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The prime monster has been relieved of the twin burdens of the most annoying man in Westminster, and the most treacherous coalition partner of all time.
This is what an undistracted Dave the Leader has chosen to do.

The Lib vulture is slain

Dave the Leader's sneaky parting shot: telling the other 27 EU leaders that there will be no trade deal with Britain without migration controls; which should fix the wagon of any successor who was planning to go soft on the issue.

Another of Dave's broken promises: he said he'd use Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty right away to release us from the vampire squid embrace of the EU. He's shucked the responsibility.

Business Sec. S. Javid is claiming that all the Project Fear bullshit was just "campaign isssues" and totally unimportant now. So that's another candidate for the chop.

Great result for the British people in the EU referendum:
Leave : 37.2%
Remain : 34.4%
Don't Care : 28.4%
And Dave the Leader gone by the Tory party conference in the autumn

The boy Osborne's latest contribution to Project Fear (on the Tuesday before the vote) is a warning that the job losses will start on Friday if we dare to vote Brexit. And he might have to suspend dealing on the London stock exchange. Nutter, or what!

Surprise! Dave the Leader was told unambiguously in 2012 that getting migration down to "the tens of thousands", or even below 100,000/year, is impossible if we're in the EU. But he still put it in his 2015 election manifesto, he's denying he was ever told this (but he would, wouldn't he?) and he's still claiming his non-existent "reforms" of the EU will do anything to check migration. Still, it's all ammo for the Ditch Dave campaign.

Geo. Osborne has lost it. His threat of a revenge budget if the nation dares to vote Brexit next week is just ludicrous. He'd never get it through Parliament and if he doesn't know that, it's time to send for the yellow van and the men in white coats, and cart him off to the looney bin.

Bremain think Dave the Leader has become a liability so they wheel out . . . Gordon F. Broon!?!?!

George Osborne's imaginary Northern Poorhouse is "in doubt" if Britain dares to Brexit. On a fear and trembling scale, that's "exceedingly pathetic".

The most educated guesses suggest that Brexit will have little impact on the British economy, which makes all the doom and gloom pouring out of G. Osborne's Treasury just EU propaganda rather than anything to take notice of.
   The Treasury has been outed as using an economic model similar to the one created by the "Hockey Team" gang of GW swindlers – that's the gang which produced a graph showing global temperatures soaring exponentially upwards in the 21st century. Their model was outed as something which would have predicted the same result with absolutely any set of data.
   The Treasury's economic model can be used to 'prove' that Britain would plunge into disaster outside the EU but the country would benefit from joining the throughly discredited euro currency system, and that every country in the world would benefit from joining the EU.

Dave the Leader must have been in a real panic when he decided to hand over the Bremain campaign to Gordon F. Broon whilst he took a break from all the lies and deception!

Lest we forget, the politicians pontificating on "how wonderful the EU is" spent a quarter of a BILLION pounds of British taxpayers' cash on an airport for St Helena. An airport which cannot be used by commercial airlines most of the time because of wind-shear at a 1,000-foot cliff right next to it. Something which was reported by Charles Darwin back in 1839, nearly 200 years ago, so there was no excuse for not knowing about it. Are we really going to take people like that seriously?

David Cameron has accused the Brexit campaign of telling "irresponsible" lies. Which sounds like an invitation to the rest of us to believe that he tells only "responsible" lies; stuff which he knows is untrue but he'd like us to believe it so we do the right thing and vote Bremain.

The current chancellor, George Osborne, has been forced to admit that his claim that Brexit would cost pensioners £32,000 is just garbage.

Dave the Leader is getting increasingly shrill and just plain embarrassing. His claim, 2 weeks before the EU referendum, that Brexit campaigners want to blow up the British economy (why?) is his most ludicrous to date. Along with his claim that he's just laying out a positive case for the EU (if you ignore Project Fear).

If the foreign aid budget were subject to Dave the Leader's pledge to spend every penny effectively, it would fall by at least one-half to under £6 BILLION/year. And we are further obliged to cough up £1.25 BILLION/year to the EU's aid budget, one-half of which, by the EU's own admission, is "thrown down the toilet".

Now that the Department for Global Warming Swindles has cut off subsidies to the on-shore wind industry, its trade union has admitted that Britain is not windy enough to make energy from turbines viable. Pity no one worked this out before the windmill racket started ripping off the taxpayer with the aid of Red Ed Miliband and other stooges.

10 years ago, New Labour stopped subsidies to post offices and closed down 2,500 branches. The present government is doing the same to pharmacies and 3,000 are expected to close.

In September, the government will begin selling plastic £5 notes to its customers. The notes are expected to have a service life of 5 years, and they will cost just 7.4 pence to manufacture, which represents a profit for the government of 492.6 pence per note. Old, paper fivers will be withdrawn in May 2017.

It was Dave the Leader vs voters on TV at the start of June. If he didn't know it before, he now knows that scaremongering and waffle don't go down at all well with real people. And neither do evasion and making "ambitions" out of what were once election manifesto pledges. Not to mention Dave's claim that Turkey is unlikely to join the EU until the year 3000. Does that mean we're expected to believe that Dave has a time machine parked in Downing Street and that's how he knows this truly amazing fact?

Dave got German prime monster Angular Merkel to do her bit for Project Fear by telling us, "You'll never get the results you want if you're not in the room." But 43 years of being "in the room" have shown that this is not the answer either. Especially since qualified majority voting was sneaked in. So we might as well go for the cheaper option and boot the EU into touch.

An interesting parting thought on David Cameron as he enters the twilight of his career: he's been so snotty about Donald Trump but, whichever way the Brexit referendum goes, Dave the PM could be history before President Trump takes charge next January. Which would spare Dave the humiliation of having to phone the new American president with congratulations.

Last month, the prime monster accused S. Kahn, who was running for mayor of London, of being a friend of extremists. Come the bank holiday weekend at the end of May, he was proved right. There was that Kahn fellow chumming up with a looney extremist, who has threatened war, pestilence and destitution if Britain dares to leave the EU. Who was this extremist? A total nutter called D. Cameron.

Those whom the Gods would destroy they first make mad. David Cameron has definitely lost it if he thinks he can cut migration to Britain to "tens of thousands" within the EU. And his latest Project Fear silly story about how pensions and care for the elderly will end if we leave the EU? Sheer desperation, Dave.

David Cameron claimed that if Britain wastes 0.7% of GDP on foreign aid, the rest of the world will follow the example. Surprise! Dave is completely wrong. Other G7 countries are letting Britain have the "Mug of the World" award, especially EU countries, and even his own MPs are speaking out on the damage being done to Britain in the name of making Dave feel virtuous.

Conservatives are reported to be queueing up to give their support for a contest to replace David Cameron as the party leader. There are even rumours that some members are so disgusted that they are considering having him sectioned under the Mental Health Act as a way of getting rid of him quickly.
   Clearly, his Project Fear claims that Brexit from the EU will lead to 820,000 people getting the sack, wages will fall, prices will soar, houses will become worthless, the pound will go the same way, the budget deficit will shoot up to £40 BILLION and family holidays to Europe becoming an impossible dream are hardly products of a rational mind.
   The case for DaveExit looks irrefutable! And when he goes, Osborne will follow in short order.

The Business Sec., S. Javid, told us in November that the costs of being in the EU outweigh the benefits, but he wants us to stay in so that he can keep greasing up to Dave.

Isn't it time George Osborne got the sack if he's trying to make people believe that their houses will become virtually worthless following Brexit? Okay, that's an exaggeration, but you know what I mean. Especially as the Treasury has admitted that his scare story is based on another forecast and it's as much in touch with reality as Osborne's forecast for what the economy will be doing in 2030.

We had the trailer for the Queen's Speech, then the actual damp squib, in which the much heralded Bill of Rights isn't a Bill, it's just a "consultation", whatever that means, and the Sovereignty Bill has vanished from sight all together.

We've had silly stories in the newspapers about MPs being driven to tears by their "watchdog's" attitude to their dodgy expenses, but what sort of system lets SNP MP A. McNeill rent out his flat in London and put £10,000/year into his own coffers and then charge the taxpayer for staying in London hotels, optionally with his mistress, when he could be using the flat himself?

So much for access to the Northern Poorhouse: H2S is so far over budget now that it won't get past Crewe if it's ever built. And it won't even get to Crewe if there are hedgehogs living in a car park on the route.

If David Cameron really does think that Britain leaving the EU will trigger World War III, why did he ever offer the nation a referendum on leaving, knowing that he could plunge the entire world into war? And why is the Government not making contingency plans for this war in case the Brexiters win the day? More neglect of duty, Dave?

According to figures in the official Labour Force Survey, migration to the UK costs us £16.8 BILLION every year.

Boy George has lost it if he thinks that Brexiters believe in Nessie, and they think that the Moon landings were faked and JFK is living in Argentina with Adolf Hitler. But then, we've always known he was dotty if he fell for the not-so-great Global Warming Fraud along with Dave the Leader and Labour's leading lights.
   And if he had to team up with Ed "he's talking" Balls and Vince Cable, both of whom were chucked out of Parliament last year, as allies in Project Fear, he must be very desperate indeed. A one-way Ryanair ticket for all 3 of them to somewhere far, far away would be a great idea.

Is anyone surprised that D. Cameron has been exposed as a liar yet again? He was cooking up Project Fear with big companies which have received multi-million-pound contracts from the government back in February, when he was still pretending to have an open mind on Brexit. But hey, he's the Heir to Blair, so what can we expect but lies?

David Cameron has decided to include Scotland in his Project Fear tour of the nation. No doubt the Scots will give him a welcome worthy of his condescending agenda.

Gulp! David Cameron's part in international corruption is even worse than we suspected, a principal member of the League of Corruption has informed us. Apparently, Dave doles out vast amounts of British taxpayers' cash to regimes which he knows are corrupt, and he makes it possible for aid thieves to stash their loot in corrupt banks in Britain and launder it by buying properties here.

If a prime minister shoves taxpayers' cash at regimes which he knows to be corrupt, is that grounds for impeachment? It certainly should be in D. Cameron's case.

David Cameron is funding terrorism? This is the only logical conclusion to be drawn from his warning that corruption is fuelling terrorism, bearing in mind that he is insisting that the UK gives 0.7% of GDP away and his civil servants are just throwing cash around like drunken MPs to get rid of enough of it to prop up Dave's image as a do-gooder without making strenuous efforts to track where the money goes and ensure that it goes to good causes instead of into the pockets of corrupt politicians and officials, and terrorists.

The government is not going to let Parliament take a close interest in the takeover of the London Stock Exchange by Deutsche Boerse, which will give the German concern a majority share of the “merger of equals”. This decision is so against the national interest that it just has to be covered in greasy fingerprints from D. Cameron and G. Osborne.

Education Sec. N. Morgan has abandoned her flagship plan to turn all schools in England and Wales into academies before Tory back-benchers can sink the plan in the Commons.

The deputy governor of the Bank of England has noticed that David Cameron's "safeguards" to protect Britain and the City of London from having to bail out the Eurozone are an illusion. Britain can object to the Council of Europe if presented with a demand for bailout cash but the EU is under no obligation to take any notice of the objection.

Dave the Leader has suddenly decided that Donald Trump is someone we should respect now that he is the Repubelicans presidential candidate.

George Osborne's flagship steal from Labour the Living Wage is getting the credit for bringing growth in the British economy to a standstill. Job creation and High Street sales have slumped as the cost of doing business goes up.

David Cameron reckons that he doesn't wish to "over-emphasize" his renegotiation with the EU.
No worries, Dave. You achieved absolutely nothing and it would be very difficult to over-emphasize that.

As a counterblast to the Chancellor's garbage claim that the British economy will shrink by 6.2% by 2030 following Brexit, a group of rival economists has worked out that every worker will be £40/week better off because the economy will be 4% bigger 10 years after Brexit from the embrace of the vampire squid of the EU.
   What makes their forecast more credible is that they didn't resort to a spurious decimal point. It's a well-known trick of con-men to put in a decimal point to make a number look super accurate. It was clearly something which G. Osborne was unable to resist, despite the total risibility of his sums.

Has the PM sold his soul to the trade unions in return for £1.7M of their cash for his Remain in the EU campaign? Business minister N. Boles, who has a reputation for obfuscation without lying, chose not to deny that Dave is now in the unions' pocket. As evidenced by torpedoing the flagship Trade Union Bill whilst pretending that opposition in the House of Frauds sank it.

The burrocrats in Brussels cost every family in Britain £4,600/year, according to the latest calculations by the Treasury, the employment minister, Priti Patel, has revealed. So that's the Chancellor's imaginary £4,300/year Brexit deficit covered nicely.

The government has taken all the substance out of its flagship Trade Union Bill to buy union support for its "remain in the EU" campaign. So putting the bill through Parliament will be just a waste of time and taxpayers' money.

The government has been lying about migration from the EU for years. Migration Watch has found that the true number of migrants has been 50,000/year higher than the official government figure for the last 5 years. And that's only for the 8 Eastern European countries.

Dave the Leader is going to hand £2 BILLION of taxpayers' money to Albania, Serbia and Turkey to help them to become members of the EU. So that's more poverty, corruption, organized crime and supporters of terrorism going into the club.

Even the Home Sec., T. May, who's buried out of sight in Dave the Leader's pocket, admits that the EU makes it impossible for Britain to have any control over migration and eviction of undesirables.

The Germans have kindly pointed out that there are so many chasms to be bridged in the draft trade deal between the US and the EU that it looks unlikely that a deal will ever be struck. Which means that, unlike President O’Bummer’s contention as his part in Project Fear, there will be no queue for Britain to be stuck at the back of. Which only goes to prove that just because Mr. O'Bummer is a president, that doesn't mean he can't talk bollocks.
   The choke points include the US refusals to give up a “Buy American” preference and to open up tendering for major contracts to include EU countries by compulsion. And furthermore, the absence of this famous trade deal doesn’t prevent European firms from trading with the US right now.

Minister of Works S. Crabb is blaming an upward blip in the jobless total on pre-Brexit panic. There's another one of Dave's dunces who belongs on the back benches.

With the Labour party sitting on its hands in a corner, waiting to become relevant again, it fell to the Tories to demolish the Treasury's dodgy dossier on the terrible things which will happen to Britain if we leave the poisoned embrace of the vampire squid, which is the EU.
   George Osborne claimed that every household will lose £4,300/year as his bottom line. Strange that he didn't mention that not being subject to EU petty red tape will be worth £4,700/year to those same households. And they will also get the benefit of the nation not tossing £350 MILLION/week down the EU drain.

Quentin Letts of the Daily Mail has a very useful suggestion for returning those government EU propaganda leaflets whence they came. He suggests popping them in an envelope and, rather than paying for a stamp, using a FREEPOST address used by Tory party fundraisers:
      Joanna George,
      The Conservative Party Foundation,
      30 Millbank,
      London SE1P 4DP.

The Coalition government's Green Deal, wished upon us by the Liberals, cost £240 MILLION and delivered precisely nothing in the way of benefits to the taxpayer. In the same tradition, the present government's new, improved energy efficiency scams have cost the taxpayer Three Times more than the scams they replaced.

David Cameron's published tax accounts show that he paid £76,000 in income tax last year. So no one who paid less is entitled to troll him over his tax affairs. Labour spivs like J. Corbyn and T. Watson, and all the over-vocal scroungers, please take note. After all, Fair's Fair.

Dave Distraction? Was the publication of the prime monster's politically biased pro-EU dodgy dossier brought forward to deflect attention from Dave family's embarrassing flirtations with the tax system? Lest we forget, Dave promised that any government leaflets on the EU referendum would be both accurate and impartial. This one is neither.

The latest Project Fear load of garbage: Brexit means that British airlines won't be able to fly between cities in Europe, according to Defence Sec. M. Fallon, a former eurosceptic who turned his coat when Dave bribed him with a job. Clearly, no one has told him that there is an open-fly policy for the region, which would not be affected by Britain leaving the EU.

Lest we forget: Thanks to Labour and Cameron regime policies on energy, British companies pay twice as much for electricity as those on the Continent and four times as much as companies in the United States. So much for Dave's judgement and his willingness to do what's best for the country.

The United States has cancelled foreign aid to the corrupt regime in Tanzania, but Dave the leader continues to hurl British taxpayers' money at it for the sake of chucking 0.7% of GDP down the drain. If there were any justice, Dave would get a short stay in the Tower of London whilst the bloke with the axe reserved for traitors sharpens it up.

Despite "The Cuts", local councils have blown more than £200 MILLION over the last 5 years on paying off mistreated employees. Most of it went on gagging orders to prevent discarded staff from blowing the whistle on the misdeeds of council officials and members. Strange that the government is allowing such misuse of taxpayers' cash.

Education Sec. N. Morgan's latest Project Fear blunder: young people won't be able to use the Inter-rail scheme to swan around Europe if we Brexit, she sez. The silly old trout obviously doesn't know that the scheme started before Britain joined and it has nothing to do with the EU.

The Governor of the Bank of England has confirmed his membership of Dave the Leader's Project Fear cult by pretending that Brexit from the Europeon cult will make the pound crash and mortgages unaffordable. This is the regulator who has only just started to crack down on unaffordable loans for house purchases, showing that he has let his eye zoom, rather than drift, off the ball. Which shows how much he can be trusted to be objective and competent.

Health Sec. J. Hunt is claiming that the NHS will collapse if Britain leaves the Europeon Cult. No mention of how much we'll not have to spend funding Europeon health tourists, of course.

Civil servants waste Overseas Aid cash to meet the government's arbitrary spending target of 0.7% of GDP. That fact is irrefutable. Less well known is the fact that 90% of them are paid a bonus for wasting taxpayers' money. And the bonus cash comes out of the Overseas Aid budget. So the more they waste, the more they get from this budget. This counts as joined-up thinking in Dave's World.

Dave the Leader is pretending that must 13% of the annoying and petty legislation wished upon us originates in Brussels. But PR man Dave is ignoring inconvenient secondary legislation; e.g. directives and regulations; which pushes the total up to 60%. But honesty never has been Dave's strong point, especially in the last few years.

Negligence by NHS admin staff costs the country hundreds of millions of pounds every year through health tourism. Just feeble attempts are made to determine if customers are foreigners and liable to pay for NHS treatment. Despite annual promises from whoever happens to be the health minister, nothing is ever done and the problem remains engrained in the NHS.

With Labour hopelessly incredible, this is the ideal time for the Tories to stage a meltdown over Dave the Leader's arrogant pursuit of the Blair "chumocracy" approach to government. As has been pointed out, the PM is supposed to be a "First Among Equals", not a gang boss with a clique of consigliere.

If David Cameron really is "puzzled" by Iain Duncan Smith's resignation from the job of Minister of Works, that confirms that he really is detached from both his party and reality, and we really need to Ditch Dave.

The president of the Congo has ordered a block on telecommunications on polling day, which will lead to his inevitable his re-election, to hinder efforts by election monitors to prevent vote-rigging. President Cameron is believed to be considering the same ploy for the EU referendum.

We already have no credible Opposition in the Commons. Looks like we're going to end up with no credible governing party either after the resignation of Iain Duncan Smith on top of the sidelining of the likes of Michael Gove.

Iain Duncan Smith has resigned as Work & Pensions Sec. over the Chancellor's politically motivated financial shenannegans, which benefit the well off and make a mockery of "we're all in it together". He is one of the few ministers in a Cameron government who actually achieved anything worthwhile.

The Chancellor's Budget cuts to the personal independence payment have been binned following a revolt on the Tory back benches.

The Chancellor's Budget plan to increase VAT on solar panels has been binned following a revolt on the Tory back benches.

Dave the Leader and his minions don't seem to be doing anything to prevent a German takeover of the London Stock Exchange. Given the contribution which the LSE makes to the economy, this would appear to be grounds for rounding up Dave, Osborne and the rest for high treason.

The non-tax-paying coffee industry reacted very quickly to a suggestion that its non-recyclable cups should be taxed like supermarket plastic bags. Dave the Leader was tuned up with a vigorous clip round the ear and the idea was being trashed by usual suspects in the Westminster Bubble within a couple of hours.

Chancellor Osborne has been found guilty of blatant abuse of his office by lying about the Office of Budget Responsibility's position on Brexit from the EU. The OBR stated that it is not its job to take a position on Brexit but cited 2 external assessments in the statement; one saying our economy will do better in the EU and another stating that there will be a 13% improvement if we leave. Osborne, of course, quoted the first case study and ignored the inconvenient other one in a really rather crude and obvious attempt at misrepresentation. Looks like he's trying to position himself as the heir to Blair and Cameron!

Opposition within his own party is already putting the Chancellor off reform of disability benefits a day or so after his own budget.

The Chancellor's November surplus of £27 BILLION (now blown) has become a March Brown Hole of £56 BILLION. So much for his dodgy forecasts. And his budgetary rules have turned out to be just as worthless as Wee Gordie Broon's.

Dave the Leader is aiming a PR carpet-bombing campaign at regional newspapers with form letters saying: "I love (insert country name) . . ." in a bid to pretend that he cares about the little people out in the wilds that aren't where he lives. LOL (Lots of Love, Dave)

A previously hidden report on the H2S high-speed trains shows that they will derail if run at high speed on tracks constructed with materials of the existing specifications. The vibrations from the trains will cause ballast to shift and embankments to slide if they are not stiffened at immense cost, which will blow the already failed economic argument for H2S right out of the water.
   Alternatively, they can be run at a speed of at least 100 mph slower than the planned top speed, which will make journey times much the same as they are today and make the £50 BILLION present cost of the project just more cash down the drain for no good reason. Something which governments are good at doing with taxpayers' money.

Dave the Leader claims, without offering any evidence to back it up, that Britain's farmers would lose £330 MILLION/year if we leave the EU. But couldn't they just take it out of the £8.5 BILLION/year which we'll save by not being a member of the Europeon Cult?

Dave the Leader has leant on the Competition & Marketing Authority and there will be no cap on rip-off standard variable tariffs charged by the BIG energy companies.

Despite D. Cameron's protestations, his "deal" with the Europeon Cult IS NOT legally binding on institutions which didn't sign up to it, such as the Europeon Court of Justice and the Euro Parliament. And the "deal" itself is nothing like the "Fundamental Change" that Dave promised in the first place.

Tory rebels are banding together to sink the government's plans to extend Sunday Trading hours.

Dave, or one of his quislings has had the director general of the British Chambers of Commerce suspended for daring to say, as a personal statement, that Britain would be better off outside the EU. (Some horse hockey about violation of neutrality policy, apparently, plus a ton and a half of hypocrisy.) So much for openness and honest debate.
UPDATE : Mr. J. Longworth has been obliged to resign by the president of the BCC, one N. Senior, a former Balls crony.

Chancellor Osborne has been forcd to abandon plans to follow in the footsteps of his hero, Gordon F. Broon, and launch another stealth tax raid on private sector pensions. But he has spent the last 5 years not doing what his hero didn't do: fixing the roof whilst the sun is shining. The national debt is on course to double from Broon's £1 TRILLION to £2 TRILLION at Osborne's hands.

Dave is getting really desperate. He's swanning around Europe – at our expense – getting all sorts of dodgy characters, like French ministers, to join his Project Fear. Dover to be swamped by migrants following a Brexit? Not if they're not allowed off the boat and the ferry operator is fined £2,000 for each passenger without a valid visa. Bankers leaving Britain to take refuge in France's "sick man of Europe" economy? Yeah, right, Dave!

Something else the government is lying about: the Home Office pretends that 100% of passports for people arriving here are checked against terrorist and crhiminal watch-lists. Which ignores the fact that advance passport data is collected for only 86% of the 118,000,000 visitors. That's 17 MILLION that go unchecked.

The government is seeking powers to let the police and spies hack by stealth, any PC or phone that takes their fancy.

It's interesting to note that the Tories who have declared themselves in favour of Brexit have behaved impeccably and it's only Dave who has thrown his toys out of the pram. It says rather a lot about the relative confidence levels in their causes.

By the time the conditions of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty have unfolded following a British request to be released from the shackles of the EU, we'll be at the autumn of 2018 and Dave the Leader will be history! He'll have gone, or be on his way out, to let the next Tory leader be put n place a decent time before the 2020 general election.

Dave the Leader's campaign to become the new Tony B. Liar has reached the Dodgy Dossier milepost with his Project Fear official government scare-sheet full of bogus reasons not to leave the EU.

The government is requiring civil servants to decide (which they are not competent to do) if ministers are solidly in favour of staying in the EU before they can have sight of any documents relating to EU matters. This is quite illegal but, of course, Dave ain't bovvered. He's too busy doing an Iraq War on us with his Project Fear, following in the footsteps of his hero, Tony B. Liar.

There's a lot of garbage being talked about a Brexit from the EU delivering a devastating shock to the world's economy and half the country could be out of work overnight!! The reality is that nothing at all will change for at least 2 YEARS whilst all the treaties are unpicked and Britain is extracted from the poisoned embrace of the Eurocraps in Brussels. Life will go on much as before; and that includes the wet hens flapping pointlessly before they stick their noses back into the trough and get feeding again.

The Trump Phenomenon in the USA is leaving Tories asking themselves: "Am I disgusted enough with Dave to vote Corbyn?" A hell of a lot of them are close to answering, "Yes!"

"Britain will be better off in a reformed EU," sez Dave the Leader. But the EU isn't going to be reformed. So where does that leave Dave?

Figures released by the Office of National Statistics show migration to the UK at record levels, and so it comes as no surprise that Dave the Leader's insistence that he can reduce it from over 300,000/year to "tens of thousands" triggered a shower of derision.
Why do 257,000 migrants need 630,000 National Insurance numbers? What is Dave hiding from us?

Dave the Leader has ordered the civil service to come up with data only in favour of continued membership of the EU, and he has given instructions that there will be no civil service aid for ministers in favour of leaving; even within their own department. Dave is clearly running scared and turning up the Project Fear tap to full blast!

Chancellor Osborne's decision to raise stamp duty has resulted in a decrease in revenue of at least 10%. So much for the new Gordon Brown's financial acumen.

". . . no one should be in any doubt that this deal must be part of an on-going process of change and reform," said Home Sec. T. May. But if the rate of change is the one Dave the Leader obtained with his pre-referendum negotions [that's going through the motions of negotiation, Ed.], we're going to be exactly the same place at the turn of the next millennium.

Dave the Leader's "deal" on EU "reform" has been watered down to just about nothing, and what there is of it won't be legally binding on the EU Parliament or likely to be included in future treaties. And we've even got characters like the Greek prime minister saying he'll veto it as an act of revenge for not getting his way on unrelated matters. So even though Dave claimed the final shambles as a great triumph, it was all a waste of time and effort. But hey, that's what the EU is all about.

The government's next stealth tax involves abolishing the standard charge of £215 for a grant of probate and demanding an increasing amount according to the value of the estate, even though there will be no increase in the amount of work involved.

Dave the Leader's claim that any deal he strikes with the EU over the Leave/Stay referendum will be legally binding has been blown out of the water by the president of the EU parliament. National leaders can offer no watertight guarantee that their head-banging MEPs won't block the "deal" AFTER the referendum has been held. So both the deal and the referendum result will be worthless. Reducing benefits to migrants from elsewhere in the EU is now a totally dead duck.

Dave the Leader has come up with a new scam to support over-priced electricity from wind farms. He is burdened with a manifesto pledge to stop subsidies to new wind farms so he's planning to continue to pay the cash but not call it a subsidy.

The ambulance service is still using the New Labour trick of pretending that minor cases are emergencies to hit "make the government look good" targets. Plus ç'a change . . .

Dave the Leader is making a passionate and personal commitment to people suffering from depression. Given that he is the cause of much of it, his course of action seems obvious.

The Chancellor, G. Osborne, is not allowed to raise income tax, national insurance and VAT rates, so he has continued Gordon Brown's policy of creating new stealth taxes, which will cost the nation £16 BILLION over the next four years for the stealth taxes already announced, and a lot more before Osborne has finished with us. So much for his crap about creating a lower tax society. New Labour levels of waste seem to be quite okay to him.

The Eurocrats in Brussels have made Dave the Leader's pre-referendum "deal" even more notional. They've sawn a couple of feet off his emergency brake to make it more difficult to operate and they're eating away at the protective measures available to financial institutions in the City of London. If this keeps up, Dave is going to end up with less than nothing rather than just nothing.

Dave the Leader has consistently failed to address the real EU issue: waste. The ridiculous pantomime of trekking between Brussels and Strasbourg, the cost of the CAP, corruption in the EU, the persisent failure to sack all EU officials whose department fails to get a clean bill of health from the auditors, etc. etc.

Cameron's scare-mongering has reached a new low: he's claiming that leaving the EU will mean vast encampments of unwanted migrants gathering in southern England instead of around the French Channel ports. This lie was shot down in double-quick time and even the French are pointing out that our border arrangements and treaties with them are nothing to do with the EU. Plus, the French will lose a big chunk of British taxpayers' cash if they abandon the current arrangements, which they can't afford to do.
Really dismal, Dave.

D. Cam's noises about giving our own Parlialiament priority over the EU courts is just hot air. If a country is a member of the EU, then it is obliged to recognize that EU law will always be paramount, no matter how much posturing a national leader does.
   And as for his "emergency brake" on benefit payment to EU migrants, it will take at least a year to apply AFTER the referendum has been held, and probably longer. And only if the other EU members don't go back on their word, which is a somewhat forlorn hope.

Dave the Leader is using the up-coming constituency boundary changes as a blunt instrument of blackmail against MPs who can see that his "deal" with the EU is just a delusion, which has no authority without backing from treaties, which will take 4 or 5 years to put in place, assuming EU scounger nations let them happen.

Dave the Leader's miserable deal with the EU has lumbered the taxpayer with hiring more civil servants to work out child benefit rates for each EU migrant's home country and apply a scaling factor based on the length of time the migrant has been in Britain. So any potential for saving money is right out the window right away. Worse, it all has to be agreed with the EU's scrounger nations and it will take upwards of 2 years to reprogram DWP computers, and the system is bound to be an expensive failure, if past government computer contracts can be used as a guide.

The best descriptions of Dave's EU deal: 1. A pale shadow of a pale shadow. 2. Polished poo.

Dave the Leader's promise to stop migrants sending child benefit payments out of the country has gone to . . . you guessed it, another U-turn. It was in his election manifesto but that counts for nothing to Dave. His next offer is that the abuse will continued but at a reduced rate. Not acceptable, Dave. Do better.

Dave & Co. are doing very badly against vested interests. Multinationals are playing fast and loose with the tax system, Michael Gove, allegedly the Justice Minister, has been forced, by the legal trade, to abandon reform of the bloated and much abused legal aid system, the doctors' union is clinging desperately to its Spanish practices, and the judiciary keeps inventing new laws and making perverse interpretations of existing ones in pursuit of private political agendas. So much for the government actually doing any governing.

The Chancellor is on his own. Dave the Leader is refusing to pretend that his piss-poor deal with Google is a triumph. The Treasury committee and the Commons public accounts committed are going to grill Gooble and HMRC about the stitch-up, and the National Audit Office is also poking its beak into the affair. Osborne's deal is now looking as wobbly as the one that Dave expects as his personal negotiational "triumph" over the EU.

Our revered prime monster sez he'll deport migrants who refuse to learn English. Sounds very fine and tough on the surface, but when you take a closer look, you realize that Dave, who won't be going for a third term as PM, will have to step down in 2018 to make room for another Tory party leader, who will want to be well settled in before the 2020 general election. Which means that Dave won't be in Downing Street by the time the first refusenik's period of grace runs out. So just another empty promise from our Dave. Typical Cameron Claptrap!

The justice sec., M. Gove, is about to give up on his attempts to curb the abuses of the £15 BILLION gravy train which is the legal aid system. The ambulance chasers proved too numerous and too vocal for him to resist.

Dave the Leader has admitted that he is 100% Europeon to the core of his being, which means that he is prepared to lie his head off about any crumbs the EU tosses his way during his "negotiations" and claim that they make the case for staying in the EU.

Dave the Leader has jumped onto the Daily Mail's campaign to stop legal vultures bringing spurious compensation claims against British troops. Given Dave's record on the waging of war front, the ambulance chasers will be quivering in their boots all the way to the bank.

The Chancellor's stealth tax on insurance premiums, imposed in November 2015, has pushed the cost of insuring a car up by around 17%.

Dave the Leader's talk of negotiations with the EU has been shown up as just talk. The unelected European Commission is intent on tearing up the Dublin Convention, which obliges asylum seekers to register in the first safe country they reach, and impose quotas for economic migrants on all of the EU countries. And there's not a damn thing Dave can do to stop this.

The Prime Minister says Moslem women need state-sponsored English lessons to help them to integrate into British society. Cue a massive howl of protest from racialist Moslem men and the Looney Left, who have a vested interest in keeping Moslem women subjugated and obedient; the one to ensure they have cheap servants and the other to preserve voting fodder.

Gordon Brown's poisonous legacy endures. Chancellor G. Osborne is planning yet another stealth tax on the pensions of the middle tax to do further damage to the private sector, if not kill off pensions entirely as worthless investments.

The Prime Minister's report on the long-promised British Bill of Rights is "ready to go" to replace Tony B. Liar's disastrous 'Uman Rights Act. But instead of delivering it, Dave is holding it back to the referendum period for selfish propaganda reasons. Because that's the sort of guy he is.

Dave the Leader has finally changed his mind about supporting the Swansea Bay tidal power station scam, which would have produced the most ludicrously over-subsidized energy in the world. Not that Dave is too bothered about such things as long as other people are paying for his electricity.

David Bowie dies – what a good day to reveal that the boss of HMRC, L. Homer (a.k.a. Dame Disaster) is getting the push 2 years early with a pension pot of £2.2 MILLION as a reward for her failures here, and also her calamities as head of the Immigration and Nationality Directorate and the UK Border Agency, and also her postal voting shambles when she was the chief executive of Birmingham City Council.
   Also heading for the exit is the chairman of the Enviroment Agency, P. Dilley, who thought his Xmas holiday in Barbados was more more important than rallying round those stuck in flooded areas, despite a (patently bogus) declaration that it would be all hands to the pumps after the EU-caused shambles in Somerset last year. But no doubt Dilley will be allowed to slide into some other public-sector non-job paying considerably more than his current £100K for a 3-day week.

Dave's minions are insisting on the right to rewrite all speeches and statements to exclude anything Eurosceptic.

Dave's ministers are allowed to spread pro-EU propaganda but they have to keep their traps shut if they want to leave. Nice to see Dave not pretending that his fake negotiations and his pretence of offering a level playing field are anything other than hollow shams.

The Chancellor has been forced to do a U-Turn on the economy. When he did his Autumn Statement, he pretended that everything in the garden was rosy, even though the wheels were coming off the Chinese economy. But the recent huge slump in the world's financial markets has grown too big for him to ignore the truth any more. So now he has to admit that his pretence that Austerity is slain was pure bullshit, and the vast amounts of money which he said would be flooding into the Treasury won't be.

It has taken him a hell of a long time, but Dave the Leader has finally seen sense. He will let his ministers campaign for whichever side of the EU referendum suits them rather than insist that they join him at the Remain camp.
   The length of time which he has taken to reach his obvious decision has been interpreted variously as being due to thick-headedness, arrogance, cowardice, weakness and just being out of touch in the Westmonster Bubble.

The Home Sec.,T. May, has demonstrated that she is not serious about checking illegal immigrants. The fact that the Home Office has granted asylum to a Sudanese criminal, who walked here through the Channel tunnel, proves it. The guy left a safe country to come here, and so he was not entitled to be given asylum. But he got it.

The Financial Can't-be-bothered Authority (FCA) has decided it can't be bothered taking action against the Hongkong and Shankhai Bank for Criminals (HSBC) as the Chancellor, G. Osborne, is not bovvered about aggressive tax avoidance and money laundering by his banking pals.

Dave the Leader is going to get tough with Islamic extremists in 2016. So he sez.


Tony B. Liar gave us a defective 'uman rights act and got the country into illegal wars. The next thing you know, crooked lawyers were costing the country hundreds of millions of pounds with bogus 'uman rights cases involving terrorists and their relatives. But the government (finally) is now saying that it plans to address the problem. Sometime.
   It's probably too much to expect a government which is so heavily involved in it to do anything about the growing range of climate change frauds, which are costing the taxpayer BILLIONs.

The goverment seems to have decided to try to pretend to be good Europeons by not demanding a share of the EU disaster fund for our flood victims, even though the British taxpayer puts millions of pounds into the fund.

Cameron lines up with Climate Change Fraudsters
He's now pretending that the government's failure to build and maintain flood defences is all down to man-made Global Warming, or an Act of God, and nothing to do with obeying crazy EU directives and neglect of duty by the Environment Agency and himself. The North of England has received above average rainfall but the records are in no danger of being broken. So that excuse won't wash, Dave.

The "Leave the EU" campaign can spend up to £11 million on propaganda. But the "Stay" campaign can spend up to £17 million (plus whatever propaganda the goverment and the EU tosses into the mix). This is Dave the Leader's idea of a level playing field.

The Parliamentary Standards Committee found that Jack Straw and Malcolm Rifkind had done nothing wrong when a Channel 4 sting exposed their willingness to sell their "under the radar" influence if the pay was right. Worse, the committee said that the Sleazy Duo had been unfairly treated by being exposed as for sale.
   Not so, Ofcom has ruled. The broadcasting standards watchdog has acknowledged that the programme was a serious piece of investigative journalism and it was in the public interest to expose what politicians at their sell-by date do when lots of cash is waved at them.

Membership of the EU means that Britain is being flooded with low-skilled migrants, who depress the wages of low-skilled native Britons. What is the government doing about this? Focussing on the total number of migrants, which means that, as far as the government is concerned, keeping out high-skilled migrants who benefit the country will massage migration figures downwards towards the targets. This is what happens when politicians focus on numbers rather than quality.

Surprise! The government has been lying about the rate of migration here from EU countries. Apparently, the figure has to be kept artificially low because the real figure would be "unhelpful" to Dave the Leader's "negotiations" with other EU leaders.

Dave the Leader's plans to stop EU migrants claiming benefits from British taxpayers are officially dead in the water, torpedoed by EU scrounger nations.

Banks reprieved: Tough new rules to make bank bosses responsible for the criminal misdeeds of their employees, unless they can prove that they did everything possible to prevent criminality, such as rate fixing, have been ditched following pleas for mercy from the banksters.

Flagship sunk: The Public Health Responsibility Deal, aimed at reducing sugar and salt in foods, has been ditched.

Another of Dave's promises bites the dust. The Tories promised to cut red tape and boost small businesses in their election manifesto. So why is the chancellor, G. Osborne, making small businesses and the self-employed file tax returns 4x per year instead of one per year. HMRC can't cope with the present system and we all know that having to deal with 4x the current number of returns will more than quadruple the stoopid blunders rate, and cost small businesses and the self-employed thousands of pounds and untold hours of aggravation.

Dave the Leader's plan to save the British taxpayer from migrants has hit the buffers. Poland, a main scrounger beneficiary, won't allow it.

Good grief! Has Dave been the Leader of the Tory party for 10 years? You certainly would have a struggle to list his achievements on the back of the proverbial postage stamp. All that empty space!

The president of the Europeon Council has said no to the Cameron plan to ban migrants from claiming welfare benefits here until they have paid their way for 4 years. Bye-bye EU at the Referendum?

"I'll decide by Xmas," said Dave the Leader. Which makes it all the more puzzling that a decision on whether Heathrow airport should get a third runway has been put off until after the mayoral election in London next May. Cynics are saying that choosing one way or the other will damages the chances of a Tory getting the job. But surely someone as honourable and decent and Dave wouldn't play politics with such an important decision.

Despite a promise to end aid to India; money from British taxpayers is paying for their space programme, the Indians got £279 MILLION in 2014, £10 million more than in 2013.

It seems that before the Big Debate in Parliament, Army chiefs warned Dave not to claim he had 70,000 syrian troops lined up to fight the Islamic Scumbags. But Dave would have his Dodgy Dossier Moment and the Imaginary Infantry stayed in his script.

Tony B. Liar had Saddam Hussein's imaginary Weapons of Mass Destruction, which could be readied for use against us in 45 minutes. Dave the Leader has a rag-tag army of 70,000 Syrians divided among 100 mostly terrorist groups, all of them at war with everyone else, pretty much. Fantasy is the new truth for prime monsters, apparently.

The Chancellor's plan to balance the books and begin paying off the Broon deficit by 2020 depends on net migration remaining above 180,000/year to keep up output. The plan ignores the social cost to the taxpayer of servicing a million extra bodies by 2021. But it will be long forgotten by then.

The Brown spectre is still haunting Britain: Stealth Taxes never went away. The Chancellor has ditched Austerity, in the same way that Gordon Brown murdered Prudence, and he's slapping on £30 Billion in stealth taxes, according to his Autumn Statement, a.k.a. Budget III. G. Broon will be laughing all the way to his coffin when the old blood-sucker turns in from now on.

Chancellor Osborne talked about "mending the roof while the sun's shining". But his decision to blow a £27 BILLION windfall shows that he was lying. But then, he's a politician.

The government is letting the HBoS Three; James Crosby, Andy Hornby and Lord Stevenson; get away with driving the bank into bankruptcy through what amounts to criminal incompetence. Gordon Brown, who talked the management of LloydTSB into a takeover of HBoS, will also escape the consequences of driving LloydsTSB into bankruptcy.

Times are supposed to be hard, but the government is spending £289 MILLION per year of taxpayers' money on spin and propaganda, and it has 3,650 "communications" staff on the public payroll. Of course, that "communication" is all about spin and in the interests of preventing anyone knowing what's really going on. That's why the government currently has a panel of stooges looking for ways to curtail the Freedom of Information Act. The so-called independent review panel includes former Labour home secretary J. Straw, a man with much to hide over his activities during the Bliar Era, so nothing good is expected to come out of its deliberations.

Dave the Leader's pathetic "Is that it?" list for Europe has produced a 9% swing to the "Leave" campaign in the opinion polls. Nice one, Dave! 53% of those polled want out of the EU now. Only 22% believed that Dave will get a good deal from the EU. And only about the same number thought that other EU leaders take Dave seriously.

Dave the Leader's announcement that he will give £275 MILLION of our money to the Turks to pay for migration has been trumped by the news that he was ordered to cough up that much by J.-C. Junket, the president of the European Commission.

What Dave didn't put into his wish-list for the EU:

  • An end to mass migration in the EU and return of control of our borders to the UK.
  • No distribution without contribution – i.e. EU migrants to the UK must have a job organized before they arrive and cannot claim benefits until they have contributed National Insurance and income tax for 5 years.
  • British courts have the final say over all legal matters pertaining to the UK.
  • British regulations supersede all those made in Brussels.
  • Abolition of the Strasbourg parliament.
  • Restoration of the UK rebate to the level achieved by Margaret Thatcher plus a generous inflation allowance.
  • Reform of the Common Agricultural Policy.
  • Measures to combat the institutional corruption in the EU and proper control of all spending; including sanctions against officials if the auditors refuse to sign off on the EC's accounts.

Dave's actual "Is That It?" list of 4 "demands":

  • Rules to stop the eurozone ganging up on everyone else. [ain't gonna happen]
  • Cut Brussels red tape and enforce competitiveness in the EU. [Brussels is red tape, so no chance]
  • Exclude Britain from "ever closer union". [won't deliver an effective veto]
  • Curb migration and benefits to migrants. [aint gonna happen]

So it look like failure is Dave's only option.

Another Cameron U-turn: He promised to oppose a 3rd runway for Heathrow in the run up to the 2010 election. He now thinks it's safe to back that expansion plan.

Still no sign of Dave the Leader replacing the pernicious 'Uman Rights Act.

Dave the Leader has decided that everyone has a 'uman right to a fast broadband connection. Just like that.

Is anyone surprised to learn that vast amounts of the £1 BILLION given from the pockets of British taxpayers to the UN for the relief of Syrian refugees is being wasted? Anything up to half of it is going on UN bureaucracy, excessive admin and staff costs and frills like UN propaganda. This is a direct consequence of D. Cameron's insistence on giving away 07% of GDP without oversight to make sure that the money does something useful and it's not just shovelled into the pockets of corrupt officials and dictators, or bodies like the UN, just to get it off the government's books.

The amount of taxpayers' money wasted on the profilgate charity Kid's Company was around £50 MILLION. The cash was handed out despite warnings that it would be wasted. No sensible explanation from Dave the Leader thus far, and no one holding any breath.

The Tory pledge to cap care fees at £72,000 in April 2016 has been put back to 2020. 100,000 pensioners will be clobbered by the decision.

Dave's 3 top arguments for staying in the EU have been shown to be worthless. The UK won't be paying more per head than non-member Norway. The UK's power to get worthwhile change is non-existent under majority voting. And Britain is not part of the Schengen Agreement, so his argument on migrants collapses.

The Westminster Wonders of all parties, encouraged by Dave and his gang, are conspiring to restrict access to government data via the Freedom of Information Act to make it easier to hide waste, corruption and illegal war-mongering. C. Grayling, the Leader of the House of Common Criminals, is the latest stooge to give his aid and comfort to the incompetent and the crooked in the civil service and Parliament.

Dave the Leader has promised to clip the wings of the unelected gang of failed politicians and expenses swindlers in the House of Frauds. He aims to protect the elected government's ability to conduct its business. Will he? Won't he? We'll see.

D. Cameron's promise to force internet providers to install porn filters as a default has been torpedoed by the EU, which has made access to everything online, including porn, a 'uman right.

The corruption of the nation's police farces goes all the way to the Home Office, where "special advisors" are pushing political agendas and preventing the pursuit of criminals. And the Home Sec., T. May, is letting them do it either because she doesn't care or she's too dim to spot what is going on.

The ambulance chasers who made a mint out of spurious compensation claims in Iraq are now trawling for business in Afghanistan. The Royal Military Police and several police farces here are also wasting taxpayers' money and playing the 'uman rights game. It's a great pity that there is no sign that the government is too bothered about Taliban terrorists getting rich from spurious claims or interested in protecting the rights of British soldiers..

Dave the Leader is not minded to put a tax on sugary drinks and junk foods because he reckons it's a blunt weapon, which will hit struggling families. [And also the members of the food industry which manufacture the stuff. Ed.]

1.5 MILLION foreigners will be eligible to vote on whether Britain leaves the EU or stays if the government fails to take steps to ensure that only British people can vote. Something which is standard practice for referendums elsewhere in the EU.

A year ago, our fearless leader was telling us that migrants will be required to work here for 4 years before they can claim tax credits and other benefits. Not going to happen. The eastern European regimes won't let it.

The cost to the taxpayer of admitting Syrian refugees will be at least £24,000 per person per year. And Dave the Leader's knee-jerk will be gathering in some 20,000 of them over the next four years.

October 2015: Dave the Leader will give the EU a list of his demands for giving Britain a better deal. But not until November or December. Or not, if Xmas gets in the way.

Dave the Leader's 4 key please, please can they be called "demands"? to the EU have been described as so pathetic that they provide clear evidence that he has given up all hope of reform of an institution which is so terminally flawed that it needs to be junked forthwith.

The ex-Whitehall burrocrap in charge of the review of Freedom of Information access – Lord Burns, who wants his identity to be kept secret – wants to impose fees calculated to price the right-to-know out of the reach of most people to reduce the embarrassment currently experienced by those making stoopid, contrary and downright wrong decisions. Will Dave the Leader sack him in favour of someone competent? Don't hold your breath.

Dave the Leader has no answer to the migration problem. If he had, he would have offered it in his party conference speech instead of a lot of Blairite "all flash and no bang". But at least he did promise to show a bit of intolerance for Islamic extremism and racialism.

Non-political item warning: Dave the Leader sez he was a hooker when he was playing rugby at school. Was that in the good old days when not throwing the ball to the middle of the scrum was worth a penalty and before it became normal to hurl the ball to the back row?

At the Tory party conference, Home Sec. T. May dared to point out the dangers to British society of mass migration and the vested interests exploded with fury – the people making money out of the asylum industry, big business after cheap labour and the looney lefties (especially those in the meeja), who hate everything British and want to replace it with anything that's not British.
   Of course, the thing the Looneys don't mention is that the welfare state, which they expand at every opportunity on behalf of their client base, will collapse under the demands of mass migration. So maybe the Looneys should be asked to choose: migrants OR a welfare state.

Chancellor Osborne's plan to let councils set business rates and keep the income has been branded a poisoned chalice for local authorities as it leaves them unable to blame the government if local services are not properly funded.

Is there the slightest chance that Dave the Leader will lead a leave the EU campaign, as his spin would have us believe? Nope.

Dave the Leader is right to tell the Jamaicans to go fish for an apology for slavery, especially as they're not moaning at the Africans and Arabs who made the slave trade in Africa possible (and still do). What the Jamaicans are really after is British taxpayers' cash. So no, no, no way.

Three Libyan soldiers, who were gaoled for drunken sex offences whilst on training courses here, are now claiming asylum; at the taxpayer's expense, of course. So what is Dave the leader doing about his pledge to junk the 'Uman Rights Act and replace it with a British bill of rights? Apart from bugger all?

Dave the Leader is planning to waste £10 BILLION of British taxpayers' money on green energy scams in the 3rd World during this decade.

The Chancellor, on a junket in China, has glad-handed £3 MILLION of British taxpayers' cash to persuade Chinese kids to play football. No danger of the same sort of favour for British kids at the grass roots, of course.

Following the publication of Lord Ashcroft's knocking job on Dave the Leader, the Chatterati are busy asking themselves if Dave believes in anything. Obviously, they haven't been paying attention because it's patently bleedin' obvious that Dave don't believe in nuffink. Everything he's done in office proves that.

Dave the Leader is giving the Libyan people-smugglers a helping hand. He's sending another Royal Navy vessel to the Med to help ferry migrants to Italy – instead of returning them to Libya. Well, that makes a lot of sense, Dave; doing people-smuggling with British taxpayers' money.

When the EU demanded more money in October 2014, Dave the Leader told us: "We are not going to suddenly get out our cheque book and write a cheque for two billion euros." Well, 10 months on, we've handed the €1.7 BILLION demanded even though Dave thought it was appalling and totally unacceptable. Worse, George Osborne reckoned he was going to get the bill cut in half. That didn't happen either.

Dave the Leader has failed to take his party along with a move to end the block on taxpayers' money being used to push the pro-EU view in the run-up to the stay/leave referendum. The Electoral Commission also agreed that the ban on using government resources in the last 28 days should stay put. Worse, the government will also be required to give 4 months' notice of the referendum instead of being allowed to spring it on an unsuspecting nation at some convenient moment.

Weekly bin collections are no longer part of our birthright, the government has been forced to admit. After a long struggle, Mr. Pickles, the Communities Sec., has come to accept that local authorities are happy to put public health in the front line of things to chop to protect less vital "services", like faux global warming jobs.

The government is preparing to chop Nick Clegg's ruinous "free" school meals plan, which has wreaked havoc with many a school budget and wasted hundreds of millions of pounds. It was characterized by lack of planning and no budgetary control. In other words, a typical Liberal shambles.

The government's panel to review the law on Freedom of Information was chosen with a marked lack of transparency, which leaves most people asking if it was rigged to pick a sorry bunch, who will remove as much freedom as possible to keep the misdeeds of politicians as secret as possible whilst they are in office and making their post-office plans for getting rich.

Dave the Leader has cleverly outflanked his critics by deciding to take Syrian refugees from camps in neighbouring countries rather than those who have already invaded Europe.

The British government is being demonized by the bleeding hearts and hypocritical posturers of Europe, who seem to think that no one has noticed that the British taxpayer is giving more cash to Syrian refugees than ANY OTHER member of the EU, including Germany. The UK is giving 50% MORE than Germany.

Dave the Leader's referendum question about membership of the EU has been judged by the Electoral Commission to be biased in favour of the status quo. "Yes" and "No" will have to be replaced by less loaded options to remain in the EU or leave it.

The lobby group (it's anti-EU) will be allowed to set up a stall at every party conference EXCEPT the Tory conference. Dave the Leader has banned them. And we all know which way Dave will be voting in the referendum.

The government's Culture Vulture Department has so little to do to justify its existence that the staff have been reduced to issuing nanny state pleas to parents to check the railings on bridges to make sure that their children don't end up becoming Poo Sticks.

Official Statistics for the year up to June claim that 53,000 Bulgarians and Romanians came here. But over 200,000 National Insurance numbers were issued to migrants from these countries. Yet another example of the Home Office civil servants not being fit for purpose?

A Nigerian woman came to Britain and had quins at Homerton hospital in Hackney in 2011; at a cost to the taxpayer of £145,000. The Daily Mail was able to track her down, and she said she was willing to pay the bill but the hospital hasn't asked her to; which raises three obvious questions: 1. Why couldn't the hospital's finance director do the same? 2. Why hasn't this finance director been sacked, without a fancy pay-off, for gross negligence in a public office? 3. Why hasn't the government got a grip on health tourism? Or are the Tories blaming it on Liberal liberality?

Nett migration 330,000, up 40% in one year. So much for Dave the Leader's election guarantee to reduce it to tens of thousands. So much for getting rid of the criminals and other parasites. And that official figure doesn't include a million or so illegals, who are not being removed.

Something else to thank Dave the Leader for: Ethiopia which receives £300 MILLION from the UK in foreign aid, is planning to follow the example of China, India, Nigeria and Pakistan by using the cash to fund a space programme.

Dave the Leader's strategy for Europe has been exposed. He is determined that his referendum will endorse EU membership and he is preparing to stage cosmetic rows with other EU leaders to make it look like he is making a lot of noise and getting a better deal for Britain; even though he ends up with nothing much.
   The biggest row will be in February 2016 and staged with French co-operation. Then there will be a dash for the referendum before the EU has agreed to make any concessions, which will require lengthy negotiations and a new treaty. All flash and no substance, in other words.

70% of the fines imposed on firms which employ illegal immigrants are never collected. This negligence by the Home Office has cost the taxpayer £87 MILLION over the last 6 years. PLUS all the courts costs of the pointless prosecutions.

Dave the Leader has given Foreign Sec. P. Hammond an official slap-down for pretending that the government has a grip on the migrant situation in Calais.

The government was warned in October 2013 that foreigners are abusing European Health Insurance Cards to get treatment in their own country paid for by British taxpayers. But the government chose to do nothing to plug the gap and went into routine cover-up mode.

The goverment's pledged to crack down on foreigners working illegally in the UK, and yet the number of arrests now is less than half of what it was a year ago, and the eviction rate is below 20%. Sounds like this is yet another area where the government is all talk.

When he made the announcement, the Chancellor claimed that insurance companies would have the option of absorbing his 60% rise in the stealth tax on insurance policies to 9.5%. Surprise! They're all going to pass on the extra cost to the customer.

Finally, the PM has demanded a completion date for his Iraq war report from J. Chilcot, who has blown £10 MILLION of taxpayers' money since he started faffing about in 2009. Chilcot was supposed to finish by the job by the end of 2010.

There's no need to worry about the migrant swarm situation at Calais, says Foreign Sec. P. Hammond. We've got a grip on the situation.

The Chancellor, G. Osborne, is on course to leave the taxpayer with a deficit of £1 BILLION when he sells off part of the privatized and rescued Royal Bank of Scotland. update: The loss was £1.1 BILLION on 5.4% of the shares.

Thousands of migrants are tearing down the Eurotunnel fences and what's our prime minister doing? Posturing in Vietnam. The job is here, Dave, and you should be here doing it.

The Liberal "Green Deal" home insulation scam, wished on the nation by disgraced Coalition energy secretary C. Huhne, has been ditched after wasting £170 MILLION. "A disappointing failure" was about the kindest thing said about it.

The Foreign Sec., P. Hammond, knows that any agreement which the PM reaches with other EU leaders will be totally worthless. The most recent evidence for this is the way the other leaders casually discarded their 2010 agreement on the EU rescue fund to bail out Greece, even though the agreement rules out such an abuse.
   The big question is whether D. Cameron will sell the country short with another written (and worthless) agreement on EU reform, or whether he will have the guts and stickability to insist on getting the reforms written into a new treaty. Which will then have to be ratified. Which makes Dave's promise of a referendum by 2017 look undeliverable, given the time it takes to cobble together a new EU treaty.

The Chancellor has launched a root-and-branch review of the foreign aid budget, vast amounts of which are wasted and just thrown away by civil servants, who have to shovel cash down any convenient drain to meet the prime monster's stoopid 0.7% of GDP target. Mr. Osborne reckons that all departments will have to prove that their overseas development cash provides "high value for money". But his hands are rather tied by Dave the Leader's 0.7% obsession.

The government's panel to decide the future of Freedom of Information in Britain is packed with Establishment jobsworths, whose idea of freedom extends only to giving themselves the freedom to screw up and cover up. So the panel's report, due in November, is expected to be a stitch up. Especially with Sir Cover-Up Heywood in charge.

The government has discovered that green-crap energy scams will require £1.5 BILLION more than expected in subsidies. Plans to reduce or abolish subsidies are now being considered. Which will probably involve some sort of compensation scheme for the lost subsidies to ensure that the taxpayer loses, as usual.

Another election promise scrapped. The Tories pledged a cap on care fees from April 2016 in their manifesto. Ain't gonna happen until April 2020. They must have known when they made it that this particular promise was undeliverable, given the state of the economy and the dire shambles which is the state of care for the elderly, but they made it anyway. That's politics.

The government is rewriting the laws on strikes to make a ballot valid only if the turn-out is 50% or more, and public sector unions will be able to strike only if 40% or more of those eligible to vote back the strike.
   Restrictions on bringing in agency workers to cover for strikers will go, union ballots will receive more scrutiny to ensure a measure of honesty and the poll tax of a union's political fund will become opt-in rather than compulsory.

The Chancellor is planning to raise the inheritance tax threshold from the present £325,000 to £500,000, or £1M for couples. But the catch is that the extra above £325K has to be due to property. So anyone with a house worth £100K with £400K in other assets will still be screwed.

The government's proposal of English Votes for English Laws (and English+Welsh where appropriate) has really upset the Scots Nasties, who seem to think that democracy is a one-way street in their direction, and Labour dinosaurs, like the Father of the House, who tried to play the racialism card, only to be put firmly in his nasty place.

Education Sec. N. Morgan thinks it's a great idea to make schools rummage through the lunchboxes of the pupils in search of confiscatable "unhealthy items". These food stuffs must be returned at the end of the day with a note from the teacher, which wastes even more of the school day on non-teaching activities. Morgan is confirming what a bad choice she was by indulging in the sort of New Labour gimmick which would never have been contemplated when Michael Gove was in charge.

Dave the Leader has finally realized that there is no hope of EU reform in Britain's favour before the 2017 deadline for a referendum. So the government's case for staying in will have to be built on EU promises with no guarantees that they will be delivered.

HMRC is still failing to get the job done. Over 25% of calls made to the taxman last year – 18 MILLION of them – went unanswered. Many of these calls were about blunders made by HMRC staff, which underlines the outrage felt by customers at HMRC's attempts to gain access to bank accounts without a court order.

Another public-sector shambles: the wheels have come off Notwork Rail's grand £38.5 BILLION scheme to modernize railways lines with electrification. Targets have been missed and costs have soared out of control – it's the same old, same old again. Plans for the North and Midlands have been scrapped – so much for Chancellor Osborne's Northern Powerhouse BIG IDEA.
H2S is still stinking its way toward wasting BILLIONs even though all the evidence suggests that it will be a total waste of taxpayers' money.
New Labour's board structure for NR, which includes cosmetic representatives from trade unions, passengers and greenies, is to be dismantled forthwith. The civil service will take over. (OMG, how is that better?)

The government is working out how to restrict access to documents under the Freedom of Information Act, which will help with covering up government incompetence, threats to public safety and acts of fraud committed by public officials such as MPs swindling the taxpayer with criminal expenses claims. The civil service is all in favour of restricting FoI as it is a main source of major and constant incompetence.

After 2 months in the job, new Justice Sec. M. Gove is all set to give the criminal side of his empire a HUGE boot up the backside for being lazy and incompetent, and failing the victims of crime.

The government is planning to get to grips with Gordon Brown's tax credits system, which got more generous before each general election during the New/Brown Labour period to buy votes. It costs the nation £30 BILLION per year, it wastes money by collecting cash and paying it out again after the government machine has skimmed a share off the top, and it lets employers pay poverty wages.
Labour's "absurd" poverty targets, which include one which pretends that children get poorer when the old age pension is increased, are also in the firing line.
£17 BILLION has been paid out in error as tax credits over the last 10 years as a result of fraud and incompetence by civil servants.

Dave has ruled out strapping on a referendum on the EU to the council and assembly elections next May. The target for the EU vote is now the autumn of 2016 as there are national elections in important EU nations in 2017.

Figures compiled by the Treasury show that Britain has 1% of the world's population, a 4% share of the world's total GDP and accounts for 7% of the world's welfare spending thanks to New Labour's attempt to build a welfare-dependent client sub-group, which would have to vote Labour to keep the cash coming. Which puts attempts to get the welfare bill under control into perspective.

The prime minister is getting the hump with J. Chilcott, who is dragging his feet and making noises about putting off publishing his alleged report on Blair's illegal Iraq war for another year. Never mind telling him you've lost your patience, Dave. Sack the blighter and put someone who can do the job in his place.

The culture of lack of regard for taxpayers' money and failure to obtain value for money result in a waste of £5 BILLION/year by NHS hospital trusts. Money is wasted on prescribing expensive versions of drugs instead of cheap ones, letting staff have more holidays than their entitlement, paying double the going rate for basic consumables like gloves and aprons, etc., etc.
   Lord Carter of Coles spent a year investigating how 22 trusts spent their money. "Wisely" cannot be among his conclusions.
Later in the year, the trusts will be given an efficiency score based on how much taxpayers' cash they waste. Some were found to be excellent in the study. Sackings at the ones at the bottom of the league table are not expected because that is not how things work in the public sector.

The BIG question: Who is the bigger mug – the prime monster who thinks he can get 27 European nations to agree to give him a better deal or anyone who actually believes he has a chance of making a deal?
Belgium, scrounger nations Poland & Romania, Spain and Finland have all said "no" to one or more of Dave's proposed reforms of the EU. But he's still carrying on with the charade in the hope that Germany will bang some heads together and make a cosmetic deal.

Dave has gone quiet on his plan to make big firms give staff time off to do voluntary work. The businesses which would have to pay for his gesture have stomped on him a bit and told him that compulsory is not voluntary.

Dave is lining up a swindle on the EU referendum. Government ministers and minions; 100 MPs approximately; will have to support the government "Stay In" campaign, no matter what their personal opinion, or be sacked. And Dave would like to be free to hurl unlimited amounts of taxpayers' cash at his Yes campaign. And let the EU do the same. He also plans to abolish the rule that government spending on propaganda cuts off 28 days before the polling day.
On the day after his press briefing, Dave made a statement to clarify things: Government unity is mandatory only during the negotiations with the EU, not during the referendum campaign. And anyone who sez differently got his briefing wrong. That's everyone who was there. So Dave's wriggling is not impressing anyone.

Finally, Dave has ordered a review of the corruption controls on Britain's £12 BILLION foreign aid budget. But no doubt he will be told that everything is okay in a couple of years by some jobsworth.

Another Dave U-Turn: he will quit the European Convention on 'Uman Rights if its Mickey Mouse court in Strasbourg doesn't stop meddling in British affairs. Dave has now done a full 360 on the issue, and he is heading back in his original direction from before the election.

Dave the Leader feels that he has no option other than to let pay rises of 5% for himself and Cabinet ministers go ahead. MPs will get 10.4%. In addition, MPs elected before 2015 will get a pension rise on retirement of as much as £4,900 per year, which is nearly the amount a non-priviledged pensioner gets to live on right now.
But there is good news. IPSA, the body which spares MPs the embarrassment of setting their own pay levels, reckons that cuts in expenses will make the overall cost to the taxpayer of an MP stay the same, a conclusion which surely belongs to the "in your dreams" category.

Energy Sec. A. Rudd is making noises about forcing the BIG 6 energy companies to cut their prices by 20% in line with a fall in wholesale prices. No word yet on how she plans to keep the lights on after she has closed the last coal-fired power station.

No cuts in child benefit, no matter how justified they are, sez Dave.

Health Sec. J. Hunt is busy cracking down; firstly on NHS bosses, who "retire" for a day to collect a fat and undeserved payout from the taxpayer, then resume their job at an inflated rate, and secondly, on agencies which are ripping off the NHS with extortionate rates for doctors and nurses supplied as casual labour.
   As this has been going on for decades, the taxpayer is entitled to ask why it took so long for anything to be done and why the fat cats are being neutered only after a Daily Mail exposé? What have the burrocrats @ the Dept. of Health been doing all this time?

More from Europe: the Poles are outraged at the suggestion that they might have to stop freeloading on the British taxpayer with benefits payments sent to Poland. Dave's expectations are lowering steadily towards a cosmetic triumph?

Dave the Leader visited Germany as part of his charm offensive ahead of a possible Brexit from the European Union if we ever get the promised referendum. Chancellor Merkel told him: "When you are convinced of an idea, you cannot say that treaty change is totally impossible."
Translation: "Dream on, Dave, we're going to obstruct every move you make and, for all practical purposes, you'll be banging your head against totally impossible."

Retired generals and admirals warned that Britain's armed forces will become just cosmetic if Dave the Leader goes ahead with more defence cuts. Which will have the spin-off benefit of preventing him thinking he's Tony B. Liar and starting more foreign wars.

The Scots were getting £1,500/head more from the taxpayer than the English in 2010. That figure was £1,600/head in 2014 and Wee Burney is demanding even more. Will Dave have the nouse to remind her that the Scottish National Socialists got less than half the UKIP vote in the general election, and she doesn't have much of a mandate for her demands?

Things to remove from EU control or schemes to secede from, Dave: the Europeon court of 'uman rights and any other body which places itself above the British courts, employment law, energy policy, EU arrest warrants, farming, fishing, migration, etc. Yes to the single market. Common Market not Common Government.

Dave starts in the right direction: the 1.5 million foreign migrants will not be allowed to vote in the EU membership referendum, and under-18s will also be excluded. But there are still 800,000 Irish citizens who will be entitled to vote.

Eye on Dave: He's promising a 7-days-a-week NHS but he has yet to explain where all the cash will come from, or the extra doctors and other staff, or how he's going to get the obstructive medical trade unions to co-operate. Apart from that, everything is on course.

Eye on Dave: If he does hold the promised in/out referendum on EU memberships, it has to be with the electoral register for general elections, not the one used for local council elections and European elections, as the second register is padded out with 1.5 non-British migrants, who are entitled to vote on the lesser issues.

The "inquiry" into child abuse by members of the political Establishment, and the many cover-ups, will take 8 years to complete, the Establishment has decided. Any danger of Dave putting a rocket up their collective bums?

The poisonous aspects of Islamism will be cracked down upon and ASBO'd.

Strike laws are to be rebalanced so that union leaders can't gratify themselves on the basis of a handful of members having voted to strike several years before the event.

Continuing Home Sec., T. May, has told the EU that economic migrants from Africa and the Middle East should be repatriated and not allowed to overcrowd Europe; and definitely not be dumped in Britain.

Dave is also after sweeping changes in EU benefits rules to discourage migrants, with the implied threat of Britain picking up its ball and walk off the pitch if they're not delivered.

Dave is being urged to give the SNP the full fiscal autonomy they're demanding, but right away. Which will leave Wee Burney, Queen of Scots, with a Brown Hole some £8 BILLION deep in her accounts after subsidies from England are turned off. She will then be forced to raise taxes and/or cut the public sector as reality bites. What will that do for her popularity with the urban scroungers!!

Dave is minded to decriminalize BBC licence fee dodging.

A new Cabinet is being built.
    Memo to Dave the Leader:
You might want to ditch that tired cliché about being the party for working people and substitute “people who want to work”, which includes those who don't have a job but are looking for one, and people who are in training or getting an education to enable them to get a job or get a better job than the one they already have.


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