The Environment Agency is a quango which takes the best part of £800 million from the taxpayer per year; half of it going on salaries for the 12,000 staff and a bunch of quangocrat figureheads, who account for over £1 million in salaries. Value for money? Joke!

The 2014 floods in Somerset, the Thames Valley and elsewhere are the fault of:

The government – the floods are a consequence of New Labour policy, introduced in 2005 by "floods minister" E. Morley [subsequently gaoled for £30,000-worth of expenses fraud. Ed.] He compounded the Environment Agency's policy of not dredging rivers by blocking the construction of further pumping stations and promoting flooding artificially, allegedly for the benefit of wildlife. [Which has been wiped out by the floods. Ed.]
   Although aware that its policy amounted to a deliberate breach of the human rights of the people whose properties and businesses would be damaged by floods, the Environment Agency ploughed on. As a result, those flooded out are now entitled to sue the government – i.e. with the taxpayer paying, not the politicians responsible – for hundreds of millions of pounds in compensation thanks to the decisions taken by New Labour's dunderheids.
   There's also New Labour & Coalition government ministers' eagerness to shower British taxpayers' money on flood victims overseas but not to spend it here.

EU officials without the sense they were born with, who make regulations with no idea of the consequences of their meddling.

Labour luvvie quangocrats, who get well-paid "jobs" in the public sector purely by being Labour luvvies, and those who have a personal agenda to pursue at the expense of the interests of the British taxpayer, who has to cough up the cash for their dotty ideas. Thus we get Somerset flooded to create nature reserves for wildlife, which is wiped out by the floods and railway lines washed into the sea because the Environment Agency drags its feed over doing an impact analysis on the effects of protecting the coastline from erosion.
Typical Smith Lie: he sez the Coalition has cut funding to the Environment Agency. In fact, it went up by 3½% for 2013, which encouraged the quango to hire 8% more staff and increase its wages bill by 9.6%. And Smith himself actually welcomed the Coalition's increase in flood defence funding in the Agency's annual report for 2013.
He also doesn't seem to know that his Agency could manage just fine with half of the staff if they would put in a full week's work instead of abusing costly flexitime scams.

Quangocrats making perverse interpretations of inapplicable EU regulations in pursuit of a bone-headed personal agenda.

Environment Agency bosses, who bring in obsessions from other quango jobs and pursue them relentlessly against the interests of the people who have to pay for them: British taxpayers. These same geniuses have endorsed the building of 190,000 homes on flood plains since the Agency was created in 1996.

Global Warming Swindlers, who divert cash away from where it is needed to fanciful scams aimed at preventing something which isn't happening. Wind turbines are a prime example. They don't work when the wind isn't blowing, and they have to be switched off – and a huge subsidy has to be paid to the operator – when the wind is blowing too strongly otherwise they are liable to catch fire and ignite anything flammable in the vicinity, including crops and buildings.

Bone-headed Environment Agency officials dragging their feet over irrelevant regulations.

Margaret Beckett, sometime Labour Minister of Agriculture (a.k.a. DEFRA), who failed to pay cash clawed back from the EU by Margaret Thatcher to British farmers and landed the British taxpayer with a huge EU fine. She took the money to pay it from the Environment Agency's budget and forced the cancellation of flood defence programmes.

D. Cameron believing in nothing at all and have even less integrity than Tony Blair. He's very good at making promises if he thinks they'll buy him temporary support but, like Blair, he's really good at "drawing a line and moving on", and erasing the promises from his memory.

Red Ed Miliband, who didn't take a decent pair of wellies when he went flood junketing in February 2014 to experience the catastrophe he helped to create when he was the Global Warming Minister and in charge of the Environment Agency's budget and setting quite stupidly unrealistic targets for cutting carbon dioxide emissions. Our self-styled "man of the people" also chose to do his flood tourism in Reading rather than somewhere under water in Somerset — mainly because Reading West is a target seat for Labour at the next election, so no real sympathy for the flooded, just the usual spin and cynicism.

John "2 Jags" Prescott, Tony B. Liar's joke of a deputy prime minister, who made building homes on flood plains official government policy. Probably because he didn't know any better, but if he didn't, he shouldn't have been in the job. Thanks to Labour government targets and irresponsible councils, 40,000 houses were built on flood plains betwen 2001 and 2011 – with little or no opposition from the Environment Agency.

The problem wasn't the amount of rain which fell during the winter of 2013/14 – it was wetter at the end of 1929 going into 1930 and the winter of 1914/15 holds the winter rainfall record – it was the inability of the water to reach the sea thanks to the Environment Agency's negligence and wrong-headedness over dredging and the EU's stupidity in declaring the dredgings to be as dangerous as toxic waste. And having an ignoramus like E. Davey as Global Warming Minister didn't help.

Lest we forget – the Met Office, whose chief scientist is (pantomime?) Dame Slingo, a Warmist, predicted in November 2013 that the next 3 months to February 2014 would be in the driest of dry categories. And Warmists at the Met Office are still claiming that the Somerset floods – a product of New Labour policies and Environment Agency neglect – are due to global warming when not even the UN's IPCC is daring to do it.

If the Global Warming Swindlers are right, then mankind's putting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere has left the Earth in the situation of someone who has had a leg chopped off by a mad killer and who is bleeding to death. Worse, the new coal-fired power stations in China and elsewhere are the equivalent of the mad killer working on the other leg.
   So what does the response of the British government, with its promises to reduce our national carbon dioxide output even if no one else bothers to follow suit, amount to? About the same as putting a cosmetic plaster on a cut on the amputee's chin — i.e. a total waste of British taxpayer's money.
   And if the GWS are wrong, the government is ruining the nation's profitability and driving the country even deeper into debt for no good reason. Which, unfortunately, tends to be what most governments do.
   Either way, the people paying the bills are being swindled.

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