Back to Front PageThe House of Frauds now contains 30 new inmates, and the total membership is now 836. They have been described as examples of political cronyism at its worst and the party leaders have been accused of polluting politics – if that's still possible. As some of the new spongers on the public payroll are lobbyists, maybe it is possible . . .

The Dirty Two Dozen and a Bit comprise:

 Sir C. Allen, non-executive director of organizing committees for the Olympics
        and Paralympics
 C. Bakewell, former leader of Somerset County Council, presided over a rise in
        debt of 360 million at a cost Somerset taxpayers of 100,000/day in interest
 Sir A. Bamford, boss of JCB, so has extensive knowledge of the world of
        business, and Tory donor
 R. Balfe, former Tory MEP
 N. Bourne, former leader of Welsh Tories
 M. Carrington, lobbyist and banker
 D. Finkelstein, Times associate editor and accomplished political commentator,
        someone the Tory party leadership thinks worth knowing
 A. Goldie, former Leader of Scottish Tories
 O. Grender, a talking head for the Liberals
 Lady F. Hodgson, former chairman of the Conservative Women's Organisation
 C. Holmes, Paralympian and quangocrat
 J. Horam, political turncoat: Labour to SDP to Conservative
 C. Humphreys, president of the Welsh Liberals and a former member of the
        Welsh National Assembly
 J. Jones, first ever Green party peer
 A. Kennedy, former Labour official
 D. Lawrence, mother of murdered teenager S. Lawrence and campaigner against
        neglect of duty by the police and the justice system
 H. Leigh, Tory donor who sells access to dinners with Dave the Leader
 Z. Manzoor, former quangocrat
 J. Mendelsohn, lobbyist and former fundraiser for G. Brown
 Dame L. Neville-Rolfe, former civil servant and Tesco executive
 B. Paddick, the former Met deputy commissioner who decided it was nokay
        to arrest people for cannabis possession in Lambeth
 J. Palumbo, a Liberal party donor whose club was a major venue for drug dealers
 J. Purvis, former member of the Scottish Parliament and lobbyist
 Sir S. Sherbourne, worked for Tory leaders M. Thatcher and M. Howard, lots of
        political experience
 A. Suttie, N. Clegg's former deputy chief of staff and election manager
 R. Verjee, Liberal party donor and highly successful businessman
 Sir W. Haughey, Labour donor
 M. Whitby, former Tory leader of Birmingham City Council
 S. Williams, former Tory leader of Trafford Council
 Sir I. Wrigglesworth, Liberal treasurer, ex- MP, major supporter of the disgraced
        former Cabinet minister C. Huhne

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