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The Lib vulture in the Tory treeThe nation has had more than enough time to regret going for a hung parliament because this is happening:

The first Tory defector to UKIP is Douglas Carswell, MP for Clacton, Essex. Around 8 more Tories are thinking about jumping ship as well.

Dave the Leader's promise to cut migration lies in tatters. It was a net 243,000 in last year rather than the promised tens of thousands.

The Coalition promised an end to New Labour lies with statistics. How strange, therefore, that the Office for National Statistics tells us that 7.3 MILLION crimes were committed last year but manages to ignores 4 MILLION cases of credit card and banking fraud.

The Chancellor has to be certifiable if he thinks letting HMRC raid bank accounts without permission from the courts is a good idea. Especially as HMRC is institutionally incompetent and has a long history of mind-blowingly terrible assaults on innocent people. And also as the current boss is Lin Homer, the woman who presided over the shambles at the UK Border Agency under New Labour.

£70 MILLION has been wasted over the last 3 years on paying wind farms to shut down when there's too much wind. The Coalition sez it's cutting down the subsidies, but there's not much evidence of it.

More and more illegal immigrants are vanishing after strolling through Britain's porous borders; a New Labour legacy for which the Coalition seems to have no cure.

Rail minister C. Perry thinks commuters pay fair fares for comfortable commuting. So it's obvious she never does any.

The N. Clegg "free" school meals scam will be underfunded to the tune of at least £25 MILLION, so that's it for repairs, more staff, new building, books, etc.

The police "services" are led, in the main, by people who were corrupted during the New Labour era, who learnt that falsifying crime statistics to meet the government's arbitrary targets was more important than maintainining public safety. The situation got so bad that the government's official statistics bodies no longer accept data from the police because it is worthless.
   People (those who aren't evil, vicious criminals) used to see a copper as someone who would be helpful. Now, they wonder if the character in uniform is any good at the job. Is it worth bothering with the police, people ask themselves? Will they actually do anything useful? Or will they just waste lots of time filling in forms, which are filed and forgotten?
   Such is the public loss of confidence in police competence. Worse, there is also the lingering worry that the copper might pepper-spray, taser or even shoot someone, knowing that the copper has an excellent chance of getting away with it.
   This is the public perception and changing this perception, and adjusting the attitudes of those who will become senior coppers, will take 10-15 years. That's from the point when action begins, and there's no sign of a beginning under the present administration.

Dave the Leader is still pretending that he supports traditional family life and real marriage, something the Liberals think is outdated and something which Dave and many of his cronies have been (and continue to) undermining since they got into office, continuing New Labour policies shamelessly.

Why are 20 coppers lurking at the embassy of Ecuador in London in case fugitive J. Assange pokes his nose out? That's 20 coppers.

New Labour blew £500,000,000 of taxpayers' cash on eBorders, a computer scheme which would never work because of EU obstruction. Worse, the woman who was in charge of the UK Border Agency between 2005 and 2011, who presided over the fiasco, is now in charge of HMRC, even though there are to be FOUR separate inquiries into her reign at UKBA. Not exactly confidence-building and further evidence that Dave & Co. are useless at weeding out New Labour stooges and failures with their noses buried in the public sector trough.

2 million private sector jobs created since 2010, unemployment down to 2 million. Not anything you'd have heard if Labour and Gordon Broon had remained in government after the last general election.

Education Sec. Nicky Morgan is to prevent Xmas celebrations at independent schools and academies by insisting on implementing daft diversity rules. No Christian celebrations may be held unless every other weird religion on the planet gets the same amount of exposure. And there will be no Xmas if it is likely to offend atheists and customers of other religions.

NHS waiting lists are at a 6-year high, so not much progress by the Coalition in fixing what New Labour did to the organization; and the economy, which funds it.

The Coalition has failed to dent the culture of denial and lies fostered in the Health Service under New Labour. Whistleblowers are still being persecuted and smeared by managers who think it is their duty to lie, cheat and hide problems rather than fix them. The Care Quality Commission quango is also obsessed with protecting the reputation of the NHS at the expense of patient safety, and its managers remain similarly invulnerable.

The chief inspector of borders, J. Vine, will quit 6 months early following dyscommunication with Home Sec. T. May, censorship of his inconvenient reports by the Home Office and persistent failure to do anything about the massive holes and endemic incompetence in the system.

Dave the Leader, the prime monster with a string of broken promises to his discredit, is making noises about a promise to raise the threshold for paying the higher rate of income tax. But will anyone believe him?

The government's reduction in entitlement to jobseeker's allowance to 3 months for EU migrants will save a few millions per year. But nothing is being done about the £5,000 MILLION going to migrants in tax credits.

Having to pay an up-front fee of £1,200 has reduced vexatious claims against employers dramatically. Employment tribunals have noted a 60% drop in race-based claims and an 80% drop in claims of sexual discrimination. Naturally, the trade unions and the legal trade are furious.

The main political party leaders are on course to stuff more cronies and failures into the House of Frauds to lift the number of peers above 1,000. So much for all the blah about reforms and cutting down on the number of Upper House dodos.

The government is planning to slash the 10.4% bonus for delaying taking the state pension by a year to a lousy 5.8%, and the option to take a lump sum will also vanish in April 2016.

Dave the Leader is trying to persuade the French not to build warships for the Russian savages. Which is a great way of guaranteeing that they will (A) because they're broke and (B) to get up Dave's hooter.

The energy companies are keeping their prices fixed despite a 20% fall in the wholesale market for next winter compared to the last one because Red Ed has promised to fix their prices if he wins the election next year, and they don't want them fixed at a lower level. This amounts to rigging the market, but no sign of the Coalition sending the regulator after them.

D. Grieve is claiming that he was sacked as attorney general to make UKIP voters think that the Tories are okay. Or could it be that he's an appalling Wet and in bed with the bogus 'uman rights lobby?

Justice Minister C. Grayling is making a stand against New Labour's compensation culture with a Bill to make things tough for ambulance chasing vultures and spurious 'elf 'n' safety claimants.

The torrent of glee from the Green Mediaevalists underlines how effective a job O. Patterson was doing at the Ministry of Ag. And how stoopid Dave the Leader was to sack him. Ditto leftie luvvies and M. Gove.

Dave the Leader sez he will give the British Parliament the final say on all 'uman rights issues and ya, boo, sucks to the ECHR. But only after the next election. So another promise waiting to be broken?

The Cleggster has done a U-turn on the spare room subsidy to try to poach Labour votes. Mr. Duncan Smith's housing benefit reforms are now saving £6 BILLION per year, which will be flushed back down the drain if Clegg 'n' Red Ed get their way.

Dave the Leader's reaction to the lumbering of sospotter J.C. Juncker on the EC as its president is to make his old buddy and PR crony Lord Hill Britain's next EU commissioner. (Every country gets one, irrespective of size and importance and financial contribution.) Dave is demanding a top job for Jonny, who succeeds Baroness Ashton, a quango queen and B. Liar crony, who proved to be a total waste of space as the EU's foreign sec.

Dave the Leader has purged his Cabinet of white male fogies to make room for Dave Dollies and any ethnics he can rustle up.

Dave the Leader's latest bright idea for pepping up his Cabinet – women in hoodies for hugging.

"Clamity" Clegg's "free" school meals flagship will take £23 MILLION out of school budgets and away from books, teachers' salaries, etc. And all just to massage the Cleggster's ego.

According to their own leaked manifesto, the head mandarins of the civil service believe that they, not the government of the day, should be in control of what each department does, and they should set its aims and legacy targets. And the Coalition, and every other wimpy government we get, seems powerless to take command.

10% of the staff employed by the Care Quality Commission, the NHS's watchdog, are not up to the job but they're also unsackable because they were recruited by a botched system, which dropped the pass rate too far. So they could sue for unfair dismissal on the grounds of the goalposts being shifted in the direction of competence.

The Foreign Office has an interesting method of getting rid of inconvenient files. It stores them in buildings in areas which are flooded regularly, then destroys them on the grounds that they have been "water damaged".

N.I.C.E. thinks that billions of pounds should be blown on giving fat people free NHS operations instead of requiring them to stop eating so much. And the Coalition is just sitting on its hands and doing nothing.

Vince Cable will not lose his job as Business Minister for costing the taxpayer £1,000,000,000 with his botched privatization of the Royal Mail.

The government will be rushing the Snoops' Charter Bill through Parliament to let it spy on all phone, email and internet activity in Britain.

No surprise that the politicians who want to censor the news meeja are up to their necks in a cover-up of child abuse by Top People.

No one is above the law, says Dave the Leader as his ex-spin doctor is sent down for 18 months for phone hacking. Really? Well, certainly not Jimmy Savile, Tony B. Liar and Cyril Smith, to name but three.

Dave the Leader has declared war on antibiotic-resistant superbugs. They must be quaking in their tiny boots!

Dave the Leader has done another U-turn on fixing the amount of overseas aid at 0.7% of GDP by law. He's now supporting a Liberal attempt to sneak it in by the back door with Labour's help.

Dave the Leader has enjoyed a Juncker Bounce in the polls after taking a stance against the decision by Europe's boss, Angular Merekat, to appoint the Luxembourg Lush as the next president of the European Commission.

The Attorney General, D. Grieve, has been obliged to abandon a plan to make newspapers remove from their online archives, material about people who are about to go on trial.

At the "Dawn of the Dave" in 2005, the Tory party had a paid-up membership of 300,000. Dave promised to increase that number. The membership in 2014 is below 130,000 and the Conservative party's once mighty constituency organizations now lie in ruins because people just won't work to keep Dave in office instead of a proper Tory.

The government's promise to rein in the cost of bogus green energy has gone up in smoke. The taxpayer is having to fork out £850 MILLION more in subsidies than last year's bite.

Dave the Leader is under the delusion that he can dodge a referendum on EU membership in 2017, should he still be Tory leader then. But his party is already recruiting a firing squad to settle his hash should he try to renege on this particular promise.

The government has done a U-turn on another G. Broon-style pillage of private pensions. Natch, the public sector wasn't included in the scam.

A New Vision: The government is pretending that it is going to connect Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield with high-speed rail links. What it really wants to do is build all over the green space between the cities in the North to create a megacity for migrants.

Potholes are a sign of a booming economy, sez the roads minister, R. Goodwill. [And not due to councils wasting taxpayers' cash on frivolities? Ed.] Shame the evidence says otherwise.

The entire government, Libs as well as Tories, has done a U-turn on food labelling. Manufacturers will not be obliged after all to state on the wraping, the source of the horsemeat and other foreign bodies in food products. This is a consequence of "intensive lobbying" by the industry – and we all know what that means.

The Communities and Transport ministers are determined to ban the CCTV cars introduced by New Labour to let councils extort cash form motorists. But let us not forget that the Communities guy, one D. Pickles, swore blind he'd give us weekly bin collections as a 'uman right.

The government has wasted £50 MILLION of taxpayers' cash on a botched attempt to put the West Coast Mainline rail franchise up for auction. The cash will compensate the companies which wasted time and energy on bidding, and Virgin Trains will keep on going until 2017, when the whole thing will be repeated. Having gangs of Labour waxworks involved locally hasn't helped the situation any.

The government has sold millions of NHS records to 178 private firms but it has no idea which firms got which data, and the records all contain dates of birth, postcodes and other useful information to make them identifiable.

Health Sec. J. Hunt says cosmetic surgery on the NHS should be banned. Strange it has taken so long for him to notice this abuse. No sign that he's planning to take any action anytime soon, though.

Something else Mr Hunt has noticed is that foreigners are stealing £500 MILLION per year from the NHS by not paying for their treatment. No sign, though, that he has the guts to sack negligent hospital managers.

Dave the Leader wants Albania to join the EU and millions of Albanian criminals to come here to claim benefits. Which indicates that he doesn't expect to be Tory leader after the next general election, which will let him off the hook as far as the 2017 referendum goes. No wonder millions of people have switched their votes to UKIP.

C'lamity Clegg thinks the House of Lords is undemocratic and politicians shouldn't be allowed to stuff it with cronies. So why has he been doing just that? Filling the overcrowded posh benches with his donor millionaires and unelectable Liberal politicians?

Dave the Leader faces a Juncker credibility gap. If he can't block the appointment of federalist aparatchik J.-C. Juncker as the next EC president, no one will believe his claims that he can reform the EU and get the UK a better deal.

The huge surge of passport applicants is nothing to do with the endemic crapness of the public sector and its Parliamentary overseers. The surge is a consequence of the vast number of immigrants let into the country, the govt. is saying. And whose idea was that? Tony B. Liar's – and also the rest of the Labour lot: the Ballsups and the Harpersons, the Milibandits et al.

The Court of Appeal has ruled that the Secret Two can be named and shamed, and holding all of their trial in secret would be a bad idea. Still no sign of the government preventing rogue judges from making up laws which never went through Parliament, though.

The trade union at the Passport Department is whingeing about The Cuts and the "passport crisis" is being blamed on the failure of the government to do an advertising campaign in March to warn the public that passport applications arrive by the truckload in the summer. Not a word about this happening every year, though, and that people really ought to know this. Or that the economic recovery from Labour's Brown Slump has led to more people having cash to spare and being eager to blow it abroad.

Dave the Leader is not bovvered by the alleged passport crisis, but then, he has the pull to get Cameron passports fast-tracked.

Successive governments have presided over major disasters, and cost the taxpayer BILLIONs, by commissioning new computer systems. Which means that the F. Maude plan to make all applications for public services available only online is a certain recipe for a MONUMENTAL screw-up in the next few years. Of course, Maude will be ancient political history by the time the "off-line refuseniks" can shout that they were right all along.

Teachers who were fired by the Trojan Horse Islamists in the Midlands had to sign confidentiality agreements to get payoffs. No sign of the Coalition banning this malpractice at the taxpayer's expense.

The government is on target to declare 3.5 million children "in poverty" by 2020. Labour is up in arms because the daft poverty guidelines don't go far enough for former health sec. A. Milburn, whose spell in charge of the NHS was an unmitigated disaster. Some idiot called Dave put him in charge of the committee which is "tackling" this problem of Labour's making.

Dave the Leader has caught Tony B. Liar's "Cool Britannia Syndrome", so watch out for the taxpayer's money pouring down the luvvie drain at an even greater rate.

Queen's Speech, June 2014 No bill to waste 0.7% of GDP on foreign aid to dictators and corrupt officials thanks to UKIP; No EU referendum in 2017 thanks to the Liberals; No immigration bill thanks to the Liberals; No bill to reverse the ban on hunting; No bill for plain packaging on cigarettes; Recall of crooked MPs much watered down – recall now at the whim of MPs, not a voters' choice, and the scope of offences so narrow as to make the bill pointless – "It's a prime example of the Old Sleaze Network looking after its own."

New Labour created a customer society, in which people have rights but no redress for wrongs. As a result, railway companies are obliged to provide "customer service" but not obliged to provide trains to let the customers do what they went to a station for – to travel on a train. Four years on from election, the Coalition is still letting this happen.

Dave U-Turn: he's been scared into dropping his crazy plan to make Britain waste 0.7% of GDP on foreign dictators and thieves by law. All he has to do now is turn off the overseas aid tap at DfID – if he can find which planet it's on.

Back in 2009, the Tories promised to stop child benefit payments being paid abroad to the offspring of EU migrants. But nothing has changed and 30 BILLION per year of taxpayers' money is still vanishing down this drain.

The Department of Global Warming is paying contract workers £1,000 per day and refusing to say what they are doing. The fief of E. Davey (Liberal with taxpayer's cash), which has made such a bog of dealing with the energy market and caused massive flooding in Somerset, is also handing out bonuses of £10-20K to senior staff and refusing to justify these raids on the taxpayer's pocket.

Clottish Clegg is all in favour of letting the family of convicted terrorist Abu "Captain Hook" Hamza live in luxury on the taxpayer in a £1.2M mansion in Fulham. And so, apparently, is Tory-run Hammersmith & Fulham council.
UPDATE Labour-run after May 2014, but no one expects anything to change.

Something else the Justice Minister needs to get to grips with, having failed to do so totally in the past, is the practice of sending dangerous convicts to open prisons and letting them escape to rob more banks/building societies and cause more havoc.

Surprise! Home Sec. T. May reckons she's going to slash public funding of the Police Federation to force reforms and make the police trade union be more transparent about its junkets, political agendas and secret bank accounts.

Is the Coalition likely to sack or demote the morons at the Ministry of Justice who won't release the names of escaped convicts on spurious data protection and 'uman rights grounds? Don't hold your breath.

Coppers doing jobs for their trade union instead of police work are costing the taxpayer £10 MILLION per year. No chance of the Coalition cutting off their privileges via one of the "savage cuts", of course.

"UKIP is being found out," Desperate Dave sez. Newsflash, Dave. You were found out, found wanting and rejected ages ago on Europe, and everyone knows you are a Phoney Tory, who has neither values nor convictions on offer.

Thanks to the failure of successive governments to get to grips with crime, 27,632 persistent criminals were kept out of gaol last year despite each of them having 15 or more offences to his/her discredit. They all got community sentences despite overwhelming evidence that this bit of trickery is completely useless at detering criminals.

Parliament has so little to do that MPs are getting an extra three weeks off, starting a week before the European Parliament elections. Which means that the Westminster Wonders' "working year" will be less than six months long.

The government says it will cap long-term care costs at £72,000/person from 2016. PLUS the small print. Which makes the true cap level around £140,000 and something which will affect around 90% of those who have to go into care. Which proves that being thrifty still isn't a good idea.

The government plan to cut overpayment of benefits due to fraud and blunders by DWP staff is on course to MISS its target by miles. So that was £3.5 BILLION down the drain last year and much the same is expected in 2014/15.

The Justice Minister, C. Grayling, has ordered the Law Society, which is making money out of running courses in Sharia law, not to pretend that it has any force in England and Wales.

Another Dave the Leader promise: to bring democracy to strikes in "essential services" by introducing a threshold for discontent about the usual 3% observed by the trade unions. After the next general election, of course, even though this Parliament has bugger all to do for the next year. And assuming Dave doesn't renege on this promise, like all the others he's made and broken.

Calamity Clegg was warned that his free school meals plan was impractical and the cash wasn't there to fund it, but he still went ahead with it, and continued to lie about the cash situation, because he's that sort of idiot.

Justice Sec. C. Grayling is planning to stop foreigners from using legal aid paid for by the British taxpayer and ambulance chasers to bring spurious actions for compensation against the MoD. But why has it taken 4 years to get round to stopping this abuse? Plus the time it will take to get it done, of course. If it ever does get done.

Surprise! Despite all the propaganda from those making a living out of the taxpayer via the European Union, the trade benefits from being a member are completely imaginary. After 40 years of membership, the proportion of British exports to Europe hasn't grown. In fact, at 62% in 2012, it's LESS than the 64% which it was when we joined in 1973.

It's only 6 years after the event, but Dave the Leader is now supporting a bid for compensation for victims of Irish terrorism sponsored from Libya. The previous attempt was sabotaged by a dirty deal involving Tony B. Liar and the late dictator M. Gaddaffy. Thus US victims of Libyan-sponsored terrorism share a $1 BILLION pay-out and British victims got nothing.
No cash can be forthcoming until Libya achieves "stability", which could be never, which is probably what Dave is counting on.

An investigation by HM Inspectorate of Constabulary of some of the police "services" in England & Wales has found that they have chosen not to record 20% of reported crimes due to an ingrained culture of fiddling figures to meet New Labour targets. 4 years of the Coalition and still nothing done about it.

The Justice Sec., C. Grayling, has suddenly decided to review the stupid payments made to convicts – £800 for lost nose clippers, £500 for soya milk, etc. So why has it taken so long and what's the betting that nothing ever comes of it?

The Department for International Development has been throwing taxpayers' cash down every overseas aid drain in sight to meet Dave the Leader's vanity project target. One-quarter of the entire budget was drained in December 2013 to meet the target. Dave knows this is going on, of course, but he chooses to let it happen, showing he has as much regard for the taxpayer as Gordon Broon had.

The government is planning to kick out EU migrants who come here to beg and commit crimes by using an EU rule, which says that migrants must either be here to work or be self-sufficient.
Leftie-luvvies are claiming that this will damage relations with the criminal community.

The Royal Bank of Scotland; broke and owned by the taxpayer; tried to give its failing staff double-salary bonuses for some mad reason. Enter the Chancellor to rain on their parade with a veto.

Dave the Leader is saying that he will quit if he fails to deliver an in/out referendum on Britain's EU membership in 2017. But he's not all that good at keeping his promises, is he?
Dave is also under the delusion that he can renegotiate the terms of some EU treaties before the referendum.

The Office for Budget Responsibility had calculated that Gordon Brown's burglary of private pension schemes brought in £118 BILLION, all of which was wasted in Brown's 13-year reckless spending spree. But the actual cost to private sector pensioners, allowing for lost interest, comes to £260 BILLION. Chancellor G. Osborne has promised to repair the damage. No sign yet that he's getting started on this mammoth task.

Failing to raise the threshold for paying the 40% income tax rate has left one million more people paying it since the Coalition took office.

The Liberals, always liberal with other people's money, are charging the £110K wages of their election strategist to public funds, i.e. the taxpayer. The Tories and Labour are paying their strategists out of party funds.

Brilliant idea! How come no one has had it before? Justice Minister C. Grayling has realized that foreigners shouldn't have access to the British legal aid system because they haven't paid anything towards it. And especially not if it lets bill-padding ambulance-chasing lawyers pick the pockets of British taxpayers.

The Tories have conceded defeat to UKIP well before the May European elections. They must have if all they can offer is sleaze and smears against UKIP instead of some plausible European credentials of their own.

With the whole of the Liberal party in deep denial over the criminal activities of the late Cyril Smith, it would appear that the Libs and Labour are locked in a death struggle for the honour of being the Paedophile Pal Party.

In the last 4 years, the government has handed £3.3 BILLION of overseas aid to organizations with a known track record for wasting the money they get. Thanks very much Dave! The root cause of this is Dave the Leader's stoopid target of throwing 0.7% of GDP at the overseas aid mob. He has clearly failed to spot that New Labour's Target Culture ended in spectacular failure everywhere, and continues to rattle on through his administration, and that setting a target is an open invitation to brainless civil servants to throw money away to meet the target.

Transport Minister P. McLoughlin, is to be hauled into court for using a bogus public interest argument as an excuse for illegally hiding a report which confirms that the H2S rail link will be a disaster for the taxpayer. But the Information Commissioner, C. Graham, is intent on hauling the truth, kicking and screaming, into the light of day.

Dave the Leader has done a U-turn on the Miller situation. She's sleazing the party and she's now history.

The Commons public administration committee has recommended abolishing police targets in an attempt to get rid of the prevailing New Labour culture of falsifying crime figures to create a bogus image of rosiness in the garden.

Dave the Leader is in the process of making another U-Turn. He used to have total confidence in 10 MPs and 3 non-voting quangocrats/figureheads doing the whitewashing of MPs' expenses swindles. Now, he's not so sure.

Dave the Leader is being told to stop letting MPs whitewash their own expenses frauds. But will he listen?

Dave the Leader is being told that military aid should be charged to his excessive and cosmetic foreign aid budget. But will he listen?

Attention all correspondents and leader writers: Maria Miller's job title has been changed to Minister for Mandelsleaze and Press Censorship.

Dave the Leader is digging himself a deeper and deeper hole over his support for Culture and Press Censorship Sec. M. Miller – mainly, it seems, because he's desperate to hang on to the token women in his Cabinet. It would appear clear that Miller knows that she has abused her expenses privileges – the degree of wriggling, bluster and attempted intimidation is quite conclusive. So we, the electorate, should now be telling Dave that the government doesn't need M. Miller. And neither does it need the culture and press censorship job, which should save the country a few bob.

If Dave the Leader thinks that MPs are fit people to regulate their own expenses abuses, which must be why the relevant HoC committee is packed with people with convictions for this, then he really is out-of-touch; if not totally bonkers.

Press Censorship Minister M. Miller is in no danger of losing her job for expenses abuse. Apparently, Dave the Leader doesn't consider it discrimination if the beneficiary is one or more of female, of external ethnic origin and an adherent of a weird religion other than Christianity.

The Coalition's Global Warming Minister, E. Davey (Liberal), thinks that the latest bulletin from the UN's Independent Panel on Climate Change and Global Warming Fraud isn't alarmist enough. So he sent one of his minions to try to sex it up. The quality of Davey's contribution can be judged from the fact that he can't tell the difference between science and politics posing as science. Meanwhile, Other experts are accusing the IPCC's un-Daveyed report of being too cynically alarmist and apocalyptic, and they are trying to get their names removed from it. The news is never bad enough for the committed Global Warming Fraudster.

S. Davies, Britain's chief medical officer, has joined the drip-drip-drip of propaganda toward a Sugar Stealth Tax which, we know from past experience, will not be used to tackle the alleged crimes of the sugar industry but just blown in Brownian fashion by the government. Just like the Carbon Dioxide Stealth Tax.

N. Clegg claims that 3 MILLION British jobs are dependent on our trade with the EU, implying that they will vanish if we leave the EU's swamp of bureaucracy. Not true, of course. Leaving the EU would have no noticeable effect on employment if Britain invoked Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and joined the European Free Trade Association with Norway & Switzerland. But when did the truth have anything to do with politics and self-interest, remembering that Clottish Clegg has to stay on-side with the EU for his own financial benefit.

Culture Sec. M. Miller is in the dock for expenses abuse. She sees no reason to resign, having adopted the New Labour Code of Misconduct. Odd how "mistakes" are always to the benefit of the MP concerned and never to the taxpayer's advantage. And even odder that someone on benefits, who fails to notify the authorities of a change, can be prosecuted but MPs get away with it.

The Liberals are blocking further attempts by the Home Sec., T. May, to prevent foreign bogus students from abusing the British labour market and claiming benefits. Why?

The Tories plan to recycle their busted pledge to raise the threshold for paying death duties at the next general election. But will anyone believe them this time around?

It's official. The police have not stopped covering up corruption and there is no realistic possibility that it will ever happen, especially if the Leveson Press censorship plan is allowed to go ahead.

The Coalition has no plans to stop the management of the civil service abusing the anti-terrorist Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act to intimidate and harass whistle-blowers, particularly those who reveal dirty deals and scandals in the NHS and HMRC.

An astonishing 20% of people in a recent (March 2014) poll actually believed that Dave the Leader can get a better deal out of the EU. 72% made the more sensible response – saying they believe he has absolutely no chance of getting anything worthwhile.

All the government's talk about protecting the Green Belt has proved to be worthless. Communities Sec. E. Pickles is approving building projects on Green Belt land as fast as they are shoved under his nose and councils are no longer bothering to waste time on opposing raids on their Green Belt, knowing that Mr. Pickles will let it happen.

GPs got a 30% pay rise and excused evening and weekend duties under New Labour's botched contract deal. Predictably, they are now holding out their hands and asking for more. Will the government have the guts to tell them they're doing too well to get it?

The government says fraud in the NHS costs the nation £229 MILLION per year. The actual figure is nearer to £7 BILLION out of the total budget of £100 BILLION.

Dave the Leader is claiming now that he never said he wanted to be the Heir to Tony B. Liar. Which just proves that he is!

The Coalition promised to put an end to the NHS revolving door. Its "success" is to be questioned. Some £200 MILLION has been wasted on payoffs under New Labour redundancy contracts to staff who walked off with the cash then walked into another overpaid job within months.

Dave the Leader is giving a G. Broon 2-fingered salute to the 1.5 million people who have been clawed into the higher rate of income tax through Broonian fiscal drag. They have no hope in a rise in the threshold, Dave sez.

Clottish Clegg's latest Calamity: his free school meals plan means staggered lunchtimes for little kids and extending the lunch hour to 3 hours; from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Typical blundering politician's inflation!

Let's face it, the more the evidence stacks up, the more Dave the Leader's assurances that he can get a better deal from the EU look like self-delusion, if he really believes them himself, or downright fraud, if he doesn't.

The Audit Commission has found that most of the £1.6 BILLION given to Afghanistan since 2000 has been wasted; a lot of it on helping to treble opium production. Which won't stop Dave the Leader from pouring more taxpayers' cash down the same Brown Hole.

Communities Sec. E. Pickles has finally admitted that promising weekly bin collections was "a cheque his ass could never cash".

The Cost of Global Warming Fraud: Fore every subsidy-laden "green" non-job the government creates in Britain, FOUR useful, wealth-generating, real-world jobs go down the tubes. Thanks very much, Messers Cameron, Clegg and Milipede. And every "green" non-job created by President O'Bummer's programme has cost the American taxpayer $5.7 MILLION.

A long-serving Downing Street staffer, and big buddy of Dave the Leader, was arrested on child porn charges in the middle of the night by the National Crime Agency, Britain's answer to the KGB. Three weeks later, the news leaked out. This would not have been able to happen if the government had been able to put its Press censorship programme in place. There are many unanswered questions about the affair, such as why the job wasn't given to the Metropolitan police, which has a Child Porn Squad. And why it was given to the NCA, which is supposed to deal with major crime syndicates at home and abroad. As is customary, Patrick Rock, who used to be on the list for a certain place in the House of Lords, was allowed to resigned from his post before he was arrested. No charges had been brought against him at the time when the secret arrest was exposed.

Dave the Leader claims that the people spend their money more wisely than any government. But he doesn't trust them enough to raise the threshold for paying the higher rate of income tax.

The government is refusing to host a UN conference on Press freedom because it's afraid that someone will mention that (1) its Hacked Toffs Charter will give Britain the worst Press censorship regime in the world, and (2) that politicians are not fit people to decide what should be printed in the newspapers.

The government promised to protect whistle-blowers, and yet a woman who was head-hunted to falsify death rates at the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust is being threatened with the sack for exposing the fraud. Will Health Sec. Hunt step in to make good on the promise? Don't hold your breath.
Surprise! Mr. Hunt is putting the hospital bosses on the spot and they now face disciplinary action. [But will that actually happen?]

Another government promise goes up in smoke – the one about putting an end to bonuses for just doing the job. 90% of the Dept. of Work & Pensions staff got one last year. The Met Office, notorious for the crapitude of its forecasts, is still handing them out. And in some government departments and quangos, everyone gets a bonus, regardless of how well they perform.

Communities Sec. E. Pickles promised to ban the CCTV parking enforcement cameras which councils use to fleece motorists. That promise was downgraded to banning cameras at schools. Now, even that concession has been abandoned and the swindle will continue. Another example of a government minister talking tough and failing to back it up with action.

Immigration into Britain is up by hundreds of thousands. Dave the Leader's pledge to reduce it to tens of thousands has proved to be worthless as policy is set in Brussels, not Westminster. So that's another perspective on Dave's promises – he either doesn't keep them because it becomes inconvenient or he makes them knowing he won't be able to keep them. Either way, they end up just as worthless.

George Osborne, allegedly the Chancellor of the Exchequer, seems to have contracted Brown-Balls Disease. He knows the country is over ONE TRILLION POUNDS in debt, thanks to New Labour, but he's still offering unlimited cash - which we don't have - to bail out Ukraine; that notorious den of corruption and fraudsters and latter-Soviet billionaires.

The Home Office; yes, you, Mrs. May; is refusing to name and shame 750 foreign criminals, all of whom jumped bail or escaped from the justice system, on the spurious ground that to do so would breach their 'uman right to privacy.

Dave the Leader is handing £90 MILLION of British taxpayers' cash as overseas aid to the corrupt regime in Somalia, knowing that it is Al Kaida's banker via numerous protection rackets.

The government is wasting £30 MILLION/year on payments to on-shore wind farms, which have to be paid compensation if they shut down when the wind gets too strong for them.

The government is trying to keep this quiet but the H2S rail link will destroy or damage 49 ancient woods.

Hospitals with incompetent management and staff cost the taxpayer £300 MILLION in damages payments between 2008/09 and 2012/13. The figure represents the excess paid out by the NHS insurance scheme over the amount paid in by the failing hospitals.

The Justice Minister, C. Grayling, plans to make convicted criminals pay up to £600 towards court costs. Those who plead guilty will also be charged but discounts are expected. A noble ambition, but given the courts' lamentable record for extracting cash from criminals; like letting them pay off huge sums at 50p/week so they don't run short of cigarette money; any cash raised is likely to be more than swallowed up by the admin costs.

10,000 hectares of woodland, which eats carbon dioxide, have been felled in Scotland to create sites for wind farms – in the name of taking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. But that's politics, rather than science, for you.

The government knows that wind farm operators are running large turbines at lower outputs characteristic of smaller turbines to get a higher rate of subsidy for the electricity generated. The government knows that this is going on but doing nothing to end yet another swindle of the taxpayer.

The difficulties of the Culture Sec. are being advanced as the real reason why Dave the Leader scrapped "recalling" MPs who abuse the taxpayer. Expenses shark Miller is in charge of implementing the Lovieson Report and getting press censorship in place. So no coincidence that the party hacks started waving this around in an attempt to censor news reports of Miller's shame.

Climate Sec. E. Davey (typical Liberal) will be off the job from the middle of February onwards. He's skiving away from the floods crisis on paternity leave. Apparently, he just "downed tools" and abandoned ship.

Culture Vulture Sec. M. Miller has taken £90,000 from the taxpayer by claiming a house where her parents live is her second home. She is currently under investigation by the Expenses Squad. The world waits to see whether the verdict will be whitewash or disgrace. D. Laws was sacked from the Treasury (but soon bobbed back onto the gravy train) for a similar offence, but he's a Liberal and they can get away with murder. Miller is a Tory, but she can play the being female card.

Despite tough talk from the Home Sec., T. May, the number of undeported foreign criminals remaining in Britain on spurious 'uman rights grounds is at a record level – indicating that the government's "crackdown" on migration and undesirables is just spin and mirrors.

Another of Dave's promises bites the dust – the right of constituents to "recall", a.k.a. sack, an MP who has lost their confidence through criminality has been booted into touch with most of Dave's other firm guarantees. The official reason is that Nick Clegg made Dave change his mind because Cleggie is worried about losing even more of his scandal-prone MPs.

Some stooge of a civil service mandarin has produced a whitewash review claiming that the balance of power between Britain and the EU is "about right". Which makes total nonsense of Dave the Leader's promises to make that balance of power fairer and then offer the country a referendum on staying in/leaving the EU.

Loadsa money? Britain is a wealthy country? What is Dave the Leader on? His 11 BILLION foreign aid budget has to be borrowed and the British taxpayer has to pay interest on the loans, which Dave hands so recklessly to foreigners. Why? Because New Labour left the country drowning in debt, and that debt has increased relentlessly, even though the Coalition is making some cuts. Something of which Dave seems totally unaware.

Another official scam on the way: the Flood Re scam. Everyone who takes out home insurance will have to chip in to an emergency fund but those living in properties built after 2009 and/or Council Tax band H and I homes, and the owners of commercial properties and blocks of flats, won't be eligible to make a claim if they suffer flood damage.

His own MPs want Dave the Leader to divert overseas aid money from rich countries like China and India, and the pockets of spivs and crooked politicians, to victims of floods in Britain. Even Labour and the Liberals aren't against the notion. But will Dave listen? On past form, will he heck as like.

If your Council Tax goes up by more than 1.5% in April 2014, give thanks to the Liberals for being liberal with other people's money. Again.

Justice Minister C. Grayling (who is unlearned in the law) plans to make it illegal for the police to hand repeat cautions to serial criminals and let them get away with it forever in the interests of massaging police crime statistics.

The Dept of Labour & Social Services (DHSS, DWP and other aliases) handed £41 MILLION in benefits to people in gaol, who aren't entitled to get them. Is there anyone in the civil service or Whitehall who isn't a total idiot?

The Home Office is sitting on a report revealing that EU migrants are stealing £millions from the British taxpayer via fraudulent benefit claims, organized crime based on people trafficking, slavery and sham marriages, and orchestrated begging. This is all stuff that the government wants kept out of Parliamentary debates on immigration.

Why are foreign criminals allowed to stay in Britain on spurious 'uman rights grounds? Because Labour and the Liberals want them to because they think that's what the EU wants, and Dave the leader and his Cabinet are content to go along with that.

The government is using emergency powers to suppress a report on the H2S high-speed rail link which reveals that it won't deliver anything close to value for money and the government's position on it is based on spin and hype.
The same legislation was used to suppress Iraq war secrets – i.e. how Tony B. Liar lied Britain into George W. Bush's war to finish what he father didn't.

Dave the Leader is intent on reviving the Snoops' charter to let the police and security services spy on all email and mobile phone traffic in the UK. He thinks it's a good idea because it works so well in the spy series he watches on TV. [So untroubled by real life? Ed.]

There are 4,000 foreign criminals, some of them violent and dangerous to public safety, who can't be deported on spurious 'uman rights grounds. Dave the Leader is doing what about this? [If anything.]

Leftie loonies, and Labourites seeking to distract attention from their failure and the Tories success with the economy, are agitating for a a multi-million-pound inquiry into the police over the miners' strike of 1984. The idea is to stuff cash into the pockets of lawyers and usual suspects, and throw more mud at Mrs. Thatcher's reputation. Will Dave the Leader tell them to get lost . . . ?

The Council of Europe has ordered Britain to more than double the Jobseeker's Allowance. Will Dave the Leader tell these unelected meddlers to keep their noses out of our financial affairs? Not on present form.

Dave the Leader has been shamed into reversing the Environment Agency's policy of not dredging rivers and letting Somerset disappear under floods. He's ordered the dredgers to resume work – but that won't happen until after the floods recede, of course. Meanwhile, the military has been ordered in – as for New Labour's foot & mouth shambles in 2001 – to get things moving for the stranded residents after local councils, the government and its quangos have all spent a few months sitting on their hands.

The Justice Minister, C. Grayling, is preparing to challenge the tendency for judges to set aside Acts of Parliament on dodgy grounds based on the European Convention on 'Uman bluddy Rights.

The government which promised to get rid of useless quangos has set up another one: the Press Royal Charter, which will be staffed by the usual suspects, including expenses swindlers, with the job of regulating the Press, which has set up its own regulator (the Independent Press Standards Organization) and wants nothing to do with the government's waste of taxpayer's cash quango.

The government is suppressing details of official advice on the legality of the Royal Charter, which it plans to impose as a means of censoring the Press. The most probable reason is that the scheme breaches the freedom of expression clause in the European Convention on 'Uman Rights, but the Meeja & Culture Dept. doesn't want to admit this.

His back-benchers have given Dave the Leader until the end of February 2014 to produce a detailed plan for re-rigging Britain's membership of the EU on more favourable and less intrusive terms. His incentive is the prospect of UKIP sweeping the board in May's European elections.

There is no guarantee that the H2S rail link will ever be built, but the Coalition has allowed the appointment of a construction chief at an eye-watering salary; taxpayer-funded, of course; of £750K – even though there's nothing for him to build.

Dave the Leader's throwaway remark to the effect that the January 2014 storms were the product of man-made global warming confirm that he has made no attempt to examine the scientific evidence. He's just jerking his knee like any 2-bob political hack, having forgotten that he stepped off this particular bandwagon shortly before with his promise to ditch the "green crap". Another Dave promise, which has gone up in smoke, presumably.

Home Sec. T. May is in hot water for failing to make any effort to deport R. Murdoch, a Jamaican convicted of manslaughter and drug offences. He is being protected by the 'uman rights industry and Mrs. May is just blaming the judges and letting it happen.

H2S Limited, the company set up to develop the hi-speed rain link, has been allowed to blow over £300 MILLION of taxpayers' cash on a wasteful splurge on promotion and branding material, equipment and outside consultants. And the binge-rate is getting faster and faster. So not much oversight by the Coalition?

The Justice Sec., C. Grayling, has booted into touch, the notion of cosmetic 100-year gaol sentences as a sop to the ECHR because such sentences would still be subject to review and life would not mean life in gaol for dangerous criminals. The plan now is to outflank the 'uman rights mob in Strasbourg by giving Britain's Supreme Court the final say in all legal matters. All that will have to happen after that is the appointment to the court of judges with enough common sense to deliver justice instead of an easy time for undeserving criminals.

Vince Cable, alleged Liberal financial genius, thought the price of the Royal Mail shares was set about right and any immediate profits were just a bubble. The current share price is 70% above what the taxpayer got and Parliament is not impressed by the non-bursting bubble. No sign of the sack for Vince, of course.

Capping benefits at £500/week is saving the taxpayer £2 MILLION/week – and upsetting 30-odd thousand of Labour's benefits clientelle.

HMRC estimates that it has collected £23 BILLION from major tax avoiders like Google since 2010 by challenging New Labour's go-soft policy and sweetheart deals with multinationals.

Dave the Ditherer is getting ready to do a U-Turn on means-testing the Winter Fuel Allowance, bus passes and free TV licences for the over-75s in the hope of retaining a few voters at the next general election.

The Department of Transport has been caught in the act of sitting on a report which showed that the £15 BILLION/year boost to the economy of the North & Midlands from the H2S rail link – promised in a report by accountants KPMG – was based on grossly exaggerated estimates of the benefits. Despite knowing that the report was full of holes, the government let the KPMG version stand – until it was eventually shot to pieces and thoroughly discredited. That's how desperate Dave & Co. are to blow 50-100 BILLION POUNDS of taxpayers' cash. Certifiable, or what?

Surprise! Dave's overseas aid programme is giving taxpayers' cash to our enemies. Argentina gets £2 MILLION directly and £7 MILLION of British taxpayers' cash via the EU. And North Korea gets £750,000. God knows what for.

Dave the Leader is about to go soft on "life means life in gaol" for criminals who deserve it. There will be a cosmetic substitute sentence for judges to trot out, which will look tough but won't be. It's yet another craven surrender to the creeping power-grab by the European Court of Human Rights' unqualified judges.

The government plans to pay railway companies to reduce the number of normally empty first-class compartments on trains and replace them with 2nd class accommodation. The object is to create the illusion of some relief of the chronic overcrowding on commuter services.

Thanks to Dave the Leader's obsession with giving away British taxpayers' money, the foreign aid budget has reached its target of £11,200,000,000. A lot of it is being blown on space programmes for China, India, Nigeria, South Africa, etc.; support for 10 of the nastiest rogue nations on the planet; and bankrolling corrupt officials and dictators. Maybe some of it is going on good works, but the lack of control of spending means that no one has a clue how much of this is actually going on good works.

The Coalition government promised to cut the cost of its bureaucracy. But the Foreign Office seems to have managed to get left out of the plan somehow. Which explains why spending there on hospitality, perks for diplomats, etc., is 12% higher than it was in 2010. As for the public-sector pay freeze, the diplomatic staff are using perks to more than make up for any nominal sacrifices in wages.

The amount of taxpayers' money used for trade union activities in Whitehall has gone up by 30% in the last 2 years to £24 MILLION in 2012/13. The government, of course, promised to put a cap on it but didn't.

Health tourists are costing the British taxpayer £80,000,000 per year. So what has the government been doing about it, apart from bugger all? Not to mention the geniuses running the NHS?

Dave the Leader used to pretend that he supports a free press. But now, he's trying to deflect attention from just how deep he got into the hacking Murdoch organization by threatening the newspaper industry with draconian regulations in the future if they don't sign up to the Labour-Hacked Toffs stitch-up right now. Is there anyone out there capable of doing a proper job of leading the country? Clearly, it's beyond Dave and the Milibandit.

Another blown Cameron promise – to cut the cost of politics. The House of Frauds has cost the taxpayer £42 MILLION more over the last 3 years thanks to cramming in 103 Tory and Liberal peers, giving them more expenses and letting them clock on for 30 minutes to claim their 300 quid/day. In addition, the bill for government spin doctors has gone up 4-fold in the last 20 years and shows no signs of ending its bloat.

The government has wasted £30,000,000 on subsidies to wind farms, which were unable to produce power because the wind was too strong. How many roads full of potholes would that much have repaired, Dave?

In the last 15 years, successive governments have allowed developers to build 40,000 new homes in areas at high risk of flooding. Despite being fully aware of the situation. Fields and meadows, which would have soaked up water, have been taken out of the equation by being built on, multiplying the problem.

Business Sec. V. Cable (Liberal) has now joined the New Labour tendency on uncontrolled migration. No doubt he's hoping that some new people, who don't know what the Liberals are about, will vote for his vanishing party.

S. Hughes (Liberal) swore blind last year that he wouldn't take another government job. Suddenly, he's Justice Minister. Nice to see a person of such integrity in such a responsible job.

As part of the EU Cash Carousel, the European Commission has given £90 MILLION to "green" lobby groups over the last 15 years to help them lobby European Union institutions about their frequently nutty obsessions. The British government is well aware that this is going on but has failed to do anything to stop this abuse of British taxpayers' cash.

How strange that the government chose the day on which the murderers of Fusilier Lee Rigby were convicted to release Sir P. Gibson's report on the Bliar regime's complicity in torture and rendition by the CIA and the Gadaffy regime. How very New Labour.

Dave the Leader will tell Europe's leaders he'll veto recruiting further members to the EU unless they put toughter controls on free movement. But after "negotiations", Dave's latest crusade will just fizzle out.

Dave the Leader seems to be intent on burying the inquiry by Sir P. Gibson into the Bliar regime's involvement in torture and abuse of due process. Why?

Thanks to the rules set by New Labour in 2006, over 3,200 NHS burrocrats were given excessive redundancy payments and then re-hired at a fat aslary a few months later. It's more than time the Coalition got a grip on waste like this.

Dozens (if not scores) of peers have been spotted signing in for their daily 300-quid at the House of Frauds and legging it half an hour later. The government knows full well that this is going on but chooses to do nothing about it. Why is that, Dave?

The top-secret report on the H2S rail link – the one Dave the Leader and his pals are trying to suppress – contains the following severe objections to the scheme:
The management staff do not possess the skills necessary for organizing, monitoring and delivering the scheme.
The government is proposing giving the scheme less than half of the parliamentary time needed for proper scrutiny.
The cost benefits claimed by the government don't stand up to close scrutiny and many are fabricated, and the overcrowding on the West Coast Mainline cited by the government doesn't exist.
The construction time target, compared to other major rail projects in the recent past, is totally unrealistic and building the H2S will take at least twice as long if it every goes ahead.

The DWP has found that 5% of the people getting incapacity benefit are fit for work, confirming that New Labour used it as a way of falsifying unemployment figures.

If they won't change their minds, Dave the Leader is threatening to abolish the gang of overpaid quangocrats, who want to give MPs an 11% pay rise at a time of national austerity caused by New Labour.

Dave the Leader's "renegotiations" with the EU are looking cosmetic following his decision to put europhiles in charge of the process. His back-benchers are not convinced that Foreign Sec. W. Hague and Europe Minister D. Lidington are up for the task of getting a better deal for Britain, or likely to get much of a deal.

The Looney Left is to blame for Islamist terrorism, the prime minister almost proclaimed. The cults of multiculturalism and diversity created a separated environment within British society, where extremists could preach their perverted version of Islam without being challenged and bamboozle the gullible.

Dave the Leader is hoping that he can talk the Chinese into paying for the H2S rail link catastrophe. They would then cop for all of the blame for the blight and destruction, which will roll on for 60-odd years after the contruction work is completed.

The bizarre reason why pupils at school are not being educated has been revealed. Teachers won't used textbooks, which have a coherent structure and offer the complete course. They prefer to cobble together work-sheets and bits of paper, and adopt a chaotic approach to dishing out information. What the Coalition will do to rectify this latest trendy nonsense remains to be seen.

Dave the Leader has admitted having a problem with his migration target. It won't be met because too many people are still sneaking into the country and not enough are leaving it.

The European Commission handed €1 BILLION to Egypt between 2007 and 2012 for a human rights programme – and made no attempt to monitor how the cash was spent, or whether the usual suspects stole it. Not a word from successive British governments about the abuse of their taxpayers' cash, though.

Some £5 BILLION of taxpayers' cash lent by the government to students will never be recovered as the people who took the money had dropped out of the sight of the Dept. of Business.

Dave the Leader plans to crack down on scrounging migrants with:
New laws to make them wait 3 months before they can claim benefits -- which happens right now anyway;
Stop their benefits unless they have a real prospect of a job -- which happens right now but it's almost impossible to prove someone won't find a job;
Chuck out beggars and vagrants -- the Border Agency isn't up to the job;
Introduce a minimum earnings threshold for topping up earnings with benefits -- just vague noises from Dave on that one;
Stop EU jobseekers from getting housing benefit -- migrants will get it if they claim to be homeless regardless of what Dave says;
End paying child benefit to children living abroad -- just vague noises from Dave on that one.

The Chancellor has been forced into putting a cap on payday loan rates. Labour is now all in favour of it, having done nothing in that direction during its calamitous term in office.

Another U-turn by Dave: He guaranteed that he would lead the greenest government in the whole history of the universe. But there are no votes in that any more. So his latest order to his minions is to cut the Green Crap.

The Coalition plans to by-pass civil servants, who refuse to implement government policies, by appointing their own staff to replace New Labour's residual inset stooges.

Dave's latest U-turn: The Green Belt, which he vowed to protect no matter what, is now up for grabs by anyone wanting to build houses.

The usual suspects of the defunct Financial Services Authority cleard a coke-head/meth-head with no banking experience to be chairman of the Co-op bank. Has anything much changed under the Coalition, given that much the same calibre of usual suspect remains in place.

The goverment is wasting tens of millions of pounds of taxpayers' cash every year on compensation for Iraqis, who claim they were detained unnecessarily after Tony B. Liar's illegal invasion of Iraq. The European Court of 'Uman bluddy Rights is at the bottom of it – along with spineless Coalition government in Britain. The going rate is about £500/hour of detention for spurious claims of HR abuses.

The only way Dave the Leader can renegotiate Britain's relationship with the EU is to say the UK is leaving. Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty then comes into force and the EU is obliged by law to negotiate the withdrawal taking account of the framework for the departing state's future relationship with the Union. Everything else Dave says is and promises is just hot air, if not outright lies, and political garbage.

The EU is using British taxpayers' money to pay for border guards to stop the inhabitants from escaping from the dictatorship in Belarus and also funding the dictator Lukashenko's secret police. Yet another area where the Coalition needs to get a grip – but probably won't.

What happens under the Energy Companies Obligation part of the Coalition's Green Deal? Well, a £1,200 loft-insulation job ends up costing the taxpayer £2,700 thanks to government bureaucracy and red tape. And the energy companies have put their bills up by £870 MILLION but done only work worth £420 MILLION.

Wilful neglect of hospital patients, at Stafford hospital, is to be made a criminal offence. But not until next year.

One-third of MPs, including most of the Cabinet, are renting an office from their constituency party or trade union – paid for by the taxpayer. Rents are supposed to be at local commercial rates but surprise! They have a habit of slipping over the odds, as it's only the taxpayer who's being ripped off – up to 3x the commercial rate, in some cases.

The Health Sec. plans to rip up New Labour's 2004 contract with GPs, which paid them twice as much for abandoning out-of-hours care, and make GPs much more responsible for the people they are paid to look after, especially over-75s.

Tory MP N. Zahawi, who would love to have the power to censor the Press, has been exposed as an expenses swindler. The reason why he's in the Guinness Book of Records as the MP with the highest expenses is that he has been sticking the taxpayer with bills for things like heating his riding stables and the caravan used by the manager of the business. All as a result of an complete oversight, of course.

Having to use premium rate phone numbers to contact all government departments cost the taxpayer £56 MILLION last year.

Use of coal-fired power station soared last winter – mainly because low wind speeds meant that windmills were unable to generate power. So having 25% more of them cost the nation a lot of money but delivered zero benefit to the country. Nice one, Dave.

The 2 new aircraft carriers, for which there are no aircraft, are another £800 MILLION over budget. Anyone surprised? Especially as the original price was just plucked out of the air by New Labour's financial geniuses and the contract was written in such a way as to give the builders a blank cheque.

Dave the Leader has ordered a review of laws concerning the conduct of trade unions in response to the revelations about Unite's intimidation tactics. More enforcement or tightening is clearly needed.

Dave the Leader is quite cool about abolishing ship-building jobs in England if jobs are kept in Scotland as a bribe for those who might be thinking of voting for independence.

The idiots running the EU have spent £5.7 BILLION by mistake. Which means that the Coalition will receive a bill for £800 MILLION as Britain's share. Will Dave the Leader have the courage to tell them to get lost? Or will he just blame Clegg and give in, as usual?

The police are at Colchester General Hospital investigating allegations that the management falsified records to fake achieving targets and let patients die. Looks like the Coalition still has a way to go to remove New Labour's poison from the NHS.

Why is this government so keen about same-sex "marriage"? Because it can collect another £100 from people who went through a civil partnership but now want to pretend to be married.

The government has wasted £170 MILLION by making NHS managers redundant under crazy New Labour rules then rehiring them in new jobs as part of its reorganization programme, making a total mockery of the concept of redundancy payments.

It would appear that Dave the Leader has been hiding his association with Common Purpose, a leftie lobbying organization, which has been pushing for press censorship; presumably to avoid exposure of its activities.

The government is watering down new laws requiring openness in the NHS. The changes will serve only to legitimise the cover-up culture, which slithered into place under New Labour.

The National Audit Office is to do a "value for money" investigation of the sell-off of Royal Mail Shares. The report should make interesting reading; if it's not censored into oblivion.

Will Dave the Leader really roll back bogus green taxes. On past form, he'll talk big then quietly cave in to the Liberals and do nothing.

E. Davey, the energy minister, has had to retract a cynical lie. He claimed that the planned new nuclear power stations would save customers money. Hours later, he was forced to admit that they won't save anyone a penny.
 Davey also claimed that a majority of the new jobs created will go to British workers, which is nonsense thanks to EU rules.

MPs are in line for an 11% pay rise and NO cuts to their over-generous perks. Party leaders are making noises about the rise being too much but they are not expected to do anything. Ain't life grand when you're in charge of how much you pay yourself out of the public purse?

So much for the government's efficiency drive. Whitehall departments still waste £500,000 of taxpayers' money every year using cheques instead of electronic payments.

No surprise. Clegg does a U-turn on supporting free (from local authority dead hands) schools to suck up to Labour.

Surprise! Removing the £15/week spare room subsidy from benefits claimaints has encouraged 10% of them to get a job and come off benefits completely. Labour, of course, is planning to restore the subsidy to rebuild its benefit-client culture.

Lest we forget, the government is having to borrow £120 BILLION/year thanks to the deficit wished on the country by Wee Gordie Broon and New Labour.

Dave the Leader will cram another 30 cronies and deadlegs in the House of Frauds, which already contains 836 members, most of whom collect expenses from the taxpayer and do absolutely bugger all in return. Nice one, Dave.

The Queen has been known for ages to advise anyone who feels cold in a royal palace to put on an extra piece of clothing. Now, Dave the Leader is trying to pass it off as his advice to people who can't afford the government's bogus green taxes on energy.

A survey back in 2001 found that the poorest 20% were paying a tax rate of 37% on their income thanks to indirect taxes. Another survey this year by the Institute of Economic Affairs has found that nothing has changed. The poorest 20% are still paying 37% tax because the government is still grabbing with taxes and handing some of the money back in benefits because politicians just don't trust people with their own money and believe that they have to spend it for them.

Having told the prudent voter that the Coalition is going to put a cap on care home costs to save people from having to sell their home, the Coalition has done the dirty on the prudent with a secret U-turn, which was exposed in the House of Lords by a Labour peer. So another reason not to vote for Dave.

Thanks to Labour/Liberal subsidies, the wind farms operated by the Big Six energy companies cost the taxpayer £900 MILLION last year. As each of the companies made a healthy profit on the base cost of their operations, the subsidies were just jam for them. No sign of the Coalition doing anything about this abuse, though.

A report ordered by the European Commissioner for employment and social inclusion has found that Britain is playing host to 600,000 benefits tourists from other parts of Europe, who cost the NHS £1,500,000,000 per year. No doubt the Liberals are cool with this but does Dave the Leader have anything planned to counter this drain on the British taxpayer?

Dave the Leader has ordered a review of the Liberal/Labour bogus green energy taxes, which do so much damage to voters' bills. Whether he will do anything with the results remains to be seen.

Water bills have gone up by 30-35% over the last 6 years whilst capital spending by the (largely foreign owned) water companies has dropped by 20%. Ofwat is doing nothing about it. Will the Coalition? And they're not paying tax.

P. Mahoney, Britain's "representative" in the Euro Court of Human Rights, wants to give the vote to axe-murderers and terrorists. Any chance of the Coalition replacing him? Or are they resigned to having the court populated by burrocrats, who couldn't find their way from one end of a real courtroom to the other? Or maybe they just don't care.

The EU Court of Auditors has found that of the £1.9 BILLION thrown at the Undemocratic Republic of Congo between 2003 and 2011, over £1 BILLION was wasted/stolen by criminals. But there's no chance of the Coalition and DfID insisting on the EU taking responsibility for seeing that the money goes somewhere that does the people some actual good. The only people who seem to have done well out of the "investment" (in a Gordon Brown sense) are the local MPs, whose wages have gone up by 800% and account for a significant proportion of the GDP.

Dave the Leader likes to pretend that, unlike the unspeakable Liberals, he supports marriage and that's why he's making good on a promise to give married couples a tax break. But it all takes place in the last month of the very last gasp of the Coalition: April 2015. And everyone knows it was arm-twisting by the real Tories in his party that really made it happen. So 0/10 for effort, Dave, and 0/10 for being convincing.

The whitewash job on the Stafford hospital branch of Murder, Inc. is now more or less complete. None of the doctors was to blame and no one was responsible for all those deaths. Will will give everyone a TON of confidence in the way the NHS is run.

Some relief is at hand for Dave the Leader. Labour is now claiming that homosex marriage is all down to the Milibandits so it's not another of Dave's Distractions.

By recalling Parliament to lose a vote on attacking Syria, Dave the leader blew £80,000 of taxpayers' money.

The government plans to ban smoking in prisoners to prevent compensation claims for imaginary effects of passive smoking. So that's £11,000,000 of taxpayers' cash to be spent on nicotine patches. And as that's just the cost of treating the current prison population, there will be more and more millions needed for new convicts and back-sliders. But the taxpayer has a bottomless pocket, right?

Dave the Leader said 2 years ago that criminals in possession of a knife would go to gaol. But less than one-half of convictions result in incarceration. Soft-on-crime judges get the blame.

Over the last 5 years, British governments have given £1.14 BILLION to Nigeria to pay for a navy which is up to its greasy neck in the theft of oil worth £2 BILLION per year. Yet another example of DfID encouraging criminals.

The Office of Fair [fair – but not as we know it, jum] Trading has refused to cap rip-off administration fees on pensions, which can devour up to 40% of a pension pot using stealth tactics worthy of a Gordon Broon. Typically, the Coalition will do nothing about yet another regulator which fails to do its job.

Dave the Leader's focus on trivialities has reduced the membership of the Tory party by half over the last 8 years. If he remains in charge, the Tories will be extinct by 2021.

The Liberals' plan to blow £600 MILLION on free school meals for under-8s has hit the buffers. They have no idea where the money will come from, the Tories won't wear it and the Liberals voted against the plan when Labour councils introduced it in London, laying them open to accusations of opportunism.

The government has decided that one extra murder per week and 1,200 extra serious crimes are an acceptable price to pay for not remanding dangerous criminals in custody to reduce prison overcrowding. Our thanks for this to go former Justice Minister K. Clarke.

The terminal boss of the NHS, D. Nicholson, who presided over the culture of neglect at Stafford hospital, told Parliament earlier this year that there had been only one gagging deal imposed on a whistle-blower. No surprise that the real number is 133 involving payments of £4 MILLION since 2009/10. Dave the Leader still has full confidence in him, though.

Here's something else for the Tories to do a lot of worrying about: on top of voters switching to UKIP and handing Tory seats to Labour, there's a threat of candidates opposed to the H2S rail link taking even more votes from them in some highly marginal constituencies at the next general election.
More reasons for dumping H2S:
57. It's not connected to the main network at the ends, and it will disrupt freight traffic.
58. Major stations will be built well out of their city's centre, giving travellers a mile or more to travel to make a connection.
59. The number of trains to and from London on the existing mainlines will be cut drastically to force passengers to use the vastly more expensive H2S line.

MPs' expenses are up 7%, most of it on employing family members at fancy, taxpayer-funded salaries, despite Dave the Leader's guarantee that he would cut the cost of politics. Will he ever get a grip?

Will the Coalition reveal who in government and the secret police was responsible for hiding the evidence of child abuse by Cyril Smith, Liberal councillor and MP for Rochdale. And if not, why not?

The Dept. of Transport has wasted £240,000 on a "one-sided and unconvincing" report with "conclusions based on highly questionable assumptions". The accountants KPMG have been accused of offering a paid-for analysis that gives the right answers. The Coalition and its hirelings, and also those who will make a lot of taxpayers' cash out of the H2S rail link, all seem to be busting a gut to persuade the taxpayer that the scam will pay for itself in a few weeks. Which is very revealing.

Another Crime Against Humanity in the making – the planning minister, N. Boles, has ambitions to open our national parks to developers. So watch out for new towns of no-cost housing built for illegal immigrants and hyper-megamarkets offering everything you could ever want to buy under one roof.

Tony Abbot, Australia's new "Liberal" prime monster, will get tough on immigration, cut foreign aid and abolish bogus green taxes on carbon dioxide. Are you listening, Dave?

New Labour's crimes against the population are putting the Coalition in a tough spot. The previous gang of bunglers ignored warnings that its open-door policy on immigration would fill up the schools, and it even told councils to close down schools with surplus places. But the Coalition doesn't seem to have noticed until recently. So the staff at the Education Department also asleep at the wheel?

The management of the Northern General hospital in Sheffield has ordered nurses to waste time on keeping a monthly record of how many thank-you cards and gifts they receive. Does our current health minister know this?

All Dave the Leader has to offer to a nation which has found his H2S rail-link plans full of holes and making no economic sense is an invitation to think BIG. But not to think about the BIG Gordon Broon-style hole that it will leave in the nation's pocket, obviously.

Sir J. Mumby, the president of the High Court's Family Division, has dared to speak out against the blanket secrecy created by his brother (and sister) judges and politicians, and against the Lord Leveson plan for state control of what the news media can say. Will the Coalition give the public the right to know when social workers and the police conspire to kidnap children from parents? Will the Coalition end the practice of secret gaol sentences for victims of the Family Court who dare to complain? It's unlikely.

The Can't Prosecute Service and the shambolic court system wasted £17.4 MILLION in 2012 due to cases being delayed by failure to produce witnesses or cases being thrown out of court by impatient judges.

The police can't be bothered investigating 40-75% of reported crime, depending on the area in which the offence is reported.

The Border Agency is still operating a New Labour culture of targets and intimidating staff despite 3 years of the Coalition, and still offers no protection against terrorists, criminals from other parts of the EU and unwanted migrants. Is Dave going to shrug off these revelations and condemnations from the National Audit Office? Probably. That's what he does.

Will the Coalition spend the money saved by not bombing Syria on something useful? Or will it be wasted, as usual? We all know the answer to both questions!

Not so long ago, local councils were closing schools and flogging of some prime sites. Now, however, thanks to New Labour's open-door policy on immigration, kids are being crammed into already overcrowded school buildings and shoe-horned into temporary classrooms parked in every available bit of space. And it's all a huge surprise to the educationalists, none of whom saw it coming.

George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer pro tem, would have us believe that the disaster area of the H2S rail link will heal the North-South divide. So it will be worth the waste of £80 BILLION.

Dave the Leader has gained some political credit from giving Parliament a chance to vote on bombing Syria rather than just falling in line behind President O'Bama, Blair-style. Even more than he lost for being a war-monger.

The British public spent a collective 8,000 years hanging about on hold on the government's premium-rate phone lines last year. But they're still telling us the country is broke, despite making a TON of money out of this scam.


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