To Archive List PageThe Global Warming Swindlers have an answer for EVERYTHING. Unfortunately, they have scant regard for the truth when it comes to protecting their livelihoods and their plans for controlling the human race.

Some Great Global Warming Swindle Questions & Answers

Q: Is carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere as a result of human activities a proven cause of global warming?

A: No. The only 'evidence' for man-made global warming comes from computer models, which are fed with deficient data and designed to 'prove' that catastrophic global warming is happening. Worse, there is overwhelming evidence to show that atmospheric carbon dixoide levels rise after the temperature increases, which rules out rising carbon dioxide levels as a cause of global warming. Which also means that ruining the world's industries to reduce carbon dioxide emissions is a complete waste of time.
A main objection to climate models is that they cannot "hindcast", i.e. reproduced past climate conditions when driven backwards from the present day. Which means that their forecasts are worthless.
Another objection to climate models, as abused by the UN's Global Warming Swindlers, is that the IPCC cynically chose the 2 models which predict the worst outcome in terms to temperature rises over the century, and ignored error limits which reduced the projected temperature rise to under 2 deg.C, which is no cause for alarm.

Q: How did the Global Warming Swindlers make the 1990s become the hottest decade in the whole history of the universe?

A: By not comparing like with like.
   The Russians, running out of cash after the collapse of Communism, closed weather stations in cold areas, and urban sprawl has overtaken rural weather stations in the Western world, making them report higher temperatures in unchanged climate conditions.
   If most of the cold scores are removed from a set of data, and other scores are biased upwards artificially, then the average leaps upwards. And the fact that the data are no longer valid for comparison with earlier figures matters not a jot to the Global Warming Swindlers.

(Source: Ross McKitrick)

The Swindlers may talk about a Global Mean Surface Temperature, but it is a quantity as meaningful as a Global Mean Telephone Number. Why? Because the local temperature on the Earth varies between -70 deg.C at the South Pole to +50 deg.C in the tropics. And the local temperature changes from season to season, from day to day and from day to night. So a universal average of such diverse figures means nothing.
   Worse, there is no truly global network of temperature measurement stations set out in an extended grid pattern across the entire planet. Measurement stations tend to be dotted around the world wherever governments can afford to run them, and they all operate to different standards. Which makes the data which the Global Warming Swindlers use to calculate their meaningless average both insufficient and dodgy.

Sherlock Holmes was of the opinion that common policemen jump to a conclusion and stick to it regardless of the obvious flaws in the theory. Exactly the same can be said of the Global Warming Swindler.

Q: What is the motive for apparently respectable environmentalists risking their reputations by spreading groundless scare stories and deliberately and cynically falsifying data and suppressing debate?

A: Every year, the GW Alarmists in the United States collect $5 BILLION of tax dollars, which explains why they are prepared to 'prove' whatever is needed to keep the cash flowing, be it 'proof' of a new ice and the need to shut down global industry to prevent air pollution, as in the 1970s, or 'proof' that catastrophic global warming began in the 1990 and the world needs to close down al industry and large sources of carbon dioxide or the human race will be wiped out.
   Their motto is: "Give us the money, tell us the scare story we have to promote and we will deliver 'proof' in abundance" because the only way for some scientists to attract attention to themselves, and also the big bucks in funding, is to come up with a scare story of Oscar-winning proportions.
   As far as the Alarmists are concerned, "science is not going to intrude on policy".

Q: How will Global Warming affect us here in Britain?

A: If the Southern part of Britain is 3 deg.C warmer in 2050 compared to 2009, then 2,000 more people will die in summer heat waves and 20,000 fewer people will die of cold in winter.
   Source: The Department of Health.

Q: What about power generation from wind turbines? How possible is that?

A: An area Six Times the area of Wales would be required to meet the nation's daily energy needs. With the present number of conventional power stations ticking over, wastefully, to bridge the gap when the wind isn't blowing.

Q: The human race is responsible for just 3% of the carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere, which means that the cuts demanded by Global Warming Swindlers will be an insignificant fraction of the total. So how do they get away with it?

A: The GWS have created a bogus 'Tipping Point' and, they claim, if it is exceeded due to human-sourced emissions of greenhouse gases, then there will be a global catastrophe.
   What the GWS don't let on is that their Tipping Point is fictional and that their scenario doesn't allow for the odd volcanic eruption putting huge amounts of 'natural' carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
   Another piece of fiction that the GWS would have us believe is that human-sourced carbon dioxide is somehow different from 'natural' carbon dioxide and more deadly; which just ain't so.

Q: The United Nations has declared that there is a consensus among climate scientists on man-made global warming, so why argue about it?

A: "Consensus" is a political concept – it means no one agrees completely with what is presented as a group view but everyone can live with it. Concensus has no place in science, which is supposed to test propositions continually in the light of further information.
   Further, no more than 10% of the world's genuine climate scientists believe that man-made global warming exists, most of the members of the UN's consensus are not climate scientists and the few who are have a history of deliberately distorting data to 'prove' their case.
   The most notorious distortion is the 'Hockey Stick' temperature graph, which eliminates the mediaeval warming in the early 2nd century and the Little Ice Age later in the century to create a false impression of stable temperatures until recent times and then a sudden surge upwards.

   The Hockey Stick graph was created using an equation which produces the same profile from any set of data; including telephone numbers selected at random from a directory.

"Consensus" gave us:
 • The Sun orbits the Earth, as does everything else in the universe, and anyone who disagrees is liable to be locked up or killed.
 • The Earth is flat
 • Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction available for use in 45 minutes.

Devalued 'Mentalists

The British Royal Society, motto "Don't take anyone's word for it", has bought the 'Mentalist message and will excommunicate any member who disputes its validity.

Global Warming ain't global! The atmospheric temperature in the southern hemisphere has remained pretty constant since measurement satellites were launched in the 1970s and the South Pole is getting colder even though the amount of carbon dioxide in the local atmosphere is the same as it is everywhere else on Earth. Which kind of rules out carbon dioxide as the source of warming in the northern hemisphere, which kind of lets the human race off the hook.

The spirit of Senator Joe McCarthy is alive and well and working for the 'Mentalists.

In the 1970s, global cooling caused by air pollution was touted as as big a threat to the future of the human race as a nuclear war. The effects of legislation to improve air quality are ignored by the 'Mentalists because everything can't be okay for the 'Mentalists, they need to produce a series of big scare stories.

The 'Mentalists won't allow trees to be planted to absorb carbon dioxide if they are farmed in artificial forests and/or genetically modified to resist weather and pests. The 'Mentalists would have us believe that trees not growing to Mother Nature's plan are a bigger threat to the planet than carbon dioxide.

Environmentalism is the new Communism. Its enemies are everyone who believes in private property, the rights of the individual and small government. Environmentalists want state control of everything and they demand the right to distribute the world's wealth to their clients. They believe in high taxes and their right to indulge in acts of terrorism against institutions and individuals which oppose them.
   They oppose big business but they are frequently manipulated into driving the competitors of big companies out of business through scare tactics and also to rig markets so that inferior and more expensive products are all that's available after cheaper, better rival products have been suppressed.

The Green cause is so right and so important that it is socially acceptable to lie, cheat and steal, and commit character or actual assassination, to further the cause.

The people running the environmental movement are not your grass-roots activists. They are the quangocrat type and they are skilled in extracting public money from politicians trying to buy votes, and blackmailing money out of industries which don't want their businesses disrupted.

The Greens in the USA are known as 'Water Melons' because they are green on the outside and red inside.

The scientific method involves studying data, proposing theories and testing them constantly to find out how accurately the theory describes the real world. The religious method is to formulate a line of dogma, which need have nothing to do with the real world, and oblige everyone, under pain of torture and death, to accept the dogma.
   The Global Warming Swindlers masquerade as scientists but they forbid debate of dogma and oblige their adherents to accept a false concensus on global warming based on deliberately manipulated evidence.
   Why would apparently respectable scientists do this? Because their part in the Great Global Warming Swindle gives them money and power over other people.
   This is demonstrated by the willingness of Global Warming Swindlers to publish and promote:
   1. data which supports their position even when it's inaccurate; and
   2. unsound data even after it has been discredited, e.g. the Mann 'Hockey Stick'.
   Further, their unwillingness to publish raw data before their have applied their fiddle factor, their unwillingness to explain their statistical methods because those methods do not withstand close scrutiny and their willingness to destroy data which fails to support their point of view point to a basic lack of honesty in their position and confirm that man-made global warming is nother to do with science and all about power, politics, money and creating a new religion to help the Global Warming Swindlers to feather their own nests.

Wealth = Oppression to the Environmentalists, so if the state taxes away wealth, the people become free from oppession. Broke and miserable, yes, but not oppressed.

The Ecojihadis seek to recruit the useful idiots in governments around the world, the ones who seek an opportunity to pose as the statesmen of old.

Ecotheists proclaim that only total state control of everything, industry and private wealth included, can take us to an ideal environment , which is unspoilt by human beings – just like the paradises created behind the Iron Curtain by totalitarian Communist regimes.

The environmentalists' love of state control and Communism is curious when one recalls that the most polluted spots on the planet, Chernobyl, for instance, are all in Communist or former Communist countries in the east – something conveniently ignored by the 'Blame America First' lobby.

To the professional environmentalist, People Are Pollution and they believe that anything they do to make the life of inconvenient people miserable or difficult is good for the planet.

"Wealthier is Healthier and Cleaner" – but you won't hear that from the environmentalists. They would prefer people not to notice that making them less wealthy through unnecessary environmental taxes also makes them less healthy. The 'less wealthy' option, of course, excludes the environmentalists, which leaves the rest of us wondering how much Al Gore, the man who should have been president instead of George Bus, has made out of Global Warming Swindles and how his carbon footprint compares with that of the average inconvenient human being.

Environmentalists would prefer people to think that someone else will pick up the bill for their fantasies; the big multinational companies, the rich in other countries, etc.

The environmentalists' beliefs have a lot in common with the belief in witchcraft in the Middle Ages – same leve of fear, same non-existent level of actual threat.

The Church of the Demented Environmentalist; same absence of an actual threat.

The Ecojihadis want the power to take legal action against anyone who challenges them anywhere in the world. They want to be able to deter opponents with fines and put the really serious threats to their religion in gaol.

In the 1960s and 1970s, the environmentalists were preaching that the world needed to 'do something' ** to prevent the world's climate from another ice age. In the 1990s, it was 'do something' to prevent global warming. But the warming trend after the 1970s stopped in 1998. So what next? Are we to be ordered to 'do something' to prevent an ice age or a melt-down? Or haven't the environmentalists made their minds up yet?
   ** By 'do something', they mean raise taxes to punitive levels and eliminate all manufacturing industries.

Global Warming – the Myths, Lies & Inconvenient Truth

The Global Warming Swindlers at the Met Office's Hadley Centre and the University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit have been cherry-picking climate data from Russia to 'prove' their case. Adding in the 75% of the data, which they omitted from their publications, shows that there has been NO warming there over the last 80 years.

Global Warming Swindlers dismiss blogs issued by sceptics because they are not published in the scientific literature and subject to 'peer review'. But the Global Warming Swindlers have a firm grip on the scientific literature, for one reason or another, and they make sure that dissenting views are not published, and journals which publish dissenting views are dismissed as no longer 'serious'.

Any figure produced as a "Global Average Temperature" is completely meaningless. Temperatures on the Earth range from -70 deg.C at the poles to +50 deg.C at the equator. Temperatures everywhere vary from day to day and from season to season. And unequal distribution of heat energy in the atmosphere could make the tropics hotter and the poles colder while keeping the "Global Average Temperature" the same.

The human race is responsible for carbon dioxide emissions of 26 gigatons per year. The planet's oceans have a mass of 1,300,000,000 gigatons, they are capable of absorbing ALL of this carbon dioxide and this process increases the carbon dioxide concentration by 1 part of carbon dioxide in 50,000,000 parts of sea water – which has no effect on the climate.

[March 2009] The EU's Emissions Trading Scheme, a tax introduced as a Global Warming Swindle, adds £1,600,000,000 to British electricity bills. Wind turbine operators receive a 100% subsidy. NHS hospitals are paying out millions in carbon emission penalties and meat is going off the menu as it is defined as "carbon intensive" by the Global Warming Swindlers. Thousands of British companies are having to find a total of £600,000,000 to buy "carbon credits". Vehicle taxes go up to pay for Global Warming Swindles, so does fuel duty and the list goes on and on.

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