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The first page was getting rather huge, so let's start again from the beginning of 2017.

Received in November 2018

Priming the audience before his Budget speech

Received in October 2018

Ryder Cup golf and pillar boxes have SO much in common. Not.

Received in September 2018

A deputy's advice to the leader – who looks like he's just swallowed a wasp –
at the Labour conference

Prince William in Japan armed with his grandpa's joke book?

Received in July 2018

Harmony in Helsinki

The Prime Minister explains her approach to Brexit

Received in June 2018

A challenging time for the G6½

No threat left unspoken?

Received in May 2018

The Clegg/Morgan/Miliband Bremoaner Show

Received in April 2018

Received in March 2018

Received in February 2018

Out-of-work politician visits Presidential Portrait Gallery in D.C.

"Is it Gary bloody Lineker?"

Boris Johnson, the Foreign Sec., depicts the post-Brexit Golden Age

President May explains her foreign policy in China

John Elton in questionable company

Received in January 2018

The president of the European Commission gets more ideas above his station.

Moi Aussi en France

"Get your tits out! (oh, they are out)"

Received in November 2017

It's cruel to mock the afflicted; but lots of fun if they deserve it!

President Trump takes a lesson in gesture politics

BBC presenters come out in favour of redaction and censorship

It's not just the blokes you have to watch out for!

Received in October 2017

The Razor May strikes back!

Prince Harry gets tough with a popcorn grabber

Received in September 2017

The cheap seats . . .

Boris does some ushering at the Tory party conference . . .

Procrastinate Now!

Received in August 2017

Eclipse Day USA

A. Merkel: Why don't the Britisch just GO!

How to spoil the Merkel holiday mood!

Received in July 2017

Boris Johnson with lizard: served with chips or pasta?

Boris with a menu problem!

Ed Balls: HELP! This woman is stalking me!

Nervous time for the Balls Monster at Glastonbury

Received in June 2017

Don't you think I'm a bit young for you, President Macron?

The new French president is never backward in coming forward

Received in May 2017

Mrs. Merkel is on the phone again, Prime Minister . . .

Don't you just HATE cold calls?

That's some grip you've got there, lady!

Liberals pick real wimp as their leader!

You're here to collect my post?

President Trump's daughter meets the international set's working women,
some of whom, like the late (of the House of Common Criminals)
G. Osborne, have more than one job . . .

Received in March 2017

FIVE for the road? Very bad idea, Nigel!

“How's the head now, Mr. Farage?”

Received in February 2017

It looks like Jeremy Corbyn

“What to you think of the robot, Prime Minister?”

Received in January 2017

It's a lousy job

“Hail to the Trump . . .”

Who's Dick Head?

It's a fair question!


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