Back to Front PageThe Environmental Audit Committee has been taking a look at what the government does with "green" taxes and, surprise! It just fills its coffers with our cash and does bugger all to save the planet.

What the government grabbed in 2010:

Most people believe that "green" taxes are just more taxes. The Environmental Audit Committee agrees with them and says the government should spend at least some of the cash on improving public transport, if only to regain some public trust.

What was grabbed:

Fuel Duty                                  £27 BILLION
Vehicle Excise Duty                        £5.7 BILLION
VAT on Fuel                                £4 BILLION
Air Passenger Duty                         £2.1 BILLION
Landfill Tax                               £1.1 BILLION
Climate Change Taxes on Businesses         £670 MILLION
Renewable Energy Taxes on Businesses       £470 MILLION
Quarrying Aggregates Taxes                 £290 MILLION

GRAND Total                                £41.4 BILLION

Stealth taxes on domestic energy bills costing each family £200/year

Now, the Bad News

The proprotion of "green" stealth taxes will rise until at least 2014. But protecting the environment, encouraging people to live "sustainable" lives and taxing people in a fair and straightforward manner all seem to be off the agenda.

Worse, "green" stealth taxes are causing train fares to shoot up and making bus services a thing of the past in many areas. So people are being driven OFF public transport instead of ONTO it. And tax revenue is being wasted on building windmills, which won't keep the lights on and which will lead to the waste of HUGE amount of energy because they will have to be backed up by gas-fuelled power stations operated wastefully on stand-by, and installing solar panels which make money for the industry but not for the consumer, and all sorts of other "green" swindles.

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