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We have closed page 2 and started another from the beginning of 2020.

Received in July 2023

NHS striker

All she wants is 49% more pay

Received in February 2023

Get it level

Alternatively, "Get the shrimp some higher heels!"

Received in January 2023

Ready for hecklers

Don’t vote, it only encourages them?

Ready for dissenters

Ready for hecklers

Sir Smarmer & sidekick get ready for students in London

Received in December 2022

The NHS Christmas Tree for 2022

NHS Xmas tree 2022

Received in November 2022

Sunak butting in

King Charles & Stella McCartney fail to appreciate a butinksi @ a Buck House do

In the debating chamber . . . Sunak vs Hunt

Sunak + Hunt being smug

Why be a SmugBugger or a DoomBugger when you can be both?

Received in October 2022

A very good question, Your Majesty!

King Charls + PM Sunak

Putin a jacked-up poseur in his place

Macron + Truss
PM Trussty Lizzie asks the awkward questions @ the UN

Received in September 2022

Carried away by enthusiasm Part 2

Riski California bound
Time to bow out and enjoy them billions somewhere sunny!

Received in August 2022

Carried away by enthusiasm!

Pritti Patel at full volume
Home Sec. Yelly Pateli gives Defence Sec. B. Wallace an earful @ Goodwood

The body language of the hopefuls . . .

Putin despondent
Sunak hands grabbing, subtext “it’s all about me”
Truss hands giving, much better PR strategy

Received in July 2022

Even a ruthless despot can feel unloved

Putin despondent
But former F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone would still take a bullet for Putin the Poisoner

Received in June 2022

The Prime Minister learns the secrets of the Cornish courgette trade

lethal weapon

Received in May 2022

Unlocked madness!

Skive / easy

The Mogg Vote—take your pick . . .

Skive / easy


Cheer up!
Despite stagflation, we still have at least one growth area to brag about!

Starmer conk

The Teflon™ coating of leadership . . .

Starmer, Rayner, lie 3

Some have got it, some ain’t . . .

Starmer, Rayner, lie 2

“The Truth shall set you Free!’

Starmer, Rayner, lie 1

Received in April 2022

Good manners – a legacy of the British Raj – demand that a valued visitor be
allowed to ‘win’ a Trendy Turban Tie-up on a trip to a tractor factory in India

Boris in India with turban

You can’t beat a recycled oldie!

stonking lie!

Local elections to pay for and fines for partying during lock-in
and boozing bottles of beer being handed out . . .

'gimme dosh!

What to tell the staff @
the petrol station . . .

Everything may have become pretty unaffordable for the common herd this month, especially fuels of all descriptions, but the Chancellor has got himself well sorted!

rich wife!

Received in March 2022

William fired!
The things Royals have to do on a foreign visit, like Kate 'n' Bill in the Caribbean!

fuel crisis
Oil price surge triggers panic buying in Putinstan

give peace a chance
Foreign Secretary Liz Truss announced that “ . . nothing is off the table.”

give peace a chance
Give Peace A Chance? Like that’s going to happen!

Received in February 2022

Putin's rules
President of Putinstan explains rules for summit with US President Creaky Joe

Received in January 2022

Biotech aid for the Chancellor
A safe 225 miles from all the beer froth & scandal in London, Chancellor Sunak
seeks some help/insurance from a biotech company in Ilfracombe

Starmer hypocrite
Sir Starmer progressing from beergate to beer belly . . .

Advice from Health Sec. Javid
Health Sec. Javid offers useful advice to staff at King's College Hospital in London

Received in December 2021

Eclipse Day USA revisited
Who Steve Baker? He's a Tory MP who was a very junior minister briefly.
His only claim to fame is that he runs an online group of Tory MPs and
he cancels any members who dare to disagree with him.
A member of the petty git tendency? Oh, yes.

Xmas in Downing Street
Another Christmas Do in Downing Street

Received in November 2021

Chancellor Snack goes shopping for sweeties in Bury—or is it Burnley?

Received in October 2021

Grumpy Boris
Boris back in school entertaining the kids . . .

Boris Johnson causes gas shortage
Holiday hazard—the Prime Monster’s approval rating slips into the NOgative!

One disgruntled bear
Much the same can be said about Putin the Poisoner’s.

Received in September 2021

Boris Johnson explains taxes
POLITICAL EDUCATION: The Prime Minister uses the popular game
Connect Four to illustrate how government finances operate . . .

Received in August 2021

Matt Hancock in action
Retired Health Sec. M. Hancock demonstrates how to deal with
pushy meeja clowns when on holiday

PM's in technology heaven
Boris keeping in touch in Technology Heaven

Received in June 2021

PM's masterclass

Received in May 2021

Do laywers have any sense of humour? This one don’t!

The Wall Paper

Everybody has the Prime Minister’s mobile phone number now. Almost.

Talking to Uncle Boris

Received in April 2021

The wheels come off for Sir Starmer when he’s recognized @ The Raven,
a pub in Bath, and confronted with an inconvenient truth

Starmer shamed

Presidential fun — Mrs. von Leyen razzes up Euro Council president C. Michel
and Turkish president R.T. Erdogan

Erdogan got it!

EU starts vaccine war

The EC President starts a vaccine war with the UK to distract attention
from the mess she is making of her vaccine roll out

Received in March 2021

First Meenister Wee Burney Sturgeon is unable to
tell us how many times she fed fake news to the
Scottish Parliament about the Salmond Affair as
she has run out of fingers

Sturgeon runs out of counting fingers

The Prime Minister has the answer to all the vaccine war threats
from EC president U. von Leyen! **** 2021 UPDATE

Boris Johnson responds to von Leyen's threats

Prince William takes an art lesson on a school visit

Prince William receives art lesson

Received in February 2021

EU burrocrats start vaccine war & try to reignite terrorism in Ireland

“The real reason why she wears that mask is so you can’t see the Hitler moustache.”

1. The PM, in Oxford, entertains AstraZeneca staff with his rendition of the limerick
     about the young man from Hong Kong, whose dong was incredibly long.

2. The PM illustrates his minimum safe distance from that Sturgeon woman when
     she is in full whinge mode.

Received in January 2021

Inauguration culture deficit

It’s called devaluation

Received in December 2020

In the German corner of the EU, Chancellor Merkel briefs EC President
Ursula von der Leyen on handling The Enemy

Dealing with Boris

** “Use BOTH fists on Boris!”

Pay-back is permitted

A plague for China?

Received in November 2020

No specs for president-elect Biden? No autocue? Bugger!


Commons Speaker L. Hoyle with his domestic menagerie

Speaker Hoyle & pets

Received in August 2020

Scittish Health Sec. J. Freeman explains political reality
[also applies to Ministers south of the border]


“Yes, I’m useless but so is everyone else,
including the people who work for me.
Which means that getting rid
of me would achieve nothing.”

Received in July 2020

Fuelled by the contents of his 180-quid coffee mug (left in picture),
the Chancellor sorts out Britain’s finances

The Chancellor does a mini-budget

President Trump—a man with the right priorities

President Trump, a man with the right priorities

Received in June 2020

The Prime Minister channels Tommy Cooper

PM Boris does his Tommy Cooper

Received in May 2020

The Prime Minister loses patience with a picky newshound?

PM Boris gets tough

Not much to laugh at in April

Received in March 2020

The early bird gets the grabbing done when the going gets tough

The early coffee grabber

Received in February 2020

An unimpeached Trump reaction to the Washington Post?

Trump and the Washington Post

One teeny cone for him, two tubs for her . . .
Royal twins on the way?

Royal twins on the way?


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