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The wheels keep turning, the revolting ones keep doing it, the Opposition keeps trying to deflect attention from its hypocrisy, lies and total cluelessness, business as usual.

Orf we jolly well go again

February 2023

Showing characteristic ineptness, the Office for Budget Responsibility has over-estimated the government's borrowing requirement for the past year by £30 BILLION.
   Meanwhile, the Chancellor, J. Hunt, is still planning to lift Corporation Tax to 25% and stifle investment from abroad and growth of the economy.

The PM is also having to be nagged at to stop the decline of Britain's armed forces. A thorough overhaul of the civil service idiots in charge of equipment procurement would pay for a whole lot more personnel and better equipment.

The PM has been warned that there will be consequences if he teams up with Sir Bier Starmer to keep Northern Ireland separated from the UK and subject EU laws without having a say in them.

The PM and the Eurocraps are doing a merry dance over the Northern Ireland Protocol, but everyone knows that it the Ulster Unionists don't give their plan the stamp of endorsement, all that booze & free meals will have been wasted.

Chancellor Hunt's tourist tax is doing further damage to posh shops in London. First a Chinese plague, then Hunt. What next?

January 2023

Chancellor "dancing paper cups" Hunt is now seen as someone who makes Gordon F. Broon look like he knew what he was talking about.

The Health Sec., S. Barclay, has embarrassed NHS England into spending less on wokery & pointless diversity confection. That's less, however, not nothing.

The PM is promising to cut inflation in half and grow the economy, cut NHS waiting lists and stop the cross-Channel boats. Labour is promising to reverse anything he manages.

The government is wasting vast amounts of money on empty office space in the hope that the civil service might return to them. In Wales, 90% of office space is now empty and a drain on the taxpayer. (Labour controlled)

The Remoaner saboteurs in the civil service are seeking to keep the promised bonfire of useless EU laws on the back burner until 2026. Sadly, the government has no plans for a bonfire of obstructive Remoaners.

If the PM gets legislation to suppress vexatious strikes through Parliament, it won't become effective before the summer, thus we shall all have to struggle on for the moment.

Our Justice Ministry has talked the Albanian regime into graciously accepting some of its criminals back in gaol-to-gaol transfers after appropriate negotions. Only about 3.8% of the Albanian criminals in gaol here will be going, thus the deal is not anything to get overly excited about.

December 2022

Chancellor Hunt has cancelled the tax system review ordered by his predecessor, K. Kwarteng, to show that he has no intention of lowering tax rates in the March 2023 Budget.

Our shoogly prime minister has been quite amazingly firm with the strikers, who are demanding unreasonable deals. How long can he keep it up, though?

The shoogly prime minister has been dunted into keeping Brexit legislation going as dropping it as a favour to the EU would do the UK less than no favours at all. It would just encourage the EU to be even more uselessly obstructive.

Migration Menace set to gobble up 75% of UK aid budget shock-horror! A spend of just 25% abroad sounds about right to A. Mitchell, the overseas development minister, who is under siege by the Home Office for cash to throw at the flood of illegals. Is anyone taking the PM seriously when he claims he'll sort the whole mess out by the end of next year? Given the amount of obstruction he'll get from vested interests, especially the legal vultures making millions out of the illegals trade, and the ludicrous left, 3023 sounds a more doable date.

The Education Sec. has ruled that the concept of white privilege is totally bogus and all those who are making money out of pushing this vexatious concept are to be excluded from all access to the taxpayer's pocket.

The PM has been bludgeoned into letting people in the area affected have a say in the construction of on-shore wind farms.

Forget the British Bill of Rights. It's back in the government's pending tray. It seems there's a bunch of them who don't want us to have any.

Our dodgy PM has been obliged to ditch making a target to build 300,000 houses per year a legal requirement. His party is not prepared to go along with reckless building to meet an arbitrary target, especially on flood plains. The party wants to give the people in an area a say in how it should be developed.

The Home Sec. is looking at editing the Modern Slavery Act (2015) to stop bogus asylum seekers and grasping/crooked lawyers from abusing it.

The PM has declared the pay demand by NHS unions of 18% to be unaffordable. End of.

Chief constables are urging the PM and the Home Sec. to fast-track eco-terrorists into gaol.

Our dodgy PM goes soft on free speech @ universities and clobbering cancel culture.

November 2022

Surprise! This useless government has gone soft on stamping down on people who promote self-harm online.

One way of cutting delays in A&E departments that the NHS is using is to publish waiting times for doctor appointments to effectively name & shame the ones still refusing to see customers face to face.

Chancellor Hunt is ordering everyone to cut their energy useage by 15.37% to prevent someone like Putrid the Poisoner from using gas as a blackmail weapon. Wot about using coal-fired power stations to bridge any gaps? Silence.
   He has also admitted taxing growth out of the economy, possibly as his revenge on a nation that didn't give him a turn as PM.
   About all he seems to grasp on the economics front is that trying to overtax the rich to satisfy vindictive elements of the ludicrous left doesn't raise money as the rich always move their cash elsewhere. Which doesn't necessarily stop him from doing it as a pointless political gesture.

Our government has caved in on delivering a plan to stop cowboy parking companies from ripping customers off with massive fines for nothing infringements. A government mouthpiece offered some weasel words about the failure to do the promised decent thing.

The PM is loading his staff with Bremoaners and trying to forget the promise to ditch around 4,000 zombie laws left over from our sojourn in the EFU. Team Smarmer or what!

Sacked minister M. Hancock has been told off for doing a reality show in Australia. Is there a House of Commons committee that isn't packed with vindictive idiots?

Our dodgy PM is denying that the UK is heading for a Swiss style relationship with the EFU, which will involve handing over BILLIONs for pretty much bugger all. The denial is being taken as proof that this is exactly where Sunak is hoping to go.

R. Halfor, the Universities Minister, has dismissed as nonsense, the wokization of universities by the likes of the self-appointed QAA and the ludicrous left-dominated NUS.

Our confused PM won't let us benefit from the use of our own shale gas resources but he's going ahead with a Liz Truss deal to buy it from the US. Extracting our own shale gas would be more environmentally friendly, the experts reckon, and do more for the British economy than lugging it 3,000 miles across the Atlantic in the addition to the distance travelled in the US. But eco-posturing is always irresistible to the politician.

PM Sunak plans to give the French £80 million instead of £50 million for cosmetic & ineffective anti-migrant beach patrols. Four years too late about doing anything useful, is the view of the experts.

Justice Sec. D. Raab intends to put an end to the human rights racket's mission creep by plucking the stake out of the heart of the British Bill of Rights and putting it before Parliament.

Prime Monster and the Chancellor are being accused of membership of Team Putin as a response to their reluctance to deter the Russian tyrant with adequate defence spending. Worse, Sunak status as a Brown Man has been confirmed by his eagerness to reimpose Gordon F. Brown's criminally grasping 50% income tax rate.

Our government has taken the pragmatic decision to scrap a planned new rail line between Liverpool & Hull via Bradford as there is little chance of the operator being able to offer a worthwhile & profitable service with the rail unions leaping out on strike every 5 minutes. Furthermore, the taxpayer is too broke to subsidize it.

Chancellor Hunt is going to let local councils rob their customers blind with eye-watering Council Tax rises next year so that he can pretend the stealth taxation is nothing to do with him.

The Tory policy of making online tech giants pay the source for the news they 'borrow' is so popular that the leader of the Labour party has adopted it as his own.

Home Sec. Braverperson attacked by Ludicrous Left for telling it like it is—migration is an invasion by people who were in no danger where they were living, not refugees. The political assaults on her are being led by left-wingers, who are on the side of the members of the legal trade who are taking the taxpayer for a large fortune by confecting bogus asylum claims and multiple appeals on spurious grounds, and doing their level best to keep even dangerous criminals in the country.

Prime Monster promises equality of taxation—everyone will get a rise. In fact, he and Chancellor Hunt are both Brown Men—disciples of Gordon F. Brown. Like their guru, they will hit their customers with every stealth tax they can think up.


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