Back to Front PageAs these things usually do, it started very harmlessly.
Then, inevitably, it got silly.
Is there any hope of someone with juice declaring enough already? Nope.

They just go on and bloody on . . .

 Abdication — holiday from being King
 Advertcation — “If only!” say the nation's TV viewers, BBC included
 Awaycation — break from being stuck @ home
 Certification — holiday spent filling in forms
 Communication — holiday spent nattering to other people
 Confiscation — what thieves do for holiday entertainment
 Cruisecation — ship holiday like what it says on the brochure
 Daiverse — poem by a Welshman
 Daivercity — where the poetic Welshman lives
 Doughcation — urge to be a bank clerk
 Duplication — holiday for someone with a split personality
 Education — go somewhere to learn something
 Eradication — seeing off the Chinese plague
 Escapecation — getting away from it all
 Fabrication — time off to indulge in an orgy of DIY
 Foecation — the enemy's HQ
 Fornication — sea, sand and especially sex
 Hoecation — an allotment holiday
 Homecation — Can’t afford a break? Pretend it’s only the mass of rules stopping you
 Implication — “holiday” spent explaining things to dim people
 Indication — sign made with fingers, sometimes two, sometimes one
 L'eaucation — the seaside
 Lenscation — not wearing your specs for vanity reasons
 Modification — see Fabrication
 Nocation — staying @ home to avoid being ripped off by holiday host spivs
         or too busy to go on holiday or “I think I'm lost”
 Obfuscation — enjoying bamboozling people with double-talk
 Pingcation — stuck at home because a plague-carrier walked past you
 Pocation — where the ‘gazunder’ goes
 Relocation — break spent looking in vain for somewhere you like
 Rowcation — the Thames on Boat Race day
 Sailcation — what used to be a cruise
 Scumcation — break from Labour deputy leader A. Rayner's whinges
 Sewcation — a tailor's shop
 Simplification — see Implication
 Staycation — getting away from home without leaving the country
 Toolcation — holiday from DIY jobs
 Veaucation — 1. a calling to the sea 2. a calling to the veal trade
 Vindication — boozy holiday or giving up wine
 Woecation — a rather miserable place
 Workcation — looking busy but actually doing bugger all

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