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"No Deal is better than a bad one"

One small problem—the deeds didn't match the talk. Remainer Theresa May and her oily cohorts were intent only on buggering up Brexit, which is why the betrayed UK is still part of the E bloody U after 2019/03/29.

The Betrayal of Britain continues . . .

July 2019

Wot Brexit, Mrs. May? Wednesday, 31st July: TheRazor May, blunt and binned

The current Defence Sec., P. Mordaunt, is making noises about protecting troops from bent lawyers and demented prosecutors sometime in the future. Soldiers currently in a fix because of the above are still being persecuted with no relief in sight.
She didn't survive the Boris reshuffle.

Dead leaves falling: The useless Justice Sec. is going to resign in a huff, like Hammond, before Boris can sack him.

Whilst the Tories are picking a new leader, no one is minding the store and the nation's finances are falling out of control as the borrowing deficit soars. What is Hammond up to?

The Transport Dept. is going to spend 2 years working out ways to trap dangerous drivers using spy cameras rather than cops in cars. The Can't Prosecute Service is predicted to be the biggest problem as far as making a difference is concerned.

The Education Sec. is going to teach children to spot Fake News. Which should take about 10 seconds. "Anything online, kids, anything in a leftie fakenewspaper like theGrauniad, anything from the Labour party, the Greens or any other self-interested minority and 80% of the BBC's output."
Maybe 18 seconds.
Meanwhile, the Dept. for International Development is blowing £21 million on telling schoolkids what a wonderful job DfID is doing and attempting to justify bloating the staffing level of this friend of international spivs and dictators even more.

You put one Greenpeace lout in her place and that's your career over, seems to be the message being set to suspended F.O. minister M. Field, who is now on the receiving end of a sleazing campaign. Not exactly the message one expects from a Conservative government.

June 2019

Foreign Sec. and Tory leadership hopeful J. Hunt seems to be itching to start a 3rd Gulf War over Iran's attacks on oil tankers. Who does he think he is? A recycle of Tony B. Liar?

Environment Sec. M. Gove has binned most of the ban on shooting predator birds, which was imposed with no notice by the quango Natural England. He gets 2 cheers for his efforts. Could do better.

The current Chancellor, P. Hammond, is getting as much Boris-bashing done as he can manage. Probably because he expects to be history soon after Boris moves in to Downing Street.

Booted up the backside by the Daily Mail, the government is going to review the miserable pay rates offered by Post Office Ltd. to sub-postmasters. That's a commitment to more delay and inaction with no guarantee of fair treatment, and a possible boot into the long grass if the Business Minister of the day thinks he/she can get away with it.
The same story on putting folic acid into bread to reduce birth defects—a public consultation lasting 12 weeks, which the Public Health Minister can shelve if the fuss has died down.

May's Revenge: If she couldn't have her Brexit, she's going to leave the British economy in shreds by putting into law, a bill requiring the country to have zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and bugger the incredible cost and total lack of practicality of the scam as far as at least labour and technogy are concerned.
    The mad scheme comes with pious guff about Britain being first and a world leader. But if it's along the road to ruin, it's going to be a pretty lonely trip for the mugs who follow her as British prime minister.

June 7th May leaves the Conservative party leaderless but clings on in Downing Street. The contenders for her job are now parading their sordid pasts as drug fiends.

The current Justice Sec. has gone soft on the short, sharp shock concept. He wants prison sentences of less than 6 months abolished within the next few months. So that's him out of the Tory leadership stakes. May he enjoy the company of all the criminals who won't be going to gaol, thanks to him, seeing he's as soft on crime as the Labour party.

Theresa 2019

As she contemplates life outside the Downing Street bubble, no doubt Theresa May is looking on at the scramble for her job and laughing her cotton socks off at the reputation trashing which is going on as the dozen or so candidates scramble for advantage and their rivals and enemies confect outrage by the bucketful.

Theresa May will quit as Tory leader in June, after President Trump's state visit is out of the way, but she will Klingon to the job of Prime Minister as a lame duck until the Tories have a new figurehead.

The government and its minions are making a total bog of running the Post Office network. Luckily, the Daily Mail has stepped in to the breach with a campaign to keep sub-post offices open by paying the operators a fair reward for their efforts, especially in those areas which have been abandoned by the banks.

The Home Sec. and Tory leadership hopeful is making noises about sending traitors who go to host countries of terror groups; Syria, Iraq, anywhere in the Middle East; to gaol for 10 years. Good luck with persuading dotty old judges to deliver that sentence.

Having wasted six weeks on Brexit posturing with Labour's stooges, the PM is plans to devote her last few days in office to getting the country ready for the future.

Failing Grayling's botched part-privatization of the probation industry has been binned by his successor at the Min. of Justice.

No surprise that the declaration from the new Defence Sec., P. Mordaunt, that British troops will no longer be persecuted by crooked lawyers has turned out to be just just wibble. There are enough attached 'ifs' and quibbles to allow a busload of crooks to drive through the fine words.

Okay, the prime minister has declared that she will end the postcode lottery on support for victims of domestic abuse. But will she be around for long enough actually to do anything?

The Razor May is in real troule. Everyone keeps throwing the "Maggie would never have done it" card at her over her enthusiasm for letting Chinese firm Huway TheLads in on the new 5G communications network.

Private Pike-Williamson's successor as Defence Sec., P. Mordaunt, has made the usual promise to stop persecuting British troops for hysterical crimes to the profit of the legal trade. Fifth time lucky since 2010? No one is holding their breath.

"Hands off the Press", the Culture Sec., J. Wright, has warned the future internet censor as the government offers a White Paper which has been likened to putting China or North Korea in charge of policing the internet. Mission creep is epidemic among bureaucraps and quangocraps. Let us hope that marking their card right away prevents totalitarian control of the WWW from being extended to the Her Majesty's Press.

If the Downing Street Mafia are denying briefing against sacked Defence Sec. G. Williamson, most people are going to assume it must be true.

The PM is trying to head off a criminal inquiry into the leak from a National Security Council meeting of her fondness for a Chinese electronics firm, which is in the Chinese government's pocket. Why? Because it will show how arbitrary her decision to sack the over-promoted Defence Sec. G. Williamson really was.

Farmers not being able to shoot predatory birds in the lambing season is further confirmation that both the government and its devolved agencies do not contain anyone with two brain cells to rub together.

The legal vultures making money out of the refugee industry are up in arms because Mrs. May, when Home Sec., decided that higher standards of proof of persecution were needed. We are now being treated to lots of sad stories but nowhere is there anything about what the alleged refugees are doing to repay British taxpayers for being allowed to be here. Not even stories of them joining in with the Daily Mail's anti-litter campaign. Take, take, take, grab, grab, grab, nothing in return.

April 2019

The government has failed again to summon up the nerve to tackle the care for the elderly mess. The issue has been booted into the long grass until after Brexit is over; whenever that is. By the time the government starts talking about what it will do, some 60,000 to 1 million potential care customers are expected to have croaked, reducing the magnitude of the problem slightly.
 The Prime Minister promised to stop ducking this issue in April of 2017, during the general election campaign. Something else to file in the "Brexit means Brexit" box.

The International Development Sec., P. Mordaunt, is lobbying to divert cash from the Cameronesque overseas aid budget to councils which have to support children dumped in Britain by foreigners. But will the waxworks let her do it? Probably not.

The current Chancellor, P. Hammond, has been given a slap and ordered to scrap his plan to scrap 1p and 2p coins.

Another Osborne Osborne—his stamp duty tampering has cost the Treasury £600 million over the last year. No sign of Hammond being bovvered enough to repair the damage, though.

Her failure to deliver Brexit has given the current PM a world record satisfaction rating of minus 73.5. Her rating was only -51.2 last month.

Theresa May didn't deliver Brexit but she has delivered participation in building the G5 communications network to the Chinese firm Huawei, which is denying being in the pocket of the Chinese government and a potential source of espionage and datanapping.
 This information was leaked by a minister (?) from a top secret meeting with Britain's Intelligence chiefs, who are furious and on a determined gobsworth hunt.

The current Chancellor, P. Hammond, has done an Osborne by changing tax rules so that many NHS consultants who work overtime end up with a tax bill larger than the amount they were paid for the extra work. As a result, consultants are not doing the overtime and waiting lists are growing even longer.

£1.5 BILLION of the Brexit Bonus has gone down the tubes now that the PM has abandoned the No Treaty option after making all sorts of preparations for it.

The PM's Brexit strategy is now clear. She's going to stay in the job to see Brexit through, and she's going to stay in the job by postponing Brexit again and again whenever a new deadline approaches.

Our lame duck PM is going to waste £100 MILLION of our money on electing cosmetic and useless British MEPs.

The heat is now off the prime minister. Everyone has now come to terms with the realization that whatever she does, it will end in shambles and catastrophe. Especially if J. Corbyn has any part in it.


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