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"The Labour Party is finished, Gordon Brown is irrelevant and we can be sure that everything he does between now and the next general election will be aimed at feathering his own nest rather than benefitting the British electorate."
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December 2009

Definitely lost the plot!
H. Harperson's Equality Bill will force councils to close fire stations, police stations and offices of other public services in middle-class areas and relocate them, at huge expense, to poor areas 'to tackle socio-economic disadvantage' and as a tactic in the tedious Brown/Harperson class war.

It's Only Taxpayers' Money
The Ministry of Justice, prop. J. Straw, has made such a total bog of arranging its maintenance contracts that:
 • When a light bulb goes pop at probation service offices in Cheshire, an electrician is sent on a 400-mile round trip from London to replace it;
 • Toilets seats in Norwich have to be repaired by a plumber sent from Brimingham;
 • Windows in Leicester and Lincoln have to be cleaned by an expert sent from Preston.

Our Money
The Communities Sec., R. Kelly, has been using taxpayers' cash to hire a PR company run by New Labour luvvies to spread Labour propaganda and smear opponents of government plans to build thousands of homes in the south-east of England, where the infrastructure is overloaded. This practice is illegal under Whitehall rules, but legality is no longer an issue for New Labour, apparently.

A decade of disaster
According to an official audit, the 10 years of Brown Chancellorship produced the worst growth figures for the British economy since World War II. Which explains the present Brown Slump.

Yobs R Us
Labour's antisocial behaviour campaign has succeeded in spreading drunkenness, rowdiness and vandalism to 73% of the country, a Home Office survey has found.

Labour lies about tax (again)
The Office of National Statistics has caught the Chancellor, A. Darling, out in a lie about inheritance tax. He says that only 75,000 of 25 million households will have to pay this pernicious tax. The ONS says the real figure for those liable for the tax is more like 4 MILLION households.

We can't depend on getting lucky every time
The latest Islamist bomber, a Nigerian millionaire's son, who failed to blow up a Christmas flight to Detroit, was a student in London, New Labour's swamp of the world's extremists. So no surprise that he turned into a bad guy.

Say one thing, do another
Spending on NHS bureaucracy has ballooned by 50% in the 4 years since 2006, when the Department of Health pledged to CUT administration costs. Spending on management consultants has risen by over 100% in the same period. It looks like anything but patient care is New Labour's priority.

Labour in action – all over the place
One part of the government set the target of getting 50% of school leavers into university. Now, Lord Sleaze is going to fine universities for trying to meet the target!

Brown Economics
Over the last year, the wealth-consuming Public Sector has taken on 290,000 more staff getting inflated wages and gold-plated pensions, 23,000 of them in the last 3 months, while the wealth-creating Private Sector has shrunk to the tune of 723,000 jobs.

Another Labour Swindle
As a result of Labour's target culture, police forces are writing off up to 40% of violent crimes as 'no crime' to massage their figures and Home Office statistics. But in the run up to the next general election, the nation's police forces have been ordered to investigate EVERY crime to relieve public anger at Labour's failings somewhat.

You can tell the quality of people by the company they keep
New Labour is so eager to pack the UK with foreign criminals that H. Harperson wants to give Israeli war criminals immunity from arrest to encourage them to visit Britain.

Recession? Wot Recession?
The government has splurged £8 million on stress balls, Frisbees, beanie hats and other goodies bearing Labour propaganda messages.

Save today, waste tomorrow
The Ministry of Defence's policy of letty contracts run beyond their completion date is wasting BILLIONS of pounds of taxpayers' money.

Everyone welcome
As a result of New Labour's policy of dismantling border controls and welcoming any sort of immigrant, the world's most wanted criminals are all living in council housing in the London area.

Another New Labour swindle
The Chancellor's announcement that the state pension will go up by 2.5% next April has been exposed as another scam. Serps, graduated pensions and other bits and pieces, for which the pensioner has paid, will be excluded from the raise to let the Treasury claw back £350 million.

Recession? Wot Recession?
The Ministry of Justice has blown £140,000 on new ceremonial costumes for 12 senior judges.

It's only OUR money
The Ministry of Defence has GIVEN AWAY military equipment worth £100 MILLION to foreign governments over the last 5 years, so it's no wonder British troops were sent to Iraq & Afghanistan without sufficient or proper equipment.

Be proud of your Brown squanderbug
G. Brown, who put £800 BILLION on the nation's credit card, has no problem with adding another £1.5 BILLION for the Global Warming Swindlers.

More revelations about Labour's Toffs from the thieves' kitchen
Defence Minister Q. Davies claimed £20,700 for repairs to his bell tower, which makes rather a nonsense of G. Brown's claim that only Tory toffs are crooks (and only Tories are toffs). Labour MP H. Cohen, who pretends to live in a holiday caravan, put a claim for £2K on his expenses for a luxury bath at his home. A. Meale claimed a grand for a luxury garden shed.
   Sacked Home Sec. J. Smiff claimed for a new TV for her husband's porn films. Gordon Brown claimed £500 for having his summer house painted and also for a 3-hour phone call to someone in Canterbury, and the whole lot of the Westminster Scroungers had a spending binge at the end of the accounting period to max out their expenses.
 UPDATE It has been revealed that Gordon has been putting Mrs. Brown's phone calls on his expenses and expecting the taxpayer to pay for them.
   S. Woodward, the richest MP in the universe, hired a firm of accountants specializing in 'amassing wealth' (on expenses) to max out his claims, the Balls-Coopers were working a mortgage swindle and the boy D. Milipede is a Council Tax dodger.
   M. Martin, the sacked Commons Speaker, has had his Council Tax paid up to March 2010, even though he's no longer an MP, and the current Squeaker, a self-confessed sleaze-ball and the swindlers' self-appointed shop steward, is a home-flipper.

Whitewash Time
J. Scarlett, the spook who claimed authorship of the Campbell/Blair dodgy dossier on Iraq, didn't mention his two good buddies once before the Chilcott Comittee. And neither did Chilcott and his chums. So who warned them off?

Chicken-Out Time
Gordon Brown made noises about putting VAT up to 20% come January but when it came to the crunch, he chickened out 'because it would affect recovery' – i.e. his own chances of getting out from under the consequences his Brown Slump.

The Pre-Budget Report
This farce comes down to one thing – you'll be paying more tax, overt and stealth, unless you're an MP or a banker. You'll be paying out even more after the next election and paying back all the debt racked up during the Brown Slump will take 30 years while the government is wasting a fortune on vain attempts to change the Earth's climate.

New Labour "Rewards For Failure"
The senior management of the UK Border Agency, which has lost track of 40,000 illegal immigrants, are getting bonuses of £10,000 apiece. The UKBA was declared "unfit for the purpose" by the Home Sec. 3 years ago and nothing has changed since then.
 • The Immigration Minister, P. Woollyass, thinks the managers of the UKBA are "putting their lives on the line" and that's why they're getting the 10 grand bonus! What's he been smoking?

How's This A Saving?
Gordon Brown's latest BIG IDEA for getting us out of his Brown Slump is to take £3 BILLION out of the public services budget and spend the money on travel & jollies for civil servants and members of his government.

Brown WAS to blame
The world's most powerful banker, Mr. B. Bernauke, head of the US Federal Reserve, has named and shamed G. Brown as the cause of Britain's recession. It's all down to Brown's decision, while Chancellor, to remove the Bank of England's power to regulate banks. Hence, the collapse of the Northern Rock bank, Fred the Shred, the Lloyd's TSB takeover of the bankrupt HBoS as a favour to Brown and all the other consequences of Brown's mismanagement of the economy and dereliction of duty.

Brown police policy
The government's red tape tsar has found that coppers spend just 13% of their time out of the station and available to catch criminals. So much for G. Brown's promises to cut red tape. And now, he wants to take £145 million out of the annual policing budget, half of it from banning overtime, which is expected to reduce the street time to well below 10%.

Government by Crony
90% of the work of government is done by 1,152 unelected and unaccountable quangos, most of them staffed by New Labour's pals. So it's no wonder that Mr. Brown and his chums manage to waste so much taxpayers' cash.

A game of "chicken" lost
G. Brown has shied away from confronting the board of the Royal Bank of Scotland – Britain's brokest bank, thanks to Fred 'The Shred' Goodwin's Brownian business tactics. The board is threatening to resign en masse if they're not allowed to pay bonuses to their gamblers. The Brown One is hoping that setting Harridan Harperson on the board will get him out of another tangle.

New Labour still doesn't get it
Setting targets for bank lending is going to make some dozy bankers lend money to people who can't afford to repay it just to meet a government target – which is precisely what caused the sub-prime mortgage crisis in the United States.

New Labour's wimmin have ganged up to give G. Brown a handbagging to force him to abandon his plan to abolish childcare vouchers.

It's only taxpayers' cash
The bank bail-out has cost the British taxpayer £850 BILLION, which is some £200 BILLION more than the entire government machine spent last year. The loss to the nation from this policy is expected to be about £20-50 BILLION, but the actual amount won't be known for at least a decade, when all the criminals responsible for the shambles are long gone.

The last refuge of a scoundrel
When you're losing the argument, play the race card or the class card. G. Brown's general election strategy is to accuse the Tories of being toffs while hoping that no one notices that he, and most of his cabinet, had privileged upbringings and that most Labour MPs have never held a proper job in their lives and so know nothing of working class values.

Out money, reckless spending
323 public sector top managers are paid more for running their small empires than the prime minister gets for running the whole country into the ground, the Taxpayers' Alliance has found. And their list doesn't include university staff, GPs, judges and council chief executives.

More destructive
The Labour party would have us believe that Mrs. Thatcher destroyed manufacturing industry in Britain during her decade in office. But surprise! Figures released by the Office of National Statistics show that during the Blair/Brown decade, the contribution to the economy from manufacturing industries declined by MORE than during the Thatcher decade.

A waste of time and money
The Office of National Statistics has found that while spending on education has doubled over the last 12 years, productivity in terms of exam results has remained unchanged. Which means that the extra BILLIONS of pounds of taxpayers' money thrown around by New Labour was wasted on bureaucracy rather than teaching.
 • After a duodecade of New Labour education policies and target culture scam, 40% of children leaving primary school have failed to master the 3Rs.

November 2009

The New Labour spin on health care
The NHS Care Quality Commission is operating with its eyes shut. Hospital trusts awarded a 'good' rating for cleanliness [mainly because the trust did a self-assessment and the CQC didn't check it] are being exposed as cess pits with hugely excessive death rates.
 • The chairman of Colchester University Hospital Trust has been sacked.
 • Basildon & Thurrock Trust is top of the needless deaths list.
 • The people running the dirty trusts have all enjoyed pay rises of up to one-third of their annual salary. How very New Labour.

The same old story
Lord Sleaze is to be investigated by the EU over his antics with aluminium tariffs while EU trade commissioner. His Sleazeship enjoyed the hospitality of Russian aluminium magnate O. Deripaska's yacht then lowered the tariff, twice, to great benefit to Gospodin Deripaska's business.

Totally toothless
On Day 2 of the Iraq War Inquiry, it was confirmed that 1. former prime minister and G.W. Bush's poodle, T. Blair, lied his head off to get Britain into the war and 2. present prime monster and former Blair cheerleader, G. Brown, has told the civil service not to show incriminating documents to the inquiry to make it as much a brownwash job at Hutton & Butler.

Useless objects
HM Inspector of Constabulary has found that the nation's police 'services' are devoid of leadership and training-free in areas like controlling disorderly crowds. The leaders of the 'service', the Association of Chief Police Officers, is unaccountable and largely a collection of useless objects.

Unfair but okay with New Labour
The government has no intention of adding to the burden of legislation on banks by passing a law to make unfair penalty charges illegal following a ruling by the Supreme Court that the Office of Fair Trading has no right to challenge the banks over unfair trading practices.

Gordon Brown is so not bothered about the economy . . .
. . . that he wants to waste Parliament's time on passing a law to put princesses into the royal line of succession.

Gordon Brown's latest BIG IDEA for wasting lots of taxpayers' money . . .
. . . is to pay out over ONE BILLION pounds in relocating 220,000 civil servants out of the London area and into parts of the provinces where the Labour vote needs a boost.

After 12 years of New Labour control of Education policy . . .
 • One-third of schools fail to offer a good education
 • One half of Academy schools fail to provide adequate teaching
 • £5,000,000,000 of taxpayers' cash has been wasted on ineffective "Skills For Life" adult literacy classes
 • British companies have to teach teenagers to read, write and add up before they can expect to get any useful work out of them.

Under New Labour, an open prison is exactly that!
Security at East Sutton Park open prison in Maidstone is so good that when convicted killer Jane Andrews walked out of the place, no one noticed her absence until she was long gone.

Chilcot inquiry braces the nation for disappointment
The Brownwash has started to flow already in the first week of Sir J. Chilcot's inquiry into the 2003 Iraq war. Gordon Brown, one of Blair's main cheerleaders and the man who made sure that the Ministry of Defence didn't get the funds needed to equip the British invasion force properly, won't be questioned to avoid embarrassing him before a general election.
 • Can it be just a coincidence that the inquiry panel contains another of Blair's cheerleaders and a guy who thinks Blair & Bush are on the same political level as Churchill and Roosevelt?

1984 by the back door
Following government policy, the police are arresting people just to add them to their DNA data bank, the Human Genetics Commission has found – which is why the cost of running the data bank more than doubled to £4.3 million/year in 2008/09.

Back to normal
There was nothing in the way of new legislation in this month's Queen's Speech to stop MPs from stealing from the taxpayer via their expenses, but New Labour is now in a spin over it and they might sneak something in under cover of darkness if shamed into it.

Abuse of Office
H. Harperson, because she's a New Labour minister, won't be charged with leaving the scene of an accident after crashing into a parked car while yakking on her mobile** and just driving off.

Stealth Tax
Gordon Brown is planning to grab the Attendance Allowance from pensioners with disabilities and substitute an alternative system, which will be even more complicated to put even more people off claiming the new benefit.

Control Freakery
Harridan Harperson is keen to impose an 'equality' bill, which will be a charter for the Looney Left to abolish Xmas, and everything else about the British way of life that they don't like, in the name of not giving offence to Moslems and customers of other religions.

Our Money
The government has blown £115 million of taxpayers' money on its "Rent To Buy" scheme since July 2008. It's supposed to help people renting a home to save up for a deposit on a house. No one in the scheme has yet managed to buy a house.

Money, Money
Civil servants who go to Afghanistan and lurk about military bases or go on junkets with ministers – i.e. stay well away from the firing line – can collect a 'danger money' bonus of £50,000 after a 6-month tour of duty. Troops posted to Afghanistan are lucky not to be charged for the flights there & back.

Money, Money
While the government is railing at bankers, civil servants were handed over £105 million last year in bonuses.

Money, Money
Crashes have risen by 25% and casualties have doubled around a speed camera on the M11 in Essex. But it can't be removed as it generates £500,000 per year in fines. It really is all about the money, not safety, with New Labor.

Gordon Brown promised to protect the Green Belt 'robustly' a year ago. But that is no longer convenient, so the Green Belt is set to shrink dramatically if New Labor wins the next election.
"The Green Belt is a Labour achievement, and we aim to build on it."
           – J. "Two Jags" Prescott.

No surprise there
The EU's auditors have refused to endorse its accounts for the 15th year in succession. Corruption, theft and downright carelessness with taxpayers' money remain systematic in the European Machine.

All on expenses, of course
New Labour's choice, Mr. Squeaker Bercow, has blown 45 grand of taxpayers' money so far on doing up his official residence, which is over twice the amount he planned to spend back in June when he was getting himself elected. And the spending spree is going on and on and on.

Brown's Disease
Europe came out of the recession in the 3rd quarter of the year, but Britain didn't. So much for the Brown boast that he'd created an economy which would leap out of recession before anyone else's.

Gordon has declared that because his government wants to cut immigration, it is no longer 'racist' to discuss this topic. But New Labour reserves the right to play the race card in the future if it suits some devious purpose.

More Labour Lies
Gordon Brown has had his knuckles rapped by the boss of the UK Statistics Authority. He claimed that he has saved 500,000 jobs from being lost during the Brown Slump (which he created). Sir M. Scholar of the UKSA then pointed out that Brown was quoting Labour party fraudulent estimates aimed at twisting the truth, not official statistics.

Another New Labour Scam
The Commons Public Accounts Committee has concluded that the 'consultations' which the government claimed it did before closing 2,500 post offices at a cost of £157 million were just a sham and 'nothing more than window dressing'.

Immigration problem solved
Gordon Brown is going to stop the rising tide of immigration by banning doctors and other skilled professionals from working here. He has no plans to do anything about bogus asylum claimants and foreign criminals, however.

It's only taxpayers' cash
The Ministry of Defence, which sent troops to Afghanistan without sufficient equipment, has paid £287 million in bonuses to its Whitehall staff since 2003. The beneficiaries of the scheme were rewarded for promoting diversity and other vital causes, such as swindling injured soldiers out of proper support and compensation.

Coroners & Justice Bill to cover up government embarrassment
Injustice Minister J. Straw has pushed through a Bill to allow secret inquests when New Labour wants to cover up a death as a result of government negligence or criminal action.

The government has dropped its plan to record details of every phone call made, email sent and website visited from Britain. Someone has finally realized that we're in a Brown Slump, it's not a practical proposition and we can't afford to blow another £2 BILLION on another madcap scheme.

The dead hand of New Labour in action
Additional bureaucracy imposed on the police over the last 4 years has raised the staff cost of dealing with "criminal incidents" by 57%. So it's no wonder that hardly any criminals are caught and most of the ones who go to court get away with it.

More than dead broke
The Office of National Statistics predicts that the bank bail out will add £1,500 BILLION to the national debt, which is £100 BILLION more than the whole output of the British economy for a year.

They're at it again
Sir C. Kelly published a set of proposals to get tough with the abuse of expenses by MPs, playing the Bad Cop as G. Brown tried to score some points with the much abused taxpayer. Meanwhile, the MPs' Good Cop, Sir I. Kennedy, the nead of the new Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority, is quietly scrapping bits of the new rules to ensure that MPs can continue to steal from the public purse. How very New Labour.

New Labour Justice
Parents who lie about their real address to get a child into a good school are to be fined. MPs who lie about their real address to steal from the taxpayer with expenses claims are allowed to keep the cash.

The Home Sec. has admitted that New Labour did make a bog of handling immigration with its attempts at social engineering aimed at boosting the Labour vote at the taxpayer's expense.

More money down the drain
The EU is on his case so the Chancellor, A. Darling, is planning to slice out 3 new high street banks from the ones in the taxpayer's pocket. And all it will cost the nation is another £40,000,000,000.

Another waste of resources
The European Commission is forcing Scottish fishermen to dump dead fish worth £60 million/year back in the sea because they're the wrong species. This crazy waste of good food id dictated by the EC's equally crazy conservation policies, which New Labour makes no attempt to challenge. But waste is what the EC and the Labour party are all about.

Soft on real crime
Having just sacked the Drugs Tsar for speaking science not spin, the Home Sec. has been shot in the foot by his own department's latest stats. New Labour is so serious about drug crime that while the fine for speeding is a just £60, the average fine for possession of crack cocaine is a massive . . . £38!!

It's only our money
The government is paying out £25 million per year in state benefits to Polish migrants for children still living in Poland.

Global Warming Swindle exposed
The Chancellor, A. Darling, has admitted that Air Passenger Duty is being raised to bail out the banks, not to save the planet, as advertised.

** allegedly

October 2009

The truth and you're out!
Professor D. Nutt, chairman of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, has been sacked by the Home Sec., A. Johnson, for offering conclusions based on scientific evidence rather than political convenience.

Plain Useless
The boy Milipede, Britain's teenage foreign sec., is being touted as the favourite to become the EU's first foreign sec. Apparently, the Germans & the French looked for the biggest idiot available and Milipede was the most obvious candidate.
 • The editor of Le Monde was considered for the job after calling Milipede "young & brilliant", but that notion wasn't quite up to the required level of idiocy.

Labour Swindler gets to keep most of his loot
T. McNulty, failed minister, got the taxpayer to contribute £72,000 to the upkeep of his parents' home via an expenses swindle. But his party is in charge of the repayments committee, so he's being allowed to keep around £60,000 of it. Nice little earner.

Useless and lethal
Gordon Brown's cuts to the defence budget while Chancellor have been identified as a principal cause of the loss of an RAF Nimrod aircraft in Afghanistan in 2006 and the deaths of all 10 people aboard. Senior staff at the Ministry of Defence, BAe Systems and QinetiQ were responsible for ensuring the safety of RAF aircraft, but their neglect of duty, complacency and incompetence, and their pursuit of Brown's financial targets, led directly to safety being sidelined and aircraft with lethal flaws being allowed to fly.

G. Brown has been shamed into undoing the planned cut of £20 million in the TA training budget, which would have ended training until April next year and caused terminal damage to the TA as a volunteer organization.

The police – not that much of a "service" any more
As a result of New Labour's target culture, the police are going after soft targets instead of tackling real criminals. "Crimes against society" committed by speeding or wrongly parked motorists, and householders overfilling wheely bins, score as many points as armed robbery and murder, and they don't require nearly as much work to put on the score board.
   The government is also letting dangerous criminals out of gaol early and failing to keep them under strict supervision. As a result, they feel free to commit further violent crimes, including murder.

Another New Labour scam exposed
Labour's lack of immigration controls is a deliberate policy aimed at importing large numbers of Labour voters in the name of 'diversity' and annoying the Tories. A former advisor to T. Blair & J. Straw has blown the whistle on this social engineering policy and an attempt to create a multi-cultural society for no reason that benefits the indigenous British population.
   Leaks have also revealed that New Labour sweetened the case for mass immigration (to boost the Labour vote) by blacking out from the lists of disadvantages, reports that they would be opening the door to a flood of criminals, both organized and unorganized.

Another New Labour scam
A stealth court has seized assets to the value of £3.2 billion from the mentally impaired and people with dementia. The Court of Protection is operating in cahoots with the Office of the Public Guardian to take control of the affairs of such people and charge fancy fees for very little work. Justice Minister J. Straw is nominally in charge of both bodies.

Putting the blame where it belongs
Whose fault is it that 100 million letters are piled up in sorting centres thanks to the Royal Mail strike? Lord Sleaze is getting the blame for it thanks to his behind-the-scenes meddling.

When T. Blair foisted his 24-hour drinking culture on the nation in 2005, G. Brown did & said nothing. Now, he's trying to pretend that he thought it was a bad idea all along.

All Play & No Work
After a 3-month summer holiday, MPs will be leaving Parliament 10 days before Xmas for a 3-week break for the festering season.

Dodgy Stats
The police are omitting one-third of all violent crimes from their records to meet arbitrary government targets and make everyone (except the public) feels good about the job they're doing. The police are using as an alibi for confusion, the 320 rule changes imposed by New Labour in the last 4 years.

Plain useless
The Home Office has filed and forgotten 40,000 illegal immigrants to make its statistics look better. Unfortunately, those rotten Tories blew the whistle on them.

Control-freak Spies
The Brown government intends to spend £200 million of taxpayers' cash on tracking which websites everyone in the country visits.

More dithering
G. Brown is famous for his dithering and going missing when the going gets tough. Which explains why he and his gang of image consultants took a whole day to come up with what they thought was the most politically correct reply when asked what sort of biscuits Brown prefers.
 • Brown is still pondering apples versus pears.

No wonder we're in a Brown Slump II
Over 25% of Council Tax goes on paying gold-plated pensions to council staff; £5.4 billion in total, which matches the government subsidy to the railway network.

No wonder we're in a Brown Slump
Since June 2008, 920,000 jobs in the wealth-creating private sector have gone up in smoke and the government has created over 300,000 jobs in the wealth-consuming public sector. These are mainly non-front-line, non-jobs of the sort advertised in the Guardian.

Anyone's for sale?
Having thrown BILLIONS at every minority in creation, New Labour is trying to buy the vote of the white working class with a paltry £12 million.

Poisoned ambition
Harridan Harperson is being exposed as the architect of the current war between G. Brown's Witchfinder General and the grasping MPs, who are refusing to pay back cash swindled from the taxpayer. Why? As part of a plan to become the next Labour party leader, apparently.
 • Meanwhile, the scroungers are playing the Inhuman Rights card and moaning that they can't pay back the cash because they've spent it.

Daft, or what! II
Chancellor A. Darling is handing £5 billion of taxpayers' cash to Lloyds Banking Group, the half-nationalized bank which choked when G. Brown got it to swallow HSBC, so that it can buy its way out of the government's handcuffs and start handing out daft bonuses again to people who don't deserve them.

New Labour ain't bothered about a few dead soldiers
Soliders of the Territorial Army have been told that there will be no more training for them until next April to save £20 million. And if they want to be prepared for what they'll meet if they're posted to Afghanistan, they'll have to pay for their own training.

Daft, or what!
Veggie Benn, the Environment Minister, is recruiting a new gang of Garbage Police, whose job it will be to sift the nation's discards for things like potato peelings in the wrong bin and slap a fine of £1,000 on the criminal. This is just one of a raft of Brown fund-raising scams for the Brown Slump era.

Reward for failure
The sacked Commons speaker, M. Martin, received a billet in the House of Lords this month as his reward.

Dirty tricks condemned but nothing done about them
The government cynically played the national security card when leaks about its failures were exposed by the Tory MP Damian Green, who was arrested with the connivance of the sacked Commons Speaker M. Martin. The police also went along willingly with the sham. An investigation has concluded that the police shouldn't be available to leap into action when someone embarrasses New Labour with the truth, but no one will be prosecuted, or sacked, for wilful misconduct in office.

He just doesn't bloody learn
When G. Brown sold off half of the nation's gold reserves, he announced the sale well in advance, the market slumped and the sale didn't go ahead until the gold market had reached a Brown Bottom. This year's brilliant idea is to sell off Britain's assets to raise £16 billion to hurl into his £170 billion Brown Hole. The fire sale announcement has been made at a time when it's strictly a buyer's market, so the poor old taxpayer can expect to be screwed again.
 • Experts reckon that the fire sale won't raise more than about £3 billion, and certainly nothing like Brown's £16 billion, and he won't be in office when most of the sales are planned. So the whole thing is a waste of time.

Expenses Vampires
Over 325 of 646 MPs, including the prime minister, swindled the taxpayer with their expenses claims and have to make reparations. No sign of penalties, however, of the sort levied on people who cheat on their income tax.

Don't tell anyone the dismal truth
Justice Minister J. Straw is dragging his feet over publishing statistics on how many criminals are getting off with a soft sentence or scot free. He is trying to delay publication of keynote government statistics until after the next election to avoid giving critics ammunition showing how soft New Labour is on criminals.

The Message Not the Facts
Sharon Shoesmith, the sacked director of children's services at Haringay during the torture and murder of Baby Peter, received a pay rise for putting the right spin on the whitewash 'investigation' which she ran and a pat on the back from the boss of the National Children's Bureau. She was sacked only because the Tories named & shamed her in Parliament and exposed all the back-slapping in Haringey.

No end to it
Tony Blair is costing the British taxpayer upward of £4 million for personal bodyguards provided by Scotland Yard and squads of coppers guarding his portfolio of houses, even when he's junketing abroad.

The putative leader sets out his stall
The boy Milipede, our teenage foreign sec., is trying to nail down his public image. He reckons he's a bloke who wouldn't accept a drink from Adolf Hitler if anyone was watching but he would take a drink from Josef Stalin, Pol Pot, Osama bin Laden, any member of the IRA, Mr. Gadaffy or any tinpot terrorist with communist pretentions.
 • Following the derision which greeted Sarah Brown's endorsement of her old man as her 'hero', the boy Milipede has decided not to bring his mum to the next party conference to put in a good word for him.

September 2009

How Labour broke our society
New Labour's social inclusion policies rule out open disapproval of anti-social and downright bad behaviour, which means that yobbism flourished unchecked at all levels.

The government has finally realized that its 24-hour drinking culture is a major contributor to yobbism. But G. Brown & Co. have no plans to do anything about it. Local councils, led by Nottingham, will have to pass by-laws prohibiting boozing in the streets to let the police re-impose order.
 • If there are any coppers available to go out in the streets, of course.
 • The new laws can't come into effect until next year, when the enabling legislation comes into force.
 • The next likely problem will be councils applying their by-laws with a deliberately heavy hand to extract fines from harmless picknickers in parks to extort cash to fund reckless and wasteful spending.

Brown Boast
Gordon Brown told his party's annual conference that he's going to spend the country out of his Brown Slump. But he didn't say where the money will come from. So that means he's hoping to borrow it.

More Hot Air
The Ministry of Justice, prop. J. Straw, has failed to collect £150 million in compensation, which criminals should have paid to their victims, proving that the government's promise to "rebalance the criminal justice system in favour of victims" was just hollow spin.

So whose fault is it?
MPs are saying Britian's benefits rules for carers are too complex, which leaves the rest of us asking: "So why did you vote for them?"

Balls to the lot of you!
Ed Balls has a hidden agenda for cutting the schools budget – he needs £3 million to pay for a makeover of his department's offices, which now boast a massage parlour, a meditation room and a Moslem prayer room.

The Squeaker of the House of Commons has been embarrassed into stopping a 5-grand per day hunt for whoever leaked the uncensored details of MPs' fraudulent expenses claims. True to form, he is dumping all the blame on the previous incumbrance.

Desperation Time
After robbing them blind with his Stealth Taxes, Gordon Brown is now trying to ingratiate himself with the middle classes in search of votes for his dying regime. Meanwhile, Lord Sleaze has sent his CV to the Tories with a plea for a job after the next election 'in the national interest'.

Bonkers in Office
Harridan Harperson has set the legal system a target for getting men convicted of rape. No doubt, there will be bonuses paid if the target is met and bonuses paid if the target isn't met. That's the New Labour way.

There'll be another along in a minute
Lady Criminal has joined Lord Sleaze in New Labour's House of Shame.

The Depths of Depravity, or £11.5 million per minute
Gordon Brown was desperate to posture on the world stage at the UN, but President O'Bama gave him the brush-off 5 times because he finds meeting Brown 'depressing'. So Brown decided to give 10% of the UK's supply of swine flu vaccine to the 3rd World to buy 2 minutes of access to the ear of the World's Most Powerful Man. After all, what does it matter if a few more Brits die unnecesarily of swine flu as long as Gordon gets his photo-opportunity?

The New Labour way
Labour's strategy up to the next general election, as revealed by Lord Sleaze, is to attack the Tories and hope no one notices what a bog of things they've made over the last 13 years. Another tactic is to portray people like G. Osbourne, the shadow chancellor, as a boy in a man's job. But given that most Labour MPs have never held a proper job, and we have teenagers like D. Miliband and his bro in the Cabinet, no one's going to take that too seriously.
 • Given that G. Brown, our temporary prime monster, is a notorious ditherer, his claim that he has no plan for putting up taxes might just contain a grain of truth. But only because he's still dithering over how much taxes will have to rise to repair the Brown Hole created by his reckless spending.

Out of touch with reality II
As well as employing an illegal immigrant, which should be worth a fine of up to £10,000, Baroness Scotland has been accused of expenses fraud. She lives in Chiswick, West London, but since 2005, she has claimed £170,000 in allowances for peers who live outside London.

Out of touch with reality
Harridan Harperson has complied a list of achievements by women in politics, and airbrushed Margaret Thatcher out of it from what looks like impure political jealousy. The tragic thing about the whole shambles is that she thought that no one would notice and she would get away with it.

The just don't get it
The government borrowed £16 billion last month; a world record; to fund more reckless spending plans.

Talking about waste . . .
The government handed £170,000,000,000 of taxpayers' cash to quangos in 2008/09 compared to £24.1 billion blown on quangos in 1997/98. So if G. Brown is looking for somewhere to swing the spending axe, it's right under his nose.

Brown pants on fire again
The prime monster has been trying to pretend that Labour is the party of investment [i.e. wasting taxpayers' cash by giving it to the government's mates] and the Tories are the party of cuts. But a leak has revealed that Brown is agonizing over the spin to put on 10% cuts as a result of the Brown Slump and his failure to control his reckless spending.

Another bright idea from Labour's pals in Europe
The EU Court of Injustice at Luxembourg has ruled that anyone who falls ill during a holiday has the human right to claim a matching number of additional days off from their employer.

More New Labour Way
The government knows which Libyan 'diplomat' shot and killed WPC Yvonne Fletcher from the then People's Bureau (the revolutionary version of an embassy) in 1984. But he won't face a trial for murder as Jack Straw gave him immunity from prosecution 3 years ago while the Blair regime was doing a behind-the-scenes oil deal with the Libyan regime.

Also the New Labour Way
The Ministry of Justice, J. Straw prop., plans to write off and forget £1.5 million of taxpayers' cash, which it has overpaid to staff since 2007.

The New Labour Way
Funny how Justice Sec. J. Straw didn't think he could do anything about Michael Shields, who was gaoled for attempted murder in Bulgaria (even though someone else confessed to the crime) & allowed to serve his sentence here, until Mr. Shield's father threatened to stand against Straw at the next election. Next thing you know, Michael Shields was awarded a pardon.

Another Bucket of Brownwash
The government's hirelings have spent 4 years and £16 million on another whitewash job. The 'report' on the collapse of MG Rover has nothing to say about the £6 million which Blair & Brown blew to buy votes for Labour just before the 2005 general election. The Phoenix Four, who strolled off with £40 million between them, are blamed for their failures but the government stooges aren't. The 'report' is brownwash of a bloody expensive sort.

Another Brown Scam
The Home Office scheme to screen visa applicants in Pakistan was just spin. Only 29 of 60,000 applicants have been questioned since the scam began in October 2008.

Brown Just Doesn't Get It
The Brown government gave Libya, a well-off country with extensive natural resources, a sweetener of £146,000 a year or so ago to "help with prison reforms" while the M'Grahi release was being negotiated. That's Brown Economics for you. If fhe Libyans wanted something from us, shouldn't they have been bribing our government?
 • A counter-theory is that the cash was to buy wipes for the Libyan trade staff, who were being schmoozed at the time by Lord Sleaze (then EU Trade Commissioner) on behalf of his Russian & other pals in Macedonia.

You get what you pay for
The Lockerbie bomber could be released only when he had less than 3 months to live. And lo! An estimate of 10 months to live in June was downgraded to the required opinion by the medical experts. The only good news in the scambles is that the Libyans paid their fees, not the British taxpayer.

Script rewrites
BP has reversed a previous denial and admitted lobbying Justice Minister J. Straw about freeing the Lockerbie bomber for an oil deal and it has now been established that Straw did a U-turn right after the lobbying.

G. Brown once thought that it would be a good idea to get his pals at Lloyds TSB to take over the failed Halifax Bank of Scotland and save jobs in Scotland. But the deal ruined Lloyds TSB and sent the bank dashing to the taxpayer for a bail-out. Now, Mr. Brown thinks the new Lloyds Banking Group is too big and the deal will have to be unpicked, no matter what the cost to the taxpayer.

Brown, Gadaffy, 2008"I have nothing to say!"
Gordon Brown has been told that he has to stop lying to the British public if he wants to retain a scrap of credibility. Which explains his silence on the release of the Lockerbie bomber. Brown daren't tell the truth and he can't afford more lies, which will be exposed before the next general election.
   UPDATE Brown was unable to keep his trap shut and issued a comprehensive denial about the release of the Lockerbie bomber and the dirty deals behind the scenes. So now we know it's all true.

August 2009

What will Brown do now? Bugger all?
In 2007, The EU promised T. Blair & G. Brown a comprehensive spending review, including the abuses of the Common Agricultural Policy, in return for grabbing £2 billion/year of the rebate won for Britain by Margaret Thatcher. The promise proved meaningless, however, as the review won't happen to avoid upsetting the French. So that's £2 billion more down the drain and, as usual with New Labour, nothing to show for it.

Our Money
The Home Office blew £140 million on consultants, many of them for failed or shrunken IT projects, in 2008/09

Dead Giveaway
Whenever a Mandelson gets indignant, someone has prodded the truth.

Terrorists for Trade, a New Labor Deal
Justice Sec. J. Straw had admitted being part of the deal to include Lockerbie bomber A. M'Grahi in the oil & trade deal with Libya, confirming that "Everything and everyone is for sale by New Labor".
 • Lord Sleaze is also busily lobbying the EU for trade concessions to help his rich patrons do deals with Libya.

Stealth Peerage
Gordon Brown is so embarrassed by his decision to give a peerage to the sacked Commons speaker, M. Martin, that confirmation of the award was sneaked out in almost secret while the Commons is on its hols.

Mr. Invisible Rides Again Part II
The Ministry of Defence is refusing to name the New Labor Minister responsible for depriving British troops injured in Afghanistan of Allowance for Lower Standard of Occupation payments and cutting their benefits by £3,000 per year.

Mr. Invisible Rides Again!
Gordon Brown is doing another of his disappearing acts. When someone mentions Lockerbie, he runs for the cellar and hides there with his fingers in his ears chanting, "Ah'm no here and ah'm no listenin'."

In the 21st Century . . .
Blood from a stone & truth from a Mandelson – same thing.

Another Brown Hole
The MoD budget for military equipment has a £35,000,000,000 Brown Hole in it, and most new equipment arrives 5 years late and 40% over budget. But the government is suppressing an official report containing these facts because it concludes that soldiers' lives are being put at risk in Afghanistan due to lethal incompetence at the MoD. Figures.

Just Contemptible
Following New Labour policy, the Ministry of Defence is trying to swindle 279 injured members of the armed forces out of proper compensation awards.

A Clunking Fist of Straw
According to G. Brown, he's the man with all the answers and foreign governments always do what he says. So how curious that Libya ignored his orders to give A. M'Grahi a quiet homecoming and turned it into a day of national celebration.

Stealth Campaign Against Scotland
Thanks to New Labour's dirty deals behind the scenes, the Libyan government has bought the freedom of one of the terrorists on its state payroll and the Scottish Nationalist government is getting most of the blame. Labour's next tactic will be to seek a vote of no confidence in the Nats in the hope of forcing an election and regaining control of the Scottish Parliament. Cynical, or what!

Sell Out
As a result of T. Blair's attempts to buy friends in Europe – which were endorsed by G. Brown in 2007 – Britain will pay 60% MORE to the European Union next year. Our Euro Tax will rise from £4.1 BILLION in 2009/10 to £6.4 BILLION in 2010/11 and Britain is getting ABSOLUTELY BLOODY NOTHING in return for the extra £2.3 BILLION.

How Labour makes 'effciency savings' in the NHS
1. Make management staff redundant and give them a big pay-off.
2. When the redundant staff get jobs in the private sector, hire their companies as management consultants at vast expense.
£500,000,000 has gone on this scam to date.

It wisnae me, honest!
A junior minister, K. Jones, has been outed as the guy charged with organizing the New Labor smear campaign against Gen. Sir R. Dannatt, the outgoing head of the army, who has dared to criticize the government's failures to equip and support the troops in Afghanistan. Jones has denied briefing against the general, so it must be true.

The deal is finally done
After over 2 years' of negotiations involving the whole spectrum of New Labor's usual suspects from T. Blair down, the state-sponsored Libyan terrorist who was convicted of killing 270 people at Lockerbie, Scotland, has gone home to a triumphant reception. And Pres. Gadaffy was able to mark the 40th anniversary of his revolution with a bang.

New Labour's 'Uman Rights laws . . .
. . . make it possible for a convicted paedophile pensioner to get prescriptions for Viagra from his GP while making it impossible for the police, the probation service and the other branches of 'The Authorities' to do anything about it.

Back Scratching
Lord Sleaze went for a junket courtesy of music mogul Devid Geffen and rushed home to announce more laws against illegal downloading with threats of fines of £50,000 and a ban on Internet access. The sleazy one also had a drive-by with President Gadaffy's son & heir while freeloading on Corfu, and lo! The Lockerbie bomber is up for release on 'compassionate grounds' so that he can be home to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Gadaffy's take-over in Libya.

Forget Freedom & Justice For All
The government has signed up to the European Arrest Warant scam, which means that from next April, British citizens can be shipped abroad with little or no justification or right of appeal to face trial for imaginary offences and persecution by less civilized foreign regimes.

Empty words
"The day of big bonuses is over," Gordon Brown promised the nation in October 2008. Just 9 months later, 'Bonuses Are Back' was the banker's cry.

The truth is stranger than fiction
The reason why there's a shortage of helicopters to support British troops in Afghanistan has been revealed. It's not due to corruption and bungling in the Ministry of Defence, and it's nothing to do with the dodgy deal worked by the man who admits being responsible for the death of Iraq weapons expert Dr. David Kelly. According to Air Commodore S. Falla, it's because there's nowhere to park more helicopters because the Yanks have snapped up all the parking places.

More political bias created
Discontent is growing in MI6. The man in charge, Blair crony J. Scarlett, is due to be decommissioned in November. He will be replaced by a Brown stooge to bring the Secret Intelligence Service more fully into the New Labor stable.

It's the way he tells them!
Sir J. Scarlett, the head of MI6, says Britain has nothing to do with torturing terrorists abroad. He has also claimed that he wrote A. Campbell's dodgy Iraq dossier, which 'proved' that S. Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction [for which he got promotion and a knighthood]. So slight problems of credibility are involved.

It's only our money
The government has nicked £5 million from the Big Lottery Fund to pay for seminars for gypsies to teach them how to set up illegal encampments, how to get round planning regulations and even how to be assertive.

Swindle sabotaged
The Serious Fraud Office has refused to become involved in an attempt by Lord Sleaze to postpone a report on Labour's part in the collapse of MG Rover until after the next general election. The government wasted £6 million of taxpayers' cash proping up the company until after the 2005 general election, then G. Brown and his henchperson S. Vadera 'pulled the plug' on MG Rover; after the 'Phoenix Four' directors, who had bought the company for a tenner in 2000, had strolled off with £30 million.

Anything for a vote
Labour is so desperate for the Moslem vote that the Community Cohesion Minister, S. Malik, is abandoning a scheme aimed at denying impressionable young Moslems access to Al Kaida recruiters in Britain.

Don't panic!
The government is paying 16-year-olds to staff an NHS call centre in Watford and diagnose cases of swine flu over the telephone using a pre-prepared script. This is what passes for "being prepared to deal with the crisis" under New Labor.

What recession?
The Bank of England has printed a further £50 billion to build up the Brown Debt Mountain even more, but only New Labor's pals can expect to get any of it.

Headline-grabbing U-Turn
Labour leadership contender H. Harperson has been getting too much publicity for her rival J. Straw's taste, so he did a U-ey and let R. Biggs, train robbery, out of gaol after vowing that the unrepentant Biggs would croak inside. (Straw was also worried about being on the losing end of a judicial review.)

Soft on real crime
Under New Labour's new justice system, criminals who steal from shops pay less in fines than non-criminals who put too much stuff in a wheely bin or dare to drive in a bus lane.
 • Small fines for criminals is an essential part of the government's strategy of persuading people to plead guilty so that the CPS can meet its targets for convictions.

His hand, our pocket
Mr. Squeaker Bercow has never been a man who is averse to shoving a hand into the taxpayer's pocket. His latest adventure into expenses land has cost the taxpayer the best part of 21-grand for doing up his official flat.

Another Brown Bog-Up
Gordon Brown tried to suppress a report showing that the Ministry of Defence wastes £2.5 BILLION every year on useless kit which the armed services can't use. But being Gordon Brown, he made a bog-up of the cover-up and the news got out.

Decency is the first casualty of New Labour
The Ministry of Defence is forcing its press officers to lie to the news media, and the relatives of dead soldiers, to cover up the shortages of transportation and equipment, which are getting British troops killed in New Labour's foreign wars.

Not a Shred of Decency
The government has admitted that its compensation scheme for injured members of the armed forces is a shambles and unjust, but the Ministry of Defence is still going to keep trying to swindle crippled soldiers out of fair awards.

Cash for Failure
Malcolm Jack, the Clerk of the House of Commons, who failed to make MPs follow what few rules there are for expenses claims and helped them to maximize their claims, has had an 11% pay rise and he now gets £195,000 per year (plus a fancy pension).

July 2009

New Stealth Tax for 2012
Firms with more than 10 parking spaces will be taxed £250/parking space initially rising to £350/space after 2 years.

Swine flu scam
NHS checks on who gets the antiviral Tamiflu are so lax that scammers are getting hold of vast amounts of it and selling it off at car boot sales.

Cleaning up MPs' expenses – the Brown version
MPs have voted to double their subsistence allowance to up to £9,125 per year, and it can be claimed without providing receipts.

What bloody military covenant?
The Ministry of Defence is trying to swindle wounded soldiers out of compensation payments and wasting taxpayers' cash on frivolous appeals.

No policy, no direction, no consistent advice
If you ever wanted a prime example of New Labour's total inability to run anything, take swine flu as the classic example. We've been told everything from "Everyone will get it but most people won't notice it" to "Tens of thousands of people will die and the country will shudder to a standstill", depending who's chasing the headline. The only certainty in the whole mess is that Labour's 'consultants' will rake in millions of pounds of taxpayers' cash.
 • The latest 'problem' is that giving Tamiflu to enough people will create a mutated version of swine flu which will make antivrials ineffective.

Wouldn't you just know it?
Micromanagement by E. Balls, the Education Minister, was a big contributor to the collapse of the SATs system last year. Balls has been lying and trying to cover up his contribution (how very New Labour), but the truth has seeped out finally.

It's only taxpayers' cash
The Dept. of Culture, Media & Sport has a £100 million Brown Hole in its accounts due to "hopeless" management.

Our Money
The government has blown £12 million on a campaign to cut knife crime, and derived lots of spin & publicity from it, but achieved . . . absolutely nothing after a whole year.

Gordon Brown's "root & branch reform of Parliament" has turned into a total waste of time rush job with the teeth drawn, leaving just soggy gums to suck on swindling MPs.

Cowardice in the face of the truth
Rather than do the job himself, Gordon Brown has revved up Labour toady Lord Foulkes to smear General Dannatt for daring to expose the government's failure to give the Army proper support in Afghanistan. A smear campaign is Brown's preferred alternative to trying to justify his deliberate betrayal of the armed forces throughout his period in office.

You can tell there's a general election looming . . .
The government spent £540 MILLION of taxpayers' cash on spin and 'nanny state' advertising in 2008/09 – up 43% on the previous year.

Bad News Buried
Parliament is breaking up for a 3-month summer holiday, so trot out the bad news. No. 1, tax revenues are down by £32 billion, so any spending plans G. Brown announces to buy votes will be either hot air or something which will have to be paid for with massive tax increases.
   No. 2., the National Audit offices has refused to sign off on the accounts of half a dozen Whitehall ministries, including the Treasury, the Department of Work & Pensions and the Ministry of Defence. The reasons cited include failure to deal with massive levels of fraud, incompetence and overpayment, buying IT systems that don't work and spending cash not authorized by parliament. And the Equality & Human Rights Commission, which is notorious for its terrible standards of management, was guilty of making executives redundant, giving them a huge pay-off then hiring them again at a vastly inflated salary.

Fairness according to Jack Straw and the Ministry of Injustice
The government has sneaked out another swindle by stealth. Anyone who becomes a victim of violent crime and makes a claim to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board will lose 10-25% of the award if they have speeding convictions.

Catch 22 Lives!
The government is bumping people who make home improvements, such as double glazing and insulation, into a higher Council Tax bracket. And anyone who doesn't make home improvements is branded an energy-guzzler and required to pay more Council Tax, stamp duty and inheritance tax. The guzzlers are also to be offered loans to pay for improvements with the false promise that the money they save on energy bills will more than handle the loan repayments.

Government Double U-Bend
U-Turn #1 – Gordon Brown had admitted that General Sir R. Dannatt got it right (and he was lying) and more troops and decent equipment are needed in Afghanistan.
U-Turn #2 – Defence Sec. B. Ainsworth has ordered his minions to end the Ministry's self-serving and unpatriotic sleaze campaign against General Dannatt.

No sense of decency at the MoD
The government is wasting a fortune on spying on injured troops, abusing anti-terror laws, hoping to cut their compensation payments. It is also trying to intimidate troops into not making claims in the first place via threatening letters.

"But we knew that already, dear."
Jacqui Smith has admitted she was never up to the job of Home Sec. She's not even qualified to run her own home and the only reason she got the job was that G. Brown was trying to ingratiate himself with New Labour's Wimmin.

It almost makes sense . . .
Gordon Brown, Lord Sleaze and those arch scroungers the Kinnocks are backing T. Blair for the job of President of Europe. So they'd like to see a war criminal in charge of an organization which is a byword for stupidity and corruption? Figures.

Do the boys a favour
All the failed bankers who wrecked their companies with criminally reckless mismanagement have enjoyed the taxpayer's hospitality at Chequers courtesy of G. Brown. Which explains why New Labour has been so soft on the banks – Gordon looking after his mates.

Even his own side doesn't support him
Gordon Brown says he's given the troops in Afghanistan enough helicopters. The Labour-controlled Commons Defence Select Committee says he's lying and that he's also lying about what the Army's ageing helicopters in Afghanistan can do (when they're not out of action being repaired).
 • Everything goes back to 2004 and Chancellor Brown cutting the MoD helicopter budget by £1.4 billion.

Another swindle on the way
The government plans an Energy Stealth Tax of £92/year to pay for hugely expensive wind turbines, which won't supply enough electricity to keep the lights on. And customers are warned to expect to have to pay £700/year more by 2050.

"Don't ask me, gov."
In a debate on the one-sided extradition with the United States, as applied to the British hacker Gary McKinnon, the Home Sec., A. Johnson, admitted he's too thick to understand the issues and he just does what he's told by his advisors. The Home Office used to be one of the "Great Offices of State" which had to be run by a person of stature. Evidently, not any more under New Labour.

Truth hurts, so avoid it at all costs
The Science Community Representing Education sounds like a grand organization. Pity it's just a bunch of stooges, in the main, who are prepared to hush up the dumbing down of GCSEs to avoid embarrassing the government with the truth.

Tell 'em anything, then forget it
In 1997, Tony B. Lair said he didn't want his kids to grow up in a country where pensioners have to sell their homes to get long-term care. In 2009, Health Sec. A. Burnham has never heard of T. Blair and he thinks anyone with a couple of bob is fair game for another New Labour Stealth Tax of 20 grand to fund part of their old-age care.

Public funding of political parties by Stealth
New Labour has created an army of politicians; MPs, MEPs, MSPs, Members of the Welsh, Northern Irish & London Assemblies, local councillors, their advisors and other staff; which is now some 29,000 strong and costs the taxpayer £500 million per year in salaries and expenses. Which amounts to taxpayer funding of party politics on the sly.

Brown disregard for the lives of British troops
War is on the verge of breaking out between the heads of the British army and G. Brown and his stooges at the Ministry of Defence, including Brown's IRA-supporting Defence Sec. Brown systematically starved the army of cash while Chancellor and the stooges have always been too busy fighting imaginary future wars to focus on the ones the army is having to fight right now. Which has led to the present calamity of British troops in Afghanistan fighting and dying while having to cope with inadequate numbers, highly inadequate equipment and non-existent political planning for a country with endemic corruption, where democracy is irrelevant.

Stealth Tax Warning
The latest government tax scam comes from the Climate Change Dept., prop. E. Miliband. Anyone without loft and/or wall insulation, and full double glazing, will be punished with higher Council Tax payments and a higher rate of stamp duty when they sell their inferior property.
   Offenders will be encouraged to take out loans to pay for upgrading their home with the false promise that the money they save on their energy bills will more than cover the loan repayments.

MERIT doesn't matter; New Labour is interested only in SEX and SKIN COLOUR
The latest government target is aimed at increasing the number of females and members of ethnic minorities in the Honours Lists. All 'non-white female' is the ultimate goal.

It's only taxpayers' lives
This rotten government would rather waste millions of pounds on things like promoting gender equality for Afghan women than spend money on protecting the lives of British troops fighting there by giving them decent equipment.

It's only taxpayers' money
The government is paying £1 million to Nigeria to upgrade a gaol there so that Nigerian criminals convicted here can be sent to a prison which doesn't violate their human rights. Only under New Labour could we have been dragged into such a tangle of craziness.

Stealth Tax Warning
Not enough people are buying passports. The Home Office is 400,000 purchases short of its target and there's a £32 million Brown Hole in the accounts. So instead of redeploying or sacking surplus staff, the Home Office is going to put up the price of a passport by 7% to £77.50 in September. So no danger of the real world intruding into staffing levels at the Home Office, then?

More muck under Mandelson's carpet
£16 million of taxpayers' cash blown on the report into the collapse of MG Rover then Lord Sleaze redacts the report into invisibility. The taxpayer was fleeced, the Labour party wasted a ton of our money right before the 2005 general election, usual suspects walked away with their pockets bulging with millions but none of that can come out until after the next election.
 • G. Brown and his special advisor, Baroness Vedera, are to blame for the collapse of MG Rover, say the 'Phoenix Four' (the guys who got loadsa loot). When Chancellor, Brown put the mockers on a Chinese rescue deal.

Something to recall when Brown starts lying again about spending our money . . .
"Let us dismiss the notion that spending on health and education will be protected. There are good reasons why they won't and shouldn't. Don't believe the shroud-wavers who tell you grannies will die and children starve if spending is cut. They won't. Cuts are inevitable and perfectly manageable."
 • Steve Bundred, chief exectutive of the Audit Commission

Still broken, no fix in sight
4 million people are still worse off after Gordon Brown abolished the 10p tax rate in his final budget 2 years ago, grabbing a headline without working through the consequences. A fix was promised but New Labour economics took over.

More Balls
Over 70% of the jobs created since New Labour took over have gone to foreigners. British jobs for British workers? Yeah, right!

Total Balls
Schools Sec. E. Balls reckons that the economy is stronger than it looks and Labour is going to spend BILLIONS on his latest scheme for messing the education system about. Proposition 1. is a political lie (and E. Balls knows it, being partly responsible for the Brown Slump) and as far as Proposition 2. goes, the Audit Commission has found that the BILLIONS of pounds thrown at the education system by New Labour have been SQUANDERED.
   So all Balls is offering is more of the same old lies and maladministration.

Home Sec. A. Johnson has abolished the compulsory ID card plan. They are now something to be flogged to young adults, so that they can prove that they are old enough to buy booze, and given away to pensioners to keep the system turning over and cash flowing into the pockets of the Labour party pals running the manufacturing operation. Which has devoured £215.2 million over the last 6 years.

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