Back to Front PageAmerica comes to a standstill, government workers doing "non-essential" work get a holiday without pay, and all because the Repubelicans and the Democraps can't set a budget. This is what a group of political activists are doing about it . . .

Subject: Here's a truly effective way for you to tell Washington what you think...

From: Rich at The Black Envelope Day Campaign

Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2013 20:43:02 +0100


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Can you imagine if you ran your household as recklessly as
President Obama and Congress are running our country now?

The bank would have rightfully REPOSESSED your car and your house!
Your boss would likely have FIRED you!
Your credit card company would have CONFISCATED your credit cards!
And your kids would be JUSTIFIABLY FURIOUS with you!

CLICK HERE NOW to send your FedEx-delivered postcards to the President and Congress and tell them that you have had enough. It's time for common-sense. They simply MUST make the same and obvious budgeting choices that the rest of us make every day!

And here is how you can do that...

We know from previous experience that when politicians are flooded with thousands of printed and FedEx-delivered postcards, they suddenly become "concerned". You see, all that physically-delivered mail right to their offices has an impact that can't be ignored AND THAT'S WHEN THEY PAY ATTENTION.

Our "DemandCARD" system was built for that purpose and has been used to great effect for years by concerned Americans like you. And with last night's game of Washington DC political "chicken", we were up throughout much of the night to get the platform ready for you to use today.

So, go ahead and put your message physically on their desks.

Tell the
President and Congress in no uncertain terms... no new taxes, no more printing "Monopoly" money, no more borrowing from hostile communist regimes to finance American debt.

Tell them to do their jobs and stop "kicking the can" down the road for our kids and grandchildren to have to deal with. It simply is not right!

Click any one of the highlighted links or click on the big red "SEND CARDS" button and with a few mouse-clicks, you can send your postcards to the right politicians at the right time.

And best of all, we do ALL the work for you.

We will print your personalized postcards and FedEx them to those officials you select... from the President and to key Members of the House and Senate.

A flood of cards, personally delivered to their offices WILL make it clear to them that you are not happy with the parade of empty-promises, the over-spending, the waste and the fraud that is OBVIOUS to so many of us common-sense Americans.

Make it clear to them NOW that you expect them to deal with the over-spending and to STOP PLAYING GAMES WITH OUR NATION'S FUTURE!

Thanks, and we will keep you posted shortly as to how many messages we delivered in the coming days. Help us flood their offices now!

-- The Black Envelope Day Team --

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