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The (Post-) Cameron Regime
click hereBritain leaps forward with a purely Tory government: or does it? (May 2015 on)
click hereDave has been ditched, who will be his successor? (June 2016)
click hereDave has been ditched, the May regime begins . . . (July 2016)

click hereA "new dawn" manifesto from Woolfie Smith's successor? (Sept. 2015)
click hereTwit & (what's a cute opposite of wisdom?) from the great man (Oct 2015 on)

The Brown Regime
click hereBritain reaps what Gordon Brown has sown (Sept 2007 on)
click hereA diary of Brown catastrophes #1 (June-Dec 2007)
click hereA diary of Brown catastrophes #2 (Jan-June 2008)
click hereWhat 'Him With the Eyebrows' wants us to believe is his work (March 2008)
click hereThe government's lies about migration EXPOSED! (April 2008)
click hereLabour's new bureaucratic targets for local councils (Jul 2008)
click hereA diary of Brown catastrophes #3 (July-Dec 2008)
click hereNorman Brown explained to an American audience (Oct 2008)
click hereWhat our readers think of the Brown Recession (Nov 2008)
click hereA diary of Brown catastrophes #4 (Jan-June 2009)
click hereWhat Brown is doing with OUR money on is Just Plain Criminal (Apr 2009)
click hereWhat, if anything, is the govt. doing to ease the Brown Slump? (Apr 2009)
click hereThe PM's message to the nation on MP expenses swindles (Apr 2009)
click hereThe Fantasy Budget from Brown's Zombie Government (April 2009)
click hereWhat sort of a police state has New Labour created? (Oct 2009)
click hereA diary of Brown catastrophes #5 (July-Dec 2009)
click hereEven more blatant theft by this rotten government (March 2010)
click hereA final diary of Brown catastrophes #6 (Jan-May 2010)
click hereThe Brown regime's trillion-pound, final spending spree (June 2010)
click hereCommittees junketing as the Brown regime collapsed (July 2010)
click hereSome Labour non-jobs worth trimming from local councils (Dec 2010)

Climate Change
click hereWhat's so bad about a spot of global warming, anyway? (June 2005)
click hereWhat's the shock-horror Stern Report REALLY all about? (Nov 2006)
click hereCarbon Con-men; stealing the planet in the name of saving it! (Feb 2007)
click hereCarbon Con-men II; the wheels start coming off their scams (Mar 2007)
click hereThe United Nations is lying about climate change. Why? (Mar 2007)
click hereThe EU is banning incandescent light bulbs. But Why? (Mar 2007)
click hereGenuine, and surprising, facts on greenhouse gases (Mar 2007)
click hereMacclesfield Council's illegal use of C-Taxpayer's cash (Mar 2007)
click hereThe UN issues another dodgy dossier on climate change (Apr 2007)
click hereClimate Change confusion (Jul/Oct 2007)
click hereGreenWash: a counterblast to mindless global warming propaganda (Aug 2008)
click hereWhat can you believe about power from windmills? (Nov 2008)
click hereIf Global Warming is real, why so many lies about the 'evidence'? (Apr 2009)
click hereWarning another New Labour Stealth Tax rip-off on the way (Nov 2009)
click hereUps & Downs of Global Warming Swindling in 2009, Part 1 (Jan 2010)
click hereUps & Downs of Global Warming Swindling in 2009, Part 2 (Jan 2010)
click hereFacts On CO2 (Jan 2010)
click hereThe great wind farm scam – a lousy deal for the taxpayer (Aug 2010)
click hereA counterblast to Global Warming Swindlers (June 2011)
click hereSome Global Warming Questions & Answers (Sep 2010)
click hereGreen taxes: World-Saving or just More Bloody Taxes? (July 2011)
click hereIgnorant MPs are marching the economy over a cliff (June 2012)
click hereThe first guess [on climate change] isn't always the right one (July 2012)
click hereThe Liberals have fantasies, everyone suffers (July 2012)

Coalition Capers
click hereWhat The Coalition got up to in Year 1 (May 2010 on)
click hereThe Coalition promises much but isn't delivering that many CUTS (Oct 2010)
click hereWhy does the civil service feel so entitled to waste public money? (Oct 2010)
click hereWhat The Coalition got up to in Year 2 (May 2011 on)
click hereWhat's the difference between a Cameron promise and fog? (Oct 2011)
click hereWhat The Coalition got up to in Year 3 (May - December 2012)
click herePart 2 of the Coalition's Year 3 (January - May 2013)
click hereAnatomy of a politically motivated Stitch-Up (Jan 2013)
click hereWhat's in – and what out of – the Queen's Speech (May 2013)
click hereThe Coalition's Year 4 (June 2013 to August 2014)
click hereDave the Leader's promised Magnificent Seven for Europe (April 2014)
click hereThe Coalition's Last Year (Hooray!) (September 2014 to May 2015)

Election Stuff including Election Scams
click hereConspiracy Theories – What's really going on in France? (May 2002)
click hereElectoral Commission Capers: Just what is it up to? (May 2002)
click hereWinning Way$: 57 tips for stealing an election from the USA (Nov 2004)
click herePostal Votes: Building on Birmingham 2004, on to May 5th 2005 (Apr 2005)
click hereResults of the 2005 general election (May 2005)
click hereMay Day 2008 local elections – the aftermath (May 2008)
click hereWhat can America expect come November? An observation. (Oct 2008)
click hereA selection of posters you might have missed (May 2010)
click hereThe not-so-great Electoral Commission extortion racket (Sept 2010)

European Union
click hereWho pays the piper in the EU and who's just a loud scrounger (June 2005)
click hereWhy does the EU have such a down on landfill for refuse? (Aug 2008)
click hereWhat did Dave get out of the EU? (Feb 2016)
click herePropaganda from the first ever referendum: EU 1975 (May 2016)

Global Items
click hereRiot Zone: A Florida schoolkid in handcuffs? Could it happen here? (Apr 2005)
click hereA spot of American history to sprain your brain! (Jan 2008)
click hereJobsworths are everywhere. Here's one in America (Jul 2008)
click hereKartoon Korner : Items in circulation on the Web (updated Feb. 2012)
click hereThe new, post-Credit Crunch vocabulary of stockbroking (Oct 2008)
click hereA tale of political correctness stomped upon in Arizona (Oct 2008)
click hereHow America will be saved by the mon(k)ey-merchants (Feb 2009)
click hereSome prize specimens are running America!!! (Aug 2009)
click herePoliticians waving their arms about – Art or Science? (Sep 2009)
click hereA ready reference to Party Symbols in the Afghan Elections (Sep 2009)
click hereExciting, it ain't! What the WikiLeaks say (some of them) (Dec 2010)
click hereGas Strike! – A spot of consumer outrage from Canada (Apr 2011)
click hereWho are all these guys with the Queen? (Jun 2012)
click hereIt's Black Envelope Day with the US govt. running out of cash (Oct 2013)

Government In Action
click hereYou Wan' It? We Got It! New Labour's Sale!!! (May 2002)
click hereSleaze Unlimited: A licence to sleaze to spare the P.M.'s blushes? (Aug 2004)
click hereBusiness As Usual: New Labour is feeling fireproof again (Jan-Apr 2005)
click hereGuidance on use of force by householders against intruders (Feb 2005)
click hereVanished! : How 280 million of 'new money' just went up in smoke (Apr 2005)
click hereFree speech? Don't try that lark at the Labour conference! (Sep 2005)
click herePeerages for sale but the price needs some work (Nov 2005)
click hereSponsor a city academy and get a knighthood – or even more! (Jan 2006)
click hereWhat are the Blair regime & the Eurocrats up to now? (Jan-Jun 2006)
click hereThe government's real ID card plans a warning! (Mar 2006 on)
click hereWho got something decent for bunging New Labour? (Mar 2006 on)
click hereWhat are the Blair regime & the Eurocrats up to now? (Jul 2006 on)
click hereNew Labour's latest scam for ripping off the taxpayer (Nov 2006)
click hereWhat are the Blair regime & the Eurocrats up to now? (Jan 2007 on)
click hereWestminster's Democracy Deniers (May 2007)
click hereSome telling 'company' statistics! (May 2007)
click hereThis useless government wants sensitive data from travellers (Nov 2007)
click hereThis useless government is letting PFI spivs get away with murder (Jan 2008)
click hereWhy is the government going even softer on crime? (Jan 2008)
click hereWe've had Blunkett Bobbies, now, it's Smith's Stasi (Sep 2008)
click hereWhat is Quantitative Easing really about? (Jan 2011)
click hereA spot of political satire from a correspondent (Mar 2011)
click hereNew Labour made it worse, but this has always been crap (May 2011)
click hereMaking stuff up seems to be a vital talent for tax inspectors (June 2011)
click hereSome facts and fancies about the worth of foreign aid (July 2011)
click hereQuango Bonfire or Bun Fight for the usual suspects? (Aug 2011)
click hereThe mess that is local government (Aug 2012)
click hereThe Poll Tax : a spot of 20th century history remembered (Dec 2012)
click herePollutants, or what they called the latest additions to the HoLs (Aug 2013)
click hereSo where does overseas aid money actually go? (Aug 2013)
click hereWho's to blame for the disasters in Somerset and elsewhere? (Feb 2014)
click hereJust how many bloody genders are there, anyway?? (Jan 2016)

Government Inquiries
click hereAnderson – Obfuscation Rules! or How to avoid blame (Jul 2002)
click hereButler : a report by the man who made the 2003 Iraq war possible (Jul 2004)
click hereHutton Report Comment: What is it really trying to tell us? (Jan 2004)

Government Tax & Spend & Waste
click hereStealth Taxes: How the Chancellor picked the taxpayer's pocket (on-going)
click hereAt what has New Labour been throwing taxpayers' money? (2005)
click hereWhat's this rotten govt. wasting OUR money on now? (July 2007)

Local Government
click hereA Brief History of the Loony Left (on-going)
click hereWhat the PC pillocks got up to in October 2006 (Oct 2006)
click hereLabour party wants to raise C-Tax to give more cash to councillors (Dec 2007)
click hereExactly what happens to stuff that ends up in a recycling bin (Sep 2008)
click hereMore abuses of bins, both for refuse and for recycling (Oct 2008)

click hereThe NatWest 3 should be tried in the US for Enron-related fraud! (Jul 2006)
click hereThe Shirley McKie Case – fingerprint experts can and do lie (Jul 2006)
click hereUnder New Labour, judges pass sentences based on politics (Aug 2006)
click hereDoes the punishment really fit the crime for MPs? (Jan 2008)
click hereSheriff Joe Arpaio : how to run prisons in a civilized country! (Jun 2008)
click hereSheriff Joe Arpaio : more revolutionary law enforcement ideas (Aug 2009)
click hereSometimes, public sector cuts aren't a bad thing (July 2011)
click hereIn response to Dead Wood, (above) we got this . . . (Aug 2011)
click hereThe Scottish Tories are not the only Toxic Brand around (Sept 2011)
click hereUnintended Consequences of Over-reaction (May 2012)

Ipswich / Water Companies
click hereJobsworths: NCP car parks & Water Cos. will damage your wallet (Nov 2003)

click hereEmokagate: African Crooks are after Macclesfield Councillors! (May 2002)
click hereEze-Money: 419 scammers still after Macclesfield councillor (Jul 2002)
click hereMacclesfield Council Punishes The Old (Jul 2002)
click hereMacclesfield Council Continues To Persecute Poor Old George (Aug 2002)
click hereFollow The Leader – It's That Man Again! What's he up to now? (May 2002)
click hereMacclesfield Council's VISION: pure stodge & garbage!!! (May 2002)
click hereBackDoor Man: Sahaf Denial by Macclesfield Councillor (Jun 2003)
click hereThe Macclesfield Scrutineers are still watching the council spivs! (Apr 2008)

click hereThe Marple Exocet: A Nice Little Earner Exposed! (May 2002)

Misc. Items
click hereGarbagegate: A Sort Of Statement of Philosophy (Sep 2002)
click hereViolence in Politics – An investigation (Jul 2003)
click hereThe Master: Northern Ireland is a probate lawyers' paradise (Aug 2003)
click hereResponses to items (on-going)
click hereThe Rules of Politics (Jan 2005)
click hereMurphy's Lore: A political expert sounds off on immediate issues (Feb 2005)
click herePetrol nearing a pound a litre? What can the consumer do? (Aug 2005)
click hereWarning of a seasonal scam from 'A Friend' (Jan 2006)
click hereLinks to the cartoons causing all the fuss and more (Feb 2006)
click hereEntries for the award for the Political Cartoon of 2006 (Oct 2006)
click hereA correspondent gets some things off his chest (May 2008)
click hereA Mystery Item from another correspondent (May 2008)
click here The reason why teaching maths isn't getting the job done (Nov 2008)
click here New logos for major companies in the Brown Slump era (Dec 2008)
click here The reason why teaching maths isn't getting the job done, Take 2 (Jan 2011)

MPs' Expenses
click hereSpivs' Charter: MPs expenses for 2003/4 (Oct 2004)
click hereSome lowlights of MPs' expenses claims for 2005-06 (Oct 2006)
click hereMPs' travel expenses for 2005/06 now revealed! (Feb 2007)
click hereWhat top politicians are spending YOUR MONEY on (Apr 2008)
click hereMPs hard working & value for money or just lying scroungers? (Apr 2009)
click hereWhat MPs got away with in their expenses claims (May 2009)

New Labour Political Legacies
click hereWhat sort of a legacy will Tony Blair really leave behind? (Oct 2005 on)
click hereWhat sort of a legacy is Gordon Brown creating? (Dec 2005 on)

Non-Government Inquiries
click hereWhat Lord Butler really thinks of the Blair regime (and additions) (Jan 2005)

Northampton Borough Council
click hereRoad Markings: Give a council a pot of paint ... and it goes mad! (Mar 2004)

Parking & Speeding
click hereFixed-Penalty Fines – are they Unconstitutional & Illegal? (Feb 2005)
click hereFixed-Penalty Fines are being challenged everywhere (Oct 2005)
click hereHow much profit are speed cameras making in your area? (Dec 2005)
click hereCouncil-run parking rackets MPs' plans for a clean-up (Jun 2006)
click hereStationary vehicles : just unlimited chances for piracy (Aug 2006)

click hereSinister plot develops over Poynton woodland (Jul 2002)

The Prime Minister says Sorry (on not!)
click hereAn Apology – The Daily Mail says "Sorry!" (Jun 2002)
click hereApologies II : Garbageproof Gear On, Tone, for more apologies (Sep 2002)
click hereSorry 3: More apologies from our Fearless Leader (Jun 2003)
click hereThe prime minister's grovelling apologies are really piling up! (Jul 2003)
click hereThe PM's grovelling apologies Part V (Sep 2003)
click hereThe Prime Minister would like to apologize – for the sixth time! (Mar 2004)
click hereFresh from a freebie holiday, the PM has given up apologies (Sep 2004)

Refuse / Recycling
click hereGarbage Tax: Tony's next Big Idea (Jul 2002)
click hereMegaGarbage: Macclesfield goes the whole hog on recycling (Jul 2003)
click hereMacclesfield Council's Green Adventure (Aug 2002)
click hereRecycle Or Else! Barnet Council's new scheme has hidden teeth (Mar 2004)
click herePeople fined for putting rubbish out early – who's the criminal? (Jul 2003)
click hereCroydon Council leads the way in garbage weighing (Feb 2005)
click hereWeighing bins at the kerb : yet another Stealth Tax coming (Sep 2006)
click hereNew Labour wants councils to bring in refuse AWC by Stealth (Oct 2006)
click herePay-as-you-throw for refuse trial – disaster in South Norfolk (Jun 2008)

Stockport Council
click hereStockport Council is messing about with Romiley's schools (Mar 2005)
click hereStockport Council Stole My Mother's Christmas (Dec 2010)

Standards Board for EnglandThe Standards Board for England
click hereThe SBfE – local councillors' police force or lynch mob? (Apr 2004)
click hereThe Kangaroo Court again – Cllr. M. + political crime comparisons (Jun 2004)
click hereIndependent councillors fight back against official intimidation (Sep 2004)
click hereKangaroo 3: The Standards Board is at it again – being arrogant (Oct 2004)
click hereUndisgraced: Standards Board meets its match in High Court (Nov 2004)
click hereRoadshow 05 : The SBfE goes on the road to meet customers (Feb-Jun 2005)
click hereKangaroo 4: The Standards Board : stifling local democracy with a will (Aug 2005)
click hereThe Standards Board : a stab in the back for local democracy (Sep 2006)
click hereThe Standards Board : the demise of Nick Marcar (Sep 2006)
click hereThe Standards Board speaks on abuse of local democracy (Sep 2008)

Lots of evil deeds are plotted and dirty tricks pulled behind the scenes in local government. Here is an example of some that went on backstage at Macclesfield Borough Council over the Danegate development plan in 2001/2002.
   The gist of it is that Councillor Murphy stopped supporting the plan when he realized that it was not of benefit to the Macclesfield taxpayer and his party leader, Councillor Burns, had him chucked out of the party summarily for daring to raise a dissenting voice.

click hereDistrict Auditor Letter re: Danegate
click hereDanegate Statement to the District Auditor
click hereConciliation emails
click hereCopies of the Notice and Reply given re the Meeting to Expel Cllr Murphy
click hereExpulsion of Cllr Murphy from the Conservative Group: Document Summary
click hereRebuttal Summary
click hereSections of Minutes of Meetings:
Disley Conservatives & Macclesfield Council Conservative Group
click hereE-Mail Exchange re: Central Office
click hereLetters: Cllr Freear and Cllr Burns
re: supposed Management Committee resolution

A complaint made to the Local Government Ombudsman as a result of Councillor Burns' vendetta had the following result:
click hereThe Ombudsman's verdict on Danegate (Jul 2002)

The political vendetta then headed for the Standards Board for England for a couple of years (see that section above)

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