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Theresa went to the country offering strong and stable government, but the voters let her down. Her inherited Tory majority gone, she was left at the mercy of spivs like the DUP; but just how willing would they be to torpedo her regime and leave themselves at the mercy of the Corbynites? And how willing would she be to be at their mercy? On with the show . . .

May Soldiers/Limps On

February-March 2019

March 29th Not Brexit day. The Razor May? Rusty, dull and no cutting edge.

The government declared that abolishing the paper 'must display' tax disc in 2014 would save £10 million per year. Last year, the Exchequer lost £107 million to tax evasion; three times the rate when the tax disc was abolished.

Playing the victim card, the PM is blaming Parliament for her Brexit shambles. Has she caved in to the ERG as the deadline approaches or has she been shunted back toward getting us out of the E bloody U when she tried to stray off course and away from a Tory manifesto pledge? Given her record in office, it has to be the latter.

Taxing anti-social media 0.5% of profits is the latest bright idea from the Commons. Ostensibly, the cash will be used to fund programmes to protect young people but everyone knows it will just be treated as another source of income for any mad scheme the government of the day thinks will buy votes.

The Prime Minister has rained on the possibility of a general election in the immediate future by manoeuvring her party to a position 4 points behind Labour in opinion polls.

Education Sec. D. Hinds would have those misguided, school-bunking kids take some pride in what we have achieved on climate change in this country. Pride in a big, fat zero? Typical bloody politician.

The Chancellor, P. Hammond, has been reborn as Edstone Miliband. He's going to blow the proceeds of the sensible spending years; Gordon Brown-like; on global warming gestures in the hope of buying votes from the kids who bunked off school to save the planet.
    Would someone remind him that kids are like parrots in that they spout all sorts of rubbish they've heard from their owners without necessarily knowing what any of it means.

The government is claiming that 30% of Britain's power requirements 'could' be met by wind power by 2030. What happens when the wind doesn't blow, or blows too strongly, has not been disclosed.

No sign of the government doing anything to abolish the Chancellor's Stealth Death Tax on probate. If the Labour party fails to stand up and force a vote on it next month, the outrage will be perpetrated.

P. Hammond, the evil hunchback Chancellor, is taking forever to calm down after the Defence Sec., Private Pike-Williamson, did some sabre-rattling at China and did Hunchback Hammond out of a jolly there.

Honda has announced that it is closing its British plant which makes diesel-engine vehicles because people have stopped buying them. The Business Sec., Greg Clark, would have us believe it's due to Brexit. Confirming that he is yet another of Mrs. May's duck egg appointments.

In a rare display of a politician choosing to do the right thing without being bullied into it, the Home Sec. had cancelled the Daesh groupie S. Begum's British citizenship, leaving her with a choice between Syria and Bangladesh as her next home. There will be an appeal of course, whilst the legal trade extracts another pound and a half from the British taxpayer, but the good news is that the law no longer allows the Bride of Daesh to be here whilst it's going on.

Another Stealth Tax: the price of a death certificate is going up by 175% to £11/copy from £4/copy. A Home Office stooge claimed that the price just recovers the cost of issuing the certificate. Which is a blatant political lie in the case of multiple copies bought at the same time.

The government is nerving itself to declare hospital waiting time targets counter-productice and abolish them.

The PM's Brexit stootge, Oily Robbins, has been awarded a Berko for spilling the beans on her real intentions to the benefit of the E bloody U.

The government is trying to ram a new Stealth Death Tax through Parliament by pretending that the means-tested probate tax is a ‘fee' and not subject to a vote in the Commons. This is a level of dishonesty worthy of Gordon F. Broon and New Labour at its worst. Luckily, the Liberals are threatening to spike their guns – but will they have the backbone to do it on the day?

Having achieved a truce with the warring factions of the Tories and the DUP, the prime minister is putting it at risk by going soggy again on the Irish backstop. Oh, for an injection of backbone!

December 2018/January 2019

Following her giant leap to endorsement triumph from deepest defeat in the Commons, the Prime Minister has announced that she has a Plan C up her sleeve.

Despite the Javid's declaration of a major crisis three weeks ago, migrants are still boating across the Channel unchallenged

With the effective cancellation of the new nuclear power station on Anglesey, the government is being challenged to come up with a plan for keeping the lights on when the existing nuclear stations are closed down. On present form, they will still be dithering when the next Ice Age arrives.

The Chancellor pro-tem has told business leaders that a no-treaty Brexit could be taken off the table. He was not honest enough to add that it could be put right back again on the table at any subsequent moment.

R. Stewart, the current prisons minister, is trying to give himself an easier time. He wants to abolish prison sentences of under six months. Looks like he has bought the Labour party's philosophy—soft on crime and soft on the causes of crime.

The allegedly independent Press Recognition Panel – sinecure public-sector non-jobs set up post Leveson Inquiry – has been taken over by the Department of Justice, becoming part of the government machine rather than independent of it. Which provides another reason why IPSO, the only independent press regulator, had nothing to do with the PRP.

The Business Sec., G. Clark, thinks that Jaguar posting a loss after sales of diesel vehicles slumped is due to Brexit rather than the US/China trade war and German car manufacturers falsifying emissions data. Which just shows what a duck egg clark is. Not to mention a Bremoaner stooge.

The 2013 Green Deal, which was supposed to make every home in the country energy efficient by 2030, was abandoned as a flop in 2015. Four years on, people are still being ripped off by monumental interest rates on loans for new boilers, insulation and solar panels installed by government-approved cowboys and nothing is being done about it.

Why would The Javid expect not to pay for Ministry of Defence assets; ships and planes; deployed to spot illegal immigrants when the Border Agency isn't up to the job? Maybe he believes in the Corbyn Magic Money Tree as the source of all government finance.

S. Javid, the current Home Sec., is reported to be showing the first signs of political madness and getting way above himself. He's referring to himself in the third person.

The government has created consternation in the ranks of vested and panted politicians, the civil service and the unions by proposing the abolition of unnecessary government departments. DfID, the International Trade Dept. and the Dept. for Exiting the EU could all end up wearing Foreign Office badges, for instance. Housing, Transport and Business are also ripe for a merger.

The Home Sec. refused help from the military over people smuggling out of personal pride rather than the national interest. He has been forced into a U-turn and the Navy and the RAF are being put on the job. Meanwhile, the two Border Force cutters, which were supposed to save us from the invaders, are still parked up in the Med. and show no signs of budging.

The government has given £14 MILLION to a new company with no ships and no track record in the shipping industry to run extra ferries across the Channel in the event of a no-treaty Brexit. No danger of the cash being repaid in the event of a treaty Brexit, of course.

Following on from the success of in-cell plumbing, the government is going to blow £17 million of taxpayers' cash on putting a phone in every prison cell. The Home Office is currently running a competition to find the next way to make gaol even more of a holiday.

Student loans, which will never be repaid, have now been added to the nation's deficit. Suddenly, the Brown Hole is £12,000 MILLION deeper.

Despite austerity, the government has £2 BILLION to spend on preparing for a no-treaty Brexit.

The Cabinet can't decide how many migrants should be allowed to enter the UK. Thus a decision on numbers has been booted into the long grass of next year.

The Prime Minister has told the EU's leaders and administrators that if they refuse to play nice and give her some Brexit concessions to take home in triumph, then she will call a vote in the House of Commons and let her own MPs kill off the political deal on the table and leave the EU in an even bigger hell of a financial mess.

The latest conspiracy theory in Parliament is that the Remain lobby organized the confidence vote on Mrs. May, hoping she'd win and become bulletproof for the next 12 months. Which will give the Remainers, which include Mrs. May, a year to destroy all hope of a Brexit from the EU.

Faced with the prospect of losing a vital commons vote on her Brexit plan, thanks to the refusal of around one-third of her MPs to endorse it, the Prime Minister has taken her usual course of action. After postponing the vote, Mrs. May has gone to hide behind the settee until the danger is past.

Seven years after a commission on social care suggested a cap on care fees, the government still Knut B. Arsed to do anything about it. So much for 7 being a lucky number.
   A much postponed Department of Health green paper, which is already a year adrift, has been booted into next year's long grass.

The Attorney General has told the PM that there is no legal way out of her Northern Ireland backstop. Once in it, the UK is stuck for as long as the EU stays vindictive, i.e. forever.

Her minister are urging the PM to postpone the Brexit vote to allow a cooling off period, and also to give her time to sweeten the pot with more concessions to get Tory rebels and the DUP back on-side.

Everyone in charge is to blame for the chaotic state of the railways – the government, its ministers and the management @ Notwork Rail and the train companies. The cosmetic mayor of London also carries part of the can. Now that the blame situation has been sorted out, nothing else is likely to happen.

The tax rate on households and companies is now 34.6% of GDP – the highest it has been for 50 years – thanks to the cost of dealing with the Brown Hole created by the last Labour government.

The Prime Minister is refusing to specify who will build the hard border between Ulster and the Republic of Ireland because admitting that it is never going to happen will expose her customs backstop plan as a hollow sham and meaningless posturing.

British business leaders are demanding certainty and the PM is going to give it to them. If her MPs don't back her Brexit deal with the EU, she will 'pull the trigger' on no-deal. Which means that there will be more certainty than you can shake a stick at on December 12th and everyone will know if there is a deal or we're going to a WTO Brexit and no obligation to pay the £39 BILLION ransom.

November 2018

The Treasury has been looking into its crystal ball again and telling us what dire things will happen in 15 years' time. Given the Treasury's record on long-term economic forecasts; totally and utterly crap is being kind; maybe there should be a criminal offence of wasting government time in parallel to wasting police time.

Allies of the Prime Minister are claiming that Britain could be forced into a permanent customs union with the EU if Parliament rejects her deal. Brexiteers are saying this is what will happen if her deal is endorsed. Not so much a case of you can't win as you're not supposed to win.

The Prime Minister is trying to get Labour MPs to back her political Brexit deal but they are telling her that if they wouldn't support her Chequers plan, why would they buy something that's worse? No sale.

The Prime Minister is planning to get her Brexit deal though the Commons by offering peerages and other sweeties to 90 Tory dissenters. The 10 DUP MPs will also require something, as will any Labour MPs whom she thinks are bribeable.

The Prime Minister opened the bidding with an extension of 'a few months' of the post-Brexit transition period, which ends in December 2021. The EU has offered two more years to let her suggest a compromise of 14-18 months and make it look; in her own eyes at least; like she has bagged something worthwhile.

Serial Remoaner Amber Rudd has been given a new Cabinet post as an apology for having to quit the Home Sec. job after she was stitched up by the dogsbody civil servants there. She must now be on her guard against being stitched up by the mafia at Work & Pensions.

The PM has downgraded the role of Brexit Sec. officially to dogsbody level. She has announced that she will be in charge from now on. Translation: this is just an admission that Oily Robbins will still be running the show for the benefit of the Remoaners like Mrs. May.

The PM has been forced to slap down the Chancellor and do a U-turn on the maximum stake for fixed-odds betting machines. It was either that or suffer the humiliation of a defeat in the Commons at the hands of her own party. The Brexit battle is giving her more than enough prospects of that happening!

When the current Chancellor talks about a balanced budget, he is talking politics rather than money management. He has developed a bad case of Brown's disease. But in his case, it's more 'sock of sand' than 'clunking fist'.

The Justice Ministry, prop. D. Gauke, has included a new stealth tax in the budget. From April 2019, the probate fee – currently £215 for DIY customers and £115 for those using a solicitor – and a fee to cover the cost of the work done; will become an extension of death taxes based on the value of the estate.

Our dear PM is trusted so much by her ministers that she is having to phone them to assure them that she hasn't already signed a sell-out stitch-up with the EU.

October 2018

The Chancellor sez Labour-enforced austerity will be back in a Bremoaner emergency budget if it's WTO rules with the EU after Brexit. The PM sez her end to Labour's obligation to live within our means for a change is independent of her sell-out Brexit.
    Sounds like the Chancellor needs to shape up somewhat or he'll be shipped out. And all that crap about balancing the books by 2025/26? Won't be Hammond's problem by then. He'll have done an Osborne.

An outbreak of peace in the ranks of the Tory party must NOT be allowed to encourage the Prime Minister to continue to turn a dead ear (and a blind eye) to all those urging her in person, and writing to her, to ask her to stop the persecution of members of the armed forces by bent solicitors and allies of terrorists.

The government's strategy on the infected blood scandal seems to be working out. By the time the lawyers have finished inquiring, trying class actions and running through the appeal process, most of the doctors and NHS managers responsible for giving patients contaminated blood will be retired and/or dead — and most of the people who were swindled out of compensation and blamed for the failure of the NHS usual suspects will also be dead.

G. Osborne's increases in stamp duty will result in £1 BILLION less going to the Treasury by the end of the current tax year because the customers are choosing not to be ripped off by HMG.

The DWP is being obliged to correct years of screwing up over payments to disabled claimants. This will cost the taxpayer some £1.7 BILLION over the next 7 years. No civil servants will be sacked or demoted because of their screws-up.

C. Perry, the Energy Minister, has a nasty, polluting diesel car. So do as she sez rather than as she does?

Bremoaners in the Cabinet are claiming that Britain will have to pay a £36 BILLION no-treaty/WTO Brexit fee. Project Fear has yet to run out of steam.

The real cost of the H2S vanity railway venture has reached the magic £100 BILLION. The government, meanwhile, is still pretending that it will cost a mere £56 BILLION.

The Treasury is under pressure from Tory MPs to repair the damage inflicted on the Universal Credit scheme by George Osborne's grabs from it when he was Chancellor.

The PM is trying to strap another year on to the EU exit transition period; December 2021 instead of December 2020. Which will cost us at least another £6 BILLION. Kerching!

The Commons standards committee is about to acquire a chairmanwoman who doesn't believe in them. Yet another reason to hold the inmates of the House of Common Criminals in contempt.

The PM is going wobbly on her pledge to make a clean break from the EU when the currently planned transition period ends. She wants to keep the UK in the EU customs union for an indefinite period. Her party is not on her side on this backslide.

The government is facing trouble over plans to put a double tax on pension savings and for making a bog of implementing the IDS Universal Credit plan.

Mrs. May's latest bright idea is to invent another pay gap, which companies must report as an exercise in virtue signalling — one for ethnic minorities. Who's going to end up paying for all this cosmetic VS? Why, the customer, of course. Thanks a bunch, Mrs. May.

The government has been waging war on people who have their pension paid into a Post Office card account, trying to bully them into using a bank account instead. This has been going on since 2015. Meanwhile, the banks have been closing branches and ATMs are vanishing. But maybe no one in the government bubble has noticed any of this.

The Chancellor is about to continue the Brown/Osborne fiscal drift policy of raising effective tax rates by not raising tax thresholds for the various rates of income tax. The PM is getting the blame as a consequence of her decision to end austerity and throw even more money at an unreformed NHS.

The Home Sec. has upset some of the people who deserve it by not letting 7 Islamist terrorists back into the country. All of them are being held prisoner in and around Syria.

The Prime Minister has told the EU that there will be no guaranteed payment of the £39 BILLION separation fee in the event of a blind Brexit, with the EU promising some sort of a trade dead some unknown time in the future.

The Chancellor has been warned off further Brown stealth taxes on pensions. If he needs cash for the NHS, he has been told, then he should tax the companies making online sales to British customers.

Her Cabinet is believed to be telling the PM that the EU should get its £39 BILLION separation settlement only if there is a free-trade deal. No deal, no cash. But is Mrs. May tough enough to go along with that?

The Health Sec. wants GPs to nag patients into changing their lifestyle via threatening text messages.

The PM has decided that men and women should be allowed to have equality with homophiles and be entitled to enter a civil partnership as an alternative to marriage. A quick change in the law has been promised by the Equalities Minister, P. Mordaunt. So five to ten years?

The Chancellor, P. Hammond, was put in box and replaced by a lookalike for the Tory party conference. The replacement actually managed to put a mildly positive spin on post-Brexit Britain, unlike the real thing. That said, the keynote Chancellor's speech was pretty much a welter of wibble and much shunned by the party faithful and the Prime Minister alike.

September 2018

The Prime Minister needs to grasp that the referendum result was a vote to leave the EU and all of its institutions. And that the half-out, half-in position favoured by Bremoaners and the civil service is a betrayal.

Is there any point to the Prime Minister's attempts to sell her Chequers Plan for Brexit to the EU's leaders when the British public, a huge chunk of her own party and all the opposition parties won't buy it? Not that anything to do with reality has much to do with politics.

The Prime Minister has bitten the bullet. Spending £20 BILLION on the NHS will involve raising taxes. There is no magic money tree, let alone the magic money forest where the Labour party lives, and the Tories are no longer the party of low taxes.

The Prime Minister has taken a dig at the EU by suggesting that there will be one set of rules for immigrants from everywhere post-Brexit and EU citizens won't get any special treatment, especially if the Barnier Bunch continue their mission to stick it to Britain over our decision to leave their rotten borough.

The Prime Minister is trying to get away with a "my way or the highway" approach to the Chequers Carve Up on Brexit. And deliberately not preparing for a no-treaty Brexit in an attempt to force her dissenters to go along with her way. No doubt it will all end in shambles and half our politicians will claim it as a huge triumph and half will call it an absolute disaster. No wonder a recent poll found that most people think that most MPs lie about everything most of the time.

The Chancellor is claiming that Brexit will have to be delayed 'by several weeks' in the event of no trade deal with the EU. Sounds like he needs a slap round the back of the head as a matter of urgency, Mrs. May.

As Labour has announced its intention of voting against any Brexit deal which the PM puts before the HoC, she now faces the almost impossible task of getting the MPs who want a clean Brexit to support her. Then she needs to come up with a twist which the DUP will buy as they don't like the Chequers Cop-Out plan.

The miserable Chancellor, P. Hammond, is going for the soft underbelly of the motorist again as he looks for cash to feed to the unreformed NHS monster. The current freeze on fuel duty is his first target in the absence of making a serious effort to cut out the monstrous waste in the NHS.

The Justice Sec., D. Gauke, wants convicts to be allowed to use mobile phones legitimately in their cells. Sounds like the first step on the road to a phone in every cell and the inmates allowed to make unlimited free calls as a 'uman bluddy right.

The government is to allow real people to have a say in whether dangerous criminals should be let out of gaol. But whether what they say will carry any weight with the stooges of the Parole Board and the Home Office and the Justice Ministry remains to be seen. After all, stooges always know best.

The Home Sec., S. Javid, has joined in the Project Fear campaign with fake news about a WTO Brexit leading to riots and a surge of crime of all sorts. How unfortunate that he did it at a time when the police are admitting that they give up all hope of solving over 90% of reported crime whilst the victim is still on the way out of the cop shop. So it's not going to make that much of a difference.

The Prime Minister's price cap on the top tariffs charged by energy companies will save those on them just three-quarters of the amount the PM promised. And the cap will be funded by charging more to customers who opt for a cheaper, fixed-term deal. Which means that the companies will continue to rip off customers. Ineffective government, or what!

The Chancellor, P. Hammond-Brown, is hitting the self-employed with a stealth tax by reneging on a pledge to cut their National Insurance payments. Abolishing Class 2 NI would have the unintentional consequence of raising the NI tax paid by low earners, someone has told Hammond-Brown. But coming up with an arrangement to prevent this from happening is clearly outwith the Chancellor's sphere of competence.

The government's response to the scallop war in the Bay of Seine has been abject surrender to the French. Pretty much what one expects from the current crop of politicians and their civil service minions.

Mrs. May's Chequers Plan for Brexit is in real trouble if Bremoaners like sacked Education Sec. J. Greening is right and the scam really is more unpopular than the poll tax!

The search is on to find someone, anyone, somewhere in Europe who genuinely likes the Prime Minister's Chequers Brexit Plan, even though it is total rubbish. Her party hates it, Barnier, the bloke going through the motions of talking about a Brexit deal on behalf of the EU, hates it and the population at large in Britain hates it. Which might all be part of a cunning secret master plan by a PM who has something truly wonderful up her sleeve. But don't count on it.

July/August 2018

The Bremoaner Chancellor is having a major problem over his gloomy and doomy 15-year forecast for the economy. People are asking awkward questions such as: if Gordon Brown had made a 15-year forecast in 2003, would he have come even close to where we are in 2018.
    The answer has to be a resounding "NO!", even if one assumes Broon to be fiscally competent, which he proved himself not to be. And the same applies to Hammond and 2033.

The PM wants to use the overseas aid budget on projects in Africa which support British interests. All she has to do now is find some civil servants who are capable of understanding what acting in Britain's best interests is all about.

Blunders by the DWP and fraud by its customers cost the taxpayer £3.8 BILLION in the last financial year.

The scumbag Chancellor is being warned off doing a Gordon Brown/George Osborne and raiding pension savings to fund a public sector spending splurge as it will cost the Tory party votes.
    But maybe he's not that bothered and he doesn't plan to be in Parliament after the next election. His behaviour certainly suggests that he's going to try and do an Osborne and cash in rather than do a Brown and save some unwanted part of the world like Africa.

D. Raab, the Brexit Sec. has labelled the Chancellor's doomy forecasts for Brexit + 15 years as either 'spectacularly incompetent or deliberate". And he knows which is it, so that rules out the former.

The Chancellor is trying to sabotage Brexit with his absurd Project Fear projections about the economy; everyone can see that; but the PM is too weak to move him elsewhere so that his sabotage will be less deadly to the national interest.

Harder exams for schoolkids thanks to Michael Gove when he was Education Sec., pass marks dropped as part of the previous grade inflation policy by whoever has the job now. One step forward, two steps back.

Getting tough with the PM: J. Rees-Mogg has told the PM to ditch her tray of Chequers Fudge and remind the EU that a WTO Brexit will cost them our £40 BILLION 'divorce' ransom and a whole lot more. Which means that they need to start being serious and reasonable, and put on hold, the Mafia attitude which is dominating their current negotions.

Getting tough with the EU: a No Deal Brexit means that the EU will no longer be able to skim a cut of the top of the £1 BILLION in aid money which the UK lets it distribute.

The Brexit Sec., D. Raab, has fired a broadside at the Remoaner scare stories about the EU cutting us off from supplies of food and medicines in the event of a WTO Brexit. They need the money, they can't afford to cut us off and the scare-mongers are just a bunch of pillocks.

International Trade Sec. L. Fox has been made to stand on the Naughty Step for daring to suggest that the government will ditch the renewed 2017 manifesto pledge to reduce immigration to tens of thousands per year instead of letting millions of unwanted bodies fill up our formerly green and pleasant land.

Poor old Jeremy Hunt — Boris's replacement at the FO. He's blown a fuse if he really thinks that a no-treaty Brexit will be something the country regrets 'for generations'. That's 60 years for 2 and nearly a century for 3 generations.
Sounds like he needs a good long rest on the back benches to regain his sense of proportion.

The government is to blow £100 million over the next decade on hoovering rough sleepers off the nation's streets as part of Environment Department's Make Britain Beautiful initiative.

The Chancellor is flying the kite of an Amazon Tax for on-line retailers. Could be genuine or could be an invitation for the on-liners to offer sweeties to buy it off. Expect lots and lots of lobbying.

The current Home Sec. has put his mealy mouthed, anti-British credentials on display by deciding that the Union flag shouldn't be flown at UK border posts in case it upsets Bremoaners and other anti-British elements.

The Conservative party is to abandon competence and quality in favour of gender equality. The chairman wants 50% of the candidates at the next election to be able women, where possible, and just token women who won't be much use in Parliament if there are no able ones available.

The results of the latest Brexit-related opinion poll are out. The public would like the Prime Minister to stop faffing about and just bloody get on with it.

Small amendment needed to the announcement made by Treasury No. 2 L. Truss. She said "Build on our green fields or get Corbyn."
Strike 'or', substitute 'and'. Thank you.

The Oily Tendency in Downing Street has banned the Department for Brexit from pointing out the adverse financial consequences to the EU of a 'no deal'/WTO Brexit. The OTs are also pretending that the army will have to be mobilized to contain the riots of miffed Remoaners once we are out of the EU.

The government is increasing its aid to China and paying for the space programmes of India and Nigeria with British taxpayers' money. No coherent explanation is expected from either DfID or the PM for these abuses.

A review of data from the last decade has found that not locking criminals up just encourages them to commit more crimes. All of the alternatives to gaol offered by the friends of the criminal tendency haven't worked. On the evidence, it seems clear that the only way to put criminals out of action at present is to put more of them in gaols. Which would really upset the Labour party!

Surprise! The EU's chief brick wall, M. Barnier, reckons there is no way the EU would let another external state collect tariffs and customs duties on its behalf. Which means that the PM's Chequers customs plan, which cost her a whole gang of ministers and other ranks, was always going to be a non-starter.

The PM, who has taken personal charge of Brexit (but leaving her understrapper Oily Robbins to do the actual work) is planning to scare the pants off the population with Project Terrify, a scheme to release 70 official government advice leaflets — at ENORMOUS expense to the taxpayer — to 'warn' people how to cope after the 'disaster' of a no-treaty Brexit. The aim is to Project Fear her subjects into buying any sell out/stay in deal that she can cobble together with the burrocraps of the EU.

Out MPs are so vastly underemployed, and they are so desperate for something to do, that the global warming swindlers want to get cracking on a shower of new laws making just about everything illegal in hot weather.

Therazor May stands accused of lying to her ministers over the Chequers Brexit 'deal' in the same way that Tony B. Liar lied to his ministers when he was cooking up the 2003 war in Iraq.

The PM has pulled the rug out from under the new Brexit Sec. She is pretending to be in charge of Brexit but, in fact, he minion Oily Robbins is running the show.

The government is scrapping the 1% limit on public-sector pay-rises. But are the grabbing bastard unions grateful?

Tory MP M. Warman thinks that people should have an FoI right to know which previously faceless burrocrap made a decision which screwed things up in the person's home town; and why. That's bound to go down a treat with the free-lunch mob!

When they're out of the Bubble, they can tell the truth. No surprise that D. Davis, the former Brexit Sec., has poured scorn on the Treasury's gloomy guesses about what the economy will do.
   There is no escaping from the fact that the money men have no idea which factors will become important in any given situation and the guesses are always just political propaganda. Hence Project Fear and its successors and similars.

The Office for Budget Responsibility has bogged up its forecast for Britain's borrowing requirement yet again. Could there be a more compelling argument for a negative bonus scheme for failing government departments?

One or more people is/are is charged in connection with only 9% of reported crimes. And under the reign of the outgoing Director of Public Prostitutions, A. Saunders, the police and the CPS are achieving record levels of cases being tossed out of court because of their failures to disclose evidence to the defence.

The Prime Minister is handing out Brexit bonuses to members of her staff; notably, Oily Robbins, even though they haven't exactly delivered anything at all. Who does she thinks she is? Tony Blair?

The Bremoaner chancellor, G. Osborne, predicted that 800,000 jobs would go in the 2 years after the Brexit vote. Surprise! The swing has gone almost that far in the other direction and the employment rate is at a record level. How strange that our Remainer PM isn't pointing that out and doing a lot of good-news propaganda.

The main outcome of the Prime Minister's machinations towards a half-in, half-out Brexit is that the electorate is starting to consider a no-treaty Brexit as a likely outcome and finding that, actually, it would be better that whatever Mrs. May is offering this week. That's 40% of the electorate in favour of not handing £39 BILLION to the EU at the end of March next year, just saying: "Bye! See ya!"

The Prime Minister is warning her party that the country will be left with no Brexit at all if MPs thwart her plan. But if her plan is to thwart Brexit, what's the difference?

The Chancellor (pro tem) P. Hammond has done a U-turn on letting the City of London set its own rules post-Brexit. The EU's rules, and any new ones it makes, will still apply. Unless someone bangs his heads together.

After the frosty reception that the Brexit plan agreed with a Bremoaner Cabinet received from the rank and file Tory MPs, about all our prime minister can do now is dash off to Munich for a conference with the German leader and return in triumph, waving a piece of paper and proclaiming 'Peace for our time'.

Phones in prison cells? What other brilliant ideas will this government come up with?

The extra £20 BILLION for the NHS is turning out to be a somewhat hollow sham. Most of it won't be going to patient care. There are doctors demanding a big pay rise and crumbling buildings to take priority.

To lose one cabinet minister may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose two on consecutive days looks like sheer carelessness.

Will the Prime Minister get the message in the resignation of Brexit Sec. D. Davis? Brexit means Brexit, she told us but she doesn't appear to get that separation means NO EU involvement in Britain's affairs after the end of March next year, NO regulations which weren't dreamt up by our burrocraps and NO ECJ rulings having supremacy here.

Minister for Woman & Equalities P. Mordaunt wishes it to be know that she has mastered the art of virtue-signalling using hand gestures.

The Minister for Loneliness, T. Crouch, is trying to talk up her job by demanding that everything the government does should pass a social isolation impact test. She's clearly not bothered about picking the taxpayer's pocket even more to increase the volume of government wibble.

A Ministry of Justice spokesman said: "We do not comment on individual cases."
Translation: "We are a bunch of mealy mouthed hypocrites who can't be sacked, so we don't need to bother with explaining ourselves."

The Bremoaner Chancellor is getting a good kicking from the Daily Mail over his failure to give high street retailers a level playing field with on-line companies, and to give them a fair deal generally over business tax. Maybe he needs to take some of his attention away from trying to sabotage Brexit and give it to the vexed issue of business rates. Or maybe he just needs to be given the sack.

The Prime Minister has decided to waste Parliamentary time on letting people pick their own gender, and do so cheaply and without interference from the medical trade. Nice to know that there is so little going on that she has time for such trivialities. Brexit all sorted, then?

The government is to ban gay conversion therapies. Quite right, too. No one should be forced to become a sexual deviant!

June 2018

The Transport Sec., C. Grayling, promised to get tough with rip-off fuel prices at motorway service stations but all he had to offer was an official review, which would have taken THREE YEARS!! So he has gone off the idea and he's hoping that everyone else will forget it, too.

The Business Minister, G. Clark, is doing his bit for Project Fear by urging the bosses of major companies to wail that the wheels will come off if we have a complete split with the EU and all of its evil institutions.

As the Treasury tries to drive away traditional Tory voters with demands for higher taxes, the Justice Ministry is seeking to reverse the flow. It is seeking to deprive Labour of the criminal vote by demanding the abolition of prison sentences of less than 12 months.

Defence Sec. G. "Private Pike" Williamson is trying to blackmail cash out of the PM and the Chancellor with the threat of a kamikaze attack, which will sink the Tory ship. Soon for the chop?
   The Treasury response to Private Pike is a warning that higher public spending means higher taxes, which is electoral suicide for the Tories.

The PM is being told to get tough with the EU and tell Barnier & Co. that no trade deal means no £39 billion exit fee. But will she have the guts to do it? The evidence thus far suggests she won't.

The Chancellor, P. Hammond, is blocking an immediate reduction in the maximum stake permitted on Fixed-Odds Betting Terminals. The limit will not be reduced to £2 until April 2020.

Taxes are going to go up in the autumn to give more cash to the NHS.

The Transport Sec., C. Grayling, is reported to have 'vowed' to launch a probe into rip-off petrol and diesel prices.
   Why? He's the boss. He doesn't have to vow, he just has to order his minions to get the hell on with it.

The government is giving the NHS a huge Brexit bonus. How much cash the NHS actually gets will have to be conditional on cutting out the endemic waste and inefficiency and Spanish practices, which have built up over the decades and which cost the taxpayer BILLIONS of pounds every year.

The EU has voted to exclude the UK from the Galileo satellite navigation system, which means that we are entitled to a refund of the £1.2 BILLION of British taxpayers' money invested in the project. The government must not be allowed to fail to get our money back.

The Home Sec., S. Javid, is planning to review visa requirements to make it easier with foreigners with valuable skills to come to the UK. One assumes that's medical professionals and scientists rather than bus drivers.

The Environment Sec., M. Gove, has appointed a Tree Monitor, whose job it will be to prevent councils (usually Labour) from having perfectly healthy trees felled on bogus 'elf ‘n' nazi grounds. Sir W. Worsley is currently overseeing the creation of 200 square miles of a new national forest. He will also have to make time to plant 12 million new trees by 2020, one-million of them in places vandalized by city councils.

Despite Brexit and Project Fear, the Office for National Statistics has declared that the unemployment rate of 4.2% is the lowest since records began 47 years ago.

Hammond outed The Foreign Sec., B. Johnson, has exposed the Chancellor, P. Hammond, as a Brexit saboteur and referendum denyer.

May 2018

The Home Sec. is relaxing the hostile environment for illegal immigrants, which was introduced by the present PM when she was Home Sec. and abused by civil servants to create the Windrush expulsions big scandal with a very small actual footprint; 5,000 migrants in, about 60 expelled of whom 30 were criminals.
   Some of the adjustments are aimed at getting needed good people into the country, e.g. doctors. But given the Wobby Willy nature of politicians, our Home Sec. is also going to end up giving aid and comfort to bad people in an attempt to buy popularity.

The wealthiest 1% of the population now pay 30% of all income tax. Just think how much better off the state-owned sector would be if the Corbynite scroungers paid their fair share!

The government is allowing HMRC to lie to the nation. The Maximum Facilitation customs plan will cost £2 billion, a proper economist has calculated, rather than HMRC's £20 billion.

The Ministry of Death (a.k.a. Defence) has adopted an intimidation scheme to get out of its obligation to let Afghans who served the British army as interpreters to migrate to the UK to avoid being murdered by the Taliban. Which sounds very New Labour.

The genius at the Home Office who screwed up and embarrassed the government by deporting Windrush Migrants as easy targets has been moved sideways to another government job as his reward for failure.

The new Home Sec., S. Javid, is positioning himself as the policeman's friend. He's going to give them more cash and equipment, and he's dropping the ban on stop and search of members of criminal communities; even of members of ethnic minorities which played the race card strongly enough to bamboozle his predecessors.
   He has the support of the head of the Police of the Metropolis in this but he is on course to butt heads with the token bus driver's son currently playing at being mayor of the capital.

Despite all the ethnic cleansing going on in Burma, DfID is still handing over £100 million/year of British taxpayers' money to the regime there.

The government has finally got round to sending hit squads to target those NHS hospital trusts which fail to seek payment from foreign health tourists. A few sackings of the persistent offenders would not go amiss pour encourage les autres.

The PM has been accused of planning for failure with her scam to keep the UK in the EU's customs unions for an indefinite extended period after December 2021.

The government has allowed the ‘justice' system to keep over 6,000 foreign killers and other criminals in Britain on spurious 'uman rights grounds.

The Northern Ireland Sec., K. Bradley, won't let the police put CCTV cameras at the border with the Irish Republic in case terrorists decide they have a right to smash them and get away with it. What a sorry bunch our PM has to pick from.

The government is on course for wasting £23 BILLION of taxpayers' cash on the Renewable Heat Incentive scam, for which we have to thank disgraced Coaltion Liberal (Buff) Huhne. The 'green' (but not really) scam encourages people to burn biomass in a boiler to gobble up subsidy cash and increase air pollution.

The Prime Minister's customs partnership plan for the EU post Brexit won't bring any benefits to the UK, she has been forced to admit. The trouble is, the Maximum Facilitation (Max Fac) alternative has tons and tons of potential for becoming a Max Fac-up once idiots in the civil service are let loose on it.

The PM's usual suspects are running a Project Fear campaign to persuade us that if there are border border posts and checks between the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland, then the IRA will seize that as an excuse to resume bombing and otherwise murdering British citizens and expand its protection rackets and drug dealing.
   Maybe someone needs to mention that if this happens, then Britain will feel entitled to carpet-bomb every IRA stronghold and keep doing it until the terrorists retreat back into their box. There are times when a reasoned response works and times when the threat of obliteration needs to be offered.

The Ministry of Defence has bogged up its cost controls to create a £21 million Brown Hole in its budget. Still, what do you expect with Private Pike running the MoD?

This government has been obliged to deliver a grovelling apology for the Blair regime's part in the kidnapping of a Libyan Islamist; done by the CIA with MI6 help; and turning the guy over to the Gaddaffy regime for torture and imprisonment.
   At least £2 million of British taxpayers' cash has gone down the drain via attempts at a cover-up and to buy off the kidnapped Islamist. By rights, the bill should be paid by Tony B. Liar, Jack Straw, the then Foreign Sec. and M. Allen, then head of MI6.
   A. Belhadj has a long history with Islamist groups, including the ones which took on the Soviet Union when it made an abortive invasion of Afghanistan, but denies having had much to do with O. bin Laden when they were in Afghanistan together. His main aim, he maintains, was the overthrow of the Gaddaffy regime in his home country.
   He was turned over to Gaddaffy as part of a strategy involving aiding opponents of Islamist terrorists after their 9/11 attack on the United States.
   Belhaji was sentenced to death for terrorism in Libya but released a year later to appease Libya's Islamists.

The government has given the green light to yet another witch hunt against the British troops who were sent to Northern Ireland to tackle the terrorists there. As usual, the authorities in Ulster will continue to give IRA killers a free pass. This is something we would expect from a Labour government. It is another shameful betrayal by a Tory government.
   The people of Ulster might find the idea of an amnesty repugnant but if only British troops are hauled into court—despite having been cleared of wrongdoing earlier—and the terrorists are allowed to walk free, then everyone else in Britain is entitled to be repelled too. Especially given the number of terrorists who received a get-out-of-gaol-free card from the Blair government.

The government of China is being highly embarrassed by the £50 million of 'small change' overseas aid which it receives from the UK. The Department for International Development has no plans to stop sending it, as it has a mountain of cash to shovel into Brown Holes and every little helps.

The prime minister has ordered a investigation of Commons Squeaker Berko's bullying and abusive treatment of his staff. Could he be the first holder of the job not to be retired to the House of Frauds?
 There is an inquiry going on into bullying at the Commons but it's just one of those vague, whitewash jobs which don't consider indivisual cases. It is therefore expected to tell us that everything is rosy after a token amount of time has been wasted.

The Universities Minister, S. Gyimah, has told educational institutions that they face sanctions if they allow snoflake students (and staff) to prevent free speech on the institution's premises with no-platforming agitations. Naming and shaming can become a fine if the free exchange of views which do not violate existing laws is compromised by the supporters of suspect causes.

April 2018

The new Home Secretary, S. Javid, was born in the UK but he claims he was thinking 'it could have been me' when the Windrush migrant shambles broke its dam. Which rather suggests he's a bit of a poor-me sympathy junkie with an over-active imagination. Worse, he's looking like he's going to be a chocolate teapot on illegal migrants from his opening statement on acquiring his job. Why can we never get anyone worth holding them in the allegedly Great Offices of State?
   But if he's up against a total klutz like D. Abbott as his shadow, there's no great incentive for him excel and for the PM to make the effort to put someone competent in the job. Assuming there is someone competent. Which is by no means a given at the moment.

The Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, has been axed for failing to be aware of what was going on in her fief. Her replacement is the son of a Pakistani bus driver as an antidote to the London Mayor.

The government is giving nearly £50 million/year in aid to China, the world's 2nd largest economy, which also has a multi-billion-pound overseas aid programme. What more proof do we need that government departments are stuffed to the rafters with idiots?

It has taken 8 years to repair some of the damage caused by the last period of Labour misrule under Blair & Brown. Britain has finally balanced the books. Well, as far as the current account goes. Capital spending will still involve lots more borrowing.

The Home Office has refused to play the national interest card used by other nations when it comes to ensuring their passports are printed at home. But then, the British jobsworth has a well-deserved reputation for being the most bone-headed in the world.

The PM has apologized for the way the Home Office became heartless and hopeless under the last Labour government.

The government is putting foreign firms first when it hands out fishing rights for British territorial waters. It's easier just to let them continue to hoover up the fish than to make an effort to let British firms have a fair deal.

The mess the Home Sec., A. Rudd, and her department have got themselves into over migrants from the Caribbean who arrived in the post-war years, and their children, is typical of what happens when burrocrats apply rules unreasonably to a situation to which they were never intended to apply.
   Sadly, it remains true that when a government department has the option of doing something terminally stoopid, it will.

The latest Minister for Wasting Taxpayers' Cash Overseas has lost it. She insists that the taxpayer should be proud of her efforts to stuff cash into the pockets of despots and crooks in the hope that a few quid will trickle out into the pockets of the poor abroad. Time to knock her on the head and stuff her back into the cupboard under the stairs.

When Home Sec., the current PM ordered police to stop doing stop & search on people likely to be carrying a weapon to be PC and cosy up to the black community. As a result, knife crime soared. Yet she has no plans to bang the present Home Sec.'s heads together and reverse course now. Maybe she's hoping all the violent kids will do the world a favour and become extinct if they're allowed to slaughter one another without let and hindrance.

As a result of Brown Fiscal Drag (not raising tax thresholds), the number of people paying the higher rates of income tax has doubled since New Labour took office in 1997 and Gordon F. Broon began wrecking the private sector and private pensions with his Stealth Taxes. These unfortunates now pay around 70% of all income tax.

March 2018

The government has decided not to renew the contract of the current Director of Public Prostitutions when it expires in October. Her 5 years in the job has been a catalogue of disasters and wasted taxpayers' cash. Not to mention constant complaints about The Cuts, which never seemed to prevent her from throwning money down drains.
   The government wants a clean break and a fresh start in the hope of restoring a modicul of public confidence in the court system, which has seem justice prostituted by political correctness and the presumption of innocence turned on its head.
   Tyranny remains just a small step away when bad people are allowed to flourish by lazy politicians. And we've had two or three decades of some of the laziest imaginable.

The PM claims she's giving us strong and stable government but the performance of most of her ministers is more weak & wobbly, wishy & washy and downright not good enough.
   Abuses of office, like the decision from the Cabinet Office not to give the victims of contaminated blood products issued by the NHS legal aid for the public inquiry, and the subsequent embarrassment of the U-turn by the government, shows that there is a lot of sacking and retraining urgently needed in the government machine to make it work decently occasionally.
   A transfusion of human beings to dilute the mindless jobsworths would not go amiss. The rule at the Justice Dept. at present seems to be the more worthless the piece of scum, the more ready civil servants are to shower it with taxpayers' cash.
   The PM would be doing the nation a great service by stamping out this culture everywhere in the government apparatus. But we're not holding our breath.

We seem to be blessed with a whole gang of ministers who are useless ditherers and just plain not up to the job. Home Sec. A. Rudd is clearly struggling; the fiasco about making Britain's passports abroad confirms that. As is Business Sec. G. Clark when the national interest is involved. And as for Justice Sec. D. Gauke, he is a complete waste of space.
   The only reason any of them still has a job appears to be that the waxworks which Corbynite Labour would install in their offices are infinitely more appalling.

Still no sign of the alleged Business Sec. playing the national interest card a couple of days ahead of the shareholder vote on the fate of engineering mega-company GKN. Presumably, G. Clark, and the rest of the Cabinet, are cool with vultures doing a demolition job.

The victims of the NHS policy of using contaminated blood products from the US going from the 1970s into the 1980s are not getting legal funding for the inquiry ordered by the Prime MInister. It would appear that the Cabinet Office gives taxpayers' cash only to terrorists and their supporters, rapists, murderers and the like. This is going to be very bad news for Mrs. May unless she bangs some heads together.

The average weekly household income is a record £494. The state pension is 25% of this amount. Inflation is 2.7% and the rate of wage inflation is 2.8.

We need to keep a close eye on the PM when it comes to British territorial waters. Britain was screwed by one Tory PM; Ted Heath. Mrs. May must not be allowed to get away with another sell-out, which extends beyond Brexit and even beyond the transition period limit of December 2020. Our territorial waters are not an EU asset. They're our asset.
We also need to keep a close eye on the present chancellor, Hammond. He's not above a bit of dodgy dealing either.

The Brown Hole of debt into which Labour plunged the country coste £1 BILLION per WEEK in interest payments to service. That is why the Chancellor can't do the Brown splurge, which Labour is demanding

The PM is getting the blame for the rise in knife crime in London. When Home Sec., she made the police cut back on stop-&-search because she thought it was unfair to young, black men; ignoring the fact that they're the ones most likely to have a knife.

The Daily Mail has shot the Hammond fox. He was forced to scrap his plan to scrap our 1p and 2p coins after the Mail outed him and the PM gave him a slap round the back of the head.

The Chancellor is feeling almost cheerful about the state of the economy as he hopes that the Brown Hole of debt will stop growing fairly soon. But he plans to ignore Labour demands for a total splurge of all excess income above routine expenditure. This attitude conveniently ignores the unwelcome fact that total government expenditure, including H2S and other capital projects, is still deeply in the Brown.
   There will be a small splurge but it will be balanced by the need for debt reduction and relief from the vast amounts of taxpayers' cash, which is being used to pay interest on the Brown Hole of debt.

The Chancellor is trying to abolish copper coins and boost inflation by up to 4%. Let's face it, everything with a price ending in 6p is going to be rounded up to the next zero rather than down to the nearest 5p. That's our experience from the not-so-great decimalization swindle.
 There is also a plan to make everyone who takes a cash payment for services rendered to provide a receipt: i.e. the Balls Plan of 2015. Great ones for coming up with ways to waste time and paper, are politicians and uncivil unservants.

The Chancellor seems intent on handing over Britain's territorial waters, and all the fish in them, to the EU. What's he getting out of it?

The government is considering absenting the UK from the ceremonial parts of the World Cup which Russia bought over the Litvinyenko Two poisoning in Salisbury. But we're not expecting anything meaningful.

The government is letting Centrica, which owns British Gas, close the country's only meaningful gas storage facility with the result that the national reserves will sink perilously close to the magic figure of zero days' when the run-down is complete. Naturally, there is no plan to build an alternative storage facility as that would involve politicians in doing something useful.

The government is to kybosh the luvvie-left section 40 of the Crime & Courts Act, which would have made newspapers liable to pay the costs of vexatious libel actions even when the newspaper won the case.

The Culture Sec., M. Hancock, has put the kybosh on a Leveson II inquiry into relations between the press and the police on the grounds that it would be a waste of time and money. How strange! Good sense is something we don't expect from politicians.

For the first time in 17 years, following Gordon F. Brown's decision to spend recklessly and create a Brown Debt Mountain, the Treasury has finally managed to spend £3 billion less than its income. The bad news is that when capital spending and stuff like infrastructure projects are included in the sums, the national Brown Pile of Debt rose in size by another £18 billion. It now stands at over £2,000 billion.

The Prime Minister has told the EU to take its plan to annex Northern Ireland and stick it where the sun don't shine. Shades of Mr. Hitler and the Sudetenland?

February 2018

Britain will be fully out of the EU when the current budget period ends in December 2020, there will be no extended transition.

The Tories took over in 2010 with a promise to get tough on criminals. Issuing fines to them has not worked. The combined Coalition + Cameron + May administrations have already written off over £1 BILLION owed by criminals but considered uncollectable. Fine words, but the bad guys are still getting away with it.

Automatic peerages for judges, police chiefs, government ministers and other usual suspects will end, the Prime Minister has assured us. Whether or not the number of peerages handed out in future dishonours lists diminishes remains to be seen.

The Treasury has appointed a tax-dodger, who had to pay HMRC a big wodge of cash, as the new head of the Financial Conduct Authority. Mr. Randell is sure to have the full confidence of the people who pay his wages.
He replaces a character who used to work @ KPMG. 'nuff said.

The PM is having a review of degree funding with a view of giving the chop to Mickey Mouse stuff. Naturally, the usual suspects and the usual luvvies, who abhor the real world, are up in arms. So it must be a great idea.

The government has let the EU bosses know that no post-Brexit trade deal means no £40 BILLION blackmail payment.

The government is not making any hasty decisions in the wake of the sex scandal which has engulfed Oxfam.
Translation: The aid tap will not be turned off.

The NHS has survived its worst winter since records began, the Health Sec., J. Hunt, has revealed. Despite Gordon Brown and New Labour's best efforts to destroy the British economy, the NHS has coped with the worst flu outbreak for seven years. But that's what Britain does in a crisis: copes.

The Tory manifesto for the last general election promised a rise in the £200/year paid by migrants from outside the EU for access to the NHS to £600/year. The actual rise will be £400/year (some £70/year short of the economic figure). Banging NHS heads together, or even some sackings, to get managers to charge foreigners for services received would also be a terrific idea.

The PM has reaffirmed that the UK will be leaving the current customs union with the EU on Brexit and anyone who says any different, like the Chancellor or other Bremoaners, is lying. We are leaving and we will not be going into the Chinese copy demanded by the Bremoaners when we are free of the EU.
As a result, Eurobureaucraps are saying that trade barriers will be unavoidable. That should make them very popular with Europeans firms trying to sell goods to the UK.

Book-Cooking Warning: The PM is heading toward massaging the migration figures by dropping out foreign students.

Stealth Tax Warning: the Chancellor had ordered a review of inheritance tax to see how much already fully taxed money he can grab to waste on the undeserving. Sounds like a cue to get spending and leave the bastard with nothing to grab.

Some MPs have a bit of sense, such as the ones who voted to vacate the House of Common Criminals to let the refurbishers have an uninterrupted field of play for the decade or so they will spend upgrading the rotting 1840s pile.

The PM has said she will fight the plan by the EU to extend automatic settlement rights for EU citizens from Brexit to the end of a 2-year transition. No need to get into a brawl, Theresa. A simple "NO!" will do.

January 2018

Some good news for the government: the economy is doing better than the 'experts' predicted. But as they are always off the mark, that's nothing special.

The latest opinion poll on the Cabinet has the chancellor, P. Hammond, in the role of chief Bremoaner, the foreign sec., B. Johnson, as the chief defender of Brexit and the prime minister, T. May, firmly camped behind the settee in the 'Haven't A Clue' camp.

The Chancellor, P. Hammond, is putting a Brown Stealth Tax on savings accounts provided by insurance companies. Income which was exceeded by the rate of inflation used to be untaxed. Now, corporated tax rates will apply to it.
The official Treasury line is that any savers affected are too insignificant to matter.

The Chancellor, P. Hammond, would have us believe that he and his fellow Bremoaners will sabotage Brexit to the extent that nothing much will change when we are out of the E bloody U. He's now even more unpopular, if that is humanly possible.

It's okay for other Cabinet members to leak like a bucket with a hole in it (especially the ones who are as useless as a bucket with a hole in it) but nokay for Boris Johnson to do it.
Democracy, but not as we know it, Theresa.

The Commons Public Accounts committee has found that the tagging system wished upon us by the Ministry of Justice at a cost of £76 million has been a catastrophic waste of taxpayers' money. Further proof that the government (of any colour) remains unfit to run the proverbial whelk stall.

The prime minister is to set up a fake news and disinformation battle unit. It will be tasked with combatting political garbage from the nation's many enemies such as the Russians, Islamists, the EU, the Labour and Liberal parties, Bremoaners and oh, so many more.

Government borrowing is at its lowest level since Gordon F. Brown turned on the taps of his spending binge in the last gasp of C20. But the Chancellor is still digging the Brown Hole in the nation's finances deeper still, if at a slower rate, rather than balancing the books then filling the hole.

The government is dragging its feet over giving the NHS a Brexit Bonus when the EU is no longer doing its vampire act on the UK in order to prevent Boris Johnson from claiming the credit for injecting more funds into the bottomless pit.

The PM wishes to thank the unelected presidents of the European Council and the Europeon Commission for their invitation to forget Brexit; in other words, to keep on voting until we get it right; but our response remains 'No, thanks'.

Mrs. May has decided to appoint a Minister for Loneliness. T. Crouch will be given the job of jollying the 9 million adults who cannot cope with the sad reality of isolation. Sounds like she's going to have her hands full.

The new boss of DfID, P. Mordaunt, his planning to cut bungs to countries where the government makes no effort to help its citizens. Her new policy is all about helping countries to stand on their own feet rather than lounging about in bed all day.

The PM has promised to overturn the attempts by the House of Frauds to prevent newspapers from investigating corruption, especially in the public sector, by making newspapers liable for the costs of vexatious litigation, even when they win. This is a very left-wing concept of justice and something up with which a Tory government should not put.

Theresa May has pledged to spend the next 25 years picking up plastic waste. How noble of her!

We really need a new word to describe a reshuffle that doesn't change anything much. Mrs. May's latest effort has beefed up the Brexit team, however, whilst up-scaling the junior wimmin.

The National Insurance Fund is due to run out in 2033 unless the 12% rate is increased to 12.6%. Is this a nettle which the new, improved May Cabinet is prepared to grasp?

The PM is watching another red line crumbling. MPs are determined to remove students from immigration figures so that they can pretend that the total is some 500,000 bodies lower than it actually is. The PM is reported to be reduced to a minority of 1 in the Cabinet.
Sounds like she needs a new and better Cabinet . . .

December 2017

UK aid to the 20 most corrupt regimes in the world rose by 10% in 2016. So much for looking after the taxpayer's hard-earned cash.

Why does Britain have a Third World tax collection and administration system? Because HMRC is sending the competent staff abroad to collect taxes in Third World countries and it doesn't have the cash to train replacements. Yet another example of the foreign aid monster screwing things up for everyone at home, and the government letting it.

The MoD is still being allowed to waste time and resources on pointless political correctness and inclusivism. Which means that even if the armed forces were expanded back to an effective level, the troops wouldn't be capable of putting up much of a fight and they would be led by miserable incompetents.

Universities which fail to protect freedom of speech and which permit 'no platforming' by impaired snoflakes will be subject to fines when a new regulator has set up shop. The Office for Students will open in April 2018 and have the power to fine or even deregister institutions which pander to vexatious minorities.
   At the same time, freedom of speech will not be a licence for racialism, unreasonable discrimination and the anti-Semitism currently being fostered by the Labour party.

Education Sec. J. Greening's dotty idea to let people pick which gender they want to be legally, without consulting the medical trade, is heading off the back burner and towards the dustbin.

The Treasury, via HMRC, is imposing premature death duties on people who donated cash to the Leave cause before the EU membership referendum in an attempt to balance the £9 million plus spent by the government on its Remain campaign. More shabby politics by the Remoaners, Mr. Hammond?

The government has ruled that British passports will be blue again after we leave the EU. And, if we are no longer subject to EU tender laws, there is no excuse for not getting them made in Britain; but only if a genuinely competitive tender is on offer.
 Typically, Labour MPs started broadcasting the fake news that the switch will cost the taxpayer £500 million, knowing that we are due for a redesign of the UK passport with the addition of extra security features. Which means that the cost of the update remains the same whether the jacket it coloured blue, brown, green or another colour. But that's Labour for you: the fake news was too good to resist.

The PM has announced that the UK will be out of the Common Agriculture and Fisheries Polices when we leave the EU in March 2019, irrespective of transition.

Environment Sec. M. Gove has realized that local councils cannot be trusted to decide which plastics can be recycled. He is going to reduce the current shambles by making it a matter for central government.

The Chancellor is having a proper bad hair week as the second weekend of the month approaches with promises of freezing temperatures despite all the guff about global warming.
   P. Hammond thinks he can get away with an British Army cut to 50,000 bodies, and he would be happy to pay the EU as much as it demands for its bogus obligations, even if we don't get a decent trade deal.
   The sensible members of his party are now getting some exercise from slapping him down.

Our government must know that in all negotiations with the EU, there is always some small bunch of spivs; the Irish, in the present case; holding everything up until they get undeserved special treatment. Which makes it all the more strange that the government is bothering to hold talks with the EU at all, and waste lots of time and taxpayers' money, which would be better spent at home.
No deal with the EU is ever worth the effort wasted on it.

November 2017

The PM is going even softer on Brexit; €50 BILLION is the latest offer. Meanwhile, the Centre for Economic Policy Research has calculated that if Ireland blocks the trade deal with the EU, it will cost them 50,000 jobs (2.5% of the workforce), us 530,000 jobs and the Europeons 1.2 MILLION jobs. The authors of the report are based in Belgium, which has a steel industry which would be hard-hit by EU intransigence.

The Budget contains a Brownian Stealth Tax on endowment, with-profits and whole-of-life savings policies offered by insurance companies, confirming that Chancellor Hammond is just as dishonest as any of his predecessors.

The Chancellor put some jokes into his Budget performance; he even got the PM to play his lady assistant; in an attempt to create a less Vulcan impression. If he can manage to lose the standard political wibble, people might even start to suspect that he's a human bean!
   What a wonderful idea, making online sales platforms liable for VAT dodged by Chinese and other traders. How come no one came up with such a brilliant idea sooner? [Or did that happen and there was lobbying?] Extending the scope of the Gooble tax on artificially exported profits is another idea.

Oh, dear. The PM is going soft on the EU. She's talking about upping her ante from £20 BILLION to £40 BILLION. Which will only encourage the EU monster. How long will it be before she is offering £60 BILLION and they think they can get away with upping their demand for £100 BILLION to £120 BILLION?

Abolishing the paper vehicle tax disc (thanks, G. Osborne) has resulted in a 300% rise in the number of unlicensed vehicles. Which means that the saving of £10 million/year by the DVLA has resulted in a loss to the Exchequer in excess of £107 million/year.

Something else Mrs. May is going soggy on is writing a leave date from the EU into law.

The Foreign Sec. B. Johnson, is leading the defence against Mrs. May going wobbly and offering more than £20 billion to the EU, even though everyone knows the Eurograbbers will never by satisfied, no matter how much they get, especially if they are planning to DOUBLE the EU budget.

S. Javid, the Communities Sec. thinks he can buy popularity by blaming 'older people' who have bought a home and don't have a mortgage for the lack of housing caused by governments encouraging and failing to control immigration.

The Brexit boss, D. Davis, has given Parliament a vote on the Brexit deal agreed with the EU (if one ever is agreed). He has also underlined the fact that everyone knows that we are leaving, and if the deal is rejected by our Parliament, then it's a no-treaty Brexit.

The PM has taken the unusual step of telling the Russian government directly that she knows it is spreading fake news by giving a soapbox to Britain's enemies, like J. Corbyn and his gang; a role traditionally reserved for luvvie left newspapers and the BBC, who are reported to be deeply unhappy about the intrusion. The Putinocracy is also performing cyber-attacks on our institutions. The Russians are happy to be cast in the role of villain/victims as Putin is up for another cosmetic re-election in a few months. The Russians are also annoyed about a tightening of financial rules to hinder their attempts to launder stolen cash through London.

According to Health Sec. J. Hunt, the NHS could save £1 BILLION/year by shopping around and not paying out tens of pounds for items costing just pence. [But the only way to achieve this would be to start sacking procurement department staff who fail to give the taxpayer value-for-money.]

The decision to scrap Class 2 NI contributions for the self-employed can hardly be described as a slap in the face [the hysterical reaction of Libertine-Democrap leader V. Cable] given that the stamp are charged at only £2.85 per week, and not paying them deprives the self-employed of official contributions to a state pension.
   The abolition was the idea of sacked Chancellor G. Osborne, who thought that saving a few people £2.85 per week would put rocket boosters on the back of enterprise. If he really thought that, it's no wonder he was sacked!
   P. Hammond choosing to sneak out his announcement a week or two before the autumn budget [on the day when the BoE doubled the official interest rate] is typical of the current Chancellor, who has failed to get a grip on the job and also needs to be sacked.

MPs are 'considering' legal action against antisocial meeja sites which platform libels (rather than publishing them). Bunch of effin' wimps! They need to grasp the nettle and refuse to the the antisocials hide behind semantics.

The Prime Minister is furious about a 'sex scandal' which has a fairly non-existent sex content and isn't a scandal. Just the usual political cosmetics, then? Yawn.

The Home Sec. A. Ruddigore, has ordered top coppers to devote the time they waste bitching about "The Cuts" and dreaming up silly stunts to cleaning up their own act and doing the job they are paid to do: fighting crime.

October 2017

The Treasury is getting the blame for building an unnecessary 2-week delay into Universal Credit payments: G. Osborne for extending the month-in-arrears 4 weeks suggested by Iain Duncan Smith to 6 weeks and P. Hammond for perpetuating the extra fortnight.

A leak by the PM's office has told us that the EU has been informed that if there is no trade deal in place by this time next year, that's it. We will be out of the EU in March 2019 and no transitional period will be necessary if there is do deal to which we need to make a transition.
   The response from the EU's Goebbels Squad was a smear campaign aimed at painting our PM as helpless and powerless, and someone who was begging the Eurocraps to prop her up with a couple of sweeties for the British electorate.

Typical! The looney left are up in arms because the government is making hospitals check up on potential customers to find out if they have been resident here for the last 6 months as a fairly feeble swipe against health tourism. Sounds like another outbreak of magic-money-treeism among the looneys.

The Chancellor thinks he's on an election winner with plans to tax the "don't buy it unless you can afford it" generation to pay bribes to the "I want, I gotta have" generation, who believe in Corbyn's Magic Money Forest. Sounds like a plan. (icon of something sarcastic)

The PM told the EU to get real on Brexit at a jolly in Brussels, but does she really mean it? Or was that just a prelude to a big giveaway?

The government is making the universal credit helpline a freephone number following lobbying. As calls to the existing 0345 number are charged at local rates, or free to some landline customers, complaints that calls can cost 55p/minute should be redirected to exploiting mobile phone companies. Not that you'd get that level of fairness from non-Tories.
Labour party calls for a halt to rolling out the new, simplified benefits system have been ignored.

A shortage of imported nurses is creating problems for the NHS. The government plans to fix things by making the English language tests simpler. This is a response to the observation that Australian and Canadian nurses, who have English as their mother-tongue, can fail. Maybe they should have tried the test out on some British born nurses first. But 9.5 out of 10 for pragmatism.

Just over a couple of months after Peugeot took over Vauxhall with promises of no job cuts, 400 jobs are to go in Ellesmere Port. No sign of the Department of Trade (if we still have one) doing anything other than hand-wringing, however.

The Chancellor is making himself popular again by thinking that he can tax the pensions of older people, who are more likely to vote Tory, to buy votes from youngsters, who haven't been around for long enough to know what a fiscal disaster every Labour government turns out to be. Looks like he has been taken over by the malevolent spirit of Gordon F. Broon, the Man Who Stole Your Pension, who wrecked final-salary pensions in the private sector in the previous decade.

The Chancellor is as prone to loose lips as any politician and having revealed the government's real view of the EU; they're the enemy; he was unable to resist and urge to issue a slimy and unconvincing retraction. Then he followed it up with an even more unconvincing declaration that he is Brexit's best friend.

The PM is demanding an end to discrimination in everyday life. Fine. While she's at it, why doesn't she demand competence from everyone in the public sector, the government included, and at least 5 sunny days every week. She has as much chance of getting all three by just demanding.

The Tories have given up on their pledge to cap social care costs by 2020. This is part of a strategy for making people realize that they need to save for their old age instead of relying on others to give them a free ride. Labour's refusal to engage in cross-party talks is getting the blame.

The Chancellor is trying to sabotage Iain Duncan Smith's benefits reforms by refusing to provide cash for claimants in transition to the Universal Credit.

Despite a disastrous party conference speech and the best attempts of the Bremoaners and others who think that a new leader will give them a job, Theresa May is still the leader of the Conservative party.

The Prime Minister offered her party a formal apology at the annual Conservative party conference, which was held in Manchester this year. She is sorry for running a bogged general election campaign during the summer. And she's sorry Boris Johnson hasn't been run over by a bus; but she didn't dare say that.

September 2017

Mrs. May tells the EU in Florence: "I want you to walk all over us, like you usually do. And with my blessing. Brexit means Brexit, but not for two more years and you can keep your hand in the British taxpayer's pocket for even longer."

The PM is planning to offer the EU £20 Billion as a Danegeld divorce settlement to get trade talks started, even though the Germans are agitating for such talks and will agitate even more if they see nothing happening. There is no mention of the EU paying the UK for its share of EU assets bought with British taxpayers' money, however.
   It is unlikely that the greedy eurocrats who are making the ransom demands will settle for such a paltry sum. It is as unlikely that the Bremoaners in the Cabinet will be prepared to go for a "no talks = no cash and no deal" stance.

The PM has warned the UN that it has to stop wasting aid money or the UK will withhold £30M of its contributions. Like the EU, the UN is notorious for negligent accounting, back-scratching, lack of cost controls and indifference to fraud.

Under pressure from the Big 9 supermarket chains, the Food Standards Agency has been persuaded to stop naming and shaming major retailers who sell chicken contaminated with the food-poisoning bug campylobacter. In futhre, the FSA will concentrate on softer targets like small butchers, independent stores and farmers' markets. The switch of focus has been described as ‘bizarre and unnecessary'. But hey, it's only public safety that's at stake.

August 2017

Letting local councils apply anti-social behaviour laws to infringements of bin codes was an act of pure insanity on the part of the government. It is well known that town halls are full of tossers who will abuse their powers without a second thought. And there can be no doubt that those in government do know that when it comes to sheer stupidity, you cannot match petty burrocrats in government; local and national alike. If ever a U-turn was needed, it's here.

The Chancellor has been forced to do a U-turn on the amounts that can be staked at fixed-odds betting terminals in bookmakers' shops. But only as far as a review in the autumn. He's not actually doing anything useful right now.

The Treasury has obtained its first July budget surplus since 2002, when Gordon 'Effin Broon was busy with his plan to spend the nation in to bankruptcy.

Mrs. May has dived in to the controversy over President Trump's condemnation of both sides that caused the riot in Charlottesville, Virginia. According to her, there is no equivalence between those who propound fascist views and those who oppose them. Something which the fascist left here, and grooming gangs, have been relying on for years.

The Prime minister has banged together the heads of the Commons squeaker, Berko, and told him that his plan to silence Big Ben for 4 years, or even longer (!) ain't gonna happen.

A-Level exam papers have been made tougher to combat years of dumbing down by The Blob, thanks to Michael Gove's efforts. But the exam regulator is going to reduce the number of marks required for a top grade to prevent a dip in the apparent success rate. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

The government's Equality & Human Right's Commission has declared that all jobs must be available on a part-time basis unless an employer can prove genuine business reason for exemption. We all know August is the Silly Season but this piece of the government has stepped over the border into insanity. There's now a clear case for giving everyone involved a zero hours contract and telling them zero means zero!

The government is planning to put before Parliament next year, a bill to allow learner drivers to gain motorway experience. They will have to be in a dual-control car under supervision from a properly qualified instructor.

The Chancellor has had his heads banged together and his infinite transition period post-Brexit is now off the table.

A Dave-the-Leader-buddy hedge fundamentalist has recommended that the government be nice to gaoled criminals. He wants crims to be let out for Xmas and kids' birthdays, play areas in prisons with comfy sofas for criminals and their children, Skype video calls and all sorts of other goodies. Clearly, this fatuous lordship has failed to grasp the point of sending someone to gaol. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that we have any sensible people in the justice system, who will tell Dave's pal to get lost.

The FO is giving £6 million of taxpayers' money to the oppressive regime in Venezuela; including cash to help train the police to be more oppressive. How very Corbyn of it, Boris.

The PM has delivered a slap to the back of the Chancellor's head to tell him to stop his fantasies about Brexit. We're definitely leaving.

British Gas would have us believe that it has to put up its electricity price by one-eighth because of the cost of the government's Green Crap. Ofgem, the toothless industry watchdog, says BG is lying. The government, which was promising to cap rip-off energy bills at one time, says legislation to ‘combat' the energy market is in no way off the table. Translation: don't hold your breath.

Re: the next item (below)— Chancellor Hammond is giving £80 MILLION to Brazil out of the pockets of British taxpayers. Brazil has the world's ninth biggest economy and it is one of the more corrupt places in the world. Hammond has the world's smallest brain. Hammond's next stop is Argentina. British taxpayers are advised to brace themselves for more largesse.

June/July 2017

The Foreign Office is handing £2 BILLION/year of British taxpayers' cash to the 30 worst regimes in the world. Do we really need to be the pals of tinpot dictators?

The French did it a couple of weeks earlier. At the end of July, our government has decreed that only new electric cars can be sold from 2040 on in the name of reducing air pollution. Existing diesel and petrol cars will be allowed to run until either they croak or the owner can no longer pay licence-to-kill pollution charges.

The government is to ban the sale of new houses with a leashold ground rent. There may also be help for householders who are stuck with a toxic deal with a bunch of grabbing extorters.

The government is giving up on improving and electrifying railways in the Midlands, the North of England and Wales in order to pour cash into the £100 BILLION Brown Hole of H2S.

Fees for paying by credit card, typically 1-3%, will be banned from Jan 2018 in compliance with an EU Payment Services directive. Costs are never more than 0.6% of the amount processed, so companies charging more are ripping off their customers.

The PM is being invited to sack ministers who show disloyalty by briefing against colleagues or leaking to embarrass them**. Doing so could have the bonus of increasing her personal popularity. J. Corbyn has promoted to his shadow cabinet and then sacked most of the current Labour MPs and, according to the theGrauniad/CBC Axis, he is the most popular politician of all time.
   ** excluding leaks/briefings against the Chancellor

The government is in trouble (again) for letting the Cabinet Sec., Sir Cover-Up, sit on a report on the true mission status of the H2S rail white elephant. Opponents of this enormous waste of cash are sure that if the government has suppressed the report for over a year, then its conclusions on value-for-money, keeping to the budget and delivering on time must be extremely damaging at a time when there are all sorts of better alternatives for spending £100 BILLION.

The ambulance service is being allowed to slump back in to the New Labour era, with some hospital trusts sending out cars to tick target boxes, ignoring the needs of the patient concerned. Something for the government to jump upon bloody quickly.

BEWARE: The May regime has not given up on its Death Tax — the plan to raise probate fees from the cost of doing the work to a percentage of the estate.

The Chancellor's plan to dump on the self-employed by increasing their National Insurance has been binned.

The 1% pay-rise cap on teachers' pay will remain in place, the Ed. Sec. J. Greening has declared on the advice of the Independent School Teachers' Review Body, which suggested lifting the cap after September 2018, when the coming review period runs out.
Talking about the continued 1% cap on pay rises for teachers, one of their unions declared: "Everyone except the government appears to accept that there is a crisis in teacher supply". Which confirms that: "No one but the government appears to accept that there is a crisis in money supply".

The PM seems proud of the fact that she is giving £30 million of British taxpayers' cash to pay insurance premiums for people in third-world countries. Meanwhile, 4 million British families don't have home insurance; some because they spend the money on other things, others because their homes are uninsurable, either because defects in planning regulations allowed them to be built on flood plains or areas known to be prone to flooding, or as a direct result of EU/Environment Department meddling.

The PM knows that the country needs to live within its means. But does she have the courage to stick to her guns with some of the members of her inner circle going soft on doing the right thing?

The DUP is getting the blame for dumping on English taxpayers, the cost of abortions for residents of Ulster, where it is illegal. In fact, the blame belongs to the Tory Wimmin, who have a fairly New Labour attitude to other people's cash and who took advantage of the majority squeeze associated with the Queen's Speech.

The government has done a deal with the DUP. That's £1 billion more for Ulster over 2 years (a 5% pay rise) in exchange for backing on the Queen's Speech, the next budget, security and Brexit. The Labour party is railing against the deal as an apology for its own previous attempts to bargain with the DUP. Nothing like a sinner repentant . . .
"What's that red stuff? Blood?"
"Nah, mate, just sour Labour grape juice."
On the other hand, it can be argued that the people of Ulster have wrecked their own home with their mindless mob violence, and they're now demanding that English taxpayers pay to put it back in good order. Not exactly fair by any set of standards.

A rise in property values and a freeze of thresholds has put the government's take from that most pernicious of taxes Inheritance Tax up by 9% over the last year to £5.1 BILLION pounds. And in the present circumstances, there's no chance of that particular abuse being set right.

Given the clunker of an election manifesto, the Queen's Speech has been trimmed and extended to cover 2 years to make Brexit happen. This is what's left:

  8 Brexit bills to avoid a legislative cliff edge when we leave the EU
  H2S, the deeply flawed high-speed rail catastrophe, will be extended from Birmingham to Crewe
  (Some of) those wanting a right to be forgotten will be allowed to have their data erased completely.
  Britain is going to have space stations on the ground!!
  Whiplash fraudsters will be cracked down upon.
  The armed forces will get flexibile working (which should be a real advantage during a war) and extended maternity leave.
  Protection for holidaymakers who use internet booking sites
  The hope of extended prison sentences for domestic violence involving child abuse if the judge isn't working to some personal political agenda
  A ban on charging letting fees to tenants.

Out are capping energy bills, plans for funding future social care, more grammar schools, a vote on fox hunting, and plans to bin the pensions triple-lock and means-test the Winter Fuel Allowance.


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