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The Lib vulture in the Tory treeThe nation has had more than enough time to regret going for a hung parliament because this is happening:

Some Tories would have us believe that we in a state of national crisis because Pres. O'Bama has made the French his new best buddies – and someone to share the blame when he starts bombing Syria to bits. The rest of us are just feeling glad that we dodged the bullet for once. The verdict on Dave's Defeat in the Commons has to be that yes, it was a shambles, but it was also a victory for Britain and a triumph for common sense, which is a very rare occurrence in Parliament.

In spite of his protestations to the contrary, Dave still doesn't get it. Firing million-dollar cruise missiles at Assad's military will do nothing for the security and welfare of the Syrian people, and less than nothing for the state of Britain's economy.

If Tony B. Liar poisoned the well of public trust and made the electorate assume that every dossier to come out of the Joint Intelligence Committee is dodgy, and that stops Disastrous Dave from joining President O'Bummer's war in Syria, it can't be a bad thing.

The Coalition is trying to cut migration from beyond the EU but its efforts are being rendered meaningless by a flood of economic refugees from the southern disaster areas of the eurozone.

Playing Blair to his Bush, Dave the Leader promised to back Pres. O'Bummer's plan to strafe Syria with cruise missiles, only to be floored by Democracy and his own party. Don't those rotten rules get in the way, Dave!

Thanks to New Labour's open door policy on immigration, 1 MILLION non-citizen migrants from the Commonwealth have the right to vote in British general elections. Something else the Coalition hadn't spotted – they needed MigrationWatch to tell them.

42,000 NHS patients/year are estimated to die unnecessarily from dehydration thanks to a culture of neglect, which started under New Labour and which has not been fixed by the Coalition.
 The much discredited Care Quality Commission put the deaths due to dehydration at 900/year.

Dave the Leader's attempts to play bad cop to Pres. O'Bummer's good cop seem to have stirred up MPs of all political persuasions. They are demanding a recall of Parliament to let them talk and have a vote before Dave and W. Hague, foreign sec., start shooting cruise missiles at Syrian targets.

The Coaltion has bunged NHS staff £1.4 BILLION over the last 3 years in Golden Goodbyes. Which means that a hell of a lot of savings need to be made before the taxpayer gets any benefit, especially as 20% of the "redundant" staff have returned to the NHS via its revolving door and untold millions have to be spent on temporary staff and consultants to fill the gaps.

The government which has been promising tougher controls on illegal immigrants for the last 3 years failed to notice that New Labour stopped recording the identity (photographs, fingerprints) of evicted illegals in April 2010. As a result, they are free to sneak back under a new name to make another bogus asylum claim. So are Dave & Co. actually going to do anything to plug this gap? Ever? We also need to know why Dave & Co. didn't spot what the Broon regime had done, and an explanation from G. Broon. Except, he's too busy cashing in to offer us any accountability. Presumably, Dave & Co. have the same or a different excuse.

Berko's World Tour at the taxpayer's expense – the latest total is £96,000 of our money.

The official estimate of the cost of the H2S rail link ignores VAT and inflation. Adding them in increases the bill from the official £43 BILLION to a stonking £70 BILLION. Which is still £70 BILLION short of the IEA estimate. So now the main question is how many BILLIONs Dave the Leader will waste on this very grubby white elephant before he sees the light and cancels the project? Probably quite a lot.

Talking about unpopular leaders, this item is not about E. Milibandit. No, a recent poll has found that 13% of life-long Tory voters plan to withhold their vote at the next general election if the party doesn't get rid of Dave the Leader and elect a proper Conservative with proper Conservative values.

The Liberals (with other people's money) want to blow £1,200,000,000 on making everyone in Britain take up cycling. This is on top of a ban on petrol and diesel fuelled cars by 2040.

The Institute of Economic Affairs has calculated the real cost of the government's H2S rail link at £80 BILLION, so if some government stooge tries to quote a lower figure, e.g. the recent official upward revision to £43 BILLION (up 34% from the last figure, which has been officially admitted to be a guess), then he/she is lying to you.
 The EfEA has calculated that the £80 BILLION could deliver benefits to the nation of £320 BILLION if spent on roads and other rail projects which offer a better cost/benefit ratio.

The Coalition spent £300,000,000 last year on making civil servants redundant and £800,000,000 on temporary staff and consultants, many of them the redundant civil servants using their revolving door, to fill in for the missing bodies. So that's £1,100,000,000 totally wasted.

The government is to allow HIV+ NHS staff to operate on patients – surgeons, dentists, etc. – ending a 20-year ban.

The workforce has reached a record 30 million. Good news? Well, not really as a million of them are people who would have been retired and living on a pension if Gordon Brown and New Labour hadn't stolen it from them.

Victims of crime are to be given the right to get a magistrate to overturn a police decision to give a violent thug a slap on the wrist via a caution or a notional fine. Until the "be nice to criminals" lobby gets the move sidelined, that is.

The (independent) Planning Inspectorate is approving on-shore wind farm developments at high speed, which gives the lie to Dave the Leader's announcement that there's very little further potential for them. Which means that the nation will end up paying even more millions to the operators to switch them off when the national grid can't cope. But the political millionaires and those on expenses won't be all that bothered.

Wind farms are being paid £30 MILLION per year to switch off when the National Grid can't handle their output, thanks to the crazy green policies of New Labour and the Coalition. There is no strategy for storing the unwanted power or making it do recoverable work, as with hydroelectric schemes.

Membership of the Tory party is sinking like a lead Zeppelin thanks to the antics of Dave the Leader and other non-Tories, but the party is refusing to reveal its membership total to nark all those who wish to go on about exactly how many members have been shed under Dave's rule.

Dave the Leader is so worried that his own ministers will have an attack of honesty when asked about fraud and theft of overseas aid that he has banned them from talking about it.

A brilliant new idea from the Liberals: for every collision between a motorist and a cyclist, the motorist will be to blame by law, even if the cyclist caused the collision.

The Berwick Review of the NHS recommends that NHS staff and those providing services to the NHS should face criminal charges if they neglect or harm patients. But is the Coalition listening?

Surprise! The president of France — one of the EU's biggest scrounger nations — is refusing to help Dave the Leader cut the EU monster down to size and reduce its waste and cash lost to fraud and corruption. What a GREAT europeon Hollande is.

The Liberals seem to have lost touch with reality completely if they plan to put a ban on all petrol- and diesel-fuelled cars by 2040. Given that they are a political irrelevance, they might as well include a promise to make everyone rich, famous and happy. They won't have to deliver on that, either.

The Advertising Standards Authority has found the NHS guilty of misleading the public over the cost of making premium-rate 0844 phone calls, especially to GP surgeries. Not something that seems to have the Coalition bothered.

The Dept. of the Environment would have us believe that Council Taxpayers would swallow a rise of 20% to pay for better street sweeping. But they haven't said whether this includes the right to sue the council's officials for misconduct in office if they take the money and don't spend it on making streets cleaner.

Local councils, quangos and fire brigades spent £4,000,000 of taxpayers' money on paying private investigators to investigate employees over the last 2 years, but no one has been subjected to a dawn police raid. The Coalition has nothing to say on the subject.

What, many people are wondering, is the agenda of the Liberal president, T. Farron, who is trying to deny Britain the benefits of our shale gas deposits.

Last year, Britain was obliged to pay £21,400,000,000 to the EU for one scam or another and got back a mere £7,800,000,000. Value for money? Only if you're being paid a pension by the EU, like N. Clegg and the Mandelsleaze and the rest of the army of ex-employees.
 The EU Gap is MORE than the total amount of austerity savings (about £8 billion) that the government made last year.

An insulation scheme imposed on energy companies by the Coalition will provide "free" home insulation in poverty stricken areas and add £3,000,000,000 to the nation's collective energy bills.

More holiday woes for Dave the Leader: he was done over by the judge who awarded £180,000 in damages against Times Newspapers to sacked Tory party treasurer P. Cruddas. Dave got a wigging for the shameful way he sacked Mr. Cruddas without bothering to find out that the allegations against him were sheer tripe.

New Labour's 'Uman Rights laws have let the vilest foreign war criminals settle here at the taxpayer's expense at the rate of 100/year for the last 8 years. No sign of the Coalition doing anything to stop this abuse.

The Spanish government is mounting an illegal blockade of Gibraltar in support of illegal fishing by Spanish trawlers in the rock's territorial waters. The Coalition is currenly doing nothing at all about it.

It's official. The government's figures on migration are just guesses, and not very good ones at that. New Labour let so many people in, and hired so many dunces as civil servants, that one one has the faintest idea how many people are lurking within our borders and how many are entitled to be here.

The NHS is paying out £30 MILLION per year in pensions to dead former members of staff due to a combination of fraud and the Coalition's failure to get the civil service out of its New Labour haze of incompetence.

The Serious & Organized Crime Agency has known about wholesale hacking commissioned by top companies and celebs for at least the last 5 years but has done nothing about it as a matter of policy. Which explains why the government is so eager to impose rigid press censorship but without appearing to do so — it's in order to prevent similarly embarrassing information from leaking into the public domain.

Dave the Leader has decided to cut back on his Prime Ministering so that he can concentrate on exporting same-sex marriage to the rest of the world.

The Government has no idea how most of the £5 BILLION given away as foreign aid every year is spent. Worse, DfID is operating a policy which ensures that a large chunk of the cash is wasted on administration costs by greedy and inefficient third-parties. The only bright side of this is that it does leave that much less for dictators and corrupt foreign officials to steal.

Dave the Leader would really love to cut taxes for families but those rotten Liberals won't let him, he sez. So are we expected to believe that Calamity Clegg has dug up some deadly dirt on his Coalition partner and he's blackmailing Dave into being the enemy of the family?

The government has given the Olympics a good old New Labour puff by claiming that the event gave the British economy a £10 BILLION boost. Which is about what the whole thing cost the British taxpayer to stage. So are we impressed? Not in the slightest.

The Home Sec., T. May, has finally admitted that the murder of Alexandr Litvinyenko is not being investigated as a favour to the Putinocracy, the prime suspect.

The Dept. of Health has been accused of putting the public at risk by selling off the state owned Plasma Resources UK, which handles blood plasma acquisition and distribution for the NHS, to an American private equity firm, Bain Capital. There is a fear that BC will have little or no accountability to its customers; British NHS patients; and lower technical standards. But given the bog up that British companies have made of their NHS "services", it's difficult to see a problem.

Dave the Leader is making noises about sending British troops to Syria. If he ever looks like getting serious about it, would someone kindly bash him over the head and stick him in a deep, dark hole until he gains a sense of responsibility.

Labour, which make a profession out of selling off school playing fields, has the cheek to moan at the Tories for letting schools continue to do it at a greatly reduced extent. The moaning is garnished with tosh about our "Olympics legacy".

The Culture Sec., M. "Pointless" Miller, has the reshuffle blues. She's trying to get herself noticed by picking a fight with the BBC over the rudeness of a tennis pundit and the decision to cover a golf tournament at a club which doesn't let women join, which it is perfectly entitled to do. Pathetic, or what?

The government has admitted that setting its cap on care home and home help costs at £72,000 means that barely 10% of pensioners will get any benefit out of the scam and it was just something puffed up to make Dave & Co. look a bit caring. How very New Labour.

American thieves are robbing BP blind with claims that have nothing to do with the Gulf Oil spill – aided by the US legal profession and the O'Bummer regime. What is Dave doing about this assault on a British company? (Apart from the usual bugger all, of course.)

The whole idea behind a nuclear deterrent is that it should be ready for instant use. There's no point in having it otherwise. Which makes it terribly baffling when the Liberals gaily announce that they want to cut the number of replacements for the Trident submarines from four to two, sent one sub to sea without nuclear weapons every so often and have nuclear weapons ready for use in a matter of weeks!! Which pretty well sums up the Liberals – a total waste of taxpayers' money and full of ideas for wasting even more of it.

The Tories plan to cap benefits for jobless families to stop reckless breeding by permanent welfare clients. The unemployed will get benefits for 2 children only, and there will be no housing benefit for under-25s if the plan goes through.

An investigation by the NHS medical director, Sir B. Keogh, has found that Labour ministers created an "NHS denial machine" to suppress warnings about needless deaths – 13,000 of them in the 14 worst-run NHS trusts between 2005 and 2010 – to cover up the failings of these trusts and to ensure that the government of the day was not blamed for their neglect and negligence. Let us hope that the Coalition can come up with an effective replacement for the discredited Care Quality Commission, which let all this happen.
UPDATE: At the latest count, it was a warning of 20,000 unnecessary deaths in 25 hospitals issued to the Labour government in April 2010, and a warning that the Care Quality Commission' self-assessment scam was probably fundamentally flawed (which proved to be correct).

The Coalition is trying to remove the council's planning veto from 3 district councils with large, protected areas of green-belt: Cherwell, Fylde and Horsham. Enfield and Barnet councils in London and Daventry council also face the prospect of the government letting developers have a free run in their area.

The goverment's Short Term Operating Reserve scam for keeping the lights on when the wind don't blow will pay operators of diesel generator parks £600 per MWhour compared to £150/MWhour for offshore wind farm electricity, £100/MWhour for onshore wind farms and £50/MWhour for proper power stations. No wonder power bills are so excessive and set to get even worse.

The goverment has blocked an attempt to hold a proper inquiry into the death of Alexandr Litvinyenko, who was murdered by a dose of polonium administered by 2 Russian agents, who left a radioactive trail across Europe. The Coalition thinks it's more important to give the Putinocracy a cover-up than give justice to Mr. Litvinyenko.

Labour's open-door policy on immigration has left a backlog of 500,000 cases, which will take 37 years to process. Looks like somewhere to spend cash from the aid budget, Dave.

U-Turns: Minimumm pricing for alcohol has been dropped and plain packaging for cigarettes has been booted into the long grass and forgotten for the moment.

Dave the Promiser swore blind that he would put a crimp on spending made with official credit cards, which didn't stop civil servants, quangocrats, local councillors and council staff from blowing
on luxury hotels, posh meals, drinks and having a great time at the taxpayer's expense.
 Spending in 2012/13 was NO LOWER than in 2009/10, Labour's last year in office.

Private firms have turned monitoring tagged criminals into a nice little racket by billing for "phantom" tags, which they claim were worn by criminals who were dead, abroad or back in prison. The government has realized that as much as 17% of tagging bills could be fraudulent.
 The notorious G4S (Olympics security guards fiasco, etc.) has refused to let the government's forensic auditors look at its books!
 Justice Minister C. Grayling is having Home Office/Justice Dept. officials investigated because the abuse has been known about since 2008.
 Nothing was done to protect the taxpayer from fraudulent invoices in the period between 2008 and the present, and the officials concerned are not expected to suffer any consequences of their malfeasance in office. It's only taxpayers' money, after all, and there's lots of that.

Hardly any quangocracy has been abolished under the Coalition in real terms. Some outfits have vanished but their non-jobs have just been transferred to other bodies, with appropriate pay-offs to the quangocrats, or to new quangos. So much for the bonfire. So much for F. Maude's promise to save the nation £2.6 BILLION.

DfID is paying £160 MILLION to an offshore company, which buys top of the range airliners for places like Ethiopia instead of giving aid to poor people, which is where this British taxpayers' cash is supposed to go. All in the name of making Dave the Leader look like a Global Player, probably.

Dave the Leader is talking tough about the £10K pay rise for MPs, but that's all he can do – talk. He has no power to block it.

The NHS has decided to keep the Liverpool Pathway to Death but it has to have a new name because of unfortunate associations. How very New Labour!

The bloke who was made chairman of IPSA thinks that giving MPs a pay rise of £10,000 per annum will stop them stealing from the taxpayer with fraudulent expenses claims. Where do the Westminster Wonders find people like this?

The Squeaker of the House of Commons, J. Berko, has blown £100,000 of taxpayers' cash on world travel in his 3 years in office. Not that the Coalition is likely to do anything about his junkets.

Tory rebels have forced Dave the Leader to promise to do something in the way of tax breaks for married couples next year (with the recipients actually getting something in 2015, just before the election).
 Maybe the rebels should keep on agitating, bearing in mind just how much a promise from Dave is worth.
 The Liberals are opposed on the grounds that transferrable tax allowances for married couples discriminate against unmarried couples and people who are not part of a couple.

Why are we not surprised to learn that the "independent campaign" waged to increase foreign aid – by the companies which make MILLIONs out of spending it and have a vested interest in increasing grabbing more from the taxpayer – was orchestrated by Dave the Leader and his minions to make Dave look BIG on the global stage? How very New Labour that was.

The government's flagship Work Programme has failed to meet ANY of its minimum targets and has been as big a flop (and as costly to the taxpayer) as anything New Labour introduced.

The Chancellor's spending review cuts public expenditure by an almost invisible amount. How come? Because as fast as an area of bloat shrinks, a "protected" area of bloat – overseas aid, etc. – swells.

Public expenditure in 2009/10 was £ 671 BILLION. The figure forecast for 2015/16 is £745 BILLION. Allowing for inflation, that represents a CUT of a lousy 1%. Meanwhile, debt due to borrowing was £1,000 BILLION in 2010, and it will be £1,500 BILLION in 2015 – that's an INCREASE of 50%.

Dave has decided to axe the winter fuel payment to pensioners living abroad in hot countries if he wins the next election. No doubt E. BallsUp will also adopt this plan.

We have a police "service" which is more interested on digging up dirt on victims of crime than arresting bad guys, the geniuses running the Health Service are unable to provide a service for evenings, weekends and holidays, the border police might as well not be there, the income tax mob pursue minor causes and let big companies get away with murder, MPs are still robbing us blind with their expenses, and the legal profession is just plain robbing us blind with spurious causes. Grounds for gloom? Well, yes, apart from the comforting knowledge that there's nothing left to go wrong to make things worse.

Six months ago, 'Orrible 'Uhne, energy minister and then a guest of Her Majesty for a couple of weeks, set up a £3,000,000,000 loan scam called The Green Deal. Its object is to persuade people to insulate cavity walls and buy new central heating boilers with a design life of 3-5 years. Being assessed for a loan costs the potential customer £150, and the loans have an interest rate of 7% (compared to a bank rate of 0.5%) plus hidden charges and penalties.
   The scam has handed out just 2 loans in its first 6 months.

Something else Lord Leveson left out of his "inquiry" report is that hacking by journalists is insignificant compared to the industrial-scale hacking conducted by criminals on behalf of the legal trade, blue-chip companies and other pillars of society. If some committee of MPs is ever able to drag his Lordship before them, perhaps they could ask him why he kept quiet about the major, and highly relevant, information in a SOCA report, which he saw during the course of his ruinously expensive and unproductive "inquiry".

Chronic negligence on the part of the Ministry of Defence, in the form of failure to scrutinize invoices, has let contractors steal BILLIONs from taxpayers for such items as depreciation costs on executive flats, "anticipated" car accident costs, parties, unspecified entertainment, cakes, mugs, hire of magicians, company team-building junkets, etc., etc.

The Global Warming Minister, G. Barker, is turning a blink eye to another swindle. The government has the power to fine energy companies which swindle their customers. But it has failed to prevent energy companies from adding the cost of the fines to consumers' bills. As a result, the customer is hit twice – once by the energy company swindle and again by having to pay the fine resulting from the swindle.

MPs are still swindling the taxpayer via their expenses. They are supposed to fly economy class but they have come up with a scam to go business class instead, and the Coalition is showing no sign of doing anything about this latest abuse of the taxpayer's generosity.

The Global Warming Minister, G. Barker, has ambitions to give subsidies to solar-power ranchers in a bid to produce enough power in the summer to overload the distribution grid if the ranchers are not paid to close down when they are producing more electricity than consumer demand. With the same happening to wind farms, we will be screwed if the sun shines too much or the wind blows too hard, and doubly screwed if both happen together.

Government departments and NHS bosses have blown £28 MILLION of taxpayers' money on gagging orders over the last 3 years to prevent the truth about negligence, unnecessary deaths and poor service emerging.

In the week when 4,500 soldiers were made redundant, the Coalition was also cool with £700,000 being paid to MoD mandarins in bonuses, and just about EVERY civil servant at the MoD getting a bonus of some sort.

The Coalition has let the EU waste £500 MILLION – £70 MILLION of it from British taxpayers – by giving the cash to corrupt government officials in Egypt and hoping it would be spent on promoting democracy rather than actually checking how the money was spent.

It seems that everyone responsible for the deaths at Stafford hospital and Barrow-in-Furness hospital, and the Barrow cover-up at the CQC, has disappeared over the horizon with his/her pockets full of cash and free to carry on picking the taxpayer's pocket in the health sector. How very New Labour of the Coalition to let this happen.

If Dave the Leader ever gets round to his bonfire of qangos, he could start with the NHS Care Quality Commission, which has been accused of failing to investigate 16 deaths of babies at Barrow-in-Furness hospital, and destroying a report which condemned the quality of a CQC inspection "to protect the commission's reputation". The report also contained no names to protect the guilty. The CQC also turned a blind eye to what was happening at Stafford hospital, where there were hundreds of unnecessary deaths, and abuse of disabled patients at Winterbourne View hospital.

The government, under the horsepisses of Culture Vulture Minister E. Vasey (mock Tory), won't be holding an official event to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. They don't want to remind the French that they got their asses whupped when they tried to do to the Europe of the 19th century what the Germans tried to do twice in the 20th.

Is it possible to shame the appalling N. Clegg any more? If it is, he's to blame for letting the Liberal party become a a gropers' paradise. He's also to blame for conspiring with E. Milibandit to end Press freedom and prevent his gropers and other undesirables from being named and shamed (if that's still possible, given the general shameless state of politics).

Foreign Sec. W. Hague would have us believe that people with nothing to hide have nothing to fear if the State spies on their phone and email traffic using the US espionage program Prism. But that works only if the state can be trusted to act honestly and decently. But New Labour? Tony Blair? Dave “I promise you” Cameron? Nick "renege on anything" Clegg? What do they know about honesty and decency?

The bosses of 38 NHS hospital have spent £2 million of taxpayers' cash on 58 secret gagging orders to prevent whistle-blowing. The current head of the NHS, Sir D. Nicholson (£210K) assured the Commons public finances committee that only ONE gagging order had been issued.
 • Despite Nicholson's inability to count, Dave the Leader and his Cabinet Secretary, Sir J. Heywood, still have every confidence in him.
 • That's £2 million on top of the £14.7 million paid between 2008 and 2011 in bribes (a.k.a. Special Severence Payments) to 598 NHS staff to prevent them from revealing abuses of the system, duty and trust.
 • A further 50 hospitals have not ret reported the extent of their bribes paid to buy off potential whistle-blowers.

Junior Health Minister Anna Soubry is in trouble with the usual suspects for pointing out that part-time working, even by female doctors, means that 2 doctors have to be trained for the NHS to get the equivalent of a full day's work from one doctor. Not to mention the problems of co-ordination and continuity arising from multiple doctors treating the same patient at different times. The volume of indigation from the leftie wimmin's lobby, and their allies, suggests that Minister Soubry has made a very valid point.

The Government has sneaked an Energy Demand Reduction clause into the 2013 Energy Bill to cut our available electricity from the present 378 terawatt-hours/year to 275 tWh/year by 2020 and 224 tWh/year by 2030. So who will be cut off in 2030 if the nation is allowed to have only 60% of the electricity it needs? Not Dave or his mates.

Dave the Leader now (June 2013) has a lower popularity rating than the Tory party's, mainly due to his attempts to wreck the party at the grass-roots level, his broken promises and his focus on trivialities rather than essentials. Luckily for Dave, Eddie Milibandit is even less popular.

The Department of Education is either very short of teachers or it has been mugged by Perverts Anonymous and/or the teaching unions. Either way, being caught with child pornography no longer means an automatic end to the guilty party's teaching career.

The Tory manifesto promised to put anyone caught carrying a knife in gaol, but K. Clarke, when Justice Minister, went soft on the policy. So 40% of criminals with 3 or more offences of knife possession to their credit didn't go to gaol in 2012.

People living nearby are to get a power of veto over new, blighting, wind farms, and the "renewables" alibi will no longer work.

Calamity Clegg has done a U-turn and decided to block a change of the regulations for child minders and nurseries, which were intended to make things cheaper for parents. Got-at by a lobby group again.

Good news! The new head of the Euro court of 'uman bluddy rights reckons that Britain will be chucked out of the EU if we refuse to accept it's weird rulings. Come on, Dave, show a bit of backbone and make it happen!

David Cameron has promised to drain the swamp of extremism. But given Dave's track record on promises and subsequent non-delivery, no one is taking him seriously.

Thanks to New Labour's rewrite of GP contracts in 2004, there is nothing much available in the way of out-of-hours medical service in many places and waiting times at A&E departments are the highest for 9 years. No sign of the Coalition applying a fix, though.

The Coalition promised to police lobbyists and let their constituents remove useless and/or corrupt MPs. 3 years down the road, a lobbying scandal making most of the parties sack their guilty members, and nothing has been done about getting lobbying regulated.

The EU is taking Britain to court, and will waste a ton of taxpayers' cash, in a bid to impose Benefit Tourism on us by blocking the government's requirements for residence qualifications and independent means for those who won't be working. So that's another reason for getting out of the EU.

HMRC is claiming the credit for preventing power companies from swindling the taxpayer out of £1 BILLION via tax relief on the entire cost of work for which they paid only one-half of the cost – or nothing at all.
   HMRC is in dire need of some good PR after the former head, who did sweetheart deal with major companies and cost the taxpayer BILLIONs in uncollected taxes, trotted off to an accounting firm, which exploits tax loopholes, taking a HUGE payoff and a HUGER pension.
   HMRC is doing nothing for its cause by letting big companies off HUGE tax bills whilst harassing amateur sports clubs over minor VAT bills, which let HMRC staff pretend they are doing useful work but give little or no benefit to the taxpayer thanks to administration costs. So much for Dave's BIG SOCIETY.

Spanish hospitals are swindling tourists with illegal charges for treatment. Is the EU and the government doing anything about this?

Savage cuts, BBC? Not to mention Labour and lefty newspapers. Public spending was £671 BILLION in 2009/10, the last year of Brown Labour. it was £706 BILLION in 2012/13. Adjusting for inflation, that represents a savage cut of just 1%. And the Chancellor's claim that the deficit – the gap between the government's income and its spending – has been reduced by one-third is just a similar lie.

The Planning Minister, N. Boles, thinks we will all be happier with the countryside converted to new housing for the immigrants, which New Labour packed into the country.

Foreign Sec. W. Hague is in line for a padded cell if he thinks he can control where weapons go after he hands them over to the "moderate" Syrian rebels. That's not the way the Universe works, Silly Billy.

If the Prime Monster, D. Cameron, is as big a liability as everyone seems to think he is, surely the country is SAFER with him off the job and on holiday in Spain or wherever.

If your local A&E Department is overloaded to the point of standstill, DON'T PANIC! Health Sec. J. Hunt plans to train an extra 2,000 GPs and everything will be okay by 2018. If you're still alive then.

Despicable Dave gets something right for once! He jumped all over P. Hammond after our Defence Minister tried to impose a ban on members of the armed services wearing their uniform in public after the murder of Drummer Rigby in Woolwich by Islamist nutters.

Despicable Dave has been convinced that his messing about with marriage doesn't go far enough. If the government should not restrict marriage to a man plus a woman, then it has no right to decide how many people should be involved in a marriage. Thus Dave is now laying the groundwork for legalizing polygamy. Expect at the next Tory party conference: "I don’t support polygamy in spite of being a Conservative. I support polygamy because I am a Conservative.”

Justice Sec. C. Grayling wants to change "dishonest" sentencing rules, which let a prisoner walk after serving just one-half of his/her sentence. Or one-quarter, if your name happens to be Huhne and you used to be in the Cabinet.
The half-sentence policy was introduced by the Tony B. Liar regime to gets its criminal voters back on the streets and available to support the party as soon as possible.

So that's another 10 grand all but thrust into the pockets of our greedy MPs – plus whatever extra they can fiddle off their expenses. And some of the thieving sods think they're worth 100 grand, not 75.

Dave the Leader has had to do a dirty "sort-of Coalition" deal with Labour to keep his homosexual "marriage" Bill creaking along.

As May 2013 heads for the dustbin of history:
Dave the leader thinks letting heterosexual couples have a civil partnership would undermine the institution of marriage, which he's hell-bent on wrecking;
Tory chairman Lord Feldman is toxic for allegedly calling the party's constituency activists "swivel-eyed loons", which is the usual form of abuse for the Tory party's top nobs;
Back-stabber and former Tory Chancellor G. "Dead Sheep" Howe thinks Dave the Leader is running scared on Europe because UKIP will come top of the polls in next year's Euro elections;
The outgoing governor of the Bank of England thinks the government's mortgage guarantee scheme could create another sub-prime mortgage crisis like the one brewed up by the US government, which he did nothing (A) to avert and (B) cure;
The Tory grass roots think Dave the Leader is hopelessly out of touch;
Otherwise, everything in the garden is rosy, especially from the point of view of the Education Sec., M. Gove, if the volume of complaints from "teaching professionals" can be taken as an index of getting things exactly right and doing a decent job.

The EU's finance ministers have voted to give themselves another £1,200,000,000 of British taxpayers' cash and there's not a damn thing Dave the Leader or Chancellor Osborne could do about it even if they wanted to do something. So what about the in/out referendum, Dave?

The Defence Minister, P. Hammond, has definitely not upset Dave the Leader by daring to repeat his opinion that Dave's obsession with same-sex marriage has put off vast numbers of current and potential Tory voters, and it's a complete waste of Parliamentary and everyone else's time. Mr. H. is suspected of solidifying his credentials ahead of the next Tory leadership contest.

Worthless Green taxes on energy will cost every family £600/year by 2020, according to the Renewable Energy Foundation.

Dave the leader would like to see the oil company employees who rigged fuel prices end up in gaol. Maybe they could serve their sentences in the Bankers' Wing at Dartmoor, which seems to be remarkably empty of the crooks who rigged the inter-bank lending agency and caused the banking system to collapse.

The National Audit Office is finding it increasingly impossible to see a business case for the government's H2S high-speed rail link between London and Birmingham. The "case" is based on ludicrous assumptions [So business as usual for the Dept. of Transport & the Coalition? Ed.] and everyone knows that projects of this magnitude waste BILLIONs of pounds of taxpayers' cash and never ever deliver a fraction of the benefits promised by the people who stand to make money out of the planning and construction phases.

The latest bit of back-door government propaganda would have us believe that retiring early is a bad idea because people who do it end up miserable and feeling ill both mentally and physically. So, of course, the sensible thing to do is work till you drop and don't bother with a pension.

Post-Leveson, police officers are afraid to speak to the Press for fear of being sacked, which makes it all the easier for their bosses to lie about crime rates and clear-up rates, knowing that their lies will not be exposed by a whistle-blower. So senior police officers are quietly down-grading crimes, or chosing not to record them at all, and making categories like cellular phone thefts vanish into the lost-property files. Which lets the Labour party blame the drop in reported crimes on "The Cuts" whilst the Coalition is claiming them as a success story. Everyone wins but the taxpayer, who is funding all the lies and party-political propaganda.

D. Green, the Policing Minister, is having to crack down on a Caution Culture in the nation's police "services". In 2011, one-quarter of the Metropolitan Police's solved cases ended in a caution – and that includes cases of violent crime, burglary, drug dealing and rape. And repeat offenders get repeat cautions, too.

A survey by the Labour party has found that local councils are cutting back on services to middle-class pensioners so that they can pay fancy salaries to (usually unnecessary) Town Hall staff. Why? Because the more they pay the top staff, the better deluded councillors feel about themselves. How come the Coalition didn't spot this? [Too busy with internal squabbles? Ed.]

The troops are ganging up on Dave the Leader and Redward Milibandit over a referendum on EU membership, and they have a point. What we're in wasn't what we signed up for or what we were promised, and successive governments have lied and lied again about the implications of the treaties they've signed.

Overseas Aid Minister J. Greening is on the defensive after advertising as a cut, the decision to remove £19 million of Direct Aid from South Africa. The cash is in the ring-fenced Aid Budget and, of course, it has to be wasted elsewhere. She also kept quiet about the £200 million in Regional Aid, which South Africa will collect in 2014/15. Worse, DfID is not planning to reduce its staffing level in South Africa to reflect the reduced workload.

Dave the Leader has come up with a new strategy for dealing with the Tory amendment to the Queen's Speech deploring the lack of an EU referendum. He will order the Payroll Vote – 100 ministers and their underlings – to abstain. And he plans to keep the order to abstain a secret to prevent rebels from ignoring it and embarrassing him!

The Home Sec., T. May, has ordered the police to stop their creeping campaign of secret arrests and secret charges. The police have been claiming that Lord Leveson says in his report that the public should not be told the names of suspects and people under arrest "save in exceptional circumstances", but he chose not to include this message in his recommendations and his report does not have the force of law.

Calamity Clegg, in cahoots with the relevant trade unions, is trying to frustrate the Tories' plan to reduce the cost of nursery care. Maybe Clegg's nanny should slap his little legs and tell him to grow up.

Civil servants are being paid a total of £7,500,000 in bonuses just for doing their job. Bonusable items include knowing how to type. What is the Coalition doing to end this abuse of the public purse? Apart from the usual bugger all, of course.

Why is Global Warming Minister E. Davey getting fat? Because he's spending 7 times more on taxpayer-funded lunches than his predecessor, C. Huhne, who is about to get out of his holiday at Her Majesty's expense after serving just one-quarter of his sentence.

The government wants dog owners to be obliged to tether their pets when the animal is alone in the house in case a burglar breaks in and the dog bites the thief – which is not a criminal offence at the moment. The Department of Agriculture (!!??) is in charge of this and the people in charge have just realized how stoopid an idea it is to make the householder liable for a fine of £5,000 and 2 years in gaol for this new offence of permitting a dog to bite a thief in the privacy of its own home. It is to be hoped that the RSPCA will have something to day about forcing an owner to chain up the family dog BY LAW when no humans are present.

His back-benchers have forced Dave the leader to drop his plan to make overseas aid @ 0.7% of GDP compulsory by law.

The Coalition's answer to making planning laws simpler, after promising to do this in 2010, was to impose 300 extra regulations in the first half of 2011. How very New Labour.

UKIP seems to have saved Dave the Leader's bacon. By hoovering up the protest vote, UKIP has denied Labour a chance to claim that it has attractive policies (even though the Milibandits have none), and UKIP has been the main focus of attention, giving Labour little opportunity to but in, except with the help of its friends at the BBC.

The Ministry of Justice has done a survey of the work of the Probation Service between October 2011 and September 2012, and found no evidence that it prevents criminals from committing more crimes. The government is now thinking of out-sourcing the job of trying to make criminals change their ways to charities and the private sector. The PS union's response is that this course of action will put the public at risk. But given the PS's record, it's difficult to see how the public could be placed more at risk.

The government has scrapped the cross-party Royal Charter for Press control, which was drawn up in the small hours of a dark night with the Hacked Toffs lobby telling Labour what they wanted in it and the Tories not standing up to them.

Dave still doesn't get it. The public might just have a little more confidence in him if he held an EU referendum whilst he's prime minister instead of promising one after the next election, which he probably won't be. And there's also the question of the value one of Dave's promises which, past experience has shown, is pretty negligible.

Chancellor Osborne is quite cool about selling off LloydsTSB and RBS at a combined further loss to the taxpayer of £24 BILLION. His excuse is that Labour threw away too much cash when it bailed out the failing banks – mainly because Wee Gordie Broon wanted to preserve Scottish votes and he was personally responsible for sinking LloydsTSB by persuading the idiot in charge to take over HBoS, which was loaded with toxic debt. And George can't be arsed to clean up another of Labour's messes.

The government hopes to extend the scope of the inquiry into abuses by the secret Family Courts to the abuses of the secret Court of Protection, which sends people to gaol in secret and without due process.

Cash from the Overseas Aid budget is to be diverted to Defence, Education, Business, Agriculture and the Foreign Office to let Dave the Leader pretend that his aid pretensions are not being diluted to more reasonable levels whilst postponing a revolt by Cabinet ministers who don't want to make the effort to cut out dead wood and waste.

The government is going to stop giving aid to South Africa [£19 million/year] by 2015 because the country would be rich enough not to need it if the scrounging SA government got to grips with corruption.

The Tories are to make prison conditions tougher: uniforms with arrows on them, rock-breaking for all, no perks merely for not bashing anyone and no Sky sports on the TV. The caviar commies of the Labour party are expected to resist the reforms on the grounds that they are aimed mainly at Labour voters.

Does it really matter if the economy isn't "growing"? All that does is encourage the government to waste even more of our money, Gordon Broon-style. No, if there's less cash coming in, the government should stop wasting taxpayers' cash on frills and have a reall cull of quangos. And ensure that any quangotwat who takes a fancy redundancy payment never ever gets to work in the public sector again.

The Cleggster has decided that the Labour plan to snoop on all phone and email traffic in Britain will not come to pass. He was all in favour of it when he and Dave took power, but he has decided that not backing the idea is a good way to get himself noticed. Especially if he used his part-time job on a local radio station to announce his U-turn rather then doing it in the House of Commons.

It is becoming increasingly clear that all the government's fine words about helping pensioners with care home costs are being trumped by the small print. Basically, the situation is that you are on your own until you've sold your house and spent all your assets down to £23,000, so there's no point in saving up for your old age, especially with such crap interest rates on offer.

Health Sec. J. Hunt is under fire from the Royal College of Nursing over his plan to make the trade more compassionate by making trainee nurses spend a year servicing patients. He has countered with the charges that the RCN ignored reports from nurses over the terrible standards of care at Stafford Hospital, where up to 1,200 patients died of neglect, and the RCN took the side of senior nurses who were responsible for the terrible care, like any unreconstructed trade union.

Education Minister E. Truss says that poor standards at nurseries mean that children go to primary school with no manners and poor behaviour. Which makes it all the more strange that Cameron & Osborne keep on refusing tax breaks for families so that kids can learn discipline at home from their mothers (or house-dads).

U-Turn on unrestricted extensions by Communities Sec. E. Pickles. It was a recipe for strife and bad taste, and complaints from neighbours need to be considered.

Tory backbenchers are getting militant over the government's insistence that mothers should work instead of caring for their family. They are demanding a family-friendly tax policy and an end to the Coalition "nanny culture" favoured by its millionaire leaders.
 • Dave the Leader has kept promising financial support for families via the tax system, but we all know just how much Dave's promises are worth.

Labour's leading lights (so dim as to be almost invisible, even on a dark night) want their leader to stop with the mindless opposition to everything the government does and come up with some policies. Which is good news for the Coalition as anything Eddie Milibandit comes up with will be total rubbish and expose him to even more ridicule.

Fat-cat lawyers have sent their minions to picket the Ministry of Justice in response to Justice Sec. C. Grayling's decision to cut their legal-aid fees by one-third and reduce eligibility for legal aid – which currently goes to millionaires.

The Association of Chief Police Officers is hoping to use one of Lord "Hacked Off" Leveson's proposals to ban all contact between police officers and journalists to give them the ability to arrest people and keep the arrest secret.

The Overseas Aid Department, DfID, has blown a quarter of a million quid of taxpayers' money on a failed project to build windmills on Pitcairn Island. DfID went for the wrong equipment and nothing was every delivered to the island, even though DfID paid for chartering a ship. DfID is now planning to blow even more cash on other "green" delusions for the lucky Pitcairn Islanders. But value for taxpayers' money has never been one of DfID's priorities.

The Equality & Human Rights Commission wants to give every worker the right to invent his/her own religion and then sue an employer who fails to offer time off to observe the religion's rituals and who fails to rearrange the workplace to fit in with whatevery dotty ideas the employee comes up with for his/her religion. This sort of daft idea is coming from a New Labour quango staffed by quangocrats taking money from the public purse. Does the Coalition know this? Probably not.

Poor management – a legacy from the New Labour era – is being blamed for hospital trusts paying £2,000/day for agency doctors and blowing a huge chunk of their budget on locums. This is not a problem in well-managed hospitals Dr. D. Poulter, the Health Minister, has assured us.

The Environment Dept. has been forced to admit that tons of "recyclable" waste is ending up in holes in the ground in India, China and other Asian importers – at HUGE expense to the taxpayer – instead of being recycled. But hey, it lets the government lie about how much stuff is being recycled to avoid fines for being ungreen from that haven of frausters, the European Union.

For all those who suspected that Dave the Leader has little contact with reality, he proved it out of his own mouth in April 2013. His argument for replacing our Trident nuclear deterrent with something more modern is that North Korea already has nuclear-tipped missiles which could reach the British Isles. If he believes that, he probably also believes the Tony B. Liar/Alastair Campbell story about Saddam Hussein's Weapons of Mass Destruction, which were ready for deployment against us at 4-5 minutes' notice.

Thanks to New Labour, £1 MILLION is wasted every year on "equality monitoring" – tagging on questions about sexual orientation and ethnicity to surveys about bins, etc.

Lest we forget : the Bedroom Tax is a Labour idea from the twisted brain of T. Jowell, who wants to tax older people out of their family home if they have unoccupied bedrooms. It involves actually taking money away from people rather than giving them less, as will happen to people in public sector housing with more space than they need for people.

The Biased Broadcasting Company knocked up a sob story for one of its "flagship" programmes, in which an alleged market trader claimed he was struggling to survive after a housing benefit cut, and claimed he was working up to 70 hours/week. It was yet another BBC attack on Mr. I.D. Smith, the benefits minister, on behalf of the BBC's labour pals. Only the wheels came off under closer scrutiny.
   The sob-storyist was found to be a gambler and boozer, and a self-styled ducker & diver, who would be okay if he didn't waste his money like Gordon Broon on a reckless day, and he managed to get to work a bit more often than four or five times per month. He was also able to afford a mobile phone and Sky TV.

The feckless FSA, set up by G. Broon in 1997 as a do-nothing regulator for the banks, got the bullet in April 2013. It was replaced by the Prudential Regulation Authority (nothing to do with the Man from the Pru) and the Financial Conduct Authority. Both will be staffed by feckless usual suspects.

Justice Sec. C. Grayling is to confront Labour and the Liberals with the Qatada Question in a bid to put some sanity back into the 'uman rights shambles created by T.B. Liar's 'Uman Rights Act (1998).

The cost to the nation of Welfare is going up, but by less than the amount Labour would have had to borrow to fund their increase. That's the reality of the "Savage Cuts" proclaimed by the Labour, BBC, theGrauniad, the Daily Mirror et al.

The Coalition is pretending that its massive welfare shake-up will reduce the benefits bill. In fact, all the government can hope to achieve is a small reduction in the rate of increase of the welfare budget.

Around 2.6 MILLION people ended up on sickness benefit as part of New Labour's plan to create a client culture to buy votes. When the Coalition started sending them for medical tests, over one-third dropped their claim, over one-half of the rest were found to be fit for work, around 15% were found to be capable of part-time work and just 9% were found to be unable to work.

The Carbon Price Floor Stealth Tax, introduced appropriately on April 1st, will raise the wholesale price of electricity by 17% (+42% on retail?) over the next 3 years and push around 200,000 people into fuel poverty. The tax with do nothing for the environment and the government's label of a "green" tax is a lie. It's just another Gordon Brown-style revenue-raiser.

Dave the Leader is doing a great job – sez the former Archbish of Canterbury, Lord Carey. The only problem is that Dave is doing a great job of persecuting Christians by letting his minions ban their symbols of faith and by exposing them to unnatural practices at close range.

22 councils are putting up their Council Tax by more than the 2%, which is supposed to trigger a local referendum. Predictably, the Coalition is letting them get away with this fiddle.

The House of Commons is adding another New Labour non-job to its staff roster – the inmates want a lift attendant because they are too bloody lazy to push a button.

£1,220,000,000,000 — that's the cost to the taxpayer of New Labour's solid-gold-plated public sector pensions. £47,000 per household.

Health Sec. J. Hunt proposes making the NHS caring again (after New Labour did the opposite), blacklist managers who made things worse for patients in hospitals, and make nurses add practical qualifications to paper ones. But there's still no place in the Sin Bin for The Man With No Shame, D. Nicholson, who presided over hundreds of unnecessary deaths at Stafford Hospital and fostered New Labour's destruction of patient care.

The police still continue to moan about Cuts reducing them to nothing. But they have managed to find £1 MILLION of taxpayers' money to waste on Operation Yewtree, the scheme for helping coppers to get their picture in the paper doing a dawn arrest on someone who was famous 50 years ago.

Energy Sec. E. Davey is treating us like idiots. He expects us to believe that if the government doubles the price of energy again with bogus Green Stealth taxes, and if we spend THOUSANDS OF POUNDS on replacing TVs, washers, central heating boilers, etc. with new and expensive models which use less energy, we'll somehow end up better off. And not thousands of pounds out of pocket and paying for gas and electricity at double the price the market would set if the govenment wasn't stealing from us with its Stealth Taxes.

Police "services" in England and Wales are wasting one-third of their uniform costs – £2,600,000/year – through paying over the odds for kit. Who do they think they are? The MoD?

Education Sec. M. Gove is doing a dam' fine job. The teaching union ATL passed a motion of no confidence in him at its annual do in Liverpool at the end of March.

Home Sec. Wm. Hague is off on a junket to Rwanda with Angelina Jolie as an alternative to wrestling with the tedious banking problems in Cyprus.

Dave the Leader is being compared with Tony Blair as a political fudger after his BIG SPEECH about restricting the rights of migrants. Most of what he proposes is already in place as legislation which those in charge of enforcing are wilfully neglecting to do. What is needed is a crackdown on abuses of the existing system, not even more New Labour-style smoke & mirrors.

Sheer uselessness and wilful refusal to do the job they were paid to do has left the staff of the Border Agency with a 24-YEAR backlog of immigration cases. Of course, the Coalition has no plans to sack the incompetent management or attach any blame to the government ministers who let it happen, especially L. Homer, who let it happen whilst boss of the UKBA, and was moved to head up HMRC, that other Temple of Failure, as her personal reward for failure.

Calamity Clegg has been forced to do a U-turn on his requirement of an amnesty for illegal immigrants to avoid losing even more support for his party.

Since May 2010, over 2,000 NHS bureaucrats have been given huge redundancy payments before being allowed to walk into other overpaid NHS jobs. This racket has cost the taxpayer tens of millions of pounds, so what's the Coalition doing about it? (Apart from the usual bugger all.)

The UK was down to 2 days' gas supply at the end of March. Which suggests that the government should be building gas storage facilities, something which successive governments have neglected to do for DECADES, instead of wasting BILLIONs on an H2S rail link which no one will be able to afford to use if they don't have a hand thrust into the taxpayer's pocket.

The Chancellor ordered Whitehall departments to stop spending in the month before the Budget to fiddle the government's borrowing figures! How very New Labour!

Surprise! The Budget has a £23 BILLION black hole in it, which won't be bridged by cuts in government spending, so taxes are going to have to go up – to the tune of the equivalent of 3p on the basic rate of income tax – after the 2015 election (if the Coalition lasts that long).

Dave the Leader and both of the Leftie Luvvie party bosses think their scheme for a Ministry of Truth and controlling the Press is a brilliant idea. How strange, then, that almost every country in the world, including Putinist Russia, is lining up to be aghast about the death of a free Press in Britain.

The Chancellor's scheme for helping people to get a mortage will need careful watching. The US government let a similar scheme get out of control by making it a legal right for people to get a mortgage even if they couldn't afford to repay it. As a result, the Federal National Mortgage Association and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation both collapsed, and so did the banks which had been selling toxic mortgage packages, without understanding what they were doing, as part of a monumental institutional Ponzi scheme.

Another broken promise: Dave the Leader vowed to stand up for traditional families but now, he's planning to grab cash from families in which a parent stays at home to look after the children.

Thanks to a splendid vistory for each of the 3 main party leaders, the nation has been lumbered with a dog's breakfast of a Press regulation scheme, which will cost a bomb in salaries for quangocrats and luvvies. Worse, the Orwellian Ministry of Truth will eventually collapse under the weight of its own bureaucracy if it survives all the legal challenges to its very existence. Nice one, Dave, Cleggy and Milibandit.

The troops in Cyprus won't lose the money grabbed from their bank accounts by the EU, the government sez one day. Then the Chancellor unveiled his weasely conditions. U-Turn and betrayal in the same breath.
UPDATE: Another U-Turn: all cash grabbed from service personnel on Cyprus will be covered, and the government flew out a planeload of cash for the relief of service personnel, as the banks in Cyprus were closed to stop customers drawing money out ahead of the EU bank job.

The former Labour MP (now an independent) E. Joyce has been banned from all bars at the Houses of Parliament for a 2nd instance of violent drunken behaviour. If Dave the Leader is serious about reducing binge drinking and the violence that flows from it, maybe he should be looking at removing the subsidies enjoyed by MPs instead of trying to put further Stealth Taxes on the general public, who pay the subsidies.

The Liberals are insisting on abolishing the control orders currently used to restrict the activities of potential terrorists. Which raises the interesting prospect of N. Clegg and his cronies being sued for compensation by the victims of any crimes committed by the unrestricted terrorists or their pals. It's no more than the human equivalent of the Dangerous Dogs Act. But still, there is a brighter side. If millionnaire Clegg and his millionaire mates are reduced to living in a one-room shack on the bad side of town after compensating their victims, at least they won't have to pay a Mansion Tax.

The news meeja were banned from a conference, at which D. "Shameless" Nicholson, boss of the NHS, pontificated about the need for openness and transparency in his organization. For everyone but him, of course.

The government is to ban the gagging orders which New Labour introduced to NHS to prevent the exposure of maladministration and reckless indifference to the safety and comfort of patients.

Dave the Leader's pal D. "Shameless" Nicholson has appointed as a deputy, the woman who gagged the chief executive of a hospital with a £500,000 pay-off on behalf of the United Lincolnshire trust in 2009. G. Walker broke the gag in February 2013 when he revealed that B. Hakin was putting New Labour targets before patient survival when he got the boot.

The Cabinet has let Dave the Leader know that his minimum price for alcohol Stealth Tax is Brown step too far, so it's U-Turn time. Dave's plan for private toll roads is also in the OUT tray.

The Falklander Islanders vote 1,514-3 to stay British — great triumph for Democracy over bullying by the bankrupt regime in Argentina. By the way, Dave, when do the British get the same chance to be democratic about the EuroMonster?

What's the world's weather been doing recently, according to our very own Met Office? Well, staying pretty much the same, actually, temperaturewise.

And by the way, the Climate Change Act is currently costing British taxpayers £18,000,000,000 per year – that's official.

The government has decided to pay money from the bloated aid budget to British companies instead of directly to foreign dictators and corrupt officials. But the spokesperson failed to tell us how many decades the change-over will take or what measures will be put in place to stop foreign crooks setting up dummy companies in Britain.

This is typical of Dave the Leader; he's busting a gut to slap a Stealth Tax on alcohol, then along comes a study to prove that heavy drinking is going out of fashion and the alcohol Stealth Tax is just another of Dave's Dopey Distractions from things that matter.

The government's plan to hold court hearings in secret will cost more than it will save in compensation payments to terrorists, etc., a government input assessment has found. The nation's lawyers and court staff are overjoyed at these further opportunities to dip into the public purse.
UPDATE: The government has forced Dave 'n' Cleggie's Secret Justice Bill through the Commons.

Weasel words from C. Grayling, the Justice Minister, who is promising that the mythical "future Conservative government" will scrap New Labour's 'Uman bluddy Rights Act. So the Coalition won't be doing anything in that direction.

The Tories have settled on a new line of strategy. They are promising the Earth on behalf of "a future Conservative government". Which means that:
A. they won't be doing anything that Real Conservatives want done whilst they are in Coalition with the Liberals, and
B. They're making promises on behalf of Dave the Leader, a man notorious for making and breaking promises.
So their credibility is somewhere south of zero.

Defence minister P. Hammond would like Dave the Leader to slash the welfare bill to protect the defence budget and the MoD's practice of blowing BILLIONs on spares and equipment which will never be used.

Dave the Leader's plan for an alcohol tax, which would hit everyone rather than just the target of binge drinkers, is now officially "dead in the water" as the rest of his Cabinet won't swallow a further assault on the incomes of the middle classes. Let us hope that the same soon applies to more of Dave's Daft Delusions, e.g. increasing the Aid for Dictators budget.

Calamity Clegg is now blaming his party's sex scandal on illicit detective work performed by Her Majesty's Press, who have frustrated the Liberals' attempts to cover everything up by splashing it all over pages 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

NHS über-boss D. Nicholson is doing rather well out of New Labour's culture of "the more you're paid out of the public purse, the less you are to blame". And also Dave the Leader's endorsement of it.

Osborne in re Balls, who was moaning in the Commons about the loss of Moody's AAA rating: "It's a bit like the arsonist calling the fire brigade to complain we haven't put the fire out quickly enough."
Lest we forget, Balls was an advisor/puppet master to G. Broon when he was spending Britain into bankruptcy.

Why was the credit rating downgraded? The Leftie Luvvies in Parliament and the BBC might have been howling about their ruthlessness for ages, but the government hasn't actually made any cuts in its spending. Chancellor Osborne has only REDUCED the rate of SPENDING GROWTH, he hasn't actually reversed it.

Lord Ashcroft, one of the more substantial Tory donors, has stopped giving because he has finally realized that Dave the Leader isn't a Tory or even close to being one.

Oh, Calamity! N. Clegg, the alleged deputy prime monster, has been ignoring serial molesting of female "activists" by the Liberals' election expert since 2007, and doing as bad a job of the cover-up as the BBC and the NHS managed with their sex and malpractice scandals. No wonder Cleggie is so keen to make it illegal for whistle-blowers – like the outraged female party helpers – to talk to Her Majesty's Press.
update: The Liberals are blaming the exposure of their cover-up on a dirty tricks campaign by the disgraced former Cabinet minister, and rival for Clegg's job, C. Huhne, wanting us to believe that a scandal isn't a scandal if it's exposed by a dirty trick. They must be getting really desperate!

Over the last 3 years, the Coalition has let NHS bosses blow £15 MILLION of taxpayers' cash on preventing around 540 potential whistle-blowers from revealing how lethal the New Labour target-oriented culture in the NHS has become to unsuspecting customers.

D. Cameron's "flagship" Work Programme employs 18 private contractors to find work for the long-term unemployed. Their success rate is 3.6% of their customers, and falling, and each job costs the taxpayer £14,000. So another government failure in the New Labour tradition.

Finally, Dave the Leader has been given a good idea. Instead of leaving cash for which there are no projects in the aid budget – and letting civil servants and quangocrats blow it in a vast splurge to get rid of it, like they do – Dave is diverting the surplus to the defence budget, where it is needed desperately for equipment. The volume of the yells of anguish from usual suspects confirms that it's a brilliant idea.

Oh, dear! The Chancellor has done a Gordon Brown on the sale of 4G airspace. He banked on getting £3.5 BILLION but the sale produced only £2.3 BILLION. How very New Labour, Mr. Osborne!

Oh, dear! Dave the Leader proves how out of touch he is again. On the day he offered a ringing endorsement (all the way from India) of D. Nicholson, the shamed head of the NHS, a poll revealed that 92% of NHS staff want Nicholson gone. In fact, he seems to be out of the same box as Fred the Shred and the bankers who sold out to New Labour, as far as humanity and compassion for his staff and "customers" are concerned.

The energy regulator, Ofgem, has warned that the Coalition's policies will lead to higher and higher energy bills, and its bogus "green" policies and taxes could well lead to the sort of power blackouts which Britain had in the 1970s [thanks to Labour and too powerful trade unions].

If the Liberals and Labour get their way, the Mansion Stealth Tax will be introduced with a downward-sliding threshold so that eventually, everyone will end up paying what amounts to Rates on top of their Council Tax. [And Balls will bring back the Poll Tax on top of that? Ed.]

New Labour's Chancellor, G. Broon, demolished the private pension system with his Stealth Taxes. The Liberals have plans to do further damage to what's left with an assault on the pension pot of members of the middle-class if they end up in coalition with Labour after the next general election.

The Home Sec., T. May, is picking a fight with the judges who have been putting the bogus 'uman bluddy rights of foreign criminals before those of the British public. But it's highly unlikely that she will be able to put a dent in the 'uman bluddy rights industry – a legal vampire with its teeth sunk deep into the public purse – unless she bites the bullet of repealing New Labour's 'Uman Bluddy Rights Act, which puts us at the mercy of the European Court, which is packed with foreign judges who have little or no judicial experience.

The Liberals would like HMRC to form Valuables Squads, which will have the power to march into anyone's home and to put a value on their jewellery and other valuables to see if they qualify for a new Liberal Stealth Tax. This is in addition to the Mansion Tax Squads, which will also roam the country in search of properties worth more than £2,000,000.

The NHS and the BBC have both reported that supplies of whitewash are at a dangerously low level.

The NHS culture of self-preservation, which is keeping the disgraced boss D. Nicholson in his job and staff out of gaol, is a direct consequence of New Labour's universal culture of No One Is Ever To Blame. Will the Coalition have the guts to denounce all three and sack Nicholson?

The same culture of self-preservation is rampant at the BBC, where the independent inquiry into a cover-up of J. Savile's past by the programme Newsnight has been hijacked by the BBC and censored to the point of pointlessness to protect the guilty. The Coalition shows no signs of doing anything about this further crime against the nation.

The BBC creates a £300K job for dispensed-with Labour ex-minister J. Purnell and how much does the Coalition have to say about this further example of leftie luvvie bias at the Beeb?
update: Purnell is expected to sack at least enough executives to pay his own salary during a "restructuring" exercise (with appropriate pay-offs at the licence-payer's expense) aimed at evicting anyone seen as "difficult" (i.e. non-leftie luvvie).

Given that applying what Lord Leveson wants to the Press would end whistle-blowing and prevent exposure of the abuse at Stafford and other hospitals, not to mention cover-ups at the BBC, is it too much to ask for Dave the Leader to use Leveson's report to start his bonfire of quangos?

It's official: the government causes inflation. The Governor of the Bank of England has revealed that a big part of the coming period of austerity will be down to inflation caused by "green" Stealth Taxes inflicted by successive governments, university tutition fees and huge rises in government controlled rail fares. The Coalition has pointed out, as a routine distraction, the Governor's failure to get inflation down to the government target of 2% using interest rates to rob savers, but the Governor would have to put in place a negative national interest rate (instead of the current miserly 0.5%) to do that.

The Coalition is making a bog over HorseBurgerGate and letting Labour get away with all sorts of stuff. Maybe someone will eventually wake up and point out that doing something for the sake of doing something, and not waiting for testing to be done, is a typical New Labour waste of time and taxpayers' cash, and New Labour set the standard for shambles with its faffing about over foot and mouth in 2001. The Coalition could also point out that the Food Standards Agency is one of Tony Blair's useless quangos.

The Coalition has been using the protests over Dave the Leader's obsession with homosex "marriage" to sneak changes into legislation on secret courts to expand their scope. How very New Labour.

When hurling taxpayers' cash about last year, the Dept. of Foreign Aid gave a total of £48 MILLION of it to 4 international aid companies, knowing that little, if any, of the cash would reach the intended recipients. £1 MILLION of it seems to have ended up in the pockets of one of the directors. No wonder the aid industry keeps yelling for more. Shame that Dave the Leader keeps giving it to them.

DEFRA has admitted that official figures for the amount of household waste which is recycled are gross exaggerations. The numbers refer to the amount of stuff going through the gates of Refuse Reclamation Centres – which can reject a large proportion of their intake as "contaminated" and send it on either to a landfill site or for dumping in the 3rd World.

The Liberals, the education unions and the EU have conspired to sink the Education Sec.'s plan to replace GCSEs, so he's having to retain them in a beefed-up version, which involves toughening up the exams and digging out all the politically correct crap which New Labour shoved into the curriculum. The sabotage is something of a relief as Mr. Gove has not had enough time to think through the implications of his replacement for GCSEs, or to work out the amount of foot-dragging by the education industry, which would have to be overcome.

There have been 3,000 further "unexpected" deaths at Basildon and Thurrock, Blackpool, Colchester, East Lancashire and Tameside hospitals over the last 2 years.

R. Francis, QC, has concluded that it was the "system" to blame for the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of people at Stafford hospital and the torture of thousands more through neglect. The people administering the system are not to blame. How very New Labour.

Sir D. Nicholson, the NHS chief who presided over the Stafford hospital deaths and abuse, and the waste of BILLIONs on a failed computer project, and who fast-tracked his wife's progress through NHS management ranks, has the complete confidence of the Prime Monster. Which says quite a lot about both of them.

Of 295 Tory MPs present in the Commons, 169 refused to back Dave the Leader's obsession with messing about with the law on marriage at the expense of something which needs doing. Getting at least one-half of his party to back him was seen as a big deal for Dave. Cue more plotting.
UPDATE: Dave the Leader didn't have the guts to go to the Commons for the first reading of his Bill.

After lying to everyone for 10 years, and blowing half a million quid of his own cash plus probably about the same of taxpayers' cash on thwarting his legal wriggling, 'Orrible Huhne has finally admitted that he's a liar and a course of justice perverter – presumably in an attempt to get a shorter gaol sentence. Sounds like he should have been a New Labour minister rather than a Liberal (apart from his tendency to be liberal with the truth, of course).

It's all very well for Dave the Leader to progress around the world, telling everyone how happy it makes him to give away other people's money, but we all know what's going to happen to all the extra aid cash he's throwing everywhere but at Britain, where it belongs. There will be the usual civil service crap of officials hurling cash in every direction to get rid of it as a financial year ends, and the majority of cash will be wasted, ending up in the pockets of dictators and corrupt officials and business gangsters – business as usual, in fact, but on a grander scale.

The Home Office has spent £400 MILLION on setting up its plan to snoop on every phone calle, email and internet connection made in Britain before the project has even been approved by Parliament.

Dave the Leader's obsession with messing about with marriage had cost him the support of 180 of his MPs and countless thousands of ex-Tories up and down the country.

Dave the Leader's days seem to be numbered. It's no longer a question of "if", it's now all about "when" and "who", as far as the succession goes.

If married couples don't get a tax break it's because millionaire Cleggie doesn't see the point of a few quid more, the Liberals voted with Labour to prevent it and Dave the Leader is too busy giving sweeties they don't want to homophiles to care.

A day after the event, Dave the Leader's solid pledge to stop defence cuts in 2015 began to crumble at the edges.

The Liberals have cost the nation £157,000,000 by reneging on a deal to cut the number of MPs from 650 to 600 whilst remove the corruptly built-in electoral advantage enjoyed by Labour.

The Chancellor has added £600 MILLION to the cost of the H2S railway link to Manchester airport by adding a kink to move it away from the posh parts of his own constituency, and doing it in such a way that he appears to have had no part in the shenanigans. Let us hope that the residents of Alderley Edge, Prestbury and Wilmslow are suitably grateful.

The Coalition still hasn't faced up to the threat of an influx of scroungers from Romania, and maybe Bulgaria, this year. Here are a few notes:
1. No entry unless the migrant can prove that he/she has enough cash for 9 months at British prices; the cash must be deposited in a government-controlled account to ensure that it can't be handed back to a loan shark after being flashed to the Border Agency.
2. There will be no entry to "Closed Economic Areas", which have a sufficient workforce and which will include London and the South-East of England.
3. Migrants will have no right of access to the NHS and MUST prove that they have taken out private health insurance.
4. Migrants will not be entitled to any UK benefits until they have been in full-time employment for at least 2 years with a proper employer -- not one of their mates or some Nigerian swindler.
5. Migrants will not be entitled to access to public sector housing and/or public sector educational establishments at least until after they have satisfied the terms of note #4.

Cameron 'n' Clegg promised to cut the number of peers inn the House of Frauds, so no surprise that they plan to shoehorn in 150 more of their cronies (in several chunks) in the name of reversing New Labour's cronyism.

History sez NO so Dave sez YUP! No modern high-speed railway has ever boosted the local economy or even made money. Which makes Dave the Leader's insistence of the H2S line as bone-headed and unnecessary as his obsession with messing about with the laws on marriage.

The European parliament has nodded through a doubling of CAP payments which will cost Britain an extra £2.6 BILLION per year. What's the Coalition going to do about it? Apart from bugger all, of course.

Dave the Leader offers jam tomorrow! There will be a referendum on EU membership, but only if the EU will negotiate with Dave, only after the next general election and only if Dave is still the PM.

MPs have voted themselves 91 days of paid holiday spread across the year – that's 3 bloody months!

The European Commission is seeking powers to control the news media, and the right to fire and blacklist journalists and editors. No sign that the Coalition is willing to tell them to get lost pretty sharpish.

It's probably superfluous to point out that N. Clegg has no idea what he's doing with his tinkering with the succession to the Throne, which could present us with King A and King B, or Queen 1 and Queen 2, if Cleggy makes homophilia compulsory. But we've mentioned it anyway.

Dave the Leader has lost it (if he ever had it). You can't cut the army down in size at the same time as you join in a French adventure in Africa aimed at distracting his subjects from the bog-up that M. Hollande is making at home. It doesn't make sense [Things having to make sense is a very hard concept for a politician to grasp. Ed.]

MPs are claiming £4 million per year on travelling expenses. This includes former Labour minister M. Beckett claiming the congestion charge for 252 days when Parliament sits for only 150 days/year, and K. Mahmood (Labour) claiming £13K for "own car" exes.

A committee of MPs has voted Sir J. Heywood, the cabinet sec., unfit to conduct inquiries into ministerial misconduct after the bog-up he made of Plebgate. No sign of Dave the Leader giving the overpaid flop the bullet, though.

Foreign Sec. Bill Hague would like us to believe that the attack on the BP gas plant in Algeria proves the need for foreign aid. But he was unable to explain how funding India's space programme, giving cash to China and Russia, putting dosh in the pockets of Rwanda's war-mongering dictator, other dictators and a horde of corrupt officials, and paying inflated salaries to a gang of British glad-handers and their hangers-on will stop the next terrorist attack.

Having ducked the issue of a referendum on what the European Union is doing to Britain for years, Dave the Leader has ducked what was trailed as a major policy speech in the Netherlands (not the British Parliament) so that he could pretend to be directing an operation in Algeria against an incursion by terrorists.

Does the Coalition have an answer to this?
 •  Tony B. Liar, who packed the civil service with New Labour stooges, now (in January 2013) has the cheek to call HIS creation "not fit for purpose".
 • Sir J. Heywood, who bogged up his Plebgate inquiry through sheer slap-dashness, reckons that the civil service is fine – it's the system which is broken.
 • The civil service trade union, from its bunker and through its blinkers, is warning that the government would be harmed by a politically appointed civil service, having failed to notice that this is precisely the state the civil service was left in by Tony B. Liar and New Labour.

Soft sentencing last year let 90,000 criminals with 10 or more convictions for serious offences escape a stay in gaol for the public's protection.

The new plan for pensions means higher National Insurance charges for the people getting gold-plated public sector pensions, a steady increase in the retirement age, and a swindle for the existing pensioners, some of whom have made up to 48 years' National Insurance contributions. Instead of putting everyone on the new scheme, the government will run the old scheme in parallel until everyone on the old scheme is dead, which could take 25-30 years to happen.

The annual cost to the taxpayer of employing an MP is currently £573,431. So that's 400 MILLION QUID per year for the lot of them.

The Coalition has issued a warning that all events aimed at commemorating the outbreak of WW I (from August 2014) must be done in a tasteful way which doesn't upset the Germans and remind everyone who started the war in the first place.
   The Department of Culture Vultures & Sport is overseeing the 5-year event to 2018. [Historical Note: WW I actually ended in 1919, but don't expect politicians to know that. Ed.]

Sir J. Heywood, the overpaid Cabinet Secretary, has come up with his exuse for why his "investigation" of the Plebgate fit-up by the police was so sloppy. Apparently, he was too busy to do a proper job, too busy to point out any discrepancies that he found in the police story and too busy to tell anyone he just went through the motions. Will Dave sack him for incompetence? Joke!

MPs want a 32% pay rise to compensate them for the loss of cash which they used to be able to fiddle from their expenses, but they can't any more because they are now asked for receipts for most things.

Another of Dave's broken promises — he promised to "slash" the number of pointless reviews (rather than abolish them completely) but the Coalition has wasted MILLIONs on 984 government reviews on such weighty matters as how long an ice cream van should be allowed to sound its chimes. Most of the reviews were similarly trivial and most have yet to reach any conclusions, even after more than 6 months in many cases.

Following New Labour practice still, the Ministry of Defence is £6.6 BILLION over-budget and hopelessly late on most of its major "projects". The Defence Secretary would like it to be known that it will take a long, long time to replace Labour waste & mismanagement with Tory ditto.

Bad News: The Coalition has followed the code of conduct established by New Labour to bury a list of its failures.
Good News: The Coalition has also followed the New Labour convention of exposing a "secret" document to the lenses of Press photographers to tell everyone about the burial.

N. Clegg has so little to do at the House of Commons as Liberal leader that he is moving into a new career on a phone-in show on commercial radio.

The PM would like it to be known that the Brown Deficit has been cut by 25%, standards are being restored in schools after New Labour abolished them, and there has been some progress on getting New Labour's "client culture" benefits system under control. But the NHS remains packed with New Labour luvvies.

Dave the Leader has been obliged by his party to put a tax-break for married couples into the next Budget. The Liberals, who oppose tax breaks for families, have been given a special dispensation to vote against it.

Thanks to sacked Justice Minister K. Clarke's "Be kind to criminals" policy, thousands of dangerous criminals will get bail rather than being remanded in custody from January 2013.

The Coalition is giving £3.6 MILLION of British taxpayers' money to Iran to help the regime to buy ropes for hanging drug smugglers.

Transport Minister N. Baker thinks that Britain's trains are better than Germany's. This is based on purely anecdotal "evidence" – which is precisely what the United Nations used to create its false case for Global Warming, which was swallowed by the very people who refuse to believe Mr. Baker's story.

4,000 dangerous foreign criminals cannot be deported from Britain thanks to the 'Uman Rights laws imported from the EU by New Labour and the Coalition's failure to do like other European governments and ignore them.

Council tax remains frozen until April 2015 and it can be paid in 12 monthly installments in 2013/14 as opposed to the 10 payments from April to January preferred by council accountants.

The Coalition still hasn't got a grip on local authority pensions, which cost the taxpayer £8 BILLION per year. Council staff pay only £1.8 billion of that. The taxpayer has to pick up the other 75%, which amounts to the first £386 of a year's Council Tax.


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