Back to Front PageDavid Cameron cruised the EU asking for a better deal ahead of a referendum on UK membership. But he let everyone know that he would be backing the "In" campaign whatever crumbs the EU did, or didn't, toss his way.

Dave Magnificent Deal

  • Benefits brake? – non-existent
  • Red card on over-closer union? – unwieldy and cosmetic
  • Safeguards for the City of London? – nothing additional to existing arrangements
  • Security of the realm? – nothing new
  • CAP and Structural Fund reform? – not mentioned
  • Treaty change BEFORE the referendum? – not mentioned
  • Working Time Directive? – not mentioned
  • Controlling migration to fit Britain's interest? – won't happen
  • Regaining sovereignty? – won't happen

The Polish prime minister has admitted that the "deal" was all about shoving British taxpayers' cash into Polish pockets.

The French President has admitted that Dave's all-night negotions (going through the motions of negotiation) at the last minute were a stage-managed sham, which was intended to pump up Dave's rep. Well, that really worked.

It's not necessarily a bad thing, Dave

Dave immediately started to bang on about a "leap in the dark" as the main plank of his Project Fear. But let us not forget that Christopher Columbus took a leap into the dark when he went adventuring across the Atlantic. Marco Polo took another when he followed the Silk Road to China.
   In fact, history is full of instances of people who did very well out of taking a leap into the dark and heading for the places where the hand of Man had never set foot. Or their tribe had never ventured.

Is it possible to have po-faced bollocks? Because that's what Dave seems to have delivered. No wonder Boris felt bold enough to jump ship!

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