FG toward the end of the quarter. A 59 yard pass to Hawkins got the Lions to the BB 10 and they scored a TD, but missed the convert, in Q2. 3-9.
   FG for the Bombers. 6-9. In the middle of Q2, BC spent ages hovering at the BB goal line thanks to penalties but reached Arcenaux with a TD pass at the 3rd attempt. Convert blocked. 6-15. The Bombers got a 1st down from a fake punt and kicked a FG with 2 minutes left. 78 yard TD pass to Arcenaux, +2 points, 9-23 at half time.
   In Q3, the Lions had a punt blocked by the Bombers and returned for a TD! 16-23. The next BC drive ended with Jennings being picked and the BB kicking a FG. 19-23. The Bombers had to give up a safety for field position. 19-25. BC got a rouge from a punt 6 minutes in to Q4. 19-26.
   BC lost a 57 yard play to holding, 2nd & 25, 5th BB sack. The Bombers made a 1st down with another fake punt and scored a TD on 3rd 7 7 with 2 minutes left. 26-all! BC went 2 & out. The Bombers advanced into FG range. The BB coach iced his own kicker, who put the ball through the uprights. But Castillo was able to do it again at the second time of asking. 29-26 final.
NFL replay, the 49ers in New Jersey [13:00, Sky sports 2] The 9ers were held to a FG. 3-0. Beckham took a pass 49 yards but the Giants got just a FG. 3-3. In Q2, Beckham had a 31-yard pass and the Giants went on to a TD. 3-10. They kicked a FG 4 minutes before half time. 3-13. SF were held to a FG with a minute left and Manning was picked in the SF end zone. 6-13 at the half.
   The 9ers drew level 7 minutes into Q3 with a TD. A TD for Beckham after 14 minutes. 13-20. SF tied the scores 3 minutes into Q4. The Giants kicked a FG with 4½ minutes left. 20-23. The 49ers scored a TD with 1:45 left. 27-23. There were still 20 seconds in hand when the Giants scored their winning TD. 27-30 final.
CFL Live: The Argos in Montreal for Canadian Thanksgiving [18:00, BT Sport 2] The visitors started with a TD drive lasting 2 minutes. The Als were stopped but tried an on-side punt, which flopped. A penalty switched the Argos from punt to FG mode, but the kick missed and it was returned to Als' 12 after holding. No progress.
   Harris was picked off at the start of Q2, which gave the Als a FG. 7-3. Then the defences took over. The Als manoeuvred themselves into a short field and got themselves a TD with the help of penalties. The PAT missed. 7-9. Cato was sacked and splatted in their next drive. Harris was sacked when the Argos got the ball.
   Boone on for Cato and lots more defence in Q3. A pick by the Argos was returned to the MTL 42, then there was a lot of struggling to a FG. 10-9. The defensive battle continued into Q4. A single from a punt by the Als made it 10-all. The Argos got moving again; all the way to a TD. 17-10.
   Boone was benched for Marsh; who was sack on 2nd down, Argo ball at the MTL 27! Harris was sacked right away and a FG try was missed for a rouge. 18-10, 4 minutes left. Marsh's first play was picked and the Argos went on to a TD. 25-10, 2:14 left.
   You could hardly see the pitch for gulls flying past the high cameras at this point! A cosmetic TD for the Als? 25-17 and one score behind, and no lead is safe in the CFL. The Als fielded an on-side kick, got into range for a shot at the end zone, but they ran out of clock.

[Tuesday, 13th] MNF replay, the Steelers @ the Chargers [12:00, Sky Sports 1] 93 deg.F at the kick off! Antonio Gates put the Chargers ahead with his 100th TD against a blitz. The Steelers kicked a FG 10 minutes into Q2. 3-7. A 60-yard FG attempt by the Bolts at the end of the half flopped.
   Rivers suffered the humiliation of a pick-6 12 minutes into Q3. The home team kicked a FG for 10-all. Gates got TD #101 after 7 minutes of Q4. Vick struck right back with a deep pass for a TD. 17-all. A FG for the Bolts left the Steelers needing to score. Vick ran into FG range, the Steelers advanced to the half-yard line with 5 seconds left. Bell lined up for the snap and the wildcat play gave the Steelers a TD. 24-20 final. Phew.
Body of Proof [19:00, Alibi] Body-dumped John Doe, Megan & Det. Tommy both AWoL, digging up Megan's dad's coffin, which was empty. His files had gone, too. There were medical files hidden in his old study. Megan & Tommy went to harass an old serial killer. Then the lead detective on an old case; Megan wanted to prove that a cop killed one of his alleged victims.
   Tommy told Megan she needed some evidence so she faked some. The detective was murdered. Megan tied John Doe into her frame up, then she put Tommy's boss at the centre of the frame and had her killed.
Lie To Me [20:00, Alibi] Dead girl dumped; her mother was a senior judge. Dr. Cal had to find out if she was the killer. She'd had botox, so no facial expressions. The firm had to find out if a NASA pilot was lying about how he crashed; was it almost suicide? Dr. Cal spotted the student drug dealer at the girl's school. The headmistress was up to no good. The pilot's wife was drugging him because of his permanent anxiety. Cal busted a false confession by the father of one of the girls.
Battle Creek [22:00, Universal] Dead guy in the woods and it was chucking it down with rain. Drowned and tied to a tree. The ME was a stubborn little person. Drowned in maple syrup, she decided. Eddie was being threatened by the local maple syrup cartel, which had a corrupt judge in its pocket. Russ met the guard dogs. The Fed kept poking his nose into Russ's case.
   A pharmacist with a pot swindle was too smart for the detective who took it for migraines. Russ steamed up the cartel boss's fixer and was suspended. Dead Eddie was a wife-beater. Milt hired Russ as an FBI consultant for a dollar to keep him in the loop. The battered wife and her father both confessed to killing Eddie. The police chief chose the father arbitrarily. Then Milt helped to stitch up the pot guy.

[Wednesday, 14th] Death in Paradise [19:00, Alibi] The useless airline lost DI Poole's luggage when he was sent to a hell-hole Caribbean island where nothing works, just like in Battle Creek. Poole wore a suit and tie despite the temperature. He was there to investigate the murder of a British cop in a rich man's panic room. Sarah, the wife, was having an affair with dead Charlie, so was it rich James?
   There was a clue in Charlie's showerhead; Poole had been given his quarters. It led to a box of cash and blank passports. Charlie & James were people smuggling and Charlie's cleaning lady was dodgy. No, she was an undercover cop. James got dead, too.
   Poole was outraged that he hadn't been told that Camille (French) was working the case too. Surprise! That nice lady police sergeant was the killer; she was fed up with being passed over for promotion. As a reward for his success, Poole was stuck on the island.
Castle [21:00, Alibi] The producer everyone was scared of was strangled with his own tie and dumped in a lift shaft. Sid was planning to fire Mickey, so he was pursued. He wanted to be fired to get a better deal. Sid was shot at by a masked man in an alley before he was killed. Was his long-running TV show built on drug money? Did Sid pay a $4M ranson in a kidnapping?
   The cops found Sid's ex-wife at an abandoned warehouse. Beckett busted someone else who didn't do it. Mr. Vogel was busted in front of a studio audience for murder and embezzlement. And Castle's mom was amazingballs in her new Broadway show.

[Thursday, 15th] Death In Paradise [19:00, Alibi] Like everything else, the tea on the island is terrible. And you can't have a quiet break without a dead bride turning up, shot with a spear gun. There were 4 suspects from the wedding party. Why did Lisa want to go into unoccupied suite 502? Camille's mother could make decent tea!
   The only prints on the spear gun belonged to the diving instructor, from whom it had been stolen. The dodgy best man tried to borrow 50 grand from Lisa, who was loaded. The husband was due to get nothing if she died, but she hadn't signed the pre-nup.
   There was another murder; the maid for the bridal suite's floor. DI Poole turned the case on its head to crack it. The butler dunnit.
Rizzoli & Isles [21:00, Alibi] Bloke wearning a naff necklace croaked at a club; poisoned with puffer fish toxin. He sold crap jools to the rich and tasteless, so his competitors were suspects. Maura's appalling dad gave a new suspect an alibi; a primitive tribesman from somewhere in South America. He pointed the cops at the suspect's daughter.
   She had been breaking the tribal code by selling diamonds to the dead guy. But his unappreciated designer was busted just because she had bought some puffer fish for her aquarium. Finally, Jane had to move in with Frankie to prevent his mom from doing it.

[Friday, 16th] TNF replay [12:03, Sky Sports 1] The Falcons in New Orleans. The Saints battered to a TD after 5 minutes. The Falcons were sacked to a punt with 2 minutes left in the quarter; the Saints blocked the kick and returned it for a TD! 0-14. The Falcons scored a TD in the first minute of Q2. They fumbled the ball away after 8 minutes at the NO 9, but no damage done. The Falcons fumbled the ball away in the red zone inside the last 2 minutes and missed a FG try.
   The Saints kicked a FG in Q3 and scored another TD with a couple of minutes later. 7-24. The Falcons scored a TD 2 minutes into Q4. 14-24. Another for the Saints with 8 minutes left. 14-31. A cosmetic TD for the Falcons inside the last 2 minutes was too late to make a difference. 21-31 final, too many penalties for the Falcs on a bad hair day.
Death In Paradise [19:00, Alibi] An ancient voodoo lady was found poisoned in a school science lab. The head was the first suspect. She was the head's mother in law and her daughter vanished, presumed to have committed suicide. Camille was busting a gut to bust the head but he set the Commissioner on the cops when she did.
   The priest was harassed over having an affair with the disappeared wife. DI Poole harassed the head again. The head said the old voodoo bat threatened to put a curse on him if he didn't admit killing his wife. Camille's mum put Poole on the right track.
   The crazy old lady was dying and she poisoned herself to try to frame the head. But Poole busted the head for killing his wife and hanging on to her skeleton. Then Camille's mum cooked him some decent grub.

[Saturday, 17th] Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus (2009) [17:00, Syfy] The US military is messing about in a frozen zone and releases a vast shark from the ice. It chomps an airliner out of the sky. A lady who stole a minisub to watch whales is fired from the Institute so she hooks up with an ex-navy paeleobiologist guru, who identifies the shark as a megalodon. Extinct for yonks.
   There's a giant octopus of similar vintage messing about off Japan. The military wants to destroy the creatures. The scientists want to trap them in San Francisco bay. Navy bozos keep reporting the shark destroyed when it isn't. The shark eats the Golden Gate bridge. After lots of faffing about, the two monsters are lured into battle. Mutual Monster Extermination.
Year One (2009) [19:00, Sony] is a story of 2 guys who can't hunt or gather, like the rest of the tribe, and are expelled because the pushy one eats the forbidden fruit. Surprise. They find that the world doesn't end beyond the mountains, where common ignorance says it does, and they find themselves in the biblical times of Cain and Abel, and Sodd 'em & Gomorrah. Our heroes have all sorts of jolly fun there. Daft comedy, but it works.

[Sunday, 18th] CFL replay, Stampeders in Toronto? [06:00, ESPN] No, The Argos had been booted to Hamilton by the damands of baseball. The Stamps scored first with a rouge. Almost a pick-6 from the Argos' 2nd play, TD after 1 play by the Stamps. The +2 was wiped out on review, so 7-0. The Argos had a kick off return to the Stamps' end zone wiped out by a penalty. Another TD for the Stamps. 14-0. The Argos almost fumbled away the kick off!
   The only scoring in Q2 was a FG for the Stamps. 17-0. The Argos' offense wasn't working. They were still spluttering in Q3 but they recovered one of their own punts and Gurley took a TD pass. 17-7. The Argos went for a 3rd down instead of a FG and a tipped pass went to the Stamps, who got a FG out of the turnover. 20-7.
   The Argos started Q4 with a FG. 20-10. Another TD for the Stamps after 5 minutes. 27-10, game over. The Argos kicked a FG with 4 minutes left. Rogers dropped a certain TD catch, Argos punt. Harris was picked off with a minute left. The end. The Stamps gave up a safety to waste some time. 27-15 final and the 100th career win for Stamps' coach John Hufnagel.
MotoGP of Australia: Moto3 [11:15, BTSport 2] 23 laps, McPhee on pole but Fenati took the lead and McPhee went backwards. Can Kent take the title today? Crazy slip-streaming at the front and lots of lead changes. McPhee was crashed out with 17 to go. The same almost happened to Kent with 14 to go, and he was 16th by the time he got going again.
   Once past Bastianini, his title hopes were intact. But he and Bastianini were both crashed out with 10 laps to go. Olivera took the race, and 2nd in the championship. Vazquez and Binder were also on the podium.
Moto2, 25 laps [12:15, BTSport 2] Lowes was an early leader but Rins went past him and looked like gapping Lowes and Luthi. Zarco, already the champ, stayed out of trouble in the trailing group. Luthi fell off with 8 laps to go, handing 2nd to Lowes, and Baldassarri got his first ever podium for 3rd.
MotoGP, 27 laps [13:15, BTSport 2] Marquez was on pole but dropped back to 4th. Iannone had to nut a seagull out of the way when it took off from the track in front of him! Lorenzo then Marquez then Rossi at half-way. Iannone harassed Rossi and Marquez did the same to Lorenzo.
   Marquez took the lead with 10 to go. Lorenzo passed him with 7 to go. Iannone made 2nd for a while. Iannone went past both Rossi and Marquez at the end of lap 25. Marquez took the lead on the last lap and held it. Lorenzo, Iannone, Rossi at the line.
CFL replay: The BC Lions @ Edmonton [15:30, ESPN] A 63-yard punt return by Lawrence set up an EE FG. The Esks were pinned deep by a monster punt and the Lions pick-6'd Reilly's first play. 7-3. In Q2, Reilly to Bowman, 69 yards for a TD. 7-10. The Lions levelled things with a FG after 6 minutes. The Esks went ahead with a FG after 10 minutes. 10-13. The Lions got level again with about 2 minutes of the half left.
   A 45-yard pass to Walker, FG for the Esks. 13-16. BC missed a FG try after 10 minutes and a 75-yard return was wiped out by a penalty on the Esks. A tipped pass was picked by the Lions and a TD pass to Arcenaux put them ahead 19-16 when the PAT was missed. Big runs by Reilly but the Esks opened Q4 with a rouge. 19-17.
   Two dodgy PI calls on the Esks gave the Lions a big chance but Lacy ran a fumble out of the EE end zone to get them out of gaol. But Reilly promptly threw his 3rd interception. The EE defence held up and the Lions got a single from a punt. 20-17. Time running out; too, too many Esks' penalties.
   The Eskimos got into FG range and tied the match. Both teams scored a FG in Overtime #1. In Overtime #2, Jennings' first play was picked off by McCoil, and Whyte kicked a winning FG for the Esks. Phew!
NFL Sunday [17:30, Sky Sports 2] The Bengals in Buffalo. The Bills scored a TD 5 minutes in. The Bengals crashed into their end zone after 11½ minutes. 7-all. A pick by the Bengals toward the end of Q1 went to a punt in Q2. But they reached the BB red zone after 5 minutes, TD, 14-7. The Bengals added a FG to their tally and the Bills scored a TD 17 seconds from half time. 17-14.
   In Q3, an amazing catch by Jones in double coverage got the Bengals into the Bills' red zone; Jones flew into the end zone. 24-14. Another TD for the Bengals a couple of minutes from the end of the quarter. 31-14. In Q4, the Bengals kicked a FG and the Bills managed a TD with 6:50 left. And that was the end of the scoring. 34-21 final and a good day for Dalton & Co.
CFL Live: the TiCats @ Montreal [18:00, ESPN] The Cats opened the scoring with a FG. The Als got close but Glenn was picked when hit. No damage. It was windy and trying to snow (but not very seriously). In Q2, another pick gave the Cats a FG. 6-0. The Cats blocked a MTL punt 5 minutes in and returned the ball to the MTL 8; on to a TD. 13-0. TC had to give up a safety at the end of Q2. 13-2.
   In Q3, the Cats were sacked to a FG. 16-2. An amazing catch by Tasker set up another FG. 19-2. Finally, a FG for the Als at the end of the quarter. 19-5. The Cats missed a FG for 1 point with 3½ minutes left in Q4. 20-5. A pick blew Alouettes' hopes away. The Cats kicked a FG. 23-5. Finally, a TD for the Als in garbage time, no +2, 23-11 final, the Cats win in Montreal at last.

[Monday, 19th] CFL FNF replay: The Blue Bombers in Ottawa [06:00, ESPN] It was chucking it down and 9 deg.C. The Redblacks coughed up the opening kick off; it was recovered by the kicker; but went 3 & out. The 1st play of the RBs' drive went for a TD! 0-7. The Bombers started Q2 by fumbling the ball away. The RBs got close, went backwards due to penalties and kicked a FG. 0-10. A huge pass + a penalty got the RBs into Bomber territory; but just a FG. 0-13. And another FG in the last minute. 0-16.
   Still raining in Q3. The Bombers started with a TD drive. 7-16. They forced and recovered a fumble after 6 minutes but Nichols was picked 2 minutes later. The RBs were sacked to a FG. 7-19. The Bombers reached FG range but were intercepted. But a high snap left Burris sacked in his end zone for a safety. 9-19 at the half.
   The RBs started Q4 with a pick; but did nothing with it. Holding cost the RBs a FG with 6:21 left. A TD for the RBs with 3 minutes left. 9-26. Plus 1 point from the kick-off. 9-27. The Bombers scored a TD +2 points with 1:15 left. 17-27, and another with 9 seconds left for 24-27. But Ottawa recovered the short kick.
   Too many penalties on the Redblacks, but too much offense for the Bombers to handle; they didn't show up in the first half.
NFL replay: the Deflategate Bowl [09:00, Sky Sports 2] The Colts took their opening drive to a TD from a 4th & 1. The visiting Patriots replied with a TD drive. 7-all. The Pats took the lead with a FG, the Colts struck back with a pick-6 3½ minutes into Q2. 10-14. A TD for the Pats was answered by one for the Colts. The Pats got close with a FG. 20-21.
   Gronk scored a TD against a blown coverage 4 minutes into Q3. 27-21. The Colts turned the ball over on downs with a crazy play from a bizarre line-up, which should never have been snapped, on a 4th & 3. This gave the Pats a TD 2 minutes into Q4, 34-21. The Colts scored a TD with 1:19 left but the PAT was blocked following a spectacular leap over both lines. 34-27. An on-side kick went to the Pats. The End.
NFL replay: The Panthers in Seattle [10:00, Sky Sports 2] The Seahawks got nowhere then Thomas intercepted Newton in CP territory; FG from it. Newton ran in a TD 2½ minutes into Q2. 7-3.
   A TD and a small punch up for the SH after 7 minutes. 7-10. The Hawks collected another TD in Q3 from a flea-flicker and a bomb of a pass. 7-17. The Panthers barged in for a TD with 3:34 left in the quarter. 14-20.
   The Hawks were sacked to a FG in Q4. 14-23. The Panthers scored a TD with 4 minutes left but missed the PAT. 20-23. They reached FG range again but went for it all. TD with 17 seconds left. 27-23. Enuf.
Death In Paradise [19:00, Alibi] A woman said she shot her husband on the beach but no body and no gun, and the murder site looked cleaned up. The body turned up, but shot twice in the head. Poole didn't think Megan could have done that. The dead guy's father was in gaol for assaulting him on the night he was shot. Poole decided that Megan's story didn't explain the facts, and the parents were arrested for getting rid of their deadleg son.
Discovering Edward Grobinson [20:00, Sky Arts] Pretty well forgotten now, he was a huge film star, playing comedy roles as well as being type-cast as a gangster. He was big in the theatre, too, but that's pretty well forgotten, too. He made a successful transition from gangsters in the 30s to film noire in the 40s, he survived being sleazed in the McCarthy era and kept making films into the 1970s, when he died at the good age of 80.

[Tuesday, 20th] MNF replay: the Giants @ the Eagles [12:00, Sky Sports 2] The Giants started with a TD drive. They were stopped by a wrestling interception after 10 minutes and the Eagles drove to an equalizer. 7-all. The Giants went out on downs instead of trying a FG at the end of the first quarter.
   A pick-6 by the Eagles' defence in the 3rd minute of Q2 put them 7-14 ahead. The Eagles forced and recovered a fumble in the 5th minute. The Giants got the ball back with a pick but did nothing with it. The Eagles kicked a FG just before half time. 7-17.
   Another TD for the Eagles 7 minutes into Q3. 7-24. The Giants were gifted a pick when a PE receiver botched up, but did nothing. Bradford was picked again in the Giants' end zone at the end of Q3. The Eagles added a FG to their tally in Q4, and that was the final score: 7-27. The Giants offense seems to have gone home after that first drive.
Death In Paradise [19:00, Alibi] A prisoner handcuffed to DI Poole was stabbed on a ferry. The Commish was outraged. Hamilton was a swindler, the Commish was one of his victims, and there were 907 suspects. It was Poole's birthday and he had to avoid attempts to give him a party. The dead guy's widow was murdered.
   Poole eliminated to get to the truth, and the crime-mad English lady gave him a nudge in the right direction. Surprise! The guy handcuffed to Poole wasn't the real embezzler; he was a broke prison guard who had taken his place. Hamilton was the alleged copper escorting him to Poole's island.
Lie To Me [20:00, Alibi] The gang was on alert for an attempt to take out a S. Korean politician, whose son was getting married. Dr. Cal spotted a bad guy but the groom was shot. The BG was a firebug, not the shooter. Dr. Cal focussed on the best man. He said the groom had a gambling problem and he owed lots of cash.
   The ambassador said he'd paid off all the debts. Cal worked out that the alleged bodyguard was really the ambassador's other son; the groom's brother. The bride was very short of a past. She did a runner. Dr. Cal homed in on the cameramen and one obligingly exploded. he was the bride's ex and a very angry man.
Battle Creek [22:00, Universal] Russ's dog homed in on a kid with a kilo of H in her backpack. She refused to talk. Her uncle was a cop with access to heroin but he was cleared. Detective Milly did an FBI seminar and found out that Milt had an affair with his boss's wife, and that's why he was booted out of Detroit.
   Milt was sure there was a Dominican dope gang. He got to the parents but the kid still wouldn't talk. The cops did a number on one of the Dominicans. They got a BG but the wrong one. Russ showed the kid a dead heroin user, but that didn't make her talk.
   Her uncle had been stealing from the evidence lock-up. The Chief told him to get help with his gambling addiction and he was getting a second chance. But he was busted. Then Russ confronted Milt's old FBI boss, who admitted that Milt was a hero, not an adulterer.

[Wednesday, 21st] Death In Paradise [19:00, Alibi] Burgalry at the marina dive shop, nothing missing. Ne'er do well Benjamin was found dead at the bottom of the sea. DI Poole had a fever and Camille was skiving in Paris, so DS Angela, on holiday on the island, volunteered her services. She was a piece of work.
   The wife of the owner of the failing dive business gave their savings to Benjamin. An incidental bad guy was busted for having a dodgy passport. Benjamin was drowned in fresh water. Poole gave Fidel some ideas from his sick bed. Benjamin was about to leave the island and get away from whoever he owed money to.
   Poole crawled off his deathbed to bust the dead guy's brother and prevent DS Angela from arresting the wrong bloke. The brother had just had enough of clearing up Benjamin's continuous string of messes. And Ben had found out that he was shipping the incidental bad guy's conflict diamonds to the UK.
Castle series finale [21:00, Alibi] There's a killer wearing a freaky white mask. Castle reckons he met the guy when he was 11, right after he'd killed a woman, and the killer let him go. Recently dead Emma was looking for a missing friend. The car she was watching belonged to a 72 year old woman, who watching TV but long dead. Her crazy son, Noah, was busted but he was just nuts.
   Beckett was hauled before NYPD's Star Chamber for the Third Degree to find out if she had what it takes to become a Senator. Castle reckoned the doctor in charge of the clinic where Noah had been treated was the killer from his 30 year old memories of the voice. Beckett encouraged Castle to do some burgling and helped him to blow the guy away. Then Castle got a career achievement award.

[Thursday, 22nd] Death In Paradise [19:00, Alibi] A band reunion was a sort of voodoo jamboree; only the lead singer was dead in the coffin brought on stage. He ruined the band. Who was the mystery photographer? His daughter from an affair his wife didn't know about.
   Someone put a huge snake in Poole's chalet to frame one of the band members. Lots of thrashing around. Then Poole noticed the missing 10 minutes and destroyed everyone's alibi. So the stroppy Irish git of a bass player was busted.
Rizzoli & Isles [21:00, Alibi] A bloke out climbing got his fingers stomped on and fell to his death. He'd been clobbered twice on the head, Maura found. This English major at a university had 32 girlfriends? No, he was an app, a virtual boyfriend. Maura confronted her cheating dad.
   Frankie noticed that customers of the virtual BF service were being burgled. Jane set a trap. The thief denied murder. No, one of the GFs turned out to be a psycho stalker/killer. At the end, Maura went to a lecture with her dad.

[Friday, 23rd] TNF replay [09:00, Sky Sports 3] The Seahawks in San Francisco. The Hawks ran through the SF defence to a TD after 8 minutes. They were held to a FG 6 minutes into Q2. 10-0. A TD from a 43 yard pass put the Hawks 17-0 up with 3 minutes left in the half. They were stopped inside the last minute by a pick in the SF end zone.
   Another pick by the SF defence 9 minutes into Q3. The offence struggled from their own goal line to a FG at the end of the quarter. 17-3. The Hawks kicked a FG 6 minutes into Q4 to leave SF needing 3 scores, and 20-3 was how it finished.
   If they'd paid appearance money according to these highlights, the SF offence would barely have been able to scrape together enough for their bus fare home.
Death In Paradise [19:00, Alibi] Duane took a lady home and she was found dead the next morning with coins in her mouth. Poole spotted that the house had been searched after the killing. He decided that Nadia's boss had something to hide. The neighbour who found the body; she worked for the same firm, handed over Nadia's escape plan.
   SOCA had her flagged and one of their coppers was on the island, lurking. Money laundering was at the back of it. The Commissioner told Poole he could have his old job back in London. Poole cracked the case, and busted Camille's mom's boyfriend as the killer, and he was unable to make the vital phone call home in time.

[Saturday, 24th] CFL Live: the Redblacks in Winnipeg [21:00, BTSport 2] Burris went over 60,000 passing yards with his first play but his opening drive was stopped by a pick. The first score was a rouge from an RB punt. 1-0. Nichols was intercepted toward the end of Q1 and the RBs kicked a FG in Q2. 4-0. The Bombers recovered an RB fumble in the 6th minute but their next play was picked off. 2 plays later, Burris was picked.
   The Bombers fumbled the ball back to the RBs and Powell crashed in for a TD. The PAT was missed badly. 10-0. The Bombers scored a TD right after the 3MW but the convert hit the upright. 10-6. But they got a single from the kick off. 10-7. A huge pass to Marshall got the BB to the RB 37, FG, 10-all. A TD back the other way for Williams, and Burris was flattened by a criminal assault. No +2, 16-10.
   The RBs opened Q3 with a single from a punt. The BB kicked a FG after 5 minutes. 17-13. A big play to Adams was followed by a TD for the BB. 17-20. The RBs' offence was very subdued in the 2nd half but the defence was still getting in sacks.
   In Q4, there was an exchange of sacks and the RBs kicked a FG for 20-all with 7 minutes left. The RBs were in FG range at the 3MW, 3rd and goal at the BB 1, Burris in for a TD. 27-20. 45 seconds left. A sack and an intentional grounding penalty didn't help the BBs' cause. Nichols took one last shot from the RB 24; pass incomplete.

[Sunday, 25th] MotoGP of Malaysia: Moto3 [10:00, BTSport 2] 18 laps, Antonelli on pole, Kent 9th after a penalty, 12th after 1 lap, 16th after 2 laps. The guys at the front swapped positions constantly. Kent's team mates both crashed with 13 laps to go, promoting him to 10th. He caught the lead group of 7 and he needed to finish 5th to take the title.
   Bangaia crashed out of 7th. Kent was 5th with a lap and a half to go but dropped back to 8th. Olivera's win meant that Kent needs 2 points out of the last race to be champion.
Moto2 [11:00, BTSport 2] Luthi on pole, 19 laps. Zarco took the lead briefly but Luthi came back. Lowes went backwards. Rins crashed out with 10 to go. Would Zarco catch Luthi at the end? Yes. Zarco went ahead on the last lap for the win. Folger was a distant 3rd. Lowes, tyres shot, finished 14th.
MotoGP [12:00, BTSport 2] Pedrosa, Marquez, Rossi on the front row, 20 laps. Lorenzo went past Rossi on lap 2. Iannone went out early, bike broke. Lorenzo went past Marquez for 2nd. Rossi and Marquez swapped 3rd until Rossi deliberately crashed Marquez with 14 laps to go. No disqualification. Dovizioso crashed the other Ducati with 10 to go. Pedrosa won, Smith was 4th and Crutchlow 5th.
NFL Live: the Bills vs the Jaguars at Wembley [13:37, Sky Sports 3] Punt, punt; then the Bills kicked a FG. The Jags found some room to move at the end of Q1, and finished their drive with a TD one minute into Q2. 3-7. The Bills struggled then the Jags came up with a sack/fumble, TD, 3-14. One more BB play; pick-6 for the Jags! 3-21!
   Another BB drive ended in a pick by the Jags and a JX TD a few minutes later. 3-27, the PAT missed. Finally, the Bills put together a solid drive to a TD. 10-27. The Jags were sacked to a punt inside the last 2 minutes and the Bills had time for a FG. 13-27.
   In Q3, the Jags reached the BB 1 after PI in the end zone, but they were stopped 4 times! The Bills drove from their goal line to the JX 6 but had to kick a FG 16-27. The BB fumbled the ball away at the JX 1 in Q4. Lots of defence then a 58 yard TD pass for the Bills. A 2-point try ended in a shower of flags and another chance, which the Bills took. 24-27. 6:33 left.
   A pick-6 for the Buffalo defence. 31-27. The Jags scored a TD with 2:16 left. 31-34. The Bills tried but they went out on downs with a minute left. First win in England for the Jags and a cracking match.
The Jets in New England [17:0, Sky Sports 3] The Jets fumbled away their first possession at their 19 and the Pats kicked a FG. The Jets got close but kicked a FG. 3-3. The Jets were knocking on the door at the start of Q2, TD, 10-3. Brady was crunched trying to make the Jets' end zone but he sneaked in on a 4th down. 10-all. The Pats were sacked to a FG with 2 minutes left in the half. 10-13.
   The Pats were held to a FG at the start of Q3. 10-16. The Jets scored a TD after 11 minutes. 17-16. They kicked a FG 3 minutes into Q4. 20-16. NE went ahead with a TD with 7 minutes left. 20-23. And scored another with a minute left. 20-30. The Jets kicked a FG, leaving them 18 seconds. 23-30. They recovered an on-side kick but couldn't do anything thereafter.
US Grand Prix [18:30, Sky Sports F1] Despite all the rain from hurricane Patricia, which clobbered Mexico, it was a fairly nice day for the main event. The race was started on inters with the expectation that slicks would follow.
   Hamilton barged into the lead on the first of 56 laps and Rosberg dropped to 5th from pole. There was a safety car for debris clearance after 5 laps. Ricciardo went past Hamilton on lap 15. Rosberg went past on lap 18 and Hamilton made a pit stop for slicks. Raikkonen had to retire from 5th on lap 27, then Ericsson stopped on the track. SC.
   Hulkenberg swiped Ricciardo on lap 37, triggering a virtual SC. Rosberg went in for tyres, Hamilton wasn't called in. A big crash for Kvyat on lap 43, driver okay. SC. New tyres for Hamilton and Vettel. Rosberg drove off the track on lap 49, letting Hamilton past for a win and also his 3rd drivers' championship.
NFL Sunday: The Cowboys @ the Giants. The Giants punted. The Cowboys reached the red zone but were held to a FG. 3-0. Lots for the punters to do into Q2. The Giants scored a TD 4 minutes in, as Lewis Hamilton was becoming the F1 champ. 3-7. The Cowboys lost a TD to a crap penalty and kicked a FG. 6-7. They barged into the Giants' end zone with 7 minutes left in the half. 13-7. The Giants kicked a FG. 13-10 at half time.
   4 minutes into Q3, the Giants went ahead with a pick-6. 13-17. The Cowboys were looking like they would score when the Giants picked them and went on to a FG. 13-20. The Giants started Q4 with another pick. Nothing from it. Dallas levelled the scores at 20-all 8 minutes in but their kick off was returned 100 yards for a TD! 20-27. The Cowboys went out on downs inside the last 2 minutes. The Giants had to punt but the kick reception was botched. The End.
CFL replay: The Tigercats @ BC [22:30, ESPN] Just a couple of plays to the Cats' first TD but the PAT was botched. 6-0. Pinned deep, the TC gave up a safety instead of punting. 6-2. A 67 yard return got the Lions to the TC 20, TD on the next play. 6-9. The Lions were awarded a fumble recovery after a review and Arcenaux took a TD pass at the end of the first quarter. 6-16.
   In Q2, the Lions managed a 47 yard pass play then an airborne TD by Rainey. 6-23. Lots of defence until a BC single from a punt in the last minute. 6-24.
   The Lions opened Q3 with a FG. 6-27. The Cats were stopped by a pick; nothing from it. The Cats spent about 4 minutes turning a pick into a TD, and that was pretty well it for the quarter. 13-27. More defence, then a TD for the Lions with 4 minutes left. 13-33; the PAT missed. A pick by BC became another TD. 13-40. And that was the end of the scoring.

[Monday, 26th] CFL replay: The Eskimos @ the Roughriders [12:45, ESPN] The Esks' opening drive ended with a pick of a tipped pass. A 40-yard pass by Smith got the Riders to the EE 1, TD, 0-7. The Eskimos managed a FG in reply. 3-7. The Esks blitzed Smith and got burnt with a TD pass to a receiver with no one between him and the end zone. 3-14. Bowman dropped another? The EE coach failed to challenge what looked like a good pass reception.
   Another TD for the RR at the start of Q2. 3-21, but EE fans weren't too bothered yet. Reilly scored a TD and Bowman got some sticky stuff on his gloves, and scored a TD after breaking a tackle. 17-21. Another big play by Bowman set up a TD by Walker. 24-21. See? Nothing to worry about.
   The Esks kicked a FG 4 minutes into Q3. 27-24. Lots of defence then the Esks recovered a fumble with 2 minutes left in the quarter. A TD for Watson in Q4, +2, 35-21. The Riders made a 3rd down in the red zone but were held to a FG. 35-24, 7½ minutes left. The Riders were looking threatening but a strip and recovery by the Eskimos let the visitors put the match away.
NFL hilites: the Eagles in Carolina [13:00, Sky Sports 1] The Eagles were sacked to a punt. The Panthers blasted to a TD. 0-7. The Eagles kicked a 52 yard FG in Q2. 3-7. The Panthers got close, the Eagles jumped offside twice and Newton did a dive and reach for the end zone. 3-14. The Eagles were held to a FG at the end of the half. 6-14.
   Another TD drive by the Panthers in Q3. 6-21. A breakaway dash through the ranks of Panthers won the Eagles a TD. 13-21. The Eagles kicked a FG, 16-21, and missed another try early in Q4. The Panthers replied with a FG 6 minutes in and another at the end. 16-29 final.
Death In Paradise [19:00, Alibi] The boss of the plantation was murdered in't mill. There was a nephew, a boozy ex-wife and Kim; a young native girl and almost fiancée. When accused, the doctor revealed that the dead guy was dying. Kim was clearly a gold-digger. Alex, the nephew, had hired a PI to get the goods on her.
   Poole found an alibi-busting secret tunnel from the mill. He held a gathering for revelation purposes; including a tale of an ancient death at the plantation. Poole closed in on the son of the industrial accident victim as the killer; Kim's brother.

[Tuesday, 27th] Death In Paradise [19:00, Alibi] Sister Therese was found dead in a smoke-filled, locked bedroom. And there was a phantom nun at the convent. DI Poole decided that he was looking at murder dressed up as an accident. Therese was planning to return to France. Camille's mum pointed the police at the dodgy PR guy, who frightened Therese. The convent was going bust and he was trying to promote the convent's dodgy holy spring by paying people to say they'd been cured by it.
   The PR guy's fiancée owned the source of the spring. One of the nuns was attacked but wouldn't talk. Mr. Dodgy admitted bribery. Duane bagged the phantom; the fiancée, who'd been giving the head nun chemotherapy for the cancer she claimed the spring water had cured. Eventually, Poole solved the locked room mystery and cracked Father John's secret.
Lie To Me [20:00, Alibi] Dr. Cal has to find out if a scumbag killer has been rehabilitated. There have been 2 attempts on the ex-gang banger's life in gaol. Cal's associates have to screen the Fire Department after a death in a fire; they're all lying. There's a lot of hazing going on in the FD. The widow of the gang-banger's victim lies her head off when she says she thinks he can be parolled.
   The dead fireman wouldn't put up with the hazing, so the treatment got worse. His killer said he was just following The Code. Dr. Cal finally realized that the widow wanted the killer out of gaol so that she could kill him herself. But Dr. Cal got in the way.
Battle Creek [20:00, Universal] Milt is getting 911 calls about homicides instead of the PD and he has an X-RF fingerprint gadget, which can detect prints from the killer's dog. BC has its own tracker dog but Milt brings in a military dog; and loses to Russ's policing instincts. The dog actually belongs to the dead woman's son, who is being raised by her non-druggie half-sister.
   The cops pursue the dead woman's Tuesday Guy but he's dead. Natural causes, says the ME. Milt tells Russ he feels guilty about sleeping through the 9/11 attack. The dead guy's son & daughter get a grilling. They leg it instead of getting a smart lawyer to shield them. Too stoopid to live. Russ finds that Milt joined the FBI in 2003, and the kid with the dog inherits $42 million from the Tuesday Guy instead of his other kids.

[Wednesday, 28th] Death In Paradise [19:00, Alibi] A close encounter with a dead floater at a cosmetic surgery clinic. Poole found the Commissioner there, wanting a suicide verdict. The dead lady barely touched her fiendishly expensive tea, so the DI knew that it was murder. The Commish put Poole on a 24-hour clock.
   The guy stealing medicines was busted. The boss of the clinic was losing his sight. Poole got to chase and trap a suspect. Then he staged his grand denoument and cracked the mystery of the 2 phones used by Dr. Jones. She was providing new faces and IDs for criminals. She'd had the dead woman killed to prevent her from exposing her misdeeds.
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries [21:00, Alibi] The guillotine at the magic show worked unexpectedly and the backer, Miss Fisher's feckless dad, had boozed away the ticket money so he had to borrow from her. Miss F. pursued a homicidal Sarah whilst Inspector Jack boozed at her place, waiting to be given dinner.
   Surprise! The death of Milly, the Magnificent McKenzie's wife, was a stunt to get her out of the marriage. Miss F. decided that she had to perform the Miraculous Mermaid illusion to flush out the killer; Milly's twin sister, who felt eclipsed by Milly and who did kill her after all and pretended to be her dead sister to confuse Miss Fisher.

[Thursday, 29th] FNF replay, better late than never, the Alouettes vs the Argos in Hamilton [13:30, ESPN] Glenn was QBing for the Als having played against the Argos as a Stampeder a week earlier. All the way to a TD. 7-0. Another point from a single with a 2 minutes left in the quarter. 8-0.
   The Als scored a TD half-way through Q2, and got another 5 minutes before half time. 22-0. The Als, overcautiously, gave up a safety to gain field position toward the end of the half, and finished it with a FG after an interception in the last minute. 25-2.
   The Montreal defence continued to contain the Argos in Q3. The Als kicked a FG and the FG try for the Argos was short. 28-2. Ricky Ray was brought on as QB for the Argos toward the end of Q3.
   Rutley had a walk-in TD for the Als 5 minutes into Q4 The PAT was a bad miss. 34-2. The Argos lost a last-minute TD to a penalty, so the Als ended up scoring all the points.
Death In Paradise [19:00, Alibi] Dan Morgan, a guy looking for LeClerk's treasure was blown up at a cave in the jungle. Then Dr. Parks was shot in Morgan's tent and someone tried to drop half a tree on Morgan, who rushed into town to claim police protection. But he ended up dead in his cell. DI Poole did a lot of scoffing at the lost treasure story.
   Just Liz and Chris left as suspects; but Liz was investigating Morgan for insurance fraud. The case was nothing to do with the treasure, Poole concluded, and he got a confession out of Ben, the part-time helper, on condition that he kept his motive a secret. Morgan and Parks had found palladium in the cave and Ben had killed them to prevent the jungle from being strip-mined.
Rizzoli & Isles [21:00, Alibi] A dog lady was found dead; attacked by her dog? Poisoned, said Maura, who was having problems with her weird assistant. Sgt. Korsak struggled to prevent the dog from being put down. The gang visited the world of dog shows. Maura thought that 2 people tried to poison the dead woman! She was a hold-out to a big property deal and her dog would inherit her estate, not her two daughters. So the sisters were cleared and the real killer was nailed.
Code Black [22:00, Universal+1] looks like an attempt to reinvent ER [remember that? Dr. Green? Dr. Carter? Dr. Clooney? (I forget his series name)] There's a tedious bloke who goes round telling the newbies that he's their momma – not with that beard, you're not, mate. And a hissy back-stabber, who has it in for the doc who's unorthodox but successful. Not the sort of place you'd want to be when the wheels come off and there's a real Code Black. Too many egos and agendas in the way of keeping the customers alive.

[Friday, 30th] TNF replay: the Dolphins in New England [16:00, Sky Sports 2] Galloping Gronk! It's a TD. 0-7. The Dolphins were unable to make much progress, and they gave up a safety a minute into Q2 after a snap whistled past Tannehill. 0-9. NE false started on a 4th & inches, so a FG toward the end of Q2. 0-12. But there was time enough left for another TD. 0-19.
   The Dolphins crashed into the NE end zone for a TD in the 4th minute of Q3. 7-19. The Pats kicked a FG then they turned a pick in the first minute of Q4 into a TD. 7-29. Edelman got his 2nd TD of the night in the 8th minute. 7-36 and that was the end of the scoring.
Death In Paradise [19:00, Alibi] A rum bootlegger is running rings round the cops. Camille's boozy singer pal is poisoned during her act and Camille turns into the Gestapo. Amy was about to quit the party boat for a recording career in Miami. The Commish is more interested in the rum buggers than murder.
   The backing singer becomes the main suspect. Not her, of course. Fidel goes old school with the bootleggers. Poole has a revelation. Amy had been hoping to blackmail a drug smuggler to buy her way out of her contract on the party boat. Not a wise career choice.

[Saturday, 31st] Sherlock Holmes: The Royal Scandal [19:00, True Entertainment] combines the scandal created by Irene Adler's liaison with a German prince with the stolen submarine plans, which saw a murdered Admiralty draughtsman dumped on the roof of a train. Dig them crazy English accents from Matt Frewer and Kenneth Welsh as the lead characters.
Midsomer Murders [20:00, ITV 3] Road hog cyclists attacking motorists and yobbing all over the place. The Bucket Bandit is attacking sports cars with paint mixed with glue. An academic is telling the manufacturer of a air traffic control system that his invention has a glitch and the system will crash catastrophically. The first body is Emily, a teacher and bike-rider. She had just left Dr. Jeffer's house riding his bike. And the car reversed over the body to make sure.
   DCI Barnaby proves that he can't ride a bike. The university will lose a science lab,and the company's investors will lose billions, if Dr. Jeffers is right. DS Jones gets the hump because a lady who had her car paint-bombed didn't bother telling the police. Jeffers is bashed by a burglar. Jones thinks there's a copycat bucketeer.
   Someone sets off a sprinkler whilst Jeffers is doing a lecture. Another murder in a garage; not in mistake for Jeffers. Barnaby does some boy racer stuff to catch the bad guy; who was after Jeffers for his son's benefit. And the Bucket Bandit and the copycat are identified, and Barnaby lets them off. Disgusting.

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