Back to Front PageOnce upon a time, the team player ruled -- keep your head down, don't notice what's going on around you, just survive -- that was their philosophy. But the whistle-blowers are starting to come into their own now...

Dodginess is all around. That's the way the universe works. Jobsworths and the idle and outright crooks have thrived through enjoying the benefit of unwritten rules, under which it isn't done to rock the boat and expose just what they are up to and just how wasteful they are.
   But things are changing.
   Most whistle-blowers get dumped on, but more rise up to take their place. And if enough of them come forward, they can make a real difference.
Our In-Tray
Our in-tray is always overflowing!

A good way to make a difference is to blow a whistle in Garbagegate's direction. We have a dedicated readership of influential people -- some of whom visit our site trembling in their boots, wondering which of their grubby secrets will be the next to see the light of day.
   Help to keep these people accountable to the unfortunates who support them via the public purse.
      Email Garbagegate today!
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            You know it makes sense!

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