Back to Front PageIt would be nice to think that the people on the public payroll are up to the jobs for which they are generally overpaid. But they will keep proving that they are about as much use as a chocolate teapot.

The Gender Lottery

The Looney Left continue to whine about The Cuts, even though government spending shows no signs of coming under control, and there are still total nutters on the public payroll. Like the Children's Commissioner, Anne Longfield, whose outfit came up with a lunatic 25 options for a "gender survey" of 13 to 18-year-olds.

This sad burrocrat's deluded buddies thought it would be a good idea to offer the kids these options to describe their gender (including an option to tick ALL the boxes that apply):

There is at least one headmaster around who lets a drag artist tell a class of 11-year-olds that there are 73 genders!!

Updated Update
There are wonks around who claim that there are 100 separate & identifiable genders.

The Longfield List:

  1. GIRL
  2. BOY
  5. MALE
  8. TRANS-GIRL: Someone who going from male to female
  9. TRANS-BOY: Someone who is going female to male
  10. GENDER FLUID: Those who switch genders from time to time
  11. AGENDER: Those with no gender identity or a neutral identity.
  12. ANDROGYNOUS: Both male and female
  13. BI-GENDER: Those who have two genders, either simultaneously or swapping between them; male, female or any of the others
  14. NON-BINARY: Those who do not feel exclusively male or female
  15. DEMI-BOY: Someone who is only partly male, may also apply to girls, and the person may have another gender option
  16. DEMI-GIRL: The female equivalent of 'demi-boy'.
  17. GENDER NONCONFORMING: Those who do not behave according to their gender at birth
  18. TRI-GENDER: Shifts between any three of the gender options
  19. ALL GENDERS: Someone who embraces all possible gender options
  20. IN THE MIDDLE OF BOY AND GIRL: Somewhere in between male and female
  21. INTERSEX: Someone with genetic, hormonal and physical features that may be thought typical of both male and female.
  22. NOT SURE
  25. GENDERQUEER: Basically, "none of the above"

As a postscript, Garbagegate would like to add a couple more, equally daft, options:

  • GREYGENDER: Somewhere in the middle of the "gender spectrum"
  • CISGENDER: Accepts the one that DNA dictates

Of course, the long-suffering taxpayer had to foot the bill for this insanity and pointless political correctitude. The Cuts? What Cuts, if Dave & Co. think it's a good idea to make the taxpayer cough up for moronity at this level?

Ms Longfield and her minions blow £3 million/year of the budget of the Department of Education (run by the batty N. Morgan, who appointed Longfield) on such silly trivialities. If Dave were serious about The Cuts, she would be history. And before the Looney Left start up; could you see the Corbynites getting rid of her and her cronies?

Longfield is supposed to protect children. The best way to do that would be to sack her immediately and ban her mates from all "Jobs for Luvvies" in the public sector forever.

Second p.s.
There's no need for 283 genders. All we need are 3 – male, femle and nondescript; a Latin-origin word meaning neither one thing nor another.
   Its pronouns are ‘non' for one and ‘noy' for a gang of them, plus singular & plural possessives of ‘nos' and ‘noir'.
   Problem solved, job done tidily!

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