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And so it begins . . . and ends

October 2022

The Commons health & social care committee has decided that seeing a GP shouldn't be like booking a taxi—an appointment with someone you're never likely to see again. Back to a life-long association with a GP, as in the good old days, is what they want. Not something the doctors' union and any government is likely to deliver, though.

The Tories are currently unable to view a prime ministerial back without sticking a knife in it. No surprise that Trussty Lizzie is on the sidelines again.

No bloody wonder we're broke. Successive governments have failed to balance the books for over 2 decades. It's a trend begun by our hero, Gordon F. Broon, who chose to abandon Tory sound finance, and continued by the chancers who followed him into the Treasury.

The Security Minister, T. Tugendhat, is looking for ways to wallop with huge fines, online retailers and social media platforms that fail to stop fraudsters from using their facilities.

The Department of the Environment, the police & local councils have given carte blanche to fly-tippers by ignoring it and making it an affordable business expense if the tipper is accidentally brought to justice.

The PM has apologized to the nation for the wreckers in the civil service Blob, who caused this month's chaos.

The government is planning minimum service levels of 40% for the railways during strikes to upset the strike-happy trade union kommisars. The method has been tried and found successful in various parts of the European mainland. Teachers, the NHS, postal services and fire & rescue are next on the list.

Chancellor Hunt bolts new wheels on the former Chancellor's mini-budget, which had the benefit of showing up the crimes against humanity of the spivs running the pensions industry, the Bank of England and all of the government's alleged regulators.

Chancellor Kwarteng was stabbed in the back by civil servants at the Treasury and the Bank of England.

PM & Chancellor in lock-step. PM backs Chancellor. He ends up over a cliff. Clearly, the lock-step wasn't all that lock.

The PM is against placing cosmetic solar farms on agricultural land in the interests of food security, which has become more important than making meaningless gestures.

REVEALED: The turmoil in the financial markets was caused not by the Chancellor's mini-budget but by the chancers running pension schemes having their dodginess exposed. And the failure of the FCA to check up closely enough on their conduct.

The tagging tariff for burglars is to be changed. Those gaoled for more than 3 months will have to wear one on release rather than just those gaoled for over a year.

There are buckets and BUCKETS of hypocrisy sloshing around over the government's tax plans; old, new and revised. To misquote the War of the Worlds musical's song: "The chances of anything sensible coming from politicians and their electorate are a billion to one."

September 2022

The new Home Sec., S. Braverperson, has ordered police farces to stop twatting about by playing the diversity card and get on with what they're paid to do, namely stopping crime and making life tough for criminals instead of the people who pay the coppers' wages.

New Labour's ban on new grammar schools is to be dismissed.

A tax-cutting mini-budget has left Labour outraged because some people are getting to keep more of their money.

Health Sec. T. Coffey is to oblige GPs to see really ill customers ‘same day' and somewhat ill ones within a fortnight under threat of being named & shamed as uncaring.
   Her plan is to shake up the system and make it work for the customers despite obstruction by trade unions and despite bogus claims by think tanks that the government is trying to conceal the shortage of GPs. On the contrary, this is no secret and it is the Health Sec.'s aim to use the ones we have more effectively.

The PM has been accused of ditching the green bollocks agenda by one of the principal confecters of it—now dispensed with.

New Health Sec., T. Coffey, is going to end bed-blocking by fixing social care. Shame she has to have Dr. Dreary on her phone as the ring tone.

The former honcho of the Taxpayers' Alliance, M. Sinclair, has been tasked with puncturing green bollocks and abolishing greenwash.

Fraking and North Sea oil & gas extraction are back on the agenda, as there will be a MEGAbillions freeze on domestic energy costs plus help for businesses.
   The price? Anything between £29 billion and £157 billion, depending on who's guessing. Plus £40 billion for businesses.

The planned British Bill of Rights is now toast thanks to the incoming Justice Sec., B. Lewis. 0The new PM will confront usual suspects who talk Britain down—which means a busy time ahead for her.
There are serious challenges but we've been there, dunnit, before and the Armageddon wishers will be out of luck.
The energy crisis will be tackled immediately.
Low tax fairness & economic growth okay, redistribution not a must in all cases.

As ever, the first order of business has to be a major change to the Cabinet. Allies to go into ministerial jobs, the odd one who's doing a good job, like Defence Sec. Wallace, kept on
    Let us not forget that we still live in annoying rather than interesting times, when the bad guys are being cut far too much slack.


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