Back to Front PageYear Five of the Coalition.
This next page opens in September 2014, after the Westminster Skivers went back to their freeloading at the conclusion of their summer hols, thanks to something akin to fiscal drag at Garbagegate.

The Lib vulture in the Tory treeThe nation has had more than enough time to regret going for a hung parliament because this is happening:


The cost of government Green Crap was £2.5 BILLION in 2010/11. It is expected to reach £4.6 BILLION in 2015/16.

No one is to blame for giving NHS patients contaminated blood in the 1970s and 1980s. And no one is to blame for infecting them with HIV and hepatitis C. The whitewash has been applied and Dave the Leader has offered an apology on top of it.

The number of homes where there is no one with a job has fallen by 600,000 since 2010 thanks to the efforts of Ian Duncan Smith at the Dept. of Work & Pensions.

The 30 MPs who are retiring at the general election stand to make £9 MILLION out of flogging off their second homes, which they bought with the taxpayer's assistance. No danger of the taxpayer taking a cut of the profits, though.

Spend, spend, spend. Get rid of your Coalition quids before May 7th. They're not worth much now; they'll be worth even less then.

The Cabinet Sec., J. Heywood, who's responsible for covering up on the Iraq War, is being allowed to change the rules of the civil service to prevent members from speaking to the Press without a note from their boss, which will put an end to whistleblowing and open government. The Coalition is going along with this latest cover-up, of course.

The bosses of the Lancashire police have completed their whitewash of their own "service". Ignoring all testimony to the contrary, they are confident that there was no cover-up of Cyril Smith's paedophile activities ordered by the Establishment in London. Will the Coalition leave it there? Probably, with an election looming. And then the Establishment will hope it's forgotten.

The Education Dept. (N. Morgan) and the Home Office (T. May) are planning to put pornography into the classroom for eleven- to sixteen-year-olds, along with training in reviewing the performance of porn actors. Which raises the question: Will there be enough jobs for porn-film reviewers when these kids leave school?

C'lammity Clegg has used another £150,000 of taxpayers' money in an attempt to buy votes in Cornwall. This brings the amount of taxpayers' money spent on trying to revive the Cornish language to £500,000.

NHS managers are still being allowed to delay diagnosis and treatment, including of cancer patients, in the name of fiddling targets. No sign of the Coalition doing anything about this very New Labour practice.

If British Moslems go to the Middle East to let out their inner serial killer, it's the fault of MI5. If silly teenage girls steal the family jewels and sneak off to the Middle East to be brides of monsters, it's the fault of the Metropolitan police. No sign of the Coalition taking a strong line against the hate preachers, who gave them a false sense of grievance, the parents, who let it happen, and the lefty charities, who paid for it to happen.

How strange that most of the fuel subsidy for rural areas, which the Liberals in the Cabinet are claiming as their work, goes to Liberal constituencies.

Even his own party won't go along with Dave the Leader's plan to freeze Defence spending after the general election.

300,000 migrants arrived her last year, making a total mockery of Dave the Leader's pledge to get the total down to tens of thousands. But it's all the fault of the EU, which won't let us control our own borders; which Dave knew when he made the pledge, by the way. And it's the EU's fault for creating a slump in the eurozone. And the big shame of it all is that the incomers are less educated than the outgoers.

Lord Rose handed a report on the state of management in the NHS to the health minister, J. Hunt, in December of 2014. But Hunt is still sitting on it 3 months later because the overall standard of management is described as "totally shocking" (and not in any good sense) and 'Is Lordship complains about mediocrities being moved sideways from job to job and never being held to account for their failures. (How very New Labour)

Government departments wasted £5 BILLION on buying equipment which was never used and sheer carelessness. The Ministry of Defence, predictably, was the biggest offender, blowing £3.1 BILLION on stuff that didn't work or wasn't needed. Amazingly, the Education Dept. admitted losing £1.2 MILLION because a school sent it to the wrong bank account. And, presumably, they made no attempt to get the cash back. But fear not; no civil service bonuses were affected.

Dave the Leader promised to cut "the green crap" but he is now planning to phase out reliable coal-fired power stations, like the stooges in charge of the Labour and Liberal parties, on spurious global warming grounds. categories: U-Turn, broken promise

Surprise! The foreign aid budget has ballooned so much that the dummies at DfID are just throwing cash away to meet their spending targets. We all knew that the target culture inherited from New Labour would lead to this sort of abuse. But, it seems, that it was everyone but Dopey Dave.

The report on bullying in the NHS and persecution of whistle blowers, by R. Francis (barrister), is full of the usual noises but fails to recommend action against managers who bully staff and persecute whistle blowers. The reason given is "to avoid creating a blame culture". How very New Labour.

Dave the Leader has been shamed into reversing his decision not to bother having a national celebration of the 70th anniversary of VE Day on May 8th. The political establishment was worried it might take attention away from the general election finale. Which is typical; politicians thinking only of themselves.

Another U-turn by Dave the Leader: coppers may not snoop on the phone records of journalists without a court order signed by a judge rather than a piece of paper signed by another copper. His change of mind has been prompted by the nation's police "services" having lots of form for abusing anti-terror laws to expose whistle-blowers for persecution and the Metropolitan Police, in particular, refusing to reveal the extent of its spying.

As the Coalition approaches its doom in May, the nation is entitled to ask why there has been no investigation of that cosy little lawyers' charity the Legal Aid Agency, which made the taxpayer pay for Gary Glitter's legal expenses even though he's getting an estimated £300,000/year in royalties and he can afford to rent a £2M house.
   Also uninvestigated are the Boundaries Commission and the system which preserves Labour's rotten boroughs, and the Crown Prosecution Service, which is famous for its notoriously bad decision-making and adopting a leftie political agenda whilst pretending to be politically unbiased, and which is ripe for some examplary action to encourage others.

Following the Labour-led stitch-up at Hinchingbrooke hospital, the Care Quality Commission has announced that in future, its inspectors will be required to declare links to lefty organization, which could bias their decisions. Which leaves taxpayers entitled to ask why this wasn't written into the rules in 2009, when the Broon government set up this quango, and why the Coalition has spent 5 years letting it go its merry lefty way.

Dave the Leader and the other political dodos are always going on about "hard-working" British citizens. But when are the people who are comfortably coasting along going to get their due recognition? The ones who are so well organized that they don't need to flog their guts out to thrive.

N. Morgan's only qualification to be Education Minister (instead of the competent M. Gove) appears to be that she is female and dotty. Hence her support for Ofsted's obsession with promoting homophilia in schools. Which reflects badly on the bloke who gave her the job, Dave.

The Coalition is being accused of spending taxpayers' money in marginal seats as the election approaches. Who's doing the accusing? The Labour party. But doesn't Labour do exactly the same when it's in office? Political hypocrisy – don't you just love it?

Of course, when you think about it, it's obvious why Dave the Leader wants the Greens in the TV debates – for their entertaiment value. They are an odd lot, who want to take the world to some imaginary mediaeval paradise, where there are no motor cars and aircraft, no supermarkets, no big companies, no pharmaceuticals and hospitals, and no money. It's a place where everyone has to live on what they can grow in their back garden (meat-eating is banned, of course), which means that everyone has the right to starve to death or die of some curable disease if things don't work out. The Greens also want drug use legalized, and prisons scrapped along with border controls, which will become irrelevant when there is no one left in the country paying taxes and benefits become a thing of the past. Even Dave should be able to make some political capital out of that.

Dave the Leader's insistence that the Greens' dotty views should be heard along with those of the "main" political parties in a TV "debate" have borne some unexpected fruit. The leaders of all the other parties, small and smaller, are demanding the same access to the "debate". So it could end up as a 9-way shouting match if they get their way.

Two questions the Education Minister needs to ask the schools inspectorate Ofsted: 1. Why is Ofsted so obsessed with promoting homophilia in schools rather than ensuring that the kids are educated? 2. Are the people employed by Ofsted fit to be on the public payroll?

How can J. Chilcot, the cabinet secretary J. Heywood and all the other obstructionists be allowed to get away with their shameful foot-dragging and covering up of what went on to get Britain dragged into the 2003 Iraq war illegally by the Tony B. Liar regime? Does Parliament have no power at all over civil servants? It certainly looks like Dave the Leader and his buddies are unable to sack can't do characters and replace them with a few can-do guys.

Is there a government inspector capable of showing a degree of competence? The Care Quality Commission is manifestly useless at assessing care homes and chasing a Labour party agenda for the NHS. Ofsted is unable to assess the quality of its "evidence" about schools, confusing tittle-tattle with fact regularly and it has an ingrained prejudice against schools serving a mainly white, English population. In fact, it seems to do just mindless box-ticking and to be unaware of how off-beam its conclusions are. The Equalities & 'Uman rights quango seems to be another refuge for left-whingers, who are intent on depriving the majority of their human rights to get themselves noticed. The only conclusion possible for the taxpayer, who has to pay the wages for the people in these public-sector non-jobs, is that government subsidiaries are incapable of doing the job they are supposed to do, no matter which party is in power.

The latest revelation of government waste is that it threw away an extra £1 BILLION in foreign aid in November/December 2013 to meet Dave the Leader's arbitrary target after a rise in GPD. Something similar happened at the end of 2014 but the numbers have not yet been released. But we can be sure that, as for 2013, little attention was paid to getting value for money or ensuring that the cash went somewhere useful. It was just spend, spend like Gordon Broon on a rampage, in the name of meeting another stoopid target.
Stop Press: The bloke who presided over the waste of cash got a £20K bonus. How very New Labour.

The current Chancellor, G. Osborne, has revealed his inner Gordon Broon. If he ever gets a budget surplus, maybe in 2018, he's going to use it to cut taxes instead of to reduce the National Debt of £1.7 TRILLION and the crippling interest charges required to service it.

The "Justice" Minister has only just realized that motorists who kill are serving out driving bans whilst in gaol and unable to drive. Something else which boggles the mind is why did some self-proclaimed genius at the Home Office not spot this decades ago?

Should we be outraged that Dave the Leader has launched his election campaign with a lie on a poster which claims that "the deficit" has been halved when the actual drop is 40%? Compared to all the other lies told by Red Ed, the Balls Monster, Calamity Clegg and their stooges, it's nothing much.

The Tories have promised to end fat-cat pay-offs in the public sector if they win the May election. But why wait till then? Parliament isn't exactly overflowing with laws that need passing at the moment. And why didn't this get done years ago?

Dave the Leader is on course for handing over £1.4 BILLION of taxpayers' cash this year to the regimes in the world's most corrupt countries. Little if any of the overseas aid will trickle down to the general population. Almost all of it will end up in the pockets of dictators, their stooges, corrupt officials, terrorists and the people running charities.
Thank you, Dave.


Clueless Clegg's 'free school meals for all' scheme has been confirmed as a shambles and a huge waste of taxpayer's cash. 30% of pupils are enjoying their own packed lunch instead of a 'free' meal, and despite Clegg's claims that the scam would be fully funded, it is taking millions out of council budgets. So no repairs, new buildings, books, etc.

The business minister, M. Hancock, has thought of a number and he's claiming that the Coalition has saved the British business sector £10 BILLION by abolishing stoopid regulations since it came to office. And there's another £20 BILLION to be saved by 2020. No chance of abolishing the stoopid jobsworths who put the stoopid regulations in place in the first place, of course.

To get more women into his Cabinet, Dave the Leader replaced M. Gove as Education Sec. with N. Morgan. But whilst Mr. Gove was unpopular with the teaching unions but very popular with anyone who wanted to see kids get a decent education, Ms Morgan has proved to be utterly wet and weedy and a total disaster, who sees it as her mission in life to unpick all of Mr. Gove's improvements.
   A brainless move by Dave? Well, some conspiracy theorists are seeing it as his latest attempt to warn the party of what will happen if he is replaced by a woman, such as the embattled Home Sec. T. May, whose department is failing spectacularly to get to grips with the migration problem dumped on the nation by Tony B. Liar and his New Labour cronies as an act of gerrymandering and revenge.

The geniuses in charge of the NHS are deliberately recruiting staff who can't speak English to reduce the cost of pay-offs to silence whistle-blowers.

The Department of Global Warming is to ban the use of gas for domestic heating and cooking in the name of pointless reductions in carbon dioxide emissions. As a result, everyone with gas central heating will have to get a new system which uses electricity, which will cost 4-5 times MORE to run. And all gas cookers will have to be replaced, too. The Coalition plans to produce the increased damand for electricity using windmills, but it will have to find £300 BILLION to pay for them, and the economics of the industry and the time needed to put the windmills and infrastructure in place means that there is not a hope in Hell of getting enough windmills built to bridge the gap by the time the arbitrary deadline for emissions reductions is reached.

The total number of migrants "lost" by the Home Office keeps going up and up. At the penultimate weekend of December 2014, it was 393,222 rather than the 175,000 claimed earlier.

The mealy-mouthed stooges @ the Home Office want us to call illegal immigrants "clandestine migrants". The explanation for the Political Clottishness is that calling them illegals presumes that they have done something wrong. So, according to the Home Office, sneaking into our country isn't doing something wrong? No wonder most people think it's staffed by idiots.

Vince Cable's bargain basement sell-off of the government's stake in the Royal Mail cost the taxpayer £180 MILLION.

Dave the Leader promised to cut the bill for "special advisors" for ministers. Surprise! It now adds up to £8.4 MILLION per year compared to Wee Gordon Broon's £5.9 MILLION.

The Home Office, prop. T. May, has lost track of 175,000 illegal immigrants. What is it these people are paid for doing? On the other hand, if it costs the taxpayer the best part of £20,000 to evict one illegal, maybe it's just as well that the Home Office staff are so useless!!

The usual suspects, such as the pretend education sec. N. Morgan, are doing their best to suppress commemoration of Europe's victory 200 years ago next year @ Waterloo, where Napoleon I, France's prototype of Adolf Hitler, was seen off.

The government's pretend green policies will add 40% to the cost of electricity by 2020, and electricity will cost 60% more by 2030 on top of industry rises in prices. This revelation has been prised out of the Department for Global Warming (prop. E. Davey, Liberal) under the Freedom of Information Act.

The Home Office is in line for the Most Incompetent Government Department Award for 2014. The latest scandal is that the idle staff are making no attempt to check up on the people to whom they hand a British passport, with the result that thieves, murderers and criminals of all sorts get them more or less as of right just by telling the idle staff that they are okay.

The NHS is wasting £400-500 MILLION/year on overpriced management consultants, many of whom have no relevant experience. But the Coalition doesn't seem to have noticed this.

Home Sec. T. May has come up with a wonderfully New Labour solution to the problem of police "services" failing to get the approval of a judge before they spy on journalists. She plans to let the coppers give themselves permission to do it.

The Chancellor has clearly left the details of his Diverted Profits Tax to HMRC. This is evident from the news that Google and all the other diverters will be given HMRC-style sweetheart deals, which will let them decide how little tax they need to pay.

Having got his publicity from increasing the state pension by 2.5% next April, the Chancellor has sneaked in a cut to the savings credit top-up for pensions, which will make the net pension rise 0.5% or a lousy 60p/week for anyone prudent enough to have savings.

This is typical government thinking: Dave the Leader plans to waste £1 BILLION on a new road, which will go under Stonehenge and stop some of the people who paid from it from getting a view of the monument. How many potholes would a billion quid fill?

Dave the Leader is going to lead the way in the exploration of Mars – and the good news is that he's going to pay for it out of the Overseas Aid budget? If bloody only!

The Home Office has invented a new number. It's rather vague – 10,000 to 13,000 – and it's the number of people in Britain who are being held in slavery, according to a new method of making statistical guesses.

The Coalition has come up with a brilliant new scam for EU migrants they will be required to sign in at a police station, which means they'll be far too busy looking for one to claim any benefits.

A survey by the Institute of Fiscal Studies has found that the size of the welfare bill is substantially unchanged from what it was in 2010. Which means that The Cuts howled about by Labour, the BBC and the unions never happened.
   Also, public spending, in real terms, will be exactly the same in 2015, when the Coalition gets the bullet, as it was in 2010. Which means that the Coalition has no effect on public finances other than to spend more money than it received from taxes and other revenues, and it had increased the national debt and the amount of taxpayers' money wasted on paying interest – which is up from £33 BILLION/year in 2010 to £52 BILLION/year in October 2014.
   The national debt has doubled to £1,450 BILLION in the last 4 years. And yet, Dave the Leader still insists on giving away £12 BILLION/year – that we don't have – in overseas aid. Politics of the madhouse, or what?

The Smith Report (by a Scots Establishment figure) will keep the Barnett Formula in place, handing English taxpayers' cash – £1,700 per head per annum – to the Scots, and also let the Scottish parliament run up massive debts, which will have to be covered by English taxpayers when things go horribly wrong due to SNP mismanagement of their economy.

Good News: Dave the Leader is promising to restrict benefits for migrants.
Bad News: The whole thing is full of ifs and buts and conditions, like if the EU will wear it and if Dave is still prime monster in 2017. Not so much "too little, too late", as "nothing of any real substance".

Dave the Leader's promise to prevent Islamist terrorists from returning to Britain after causing havoc abroad has been examined by the experts and found to be mainly hot air. So no change there, then.

The NHS is to continue to sell patients' medical records to private companies even though there is a long history of abuse of the information. The management of the Health and Social Care Information Centre, it seems, is not bovvered by such details.

The Coalition came to power promising to be the Greenest government we'd ever seen. Unfortunately, what they meant was that they intended to let developers build all over the Green Belt rather than make them fill up Brownfield sites first.

Public spending remains out of control, the Coalition is still living beyond the nation's means – not as badly as New Labour with Wee Gordy Broon in charge, but still recklessly – and there will be no slack for tax cuts before or after next year's election. Especially with the National Debt still growing relentlessly and billions of pounds of taxpayers' cash being wasted on interest payments.

The government is wasting £720 MILLION of taxpayers' cash on the UN's global warming scams, the Global Warming Minister, E. Davey (Lib), has admitted.

The Chancellor has forced the blunder-prone HMRC to do U-turns on some of its plans to grab money directly from the bank accounts of alleged non-taxpayers. The management of HMRC has a record of incompetence such that it cannot be trusted not to create more disasters and injustices.

The nation's police "services" are ignoring 20% of the crime reported to them, or making crimes disappear, in the name of meeting arbitrary targets. [And to ensure bonuses are paid? Ed.] Coalition ministers are claiming that crime has fallen by one-fifth during their reign. But it would seem that it's happening only because they are continuing New Labour's policy of fiddling the figures.
Home Sec. T. May thinks fiddling crime figures is "utterly unacceptable". Not criminally negligent, then? Or fraudulent? Or amounting to malpractice in a public office? Looks like coppers are like bankers; no matter what they do, they don't go to gaol.

Dave the Leader is playing the "me too" vanity card with taxpayers' money again. He's throwing another £600 MILLION at the UN's global warming swindles at the expense of Britain's sea and flood defences.

Dave the Leader's pledge to reduce migration to "tens of thousands" is officially moonshine. No one is taking it seriously any more.

So much for Dave's "no way!" to the EU's demand for £1.7 BILLION, which has been reduced to £850 MILLION after rebates and discounts were applied. It's all going to be paid next year. And wasted by the Eurocrats, of course – whatever's not stolen, of course.

Spending thousands of pounds to save money via Green deals has been a hollow sham, the energy minister's minions have been forced to admit. Official figures from the fief of E. Davey (Liberal, GWS) now show that it will take twice as long as promised to pay for new, Green appliances, and the energy savings afterwards will be one-half of those promised.

The Independent Commission on Aid Impact has found that British aid to foreign countries is making corruption worse in many parts of the world. Why? Because politicians like D. Cameron and G. "Africa is my passion" Brown just throw British taxpayers' money around to make themselves feel good and to try to buy votes. They have no regard for where the money is going or into whose pockets it goes. This shameful lack of oversight is deeply ingrained and institutionalized. As long as the Overseas Aid mob can swan around the world on fancy salaries and expenses, and go on their junkets, they're not bothered about crooks ending up with bank accounts stuffed with our cash.

The Home Sec., T. May, will not be resigning over her department's faulure to do paperwork on sham marriage cases on time and honestly. As a result, a second scammer has walked out of court with a big smile on his face and the illegal immigrants let into the country by him and the other scammer are still here. But no resignation.

The Liberals (with taxpayers' cash) have blown £40,000 on a junket round the world in search of "evidence" to support their campaign to legalize drug use.

Energy Sec. E. Davey,who has bought the Great Global Warming Swindle and closed most of our always-on power stations, has guaranteed that there will be no power blackouts this winter. But what does this mean? If there isn't enough power to go around, there will be voltage reductions, which will cause brown-outs and dimmed lights and lethal damage to some electrical devices such as computers. And with this equipment out of action, the demand for electricity will be reduced until the owners of the wrecked equipment have bought replacements and Davey will have bought a temporary reprieve. Does this plan sound monumentally cynical? Well, we have to remember that Davey is a Liberal. Especially with other people's money.

Michael Fallon tells the truth about migration being out of control and Dave the Leader makes him apologize for telling the truth. Which makes Dave look one big idiot. Has he no political sense at all? Has he any sense of any description?

Dave the Leader is trying to pretend that parts of the country are not being swamped by migrants, despite a wealth of evidence to the contrary. Even former Labour ministers; the dinosaurs with no hope of getting their noses back into the trough; are admitting that they got things badly wrong when the let Tony B. Liar open up the country to anyone whose vote could be bought for New Labour. But Dave just doesn't get it.

The NHS is heading for a Black Hole which will be £30 BILLION PER YEAR deep by 2020/21, according to D. Bennett, the head of the NHS watchdog.

Is Gordon Brown (and the rest of New Labour) running the EU, which penalizes success and rewards incompetence and failure the New Labour way? Why else would the EU be demanding another 2 Billion euros from Britain, because we avoided economic collapse, so that it can give the cash to France, where M. Hollande has made a bog of things, and Germany, which is also struggling. And is there any danger of Dave the Leader actually standing up to the EU and telling it to stop bloody spending money it doesn't have and it's getting no more from us? Sure, there is.

Is it credible that an allegedly family-friendly government would give huge subsidies to mothers to persuade them to take a job and let someone else look after their kids but fail to give a tax break to families in which one parent stays at home and looks after the kids? Not really, Dave.

The Chancellor's much vaunted NS&I Pensioner Bonds won't pay monthly interest (it's annual only), they won't pay net interest (you'll have to claim it back from HMRC if you don't have to pay tax) and they have a limit of £10,000. So not much of a deal now the details are out in the open, George.

A fire at Didcot B power station has reduced Britain's always-on electricity generating capacity by 7% and put us even closer to brown-outs and black-outs. The Green Crappists in the Coalition are not, apparently, bovvered. And that includes you, Dave.

The English NHS is under further strain from health tourists – from Wales, where the NHS is run, disastrously, by Labour. Cancer patients, in particular, are fleeing life-ending delays in Wales but heart patients are also realizing that their only hope of survival lies in heading for England. Naturally, the Welsh government is blocking an inquiry by the OECD for impure party political reasons as the results could come out before the next election and provide further proof that Red Ed's NHS promises are just fantasies at best and downright lies at worst. Any chance that Dave the Leader will apply a sink-plunger to the blockage?

The government is borrowing vast amounts of money. £58 BILLION between April and September 2014, which is up 10% on the amount borrowed in the same period of 2013. Meanwhile, Dave the Leader is promising all sorts of tax cuts if he's elected next year; like raising the basic tax threshold and the threshold for paying the higher rate. But where's the money coming from, Dave? Looks like he has Gordon Broon and/or Ed "he's talking" Balls doing his accounts.

Child-care subsidies paid to mothers of young children cost the taxpayer £66,000 per job.

The Justice Sec., C. Grayling, has announced that he is going to get tough with internet trolls. He made the same pledge 7 months ago, which means that he might just be able to squeak it in again before the next election if he shortens his cycle to 6 months.

The Tories are planning to throw some taxpayers' cash at infrastructure projects in areas where they hope to win votes for next year's general election. This will give a spot of counterbalance to all the money New Labour tossed at its traditional areas to buy votes.

The government is at cross purposes over sanctions against Qataris and other Middle Easterners, who are funding terrorists. Some elements are willing to let such individuals carry on their noxious trade as long as they invest in Britain. As a result, there is an increasing gap between financers of terrorism being banned from the United States and the same happening in Britain. Dave the Leader has promised to look at the problem; but we all know what Dave's promises are worth. Everything okay, your Lordship? Fine.

Thanks to the Great Global Warming Swindle and the useful idiots in successive British governments and unchecked profiteering by big energy companies, energy bills in Britain over the last decade have risen by 54%, and that's on top of inflation even though consumption has fallen by 17%.

The Treasury is looking at excluding migrants from the tax credits system as they make no contribution to it, which is producing the usual howls of pain from the scroungers and the Labour lot and the rest of the EU.

Dave the Leader says he's willing to give the EU one last go. But the trouble is, the EU doesn't deserve any more go's and if it fails to deliver any goods, Dave will be prepared to give it another last go and another and another . . .

The government's promise to halve the number of criminal records checks on volunteers and people who work with children has turned out to be worthless. The promise was to reduce the number of checks from 4 million per year to 1.7 million. 3.9 million checks were performed last year. And all this at the expense of monitoring sex offenders and real criminals. Naturally, the process is not being helped by public sector jobsworth bureaucrats exceeding the limits to do pointless checks.

The government is reducing the grounds available to foreign criminals for appealing against deportation from a New Labour 17 to just 4. Common delaying tactics used by solicitors to boost their fees from the public purse will also be abolished.

Ebola screening is being done at airports, but only people who volunteer to be tested are getting the business. So a total shambles and waste of time; but the government is doing it, so what do you expect?

Dave the Leader has revived the old death duties scam. He's now pretending that there is a chance that a future Tory government will raise the inheritance tax threshold to £1 million, as muttered about before the last election.

A study of countries which received British foreign aid for a decade (or more) has found that 12 of them showed NO change in prosperity and political freedom and 6 of them showed a REDUCTION in both categories. A further 4 countries showed an INCREASE in political freedom as British aid DECREASED.

Home Sec. T. May has backed the Court of Appeal into a corner to quell abuse of New Labour's Human Rights Act. As a result of new legislation, a Chinese criminal will be deported after the Court of Appeal was forced to overturn his bogus claim to a family life. One down, hundreds to go.

The government is refusing to pay an extra 1% to the 55% of NHS staff who have/will get a 3% pay rise. The response by the unions is to call strikes based on mock ballots involving as little as 10% of their membership.

The Home Office has refused to issue visitor visas for a choir of Ugandan orphan children because they didn't provide letters of consent from their parents. Get the OuiJa board out!

Why won't the government screen travellers for ebola, the world-killer plague? Because the public sector appears to be blessed with managers who are totally useless. They have no organizational skills and their first response to a new task is to ask if there's a bonus involved. The best these geniuses have been able to come up with is asking people questions, to which the answer could be a lie, and nothing more.

The government is handing over £2 BILLION per year of taxpayers' cash in legal aid. This compares with a budget of £288 MILLION in France and £270 MILLION in Germany. The legal trade is up in arms over plans to reduce the bloat, and so are the 'uman rights parasites in the EU organization.

The National Crime Agency is turning out to be a very paedophile-friendly gang. When provided with information about British paedophiles by police forces abroad, the NCA just sits on it. Is this what we're paying our taxes for, Dave?

The government is wasting £31 MILLION/year on sending child benefit payments abroad for the children of migrants. The Tories had ending this abuse in their last election manifesto promises. But we all know what one of Dave's promises is worth.

Dave the Leader is promising to couple rights with responsibilities to prevent foreign criminals from avoiding deportation by claiming a right to family life, especially when they have no contact with the alleged family. So why did Dave not think of this sooner? Or his predecessors? Or New Labour? And just how much is one of Dave's promises worth in the light of experience?

The lunatics running The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority want to draw a veil of secrecy over investigations of MPs suspected of expenses fraud to avoid reputational damage to the guilty. Dave: any chance of an investigation of the sanity and competence of the members of the Authority, and the people who appointed them?

Poland and the separated bits of Czechoslovakia all expect us to pay benefits to returned migrants. Our government is saying no. But for how long, Dave? Given your track record of being soft on EU demands at the expense of British taxpayers' interests?

A crisis? Really?
A minor Tory minister - no one anyone's ever heard of - resigns after doing a Captain Underpants on the internet after being bamboozled by the Sunday Mirror. Crisis Rating - zero.
Mark Reckless, Tory MP for Rochester & Stroud, goes UKIP with reckless abandon and threatens a by-election on the eve of the Tory conference. But as he has a long history of not agreeing with Dave the Leader and the whips, Crisis Rating - zero.

Labour's clown prince, 2-Jags Prescott, is promising to abolish the Breakfast Tax if his mob wins the election next year. Does Dave have a counter-offer?

Dave the Leader is having his nose rubbed in the West Lothian question in the wake of the extravagent bribes offered by Gordon Broon to help the Scots to vote NO in their referendum on the dissolution of the UK. His own party is determined to ensure that if Scotland gets more powers, then there will be an end to the Scroungers' Charter, which the much abused Barnett Formula has become.

Senior Tories are warning Dave the Leader that the party will not stand for his last-minute bribes to the Scots. The Barnett formula, which gives the Scots a subsidy of £1,300/head, is grossly and disgracefully unfair to the English taxpayer, and if Dave can't see that, he'll have to go.

MPs have found that the Passport Office is defrauding its customers by charging them £15 more than the administration cost of providing this basic human right (!) for them. The agency has no mandate to make a profit. It also follows New Labour's rewards for failure policy by giving bonuses to the staff despite its Summer of Chaos.

The Foreign Office is on course to blow £50 MILLION on hotels and entertaining via civil servants using credit cards, for which the taxpayer pays. The FO, of course, does not ask for receipts, which encourages extravagance and waste. So much for value-for-money in politics from the Coalition.

Another busted Dave promise: to cut the cost of politics. MPs' expenses are at a world record £103 MILLION and they're in line for a 10% pay rise. And the number of stooges in the house of frauds continues to soar.

Just so you know: Clamity Clegg's "free" school meals are costing the taxpayer £500 MILLION per year.

What a surprise! The brilliant idea of installing 53 million "smart" electricity meters will be a huge waste of money. Many will be obsolete before they're installed and their cost will be double any savings which households can expect to make. If, indeed, they are able to save anything. So yet another Green Deal exposed as a swindle.

Gordon Brown's BIG IDEA for persuading the Scots not to vote to disband the union is to bribe them with more English taxpayers' cash, and Dave the Leader is going along with it.
Setting Scotland up as an independent country will waste billions of pounds of taxpayers' money. But wasting other people's money is never a problem for politicians hoping to grab a slice of the pie for themselves.
If the Scots vote YES!!, there will never again be a Looney Left Labour government in England!! The rump of the UK will be entitled to a 9% reduction in its contribution to the EU after the Scots leave the Union and the average life expectancy in the rump will go up.

The government's candidate for the new boss of the BBC is one of 90 HSBC directors, who are being sued over the bank's money-laundering activities for drug dealers. The bank was fined $1.2 billion by the US government and shareholders want the directors who presided over this episode of major criminality to pay the fine.

50% of the aid sent to Africa ends up in illegitimate bank accounts in London or Switzerland. That's $10 BILLION per year that stolen. And 85% of the rest is wasted on projects the locals don't want or can't maintain after the NGO gang pushes off elsewhere.

The Coalition is reluctant to bomb the Moslemist killer "militants" in Iraq and Syria because the Liberals are worried that it might infringe their 'uman right to kill people unabated.

Clottish Clegg's free school meals plan has been rolled out; and it was found to be over-promised and under-delivered. And no one was surprised.

The government has cancelled the "get out of gaol free" letters issued to IRA terrorists by the Bliar regime before it stitched up the Good Friday "get out of gaol free" Agreement. But don't expect any killers to receive Her Majesty's hospitality any time soon.

Dave the Leader is at the stage where nothing he can do is right. If he threatens to bomb the BBC's "militants" in Iraq and Syria, he's accused of using the Islamist terrorists as a distraction from what UKIP is doing to hoover up disgruntled Tory and Labour votes.

Berko, the Squeaker of the House of Common Criminals, has been blown out of the water by MPs who failed to appreciate his attempt to give the Commons' Clerk job to an unqualified Aussie dinner lady. Looks like there are shreds of decency left in this benighted place.

Dave the Leader thinks the next boss of the BBC should be a woman, regardless of whether there are better qualified men around. His own choice is a woman who was a director of HSBC when it was the bank of choice for Mexican drug dealers, and when it was fined $2 BILLION in the United States for money laundering. She also has no experience of broadcasting or its regulation. But the good news is that she is willing to settle for £110K for a 3-day week, and if there's an over-inflated pay-off at the end of the job, she'll have that, too.
Strangely, Dave got quite indignant when the new pres of the Europeon Commission, Mr. Nobody from Luxembourg, demanded a female candidate for the UK's EU commissioner instead of one of Dave's male PR mates.


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