Back to Front PageDid we vote for a rest from the Blair/Brown culture of
lies and stealth taxes at the last general election?
Yes, we did. Did we get it? No.

The biggest problem is that . . .

. . . D. Cameron seems to believe in nothing at all and have even less integrity than Tony Blair. He's very good at making promises if he thinks they'll buy him temporary support but, like Blair, he's really good at "drawing a line and moving on", and erasing the promises from his memory. Like these promises, for instance:

Clamping Down on Bogus Migrants and Evicting Foreign Criminals

Cameron assured the nation he would stop undesirables from using the Human Rights Act to stay here and live off British taxpayers. But nothing has been done about ending the abuse of our hospitality.

Company Pensions Lifeboat

Cameron said that one of the first things he would do in office is get the Chancellor to put in place a fund to protect people whose company goes bust and takes their pension with it. We're still waiting for this "first" to happen.

Cut Red Tape imposed by the European Union

In opposition, Cameron promised to get Britain out of the European Social Chapter regulations on business and working conditions. In office, nothing much is happening.

A Cut in Stamp Duty to Help Young People Get on the Housing Ladder

No sign of anything happening, or going to happen, to prove that Dave is "on the side of first-time buyers".

Expand the Army "to Improve the Welfare of our Forces"

We had a promise that 3 battalions cut by Labour would be restored but all Dave has done is cut the Armed Forces even more – to their lowest level since Victorian times – while getting the country into more and more foreign wars.

Get migration and the rising population under control

Cameron promised to limit the rise due to immigration to "tens of thousands" per year. In 2010, the population of Britain rose was a quarter of a million, which is a hell of a lot of tens of thousands.

A pledge to "lead the most family-friendly government in history"

This promise went up in smoke when the Family Justice Review was published and the nation discovered that Dave is quite content to deny access to children by fathers and grandparents at the whim of the mother when a relationship ends.

A Referendum on Handing more Powers to the EU

The issue was the Lisbon Treaty, which Gordon Brown signed all on his own in secret in a back room, but the threat from the power-hungry bloatocrats of the EU remains. Unfortunately, D. Cameron is so busy greasing up to them that a "cast iron" promise has slid down the drain.

Restore Tax Relief for Married Couples

Dave has promised twice to "back marriage in the tax system" but, like most of Dave's promises, there is no delivery and it looks like the pledge has served its purpose and he has moved on.

Swapping the Human Rights Act for a British "Bill of Rights"

This was another Cameron promise: to abolish the HRA. But his Liberal coalition partners don't want it and Cameron is content to let them have their way.

More Prisons

Back in 2006, Cameron was all in favour of building more prisons and beefing up existing gaols. In office, the coalition has no plans to build more prisons and the Justice Minister, K. Clarke, is doing his best to empty the existing prisons with the help of the judiciary and their "Criminals Belong In The Community" policies.

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