Back to Front PageThey think they're oh, so fine, our political masters, but it will come as no surprise that the general public can see right through them. The big problem is that too few people bother to take a look.

Let them have it!

Vladimir Putin
Doesn't believe in shootin'.
When he wants someone dead,
It's poison, not a bullet in the head.

Barrack Obama
Tried hard to be a charmer.
"Yes, we can!" was his cry,
But for eight years in office, he didn't even try.

Donald Trump
Finds it easy to get the hump.
But when people cite contradictory views,
They're just spreading fake news.

Theresa May
But if she actually will, no one can say.
As for her principles and red lines,
They have many more varieties than Heinz.

Jeremy Corbyn
Spent his whole career absorbin'
Praise from an army of terrorist gits
And the world's spendthrift Socialist twits.

Tony Blair
Just doesn't care
That lying is a sin
While the cash rolls in.

Gordon Brown
Can do nothing but frown
And throw mobile phones
When narked by his drones.

Michel Barnier
Will never get a Hip, Hooray!
While he's a block in the road
With his head stuck in dick mode.

Jean-Claude Juncker
Couldn't get any druncker.
But if the taxpayer's buying,
He'll just keep on trying.

# # #

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