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There's a lot of subversive stuff in circulation on the worldwide web. Here's a little bit of it.

Received in December 2016

This global warming is getting quite serious: the chef had to import me from Antarctica.

We're doomed!

Received in November 2016

If the wind changes, your face will stick like that

A spot of helpful advice from one leading lady to another

With Trump Forever

At least the Aussies like him!

Received in October 2016

Say hello to Monica!

Received in September 2016

You hit like a girl, Sambo Corbyn

Check out the name on the gloves!

Received in August 2016

David Cameron promised him a peerage . . .

Received in July 2016

"Welcome to Downing Street, Nicola."

Sturgeon to May: You should do the curtsey now

Received in May 2016

Parliament Opens . . . then goes into recess

Corbyn sez: Who's the waxwork in the blue tie?

Received in April 2016

That was the worst Putin impression ever!

Received in May 2015

Laugh of the general election campaign

Moses Miliband and his cheapskate 6 commandments
Moses Miliband and his cheapskate Six Commandments

Received in April 2015

Typical Scotsman -- got his hand out for a handout!

Received in March 2015

I got one of these eye-pads but I can't work out how to strap it over my eye.

Received in January 2015

Je Suis Head Teacher

Je Suis the head teacher who banned a pupil for getting his hair dyed red

Spartacus? Sorry, mate, I'm Charlie!

Ich bin ein Berliner

Paris, 2015/01/11, Je Suis Selfie

Received in December 2014

Snowman Protection League Xmas Appeal

Citizen Ed demands Freedom For Hampstead!
Citizen Ed for President!

Received in November 2014

Magnetic ring blags another 2p! Sorted!

Don't encourage beggars!

Feminist sweat-shop supporter?

Sweat-shop manufacturing cost: 62p/hour
T-shirt retail price to Mug Punter: £45

Received in October 2014

At the Russian Grand Prix . . .

Lend us a billion till next week, old mate.

Received in September 2014

You're in there, mate. She really fancies you!

Labour Conference Nightmare

After the Scots voted NO

After the Scots voted NO

Oh, dear, how sad, never mind.

Dear Agony Alex . . .

Dear Agony Alex . . .

If the Scots say, YES!!

If the Scots say, "YES!!"

Received in May 2014

Vote Blue, Get Green Bollocks!

Keep smiling, Dave!

Received in April 2014

Shudda gone to Specsavers?

Received in March 2014

The height of fashion?

Received in October 2012

Be safe in Chorley, Lancs.

Received in February 2012

The government has agreed to the new proposal for a rail link between Birmingham and London. This will make it easier for families in London to visit their relatives in Birmingham. The Department of Transport has released an artist's impression of how the new high speed might look train in operation . . .

HST2 in operation

No Newt Is Good Newt

Is that Gingrich for President or Livingstone for Mayor of London?

Received in June 2011

The End of the World is Grauniad
response to 2011/05/30 theGuardian headline reading:
"Worst ever carbon emissions
leave climate on the brink"

Received in January 2011

The Offside Rule...Explained
The Offside Rule...Explained

The Offside Rule...Explained
Equality in sport

Received in November 2010

The Coffee Party

Received in July 2010

Sarah Palin cartoon

SIR...I thing we just hit a pipe...

Received in September 2009

We did not swap a terrorist for oil

New Labor -

Received in April 2009

Gordon has to write with a crayon

Received in February 2009

Unassembled snowman

Received in December 2008

good news, bad news

Received in November 2008

Received in October 2008

Received in September 2008

Received in August 2008

Seal of the obama of the United States

Received in July 2008

Received in May 2008

Received in February 2008

Oven Chips McCain for President

Received in January 2003

The Chancellor is ready for penalty kick practice, Prime Minister!

Received in May 2001

You can give a Prescott a posh job but it won't give him a sense of dignity.

Received in April 2001

We didn't get weather like this under the Tories!


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