Back to Front PageOff we go into Coalition Year Three. Garbagegate is starting a new page of their exploits and wondering if anyone has noticed any dramatic improvements. Or is the mess created by Mr. B. Liar, Wee Gordy Broon and the rest of New Labour really beyond fixing?

The Lib vulture in the Tory treeThe nation has had more than enough time to regret going for a hung parliament because this is happening:

Despite "The Cuts" applied to the 43 police forces in England and Wales, reported crime rates have fallen or remained static in the last year, confirming that the money which was cut was being wasted.

Dave the Leader's target for reducing migration to Britain to beloe 100,00 bodies/year is hot air – just like a typical New Labour target. The only way it will be achieved will by a very New Labour fiddle of the figures.

The Coalition has sold us to the wind-farm operators but new research has shown that off-shore wind farms are wearing out faster than advertised. They were installed on the basis of a working life of 20-25 years. This has now been reduced to 12-15 years, doubling the cost of the already over-subsidized energy produced.

75% of British voters think it's a bad idea to hand out British taxpayers' money to aid despots, warmongers and corrupt officials in 3rd World countries just so that Dave the Leader can feel morally superior to other prime monsters who aren't so profligate with other people's money.

Dave the Leader promised us a Bill of Rights to end the abuses of the European Court of 'Uman bluddy Rights. No Bill was forthcoming and now murderers in gaol, in addition to being entitled to vote, are now entitled to free IVF treatment on the taxpayer thanks to the ECUBR and Dave the Dithering Liar.

The EU has called Dave the Leader's bluff on a renegotiation referendum — to be held after the next general election, of course. Mr. Rumpy-Pumpy, the EU's comic opera president, has told Dave that the EU is strictly all or nothing, and he can't pick 'n' mix the bits he wants to sign up to and the bits he wants repatriated. So any referendum will have to be straight "in or out" and if Dave the Leader tries to tell us anything different, he will be deluded or just plain lying.

The Chilcot Inquiry was started in 2009 to investigate the lies told by the Blair regime to drag Britain into the 2003 Iraq war. Obstruction by the civil service in general and the Cabinet Office in particular means that its report won't be published much before the end of 2013 or, more probably, not until 2014. Or even after the next general election in 2015.

The Coalition's decision to be the "greenest" government ever will cost Britain 70,000 jobs thanks to implementing EU taxes on carbon dioxide production and the Coalition's own daft unilateral targets on CO2 production, which benefit the rest of the EU at our expense -- the less CO2 we produce, the more their industry can produce and the less damage suffered.

Dave the Leader has put a big NOT into the Dilnot report on the cost of social care for the elderly. Mr. Dilnot recommended a cap of £25,000-50,000 on the cost per person. Dave the Leader seemed to settle on a middling £35K, but he's now decided that the sky is the limit. Thus everyone who has spent all their cash on riotous living will get their social care paid for by the taxpayer, and everyone who saved money and bought a house will be obliged to pay and pay until they have £23,000 left. Thanks very much for another broken promise, Dave.

Shock, horror! Dave the Leader knew 3 months ago that the police "evidence" against sacked chief whip & cyclist of the month A. Mitchell wouldn't stand up to close scrutiny but he said nothing to avoid upsetting the police!!

New Labour's gold-plated pensions for councillors, sneaked out the day after the terrorist attack on America on September 11th 2001, are to be scrapped by Communities Sec. D. Pickles to get back to the original concept of local councillors offering service to the community rather than being in a public sector job with all its perks.

See what a fine world New Labour has created for us after 13 years of misrule. We have a police "service" which can't do a proper job of framing a government chief whip for bad behaviour and a Cabinet Secretary, Sir J. Heywood, who can't do a decent job of a cover-up "investigation".

After promising a medal for those who served on the Arctic convoys to Russia during WW II, Dave the Leader dragged his feet for 2 years. But anyone still alive will get one next year. Unless Dave decides to drag his feet a bit more.

50,000 Criminals, who were kept out of gaol through K. Clarke's "be nice to scum" policy, took the opportunity to commit at least one further crime; murder, burglary, GBH, etc.; within 12 months.

Anyone who phones the Inland Revenue will be ripped off by premium-rate call charges thanks to lengthy menus and a reluctance on the part of HMRC staff to take calls. The Coalition has no plans to do anything about this abuse.

Sacked Tory chief whip A. Mitchell seems to have uncovered dodgy doings by the coppers who accused him of calling them plebs. According to their story, passers-by were shocked by Mr. Mitchell's bad language. But CCTV obtained by Mr. Mitchell under the Freedom of Information Act shows that there were NO offended passers-by. Which suggests that the coppers were doing some routine over-egging of a weak case and trying to pull the old "verbals" trick. Will they be sacked too? No chance!

The Coalition has wasted £700,000 on a 'uman rights commission packed stuffed with political waxworks, who were never going to agree. As a result, the taxpayer now has another bulky report full of absolutely nothing of any use to anyone.

Dave the Leader is obsessed with same-sex marriage. So what does Calamity Clegg have on his tiny mind? Multi- millionaire pensioners getting a free TV licence. So that's him bothered about what? Six or seven people, all of whom have paid for the licence many times over via all sorts of taxes.
"It's not so much the nit-picking going on as the insanity of the nits who are doing it."

Liberal-Democrat bogus "green" policies have put 6.5 MILLION households into fuel poverty.

Dave the Leader's plan to tax alcohol out of the reach of poor people is about to be torpedoed by a coalition of Tory & Liberal opponents to the mean-spirited deal.

Dave the Leader has taken leave of his senses. He has started Britain on the road leading to a European Defence Force, a.k.a. a Euro-Army. As M.P. D. Carswell put it: "If anyone seriously believes that it is in our national interest to hand over our defence to the people running the euro, they need their head examined." In Dave's case, would they find anything inside?

The government has paid £2.3 MILLION to a Libyan terrorist/dissident who was rendered to the Gaddaffiy regime by Tony B. Liar's cohorts, including former Home Sec. J. Straw, after Mr. Liar did a dirty deal in the desert with the now deceased Libyan dictator.

Section 5 of the Public Order Act makes "insulting" behaviour a criminal offence without defining what "insulting" means. Following a vote in the House of Lords, it could be scrapped because the police have demonstrated a wilful inability to apply the law sensibly, wasting thousands of pounds on failed prosecutions and compensation for wrongful arrests.

Communities Sec. E. Pickles will be scaling down the size of home extensions which can be built without planning permission after consultations with councils involving them doing a lot of ranting at him. He has also killed off the Liberals' plan for a Conservatory Tax on home improvements and the need for forced "energy efficiency" provisions as part of the Great Global Warming Swindle before people can get their boiler repaired or replaced.

B. Gray, the man in charge of the MoD's equipment programme, is paid £220K but the taxpayer has to find an additional £90K for his luxury hotels, limo service, air fares and other travel costs. He's clearly another civil servant who thinks that the taxpayer has bottomless pockets, and it doesn't say much for the Coalition that it lets him get away with it.

Culture Sec. M. Miller's parents live in her taxpayer subsidized second home. She could be embarrassed about it because the Downing Street spin doctor got involved in a row with the Daily Telegraph over an attempt to prevent this news from being published.
   M. Miller is the minister in charge of deciding how the press will be regulated post Leveson, which only goes to show that politicians are not fit to make regulations about our free Press because a lot of them can't be trusted and all of them have, working for or around them, people who can be relied upon to step over the mark when it comes to suppressing inconvenient truths.

Energy Minister E. Davey has issued a blank cheque to the rest of the world on the behalf of the British taxpayer. If they claim that something went wrong because of climate change, Davey expects us to pay up. Nothing like being liberal with money we don't have. Anyone would think New Labour was still in office.

New government red tape will cost British business £178 MILLION per year. In fact, the government is adding £5 of costs for every £3 removed. So much for the promise to slash and burn red tape.

The government is claiming that the H2S hi-speed rail link north from London is needed to relieve pressure on the west coast main line service. So it comes as no surprise to find that a court hearing was needed to bring into the light of day, Transport Department passenger surveys showing that peak- time trains on the WCML can be just half-full and there is no overcrowding problem.

The incompetent mandarins at the Transport Ministry, who bogged up the bidding process for the West Coast mainline rail franchise, will cost the taxpayer between £40 MILLION and £100 MILLION and yet not a one of them will get the sack for criminal uselessness. Such is life in the public sector.

Five MILLION well-off workers will be paying the higher rate of tax by 2015 due to the effect of fiscal drag, a swindle made popular by Gordon Broon, on the threshold. But they'll all be getting paid over £42,285 per annum, so they won't be badly off.

Dave the Leader will not be going to the junket in Oslo for the presentation of the Nobel peace prize to the EU, but scrounger Clegg will be there.

The Foreign Office is the nation's biggest refuge for skivers, who took an average of 5 working weeks off sick last year. It was a mere 4 weeks extra for the Dept. of Business and an invisible week and a half for the DWP. The Mininstry of Justice, which was the record-breaker the year before last, failed to supply figures for the year just gone, which indicates that it is even worse than the FO when it comes to skiving.
 • The inmates of the Dept. of Global Warming Swindles took just 3 sick days on average last year, which is very bad news for the taxpayer if they were meddling and wasting taxpayers' cash almost to the max.

The Justice Minister, J. Greening, has blocked payment of £21 MILLION of British taxpayers' cash to the poisonous regime in Rwanda, which counts Dave the Leader and disgraced former Tory chief whip A. Mitchell among its personal pals.

The Housing Minister, N. Boles, has admitted that the government is planning to concrete over a big chunk of the green belt in the south-east of England to provide homes for the immigrants, who flooded in unchecked under New Labour, and who are still flooding in despite Tory promises to stop them.

Are the Trivial Democrats good for anything? Well, they are said to be getting ready to sink the Communications Data Bill, a.k.a. the Snoops' Charter, which will let the government store details of every phone call and internet access by everyone in the country. If it does happen, they'll have done us all a favour and saved the nation £2 BILLION.

Lord Leveson wants Ofcom to regulate the new press regulator and also any publications which refuse to pledge themselves to the new regulator. In July 2009, Dave the Leader promised to get rid of Ofcom when he came to power because it's packed with New Labour cronies. It's now 2012 and Ofcom is still leeching £121,000,000 per year from the taxpayer. What happened, Dave?

The Work Programme, Dave the Leaders's flagship welfare-to-work deal, found jobs for just 2% of the customers in Year 1 at a cost of £14K per job. It is "of little value to the taxpayer", according to M. Hodge, current chairman of the Commons public accounts committee and former local councillor in Islington (Lab.) with special responsibility for covering up child abuse.

NICE, the quango which "sets national standards for health care" (at the taxpayer's expense) would like parking charges to soar and the number of parking spaces to be reduced to force motorists to walk about and get wonderfully fit, and families should sell their car (to whom, if no one is allowed to use them, is not stated) so that they can break out of the bad habit of using them for journeys of less than one mile. Doctors and other health service professionals are expected to walk everywhere, and nobody at NICE is facing the sack for wasting taxpayers' cash on this latest piece of boneheaded meddling.

We heard rather a lot from the usual suspects about Tory MP Nadine Dorries skiving off from Parliament to be on a TV show in Australia. But while she was away, her collegues were quietly voting themselves 91 days off spread across the year. That's 3 bloody months. And talking about skivers, it's been a whole year since Gordon Broon had anything to say in the House of Commons.

Dave the Leader has been complaining about waste in the EU, like 3,400 eurocrats being paid more than his salary. A mouthpiece for the EC claimed that most of the overpaid eurocrats are highly qualified professionals, such as lawyers and economists. So why, with all these "professionals" in charge:
is 10% of the EU budget is lost to fraud?
have the auditors have refused to sign off on the EU's accounts for 18 years in succession?
is the whole system is rotten with corruption from top to bottom and a monument to wasted cash and opportunities?
Roll on the referendum!

The shift of Green Belt land to the North has begun. Councils are planning to remove 9,000 acres from the existing GB and create just 1,700 acres of new GB. And if the county council of Northumberland turns 83,000 acres around Morpeth into new GB, that will be the excuse for the disappearance of at least as much of the green & pleasant bits of Green Belt in the south of England.

T. Yeo (sort of Tory), the chairman of the Commons committee on global warming, sees nothing wrong with everyone paying an extra £3/week for over-subsidized "green" energy – mainly because he's being paid around £3,000/week by the power firms which collect the over- generous subsidies.

Dave the Leader has rocked the EU to its black heart by suggesting that Eurocrats should be subject to the same sort of austerity measures as the workforces of the countries which pay their inflated wages and overgenerous perks & pensions. Will Dave achieve any cuts, though? The voice of experience says: "Unlikely."

Dave the Leader & Calamity Clegg are so keen to have same-sex marriage that they plan to rush through legislation before Xmas. (And before the Tory grass-roots can express their opposition even more vocally.)

The local government minister, D. Pickles, is to get tough with councils over refuse collection. If it's not done weekly, they'll get less cash from central government. [That's what he's threatening to do but whether or not it will happen is another matter. Ed.] Mr. Pickles says his plan doesn't involve a fine for councils which fail to do their duty, it's just recognition that they don't need the extra funds provided to pay for weekly collections.

The Home Office denied that it would ever happen when Labour was in office but the truth has finally come out. The UK Border Agency has failed to process a backlog of claims, its management has lied to Commons committees, and 172,000 migrants, including thousands of criminals, have been granted amnesty and permission to pollute our shores. Worse, L. Homer, who presided over the shambles, didn't get the sack – she's been promoted to CEO of HMRC.

Dave the Leader really needs to fire his wet attorney general, D. Grieve, who wants to give prisoners the vote to keep his buddies in Europe happy.

Dave the Leader seems confident that he has managed a crowd-pleaser with his plan to reduce the number of tariffs offered by energy firms, but it's an established fact that the ability of big companies to swindle their customers far outweighs anything a government can do.

The more he dithers over the vindictive conviction of SAS sergeant Danny Nightingale, the more bad feeling he's creating in his party. And as there's so little goodwill left, Dave needs to start worrying about repairing some of the damage his lacklustre leadership has done.

Good news for the Tories. The Liberals are heading for oblivion and 40% of Labour's switch voters are so worried that the Milibandits will go back to New Labour's high tax and reckless spending policies that they won't vote for them.

Even if Dave the Leader does get the EU to moderate its budget demands for the next 7 years, the British taxpayer is doomed to pay more because New Labour gave away a big chunk of the Thatcher rebate on a promise of reform of the Common Agricultural Policy and other abuses. Promises which were never kept – much like the ones Dave the Leader makes . . .

There's supposed to be a poll saying that Tories are turning away from Cameron and Osborne because of they keep insisting on having same-sex marriage. A lack of Tory polices and values could also have something to do with it.

Dave the Leader might have told the EU to stop picking the British taxpayer's pocket from the safety of a CBI do, but will he have the guts to stand up to the Merkel Dirty Deals Machine when he actually gets across the Channel? Experience says no. Or even, "No chance!"

Nigeria, which is scheduled to receive £1 BILLION in aid from the British taxpayer over the next 4 years, has WASTED £230 MILLION of aid money on a schools programme, which had no impact on pupil learning. But does Dave care if he's bought some friends with our money?

Perhaps the PCC elections will tell the Coalition that what the people want is more democracy in areas that matter, e.g. a referendum on EU membership, and better government with less money wasted on pointless frills, like PCCs. The only bright spot in that whole sorry event is that 2-Jags Prescott didn't get another chance to stick his snout even deeper into the public-sector trough.

The government has caved in to pressure from the big supermarkets over regulating them. So if a supermarket swindles a small supplier with excessive charges or unreasonable terms, the new regulator will be able to name and shame the supermarket, but NOT impose a FINE for anti-social behaviour.

G. Osborne, the current chancellor, seems to think messing about with the law on marriage to include same-sex couples, and maybe even polygamy, is the way to win the next election for the Tories and the economy doesn't matter. Someone in need of a reality check?

The elections for police commissioners will cost the taxpayer £75,000,000 + + + 75% of those asked think the commissioners will have zero effect on policing + + + the turn-out at the elections is expected to be worthy of an entry in the Guinness Book of Records as the lowest ever in a national election + + + and the job has been discredited thoroughly by the presence of the likes of Lord 2 Jags Prescott on the candidate list.

If Parliament is to retain any credibility, the Coalition needs to confirm that all MPs who defrauded the taxpayer with false expenses claims will be banned, on personal interest grounds, from voting on new laws to gag the Press and prevent the investigation of institutional corruption, such as MPs thieving from the taxpayer.

Nadine Dorries' month off is, in fact, only 3 weeks off because MPs have given themselves a week's extra holiday during her period of absence. So the Dorries resentment/hate factor should be reduced by one- quarter. And the hate factor for characters like G. Broon and D. Miliband, who are never in Parliament anyway, should stay at the same level.

The UK Border Agency has been dragging its feet so badly that there are now 300,000 unprocessed immigration cases. Staff bonuses are not expected to be affected.

Good News: The government is cutting off the £280,000,000 aid given to India.
Bad News: it won't happen until after 2015.

Dave the Leader will have an uphill struggle to persuade German Chancellor Angular Merkel to go along with his freeze of the EU budget – which has just been rejected by the European Court of Auditors as full of errors for the 18th year in succession. To be in her job, Mrs. Merkel must see the validity of the argument that the EU should cut its bureaucracy down to something more affordable. That she will not back such measures indicates that she has another agenda; such as trying to position herself as the benefactor and leader of all the vampire states in the EU – the scroungers, who receive much more than they give.

The Davies proposal to pay child benefit only for the first 2 children; future only, not retrospective; is bound to raise a disproportionate howl of fury from people who think they might have triplets!

The Coalition is doing its best to condemn Eddie Milipede's "name & shame" campaign over the "Living Wage" as the sort of cheap-trickery that politicians on the make indulge in (which is probably why Boris is supporting it!) whilst in Opposition but would never dare to contemplate in office.

Dave the Leader is said to be hoping to do something about how richer countries are treated by the EU's Structural Fund, a well known happy hunting ground for fraudsters, corrupt officials and politicians trying to buy themselves popularity with other people's money.
   At present, the fund takes £4.2 BILLION from the UK, wastes a lot of the cash on administration, junkets for officials and fraud, and returns £1.2 BILLION rebadged as "European money" for projects which have to fly the EU flag and pretend that the money didn't come from British taxpayers.
   Worse, the British government and the taxpayer have no say in how the money can be spent in OUR country.

As a result of K. Clarke's "soft on crime" policies before he was sacked from the job of Justice Minister, some 25,000 criminals will escape going to gaol over the next 6 years.

The number of schools caught fiddling exam results is now at a record level. Looks like New Labour's "nobody fails" culture is still very heavily ingrained in the education system. Encouragingly, though, cheating by pupils is down even though malpractice by their teachers has grown.

Is DEFRA going to point out that New Labour was warned in 2008 about the problem with the ash tree blight, but did nothing? Or is that something else Dave the Leader is content to let them get away with?

Why are we not surprised to know that the head of IPSA, which monitors MPs' expenses, is a tax-dodger? P. Higson has a sweetheart company deal for her £169K – which is exactly what we have come to expect from the people who work for the House of Hypocrites.

The Public Accounts Committee is said to be worried that Labour PPI deals will sent hospital trusts into bankruptcy. Which leaves us wondering why the chairman, failed Labour Minister M. Hodge, didn't speak out when she was in office and why the Tories are failing to challenger her on this.

0.56% — what's that? The bank rate? Close. It's actually the percentage of foreign criminals who were deported in the last 2 years. Despite Dave the Leader's promise to get rid of all of them.

Not only has Dave the Leader failed to deliver his "Bonfire of Quangos", he has also let them become a safe haven for failed Labour politicians and Labour cronies. 77% of all quango appointments in 2011 went to Labour supporters, who can be relied upon to keep New Labour's culture of waste, intrusion and needless bureaucracy flourishing.

Eddie Ballsup, the man more or less responsible for helping Gordon Broon to steer the country into recession (by his own admission), is really upset because the Coalition has hauled the country out of his mess. (a bit)

If the £10 "bonus" for pensioners had been increased in line with inflation after its introduction, it would have been worth £108 this Xmas. But, of course, it hasn't had the benefit of the generosity which MPs have shown to themselves.

About one-third of MPs, including front benchers, are working a fiddle which lets them claim for first-class travel on expenses. Nothing changes – the usual suspects remain as crooked as ever.

Over 27 MPs stealing from the taxpayer by renting out subsidized London homes – how many are going to gaol? [Note: any answer above zero will be wrong as politics doesn't do justice.]

The EU is using British taxpayers' cash to pay unemployed young people to travel to Britain to increase our youth unemployment figures. And the government is doing what about it?

Liberal "Care Minister" N. Lamb has told doctors to put 1% of their patients on a "death list" of people who will be allowed to die in comfort, if admitted to hospital, rather than receiving treatment for what ails them. The move is expected to reduce the cost to the NHS of running hospitals, and also to reduce the number of admissions, as the elderly will be reluctant to got into hospital if they face an automatic death sentence.

He promised a referendum on the EU before the last election but reneged on the promise. Now, Dave the Leader thinks he can buy himself another term in office by promising a referendum on the EU AFTER the next general election. Just how stoopid does he think everyone is?

When he has summoned up the nerve to sack A. Mitchell, his chief whip, for being an appalling person and an aid wastrel, perhaps Dave the Leader can give the elbow to his attorney general, who has proved to be a disaster for justice and democracy on many fronts, and a protector of abusers of power.

D. Cameron is quite happy to push British taxpayers' cash into the pocket of Rwandan despot P. Kagame, he has revealed; mainly because he is another of Kagame's buddies and admirers, like Mr. Mitchell.

The Planning Minister, N. Boles, has ruled that home extensions, contrary to the view of the BBC and the Labour party, are NOT a crime against humanity and scrapping pointless and costly local council bureaucracy will not bring about the End Of The World.

Dave the Leader seems to be on a hiding to nothing over the Scottish independence issue. If they say "Aye!", he'll go down in history as the prime minister who presided over the dismantling of the (not so) United Kingdom, and if they say "Naw!", he'll be doomed to become the prime monster who handed even more English taxpayers' cash to the Scots, hardly any of whom make a nett contribution to their balance of payments at the moment.

New guidelines from the Dept. of Health give priority to foreigners when it comes to access to GPs because they have more 'uman bloody rights than the British people who pay for the NHS in the first place. This Health Tourism Charter is expected to add more millions to the £40 MILLION already owed to the British taxpayer by foreign freeloaders.

Cabinet Office Minister F. Maude is looking at perks for the civil service with a view to cutting them down to what people get (if anything) in the private sector. So expect a lot of howls of anguish from gangs of skiving darlings and their cronies.

The Local Government Association is refusing to go along with Dave the Leader's "flagship" plan to double the size of home extensions which don't need planning permission – which is intended to boost the construction industry and the economy. The LGA reckons that it will wreck the environment, and that is the job of local councils, not the government.

Uncle Dave is offering us an "Aspirational Nation", where wishy-washiness rules and nothing will be done about serious matters like unaffordable parts of the State machinery and pushing British taxpayers' cash into the pockets of tyrants and regimes which don't need it, like China, India, Russia, etc., etc. Dave has no plan for keeping the lights on when he has closed down all the proper power stations and the windmills fail to deliver. And he still hasn't summoned up the courage to sack Thrasher Mitchell for giving £16,000,000 of British taxpayers' cash to an African warmonger, who's also Tony Blair's best mate. Nor does he look like doing anything about the Cabinet Secretary, who was heavily involved in the cronyism aspect of the failed merger between BAE and EADS. All he is offering is estate-agent politics, rather than the good Tory values, and an endless succession of needless own goals.

D. Cameron says he will torpedo the new EU budget if the wastrels demand a huge increase. But let us not forget that Dave the Leader is not exactly noted for keeping his promises.

Council Tax is to remain frozen for a 3rd year in succession from April 2013, but councils will still receive increasing subsidies from the taxpayer by the back door.

The European Commission is rattling its begging bowl again. Having been told that its budget would not be increased, the EC spent the money anyway and it wants £1,000,000,000 from British taxpayers. This is definitely a time for Dave to show a bit of backbone and tell them to get lost.

Dave the Leader has ordered the MoD to make up the £550,000 shortfall in the budget for the Bomber Command Memorial. Maybe they can take it out of the Undeserved Bonus pool.

Blundering civil servants at the Transport Department have screwed up the auction for the West Coast mainline railway franchise, the government discovered whilst preparing a defence to Virgin's legal challenge. As a result, the whole thing has been declared nul and void, the taxpayer is going to have to fork out around £100,000,000 as a result of the screw up, but the good news is that no government ministers are to blame for it.

The government is doing its best to conceal the amount of money paid to wind farm operators when their turbines have to be shut down in bad weather. A figure of £34 MILLION has emerged for 2011/12, but the real sum is likely to be at least double this amount, based on previous history.

Overseas aid assistant minister A. Duncan has been sounding off about the amount of British taxpayers' cash which the EU is wasting on aid to the likes of Argentina, Barbados, Brazil, China, Iceland, Morocco and Russia. But all he has done is prove that he is a hypocrite who did nothing during the last 2 years apart from go along with the DfID spin that the money was being spent "brilliantly".

The Chancellor's Krazy Karbon Tax on power generated from fossil fuels will increase the price of electricity by 20% next year in the absence of an outbreak of good sense.

F. Maude, the Paymaster General and Minister for the Cabinet Office, would have us believe that the government is cutting the deficit created by Gordon Broon and New Labour even though the deficit is being increased thanks to borrowing at the rate of £4,000,000,000 per month.

Who's the better bargain re: transport cost to the nation?

1. The toff government chief whip, who likes to use the Downing Street main gate for his vehicle unless obstructed by a jobsworth copper

NIL (he rides a bike)

2. Cabinet secretary J. Heywood

£1,600 per month

Out of hours "care" in some areas is so non-existent that there can be one doctor for 535,000 patients at night in Cornwall, one doctor for 370,000 potential customers in Mid-Essex and one doctor for 325,00 customer in N-E Essex. 8 other Primary "Care" Trusts are in the same position for 180,000 patients or more at night. Trusts are also employing foreign doctors who don't speak English because the EU insists on it.

Should the Tory chief whip, A. Mitchell, be sacked? Yes, not for being rude to a jobsworth copper but for being D. Cameron's willing slave when it came to wasting taxpayers' cash when he was in charge of "International Development" and pushing cash into the pockets of consultants.

Another one who is totally out of touch – Calamity Clegg thinks that the average British home has 4 bedrooms.

The Chancellor, G. Osborne, has been forced to slap down Calamity Clegg, who wanted to unload a whole raft of new taxes on the middle classes as part of his party conference posturing.

Putting electronic tags on criminals has wasted £1,000,000,000 over the last 13 years. Giving criminals a 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. monitored curfew just means that they do their muggings, burglaries, etc. during the day.

The foreign aid budget, beloved of Dave the Leader, is being used to promote tourism in Iceland, provide a TV channel in Turkey, train waiters in Barbados, help out China, India, Russia, Brazil, Argentina and a host of other well off and hostile countries and, of course, shove billions of pounds into the pockets of consultants. Good job the country isn't in the middle of a financial crisis!

Calamity Clegg still doesn't get it. Grabbing more money from the middle classes is a daft idea. The government gets more than enough money as it is. What we need is for that money to be spent sensibly and an end to the culture of sloppiness in the public sector, where waste is the norm because it's only taxpayers' money and there's always lots more of it.

Chancellor G. Osborne has been on the phone to the Guinness Book of Records to report that government borrowing reached a world record of £14,400,000,000 in August. So much for "the cuts".

Does the Prime Minister have too little on his plate? It would appear so if he has time to go on TV to comment on his Chief Whip; a job traditionally held by someone with the sensitivity of a brick; having to apologize to a jobsworth copper, who wouldn't let him take a short cut on his bike.

Calamity Clegg's grovelling apology for promising (in the Liberal election manifesto) to oppose rises in tuition fees for students has been turned into a cheesy video, which has gone viral and turned the Cleggster into an even bigger figure of fun.

Councils everywhere are objecting to Dave the Leaders plan to let people add bigger extensions to their homes without needing planning permission. "Abolishing council control will totally destroy a long- established and cherished system of bungs," one local councillor [name withheld] told Garbagegate.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change is seeking to redefine "fuel poverty" to avoid paying money to people who have to spend a large chunk of their income on heating and lighting. Rising fuel costs and static incomes (due to New Labour's reckless spending) mean that 8 million people will be in fuel poverty by 2016. A shift of the goalposts will reduce that number to around 3 million.

Ofcom, the media regulator, spent £9.4 million of taxpayers' money on making 223 staff redundant over the last 5 years, and recruited 598 staff during the same period. Well, it is only taxpayers' cash they're wasting.

Dave the Leader has been issuing dire warnings about the fate of divided parties following the publication of a political ratings poll, which shows him trailing in Boris Johnson's dust. Well, Dave, if the public hates a divided party so much, your course of action is clear – quit, let Boris take over and the party won't be divided any more.

Political ratings for September 2012:
    • Boris Johnson   +26
    • Wm. Hague        -1
    • D. Cameron      -18
    • E. Milibandit      -29
    • N. Clegg            -52
    • G. Osborne       -55
    • V. Cable           -197

Vince Cable, the Business Sec. with the PhD in economics, is presiding over the department which gives the taxpayer the worst value for money. His fief pays 50% over the odds for stationery, compared to the Department of Health, and 300% over the odds for energy, compared to the MoD.

The Office of National Statistics had calculated that the number of private sector jobs has gone up by over 1 million under the Coalition to 23.9 million. But many of the jobs are part-time and 200,000 of them are college staff, who were reclassified from the public sector to the private sector.

Nick Clegg is positioning himself as the heir to Gordon Broon by calling anyone who doesn't embrace same-sex marriage, as he does, a rotten bigot.

Vince Cable promises a state- controlled British Business Bank to make loans to small and medium-size businesses if the Big 6 banks won't. Vince has no idea how the bank will operate. Vince has no idea when it will open its doors – but experts reckon at least 5 years. Vince is a clueless ideas man, who talks big but delivers bugger all? Sure looks like it.

Dave the Leader, in his capacity as heir to Tony B. "People's Princess" Liar, has offered an official apology to the relatives of the Liverpool fans who died at Hillsborough stadium in 1989. The latest report shows that there is much to apologize for over the cover-ups by the South Yorkshire police and at the inquests, which makes it an even bigger shame that the previous People's Princess devalued any apology Dave can offer, and that Blair couldn't be bovvered to reopen the investigation in 1997.

The new Business Minister with special responsibility for sitting on Vince Cable, M. Fallon, is promising to scrap or overhaul 3,000 pieces of legislation which the business sector finds vexatious. Let's hope he has more luck than whoever it was that was supposed to arrange Dave the Leader's bonfire of qangos.

The TUC (Trade Union Clots) are making noises about a general strike which, they think, will give them a licence to pick the taxpayers' empty pocket. How about a windfall tax on trade union leaders to get them into touch with the real world, Dave?

New Labour's fantasy that there is no such thing as an accident and every time something goes wrong, someone has to get compensation is costing the NHS £1.33 BILLION per year with £230 MILLION going to lawyers. But no sign of the Coalition putting a dent in the Blame Culture.

Somebody actually wants to be Vince Cable's pal. Unfortunately for him, it's the Labour party and the warring Milibandit-Ballsup Axis, so nothing good can come of it.

Labour claims that the Tories are making savage cuts. Not in MPs' expenses, which went up by 26% in the last year to an eye-watering £89,000,000, with Labourites among the biggest grabbers, as usual.

Shouldn't Mr. Laws have been brought back into the Cabinet as Minister of Justice so that he can offer the benefit of his criminal past?

Having failed to make the economy grow, the government will now set up a committee to talk about growth as an alternative to actually achieving it.

The government has decided that the Green Belt is no longer to be protected. Instead, councils will be allowed to give planning permission for building on Green Belt land provided that they give protected status to some other bit(s) of land which no one wants. As a result, large stretches of the current Green Belt will disappear to be replaced by a multitude of widely dispersed, small, brownish patches. This is what Dave the Leader thinks is the best way to look after the countryside.

The government is removing planning restrictions on building domestic and commercial extensions and conservatories to boost the economy via a cash injection to the construction sector.

The government thinks that Christians who are told not to wear a cross at work on spurious 'elf & safety grounds should just quit their job quietly and not kick up a fuss about religious discrimination because Christianity is too British and not Moslem and foreign enough to matter.

Despite the BILLIONs of taxpayers' money thrown at them, the BIG 6 banks are still not lending to small businesses – even the state-owned ones. Less than one-half of applications for a loan or an overdraft were successful in the latest scrutiny period.

Dave the Leader has been forced to pick a more Tory Cabinet in response to rumblings of open revolt on the back benches. Clarke, the criminal's friend, is out of Justice, Baroness Warsi, the token Moslem, is out, O. Paterson, who thinks wind farms are a waste of taxpayers' cash, is in at Environment and N. Boles has been appointed Minister for Building on the Green Belt. Dave calls the reshuffle "removing road blocks". With the return of Liberal expenses swindler D. Laws, there's obviously an element of rewarding criminals there, too.

National pay bargaining for the public sector costs the taxpayer £6.3 BILLION per year, but the Liberals won't let Dave do anything about it and he's too much of a mouse to object. Public sector staff are overpayed £1,000 on average and this distorts job markets away from London and the south-east. The average public sector "pay premium" is 14% (including pension) and can reach 25%.

The government is using taxpayers' money in an attempt to persuade the European Court of Human Rights that whilst members of other religions should be allowed to wear their special costumes and observe their peculiar customs, Christians in Britain should be banned from wearing crosses and indicating membership of their religion.

The government is deliberately underestimating the "Landscape Value Impact" of the H2S high-speed rail link by up to 90% as part of a Dept. of Transport lying propaganda attempt to make the damage to the countryside look less devastating. The DoT says that the lower estimate comes from a "more sophisticated valuation exercise". Translation: it's a more blatant swindle.

The country is broke, thanks to G. Broon and New Labour's reckless spending. So why is V. Cable, the Business Minister, giving money that we don't have to junk food manufacturers to make their products less salty instead of just introducing low-salt guidelines which have to be followed?

Good News for the Coalition that part of the job market is surging ahead? Actually, no. The surge is caused by local councils hiring lots of traffic wardens to screw cash out of the public using parking regulations and other traffic laws. The Broon Stealth Tax lives on.

Calamity Clegg's brainstorm of an emergency wealth tax on the rich has been given the thumbs down by the millionaires in his own party.

J. Longworth, the DG of the British Chambers of Commerce, thinks that the economy has been crippled by professional politicians with no sense of public service and self-serving Whitehall staff, who act in the interests of a political party rather than the country. He thinks D. Cameron's opposition to a 3rd runway at Heathrow airport is scandalously anti-recovery, the Liberals' green stealth taxes are utterly mad and the Coalition's infrastructure plan is full of hot air. He also doesn't think much of Ed Balls' plan to push householders deeper into debt with a VAT cut.

The Chancellor is NOT cutting public spending. A 25% cut in the country's overall deficit is the product of tax rises and not going through with spending on "investment" structural projects rather than getting rid of people doing New Labour non-jobs and government waste. In fact, this government is spending MORE than New Labour when it was booted from office.

D. Cameron promised a crackdown on New Labour's crazy bonuses when he became prime minister. But millions of pounds are being paid out this year despite the stagnant ecomony and the need for cuts. Clearly, the civil service thinks it should be exempt from austerity and the government agrees.

The government's policy of printing money not backed with assets, a.k.a. quantitative easing, has robbed savers of £70 BILLION and given most of the money to the richest in the land – the 2.5 million richest households have collected a bonus of £100K-300K in the last couple of years.

The Audit Commission has found that local coucils waste £312 MILLION per year of their social care budgets through inefficient management practices and wasteful spending. Some standardization and banging heads together needed by the Coalition.

83% of quango staff were just moved to another government job when their quango was "abolished". So much for the bonfire.

Councils are abusing the anti- terrorism powers in the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (2000) to do things like spying on residents suspected of putting bins out early using hidden cameras, trawling through phone records and making "test purchases" at escort agencies, according to an investigation of the extent of New Labour's Snoop Culture by the Big Brother Watch Group. The Coalition is dithering over what to do about the situation.
 • It has been estimated that the cost of the admitted snooping has been over £1.1 million/year for each of the last 3 years. No wonder Council Taxes are so bloody high!
 • Upwards of a dozen public sector organizations, including the BBC, Ofsted, the UK Border Agency, the Prison Service, the Office of Fair Trading and the Royal Mail, have refused to disclose the extent of their snooping.

Giving criminals a Community Punishment Order instead of sending them to gaol, as preferred by Justice Minister K. Clarke, leaves the criminal free to commit more crimes, figures released under the Freedom of Information Act show. Last year, one-quarter of all CPSs had to be suspended because the criminal either went back to crime or took no notice of the CPO's conditions.

The government plans to rip out of the school league tables, the "Mickey Mouse" GCSEs introduced by New Labour [holistic therapies, sugar confectionary, make-up, etc.] as "equivalent qualifications" for proper GCSEs in maths, physics, English, etc.

The Tories are getting tough with the BBC. Some of them will be forced to watch large chunks of the BBC's "news" and political output to gather proof of its institutional left-wing bias and aversion to reporting good news for the government.

The government has told councils to sell off the "lavish" properties worth £1 million or more, which left-wing councils collect as badges of status, and use the cash to build affordable housing.

Another Tory rebellion on the way: this time, it's over the leadership's decision to drop protection of the Green Belt and make it easy for developers to build on it.
Update: the Tory mice are also brewing up rebellions on rail fares exceeding inflation and abolishing restrictions on Sunday opening hours.

After rejecting the social care proposals of economist A. Dilnot out of hand, Dave 'n' Cleggster are now minded to accept them. Sort of. Mr. Dilnot proposed a cap of £35K/person for care-home costs. The government is more likely to move the cap to £50K/person and tack on as many extras as they can manage, including £7K for rations. So the likely cap will be somewhere between double the Dilnot recommendation and £100,000 per person – i.e. £200,000 for a couple or civil partners.

"Justice" Minister K. Clarke is planning to sneak a clause into the Justice & Security bill to allow him to hold court cases and inquests in secret and abolish habeas corpus rights. This is seen as an essential first step to establishing a British Guantanamo Bay as a repository for terrorists, their supporters and the politically inconvenient, such as people who won't agree with Dave's overseas aid policy or Cleggie's green subsidies.

It's an expression of the endemic hypocrisy at Westminster: T. Yeo, the chairman of the Commons committee on energy and climate control, is paid the equivalent of a prime minister's salary for talking up subsidies for the "green" companies, for which he works when he's not doing the full- time MP's job, for which he's paid by the taxpayer.

Another bullet hole in the foot for Calamity Clegg: by going on holiday at the same time as Dave the Leader, he has proved that W. Hague is the real deputy prime monster and Cleggie is just a hollow sham.

Civil servants spent £1,150 MILLION on taxpayer-funded credit cards in 2011/12 compared with £987 MILLION in 2009/10. And that's despite D. Cameron'spromics to cut the amount spent on luxury hotels and restaurants and toys like iPads. So that's another broken promise exposed by the Freedom of Information Act.

Whilst Mr. Maude (see below) is cutting government costs at the rate of £5.5 BILLION per year, the government is busy borrowning money at a rate of £4.4 BILLION per week. Wot bloody cuts?

Dave the Leader plans to build on our Olympic successes and abolish the leftie "prizes for all" and "no competition" culture in schools, and make all kids do sport, like the kids who go to Eton for a proper education.

Another of Dave's flagships is dangling in the dust – elected police commissioners. The ranks of the candidates are stuffed with jokes and has-beens (e.g. old 2-Jags) and expenses swindlers, and appropriate and experienced candidates have been excluded for trivial reasons, such as being a magistrate. So Dave's ambition to make the nation's police "services" more accountable to the people who have to pay for them looks like achieving nothing more than just putting more party hacks and deadlegs back onto the public payroll. Nice one, Dave.

Good News! The Cabinet Office Minister, F. Maude, reckons that the government has cut wasteful spending at Whitehall by £5.5 BILLION over the last year. He also mentioned that New Labour could have done exactly the same but chose not to. Perhaps Mr. E. Milibandit could explain why not.

More Good News! Dave the Leader can be embarrassed about being out of touch and wasting vast amounts of money, which we don't have, on overseas aid which does no good – as confirmed by his encounter on a phone-in with a lady with cancer, who is being denied an expensive drug. So it would be a good idea for everyone to be relentless in their pursuit of Dave over this issue to see if we can embarrass the blighter into touch with the real world and get his hand out of the taxpayer's over-stressed pocket.

Lord Turner, chairman of the Financial Services Authority, sat on an ethics committee at Standard Chartered that was supposed to make sure that the bank followed the rules and behaved properly. He was on the committee whilst the bank, allegedly, was busy setting world records for laundering money for terrorists and rogue regimes. So will the Coalition be considering his position?

Dave the Leader will go ahead with a Commons vote on reducing the number of MPs and redressing the institutional bias to Labour in constituency boundaries. This will give Calamity Clegg a chance to vote against something else, which he supported in opposition, and tell more lies about the Coalition Agreement, including the one about support for boundary changes being linked not to a referendum on Alternative Voting (fact) but to "reform" of the House of Lords (lie).

Calamity Clegg has gone one better than breaking election promises – he's rewritten the Coalition Agreement unilaterally to justify throwing his toys out of the pram and ratting on agreeing to redress the crimes committed on constituency boundaries. So that's what Liberal politics is about.

The Coalition is continuing Labour's policy of selling off school playing fields. Mr. Gove, the education sec., clearly thinks that now we have had an Olympics, there's no point in fighting Labour's anti-competition culture any more.

The most compelling argument for sacking Dave the Leader and installing Boris the Bozo seems to be that it would scare the crap out of the Labour party.

Is the Coalition likely to take much notice of Lord Darzi, who reckons that families should take care of elderly relatives rather than relying on social services and the NHS? His lordship was made a health minister by Gordon Broon, then leader of the Labour party, which has spent the last four or five decades doing its level best to abolish the traditional family in an attempt to buy the votes of miniorities which are unable to form breeding couples. So a certain whiff of hypocrisy in the air?

The government endorses the current campaign of institutional swindling of middle-class students to keep them out of the nation's universities because the Liberals want more places to go to applicants with worse qualifications.

Lord Parkinson, S. Norris and C. Chope, all Tory transport ministers in the Thatcher/Major era, think Dave the Leader has got rail and air transport policy all wrong. They advise him to forget the H2S rail link between London and Birmingham, as its demand and profitability assumptions are as genuine as Tony B. Liar's Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, and to back a 3rd runway at Heathrow, because that is where the demand is.

Donations to the Tory Party are at their lowest ebb for a decade. It's all something to do with the Blessed Leader failing to impress and inspire. Likewise, membership of Calamity Clegg's Liberal party is at another low ebb for much the same reason.

Dave the Leader breaks another promise – we were supposed to get a new era of openness when he became prime monster, but letting the attorney general conceal Blair's lies over the illegal Iraq war is quite the reverse of what was offered to the electorate.

Someone else who is out of touch: Lord Moynihan wants to spend more on sports in state schools to make sure that fewer kids from private schools win medals. But he evidently failed to notice during his political career that Gordie Broon spent all our money and drove the country deep into debt, and Labour councils sold off all the school playing fields.

The Departments of Health, Culture & Sport, International Giveaway of Taxpayers' Cash, and Energy & Climate Control, plus the Cabinet Office, the Foreign Office and the Treasury, have all been taking on MORE staff at a time when the amount of government is supposed to be shrinking because Gordon Brown spent all our money. Cuts? Wot bloody cuts?
p.s. Climate Control? Another of Gorgon Broon's fantasies.

T. Yeo, the Tory MP in charge of the Commons select committee on climate change, is paid £140,000 per year by companies in the renewables sector. So no surprise that he's on-side with the Liberals' enthusiasm for monster subsidies for economy-destroying wind farms.

Dave the Leader's control freakery extends to not wanting Tory MPs to express honest views, like A. Burley's verdict on the opening of the Olympics. But the film director responsible, D. Boyle, specializes in leftie romanticized crap. Hunkered in his bunker, Dave would appear to be as out of touch with reality as he is with the mood of the country and his own party.

No real surprise that it's in Labour's heartland, the north-east of England, that the sickness rate among NHS staff, a.k.a. the Day-Off Culture, is highest.

The government was bamboozled into keeping the Liberals' large and unreasonable subsidies for on-shore wind farms because foreign operators threatened to cut jobs and spending here, and it is the Whitehall mentality to "invest" taxpayers' money in non-jobs, which are a drain on the economy.

If you're wondering why there's a shortage of primary school places, it's because New Labour abolished thousands of them despite warnings that they would be needed to meet a surge in the junior population starting in 2009.

The Director of Public Prosecutions held a press conference to announce that various News International staff and ex-staff are to be charged with phone-hacking offences. With what object? To ensure that the trial is hopelessly prejudiced before it starts, maybe? So that the politicians who cosied up to New International in the hope of getting sweeties from Mr. Murdoch won't be embarrassed further?

The government is throwing £625 MILLION of taxpayers' cash at Calamity Clegg's flagship Pupil Premium Project this year and £1.25 BILLION next year. But it is making no effort to make schools spend the money on the poor, struggling pupils it was intended to help. Result? Most of the money is benefitting the wrong people.

When he became Tory leader, D. Cameron vowed to attract thousands of new members to his party. But what his U-turns, dithers, broken promises and anti-Tory policies have actually achieved is a fall in Tory party membership of 60% with a 70% fall during Dave's reign looming. And former Tory donors are also finding better things to do with their dosh.
   Which leaves us wondering if Dave is really a Tory. Because it looks more like he's a Blairite New Labour infiltraitor on a mission to destroy the Tory party from within to pave the way for a return of New Labour and all the ghastliness that means, and maybe even a return of the former Blessed Leader.

It's official – the Coalition is bad for your health as well as your wealth. The Valuation Office Agency is putting houses near wind farms into lower Council Tax bands and acknowledging that proximity to a wind farm blights a property's value by up to one-quarter as well as subjecting the occupants to industrial noise pollution.

The EU is demanding a further £350 MILLION from the UK in 2013, and thanks to Qualified Majority Voting – something else we have to thank New Labour for – there's not a damn thing the British government can do to stop it.

The Immigration Minister, D. Greene, has assured Parliament that everything in the government's power is being done to deport foreigners who commit crimes in Britain. But there are hundreds of them running around, at liberty to commit further atrocities, including murder. So either the minister was lying, and he should be sacked, or the government is powerless to evict these criminals, and the government should be sacked.

E. Milibandit was the first ever climate change minister. He was responsible for putting the Climate Change Act (2008) on the statute books. This Act, which D. Cameron bought, will cost the nation £18 BILLION per year up to 2050, and it sets targets for reduction of carbon dioxide emissions which cannot be achieve without shutting down most of the British economy – and which are made totally irrelevant by the increase in emissions from China alone. The Liberals have no problem with this, and it would appear that there is no chance of the Tories getting in touch with reality anytime soon.

Dave the Leader is making noises about renegotiating our deal with the European Union but if they say "Nein!" and "Non!", that's it. Because Dave has made it clear that there's no possibility of the UK leaving the EU whilst he's in charge. How about that for posturing from a position of weakness?

The European Commission has forced LloydsTSB to sell off 632 branches, because gobbling up the failed bank HBoS to please Gordon Broon made Lloyds too big. The management of the bank, which is now taxpayer-owned because the management drove it into bankruptcy, has chosen to sell the surplus branches to the Co-op at a loss to the taxpayer of around £1 BILLION instead of taking a £1.7 BILLION offer last year. No doubt the cowboys responsible are on for big bonuses and the Coalition will sit on its collective hands, as usual, and let the taxpayer take the hit.

In 2010, Calamity Clegg (approval rating +53) had a good moan about Broon Labour's 74 Special Advisors, who cost the taxpayer £6 MILLION per year. In 2012, the Coalition has lumbered the taxpayer with 81 SAs at a cost of £6.5 MILLION per year, and Calamity Clegg (approval rating -59) is hoping that no one will notice what a hypocrite he is for having no less than 14 personal SAs.

The legacy of 13 years of New Labour profligacy will be a decade of austerity, Dave the Leader fears.

Has the Coalition turned into New Labour? The Transport Sec. has announced that £9.4 BILLION will be spent on electrifying and beautifying the railways, BUT £5.2 BILLION of it has been announced already, a standard New Labour swindle, and Ms J. Greening has no idea where the money will come from. Which isn't much of a problem because nothing will happen in the next 2 years and it could all end up being quietly forgotten, which is another New Labour swindle.

Dave Needs Backing [over 
a cliff, preferably]

The Coalition's bogus green taxes are starting to drive firms out of the UK. So if you were ever wondering why nothing is Made In Britain any more, there's a contributing reason.

The Parliamentary inquiry into Libor rate-fixing by the banks will be a whitewash – that's official. The government is excluding all MPs who are known to be boat-rockers in order to get the conclusion required by the chairman, Tory MP A. Tyrie.

The cowboys in charge of the Olympics thought nothing of paying G4S £28,400 per head to train bag and body searching security staff for a fortnight's work. Do they live on the same planet as the rest of us?

The government is throwing £80 BILLION at the banks to provide cheap loans with no guarantee that the money will go to small, job-creating businesses rather than big businesses at rates which just enrich the banks.

Foreign Sec. W. Hague is doing an audit of how the EU has grabbed powers and responsibilities from the British Parliament, allegedly as a first step to renegotiating the balance. But as Dave the Leader has the Liberals on his back over the Tory party's failure to support their ridiculous scheme for packing the House of Lords with stooges, it's likely that Bill is wasting his time and nothing will be done to upset these Eurofanatics.

Dave the Leader's alleged commission on 'uman bloody rights wants to include the right to high levels of state benefits in an extension of Labour's legacy of false 'uman rights.

Dave the Leader has provoked new French PM F. Hollande into a "handbags at dawn" situation over his invitation to rich French people to move here to escape Hollande's planned tax rises. Apparently, the right to live anywhere in the EU area doesn't apply universally.

Chicken-Turn The Coalition has chickened out of an attempt to impose a guillotine time-limit on debating the bill to pack the House of Lords with politicial cronies. Why? Because that was the only way to avoid an unsightly train-wreck of a defeat.

The UK Border Agency has no idea how many foreign students are overstaying their visas, the Tories had planned to root out the bogus students and reduce the number of visas granted but the Liberals have decided not to let them do it. Apparently, Business Sec. V. Cable thinks bogus students are worth billions to the economy and Dave the Leader is daft enough to believe him.

Using shale gas has halved the cost of gas in the United States and made a huge, if pointless, reduction in the nation's emissions of carbon dioxide. Britain is sitting on huge amounts of gas-bearing shale, as well as coal, but the government won't use either for generating electricity for reasons solely to do with political posturing.

N. Clegg thinks that the House of Lords must be of elected members because "it's unacceptable that Britain allows unelected people to shape laws". But just being elected is no qualification for making laws, and whole gangs of unelected civil servants and political advisors shape laws now, and always will in the future. So we have further proof that Cleggy and reality don't mingle.

The Coalition has let Bob "Barking" Kerslake, the Labour-luvvie leftover in charge of the civil service, to tell his minions to waste even more time on social networking websites in the hope that they can be used as giant focus groups.

U-Turn: the government won't now be selling off the nations forests and woodland.

Home Sec. T. May seems eager to let any foreign police force on the planet have unlimited access to the Home Office's planned collection of records and recordings of all phone and internet use by British residents.

D.C., Man of DECISION! Dave promised a referendum on EU membership when he couldn't deliver one, then he changed his mind when he could. (Just like the Liberals.) Now, Dave says he's not totally opposed to having a referendum but he'd prefer it if nobody asked him to go ahead and deliver. As a result of his spinning, he looks like he's on both sides of the argument and everyone's pal!

Crazy Clegg's business-wrecking 6 months paternity leave plan has gone back to the garage for a "rethink".

Despite all the manoeuvring and power-grabbing involved in the eurozone bail-outs, Dave the Leader still won't dare let the British people have an in/out referendum on membership of the EU. Frit, or what?

Despite all the tough talk about tough gaol sentences for last year's rioters, most of them are now out of gaol and ready for this year's riots.

Rethink: the Chancellor has scrapped the August 3p/litre fuel duty rise planned by G. Broon and his puppet-master E. Balls when New Labour was in charge, so there will be even less cash available to chuck at the public sector.

Dave in Dreamland The prime monster is indulging in fantasies over welfare reform knowing that the Liberals won't let him pursue them.

Something else to thank G. Broon and his puppet-master E. Balls for — South London Healthcare NHS Trust is about to go bust with debts of over £150 MILLION, which are growing at a rate of £1 MILLION per week, thanks to disastrous New Labour PFI scams. Health Sec. A. Lansley seems to be about to address the problem after ignoring it for the last 2 years.

The Tories can now do something about Labour's reckless immigration "policies" because Eddiebaby Milibandit has graciously admitted that it's not "racist" to talk about immigration. Which is mighty white of the hypocritical blighter.

More from the out-of-touch brigade – running the House of Lords for the last 5 years cost the taxpayer £91 million. "Reforming" the HoL according to the Calamity Clegg Liberal plan would cost the taxpayer a modest £484 million over the next 5 years. Which makes it very clear that the Liberals have as much respect for the taxpayer's money as Blair, Broon, Balls and all the other sons of New improved Labor.

Education Sec. M. Gove is busy denying leaks to the Daily Mail saying he would like to upset the Liberals and the teaching unions by abolishing GCSE exams which New Labour dumbed-down so much that a plank of wood could pass them, and also the National Curriculum, and introduce exams which have a single body setting the papers and provide passes which mean something.

NHS trusts will be paying the doctors who go on strike on June 21st, no doubt with the full support of the Labour party.

Firms supplying "free" milk to schools on behalf of the taxpayer are charging the taxpayer £1/pint for the milk. Apparently, Labour thinks this is okay and the Coalition shouldn't even think about getting a fair deal for the taxpayer and prosecuting the exploiters.

U-Turn The Liberals have killed off the Cameron plan for no-fault dismissals, which would let employers sack bad workers without being harassed by vexatious wrongful dismissal cases brought by greedy lawyers.

U-Turn The Liberals won't let the Tories introduce regional wages to the public sector to reduce unfair competition with the private sector.

Good News: The government is to scrap the 100% subsidy for on-shore wind farms and solar power arrays.
Bad News: It won't happen until at least 2020 or even later, so don't expect to stop being ripped off anytime soon.

The Tories have supported Liberal ministers when they got into trouble or, at least, they didn't kick them. So the price of not rallying around Culture Sec. J. Hunt for the Liberals is that the Clegg plan to mess about with the House of Lords is toast.

The Ministry of Defence is going ahead with plans for a new generation of nuclear submarines to carry Britain's nuclear deterrent. The first step is commissioning Rolls-Royce at Derby to build reactors for the subs.

U-Turn When Labour wanted to do it, the Tories and Libs refused to let them record every bit of communications traffic in Britain. But now the Coalition is in power, no one needs civil liberties any more. So it's okay to snoop on every phone and internet transaction. Worse, Dave & Co. are being cheered on by Hogan Hypen Howe, the new boss of the Metropolitan Police. TripleH, apparently, believes that everyone is guilty until snooped on and proved innocent, not the other way around as the Law of the Land is written – not an attitude which is acceptable in a proper top copper.

Dave the leader and Home Sec. T. May both guaranteed that the Church will be protected when Dave goes ahead with his insane urge to extend marriage to same-sex couples. Given the state of the law, and the contrary nature of the legal profession in Britain, it's obvious that those promises are completely worthless.

The Coalition's Tory big-shots are putting down markers for Lord Leveson, warning him that if he starts writing his own Blairite laws on freedom of speech and freedom of comment, he'll be ignored.

Even his own party doesn't believe Chancellor Osborne's claim that the euro crisis is killing off Britain's recovery. It's obvious, even to the meanest intelligence, that New Labour did so much damage to the British economy that the Coalition doesn't a clue when it comes to where to start fixing it, and how to fix it once a starting point has been figured out – and also that E. Balls and the Milibandit would make things infinitely worse if they were in charge.

The Inconvenient Truth about Dave the Leader's "Railway of the Rich"
For the last 3 years, the Dept. of Transport has been sitting on a pair of reports which show that the prime monster's much flagshipped "benefits" from building a high-speed rail link between London and Birmingham have been "grossly exaggerated."
   Building the HS2 line will cost £17 BILLION at the latest guestimate (and probably a hell of a lot more if it's ever done). Dave has been pretending that it will benefit the nation to the tune of £23 BILLION. The suppressed reports say that the real benefits will be £8 BILLION, which will leave the taxpayer with a bill for £9 BILLION (plus cost over-runs) instead of a £6 BILLION profit. Truly, the economics of the Gordon Broon madhouse.

D. Cameron may be dead keen on rewriting the rules on marriage to incluse same-sex couples but most of the likely beneficiaries of his posturing aren't bothered. So that's more time and public money wasted on another of Dave's fruitless gestures.

The Labour party has been benefitting from block-voting swindles using postal votes since the 1990s (if not before), but it is only now that the people organizing the block votes have given up on Labour that the party is making noises of complaint. Curiously, the leaders of both the Tories and Liberals, who had to know what was going on, have made no effort to do anything to stop their respective parties from being swindled for decades in both national and local elections.

The Coalition plans to go where New Labour feared to tread and make forcing children into marriage illegal. But not until next year.

The Coalition promised to wipe from the DNA database, the details of everyone who had been tested and then either not charged with an offence or cleared. Surprise! This hasn't happened and another 165,000 innocent people were added in the last 3 years.
 • Some 6,000,000 people are on the database and around 1,000,000 shouldn't be.

The threat of a Jubilee blockage by skip operators forced HMRC to jump on rogue landfill firms, which were trying to apply the top rate of £64/ton to harmless loads, which should have been charged at £2.50/ton. It seems that every time the government machine issues regulations, it fails to ensure that those charged with enforcing them have the intelligence to do so.

The National Policing Improvement Agency spent £71,000,000 between 2008 and 2010 on giving coppers and support staff smartphones to save money on paperwork. The total saving was £600,000. So that was £70,400,000 flushed down the Brown Hole.

The latest U-turn is to ditch plans to put a cap on donations to genuine charities and to focus on tax dodging via donations to dodgy foreign "charities".

Chancellor G. Osborne had had to do a U-ey on putting VAT on cooling pies and pasties, and VAT on static holiday caravans will be at 5%, not the full 20%. Although we would question why there should be VAT on any of the above now that wee Gordie Broon is no longer chancellor.

Justice Minister K. Clarke has been forced into a U-turn on holding trials and inquests in secret.

If Calamity Clegg really believes that British politics became corrupt only when New Labour and subsequent regimes started cosying up to the Murdoch empire, then he's either not intelligent to be let out on his own or he's totally out of touch with reality.

Contrary to the initial "explanation", Google deliberately set out to harvest data from people with unsecured networks using its spy cars. But is the government so cosily close to Google that there's no danger of a Leveson-style inquiry into Google's hacking? Or an investigation of possible breaches of EU privacy laws?

The Coalition continues to pretend that it's fair that new pensioners, who have made just 30 years' National Insurance contributions, will get the First Class Pension in 2016 whilst existing pensioners, who have made 48 or even 49 years' NI contributions, will continue to receive a lower second- class pension.

April's figures on government spending showed a RISE of 3.8% on the year. Wot bloody cuts? Worse, tax receipts were down 0.9% on the year, so the gap's getting BIGGER AND BIGGER.

New Labour's ill-conceived race hate laws have been abused to the extent that 88,000 children, some aged 3, have been declared officially racist for making harmless remarks for children. The Coalition seems to be making no attempt to ensure that the people who make decisions about innocent others have at least 2 brain cells to rub together.

The Coalition promised to cut net migration to a figure below 100,000 bodies per year. It was 252,000 for the period January to September 2011. Some cut.

60,000 serial criminals, who'd all committed 15 or more crimes, were allowed to stay out of gaol last year. Justice Minister K. Clarke says there are too many people in gaol and that's all the fault of the popular press. He'd far rather have them free and able to mug and burgle the common people, whom he despises. So that's another out-of-touch Tory who's outed himself and volunteered to be gone in a Cabinet reshuffle. If Dave has the guts to do the decent thing.

The eurozone mob seem intent on bouncing Britain into a Europe-wide tax on financial transactions, which will be funded mainly from the City of London, to pay for another bail-out for Greece. Will Dave have the guts to stand firm on this issue or will be crumble and let the rest of the EU cobble together another dirty deal at Britain's expense?

Dave the Leader says convicts won't get the vote, no matter what the ECHR and the Liberals want. Will this be another Dave Pledge, which is quietly forgotten after a couple of weeks?

Having commissioned the Beecroft Report on how to make life easier for the wealth-creating private sector, Dave the Leader has chickened out of letting small firms duck out of some red tape. Apparently, the Liberals are against all measures aimed at getting the economy expanding again and especially against sacking people who won't shape up and make a worthwhile contribution.

The current Afghan war will cost the British taxpayer a cool TWENTY BILLION QUID.

Despite all the moans from Labourites, trade unions, the BBC and other leftie organizations, "the savage cuts which are bleeding Britain to death" are just political fantasy.
   Public spending ROSE 0.3% in the Coalition's first year and fell by just 1.5% in the 2nd year. That's an average cut of a mere 0.6%/year over the 2 years.
   Meanwhile, Britain's debt was £1,006 BILLION in May 2010 and it is on course to RISE by 60% to £1,613 BILLION in 2015.
   How is this happening? Because, for every CUT in one area, there's a stonking big RISE in expenditure elsewhere. All of which proves that you can't expect the truth either from politicians or from vested interests.

The Tories are to replace the GCSE exams which, under New Labour, came to guarantee a pass to absolutely anyone at all.

Customers are asking: "Who runs the government, D. Cameron or Bungalow Bob, the head of the civil service?" The fact that people are even asking the question says a whole lot about Dave's perceived grip on the job.

G. Osborne, trading as the Chancellor of the Exchequer, has done a U-turn on his Heritage Stealth Tax for repairs, etc., to churches.

Labour's 'uman rights law lets 100 foreign criminals per month evade deportation and remain in the UK. Yet the Coalition shows no sign of doing anything at all about it . . .

The Coalition has decided that the civil service in London will work from home during the 7 weeks of the Olympics junket and get full pay for doing about half of the normal work load.

The number of nurses employed by the NHS has been falling because NHS Trust managers have been sacking nurses instead of cutting unnecessary bureaucracy. The government, finally, is out of denial and aware of the situation. But whether anything will be done, like firing the obstructive Trust managers, remains to be seen.

Teachers have been scammming the schools' assessment system for years by getting pupils wrongly classified as having special needs. Up to one-quarter of those registered shouldn't have been. But the Department of Education is on the case.

Everyone in the civil service needs their gold-plated pension scheme scrapped in favour of something fairer and affordable for the poor old taxpayer. Curiously, MPs of all parties agree that nothing like this should happen to their own gold-plated pensions.

Deputy Prime Monster N. Clegg's job creation venture is throwing taxpayers' money at schemes which any fule can see have little prospect of creating employment, just like New Labour's efforts. His personal record so far is £200,000 of TPM blown on creating one single job.

The Coalition has blown £100- 200 MILLION while dithering over which type of aircraft to put on the new carrier, which is expected to go into service sometime in the 22nd century. Clearly, nothing has changed at the Ministry of Defence since New Labour was in charge.

The UK Border Agency is in the habit of stopping and searching white people solely to create a balanced mix of persons who are searched. Which is illegal. Worse, passengers are waved through Customs with drugs and/or too much alcohol and/or ciggies in their luggage. Natch, suspected illegal immigrants are allowed to come and go as they please. And yet, this same bunch expect public sympathy when they go on strike because they're being asked to make a slightly bigger contribution to their gold-plated pensions. How very New Labour.

The latest Big Ideas from Dave & Co. are:
 • A flat rate £155/week pension for all NEW pensioners from 2015; those who have paid 48 years' National Insurance contributions and are already drawing a pension will be swindled.
 • Drugged driving will be made illegal (ignoring the fact that is already an offence to drive under the influence of drink or drugs).
 • There's going to be a National Crime Agency because we don't have an FBI and the United States does.
 • The Snoopers' Charter will happen – the government making phone and internet access dearer by requiring service providers to store all phone calls, emails, records of internet access, etc.
 • There will be paid paternity leave for fathers, so companies will have to put their prices up because the money to pay the fathers for not working won't magically appear out of thin air, as the Labour party believes – and now the Tories and Liberals.

Ofsted, the schools regulator, wants to stop kids causing disruption by using mobile phones in class.

The Home Office has booted out a grand total of THREE of TWO HUNDRED suspected war criminals found in Britain in the last 18 months. The country clearly remains the save haven for terrorists created by New Labour.

Successive governments have let Ofcom, the alleged media regulator, spend £2,500,000 over the last 5 years on teaching people how to watch television. And given the chance, Labour will throw a whole lot more at this terrible problem. No wonder the bloody country went broke under New Improved Labour.

NICE, the health watchdog quango, wants to ban the use of the word "obese" as fat people might find the truth unpleasant. The diktat was issued in a document called: "Obesity: Working With Local Communities", so it's another case of "do as I say" rather than "do as I do".

The reason why the Coalition isn't getting on with repairing New Labour's mess is that the Liberals are holding Dave back. Which raises rather a lot of questions about his value as a prime minister.

Not booting Abu Katada (terrorism supporter, benefit scrounger, general bad guy) has cost the taxpayer £3 million so far and there will be lots more if Home Sec. T. May continues to dither.

New Labour's New Contract for dentists helped them to swindle £73 million out of the NHS in 2009/10. And it might even be £80 million if the books are inspected fully. The Coalition plans to issue a new New Contract and check claims for fraud until it is in place.

The Coalition is sitting on its hands while Ofwat is letting the water companies lose 25% of the water supplied to customers via leaky pipes. There will be no toughening of the requirement to reduce leaks by 1.5%/year before 2015.

The good kicking received by the Tories in the local elections is said to have refocussed Dave. Thus the Queen's Speech will be long on essentials and short on frivolities, like reform of the Lords and increasing overseas aid by law.

Falling tax thresholds have put 800,000 more people into the 40% tax band over the last 2 years. And 630,000 more will join them next year. It's as if Gordy Broon never went away!

Why did school exam results get "better" under New Labour? Thanks to a decade of unjustifiable grade inflation for GCSEs and A-Levels, Ofqual, the exam regulator, has found. So will the Coalition stop the rot?

Temporary hosepipe bans lasting most of the year and even standpipes in the streets are threatened by the Environment Sec. Looks like C. Spelperson has no plans to make the foreign-owned water industry create more reservoirs to put more slack into the system.

Dave the Leader reckons his team has to get a grip on the long queues for passport checks at airports. He could start by finding out why the UK Border Force is sacking staff at a time when they're in short supply and tell us the reason.
Millionaire Dave's big idea is to charge air passengers more to price poor people out of the queues.

Berco, the Marx brother in charge of the Commons, plans to blow half a million quid of taxpayers' money to give every MP an iPad. He reckons it will save money by eliminating paperwork, which demonstrates how hopelessly out of touch with the real world that he is.


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