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June 2010 Greetings to the Concerned Citizens who are monitoring the crimes of the Trivial Democrats running Stockport Council.

Information on government spending, updated this month, is available HERE

Police officers at a demo testing new garbage-resistant jackets
as worn by the Prime Minister [some bloke called T. Blair at the time].

March 2007 Greetings to Rip-Off Britain (editor Paul Meyer)

Mr. Meyer stumbled upon our "great website" while researching the number of Stealth Taxes imposed by New Labour during their 10 inglorious years.

September 2006 Greetings to Conservatory Scamwatch

This website is dedicated to exposing the activities of a rogue firm, which does shoddy work and gets away with it due to the failure of successive governments to protect consumers from rip-off merchants.

2006 Infamy, Infamy, they've all got it in for me!

Parking protester Robin de Crittenden [1 / Feb 2005] [2 / Oct 2005] is causing a certain amount of havoc by standing up to illegally imposed parking fines. He clearly has someone worried and/or upset. Why else would 'Anti-Undesirables Anonymous' send Garbagegate a knocking job of an email about Mr. de C?
   We might have been inclined to take it seriously; and post it; but for one significant fact – the tirade came with a false email address of the type used by spammers, 419 fraudsters, bogus lottery operators and the other characters who appear on Jenson Farrago's Crooks In Action webpages. An attempt to reply to the email produced the following when the message was bounced as undeliverable:

Final-Recipient: rfc822;
Action: Failed
Status: 5.1.1 (bad destination mailbox address)

2005 Greetings to Action In England

This new website was still under construction when we were advised of its existence in November 2005. But there's a lot there and it's growing.

Standards Board for England2005 Greetings to Democracy!

This new website was started at the beginning of March 2005. Its objectives are to abolish the Standards Board for England and to make the Code of Conduct for local government councillors simpler and voluntary. The website includes an extensive section covering all aspects of the SBfE's activities and functions, and a growing page listing other websites which document the SBfE's crimes (Garbagegate included).

2005 Bolton Unsleazed! – The following item was submitted to the original version of our compilation of the antics of the Loony Left:

(1989) Bolton council tried to stop the developer Barratt from building 365 luxury homes at a site at Bradshaw, near Bolton, by naming the streets Hitler Avenue, Belsen Crescent and Goering Drive. Said the council's gleeful deputy leader: "Let's see Barratt's sell houses for £100,000 each with addresses like that."

After seeing the item, a Bolton resident (who wishes to remain anonymous) supplied the following additional information:
   "The Barrett development was on a farm, a green field site on the edge of the Manchester conurbation. The owner in the 1930s included a covenant in a sale agreement that the farm would never be built on. When Barrett's bought it and applied for planning permission, Bolton Council turned them down for this and other reasons.
   "Barrett's appealed and there was a local Stop Barrett campaign which went on for years. Those involved held meetings, mass rallies on the land and mobbed the council chamber to encourage Bolton Council to resist – all in vain.
   "Acting on favourable legal advice, the people living closest to the site are reported to have taken out extra mortgages of up to £10,000 each for a fighting fund. But as one old Bolton councillor said very early on: 'We can't win because Barrett's can afford better lawyers.'
   "Adding insult to injury, Barrett's sued the council (and possibly also the organisers of the protest movement) for their legal costs. The Nazi names idea was the last gasp of the council's resistance."

So we are pleased to free Bolton Council from the charge of loonyism and note in passing that the big money, and the lawyers, won over the housing estate; as usual.

Kangaroo Power!2005 Greetings to the Scrutineers

The people of West Somerset have set up their own website, in response to the malicious use of the Standards Board for England against their local Independent councillor Hugh Davies. Garbagegate was pleased to give them permission to incorporate our material on the use of the Standards Board against Cllr. M. of Macclesfield (as part of a political vendetta waged by the former Leader of the council, Cllr. X.) and the section on the relative magnitude of penalties suffered by disgraced MPs (slight) compared to those inflicted on local councillors (totally disproportionate.)

Standards Board for EnglandEndorsement from the Standards Board for England

We understand that the local council watchdog (which some would call a kangaroo), whose mission it is to zap rogue councillors, visits the Garbagegate website regular in search of ammunition. We welcome their efforts in the eternal battle against rogue councillors. And even though the Board's methods can be reminiscent of those of the Matthew Hopkins, the late lamented Witchfinder General, as played by Vincent Price in the 1968 film, we applaud their missionary zeal.

Our In-Tray
Our in-tray is always overflowing!

2002/09/29 The Observer devotes a full page in its money section to Nigerian email con-men in response to our Emokagate and Eze-Money items. The paper seems to think that they are a bad idea.

A Garbagegate source said: "These Nigerians are performing the valuable service of exposing crooks around the world. After all, no one but a crook would give their bank account details to a complete stranger who is offering to involve them in a criminal act."

Standards Board for EnglandAlliance with the Standards Board's victims

The Garbagegate website is rapidly becoming a focal point for those standing up against the abuses of the Standards Board for England. Resistance is growing to the lack of quality screening, which lets those pursuing political vendettas waste the time and resources of their opponents via trivial complaints.
   There is also strong pressure to bring a measure of justice to the Standards Board's tribunals, which have dreadfully low standards for evidence gathering and which are often unable to reach a fair decision due to the biased nature of the evidence presented.

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