Back to Front PagePrime Minister Boris Johnson“We will be out of the EU on October 31st, 2019.
“No ands, no ifs, no buts.”
Or on January 31st 2020. Or on December 31st 2020. Or whatever.

Several big problems stand in the new Prime Minister's way, including the Remainers in Parliament and the empire builders of the EU. They have buggered up our departure once. Will they manage it again and again? And what about that Chinese bloody plague?

Boris gets going . . . Boris comes to a standstill in hospital as a Chinese plague case . . . Boris revs
up again. . . chug, splutter, splutter . . . he’s back
in isolation . . . and so is every bugger else
now . . . back in business, then phut!

September 2022

Boris flies up to Scotland to have a chat with HM The Queen and hand in his resignation from the Prime Ministerial job.
He is now free tor return to the back benches and restore his finances to something appropriate to his needs.
And talk about a comeback to keep his enemies nervous.
Politics is a dirty business and no place for someone decent, who keeps on showing loyalty to people who don't deserve it.

August 2022

The Chancellor, N. Zahawi, has exposed the foot-draggers of the Whitehall Blob as those responsible for the energy crisis with their wilful obstruction of fracking, North Sea oil & gas exploitation, and every other plan for ensuring a continuous supply of affordable energy.

Transport Sec. G. Shapps is going to grot all over rail union Spanish practices and make them accountable for their damage to the customers.

There is no government going on at the moment in case anything done isn't approved by the next Prime Monster, i.e. Trussty Lizzie.

July 2022

The Home Sec. is to get tough with the customers for the drug trade by zapping middle-class users, who can afford to pay well if they can afford drugs, with heavy fines for their recreation.

The Replace Boris party leader election is developing into something akin to a death by 1,000 cuts as the hopefuls are binned in batches of one or two.

+++ Tory party throws major hissy fit & wobbly +++ Boris Johnson quits in disgust as party leader but stays on as PM pro tem +++ Guilty of showing loyalty to colleagues who didn't merit any +++ Brought down by jealous rivals & Bremoaners in party & civil service over trivia like partygate +++ Does this make Starmer and his mob any less unelectable? +++ Nope +++

The Victims' Commissioner, Dame V. Baird, has had to bludgeon HM Inspectorate into naming & shaming failed police farces and ending the culture of secrecy, which is more to the benefit of useless coppers than the taxpayers who pay for them.

The government has decided that parents need to be told what garbage schools are offering to children in the name of sex education as a response to a number of schools trying to conceal what is being taught from concerned parents.

Attorney General S. Braverman has upset the trade union for senior civil servants by exposing their members' obstructionism & Bremoaner attitude to removing EU rules from Britain. She has also upset former PM T. May by refusing to waste 2 more years on pretendy negotions with the EU over Northern Ireland.

The government's efficiency minister, J. Rees-Mogg, is going to put the kybosh on courses for the civil service which are open to derision & subject to mockery. Cue much wailing & gnashing of teef in the ranks of the wonks & dubious diversifiers.
   Cue more of the same in the ranks of the civil servants, who will be expected to do something useful for their excessive pay instead of larking about on pointless courses.

The Treasury is going to force banks to compensate scam victims if the banks won't do it voluntarily. Penalties on the tech firms that host scammers next?

Foreign Sec. L. Truss wants to send UK military aid to Taiwan. Given the sheer size of the Chinese forces facing the island, this would be just a virtue-flagging exercise of climate change prevention proportions and have no real world effect on the Chinese threat.

June 2022

Justice Sec. D. Raab is to bin bogus human rights claims & excessive EU privacy laws sneaked in via the back door by judges in a Bill of Rights, which will replace the severely defective efforts of New Labour. The legal trade—currently demanding a pay rise of 25%—will go into deep mourning when it becomes law, especially if Parliament rather than judges will get the final say on what is the law and what isn't.

Someone in need of the sack is the Health Sec. S. Javid, who is making wokery more important than patient welfare in the NHS.

C. Philp, the culture minister, has seen off a Labour attempt to make the news media subject to the approval of a looney left state regulator. The commitment to a free press remains in place.

Parliament is planning to impose fines and other sanctions on foreign-funded universities [mainly Chinese-funded] which threaten free speech & academic freedom.

Is Mr. Snack, the tax & tax Chancellor, heading for an opportunity to spend more time with his millions? It looks likely that there will be a change of leadership at the Treasury soon to spare him the embarrassment of making half a dozen U-turns.

Boris Johnson got 59% of the votes of his MPs in the leadership challenge. Sir Starmer got only 56% in his. He's a loser even in that, and Labour is even more divided than the Tories! Shock-horror!

Shock-horror! The Transport Sec., G. Shapps, has told 30 travel company bosses that they are responsible for running their firms, not the government, and they are doing a lousy job of it. The travel companies are now trying to blame their failure on media hysteria rather than their own incompetence. And the similar incompetence of the management at airports which shed too many staff to function now.

May 2022

Every household in England & Wales is getting £400 off energy bills, the Chancellor has announced. To be paid in 6 equal instalments—i.e. £66.66666 per month between October & March. If he'd made it £420, that would have been 6 payments of £70. Or 5 payments would have been £80 each. But what we have is another example of a politician creating a mess through not thinking things through. "Virtue Before Brains" seems to be a rule in politics.

Chancellor The Richest Man In The World is cooking up a mix & match plan for taxing excess profits in the energy industry. The more companies invest here, the less tax they will have to pay. This would be in line with Conservative values as opposed to Labour's tax & waste.

The Foreign Sec., L. Truss, has announced that British weapons could go to Moldova as protection from further assaults by Putinazis.

The PM is in the mood to change laws to get things done, such as making it harder & more costly for looney left lawyers to prevent the export of illegal immigrants and foreign criminals, and to remove the frontier erected by the EU between mainland Britain and Northern Ireland.

The Foreign Sec., L. Truss, is to overhaul the hand-out of our overseas aid budget to reduce the amount creamed off by third parties, especially the UN, and to ensure that British interests are furthered by donations of our dosh.

April 2022

Up-levelling Minister M. Gove has the opportunity to create 500 jobs in Cumbria and wave two fingers energetically @ Putinstan by giving the go-ahead to a new colliery. But will he have the guts to do it?

The PM is going to fix the problems caused by the Northern Ireland protocol unilaterally, he says, because the EU keeps on talking in circles pointlessly, like it does. But will he get a chance to do it?

local hat Whisper it, but selling our military stuff to India so that Putin doesn't get the business actually makes sense. Not that that pillock Starmer would ever dare admit it.

The PM doesn't want to get rid of Green Bollocks taxes on energy bills—probably because his wife won't let him—and offers a spurious claim that using occasionals; wind & solar; has helped to reduce bills. He is not, however, ruling out faking more steps to ease the cost of living crisis.

Cementing over the only 2 viable fracking wells in England is to be put off, the government has decided, as part of its strategy for pretending to have a strategy for gas supply.

Mainly foreign-owned water companies are to be let off the cost of replacing the crumbling Victorian sewer system, the government has decided. Customers will pay the £100 BILLION over 65 years needed for the fix to avoid damaging profit levels.
   Labour & the Trivials are demanding that the water companies pay the infrastructure renewal costs, knowing that if this happens, the cost will still be passed on to the customer. Such is politics.

The Chancellor is getting the blame for blowing out the flame under the PM's warp speed dash for nuclear power. There isn't the money to pay for it, Mr. Sunak has pointed out. He has also pointed out that he pays for his shoes out of his own wallet, which makes their price irrelevant to the taxpayer, despite attempts made by journalists to confect a link.

The Chancellor is now obliged to do a Putin and deny he ever said anything about cutting taxes, even if the record of his utterances is littered with claims about his tax-reduction credentials. Such is politics.

March 2022

Deputy PM D. Raab is to make the cancel culture illegal. Free speech will feature prominently in the British Bill of Rights, which will replaced the tarnished EU convention of human rights. Looney lefties and Bremoaners who attempt to cancel people with views that don't fit theirs will end up fined or even gaoled for their insolence.

As popular as Putrid—or less. That's what not ditching his National Insurance grab will do for the Chancellor @ mini-budget time.

The current Chancellor, Rikishi Snack, is in danger of challenging Gordon F. Broon for the title of the most dishonest stealth taxer in the universe. His latest scam of a freezing tax thresholds is expected to swindle customers out of £21 billion. If he ever gets to be PM, he is likely to be as popular, and as short-lived, as GFB.

Health Sec. Javid has revealed that 40% of the NHS workload involves tackling preventable illness and the customers have only themselves and their own irresponsibility to blame if the NHS is rushed off its collective feet.

Our government is going to fast track some more North Sea oil & gas fields to help stabilize global prices sometime in the next few years. No doubt the world is grateful for that.

The Justice Sec., D. Raab, is going to slap down the SLAPPs – Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation, which are used to frighten journalists & others away from revealing the misdoings and outright crimes of the very rich with threats of ruination from the legal charges of defending a libel action.
   As this will involve rewriting the spurious human rights stuff so stupidly imported from the EU, don't expect anything to happen for a year or two, if at all.

Business Sec. K. Kwarteng has banned wonk company bosses from cancelling the job of chairman in records filed @ Companies House, which legitimize the company's existence.

The legal trade has been put on notice that there will be trouble if grasping lawyers try to make loot out of delaying sanctions against Team Putin.

February 2022

Home Sec. P. Patel has brought in the expert who made the Australian anti-migrant programme work to bang heads together @ the Border Farce.

How do you upset the Home Sec.? Let the cosmetic mayor of London winkle out the failed Met Commissioner and make her quit without consulting anyone in government. Or the Queen, who actually makes the appointment.

The Health Sec. has revealed that hurling £12 BILLION into the NHS's Brown Hole will achieve . . . nothing. The Luddite civil servants in charge will just gobble up the cash and leave less than nothing to show for it.

The government is planning to stick it to private parking cowboys by cutting £100 fines in half and giving motorists an extra 10 minutes to pay or leave. And more benefit of the doubt when they appeal against the outrageous. Rip-off add-on fees will also be banned. This applies to private firms only. Councils & the public sector will still be free to rip customers off.

500 pages of Sue Gray reporting with enough pictures to wallpaper the Palace of Westminster. Give a civil servant a free hand to waste time and resources and they will go positively mental.

The Chancellor is getting a boot up the bum for failing to support the PM in his hour of need when the meeja were going wild over ludicrous partygate stuff. He's getting the blame for failing to do anything about the £4 BILLION plus that went to plague loan fraudsters and he has been outed as blocking an investigation by the National Crime Agency as it would expose his "Next Tory Leader" campaign to too much embarrassment.

January 2022

Government departments are working on a strategy for living with the Chinese plague 'like flu'.
Prediction: If the DoomBuggers are involved in any capacity, it will be a total flop.

The government is planning to solve the illegal immigrant crisis by not publishing a daily total of intruders.

The government has added units of the Royal Navy to the Channel taxi service operated for the benefit of illegal immigrants by the Coast Guard, lifeboat crews, the Border Service, Uncle Tom Cobley & all.

The Transport Sec., G. Shapps, has binned plans to create 120 miles of motorway deathtraps with no hard shoulder and intends to use the cash to add further refuges to existing 'smart' motorways with defective surveillance.
UPDATE The smart motorway refuges will be added 'in a few years' time'. Translation: They won't be added until 2030 and they won't reduce the average distance between refuges to the required three-quarters of a mile. In other words, it's government BS and fobbing off.

H.M. Treasury has come up with an interestingly cute argument against abolishing the 5% VAT rate on rising gas & electricity bills. If people have to spend more on energy, they will have less cash to spend on consumer goods with a 20% VAT rating. Consequently, the Treasury will lose income rather than receive a windfall from the 'energy crisis'.

Boris, it seems,isn't going to chop VAT off fuel bills because the 5% levy is neither here nor there in the context of the massive price rises on the way. He also remains in favour of Green Bollocks taxes and the associated virtue flags. [and reduced amount of ear-ache from the missus]

The government is to replace cancelled EU subsidies with rewilding schemes to provide the subsidy income which farmers have come to expect and rely upon. The Environment Department is not bovvered about reducing domestic food production in favour of inferior imports. It has virtue flags to wave.

The spirit of David Cameron is hanging on in the Commons. His attempt to abolish Green crap 8 years ago was grotted upon mightily by the spivs making money out of it. But the current 'energy emergency' is focussing the minds of large numbers of Tory MPs on the Green Bollocks Taxes, which they see as ripe for abolition as an expression of True Tory Values. And in the interests of retaining Red Wall seats, of course.

The Chancellor is planning to do the usual in his Autumn Budget—shove up the price of wine whilst flying a bogus fairness flag.

December 2021

The Home Office is in denial about the computer system which is supposed to replace the creaking Police National Computer. The 'new' system has to be up and running in 2025 as the PNC loses its techical support in 2024. It was supposed to be working now but it is unlikely to be working even in 2025.
   The system is 68% over budget now and expected to be 168% over budget, and still not working, in 2025. Nothing sensible in the way of comment is emerging from the Home Office, which is having to fall back on the usual double talk about huge amounts of progress.

The Chancellor and future leadership hopeful is resolved to cut income tax and maybe also VAT, but not until another general election is on the horizon.

The Chancellor has reminded the PM that the administration of the NHS is worse than a shambles and it needs a root & branch rebuild to avoid throwing more thousands of BILLIONs of pounds into the same Brown Hole.

Not exactly covered in glory, is the verdict on all the doombuggers who were howling for a total lockdown in response to the relatively mild omicron variant of the Chinese plague. That message about crying "Wolf!" never seems to penetrate.

November 2021

The government is putting British troops & tanks in Europe, allegedly to deter the Russians from invading any of the Baltic states: Latvia, Lithuania & Estonia.
   One very large snag—the troops and their stuff are going to central Germany, some 800 miles from where they would be needed. Not that sensible thinking is exactly the hallmark of the Ministry of Defence.

Curiously, or even perversely, the government is refusing to make a trifling amendment to the law of the land to prevent anti-vaccine looneys from making trouble at schools. Why? is the burning question of the moment. Especially as it gives the Opposition parties opportunities to wave virtue flags by pointing this out.

The Home Sec. is to take action against brazen spies from unfriendly countries, especially China, Iran & Putinstan, in a new Espionage Bill. Which implies that those who are discreet about their spying will be allowed to carry on doing it.

That's the amount the Department of Work & Pensions has handed to benefit fraudsters in the 2020/21 financial year plus the amount expected to be lost in the 2021/22 financial year. The staff of the DWP are clearly permanently incompetent but they are trying to shift a lot of the blame onto rule relaxations thanks to the Chinese plague.

The government has binned the new, parallel HS3 link from Manchester to Leeds in favour of upgrading existing rail facilities. Something which can be delivered a decade earlier @ a fraction of the cost as it doesn't involve digging a HUGE tunnel through the Pennines.

Something else that the government has binned is the Triple Lock for pensioners. The wonks @ the Treasury are unable to separate out an element due to the pandemic from the artificial 8% rise in wages.

Once you're out of the job, you can say what you really think based on what you know from your experience of doing the job. Thus ex-Health Sec. M. Hancock is able to tell the government to get ALL NHS staff fully vaccinated NOW, not after the pandemic is over.

Is the government going to listen to the MPs who concluded that 'smart' motorways are anything but and death traps as the technology promised to administer them has not been delivered?
   The nation awaits a verdict from G. Shapps, the Transport Sec.
   Even worse, the longer stretches of these impositions have a negative cost/benefit ratio. But hey, it's only taxpayers' money being wasted.

Is it actually news that the Ministry of Defence has wasted BILLIONs of pounds on stuff that doesn't work? As a Parliamentary committee has spent lots of time and even more of our money finding out? Of course, it isn't. The whole crew at the MoD are totally & completely useless and always will be, seems like. Same for the crew running the NHS. And same for our MPs if they don't already know that.

October 2021

The gang who are doing their best to pile sole responsibility for failing to extract all friendlies from Afghanistan on Foreign Sec. D. Raab are conveniently ignoring the endemic inertia of the British civil service, which makes getting anything done in less than a decade a logical impossibility. They call it the F.O. for a good reason—it's f-ing useless.
   Even worse for the pilers, Defence Sec. B. Wallace has revealed that the government knew that Afghanistan would collapse before the advancing Talibandits back in July and the then Foreign Sec. D. Raab going on holiday would make no difference to a situation which was already FUBB.

The Prevent scheme has been exposed as a hollow sham, which looks only for Nazi wannabes and ignores anyone who can't be tagged with a right-wing label, such as Islamist nutters.

The Ministry of Defence is being coy about revealing how much taxpayers' cash was shoved into the pockets of the legal trade whilst investigating spurious claims of abuse by British troops in Iraq, which resulted in ZERO prosecutions of those investigated at enormous expense.

Even if Prime Monster Boris blows a trillion quid we can't afford on green virtue flags, the fact remains that we produce only 1% of global greenhouse gases and we're not the problem. And to make things worse, there is no reason to suppose the rest of the world will follow eagerly in Boris's footsteps.

A mere 20 years after they did it in the US, the UK is going to put sanctions on visitor visas for people from countries which won't take back their criminals.

The Health Service is to throw £250 MILLION at GPs to bribe them into doing more face-to-face consultations. There is also talk of a league table to shame those who take the money and do nowt. But "We'll see" has to be the story on that front.

The Chancellor is to means test pleas for cash from firms which claim shortages are ruining them to exclude those belonging to foreigners with deep pockets and lots of cash to pay out as bonuses and dividends and regime-sweeteners.

Health Sec. S. Javid has had to order the wonk minions of the NHS not to cancel the word 'woman' as they are people too and as entitled to their identity as anyone else.

The Chancellor has warned that tax cuts will be posible only if the current prime minister stops throwing taxpayers' cash at stoopid things like the Boris Bridge or Tunnel between Scotland & Ireland, H2S and his Green Bollocks virtue flagging.

The bosses of National Highways England, who introduced lethal unsmart motorways, are all getting HUGE salary rises as their reward for failure. Sic semper tyrannis.

The Chancellor has cancelled the Chinese Plague.

Our Health Sec., S. Javid, has set a retired Army general on the NHS management with the brief of stamping out waste & wokery.

Home Sec. P. Patel is sitting on an enormous dilemma. If she gets rid of the serially incompetent Cressida Dick as boss of the Metropolitan police, it will be in favour of someone much worse. This is known because that was the reason for keeping Dick in place.
   Any replacement won't have the tarnish which coats Dick but they will have the potential to fail even more mightily and more often. Even worse, the stooge who gets the job will know that everyone is watching them and waiting to start yelling when the first major screw-up occurs. Which will make finding a least worse replacement even harder.

September 2021

Our Business Sec., K. Kwarteng, has dumped a lake of icy water on the looney lefties who are trying to concoct a new Winter of Discontent this year in an attempt to make their own efforts in the 1970s look trivial in comparison.
   No lights going out, no 3-day week, no empty shops, no trade union leaders looking smug. Shame.

The Prime Monster has moved his failed party chairman, Amanda Milling, to the FO, where failure is business as usual. But not as the boss. That job went to Liz Truzz, whose longevity in goverment is a mystery to the whole of the parliamentary party 'coz she is a lamentable public speaker and not much cop.
   The previous incumbent @ the FO, a Mr. Raab, who is a lawyer, is now the Justice Sec. which actually makes sense. Significantly, Home Sec. Priti Patel remains in place.

The government's shake-up of planning laws; most of it; is heading for the bin.

The Chancellor has recruited a big, leather-jacketed minder in an attempt to make himself look hard by association.

Our Health Sec., Mr. Javid, is to introduce fines of £10K for plague-test swindlers. But not until 21st September. 135 firms have placed misleading advertisements on the official government portal thus far.

PM Boris The government might just bite the social care bullet later in the year after sitting on its hands for a couple of years. The way ahead is a health & social care levy of 1p on the National Insurance poundage rate paid by both employers and all employees & the self-employed; i.e. pensioners included.

August 2021

The government reckons that it will get tough with local authorities which ignore its rules and authorize construction of new homes in areas known to be @ risk from flooding. Will it go as far as fines for the councillors who approved the dodgy scheme? Fat chance.

The Prime Monster has announced that he is going to engage with the Talibandits. In the same way that he'd engage with Jack the Ripper, Dr. Harold Shipman, Fred West or the Boston Strangler? Because treating Islamist fanatics like normal, thinking, responsible human beings is as big a mistake as he could possibly make; and boy, has he made some.

The government is heading for a one-year fiddle to prevent paying pensioners nearly 9% more next year. Anything more leaves Boris & Co. open to a charge of breaking a manifesto commitment. Not exactly something which has never happened in the past.
p.s. Anyone who claims that keeping the Triple Lock undisturbed will mean that pensions (£7,155 pa) will overtake average earnings (over £31,00 pa) is a lying bastard and should be treated as such.

Is £8 BILLION a 'staggering' figure? The amount that will go to pensioners in 2022/23 if the teenage Chancellor is prevented from binning the Triple Lock is small change to a government which casually tosses around hundreds of billions of taxpayers' pounds. Especially as it is going to a worthy cause.
   Or maybe that's the source of the objection. That it isn't going down a drain somewhere. Like the one at the Ministry of Defence, which can't provide the British Army with tanks and ships that work.

As its response for the massacre in Plymouth by J. Davidson, the Home Office is to spend vast amounts of taxpayers' cash on getting private sector firms to vet everyone with a gun licence in an attempt to spot other homicidal/suicidal nutters. That's 566,000 bodies to process, at what? 200 quid a time? Or more?

Transport Sec. G. Shapps reckons that every other country in the world will demand that British visitors be doubly vaccinated against the Chinese plague for evermore. One in the eye for anti-vaxxers with globe-trotting ambitions.

Computer systems built for the government; no matter which party is 'in charge'; never work. The latest shambles is the Home Office's Border Crossing check-up databank, which has cost £372 MILLION, is 3 years late being delivered and keeps on crashing. Hence queues a quarter of a mile long at airports.

A revolt by the rank & file is forcing the government to rethink making planning for building new houses a free-for-all. The rebels wish to prevent the wrong houses being built in the wrong places—and costing the Tories even more votes in the South of England.

If it's possible to do something incredibly shameful, the morons @ the Ministry of Defence will do it. Excluding Afghan translators who worked with British forces and who are now under death threat from Talibandits is about as shameful as you can get. Especially with the Home Office letting economic migrants flood in to the country.

July 2021

Took them long enough but the governent is finally making moves to exclude China from involvement in building new nuclear power stations. The Chinese might behave themselves—just to confuse everyone else—but there's no point in taking the chance that they won't suddenly get the hump enough to put our lights out.

If the Home Sec. celebrates getting over his dose of the Chinese plague by putting something light-hearted on Twitter, is that any excuse for people to blow a fuse? Only if they're really desperate for something to moan about. Stuff on Twitter isn't the real world. But try telling that to the people who look for any slight reason at all to take offence.

The trade unions for the police in England & Wales have thrown a wobbly in response to the pay freeze made necessary by the Chinese plague and declared that they have no confidence in the Home Sec. This mirrors the amount of confidence their customers have in the wonks posing as police officers in England & Wales.

The geniuses in charge of the British Army have blown £5.5 BILLION on the Ajax tank, which is totally useless and will have to be binned. Needless to say, the manufacturer will be in court demanding compenbloodysation for the profits lost on the 563 useless tanks which will not be built.

Home Sec. Patel has awarded £54 MILLION to the regime in France to assist with the programme of moving unwanted migrants across the Channel to the UK.

The PM and the Chancellor having to self-isolate because they have been exposed to the plague-ridden Health Sec. allows them to boot the issue of paying for care for the elderly even deeper into the long grass of later in the year. Presumably because there is no chance of either picking up a phone or sending an email of suggestions.

Chancellor Sunak is wondering if he can get away with a little bitty scam with the wage inflation rate to avoid giving pensioners a bumper (well, a couple of quid a week) rise in the most miserable pension in Europe next April.

The government is hoping that cancelling a planned rise in fees for probate of up to six grand will let the grabbers get away with a 27% increase in the already more than adequate £215 fee. Which is as dishonest as it is disgraceful. Anyone would think Gordon F. Broon was back in the Treasury.

The government is to make arriving in the UK without valid entry permission a criminal offence with a penalty of up to 4 years in gaol. Let us hope Home Sec. Patel makes those convicted serve their sentence in a gaol abroad, e.g. in the foreign country to which bogus asylum seekers will be sent until their case is dismissed.

June 2021

Our new Health Sec., The Saj, is determined to bin all Professors of Doom and declare next month's unlocko a permanent condition. We will learn to live with the Chinese plague. We are going to die on our feet, not on our knees.
   Predictably, Labour's Health mouthpiece, J. Ashworth, would prefer to keep us on our knees. Not because it's a good idea, but because it is the opposite of what the government wants to do.

PM Boris is talking about a cap on care costs for the elderly but not actually doing anything much about legislation. He is busy manoeuvring so that it is perceived to be his plan, and to ensure that any blame for current delays falls on the teenage Chancellor for his obstructionism and awkward questions about where all the money will come from.

The government's proposed Online Safey Bill will hand abuseable powers of censorship to foreign tech giants and exclude valid points of view from what can be seen on the internet.
   But as most of the stuff published on internet chat media is garbage, a shift in the bias will just be that—emphasis on different garbage but the content will still be garbage.

The government's promise to protect former soldiers who served in Ulster has been downgraded to an aspiration, which is Westminster speak for bugger all will be done in order to appease the IRA.

Boris bottles meeting to fix, or at least start to fix, broken care system. Nothing to offer and too embarrassed to say so?

Our teenage Chancellor is waiting for the PM to reveal where all the cash for the megasplurge on Royal yachts, social care, all the Green bollocks, H2S and all the rest will come from. Especially the BILLIONs to be splurged on the now pointless H2S scam. Nothing more constructive than an embarrassed silence is expected.

The government is minded to make skiving from home a 'uman right if it can get away with it. This is not at all popular with the Conservatives.

The government is minded to allow the marriage age to be raised from 16 to 18 to prevent child abuse marriages via supporting a private member's bill. The racialist problem confection lobby is against the idea as they see it aimed at their customers in cultures which promote child marriage.

If the Justice Sec., R. Buckland, is up to his job, he will have the Parole Board which thinks that the paedophile killer C. Pitchfork should get out of gaol disbanded and replaced completely, if only to send a message to the wonk community.

Despite the foreign aid cuts, the government is STILL sending British taxpayers' cash to China and India.

The Culture Vulture Sec. has booted the cricketing authorities for suspending a debutante English bowler over social-meeja BS he posted a decade ago when a teenager. And quite right, so. Undaunted, the ECB seems to be hell bent on fitting up every player for something or other.

A High Court judge has awarded compensation to illegal immigrants who received free accommodation in a former army camp. Let us hope that our Home Sec. has the gumption to give them a bill for their accommodation, plus support & legal services, which leaves the ungrateful invaders owing their unappreciative hosts a big wad of cash.

Our wonderful MoD has blown 14 BILLION quid on tanks which can't go faster than 20 mph and shake the crew around so vigorously that they can't take more than 90 minutes of it at a stretch. Worse, the gun can be fired only if the tank is stationary and a sitting duck. No one is surprised.

May 2021

International Trade Sec. L. Truss sez no to Aussie beef from cattle treated with growth hormones.

Pulverizing petty jargon: A. Chalk, the prisons minister, is extending the dewonking programme to his fief by ordering the screws in prisons to stop calling convicts 'residents' or 'clients'. Burrocrats in prisons and the probation service are also being ordered to stop calling criminals 'supervised individuals' and 'service users'.

The Communications Sec., R Jenrick, and the Culture Sec., O Dowden, are to get on with the process of dewonking institutions. New buildings, offices, shops, entertainment venues, etc. will be required in the glorious future to offer separate lavatory facilities to men and women.
   And the wonks who are trying to cancel historical persons & monuments will be slapped vigorously round the back of the head until they retreat back into their burrows.

Two years ago, Boris announced that his government would fix the crisis in social care "once and for all with a clear plan we have prepared".
   Two years on, there's no sign of anything happening and that business of having a plan was clearly just a large pork pie.

The collapse of the trial of 2 former paras because the prosecution confected a completely defective case to suck up to the IRA just confirms how right J. Mercer is and who wrong the government and the MoD are if they do nothing about such outrages.

April 2021

Being sacked summarily has not prevented former Veterans' Minister J. Mercer from standing up for British troops who are being persecuted to suck up to the IRA. Nice to know that there are a few people with principles left in politics.
   Terrorists are the people we should be prosecuting, not the people sent to fight them. And if Boris can't get that through his thick skull, what bloody use is he?

It has to be a mark of the inner pointlessness of politics that Foreign Sec. D. Raab is cutting aid to China, the country with all the money in the world after it crippled everywhere else with its plague, by only 95%. Which means that 5% of the former figure, plus enough to take it up to two million quid, will still be blown on pointless propaganda in China.
   It has to be another mark of the inner pointlessness of politics that it has taken the government a decade to fulfill in part, a pledge to stop throwing our money @ China.
   AND the F.O. might have cut the DfID cash for China by 95% but a total of some £40 million/year is still going there thanks to other government departments, which are still throwing away taxpayers' money like there's no tomorrow.

Sacking his Veterans' Minister, J. Mercer, by text message for daring to challenge him has to be the act of a prime monster who is ashamed & embarrassed by his betrayal of former British troops and his failure to protect them from vexatious prosecution and compensation claims.

What is the government hoping to gain by dragging its feet over protecting military veterans from vexatious prosecutions whilst letting terrorists get away with it? Is this just further proof that the Ministry of Defence is full of useless wonks on fancy salaries?

The government's shiny new Digital Market Unit is full of coulds. Could investigate tech giant algorithms to look for looney left bias to the likes of theGrauniad. Could impose eye-watering fines if the giants fail to protect freedom of expression and provide proper journalistic content. Could do the same if the DMU decides that a giant is using anti-competitive techniques which damage the Proper Press. How much of that will be translated into actualité remains to be seen.

The people; well, the loudest ones; want to charge headlong into an unrestricted future and if a few people croak of the Chinese plague, well, tough. The PM wants to chart a footpath between the boggy bits and the experts are insisting that it's all boggy and everyone should stay @ home.
   Thus no one has to tell Boris that you can't please anyone—he bloody knows!

March 2021

Britain will be a force for good in the world even if that involves trading with repellent & oppressive foreigners, the Foreign Sec., D. Raab, has announced.

The PM's strategy for the Yellow Peril is to throw so much money @ Communist China that the regime won't be able to afford to blast us off the map, literally or via cyber-assaults.
   There could even be a coded message to China in it—that if Russia gets too uppity and China zaps the Putinis, Britain will just watch from the sidelines.

The PM's strategy for the Ministry of Defence is to throw a further £16.5 BILLION at the defence budget. Which is only half a billion less than the £17 BILLION Brown Hole which the losers in charge of the MoD have dug. A stealth budget cut, or what!!

Curiously, the Home Sec. is still obstructing delivering to the Operation Midland crew what should be coming their way for the damage caused by their child abuse confections. What is going on behind the scenes? Smells like something very dodgy.

Home Sec. P. Patel has ordered proper checks of migrants to prevent any more bald 40-year-olds from convincing some idiot that they are 15 and of school age. The Home Sec. is also planning to export uninvited migrants to other countries as a first step to sending them back where they came from, following the Australian plan. And migrants from safe countries, e.g. France, will be barred from making an asylum claim here.

Still no action from Home Sec. P. Patel in re holding the Operation Midland murder & abuse confecters in the police to proper account. What part of unfit for purpose does she not get? Or is she being sat upon to protect the confecters?

The government plans to keep criminals in gaol for longer—two-thirds of the sentence minimum before eligible for parole—and give the Home Sec. the power to clear the streets of nuisances like the Xtinctionists.

Budget: Rikishi Snack (5' 3") with a BIG plan for the nation
Tax thresholds for incomes, pension savings, inheritance & capital gains frozen as a Broon stealth tax. Also alcohol & fuel duty frozen. Corporation tax up for big firms, plague support schemes to continue for various periods. Borrowing, borrowing, borrowing and fiscal drag scams aimed at the middle classes and big companies with the money to pay, as usual. Child benefit, in part or completely, will be cancelled for 25% middle classes by 2025.

February 2021

Exposed! All those noises about tax rises from the Treasury were just abomination tactics aimed at bombing the customers into accepting no tax rises in next month's Budget as a blessed relief. The bombing tactic will also let the teenage Chancellor reduce the magnitude of his giveaways somewhat in the name of fiscal prudence and not digging the Brown Hole too much deeper.

Highways England, the quango that messes up our roads, is planning to turn 10 miles of the M6 motorway into an unsmart death trap with no hard shoulder and emergency refuges a mile and a half apart. H.E. thinks the predicted rise in the number of crashes/deaths over the next 60 years is acceptable. So that's who to sue.

The government's Green Homes Grants scam has wasted £1,500 million on failing to make homes more energy efficient, is the accusation. In fact, low take-up of the scam will leave 3/4 of the allocated £2 billion unspent and available to be diverted elsewhere and blown on something else equally dodgy.

The government is aiming the best part of One Billion Pounds of taxpayers' cash at a blue sky development agency for high-risk projects which have the potential to return big rewards if they don't turn into an epic fail.

The government is to give us 60 Nightingale courts to tackle the law's delays thanks to safe spacing requirements. Just the piddling, annoying stuff will be tried in low-security venues. The serious stuff will still go on up the Old Bailey and its equivalents.

Typical Treasury wonkism—a 700% rise in landfill tax has cost the taxpayer the best part of £300 MILLION in lost income and involved the expenditure of a similar amount for clearing up after dumpers & fly-tippers.

The government has realized that it would be pointless to issue advice about summer holiday travel; home or abroad; right now as no one knows what the plague conditions will be like; here and around the world; in the summer.

The House of Commons hindsight committee has found that the people running the NHS and its quangos were completely inadequate for the task of tackling a major epidemic. The procurement was a shambles, as were their records. As a result, the committee logged many cases of people who should have been protected but who weren't, and people who didn't need to be who were.

The government is taking the pragmatic attitude that illegals will be allowed to register with a GP for an inoculation and the Home Office will do nothing. But this is not a first step to blagging other rights; although the legal trade will try to do this with a hand thrust in to the taxpayer's pocket.

British pacifists take heart. Successive governments have neglected the British Army to the extent that only 1 of 33 battalions is at full strength and we won't be fighting any wars anytime soon.

Our PM has put the kybosh on a plan devised by the teenage Chancellor for a carbon tax, which would have sent the price of food and gas central heating soaring, adding untold billions to the national benefits bill.

The Health Sec., M. Hancock, is offering us a happy & free summer as long as everyone stops twatting about, gets vaccinated, obeys the plague rules and keeps their distance. Like that's going to happen!

At 33.8% of economic output, the Treasury's grab is the highest since 1951. And the bad news is that the teenage Chancellor, Mr. Snack, is looking for ways to shove it up even higher in the March budget to pay for his plague splurges. Sticking another 0.5 percentage points onto this dreadful number is his current ambition.

Despite the arrival of a hostile regime in the USA, Trade Sec. L. Truss is confident that the draft trade deal sketched out under the Trump administration can be completed.

January 2021

Foreign Sec. D. Raab has cut £4 billion off the foreign aid budget and it will stay slashed until the economy has recovered from the assault of the Chinese plague. That £4 billion is just 1% of the current budget deficit.

The Department of Health idea of paying everyone who tests positive for the Chinese plague in England £500/week to stay at home; at a cost to the taxpayer of a guestimated £453 MILLION/WEEK, has not been 'within a million miles' of the prime minister, we have been assured. The main problem is that it could encourage fraud on a massive scale.

The Communities Sec. is to take steps to protect the legacies of British achievers from the smear tactics of the unworthy.

Finally, our feisty Home Sec. is going to make it illegal for travellers to turn public & private spaces into camp sites which become rubbish dumps.

Our feisty Home Sec. is revving up legislation to export foreign criminals if they are sentenced to 6 months in gaol or more. Bad guys from the EU will no longer get a free pass on spurious 'uman rights grounds.

December 2020

With one bound, Boris got us out of the EbloodyU's clutches.

The Chancellor is being mobbed and having his head banged together until he drops his economy wrecking plan to raise capital gains tax to income tax levels. The argument against is that economic recovery would be better served by private investors looking to turn a profit rather than the government throwing their investment capital down its drain.

This government, like all of its predecessors, remains committed to the concept of sustainable improvement of the adult social care system. Sadly, there is no matching commitment actually to do something about delivery, which would involve taking cash from the prudent to cater for the feckless & the luckless.

The government is dragging its feet over revealing how much EXTRA taxpayers' cash has been blown on removing grid-lock, pollution-causing anti-vehicle scams bought using the £225 MILLION given to local councils by dopey Transport Minister G. Shapps.

The furlough scheme, due to end in October but extended to the end of March, has been further extended to the end of April.

The Home Sec. has ordered police forces to stop protecting rape gangs of Pakistani & similar origin by neglecting to record the ethnicity of sex criminals.

Tory back-benchers have succeeded in forcing the government to abandon plans to concrete over vast areas of Green Belt in the south of England.

The PM must be feeling quietly chuffed by the outcome of this latest scrabble to make a trade deal. It's clear that the blame for the failure belongs on the other side of the Channel and he's in the clear.

The Chancellor appears to be relying on fines imposed on Gooble, FakeBuk and the other tech giants to fill the Brown Hole in the economy created by the Chinese plague. He must have every confidence that the giants will not fail to continue to abuse their monopolies and fall foul of regulators.

There is to be a review of Labour's 'Uman Rights Act, which has been perverted by judges to aid crooks and overturn laws made by Parliament. The review will be conducted by a former Appeal Court judge.

Foreign Sec. D. Raab has confirmed that the UK will continue to pay for the Chinese space programme as long as the Chinese pretend that the overseas aid from British taxpayers is going on global warming swindles. The same for India.

November 2020

The Chancellor is planning to use the cleverest stealth tax of all time to short-change pension funds by £100,000 MILLION by ignoring the RPI. Something that Gordon F. Brown, The Man Who Stole Your Pension, never dared to try.

The Treasury is getting the blame for deliberately stealing money from the North of England to spend in London & the South-East for decades. Which makes the Chancellor the hero of the hour if he rips up these rules to give the North a long overdue fair shake.

Attempts by idle & entitled civil servants to get rid of a Home Sec. who expects them to do some work occasionally have flopped. PM Boris has confidence in her.

The country is broke but the PM plans to chuck a ton of money we don't have at that notorious cash-waster the Min. of Defence over the next 4 years. That's on top of all the cash he's going to waste on Green BS.

The Chancellor is on course to bin a further 50,000 jobs if he bins duty-free shopping for the foreigners who buy luxury goods.

The reason why the government is in no rush to decriminalize not having a TV licence is that Boris & Co. think the BBC setting bailiffs on vulnerable people is worse than the BBC setting the police on them.

The government is talking about cutting the amount of taxpayers' cash wasted on overseas aid to dictators and thieves. Whether anything constructive will be done remains to be seen. The plague provides an excuse for ignoring the 0.7% of GDP legal requirement inflicted upon us by Dave the Leader.

The Transport Dept. is to blow £175 MILLION that the nation doesn't have on the Japanese knotweed of cycle lanes to increase congestion on the roads.

Our PM is planning to spend £40 MILLION on conserving green spaces in England. But where is the bluddy cash coming from, Boris?

The 19th of November is now the new last possible final date for negotions for a trade deal with the EbloodyU.

November 15th—wasn't that the assolutely final dateline for the EU trade deal negotions? Apparently not.

More climate control bollocks from PM Boris: the ban on new petrol & diesel vehicles is to be brought forward from 2040 to 2030. Our PM is still clinging to the delusion that messing Britain about will encourage the rest of the world to do the same to itself.

October 2020

Our Home Sec. has to be getting things exactly right and doing a grand job if 800 Leftie legals felt the need to resort to slagging off her and the prime minister in theGrauniad.

The Chancellor reckons that there is a limit to the amount of cash the nation can borrow. The good news for people in search of a handout is that the 'limit' seems to be infinitely elastic.

The Home Sec. is to close loopholes left by Labour in its 'uman rights laws to prevent Europeon criminals from staying here courtesy of money-grubbing lawyers and dotty old (& young) judges, who misinterpret the law perversely in order to wave virtue flags. & also for profit, of course.

Health Sec. Hapless Hancock is being accused of thinking than an offer of help from the Institute of Biomedical Science, which represents 20,000 lab workers, was a private company touting for plague-related business. Which says rather a lot about the quality of the civil servants @ the Department of Health if they failed to enlighten him.

More drain fodder—the government's plan to blow £200 MILLION of the overseas aid budget on ending modern slavery; one from TheRazor May; has been found to be typical of foreign aid campaigns. The wonks @ Whitehall just throw the cash in the air and don't bother to check where it lands. Getting shot of the dosh to wave virtue flags is much more important than VFM.

Our current Defence Sec., B. Wallace, has been shamed into ordering a judicial inquiry into the hounding for decades of serving and former British troops over vexatious compensation claims.

The Chancellor's plan to end VAT refunds and abolish duty-free shopping is expected to abolish 138,000 jobs and cost the British economy £3,500 MILLION.

The PM is going to arrange for the wind to blow off-shore at just the right speed to keep turbines turning at their maximum generation efficiency rate. Let us hope that his scheme to ring the country with wind farms is created 100% with parts and labour from the UK. His current 'aspiration' of 60% British just ain't good enough.

The Home Office is considering a new strategy for housing illegal immigrants—in gaol rather than hotels. Or unemployed cruise ships.

September 2020

The government has been accused of acting like communist China by issuing new rules for dealing with the Chinese plague without a fanfare. Critics do not appear to appreciate that a Chinese plague requires a Chinese approach.
   All sorts of fines are now available to be imposed on those trouble-makers who don't believe that there is a plague rampant in the country.

The PM has bitten the bullet, binned his 'go back to work' campaign and banned hospitality after 10 p.m. as plague cases, but not deaths, are starting to soar. His experts want to break unnecessary links between spreader households.
   Meanwhile, the Chancellor is conjuring more cash out of thin air to extend the furlough scheme in all but name and taxpayers look like having to subsidize the railways for the rest of the decade.

The Home Sec. has had a brilliant idea—a change of the law to render boating migrants from across the Channel ineligible to file an assylum claim and make an ass out of the British taxpayer. And cutting off the cash flow to parasite 'uman rights lawyers would be another move in the right direction.

Terrorists will be kept in gaol longer—no more early releases—but the legislation won't be published until next year. Then it will have to go through Parliament and a gauntlet of legal challenges from the friends of terrorism. So nothing will happen anytime soon.

80% of boat people arriving illegally from France are refused asylum but they are allowed to stay anyway. So much for the Home Sec.'s tough talking.

Chancellor SnackThe teenage Chancellor is making all the news at the moment. His latest wheeze is to divert billions from the foreign aid budget to pay for spies, drones and cyberwarfare. He'd be doing the country a favour if he could pour the cash instead into the GINORMOUS Brown Hole which he has created in the economy. But that's probably way too sensible for a teenager to grasp.

The teenage Chancellor is also being told that if "we're all in it together" as far as the Chinese plague is concerned, trying to taxing the socks off just the middle classes to pay for his handouts is not going to go down well with his party's MPs. Or the middle classes.

The teenage Chancellor has been warned by wiser heads in the Cabinet that tax rises now would be like a deluge of acid rain upon the green shoots of recovery when they appear. He seems to be mad keen to stick 5p on a litre of fuel, for instance.

August 2020

No worries. The quangocrats and mandarins who got the boot from Ofqual and elsewhere will be in other overpaid civil service jobs before you know it coz they're life-long members of the club. Out with a golden goodbye, in somewhere else with a golden hello—all on the taxpayer, of course.

Poor people who are ordered to go into quarantine for 10 days will receive a grant of £130 to encourage them to do it.

The PM will grot on any attempt by the Chancellor to bin laden the Triple Lock on pensions as it is in the Conservative election manifesto which won last year's election.

Figures published for grade inflation in A-Levels, etc., relative to 2019 show a modest increase from the much reviled algorithm and a bucketful where teacher-grading is concerned. Which confirms that most of the 'results' for unexamined school pupils are just convenient pieces of fiction.

No trade deal with the EU if they insist that we have to obey EU rules without a voice there is the message we're getting. And no trade deal is looking more and more likely as the current negotions are a case of too little, too late right now.

The Department of Health is planning to abolish the useless quango Public Health England and put a German-style body in its place. The change will begin next month but PHE will not be gone completely until the spring of 2021.

Another bit of good sense—the government will not be giving quotas for rape trials to the Can't Prosecute Service to gee it up.

The Health Service has realized that a centralized track 'n' trace system is just chucking money down its drain and inferior to a localized system using people with a detailed knowledge of their area. A rare triumph for sense over Big Government.

July 2020

The scramble to shovel British overseas aid down every drain available will be less frantic this year, Foreign Sec. D. Raab has revealed. His minions will have to unload around £3 BILLION of taxpayers' cash less this year thanks to the Chinese plague.

Oh, dear. At his first public outing with fellow members of what is now his committee, Dr. Lewis behaved like a bit of a pillock. Which means it's business as usual with him in charge.

Dr. J. Lewis, the MP who blagged the chairmanship of the Commons spies committee, seems to have done the PM a favour. He averted the disaster of Failing Grayling being in charge, he seems to be well qualified for the job and, having shed the Tory whip, no one can accuse him of being PM Boris' stooge.

M. Hancock, the Health Sec., is launching an urgent review of how the quango Public Health England adds up its score of deaths from the Chinese plague as it has been revealed that anyone who has ever died after testing positive for it is added to the Plague List even if they were hit by a bus.

From 2021/01/01, EU nationals who commit crimes here will be liable for deportation like any other criminal. Whether it will actually happen is something else entirely, given the Home Office's appalling record here and the anti-British attitude of the judiciary.

No surprise that the dopes at the F.O. are helping to fund the training of China's meeja propagandists against the interests of the UK. It's definitely time someone took a proper gander @ the waxworks there and binned the useless ones without a gong.

The Education Sec. is binning Tony B. Liar's fatuous 50% of teens go to university target. Why did it take so long?

The government has blown £10 BILLION on a track 'n' trace system that doesn't work and £15 BILLION on overpriced Personal Protection Equipment. No wonder the National Debt is heading north of £3 TRILLION.

What certainties are embedded in the PM's Insulate The Nation plan?
• It won't have the slighest effect on the climate of The Planet
• It will become a Cowboys' Charter
• It will be written in to political fraud about achieving carbon neutrality.

June 2020

There's hope for the nation. Home Sec. P. Patel has found a loophole in the EU freedom of movement laws and used it to deport 3 rapists and torturers back to Lithuania.

If the Windrush migrants who got the bum's rush are getting £1 MILLION in compensation, any chance of the Home Office waxworks who made it all possible by misapplying the rules will get the push? No? Thought not.

If Home Sec. P. Patel is serious about deporting foreign criminals in short order, she's going to have to do it in person. Because the stooges in the Home Office have no intention of lifting a finger to help her.

The government is going to use the Chinese plague as an excuse for renationalizing the railways and making them a burden on the taxpayer again, the Transport Sec. G. Shapps, reckons.

188 charities and other beneficiaries of Britain's free lunch counter have complained to the PM about the abolition of DfID and the consequent damage to their incomes.

The government closed down Operation Northmoor after blowing £10 million on trying to fit up British troops for crimes in Afghanistan. This happened A YEAR AGO but Defence Sec. B. Wallace has seen fit to keep the closure of this lawfare exercise top secret—totally unforgivably—from the service personnel who were targetted. Presumably, to spare the government's blushes after its failure to come up with anything resembling a charge against anyone. Any apology Wallace makes will not be nearly enough.

The PM has abolished DfID, the giant cashpoint in the sky, and turned it into a junior offshoot of the F.O. Foreign aid will now go to nations which want to be friends with the UK and which respect 'uman rights and democracy. VFM is the new mandate, even though the F.O. is hardly the posse to deliver it.

May 2020

Everything stopped for the Chinese plague.

Our PM has announced that common sense is the basis for relaxing the lockdown in England. This has severely upset the nit-pickers, who expect to be told in mind-boggling detail exactly what can and cannot be done because they are incapable of making a reasoned judgement.

The Home Sec., Ms Patel, is making noises about a change to the law to deal with vexatious asylum claims and send the boguses packing in quick time. A special tax on the lawyers making money out of the bogus claims racket would be a great idea in these difficult times.

The government is hoping to ease yoof unemployment somewhat by banning the over 70s from going out to work.

Are we surprised that the Health Secretary is being accused of goalpost shifting to exceed his virus testing daily target on the last day of April and get 123,000 tests recorded? Not at all. We'd have fallen out of bed in amazement only if the usual suspects hadn't accused him of a fiddle.

April 2020

The Health Sec., Hancock's Half Hour, has things all systems go to reach his target of 100,000 tests for the Chinese plague daily by the end of the month. Despite the foot-dragging by the abomination of waxworks in charge of Public Health England and the Care Quality Commission.

Travel Sec. G. Shapps has given the travel industry the hump by declaring that booking a summer holiday right now is not a great idea. Especially with firms likely to go bust, leaving people uncompensated.

The Brexit Department hs confirmed that Britain, which is now out of the EU, will not extend the transition period beyond December 31st. We will be completely gone then, with or without a trade deal, no matter how much foot-dragging the EU does.

All the fun & games over personal protective equipment has just rammed home the point that whichever political party is in charge, the civil service will just trundle on at its own lumbering, obstructive pace.

The Chancellor is having to boot banks up the backside to make them give government-backed loans to struggling firms. Some banks have been attempting to hold their customers to ransom before offering loans or trying to charge crooked interest rates.

March 2020

Tory Grand Old Man David Davis is leading the charge to put the current Chancellor back in touch with reality. Not including the self-employed in the national bail-out right from the start was wrong, says D.D. and taxing them out of existence when things return to what passes for normal in revenge for being made to look a bit of a Charlie is just plain vindictive.

The Chancellor has extended his pay-off delay for the self-employed to June. He is now claiming that there is no Magic Money Tree and everyone (except the usual suspects, of course) will have to pay for all the bail-outs through higher taxes. Everything paid out has to come back. Such is the reality of fiscal responsibility.

The Chancellor has upset 5 million self-employed customers by telling them they will have to wait until May for a cash lifeline. The problem is that employed people are relatively easy to deal with, whereas the self-employed come in all shapes and sizes and dealing with them rapidly is outwith the competence of the civil service.

Someone has kicked the new Chancellor's shin and he is having to rush out a rescue package for the self-employed, who were lost in the race to placate the trade unions by hurling cash at people with an employer.

An official report on the Windrush shambles, which saw people who had been here for decades deported because they didn't have the right pieces of paper, has concluded that it happened because the Home Office failed to give the people concerned special treatment because they were immigrants. The endemic speed of the civil service; dead slow or stop; also received a mention. No change is expected on this front.

The government has failed veterans of the campaign against Irish terrorists by excluding them from a new law protecting troops from vexatious and malicious prosecution attempts. So much for the military bloody covenant . . .

Work faster is the message to the EU trade deal negotiators. The talks are off for a corona break but there will be no extension to our December exit.

Our PM is not being allowed to forget that he promised to fix social care. But there are lots of other more pressing issues claiming his attention, like corona, keeping the economy going to pay for his spending splurge and flood defences, etc., etc.

The government has a good excuse for raiding the foreign aid budget to pay for helping the NHS to deal with the Chinese plague. After all, if wle're not healthy and working, no foreign aid is possible.

The government has booted doing anything about social care in to the long grass of May, presumably waiting to find out if there are any oldies left as the corona virus sweeps the nation. In the meantime, any ideas from anyone are welcome.
UPDATE MPs are not waiting for the Health Sec. to get going in May. Former Health Sec. J. Hunt has got his Commons committee on the job.

February 2020

Oh, dear! The Trade Sec., L. Truss, has revealed that chlorine-washed chicken won't be coming to us from the US, which means that the people who put the 'git' into agitators are going to have to find something else to confect outrage about.

Our PM has told the EU that dragging its Brexit negotions on until December 30th is not going to happen. Get the outline of the trade deal sorted by the end of June or we walk away, is the message.

Tory MPs are taking the credit for talking the PM and his new Indian Chancellor out of doing a Gordon F. Brown and stealing even more from private pensions.

Is anyone surprised to learn that British overseas aid is being used to create schoolbooks for jihadi educational institutions in Islamist strongholds? No surprise that it's a UN agency which is distributing our cash to future terrorists.

Our idiot Education Sec. is promoting finger writing on a tablet in schools as a replacement for teaching kids to write properly using a pencil and paper. Where do they find people like him?

The government plans to strip funding from Mickey Mouse college courses such as horse riding, sugarcraft, fishing, intimate waxing, et al. The idea is to reduce the vast range of options available to students in the hope that they will pick something useful such as physics or maths or English literature.
    This will not be of much use to white, working-class boys as the system will continue to discriminate against them in the name of diversity.

Yes, H2S will cost over £106 BILLION and yes, PM Boris isn't bovvered by that.

Our 'incompetence is us' Home Office has failed to remove 7,300 criminals, who should have been deported. A small excuse is the misuse of the Windrush card by black racialists to frustrate the removal of Jamaican-origin criminals.

The government is to go ahead with H2S. Let us hope they get a grip on the cost of this particular elephant and do a proper job on the bits in the Northern Poorhouse zone to make it worth having.

Brexit postage stamp The full roll-out of Universal Credit has been put back to September 2024 to get all of the bugs out of the system. Which will cost the taxpayer a mere half a billion quid in overpayments to claimants of the benefits being replaced.

PM Boris has confirmed that Britain will be free of EU rules and regulations and will not be subject to the edicts of the EU Court of alleged Justice when we are finally our of their clutches. Other nations have made trade deals with the EU without agreeing to be bound by its rules. Just because we live next door doesn't mean we have to be either. And we're having our fishing grounds back, too.

January 2020

The Transport Sec. has been obliged to grot all over the lethal ‘smart' motorway plan in the interests of public safety and saving lives. Especially as the ‘finished' version of the radar system fails to spot 10% of broken-down vehicles.

It's bad enough being mown down on the pavement by yobs on push bikes, but the waxworks of the Dept. of Transport are thinking about letting yobs on electric scooters charge about on pavements @ 16 mph.

PM Boris has ordered a review of foreign aid excesses. An overhaul of the £14.6 BILLION annual expenditure will be completed 'in months'.

From February onward, all websites will have to treat visitors as if they are children by order of the government. Website visitors are advised that if they are offended by being treated like an ignorant, stroppy, teenage Greenhouse Greta, it's nothing to do with President Boris and all to do with the waxworks of the civil service, who come up with these silly regulations.

The government has decided that violent crininals should have to serve two-thirds of their sentence instead of just one-half. Whether it will do anything to stop dotty old judges from reducing sentences accordingly remains to be seen. Also, immigrant wannabes will not have to have evidence of a £30K job to show to an inspector of visas.

PM Boris has called off his big reorganization of government departments in favour of some deck chair shuffling. But he is launching a campaign to cut out waste and slaughter sacred cows. H2S should be a prime candidate for this initiative.

Sex criminals who decide they don't want to be on the Sex Offenders' Register and subject to scrutiny can do a self-assessment, conclude they are no longer a menace to public safety and get their name removed from the register. All with the full approval of the Home Office. You couldn't bloody make it up!

The government is planning to abolish the prevailing anti-expertise culture in the civil service, which shunts people around regularly to ensure that if someone is starting to get the hang of a job, they are moved to an area where they have no experience.

When Home Sec. a year ago, S. Javid declared a migrant emergency; which seems to have had as much effect as a cosmetic declaration of a climate emergency as the number of migrants being helped to cross the Channel by the Border Agency is UP and the number deported back to France, where they should have claimed asylum, is DOWN.

December 2019

£151 MILLION of British taxpayers' cash went to China and India to fund probes sent to the Moon by their space agencies. And yet Boris is cool with that? Bad Boris!

Chancellor S. Javid has picked A. Bailey, who is the current head of the useless Financial Conduct Authority, to be a flop (?) as the Governor of the Bank of England for 8 years when the Canadian bloke is sent packing.

Shock horror! Public sector unions to be saddled with responsibilities in return for all their rights.

Brain overload from the Queen's Speech! Will everyone in the pay of the Russians and other hostile foreign powers really register with the government to avoid being sent to gaol for distributing anti-British propaganda and spying for our enemies? Will the Russians and others let them? Can't see that happening.

Brexit and doing something for people Up North who have been neglected by the Metropolitan Moochers are the story of the latest Queen's Speech.

The government will increase the standard retailer discount from 33% to 50% to cut business rates for 90% of independent high street businesses, and their rates will be reviewed @ the budget in March.

Boris Bursaries for student nurses are now on offer.

PM Boris wins big in the general election needed to sweep out the Bremoaners—and keeps his job. Job No. 1 for his next term has to be ensuring proper redress for the postmasters who were persecuted and even gaoled over imaginary losses generated by dodgy Post Office software and that the waxworks responsible are held to account. [breath not being held over that]

Education standards in England are going up after Michael Gove took on the lefty Blob when he was Education Sec. In Scotland and Wales, with the SNP and Labour in charge, they are still sinking, says the OECD. It takes Conventional wisdom has it that 10 years are needed to reverse retrograde steps in education. Gove has delivered in England. Scotland, with the SNP in charge, can look forward to another decade in the doldrums, even after an immediate change for the better.

November 2019

The law which compels newspapers to pay all the costs of a libel action, even if they win, will be scrapped before it comes in to force if the Tories win a decent majority.

Operation Northmoor, a police operation in Afghanistan, has wasted £10 million of taxpayers' cash on investigating bogus and malicious allegations made against British troops.

PM Boris unveils his election manifesto. No grammar schools, no fox hunting, modest spending compared to Labour's lunatic pledges, no income tax, VAT and NI increases, the pensions Triple Lock to remain, increases for schools and the NHS, more police, free hospital parking and January 31st is the new dead in a ditch deadline with no Xtension. And a plan to achieve the impossible and do something about care of the elderly.

Abolishing paper tax discs was supposed to save the nation £10 million/year. The actual effect has been a REDUCTION IN REVENUE of £94 million due to tax evasion facilitated by the new system.

Child-killers will get life meaning life if the Tories get in again next month.

Some of the cash going to the NHS is being used to mitigate the 2016 Osborne Attack on consultants' pensions to make them more inclined to take on extra work during the annual winter crisis if they're actually getting something out of it.

The power industry has announced that the government's target of a smart meter in 85% of homes by 2024 is a fantasy. Ain't gonna happen. The government has been relieved of the task of coming up with a wibble counterblast as there's a general election about to happen and the rules don't allow it.

PM Boris is offering a partial fix to the persecution of former service personnel in his election wish list. Will anything come of it? We'll see.

Despite multiple promises by successive waxworks at the ministries of Defence, Justice, etc., to end hysterical persecutions of British service personnel, it's still bloody going on! More lies and evasions from the politicians?

There's going to be a general election next month, which means that nothing much will get done for a month and a half. Which is either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on whether you have any faith in the competence of politicians.

October 2019

Schools which overpay their head and staff will not be included in a £400 MILLION government hand-out plan. Sounds like a policy which should be applied to other fat-cat outfits, starting with local councils which pay their officers outrageous salaries.

The government is being urged to stomp on the waxworks running the Post Office to prevent them from causing serious damage to the network by failing to pay reasonable rates for work done and making the job of sub-postmaster unviable.

PM Boris has a deal with the EU which bins the backstop. But will the Bremoaners accept the referendum result and back it? Breath not being held.

The Transport Sec. is making noises about nationalizing the failing Northern Rail franchise to remind the great British public just how HUGE a mess the waxworks in the public sector can make of running a railway.

The current Culture Vulture Sec. is making noises about binning the BBC licence fee and making the Beeb charge subscription fees for its outputs. But given the general uselessness of politicians, no one is holding their breath.

Nothing about protecting retired Armed Services personnel from malicious hysterical prosecutions in this month's Queen's Speech. So was that all talk?

Her Majesty's Government will put up council tax to pay for social care (if the councils actually spend the cash on that).

The government will seize aircraft belonging to failed travel firms in the future to reduce the cost to the taxpayer of bringing stranded customers home, Transport Sec. G. Shapps has decided.

Justice Sec. R. Buckland has abolished the death tax rise in probate fees planned by TheRazor May. Not fair and proportionate, he decided. But probate fees will be going up after a review. By how much remains to be seen.

PM Boris is set to indulge in government spending on an industrial scale, which will make Gordon F. Broon's recklessness look positively Aberdonian. Okay, if the world is going to end in 12 years, as Democrat wack job show-off AO-C contends, why not? We might as well live a little before we croak.

The Department of Health's strategy for the scandal caused by using diseased blood products from the USA in the 1970s and 1980s appears to be to obfuscate until everyone who is responsible, everyone who was killed or damaged and everyone who has heard of the scandal . . . is dead.

Housing Minister R. Jenrick is getting himself noticed by opposing the pernicious death tax on inheritance. Personal project or general election preparation?

The government is to ban the export of a number of drugs which are in short supply in the UK. These drugs command higher prices abroad as, surprisingly, the NHS has a couple of staff members who can bargain prices downwards.

Chancellor Javid is on the right track if he's thinking of abolishing the pernicious inheritance tax on already fully taxed assets. It is just legalized grave robbery affecting only the thrifty, the enterprising and their descendants.

September 2019

If judges are going to play politics, it's only fair that the government should become involved in the process for appointing judges. And that the judiciary should be made aware of the possibility.

The government has booted the 2020 target for imposing 'smart' meters on an unwilling nation into the long grass of 2024 and reduced the requirement to 85% coverage. This is as unrealistic as the full coverage by 2020 target, the experts reckon. Expect further boots to 75% by 2028 and then 50% by 2030 so that the government of the day can claim a great triumph.

Our Prime Minister is going to find £220 MILLION to save the elephant and the rhino from Xtinction.

Has our Prime Minister binned TheRazor May's Divorce On Demand bill? The word is that it won't be in the up-coming Queen's Speech.

Our Prime Minister is going in to battle with the Northern Poorhouse, which has been created by the policies of successive Labour governments. He's planning to make the South of England's impoverished cousin great again by letting the North do what Brexiteers want to do—Take Back Control.

Health Sec. M. Hancock would like to see the return of booze cruises to the Continent in search of duty-free alcohol and tobacco post-Brexit.

After endless deliberations, the Commons transport committee has realized that parking on the pavement should be made illegal everywhere, not just in London. Took the useless buggers long enough.

The Home Sec. is doing a good job of refusing to jump through hoops set up by self-important BBC bods. Let us hope that he can continue to show a bit of steel with upstarts.

The Chancellor is going to splurge £14 zillion pounds of taxpayers' money to remove the austerity alibi from opposition parties.

PM Boris has promised to donate £1 BILLION of the Brexit Bonus to the social care crisis.

PM Boris has warned Bremoaner Tory MPs to stay on side or risk losing the whip and the right to stand as an official Tory candidate at the next general election. Upset the gravy boat and there will be none for you, mate. He also has the option to veto the next EU budget to make sure that the rest of the EU don't vote to extend our membership beyond October 31st and increase his potential to make like as difficult for them as they're making it for us.

August 2019

Downing Street's corps of advisers are trembling in their boots now that PM Boris has an Enforcer who is prepared to tackle the endemic Sieve Culture there. The new Cummings Culture is "one leak and you're gone, no matter how many ministers it upsets". They are upset, of course, because their faulty judgement in picking advisers is exposed. Especially if they're a bit of a wide boy. No names, no pack drill, though.

It has been revealed that Government ministers have been lying about H2S being on time and on budget for at least the last 3 years—since G. Osborne was Chancellor. Politicians, eh?

The Energy Department is going to waste £1.5 BILLION of taxpayers' cash on pretending to make Africa greener and helping people to adapt to climate change. Naturally, the politicians, who are actually being paid to think up crap like this, think it's the dog's bollocks.

There is a Brexit clock at the Treasury to concentrate the minds of Chancellor Javid's minions but there isn't one at 10 Downing Street on the grounds that the delicate flowers who get paid for being there would find it too stressful. Aaaah!

Fixing social care is such an impossible task that it will take a long time to plan it before anything can actually be done, the PM has concluded.

Boris the Revolutionary is making noises about building the northern stretch of H2S first, where it actually has some hope of making a difference to travel times and convenience. This recognizes that the southern section will have zero real impact on travel times between London and Birmingham when swapping trains at the out-of-Brum interchange is taken in to account.

His kite ended up in Charlie Brown's kite-eating tree and the Chancellor, S. Javid, will not be making sellers pay the stamp duty on house purchases.

We have yet another government pledge to stop the persecution of armed services veterans, this one from the current Defence Sec., B. Wallace. Whether anything will actually come of it remains to be seen. Based on past performances, no one should be getting their hopes up. Similarly, his promise that Irish terrorists will end up in court is less than convincing. And something which will never happen under a Corbyn government, which would give them medals.

PM Johnson is pulling no punches. Brexit-blockers are traitors in cahoots with the EU, especially that deadleg Hammond.

The Office for National Sadistics has published figures showing that George Osborne, when Chancellor in 2016, got his Project Fear forecast for Brexit completely wrong. There has been no deep recession, no huge increases in unemployment and no to all the rest of Osborne's garbage. "Honest mistake"? Honesty and error had nothing to do with it. It was obviously just politics rather than reality.

Senior staff at DfID, the department which shovels taxpayers' cash down drains and into the pockets of despots, have been awarded cash bonuses of up to £10K—out of the much-abused pockets of the nation's taxpayers.
    A mouthpiece for the department claims that it is normal for those who deliver value for the taxpayer to be rewarded. If that were true, DfID bosses would have negative salaries and pension contributions.
    There's bollocks and there is DfID bollocks.

Our PM will produce £100 MILLION from his hip pocket to prevent drugs and phones from being smuggled into HM prisons. That's a lot of articles for the Daily Telegraph!

The Commons Transport Committee is eager to ban all phone use, including hands-free, whilst driving as a dangerous distraction. One small problem—the experts reckon that enforcement would be impossible. Which means that the MPs are out of touch with reality, as usual.

Our PM is putting an end to slaps on the wrist and putting bad people in gaol for a lot longer.

Our new Transport Sec., G. Shapp, is going to make our trains run on time. Good luck with that, mate!

PM Boris is going to give the NHS a one-off injection of £1.8 BILLION, including a fabric fund for hospital repairs.

The new Home Sec.'s main aim is to restore public faith in the police. She should live that long! Ambition is a fine thing but it would be nice if reality could break through occasionally. No party is ever going to be in office for the number of years needed to turn the current state of policing round.

P. Patel, the new Home Sec., wants criminals to live in fear rather than everyone else. Which makes a pleasant change. She is also indicating that while she would not vote for the restoration of the death penalty herself, she would not be broken up if others made it part of the criminal justice system again.

July 2019

P.M. Boris is planning to nominate Project Fear-tainted sacked Chancelllor G. Osborne for the position of head of the International Monetary Fund. Presumably, for the pleasure of watching him lose to the inevitable German or Frog with an equally dodgy record and/or an obligatory criminal conviction for financial crime like the last incumbent (French).

Chancellor Javid is going to contribute £2.1 BILLION to preparing for a No Deal Brexit? No, it's actually the taxpayer who is going to have to cough up.

The Boris Plan is to spend lots of money and cut taxes. Good luck with that, mate!

The new PM is putting his non-masochist credentials on display by not going to Brussels to let the burrocraps there tell him 'Non' to a better Brexit deal.

PM Johnson, on his trip to Manchester, announced that he wanted to give the city a rail link to Leeds like Crossrail in London. Let us hope that he is talking about the concept rather than the execution as Crossrail is years late, still under construction and way, way above budget.

Let us hope that the PM's 20,000 more coppers recruited over the next 3 years have more sense than the idiots who bought the paedophile Nick's silly stories, and those of Labour's disgraced deputy leader T. Watson.

The PM is promising an Aussie-style points system for migration and backing an amnesty for migrants who have been here illegally for years as long as they are not criminals. There will be more stop & search but no death penalty, not even for Bremoaners. It will be NO DEAL if the EU won't play fair and no £39 BILLION, and maybe there will be a general election in the autumn to shake up Parliament.

Mr. Johnson has inflicted his combination of mad professor and evil genius, D. Cummings, on the waxwork civil servants around him. Will the fur fly? We'll see.

Has anyone mentioned to the current Health Secretary, M. Hancock, that his plan to put doctors online is going to lead to a lot of old folks croaking because they can't handle the internet? And also because 10 minutes' access to a GP can lead to lots of cases of misdiagnosis.

First order of business, a major change to the Cabinet. 17 of 28 ministers exchanged. Some, like the Chancellor, Hammond, and the Boris-haters quit before they could be fired. The rest went for one reason or another.
    The Nation now waits impatiently to see what happens about Brexit. Will the new Prime Minister be able to deliver on the party's manifesto pledge made before the last general election or will the traitors and saboteurs win?
    We live in annoying rather than interesting times, when the bad guys are being cut far too much slack.


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