Back to Front PageCuts are not always a bad idea, no matter what the Labour party would have us believe; either about the present need for public sector cuts or about what they got up to in office to make them necessary.

Drive them out, kicking & screaming if necessary
The Labour party is trying to score points by saying it would get rid of fewer coppers as part of its strategy for ignoring the Brown Hole, which the party created in the British economy through reckless and wasteful spending in the Blair & Broon years. But some chief constables have admitted that it is an opportunity to make the police force (not service) better. Because, let's face it, there are lots of piss-poor coppers around as New Labour's legacy to the nation.

Many of us have read about them in the newspapers or been told about them by people who were unfortunate enough to encounter bad coppers. All that these characters are good for is assaulting members of the public (knowing that they will get away with it because the tribe will look the other way), inventing charges which have never troubled the statute books, repeating the silly jargon created by their leaders and wasting a lot of taxpayers' cash.

Getting rid of the rotten apples, and putting some proper training programmes in place to keep them out in the future, would be a cull worth executing. The problem with the public sector, however, is that the system is usually organized to drive out "good wood" and leave most of the dead stuff in place.

The police force used to be an emergency service but not any more. Whenever members of the public get into trouble, the reaction of the "plastic" and even the "real" coppers is to stand around, consulting their 'elf & safety manuals and saying it's more than their job's worth to offer help.

Can't Prosecute Service
And if the police ever catch someone who deserves it, what happens next? New Labour's pernicious influence has given us prosecutors devoid of common sense, who waste MILLIONS of pounds of taxpayers' cash on prosecutions which are thrown out of court when they collide with a magistrate or judge who has two brain cells to rub together.

A judiciary out of control
While some judges know what they're doing, New Labour saddled us with tribes of them who have created their own versions of the laws enacted in Parliament without challenge from the politicians who are supposed to be looking out for our interests. This time of affordability assessments provides an ideal opportunity for reviewing the performance of those who sit in judgement over their fellow citizens, and sacking those whose first concern is the rights of criminals and whose last concern is the welfare of the British people.

The police seem to be using New Labour thought-crime tactics more and more these days. They have slipped into the habit of leaking stuff like: the former News of the World may have hacked someone's mobile phone (shock, horror, disgraceful, hang the lot of them).
   "So did the NotW actually hack this person's mobile phone account, Chief Inspector?"
   "Well, actually, we don't know if they did . . . but they may have done."
   Throw the dirt and see how much sticks. And even if the accusation is groundless, that doesn't matter because the damage has been done by the false accusation. Very New Labour indeed.


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