Back to Front PageGiven the shiftiness of politicians, what they keep quiet about tends to be as significant as what they promise to do. Remembering, of course, how worthless political promises tend to be, especially when Dave makes it.

This Year's Queen's Speech Included:

  • Making it easier to deport illegal immigrants
  • Measures to prevent immigrants from gaining access to services to which they are not entitled
  • Making forced marriage a criminal offence
  • Creating the offence of being in charge of an out-of-control dog on private property
  • A single-tier state pension from 2016 for new pensioners only, and retirement at 67 in 2026
  • A cap on social care costs of £72,000 – excluding board and lodging and meals and all sorts of other stuff which make the cap worthless
  • Supervising criminals who got a short sentence for 12 months after their release
  • Giving businesses a £2,000 discount on National Insurance costs
  • Increasing the size of the Reserve forces to save money on proper armed services and changes to the way Defence equipment is purchased – with the forlorn hope of saving money.
  • Making it possible to spend HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF POUND on preparatory work before construction begins on the White Elephant H2S rail link between London and Birmingham
  • Making it easier for customers to switch water supplier and for new companies to enter the market
  • Compensation for sufferers of asbestos-related cancer who cannot trace their old employer
  • Requiring overseas operators of gambling activities to obtain a licence from the UK Gambling Commission
  • Using taxpayers' money to fun an EU propaganda campagn which hopes to develop understanding of the EU

This Year's Queen's Speech Left Out:

  • Any mention of Europe and a referendum on Britain's membership of the EU
  • Minimum alcohol pricing – Dave wants it but most of his ministers don't
  • Plain cigarette packaging along Australian lines to destroy brand identity and loyalty
  • A register for lobbyists, even though Dave reckons that political lobbying is the next big political scandal waiting to happen
  • Making spending 0.7% of GDP on foreign aid compulsory by law – the Liberals, who are always liberal with other people's money, want it – and so does Dave – but Tories with more than 2 brain cells to rub together won't have it
  • Recall of MPs – a chance for voters to demand a by-election if their MP is found guilty of 'serious wrongdoing'
  • The Snooper's Charter plan to record all Internet traffic, including emails, visits to social media websites and use of Skype
  • Legalizing same-sex marrigages, which is carried over from the previous parliamentary session and will chugg on in the background because Dave wants it even if nobody else is that bothered

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