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"Character is not about telling people the truth they want to hear, but telling lies to make the prime minister look less useless." – Gordon Brown, 2010/03/10 (almost)

"I have always strived to serve myself, to do my best in the interests of Gordon Brown." – Gordon Brown, 2010/05/11 (almost)

May 2010

Driven out of office kicking & screaming
Despite the best efforts of Lord Mandelsleaze and disgraced spin doctor A. Campbell, Gordon Brown had to admit defeat when his own Cabinet colleagues developed a touch of backbone and a tiny measure of decency, and admitted that they were ashamed by the Mandelsleaze/Campbell attempts to form a Coalition of Losers. Brown was forced to resign from the jobs of prime minister and Labour party leader and, at last, the disastrous New Labour project has hit the buffers.
 •  As a final betrayal, Brown paraded his kids for the cameras on leaving Downing Street, breaking his pledge never to use them as 'props'.

Coalition of Losers

Scoundrel's last throw of the dice
Brown offers to quit to drag the Liberals into a Losers' Coalition. The only catch is that he has to stay on as Labour leader to oversee the formation of the coalition and he'll be prime minister until the next election. So his departure isn't the absolute certainty he's selling.

Rejected comprehensively but he won't go
While Gordon Brown lurks in Downing Street, barricading the doors with his sense of entitlement and hoping to put together a grand coalition of losers, the rats are planning to make the captain walk the plan to see if that prevents the ship from sinking any further.

Just another betrayal
Britain doesn't use the euro but, thanks to Labour negligence, British taxpayers are liable for £43 BILLION to prop up the ailing European single currency and the EU's "Loans to Bad Risks Fund".

NHS cuts follow Labour waste
The government wasted such HUGE amounts of cash on antiviral drugs for a Swine Flu epidemic, which never happened, that NHS trusts are now having to cut services to balance their books.

April 2010

13 years' reckless spending killed the British economy - he now wants 5 more to bury it!

Labour Lunacy
The government has decided that the 'uman rights of gypsies have priority over those of the communities which they invade, and they are not subject to planning laws like the rest of us.

Election fraud made easy
As a spin-off from the shambles over the no-fly zone caused by the government's failure to measure the real level of the threat from the Icelandic volcanic eruption, most postal votes from overseas, including those from Iraq and Afghanistan, will arrive too late to be counted.

Retribution too late
Sir M. Scholar, head of the UK Statistics Authority, has ordered an inquiry into Labour's abuse of official statistics about immigration and G. Brown's lies during the election campaign.

Tax-Free Day Postponed
The day when Britons stop working for the taxman and start earning for themselves will arrive 3 days later than in 2009. This year, it will be on May 30th thanks, what else, to Labour's tax rises.

Brown disaster in Rochdale
Despite strenuous efforts to keep him away from real people, Gordon Brown actually met one in Rochdale and confirmed that his natural personality is that of a psychopath, and anyone who dares to disagree with him, even a bit, is slagged off afterwards in private.

Reckless spending
The government machine at Whitehall spent £45,000,000,000 of our money in the last year and WASTED £9,000,000,000 of it on things like taxis for civil servants, spin doctoring, management consultants and temporary staff. The whole public sector spent £220,000,000,000 last year. If the rest is as profligate as Whitehall, that means £44,000,000,000 was WASTED.

Reckless spending
Government borrowing went up by 70% in 2009/10 to an enormous £163,400,000,000. The National Debt is now 62% of the Gross Domestic Product – so much for Gordon's much-abused then conveniently abandoned 40% limit.

Brown caught out lying about Labour lies
In the 2nd Duffers' Debate, Gordon tried to deny putting lies about the Tories in Labour election leaflets. Then he had to tell more lies when he was reminded that the lies he was lying about were in propaganda distributed in his own constituency.

Safe in Labour's hands?
The government is cutting front-line NHS services as part of its sleight of hand "efficiency savings" so that it can continue to waste vast amounts of cash on unnecessary "management consultants".

Sound financial management?
Inflation was up to 3.5% last month, which is twice the rate in our European neighbours and three times the inflation rate in the United States.

Ne Labour's "No Fly Culture"
The airlines sent planes up to assess the real danger from aerial volcanic ash – one of which contained the boss of British Airways. The jobsworths of the Civil Aviation Authority & the government were content to use dodgy forecasts from the Met Office to keep British airspace closed because they didn't know what was happening and they were too idle to do the work to find out.

More Brown Lies
The government is trying desperately to suppress a report showing that the British Crime Survey ignored violent crimes against young people and that Labour's claims of a reduction in violent crime are false.

TV no-talent show
The reason why G. Broon lost in the TV beauty contest is that he lacks both talent & personality. N. Clegg 'won' because no one knows much about him and he was allowed to lie his head off with more impunity than the other contestants.

So much for value for money
Gordon Brown had his manifesto launch at the new Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham. The place cost £627 million to build but the taxpayer will shell out £2,600 million under the Brown PFI scheme.

Another Labour mess
Incompetence at the Criminal Records Bureau is blighting the lives of people who have to be cleared through this agency. As with all computer-based systems set up by New Labour, the data is full of mistakes and the staff are reluctant to put them right. As a result, the CRB is paying out £300,000 per year in compensation to the victims of its blunders.

More election fraud on the way
Polls in Afghanistan have found that 57% of the troops support the Tories while just 7% support Labour. As a result, postal votes cast by UK troops are unlikely to reach Britain before the May 6th deadline due to 'transport problems'.

How low can you get? Labour can get even lower
The government is now so desperate that it is sending out scare-mongering letters to cancer patients in a bid to frighten them into voting Labour.

More cash down the drain
In addition to having to pay off Gordon Brown's reckless spending, the British taxpayer is having to give £650 million to Greece, which is also bankrupt due to reckless spending, via the International Monetary Fund because the eurozone can't offer enough to prop up the ailing Greeks.

It's only our money
Labour has given China, the country with the world's 3rd biggest economy (after the USA & Japan) some £170,000,000 in aid since 2004/05. And 2 years ago, Gordon Brown handed the best part of £1,000,000,000 to India, another country (like China) with its own space programme.

Cynical, or what!
The government is refusing to publish until after the general election, official Treasury forecasts of the number of jobs which will be lost as a result of next year's National Insurance increases.

Just more money wasted
The government panicked and ordered 90 million doses of swine flu vaccine at a cost of £540 million. which works out at 6 quid a dose. The Department of Health ordered from 2 suppliers, it put a "kill clause" in the smaller contract to allow the contract to be cancelled if the vaccine wasn't needed, but it neglected to do the same with the larger contract.
   As a result, the DoH has had to do a new deal with GlaxoSmithKline, under which the taxpayer shells out 12 quid a dose for 34.8 million shots of the vaccine. Only 5 million doses of the vaccine have been used so that's £300,000,000 of taxpayer's cash down the drain thanks to Brown Economics.

Another cover-up
Labour is trying to suppress a report showing that its 24-hour drinking culture has resulted in one-half of all violent crimes being committed by drunks, and that having to clear up the debris from all-night drinking has added £100,000,000 to the police overtime bill for the period 2006-2009.

Gordon Brown is so out of touch . . .
. . . that he thinks the British economy can be fixed as fast as Wayne Rooney's ankle, which will keep the Boy Wayne out of action for just a few weeks.

Labour's idea of value for money
The government spends £18,200,000,000 per year on the criminal justice system (policing, courts, prisons, gold-plated pensions, etc.), which is the highest in Europe. 4,700,000 crimes are reported every year but 70% remain unsolved, which is among the worst in Europe

Are we missing something?
Gordon Brown has spent 13 years proving that he blights everything he touches: private pensions, savings, Britain's gold reserves, the banking system, the economy, the armed services during 2 foreign wars . . . But the Labour party still thinks 5 more years of him would be a good idea. It looks like all that sleaze has softened their brains completely.

March 2010

Gordon Brown - going for the yoof vote but not quite bringing it off

Record Breaker
Gordon Brown is now in the Guinness Book of Records as the British politician who has lied most often about immigration and quoted the most made-up and misleading statistics.

Lie upon Lie
60% of all Home Office press releases contain unsupported assumptions and/or outright lies.

Labour has been forced to abandon its Death Stealth Tax; but only until after the next-but-one general election.

It's only taxpayers' cash
The government blew £300 million more than was necessary on its advertising over the analogue/digital TV switch off/over.

It doesn't matter how many people die as long as the target is met
As a direct result of Labour's fraudulent target culture, ambulance crews are being paid bonuses NOT to take patients to hospital to make it easier for the hospital to fiddle its records and appear to meet its A&E treatment time target.

More Brown Lies
Gordon has been caught out in another lie. He did an internet broadcast claiming that immigration is falling. But he used deliberately falsified statistics. But as there is no Broadcasting Standards Agency for the internet, he will get away with it. Which is probably why he did the broadcast on the internet rather than via the regulated media.

Only our money
NHS productivity is falling year on year under Labour and, at present, £3,000,000,000 per year is being wasted. Most of the new money being poured in to the NHS goes on bureaucrats who monitor the government's worthless targets.

Truly, the economics of the madhouse
If Gordon Brown gets his way, most of our national income will go on paying interests on the massive debts he's run up, so he'll have to borrow even more money to pay for day-to-day expenditure. If he tried to run a commercial company like this, he'd end up in gaol. But as he's a politician, he's a genius. Go figure.

The government has been lying to everyone since September 2001 to keep the public in a permanent state of emergency in order to abolish civil liberties by stealth. So says the Westminster Joint Committee on Human Rights.

Reckless Finance
£1,200,000,000,000, – that's the cost to the British taxpayer of New Labour's gold-plated public-sector pensions. Gordon Brown will tell you that the amount is one-third less, but everyone knows that Gordon has severe problems with the truth.

Swindle warning
The small print in Labour's Death Tax scam reveals that not only will people be obliged to hand over 10% of their estate, they'll also have to sell their home to pay for the health care they thought they'd be getting by having to pay a Death Tax.

No surprise here . . .
. . . but a sting operation by Channel 4 journalists has confirmed that the Labour party is still for sale to any company with a bit of cash at all levels from MPs and ministers through to lords. "Buff" Hoon, "Liar" Byers, Baroness Morgan, Margaret Moran (who's too stressed out to do her MP's job and answer questions about expenses theft) and Praticia Hewitt are all on the list of shame.

Sordid Circle of Sleaze
The trade unions and the Labour party have been accused of running a money-laundering scam with the taxpayer as victim. How it works is that the government gives taxpayers' money to the unions for training officials and 'modernizing', and the unions give the money to Labour as donations.

Another U-Turn
Veggie Benn doesn't know which way he's pointing. After doing a U-ey on the dog insurance Stealth Tax, he's had to do another on a compulsory slops bucket for every kitchen in the land in the name of preventing global warming.

Another Brown waste of our money
The National Audit Office has found that the £1 BILLION spent over the last 4 years on messing about with the organizational structure at Whitehall has had ZERO benefit to the taxpayer.

Some truth sees the light of day
Gordon Brown has been forced to amdit in the Commons that he lied to the Chilcot Inquiry when he boasted that he made Defence spending rise 'in real terms' year on year. In the real 'real world', he has been cutting defence spending, even when we were at war in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Militant Tendency Tactic works again
The union Unite is buying its way into the Labour Party. 167 Labour MPs and candidates for the general election are members of the union, and it is parachuting more members into safe Labour seats. A baker's dozen of Cabinet members, including G. Brown and E. "He's Talking" Balls, the union's chosen successor for Brown, are on the union's payroll. And a sacked Brown spin doctor is running the infiltration plan and Labour's election plan. So it looks like a complete takeover by the union is not too far away.

Brown chickens out of Dog Tax
New Labour thought it would be a brilliant idea to make all dog owners insure their pets because a few criminal types lug around dangerous dogs instead of guns and knives. And, of course, the dog owners would have to pay lots of tax on their insurance premiums. But a week later, the wheels came off the idea because lots of people kept pointing out that the people the tax was aimed at wouldn't buy the insurance. Now, Labour is trying to pretend that it had no intention of slapping on its Dog Tax and it's all the fault of them dam' Torys.

Still in the union's pocket
Gordon Brown is now sounding off about the British Airways strike, but only after getting the union's permission to do so. And he's trying to get the strike postponed until after the election to avoid having to say too many bad things about New Labour's paymaster.

Waste has priority over saving lives
Under New Labour, the NHS has wasted £21,000,000,000 on failed equality schemes, and it allows 20,000 cancer patients to die every year by not making life-prolonging drugs available to them. Also, the Department of Health has blown £500,000,000 on management consultants over the last 5 years at no visible benefit to patients.

Brown on another binge
The government plans to use the windfall tax on bankers' bonuses for further reckless spending to buy votes instead of putting a small dent in the £1,400,000,000,000 National Debt and the £178,000,000,000 New Labour plans to borrow this year.

Knowing which side you bread's buttered on
The prime minister has nothing to say about this month's strike by British Airways staff as his party is in the pocket of the union (to the tune of £11 million in recent donations and £3.6 million last year) and New Labour always goes where the money goes.
Update: Unite is also getting its members to canvas for Labour in marginal constituencies, so Gordon is doubly bought and paid for.

No wonder the country's broke
Productivity in the public sector has gone down by 4% since 1997 while productivity in the wealth-creating private sector has risen by 23%. But pay in the public sector has increased by 15% more than in the private sector over the same period. So much for New Labour's noises about creating a fair society.

Brown spin unwinds
G. Brown says he gave lots of money to the armed services. The civil servants running the Ministry of Defence and military chiefs say he cut their budget and there was never enough cash available to fight 2 wars. So who's the liar, Gordon?

Reannouncement, Reannouncement, Reannouncement
After lying his head off to the Chilcot Committee, G. Broon dashed off to a photo opportunity in Afghanistan, where he announced that the troops would be getting 200 more vehicles. Except that the first time the announcement was made, it was 400 vehicles, and the army won't be getting them until 2011 or later.

What they're really covering up
Labour wheeled out usual stooges; J. Straw, E. "He's talking" Balls; to say the government's news blackout on child murderer J. Venables' recall to prison is 'in the public interest' and 'to ensure a fair trial'. But the more likely explanation is that there was a shameful failure of Venables' supervision as a result of New Labour's culture of rewarding failure and putting public safety last, and this rotten government is hoping to cover everything up until after the general election.

More empty promises & Brown negligence
Back in 2008, the government made a big splash about providing £150 million to give carers respite breaks. But Gordon failed to ring-fence the money and NHS managers have stolen 80% of the first £50 million for routine expenditure, which means the £100 million allocated for 2010/11 will suffer the same fate.

Smoke Screen?
Noises are emerging from government circles about putting VAT on food. Secret talks with supermarket operators are being 'leaked'. Which means that Gordon Brown is either going to put a tax on food after the election, but not tell anyone before the election, or it's a distraction and he's either going to hit us with a new Stealth Tax or increase the present 17½% VAT rate.

It's only other people's money!
Gordon Brown's failure to regulate the banks (because he was too busy cosying up to the people running them) cost savers an average of £600 in lost interest last year.

Stealth Tax back by Stealth?
Gordon Brown promised to ditch pay-as-you-throw stealth taxes on domestic refuse back in 2008. He's quietly trying to revive the scheme in 2010.

Where your fifty grand went!
Gordon Brown's mismanagement of the British economy has wasted £1,287,000,000,000 over the last 13 years – that's £50,000 per person in the country!

It's only our money
The Equalities & Human Rights Commission has wasted £3.9 million of taxpayers' cash over the last 2 years due to the government making a bog of setting it up.

Change we CAN'T believe in
The Legal Services Commission, which has been making a bog of distributing legal aid for a decade, is suddenly to be abolished and replaced to make people think they'll get something better if they vote Labour.

The Mote and Beam Show
While Labour & the Liberals are pretending to be excited over Lord Ashcroft's non-dom tax status, they are keeping remarkably quiet about their own on-dom donors.
   Like Labour donors Sir R. Cohen (financier), L. Mittal (steel magnate who had T. Blair pitching for him after he bunged New Labour), S Hinduja (Indian billionaire for whom Lord Sleaze got a passport and then got himself sacked for sleaze) and G. Robinson (government minister with off-shore assets, who gave an interest-free loan to mortgage swindler Lord Sleaze, for which Mandy was sacked).
   Not to mention the Liberal donors B. & D. Choudrie (non-dom Indians via Alpha Healthcare) and M. Brown (a convicted fraudster, who neither lived in the UK nor traded here).
   And let us not forget all the gongs, knighthoods & peerages sold by Labour to raise party funds. And the Brown Slump caused by Gordon spending too much time cosying up to bankers and too little time regulating them.

February 2010

Gordon Brown will tax you to the grave - and beyond

Another Labour flop
In 1999, New Labour promised to reduce the rate of teenage pregnancies by half in a decade. £246 million later, that's another failure to add to the list.

Labour First, The Country Second
New Labour knew back in the 1990s that more immigration would bring increased crime but increasing the Labour vote was more important.

Credibility Gap
The blood-rimmed tide of reality is dripping into the Führer Bunker on Downing Street and its inmate is raging at his staff and chewing the carpet. Gordon F. Brown and Lord Sleaze deny Brown has been bullying the minions, so the founder of the National Bullying Helpline reveals that Downing Street staff have been phoning in and downloading material from the website. So Brown and Sleaze are lying again. How very New Labour.

Been there, done it . . .
Gordon Brown's latest BIG IDEA for winning the election is to invite the public to take a second look at Labour. But as they've been in power, and screwing everything up, for 13 years, we don't need another reminder that he and his cronies are useless.

Don't Mention The War . . .
Gordon Brown has come up with a brilliant strategy for the election campaign – he has ordered his campaign workers not to mention or discuss Labour's record of failure in office.

The hidden menace
Having 8 million people "economically inactive" is bad enough, but what the government doesn't mention is the 5 million people who are "economically detrimental" through having New Labour non-jobs like Diversity Monitor and Climate Change Manager.

Typical Labour dishonesty
The Labour party is holding Cabinet meetings in marginal constituencies to get the taxpayer to pay for their electioneering. An hour for the Cabinet meeting and 5½ hours for "meeja opportunities" and harassing the voters is the usual ratio.

This is just what you expect from the Labour Party . . .
. . . that 975,000 people who haven't committed a crime are on the Police National DNA Databank but 2,300,000 convicted criminals aren't.

Gordon'a latest BIG IDEA . . .
. . . is a surge of reckless spending in the Budget in a desperate attempt to buy votes in the coming general election.

Cynical, or what!
What was the prime Labour policy in 1997? It turns out to have been a plan to let in 3,000,000 immigrants in the hope that they would vote Labour and keep Tony Blair and his successors in power in perpetuity with the connivance of the Boundary Commission, which maintains an artificial bias toward Labour when it sets out constituency boundaries.

It's only taxpayers' cash
Thieving MPs have cost the nation £8 million. That's the cost of the inquiries into their expenses plus setting up the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority to rubber-stamp future expenses claims. The IPSA, of course, will be staffed by the very people who let MPs swindle the taxpayer, and also encouraged them in their swindles. So business as usual.

Handbrake U-Turn
Gordon Brown once said he wasn't going to parade his family for TV and the papers because "my children aren't props, they're people". But oh, how good resolutions crumble when the wheels come off!

Totally bloody useless!
Labour has made such a shambles of evicting illegal immigrants that some of them are benefitting from the rule that lets them stay here permanently if they have been in the country for 14 years.

It didn't work out, Gordon.
"British jobs for British workers", the incoming prime minister promised in 2007. But in the last couple of years, the Brown regime has issued 1.3 million National Insurance numbers to foreign workers.

More Brown Economics
Two icy winters separated by a summer of neglect have left Britain's roads full of potholes, which will cost £10 BILLION to repair.

Brown Economics
Sir T. Legg managed to spend £1,160,000 of taxpayers' cash while deciding that 389 MPs had swindled the taxpayer out of £1,100,000 with their dodgy expenses claims.

More money down the drain
The government has wasted £11 BILLION of taxpayers' money on projects which failed to improve the health of the under-fives. Over £ 7 BILLION went on Gordon Brown's flagship Sure Start programme.

The Chuckle Twins
Tony Blair is quite happy with his part in starting an illegal war in Iraq and getting a lot of people killed. Gordon Brown is quite happy about his part in ruining the economy with a £178,000,000,000 deficit. That's New Labour for you.

The politics of medicine under Labour
The government's eagerness to produce false statistics about NHS treatment has led to a 50% rise in hospital re-admissions of patients sent home too early. 1,500 patients per day are sent home too early and 500,000 per year are readmitted.

Now you see it, now you don't
The government has been playing a cynical game with NHS hospital beds. After presiding over a 10% cut in the total number of beds (20,000 beds) in the last few years, Labour is now promising to increase the number of beds again with the intention of claiming it as a great leap forward.

January 2010

Get Down with Brown 1

Do what you're told and sod legality
J. Straw claims he could have prevented the Iraq war. But he never got round to it because, as Foreign Sec. in 2003, he was too busy ordering his legal chief, Sir M. Wood, to produce an interpretation of the law "which coincides with our firm policy intention", namely to invade Iraq knowing that to do so would be illegal without a specific mandate from the United Nations.

More of our money wasted
The National Equality Panel was set up by H. Harperson to prove that New Labour is doing a wonderful job of fulfilling T. Blair's pledge of greater equality for all. But the Panel has found that 13 years of Labour misrule have created the largest gap between rich and poor since the end of World War 2. So Blair's pledge was just hot air and BILLIONS have been wasted on government campaigns which achieved nothing or made things worse.

New Labour obviously has a lot to hide
The published facts about the fate of the Iraq weapons expert Dr. David Kelly, who was hounded to his death by the government, just don't add up. There has never been an inquest and Lord Hutton ordered the results of the post mortem examination to be kept secret for 70 years. And that piece of information has been kept secret for the last 7 years.

Truth & decency a thing of the past?
Two evil kids run riot. The police and Doncaster council do nothing until they almost kill 2 other kids. And then the whole affair is whitewashed – no one is sacked and no one is to blame. How very New Labour.

Brown Economics
The nation's electricity bills are being inflated to the tune of £1 BILLION with subsidies for uneconomic and unreliable windmills.

The government has abandoned the national academy for gifted and talented people; est. A. Blair, 2002; as part of its Old Labour strategy of disadvantaging the financially and intellectually able.

Open borders
Labour wants us to believe that 700,000 Poles have gone home since the start of the Brown Slump. But as the Immigration Service has no idea who is in Britain, and real statistics from Poland contradict the assertion, it's either a bad guess or a deliberate lie.

Legislative Diarrhoea
New Labour created one new crime per day between 1997 and 2009 – including irrelevant offences like "carrying out a nuclear explosion" and "swimming in the hull of the Titanic without permission".

It's only our money
Thanks to T. Blair & G. Brown giving away the EU rebate won for Britain by Mrs. Thatcher, we will be paying 60% more to this criminally negligent organization in 2010/11. That £6.4 BILLION compared to the £4.1 BILLION paid in 2009/10.

It's all about the money
The DVLA sells the names and addresses of motorists to car park operators, rogue clampers, companies running advertising campaigns and anyone with £2.50/name to spare. Whatever happened to data protection and protecting the privacy of people who supply information to the government in good faith?

New Labour justice; Okay for criminals
New Labour's legal system put Mr. Munir Hussain in gaol for standing up to a gang of violent burglars after they invaded his home and threatened to kill everyone, and let the gang boss off because he was supposed to be too brain damaged to stand trial. Next thing you know, W. Salem, the burglar, is busted with a truckload of stolen credit cards. So he's obviously not brain damaged enough to put a stop to his criminal career.
UPDATE  Mr. Hussain has been 'let off' with a suspended sentence, which means he's out of gaol, but no such luck for his brother.

Brown Reich bunker mentality
The view of the civil service – and that's after a duodecade of New Labour's politicization process – thinks Gordon Brown runs a weak and dysfunctional regime peddling barmy ideas, and he's an obsessive nit-picker who lacks (political) vision.

Revenge Terror Tactic?
Large amounts of the NHS have been closed due to an outbreak of the norovirus – the winter vomiting bug. Which raises the spectre of Gordon Brown waging germ warfare on the nation for not appreciating him enough.

Brown dementia marches on!
Our prime monster, the man who thinks the nation has bottomless pockets, has lost the plot completely. His latest election strategy is to promise to save the middle classes from Tory tax cuts with more Labour reckless spending funded by more reckless borrowing.

Labour Looney Land!
If a school stays open during snowy weather, it gets a black mark from Ofsted if attendances are down. But if the school gives up and closes completely, Ofsted awards it a star for having a 100% attendance rate.

A taxing time for all but Labour cronies
Gordon Brown might be chucking money around like there's no tomorrow but the Office of National Statistics has found that its average family has had less to spend over the last decade and spending went down by 5% from 2004 to 2008.

It's only taxpayers' cash
One-third of the British aid money going to Afghanistan ends up in the pockets of consultants rather than the Afghan people. That's £43 BILLION for 2009/10.

Madhouse Economics
The government-sponsored Met Office has advised councils that they no longer need to stock salt and grit because global warming has made cold winters a thing of the past. So the Brown regime is having to buy in gritting salt from the United States and Europe. But the supplies "are not expected to arrive until the end of January" – i.e. after the big freeze is over.

Yes, there is one law for them and another for the rest of us
H. Harperson crashed into a parked car while yakking on her mobile phone, she has a history of motoring offences but she was let off with a fine of £350 and no driving ban, and the Can't Prosecute Service thinks it did a good job.

Madhouse Policies
200,000 British construction workers have been laid off in the last 12 months of the Brown Slump, so the government is letting thousands more immigrants into the country to build stadia for the 2012 Olympics.

No wonder the bloody country's broke
Following scaremongering by the government's chief medical officer, Sir L. Donaldson, the government ordered 130 million doses of swine flu vaccine. Only 4 million have been used so far and, due to gross negligence by the Department of Health, there was no cancellation clause in the major contract. So the government is planning to give away the surplus to the Third World at a cost to the British taxpayer of ONE BILLION POUNDS.

Brown locks Balls in cupboard
As a result of the Hoon/Hewitt putsch, the Brown Bunion has been forced to make major concessions to his cabinet to get them back on-side. They include less reckless spending to keep the Chancellor happier and down-sizing the influence of his crony Ed Balls during the run-up to the general election. Which means that H. Harperson will have to wage Labour's hissy class war on her tod.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't!
The Commons select committee on health has decided that alcohol sales will fall by 40% if everyone starts to drink responsibly. Which will have a catastrophic effect on tax revenue.

More Brown Economics 4 MPs
Sir I Kennedy has grotted all over the Kelly recommendations for stopping MPs stealing from the taxpayer via their expenses claims. The head of the allegedly Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority has removed all of the toughness and MPs will be able to steal as much as before.

Politics not wanted in Justice
The Director of Public Prosecutions, K. Starmer, is bringing his job into disrepute by flying the flag for Labour. He seems to think he can take time off to attack Conservative plans to undo Labour abuses of privilege whenever he gets bored with doing the job he's paid to do.

Brown spin heads further into La-La Land
Gordon Brown would like us to believe he's in regular contact with President O'Bama and he's organizing a mighty international task force to take out Yemen. Unfortunately, his press releases on the subject have had to be recalled because the White House revealed that our fearless leader was talking tripe again and Pres. O'Bama hasn't been phoning him round the clock.
 • The Brown fantasist would also have us believe he can spend his way out of his Brown Slump with money he doesn't have. This would appear to be one of the planks on which he is building his general election campaign.

Don't mention it and hope that it goes away
Staff at the Highways Agency have been banned from using the word "motorist" in an attempt to make the problem of people using their roads go away.

Invisibly Tough
Labour is pretending to be interested in doing something about unchecked migration in areas where it is worried about competition from the BNP, but the main party has no intention of doing anything about Britain's porous borders in Parliament.

Another Brown swindle
Changes to price labels and reprogramming shop tills before the VAT decrease in December 2008 cost £177 million. Reversing the change in January 2010 will cost £127 million. So that's £304 million of shoppers' cash which G. Brown & Co. have wasted.

It's not as if he'd know . . .
Justice Sec. J. Straw, who's never held a proper job in his life (an essential qualification to be a New Labour minister), thinks that the police don't venture out into the streets because they enjoy staying in the police station in the warm. And not because New Labour has drowned them in paperwork and pointless bureaucracy, and appointed time-serving Labour luvvie stooges as their bosses.

British jobs for British workers?
In the 12 months to June 2009, 625,000 British workers lost jobs but 22,000 more foreign workers tooks jobs here. So much for Gordon Brown's flagship promise to protect British workers from the effects of his Brown Slump.

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