Back to Front PageThe prime monster has been relieved of his command and hopefuls are scrabbling to get picked as his replacement. Who will win the prize?

Who's up for it?


black blobB. Johnson : charismatic, very flaky, can he remain serious and be well advised? We never found out because he got the bullet before the starting gun was fired. Which is probably just as well from Boris' point of view, given his huge collection of skeletons.

black blobJ. Hunt : some success as Health Sec. but going soft on all the issues that won the referendum for the Leave campaign. A kite that didn't fly.

black blobN. Morgan : Education Sec. Miss U-Turn, undid M. Gove's good work after replacing him. No surprise she didn't run and joined the May campaign.

black blobS. Javid : Business Sec., Osborne crony, proved he's wobbly and out of his depth when confronted with the Tata steel plant closure. Became second fiddle on the Crabb ticket.


black blobT. May : former banker, blamed everything on the EU when she ran into problems as Home Sec. but cuddled up to the Remain camp because she thought it would win but didn't do any campaigning, so clearly unprincipled. Looks like a female Dave; she's certainly no Maggie Thatcher. The Establishment's choice, and it has looked from the start like the country will be stuck with her.

black blobA. Leadsom : Another "Who?", former banker, currently Energy Minister, little Cabinet experience so very much an outsider. Just there to make up the numbers in the 2-female vote-off for the party members. No chance of winning.

black blobS. Crabb : "Who?" The replacement for IDS at Work & Pensions. Blue-collar bloke, went in to bat for Remain. Dumped after an intial weeding-out vote by MPs.

black blobL. Fox : Minister/Shadow Cabinet member since the Major years, had to do a Mandelson resignation from Defence Sec. in Dave's Cabinet, past sell-by date. Dumped after an intial weeding-out vote by MPs.

black blobM. Gove : did a good job as Education Sec. but upset The Blob in the form of the teaching unions so Dave moved him. Currently Lord Chancellor and Justice Sec., a leading light in the Leave campaign and someone with principles and brains. Didn't stand a chance after telling it like it is about Boris. Dumped after the 2nd vote by MPs.

Were Possibles:

black blobA. Rudd : Energy Sec., useless Warmist.

black blobP. Mordaunt : Another "Who?", currently Defence Minister.


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