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What we know for sure

All that recent reports on the state of the Earth's climate can say for sure is that the global temperature has risen slightly. But the mechanism behind the change remains unknown, which means that there is no justification for blaming any changes on human intervention.
   Worse, if the reason why the climate is changing is not known, then all the fancy schemes to do something about it (i.e. mess about with atmospheric carbon dioxide in the hope of reducing global temperatures) are just flim-flam.
   If the world's scientists don't know why something is happening, then meddling is more likely to make things worse than better. But the most probable outcome is that vast amounts of time and money will be wasted and nothing will be achieved.

Which is why it is important not to be taken in by the false promises and scare stories of the Carbon Con-men!

There is no urgent need for action on climate change; and certainly no justification for doing anything before the consequences of a course of action are known

It is mainly the politicians, ever greedy to grind their electorate into the dust with 'Green' taxes, who are pushing for action. But all they are interested in is raising tax revenue so that they can divert it into their pet schemes, and the usual blatant vote-buying, instead of spending it on saving the planet or doing something useful for their electorate.

Carbon Con-men 1 : The Stealth Taxer
   Even as you read this, Gordon Brown is biting his nails and trying to think up more bogus 'Green' taxes. He claims to be imposing such taxes in the name of saving the planet but Treasury minister John Healey has blown the whistle on his latest scam.
   Air Passenger Duty (a.k.a. Skyway Robbery and the Poll Tax of the Skies) was doubled from 2007/02/01 as just another blunt instrument for raising revenue. Worse, the tax was imposed illegally and without the consent of Parliament, by a man who thinks he is fit to be the next British prime minister.

Another factor which doesn't fit in with what the Carbon
Con-men want us to believe

It is an established fact that clouds can reflect solar radiation back into space, preventing warming, producing cooling or even triggering an ice age. The last is the Doomsday scenario for an asteroid hitting Earth and lifting into the atmosphere, a cloud of dust and particulates, which cuts off sunlight and plunges the planet into a nuclear winter.
   Henrik Svensmark, the leader of a weather research team at the Danish National Space Centre, has found that cosmic rays have an influence on cloud production. The magnetic activity around the Sun, in turn, has an effect on the amount of cosmic radiation which reaches the Earth.
   We are currently experiencing the highest level of solar magnetic activity for 1,000 years. As a consequence, fewer cosmic rays are hitting the atmosphere, cloud production is lowered and more warming of the planet is taking place.
   Mr. Svensmark thinks that atmospheric carbon dioxide is having a much smaller impact on global temperatures than the Carbon Con-men would have us believe. The Carbon Con-men are saying he is wrong without bothering to examine his data; mainly because he is introducing uncertainty into their cosy world.
   Politicians and other Carbon Con-men want everyone to think they know exactly what is happening as a strategy for exploitation. Don't let them get away with it!

Carbon Con-men 2 : The Footprint Hypocrite
   Ken Livingstone, currently mayor of London, is very proud of his hybrid car, which runs partly on electricity but mainly on petrol. He also seems to think that he is reducing his 'carbon footprint' on the rare occasions on which the vehicle is running on electricity.
   Which completely ignores the fact that the electricity fed to his vehicle's battery system is generated by power stations, which use fossil fuels and natural gas, both of which produce carbon dioxide when burnt, as does his car's petrol-driven engine.

When the Labour party says it has the solution to a problem, what it really means is the Gordon Brown is hoping to pick your pocket yet again.

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