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1997 May
01.05.97 Labour wins general election by a landslide: 419 Lab / 165 Con / 46 Lib / 29 Others / 10.5% swing / 179 majority
02.05.97 Blair arrives at Downing Street to ranks of flag-waving Labour stooges
06.05.97 Chancellor George Brown raises bank rate 0.25% to 6.25%, hands setting bank rate to Bank of England, mortgage rate 7.6%
09.05.97 Blair reduces prime minister's questions to 1 session per week
13.05.97 The 2 IRA MPs told swear the oath of loyalty or no offices at Westminster
14.05.97 State opening of Parliament
15.05.97 BT & BAA to challenge Chancellor's plan to impose a Windfall Tax, some other utilities thinking about it
19.05.97 Bank of England loses power to regulate financial services; govt. to outlaw tobacco sponsorship of sporting events
20.05.97 Chancellor ends self-regulation in the City
21.05.97 First new-style PMQ; MI5 puts recruiting advert in The Times
23.05..97 Blair tells the EU that the UK wants to participate – on his terms
25.05.97 Chancellor forced to postpone Budget over Windfall Tax problems
30.05.97 Govt. to abolish recommended retail prices

1997 June
01.06.97 New ruling: all Cabinet 'kites' must have PM's approval
04.06.97 Govt. opposes EU plan to impose works councils on firms with 50 or more staff
05.06.97 Govt. talking about banning beef from Europe as BSE precautions there not stringent enough
06.06.97 Bank of England raises lending rate to 6.5%, building soc. rate up to 7.95%
08.06.97 Outrage over BNF plan to fly plutonium over cities to reprocessing plant
09.06.97 Blair to make £250K profit on sale of house in Islington
12.06.97 Labour planning to make 'rich' pensioners pay for NHS treatment
15.06.97 John Prescott upset because the BBC read papers on privatizing the Tube, which he left in a studio
19.06.97 William Hague elected youngest Tory leader for 200 years
22.06.97 Govt. making noises about scrapping legal aid to end fraud
30.06.97 Hong Kong becomes Chinese again at midnight/5 p.m. British time; BA ground staff vote to strike

1997 July
02.07.97 First Budget – Blair/Brown Stealth Tax campaign begins, £5.2 billion Windfall Tax, VAT on domestic fuel reduced to 5%
06.07.97 Riots in Ulster after Drumcree Orange parade allowed to proceed, policewoman shot & wounded
07.07.97 Labour abolishes selection of school intake by ability; more riots in Ulster
08.07.97 Headline inflation in June up from 2.6% to 2.9%
09.07.97 Blair backs a ban on foxhunting; start of 3-day BA strike
10.07.97 100,000 pro-hunting protesters in Hyde Park; bank rate raised 0.25% to 6.75%; Orange Order calls off marches in Republican areas of Belfast
11.07.97 IRA shoots up army/RUC patrol in Belfast
15.07.97 Ofwat suggests one-off 10% cut in water bills as compensation for profiteering
16.07.97 1.6 million unemployed in June
18.07.97 One-third of hospitals in England have run out of cash
19.07.97 IRA promises another cease fire from noon tomorrow
20.07.97 Better-off parents of students will have to pay £1,000 for tuition fees
21.07.97 Chancellor Brown steals £1B from Lottery for his fiscal black hole; Govt. to review £1.3 billion of road-building plans; IMF wants Chancellor to extend range of VAT
30.07.97 Scrapping of Recommended Retail Prices ordered
31.07.97 Blight destroys large part of potato crop; 3 High Court judges award Spanish fishermen compensation for being banned form British waters

1997 August
01.08.97 31 new Labour peers created; 1,000 lb IRA bomb defused in Co. Fermanagh
03.08.97 Foreign Sec. Robin Cook adultery shock-horror
04.08.97 Cars without tax discs to be clamped or crushed
07.08.97 Interest rated up again to 7%
11.08.97 Petrol price to go up 6p/litre (27p/gallon) by end of following week
12.08.97 Inflation up from 2.9% in June to 3.3% in July; British Tourist Authority to drop the Union Flag
13.08.97 Fiddled unemployment figure 1.55 million, lowest for 17 years
14.08.97 A-Level pass rate at 16th successive record level
17.08.97 Outrage: Millennium Dome covering to be made in Germany
21.08.97 Germans lose £6M Dome contract to US firm – the price is up to £14M now but the covering will last twice as long
22.08.97 The Germans want £2M compensation and the 'US' firm is Japanese-owned
25.08.97 Egon Krenz, last leader of DDR, gaoled 6 years for manslaughter of escapers
27.08.97 UK top oe European asthma list, London world's 9th most expensive city
31.08.97 Death of Princess Diana in car crash in Paris

1997 September
06.09.97 Funeral of Princess Diana
09.09.97 British Airports Authority pours cold water on plan to rename Heathrow
11.09.97 Scots vote 'yes' for a parliament on a low turn-out
16.09.97 South Armagh police station destroyed by Irish terrorist car bomb
18.09.97 Hit Squad sent to Hackney to run failing schools
19.09.97 Welsh vote 'yes' to a parliament by 0.6% – 25% of whole population in favour
21.09.97 Govt. junks plan for English regional assemblies
25.09.97 Irish terrorists attack 2 Belfast police stations
29.09.97 House prices up 13% on 1996 level
30.09.97 Labour to scrap internment law for Irish terrorists

1997 October
01.10.97 Owning a pistol over .22 calibre becomes a criminal offence
05.10.97 Millennium Dome expected to cost £1 billion, double the estimate
08.10.97 US drops the IRA from its list of banned terrorist organizations
13.10.97 Blair cosies up to Gerry Adams in Belfast; First of Millennium Dome's masts erected
14.10.97 £300 million moved from Defence budget to NHS
20.10.97 Chancellor Brown switches on new Stock Exchange computer dealing system, market drops £10 billion
22.10.97 Prime Minister jeered at Stock Exchange over Monday's losses
23.10.97 Hong Kong stock market crashes, FTSE down 3% & below 5,000, Wall Street down 2.3%
28.10.97 MoD admits unlicensed drugs given to soldiers in 1991 Gulf War; Stock markets recover, led by US
29.10.97 Govt. asks Brazil to extradite Great Train Robber Ronald Biggs, 68
30.10.97 2 Irish terrorist bombs, Londonderry & Armagh; Govt. lifts exclusion orders on Irish terrorists

1997 November
01.11.97 Airport Tax doubled, £10 to Europe, £20 long-haul
05.11.97 Formula One exempt from ban on tobacco advertising
06.11.97 Bank rate up to 7.25%
11.11.97 New Labour forced to repay £1M donation from Bernie Ecclestone but the task of delaying a ban on tobacco advertising at Formula One races is accomplished; Inflation 3.7% in October
12.11.97 Brazil says 'no' to Biggs extradition
13.11.97 Revealed: Labour was offered a 2nd gift of £½ by Bernie Ecclestone
16.11.97 Blair forced to apologize for tobacco sponsorship mess
17.11.97 Grant-maintained schools, which New Labour wants to abolish, best in league tables
18.11.97 Hospital waiting lists up, contrary to Labour election promise
23.11.97 Packers beat Dallas Cowboys 17-45 at Green Bay
24.11.97 Stock market down £16 billion
25.11.97 Mini-budget, £20 apiece to pensioners to buy fuel + vague promises

1997 December
01.12.97 New Labour's assault on savings begins with the abolition of Personal Equity Plans; Welsh farmers protest over ban on beef on the bone
02.12.97 Labour smash & grab on PEPs to follow when ISAs created
03.12.97 Govt. bans sales of beef on the bone – vanishingly small BSE risk
04.12.97 Farmers' blockage spreads from Wales & Scotland to England
07.12.97 Farmers' pickets at ports remain peaceful
08.12.97 Complaints about the railways at a record high
10.12.97 47 Labour MPs vote against govt. on cutting lone parent benefits
11.12.97 G. Adams & other IRA leaders entertained at 10 Downing St
13.12.97 Republicans rioting again in Ulster
16.12.97 3 Irish terrorists gaoled for planning lorry bombs; Labour MP M. Sarwar arrested for election fraud
17.12.97 Agriculture Minister Jack Cunningham blows £100,000 on a new logo
22.12.97 Irish terrorist Patrick Magee, 1984 Brighton bomber, allowed home for Xmas; Demo by disabled at Downing St. gates
24.12.97 Severe weather, 100+ mph gales, power lines down
26.12.97 Lots of hunting, not much protesting
27.12.97 Irish terrorists killing one another in Maze prison & Co. Tyrone
28.12.97 Mass cull of chickens in Hong Kong to combat bird flu outbreak
30.12.97 Day of terrorist funerals in Ulster
31.12.97 More terrorist attacks in Belfast

1998 January
02.01.98 Home Sec. revealed as the father of a teenage dope dealer exposed by the Daily Mirror; Troops on patrol again in Ulster
06.01.98 Labour planning to privatize inner-city schools
07.01.98 Strong pound blamed for putting thousands of Vauxhall jobs at risk
06.01.98 UK presidency of EU begins
06.01.98 Prime Ministers tells Robin Cook he can't take his mistress on foreign trips
13.01.98 Inflation 3.6%, government misses its inflation target of 2.5% for 8th successive month
15.01.98 Blair welfare roadshow hits the streets
16.01.98 Care In The Community to be scrapped for the dangerously demented
17.01.98 Govt. backs down on banning no win/no fee legal actions and stopping legal aid for civil cases
18.01.98 White House accused of leaks to the IRA
20.01.98 Protest by farmers in London
21.01.98 IRA rejects Blair peace plan for Ulster; new sex scandal involving President Clinton; an affair with a White House staffer
26.01.98 Bill Clinton denies everything
27.01.98 Govt. sends out winter fuel giros to pensioners dated 1995; Lords vote against a ban on beef on the bone
28.01.98 Robin Cook in trouble over abuse of expenses; John Prescott threatens to nationalize EuroStar
29.01.98 Govt. to phase in public sector pay rise; Blair decides to hold an inquiry into Bloody Sunday
30.01.98 Agriculture Sec. Jack Cunningham threatening butchers selling beef on the bone

1998 February
01.02.98 DPM J. Prescott wants to replace Council Tax caps by local referenda on high spending
08.02.98 Death of Enoch Powell, 85
09.02.98 Chancellor Brown's new kite – higher National Insurance for higher-paid
10.02.98 IRA kills second-in-command of UDA
11.02.98 Blair promises to throw G. Adams out of peace talks if IRA proved to be behind latest killings; Hospitals refusing to give people appointments in order to stay within govt. waiting list targets
13.02.98 RUC chief says IRA was behind murders in Ulster
16.02.98 IRA threatens legal action if thrown out of Ulster peace talks
17.02.98 Judges required to reveal links with Freemasons
20.02.98 IRA thrown out of peace talks; 11 injured by IRA bomb in Co. Down
23.02.98 Centre of Portadown wrecked by IRA car bomb
25.02.98 Letter bomb at Royal Mail centre in Belfast
26.02.98 33 blood products removed from the market over fears of CJD transmission
27.02.98 Paratrooper Lee Clegg's conviction unsafe, retrial ordered
28.02.98 Original large 50p coin no longer legal tender; Midnight deadline for handing in small calibre firearms; compensation to be paid 'eventually'

1998 March
01.03.98 Save our Countryside march in London; No reduction in drink-drive limit
02.03.98 Prescriptions up 15p to £5.80 in April
04.03.98 Sale of Gt. Western Trains blocked as of no benefit to passengers; Govt. gave away £736M on privatization
13.03.98 Fox hunting bill collapses; Quick Whitehall whitewash – John Prescott & family totally innocent
16.03.98 Passport controls for people leaving the UK to be scrapped
17.03.98 Second Budget: taxes up on tobacco, petrol, etc., U-turn on ISA top limit
19.03.98 Blair ticked off for undeclared junket to British Grand Prix 2 years earlier
20.03.98 Prescott plans to bring private enterprise into running the Tube; £14K tax bill for Lord Chancellor – for enoying the benefits of his hugely expensive office refurbishment
22.03.98 Govt. plans to streamline asylum-seeker screening – out within 7 days of rejection; Russian President Boris Yeltsin sacks his entire cabinet!
24.03.98 Labour ditches Blackpool as party conference venue
31.03.98 Oil price down, OPEC cuts production for the first time in a decade

1998 April
02.04.98 980 lbs of explosives found in car bomb at Dun Loughaire
07.04.98 Unionists say no to Ulster peace formula – Blair steps in
10.04.98 Peace deal reached in Ulster
13.04.98 Death Sir Ian MacGregor, Coal Board boss who stood up to striking miners in 1984
14.04.98 Irish govt. releases 9 gaoled IRA terrorists; NUT votes to strike in pursuit of 4-day week
16.04.98 Exports at 7-year low due to high value of pound
20.04.98 French & Germans squabbling over control of Eurobank
28.04.98 Monthly trade balance deeper in the red than during '91 recession
30.04.98 10,000 EU staff to strike over linking pay to performance


1998 May
02.05.98 Euro launch and an international row – the French want their man to head the Euro bank
04.05.98 European parliament threatens legal challenge to dirty deal on Euro bank
05.05.98 Blair roughed up in Commons over Euro bank deal
07.05.98 Local elections – nothing much for Tories, Liberals the losers
13.05.98 Use of British blood products banned over CJD fears
17.05.98 It's Official: Everyone is paying more tax under Labour
19.05.98 Inflation in April was 4%; Strikes threatened at ports & airports over abolition of duty-free goods
22.05.98 Record vote in Ulster on peace deal
28.05.98 £3.60/hour minimum wage is too low say unions, too high say employers

1998 June
01.06.98 Report on CPS: minor crime pursued more vigorously than violent crime
02.06.98 Chancellor G. Brown promises a Budget surplus every year; spending ministries furious
03.06.98 BBC technicians threaten to black out World Cup
04.06.98 Bank rate up 0.25% to 7.5%; BBC strike, no live programmes
07.06.98 Rolling Stones call off British tour as protest against Labour's tax juggling
08.06.98 Protest against diesel tax – lorry drivers go slow on M6 then M1; RMT threatens rail strikes
09.06.98 Environment minister M. Meacher proposes Refuse Tax; Foreign Office ministers face contempt of Parliament charges over refusal to answer questions about illegal arms to Africa deals
03.06.98 World Cup opening match: Brazil 2, Scotland 1
11.06.98 Labour decides to sell of the Royal Mint, air traffic control, the Commonwealth Development Corporation and motorway service station
15.06.98 Inflation in May up to 4.2%
22.06.98 MPs vote to lower the age of consent for homophiles to 16
23.06.98 Trade gap £3.8 billion in 1st quarter of 1998 – worst for 5 years
28.06.98 More troops sent to Ulster for marching season
30.06.98 England put out of World Cup by Argentina on penalties, TV audience 26 million

1998 July
01.07.98 First meeting of Northern Ireland Assembly
03.07.98 Volkswagen completes takeover of Rolls Royce
05.07.98 Government in cash for access scandal
09.07.98 Bank rate held at 7.5%
10.07.98 6 Irish terrorists arrested, planning to bomb the Tube
13.07.98 Chancellor vows to squeeze public sector pay and spend vast amounts on NHS, education, etc.
20.07.98 DPM J. Prescott unveils transport white paper
21.07.98 Govt. working party suggests changes to licensing laws, including 24-hour opening
22.07.98 Lords reject 16 as age of consent for homophiles
24.07.98 Executed WW I deserters to get names on war memorials but no mass pardon; Entrance charges for museums to be scrapped 'by 2001'
27.07.98 FO officials take all blame in arms for Africa scandal, politicians innocent of everything
28.07.98 Cabinet reshuffle, yet more Blair cronies inserted
29.07.98 Scotland Yard investigation of corrupt police officers to include CPS
30.07.98 Labour unveils self-serving, first annual report of bogus achievements, ignores youth crime, unemployment, the economy, school class sizes, NHS waiting lists, and all other bad news
31.07.98 Govt. scraps all but 37 of 140 road-building schemes

1998 August
01.08.98 Blair & family use Queen's Flight for junket to Italy
03.08.98 Tony Blair appoints crony as Business Minister for Scottish Office; not an MP
07.08.98 Irish murderer of Lord Mountbatten freed from gaol; US embassies in Kenya & Tanzania bombed
10.08.98 US puts $2 million bounty on embassy bombers
11.08.98 Stock market plunges again
14.08.98 Lab Party row over closed sessions at conference
15.08.98 28 people killed by Irish terrorist bomb at Omagh, highest number killed in 30 years
20.08.98 US launches air strikes on Islamic terrorists in Afghanistan & Sudan
21.08.98 Global stock market slump
23.08.98 Moslem terrorists threaten strikes in West
24.08.98 Shops reopen in Omagh
25.08.98 Terrorist Abu Nidal arrested in Egypt
26.08.98 Russians besiege banks to withdraw savings
28.08.98 Russian President B. Yeltsin on TV – he won't quit; Labour MPs force Blair to tone down planned anti-terror laws
30.08.98 Big perks on offer to Labour donors – It's official!
31.08.98 Wall Street plunges; N. Korea fires missile 1,240 miles – over Japan

August-September stock markets plunging around the world

1998 September
01.09.98 Share prices plunge again
02.09.98 Blair rushes anti-terror law through Parliament in 1 day
07.09.98 Has BSE spread to sheep? Or is that just scare-mongering?
10.09.98 PM slows down reform of Lords & freedom of information; Bank rate remains 7.5%
11.09.98 16 terrorists released from gaol in N. Ireland
15.09.98 Bank of England hits inflation rate target!
16.09.98 Blair barracked by redundant workers on 'moral boosting' trip to his constituency
17.09.98 Shortage of nurses serious but govt. refuses to raise pay rates
21.09.98 Trial by TV of Pres. Bill 'Slick Willy' Clinton
23.09.98 European Court of Human Rights awards caned British boy &poun;10,000
29.09.98 Serb massacre in Kosovo exposed
30.09.98 DPM Prescott promises to shake up the railways at Labour conference

1998 October
01.10.98 World stock markets plunge again
02.10.98 NATO firepower massing for a go at the Serbs over Kosovo
05.10.98 Share prices down again
06.10.98 Business failures up 3% in first 9 months of year
07.10.98 Labour plans to use 1/3 of lottery money instead of tax money; Chancellor Brown forced to ditch guesses on growth
08.10.98 Congress to launch impeachment inquiry against Pres. Clinton
09.10.98 Russians ask for food aid from EU; Another Italian govt. collapses
11.10.98 Police exhuming bodies wholesale in Hyde re Dr. Shipman inquiry
14.10.98 Bangers & mini-rockets banned in run-up to Bonfire Night
15.10.98 BBC outbid, loses home Test matches to Channel 4 & Sky
17.10.98 Gen. Pinochet arrested in London on Spanish warrant
20.10.98 Bank of England – no cut in interest rates
21.10.98 A day at the Millennium Dome will cost £22
26.10.98 Alan Meale, MP, exposed as sleaze-monger when PPS to DPM Prescott; Exposed: Mandelson diluting pro-union changes promised by Labour
27.10.98 Welsh Sec. Ron Davies questioned by police bizarre sexual adventures on Clapham Common on 26/10, resigns next day
31.10.98 Iran ends all dealings with UN weapons inspectors

Inflation in October 3.2%

1998 November
02.11.98 Welsh Sec. Ron Davies blames his genes & media intrusion in a Commons statement
05.11.98 Interest & mortgate rates down 0.5%
06.11.98 Blair launches £700M campaign to connect every classroom to Internet by 2002
09.11.98 Civil service 'sick note' culture threatened with crackdown
11.11.98 Unemployment up by all means of measurement
12.11.98 Lords reject Euro elections by picking a party instead of a candidate
16.11.98 Government gives £120M to farmers, whose total income has dropped by £2 billion
17.11.98 Govt. to cut Territorial Army by one-third; Lords reject voting for party instead of people for 4th time
18.11.98 55 second apology from Paymaster Gen. G. Robinson for failing to disclose incomes; Lords sink Euro elections bill with 5th rejection
20.11.98 Charges dropped against man accused of robbing R. Davies
21.11.98 Govt. to raise motoring insurance premiums to pay for NHS road accident treatment
24.11.98 Govt. puts evicting hereditary peers from Lords on its list at State Opening of Parliament
25.11.98 Lords reject amnesty for Gen. Pinochet; EU tax commissioner wants same VAT rates everywhere
26.11.98 Gov. of Bank of England says no more interest rate cuts
30.11.98 EU wants to ban leaded petrol from 2000 – motor industry says substitutes not effective

1998 December
01.12.98 Germans & French want to end UK veto on EU tax changes; 200-point fall on stock exchange
03.12.98 Countries using euro cut interest rate to 3% except 3.5% in Italy
04.12.98 Ulster deal surrendered over surrender of IRA weapons; French & Germans want UK's EU refund cancelled
06.12.98 Predicted: lowest Xmas spending ever
07.12.98 P. Mandelson bottles out of privatizing the Post Office
09.12.98 Home Sec. J. Straw says Gen. Pinochet must face extradition hearing
10.12.98 Bank rate down 0.5% to 6.5%
12.12.98 Govt.'s Action 2000 wants punters to stock up with 2 weeks' food in case of Millennium melt-down
15.12.98 Lords reject Euro election bill for 6th & last time
16.12.98 USA attacks Iraq with cruise missiles
17.12.98 RAF Tornado fighters attack Iraq
18.12.98 Russia withdraws ambassador to Britain over Iraq
20.12.98 Life back to normal in Baghdad after 'war' ends
21.12.98 P. Mandelson in trouble over secret £373,000 loan from Paymaster Gen. G. Robinson
23.12.98 Mandelson & Robinson obliged to resign
28.12.98 US jets shoot up Iraqi missile batteries after fired upon
30.12.98 Deputy PM J. Prescott advises govt. to spend its way out of trouble
31.12.98 The euro launched

1999 January
03.01.99 Black hooker says Pres. Bill Clinton is the father of her child
04.01.99 Crony Lord Falconer put in charge of Millennium Dome, Charlie Whelan, Brown spin-doctor, resigns over leaks about Mandelson
07.01.99 Impeachment of Bill Clinton begins slowly; Bank rate down 0.25% to 6.0%
08.01.99 Peter Mandelson declared innocent of cheating on his mortgage
09.01.99 £6.4M French inquiry says no one to blame for Princess Diana's death
10.01.99 DNA test shows Bill Clinton not the father of the hooker's kid
11.01.99 Ex-wife's book calls Robin Cook a serial adulterer & drunk
12.01.99 Germany pressing for majority voting in EU and end to British veto
14.01.99 Clinton impeachement trial proper starts
16.01.99 Another Serb massacre uncovered in Kosovo
18.01.99 Yugoslavia expels Kosovo peace monitors
19.01.99 Inflation up to 2.6%; Former Tory minister Jonathan Aitken pleads guilty to perjury
20.01.99 Tests show education standards down in State schools
22.01.99 Jack Cunningham, Cabinet 'enforcer' received freebies from BNFL, Lord Sainsbury, Science Minister, has interests in GM foods, for which he has responsibility
23.01.99 Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards says Mandelson is innocent
24.01.99 6 members of International Olymic Committee to be asked to resign for corruption
25.01.99 MPs vote to lower age for homophile sexual consent
26.01.99 First Moslem MP on trial for fiddling election expenses; Blair tells public sector to think of job satisfaction, not more wages
29.01.99 Spanish blockade border at Gibraltar

1999 February
01.02.99 12% for some nurses, big pay rises for some head teachers; £15K severance pay for Mandelson
03.02.99 Beef on the bone ban to remain for 6 months
04.02.99 Bank rate down 0.5% to 5.5%; IRA admits 'ex-members' have stolen weapons
05.02.99 New Labour hypocrisy exposed – took cash from GM food developer
06.02.99 Monica Lewinsky gives evidence to Clinton impeachment attempt
07.02.99 BMW demands £200M for Rover or the jobs go to Hungary
09.02.99 MPs bash Foreign Office over arms sales to Sierra Leone
11.02.99 Blair sends tanks to the Balkans to fight the Serbs
12.02.99 Govt. refuses to do anything about GM foods; Clinton impeachment attempt fails
14.02.99 Safety inspectors have found problems at 70+ GM crop testing sites
15.02.99 Blair endorses GM foods; Huge council tax rises on the way
16.02.99 Govt. postpones commercial planting of GM crops for at least 1 hear; Inflation 2.6%, missing 2.5% target
17.02.99 Royal Society reissues report on GM foods, which govt. has ignored for 5 months
18.02.99 4 tons of GM soya dumped at Downing St. gates
19.02.99 British citizens told to get out of Yugoslavia before the bombing starts, Kosovo talks get nowhere
21.02.99 5 suspects arrested over Omagh terrorist bombing
22.02.99 Home Sec. Jack Straw's injunction against leaked Lawrence report collapses
23.02.99 Govt. to spend tens of millions of pounds on preparing for the euro; Worst trade gap for 10 years
24.02.99 Much-leaked report on Stephen Lawrence murder published
25.02.99 Informants' names & addresses included in Lawrence report
26.02.99 Duty-free reprieved for 18 months but now subject to VAT
27.02.99 3 men arrested in Irish Republic over Omagh terrorist bombing

1999 March
03.03.99 Blair admits taxes have gone up under Labour
04.03.99 EU/US banana war breaks out
05.03.99 EU threatens retaliation against US over banana tax; Robin Cook in trouble for getting leaked reports from Commons committees
09.03.99 Budget – tax on petrol & cigarettes up, Brown abolishes married couple's allowance and mortgage tax relief – most people are losers
14.03.99 Labour ready to do a U-turn on GM foods – 3 year voluntary ban on tests?; Labour's Stealth Taxes killing off a previously healthy road haulage industry
15.03.99 All 20 EU Commissioners resign over report on fraud & corruption
16.03.99 EU President Jacques Santer & EU Commission say they are not responsible for the waste, fraud & sleaze in their empire
17.03.99 Truckers threaten to clog London as a protest
18.03.99 Visiting the Millennium Dome will cost £20/head plus public transport cost for getting there.
09.03.99 EU President Jacques Santer out of a job, will stage come-back as Luxembourg MEP; Labour MP Fiona Jones convicted of election expenses fraud
22.03.99 Lorry drivers protest against vehicle & diesel taxes in London; Home Secretary Jack Straw blocks early release from gaol of 4 IRA terrorists
23.03.99 The Cancellor fiddled the Budget figures – taxes are up, not down; Courts over-rule Straw & the IRA terrorists walk
24.03.99 NATO air raids on Serbs over Kosovo
25.03.99 Italy gets cold feet over continuing bombing of Serbs
28.03.99 British Summer Time starts; estimated 25% of Kosovan Albanians now refugees, attacks on Serbs continue
29.03.99 IRA reveals where 9 of its murder victims are buried
31.03.99 Government does £150 million rescue deal for Rover's Longbridge plant

1999 April
02.04.99 US computer programmer charged with creating Melissa email virus
04.04.99 Refugees from Kosovo to be given temporary asylum abroad, 20,000 going to UK
05.04.99 Assault on savings – Tessas & PEPs abolished; 2 Libyans suspected of Lockerbie bombing sent to Netherlands & arrested
06.04.99 Blair picks raving federalist to head European Commission
07.04.99 World Trade Organization approves US sanctions in banana war
08.04.99 Interest rates down to 27-year low in UK, down from 5½% to 5¼%, down 3% to 2½% in eurozone
09.04.99 Govt. block Sky bid for Manchester United
11.04.99 NATO finds mass graves in Kosovo
12.04.99 Lorry drivers' blockade in 7 cities over taxes: Edinburgh, London, Manchester, Middlesborough, Newcastle, Plymouth, Truro
13.04.99 Snow on first day of cricket season!; Lords throw out attempt to lower homophile age of consent to 16
16.04.99 Serbs making final push to expel Albanians from Kosovo
17.04.99 Nail bomb injures 50 people in Brixton market
20.04.99 Inflation up to 2.7% in March due to Budget
24.04.99 Nail bomb in Asian quarter of East End of London
25.04.99 Latest food scare – gene transfer from GM foods to create antibiotic-resistant superbugs
27.04.99 Tesco & Birdseye/Walls cut GM food ingredients from their ranges
28.04.99 Man with rifle arrested after shooting up Hanworth, West London
29.04.99 Fiona Jones cleared of election fraud and gets her seat back; Cadbury's bans GM foods
30.04.99 Death of Sir Alf Ramsey, World Cup-winning England football coach


1999 May
02.05.99 British tourists warned: US beef contains cancer-causing growth hormone
03.05.99 Body of George Mallory found on Mount Everest
05.05.99 MEPs reject plan to cut their expenses
06.05.99 Elections for Scottish & Welsh parliaments
07.05.99 Chancellor Gordon Brown announces sale of 50% of Britain's gold reserves as a prelude to joining the euro
09.05.99 EU president wants an EU army
11.05.99 Labour to ban compulsory team games in schools
13.05.99 Europe willing to risk trade war over ban on hormone-laden US beef
17.05.99 British Medical Association wants an open-ended moratorioum on GM crops; IMF warns Britain that joining the euro could be a disaster
18.05.99 Commons committee says don't stop growing GM crops
19.05.99 Home Sec. wants to end the choice of a trial by jury
20.05.99 67 Labour MPs vote against govt. on bill to reform disablement benefit but majority still 40
21.05.99 3 Irish students gaoled for 20+ years for bombings in 1998
24.05.99 Home Sec. Straw unveils watered down Freedom of Information Bill
25.05.99 Govt. blocks cut in junior doctors working hours to 48/week; Brown caving in over German demand for 20% tax on offshore investments
27.05.99 Chancellor's 7th May announcement of gold sale has dropped price & ensured that the July sale will be at a loss
28.05.99 First body of 'disappeared' victim of IRA murder returned
29.05.99 Thunderstorms, hail, high winds and power blackouts

1999 June
02.06.99 Hypocrite Blair attacks grammar schools
05.06.99 5 men arrested after a woman killed by a terrorist bomb in Portadown
06.06.99 NATO tells Serbs: leave Kosovo and sign a peace treaty or the bombing will be stepped up
07.06.99 61% of British people against the single currence; 25 acres of GM crops destroyed after Soil Association thretens to unendorse neighbouring organic crops
08.06.99 Jonathan Aitken gets 18 months in gaol for perjury
09.06.99 Milosevich agrees to take Serb troops out of Kosovo
Thursday, 10.06.99 Europeans elections, votes to be counted on Sunday; Bank rate down 0.25% to 5%
11.06.99 Turn-out in European elections 23%, lowest ever
12.06.99 British troops enter Kosovo
13.06.99 Big gains for Tories in Euro-elections
14.06.99 Mass graves found in Kosovo
15.06.99 Inflation 1.8% headline, 2.4% underlying
17.06.99 Revealed: Serbs killed 10,000 people in 100 massacres in Kosovo; Death Screaming Lord Sutch, 59
18.06.99 Carnival Against Capitalism in London, mobs go on rampage
22.06.99 Brighton bomber Patrick Magee released 20 years early
24.06.99 Greg Dyke, Labour party financial donor, made next Director General of BBC
25.06.99 British & Irish PMs trying for peace deal in Ulster not involving surrender of IRA weapons
26.06.99 46 unlucky winners share National Lottery jackpot
27.06.99 Labour scraps Housing Benefit to make poor people get a job
28.06.99 Home Sec. orders Passport Office to work evenings & weekends
29.06.99 Home Sec. obliged to apologize for passport-issuing shambles; Bodies of 2 people murdered & 'vanished' by IRA found
30.06.99 Deadline for a deal on Ulster missed

1999 July
01.07.99 Queen opens Scottish Parliament; end of duty free in EU; Peter Mandelson cleared in sleaze report – had mortgages of £600K and a salary of £43K, but no sleaze involved!
02.07.99 Peace deal of sorts for Ulster, but has to be sold to Unionists & IRA
05.07.99 Tornadoes over West Midlands
06.07.99 Chancellor Brown's sale of 25 tons of Britain's gold reserves made at 20-year low price of $168/troy ounce
07.07.99 Blair leaks plan to privatize the Post Office; Librans admit murder of PC Yvonne Fletcher in 1984, diplomatic relations restored
08.07.99 Blair to get foxhunting banned to mend fences with DPM John Prescott
09.07.99 Volvo found guilty of price-fixing by Office of Fair Trading but no penalty
10.07.99 Man arrested in Dublin over plot to poison drinking water in England
12.07.99 Revealed: Labour received £1M donation from anti-foxhunting group; US & Canada ban UK meat, fruit & chocolate over EU ban on hormones in their beef
14.07.99 Deal with Argentina, flights to Falklands resumed; Worldwide ban on British beef lifted
15.07.99 Unionists boycott Assembly meeting to nominate Ulster govt.
16.07.99 Govt. drops plan to cut drink/drive alcohol limit in half
21.07.99 IRA threatens to call off cease-fire
22.07.99 EU survey shows British car prices a rip-off
23.07.99 Tories win Eddisbury by-election; Passport Agency stripped of Charter Mark
26.07.99 Lorry blockade in London; Blair govt. publishes comically rosy report on its first 2 years
27.07.99 Govt. sells off 49% of Air Traffic Control; 7 IRA suspects arrested in USA on arms-smuggling charges
28.07.99 Govt. admits experiments on GM salmon
30.07.99 IRA murder in West Belfast
31.07.99 Tornado in Kent

1999 August
01.08.99 Water companies get the power to put meters into empty houses
02.08.99 Blair loses interest in English regional assemblies
03.08.99 French & Germans refuse to lift ban on British beef imports
04.08.99 Blair crony recommends £24/year digital TV tax
09.08.99 Charles Kennedy elected Triv-Dem leader
11.08.99 Total Solar eclipse
13.08.99 US & British airlines on alert for Islamic bombers
16.08.99 Petrol went up 10p/gallon in last week, set to do the same this week
18.08.99 BSE cost to taxpayer calculated at £4 billion
19.08.99 RailTrack threatened with £40M fine unless more trains run on time
25.08.99 Labour & Blair approval ratings dip below 50%, Tories no better loved
26.08.99 Waiting times to get on NHS waiting lists have soared
29.08.99 US & Japanese public turning against GM crops
30.08.99 Eurostar ripping off British passengers by charging them more

1999 September
01.09.99 France maintains ban on British beef
02.09.99 140 illegals arrested in crack-down at Dover
08.09.99 Bank rate up 0.25% to 5.25%
12.09.99 Lord Sainsbury's research lab has had £1M of taxpayers' cash for GM research
13.09.99 Flights to Florida cancelled because of Hurricane Floyd
14.09.99 Police want zero tolerance of speeding
17.09.99 Govt. forced to give £80M aid to farmers hit by low livestock prices
19.09.99 Govt. flies a kite: 50 mph rural speed limit
21.09.99 Revealed: only £1M of the govt. aid to farmers is 'new' money
22.09.99 Tickets for Millennium Dome go on sale: £20 / £57 for a family of 5
23.09.99 Junior doctors' strike off after deal on pay and hours
27.09.99 European Court rules that British armed services cannot exclude homophiles
28.09.99 Labour conference at Bournemouth swamped by pro-hunting protesters
29.09.99 Eurotunnel wants to build another Channel tunnel!!

1999 October
01.10.99 French refuse to lift illegal ban on British beef; government does nothing
04.10.99 French ordered to lift their ban or face a fine in the EU court
05.10.99 26 bodies recovered from Paddington train crash
08.10.99 EU backs down from threat to take the French govt. to court
11.10.99 Peter Mandelson sneaks back into Cabinet as Northern Ireland Secretary
12.10.99 French want to ban British beef until August 2001
15.10.99 Blair threatens to sue the French over their ban
18.10.99 Murderer Winston Silcott awarded £50,000 from the police
19.10.99 Farmers blockade Poole ferry terminal
20.10.99 French riot police stop unbooked demo by British MEPs in Paris
21.10.99 Somerfield supermarkets stop selling French apples
25.10.99 Police finding terrorist arms dumps in Irish Republic
26.10.99 French farmers blockade Calais as anti-British protest (with police help)
27.10.99 7th Earl Lucan declared officially dead
28.10.99 Lords rule that UK must pay Spanish fishing quota jumpers £100,000
29.10.99 EU science committee says French ban on British beef is wrong

1999 November
01.11.99 Govt. spending £10 million on booklets telling people not to panic over the Millennium Bug
02.11.99 Govt. backs down from ban on fox hunting
03.11.99 Large Labour rebellion over govt. plan to cut benefits to the disabled; Germans retain ban on British beef imports
04.11.99 Bank rate up 0.25% to 5.5%, Euro Central Bank puts rate up 0.5% to 3%
05.11.99 Surviving hereditary peers in House of Lords named
07.11.99 Arrest of Gen. Pinochet switched £2B shipbuilding order from Clyde to France
10.11.99 French double-cross Blair; ban on British beef remains
16.11.99 EU Food Commissioner launches legal action against the French
17.11.99 Queen's Speech: massive tax rises for access to cities, roads & parking spaces
18.11.99 Cherie Blair pregnant, shock, horror!!
23.11.99 George Cross awarded to Royal Ulster Constabulary
24.11.99 Oil companies accused of putting up prices by stealth
25.11.99 Blair signs up to Anglo-French defence pact, ignoring NATO
26.11.99 Euro close to parity with dollar
27.11.99 Ulster Unionists vote to share power with IRA/Sinn Fein (subject to disarmament)
28.11.99 Govt. to create criminal DNA database – the police say it will cost twice the amount of money on offer
29.11.99 Germans blame collapse of euro on the British
30.11.99 Euston station closed by rioting anarchists; Govt. to unban beef-on-the-bone by Xmas

1999 December
01.12.99 Blair admits NHS treatment to be rationed by cost
02.12.99 Euro slips below parity with dollar, down 16% since launch
03.12.99 Germans upset by British refusal to allow tax on savings
04.12.99 World Trade Organization talks in Seattle collapse; Passport cost up by one-third
07.12.99 Governor of Bank of England says Britain prospering outside euro-zone
09.12.99 Boris Yeltsin rattles nuclear sabre at Chechnya
10.12.99 Britain isolated in Europe – no support over beef
12.12.99 Farmers outraged: Safeway, Sainsburys & Somerfield all selling French turkeys
13.12.99 Royal Mail announces rise of 1p in first class mail to 27p in April 2000
14.12.99 It's official: taxes are up under Labour
16.12.99 Men over 60 to get £100 winter fuel payment after Eurocourt ruling
17.12.99 Fish prices to soar after EU cuts North Sea quotas by 70%
20.12.99 Temperature down to -14 deg.C in places
21.12.99 N. Hamilton loses "cash for questions" libel action against M. Fayed
22.12.99 Mandelson gives 125 IRA terrorists a 12-day holiday from gaol
25.12.99 White Xmas Official!, a few flakes of snow on London Met Office roof
26.12.99 Floods & high tides kill 6 in UK
28.12.99 20,000 credit card swipe terminals crash – Y2K software problem
29.12.99 Eurostar trains will not run for hours on either side of the year end
30.12.99 Millennium Wheel fails safety check and won't run
31.12.99 No major Millennium Bug problems abroad as new year starts, except mobile phones out in Japan.

2000 January
01.01.00 The Millennium Dome opens to celebrate Blair's bogus new millennium
03.01.00 Public upset by 2-hour queue for 7 minutes in the Body Zone @ Millennium Dome
04.01.00 Large fall in share prices when dealing starts, no sign of Millennium Bug
05.01.00 Flu epidemic, operations cancelled, only 11 intensive care beds in whole country
07.01.00 Millennium Dome to be sold at vast loss to taxpayer
09.01.00 Gordon Brown fiddle exposed – indirect taxes excluded to 'prove' tax burden lower under Labour
11.01.00 General Pinochet to be released on medical grounds
13.01.00 EC abandons attempts to make French drop ban on British beef
14.01.00 Exposed: Labour spin doctors' attempt to suppress criticism of NHS by Labour peer
17.01.00 Nurses get inflation-busting pay rises, NHS gets no extra cash to pay for them so services will be cut
18.01.00 First rise in reported crime for 6 years, Home Sec. J. Straw told to fix it or get out
19.01.00 Blair abandons ethical foreign policy, will sell Hawk aircraft parts to Mugabe of Zimbabwe
20.01.00 House of Lords rejects Home Sec.'s plan to restrict trial by jury
22.01.00 Majority of RAF aircraft unable to fly – overstretched & underfunded under Labour
23.01.00 Govt.'s ban on bee-on-the-bone may be illegal
24.01.00 Driver of vanload of Irish terrorist weapons & bombs busted in Co Tipperary
26.01.00 Joining the euro would cost British industry £100 billion/yer Britain In Europe admits
27.01.00 Millennium Dome wants another £60 million. Attendances bring in £5K/day, break even = £20K/day
30.01.00 Super Bowl 34: Rams 23, Titans 16 @ Atlanta
31.01.00 Dr. Harold Shipman convicted of 15 murders; Cpl. Lee Clegg cleared of all crimes after 7 years

2000 February
01.02.00 EU threatens to isolate Austria if Freedom Party allowed into ruling coalition
03.02.00 Austrian president approves coalition including Freedom Party
04.02.00 Dome to get £32 million instead of £60 million demanded
06.02.00 Irish terrorist bomb at hotel in Co Fermanagh
07.02.00 Lords throw out Labour's attempt to abolish Clause 28
10.02.00 Interest rate up to 6%
12.02.00 RAF pilots using the Internet to lodge protests about lack of equipment & low morale
13.02.00 Chancellor G. Brown admits his Stealth Taxes are hitting the middle classes
15.02.00 IRA abandons pretence of decommissioning and pulls out of Ulster peace talks
22.02.00 Lords vote against giving candidates for Mayor of London a free mailshot; DPM J. Prescott creates new quango for rail safety but leaves most of responsibility with Railtrack
24.02.00 Kent council to raise council tax to pay for housing asylum seekers
25.02.00 Irish terrorist bomb at army barracks in Co Londonderry misfires
27.02.00 Street crime at highest level for 5 years – blames on fall in stop & search by police
28.02.00 Labour denies U-turn on GM crops
29.02.00 Blair claims NHS crisis is a media myth!

2000 March
02.03.00 Gen. Pinochet flies home, cost to taxpayer £75M in legal fees & lost trade with Chile
03.03.00 Govt. in shambles over aid to Mozambique, delays & overcharging by MoD
04.03.00 Blairs' injunction against Mail on Sunday too late to prevent distribution of their ex-nanny's memoirs
06.03.00 Govt. abandons plan to pay the bill for asylum seekers; Ken Livingstone to stand as independent candidate for London Mayor
07.03.00 Prime Minister Blair promises to get everyone on the internet by 2005; J. Prescott unveils plan for 200,000 brown/greenbelt homes in SE over 5 years, 1 million over 20 years
08.03.00 Millennium Dome borrows £28M more
09.03.00 Govt. to spend £20M on preparations for a switch to the euro, but no timetable announced
11.03.00 Education Sec. D. Blunkettt abandons plan to end selection in secondary education
12.03.00 Police task force to clear London of homeless & beggars
13.03.00 Number of heart bypass operations falling due to shortage of ITU staff
14.03.00 Prime minister admits tax burden up under labour
16.03.00 500lb IRA car bomb found in Ulster; Ken Livingstone elected London Mayor; Tories win Ayr by-election, Labour 3rd
17.03.00 Germany lifts ban on British beef imports
21.03.00 Budget day, public spending up, middle classes will pay
22.03.00 Report on NHS boards: Labour stuffing them with its own supporters
23.03.00 Another Clause 28 defeat for Labour in House of Lords
24.03.00 Govt. rubber-stamping asylum applications to make processed cases exceed new claims for first time in 2 years
26.03.00 Chancellor's promise of 10,000 new nurses exposed as recyling earlier pledges
27.03.00 Vladimir Putin new Russian president; 2-year Bloody Sunday inquiry starts; magistrates told to increase fines in line with income
29.03.00 Govt. abandons plans for nuclear sell-off
30.03.00 Trade Sec. S. Byers accused of lying over BMW's plans for Rover; Two-thirds of businesses don't back govt's plan to join the euro
31.03.00 Average Council Tax up 6.1% – 3 times inflation

2000 April
02.04.00 3 million endowment mortgages will not pay off the loan amount
05.04.00 Chancellor G. Brown's tax changes make families £13/week worse off in new tax year
07.04.00 Barclays Bank closes 171 rural branches
10.04.00 Govt. to throw £10M at bogus asylum seeker problem
12.04.00 Queen presents George Cross to Royal Ulster Constabulary
13.04.00 Commons Treasury Committee tells Chancellor G. Brown to stop lying about the tax burden
17.04.00 People from Zimbawe begin to make asylum claims in Britain after murders by Mugabe's thugs
19.04.00 Farmer Tony Martin convicted of murdering a serial burglar
26.04.00 Millennium Dome running out of cash again
27.04.00 Postal rates up 9%, govt. sells new mobile phone licences for £22.5B


2000 May
01.05.00 Anti-capitalism riots in London & Manchester
04.05.00 Ken Livingstone elected Mayor of London, heavy Labour losses in local elections
09.05.00 Queen opens Millennium Bridge but not ready for public yet
11.05.00 Millennium Dome needs more Lottery cash
13.05.00 EU proposes 10% cut in British fishing fleet, twice cuts for Italy, Spain & Portugal
18.05.00 Govt. kept quiet about GM contamination of oilseed rape crop
20.05.00 Mrs. Blair has her 4th child
22.05.00 Millennium Dome to get £29 million more
28.05.00 Farmers to sue govt. over contamination of oilseed rape crop
29.05.00 Home Sec. announces plan to cut police pensions & overtime
30.05.00 Govt. to do U-turn on £140B of axed road-building plans
31.05.00 Home Sec. drops plans to confiscate passports of hooligans

2000 June
01.06.00 Bomb under Hammersmith Bridge causes chaos
03.06.00 500 British troops to be withdrawn from Ulster
04.06.00 3" of rain on Fri. & Sat. cause massive floods in W. Yorkshire & Co. Durham
07.06.00 PM Blair show-handclapped at Women's Institute for making political speech
09.06.00 Blair backs anti-hunting bill before govt. inquiry completed
10.06.00 Millennium foot bridge over Thames opened
11.06.00 Millennium bridge closed – swaying like a novelty fairground ride
13.06.00 10% of hospital patients damaged by medical errors in NHS at a cost of £2 billion/year for fixes
15.06.00 Another female cop collects £500K compensation in out-of-court deal
17.06.00 Air traffic control computer fails
19.06.00 58 Chinese illegal migrants found dead in lorry at Dover
22.06.00 Oxford decides not to give an honorary degree to Blair
24.06.00 72% against joining the euro in poll
28.06.00 Motoring organizations back fuel boycott on Mondays from August as protest against tax level
30.06.00 Blair announces instant fines for drunks & hooligans

2000 July
03.07.00 Blair backs down on instant fines for drunks & hooligans
04.07.00 Labour MPs line up to attack expenditure on Royal Family
06.07.00 Prime minister's son, Euan, arrested drunk in London
10.07.00 One-third more public sector staff retire on health grounds than in private sector
11.07.00 Inflation boosted by 18% rise in petrol price
14.07.00 Motorists trapped by speed cameras had their human right abused!
18.07.00 Chancellor Brown unveils £43 million public spending as election bribe
19.07.00 Bank of England warns: Brown spending spree may push up interest rates
20.07.00 Transport Sec. J. Prescott to spend £180 billion over 10 years
21.07.00 Cost of running PM's office now £10 million/year
25.07.00 Air France Concorde crashes after takeoff in Paris due to debris on runway
27.07.00 £761 million Millennium Dome sold to Japanese bank for £105 million

2000 August
03.08.00 Chancellor Brown marries in secret at home
04.08.00 Queen Mother's 100th birthday
05.08.00 Government blew £105 million trying to buy 2006 World Cup
08.08.00 Government postpones 'no fault' divorce system again
11.08.00 Police chase 500 lb IRA bomb out of Northern Ireland
14.08.00 EC bans export of pigs from England, swine fever outbreak in E. Anglia
16.08.00 Unemployment fiddled to 5-year low of 1.07 million
17.08.00 Brown's benefits swipe-card scheme wasted £1.6 billion
20.08.00 NHS hospitals reusing single-use equipment to save money
22.08.00 Labour's compensation culture has forced car insurance premiums up by 25%
28.08.00 UK petrol prices highest in Europe
29.08.00 Exposed: Labour is fiddling NHS waiting lists

2000 September
02.09.00 Police refused to give their DNA to national databank
04.09.00 Police ordered not to make arrests at Notting Hill carnival
05.09.00 Millennium Dome wants another £47 million of National Lottery cash
06.09.00 'Dome Secretary' Lord Falconer clings to job after Dome branded a disaster
07.09.00 Oil price at record $35/barrel, farmers blockade Stanlow refinery as protest
09.09.00 Petrol stations running out of unleaded due to blockades
10.09.00 Panic buying as petrol pumps run dry
11.09.00 3,000 UK petrol stations closed
12.09.00 Japanese bank pulls out of Millenium Dome deal
13.09.00 Blair's promise to end fuel crisis in 24 hours proves to be just hot air
14.09.00 Refinery blockade ends, govt. told to cut tax in 60 days, or else!
15.09.00 Poll: 75% blame government's high taxes for fuel revolt
16.09.00 Labour down to level with Tories in polls after botched handling of fuel crisis
17.09.00 Govt. to rush through laws to prevent further fuel blockades
18.09.00 Govt. abandons plans for guaranteed fuel deliveries
19.09.00 Labour in trouble over lying about donation from F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone
20.09.00 2 explosions blow out windows at MI 6 HQ in London
21.09.00 Chancellor Brown lies about lying about the Ecclestone donation to Labour funds
24.09.00 Blair admits the Millennium Dome was a flop but no apology
28.09.00 Lords reject govt. plan to restrict trial by jury
29.09.00 N.I. Minister P. Mandelson offers amnesty to IRA killers on the run
30.09.00 Labour ahead again in opinion polls

2000 October
01.10.00 Minimum wage up 10p to £3.70/week
02.10.00 European Charter on Human Rights now in force in UK
03.10.00 No inquiry into mis-selling of endowment mortgages
05.10.00 Constitutional court in Belgrade declares election void, 1M protesters oust Slobbered-on Milosevich
07.10.00 Germany beats England 1-0 in last ever match at old Wembley stadium
09.10.00 Panorama names 4 Omagh bombers
11.10.00 Death Donald Dewar, Scottish First Minister
12.10.00 Major floods in Kent, Sussex & Devon
15.08.00 Govt. stockpiling fuel against another blockade
17.10.00 4 killed, 100+ injured when train derails at Hatfield
18.10.00 Resignation of Railtrack boss refused; line at Hatfield known to be defective
20.10.00 Tories admit they got privatization of railways wrong
21.08.00 Govt. to make 'no fault' payments to CJD sufferers
23.10.00 Labour installs Michael "Gorbals Mick" Martin as Speaker of Commons; Railtrack to get £15B over 5 years, including £8B for safety
25.10.00 Row over Labour MPs winning thousands of pounds from bets on election of Speaker
26.10.00 Railtrack blames Hatfield derailment on leaves
28.10.00 Massive disruption of railways as Railtrack repairs cracked rails and surveys tracks
29.10.00 90 mph gales in Channel and south of England
30.10.00 Labour govt. says no tax cuts for 5 years and massive borrowing to fund public spending

2000 November
01.11.00 Panic buying of petrol as PM Blair slags off fuel protesters
02.11.00 Petrol stations closed, out of fuel
03.11.00 River Ouse breaks flood defences, 3,000 evacuated
04.11.00 Govt. to throw £50 million at flooding problem
07.11.00 Millennium Dome diamond heist flops
08.11.00 Chancellor Brown gives away £5 BILLION to buy votes at next election
09.11.00 Chancellor applies stealth taxation via increased National Insurance rates
10.11.00 Police mount major operation to keep fuel protesters out of London
12.11.00 Police allowed to recruit people with minor criminal convictions
13.11.00 Fuel protesters' 60-day deadline for tax reduction expires
14.11.00 Blair ready to sacrifice UK veto to buy popularity in EU
15.11.00 Ditching sterling for the euro would cost the UK £36 billion
17.11.00 Gerald Corbett, Railtrack boss, quits
18.11.00 Bethlehem cancels Xmas because of violence in Holy Land
20.11.00 The idea of an EU army condemned by politicians & the military
22.11.00 Blair yah-boos Mrs. Thatcher when she speaks out against an EU army
23.11.00 Petrol price to rise 20p/gallon in new year
24.11.00 German admits 2 cases of BSE
25.11.00 Hague climate conference collapses
29.11.00 Blair ready to surrender UK 17 vetos at Nice summit

2000 December
01.12.00 EC wants 74% cut in fishing quotas
02.12.00 Intelligence services want to store recordings of all phone & internet traffic for 7 years
04.12.00 Blair worried that NHS can't cope with demand in the winter
07.12.00 Govt. proposes giving police forces a share of speeding fines
08.12.00 4 people killed in severe storms
11.12.00 Bodged Nice treaty agreed at last minute; Charges against Gen. Pinochet thrown out of court
13.12.00 US Supreme Court stops recounts in Florida, Al Gore loses, George W. Bush to be next president
14.12.00 £269M more Lottery cash for Millennium Dome
15.12.00 EU imposes huge fish quota cuts
17.12.00 Postal strike in Coventry, London next
19.12.00 Camelot given licence to run National Lottery for 7 more years
21.12.00 Official figures show G. Brown sitting on £15 BILLION to buy next election
25.12.00 Sainsburys, Woolworths & other supermarkets open on Xmas Day
27.12.00 Judges choosing not to use Labour's law to gaol three-times-caught burglars
28.12.00 Snowy chaos, sea freezes in Whitehaven harbour, Cumbria

2001 January
2001.01.01 Millennium Dome directors, even sacked ones, to share £1M in bonuses
2001.01.02 Lord Hamlyn revealed as Labour's £2M donor
2001.01.04 More £2M Labour donors named
2001.01.07 Inflation-busting ticket price rises on railways
2001.01.09 Blair pelted with rotten tomatoes in Bristol
2001.01.10 Home Sec. Straw tells police to resume stop & search policy
2001.01.11 Bank rate remains 6%
2001.01.14 Blair wants to remove the House of Lords' veto
2001.01.16 Govt. abandons no-fault divorce reforms; violent crime on the increase
2001.01.17 Blair absent when Commons votes to ban hunting with dogs
2001.01.19 Home Office decides all DNA & fingerprint records will be retained by the police, even if the suspect is cleared
2001.01.20 President George W. Bush sworn in
2001.01.24 Northern Ireland Sec. Peter Mandelson obliged to resign again – allegedly lied about passports for the Hinduja brothers
2001.01.25 Europe Sec. Keith Vaz embroiled in passport scandal with Mandelson
2001.01.29 Opinion polls say Blair govt. seen as sleazier than John Major's govt.
2001.01.31 Commons report says UK has become a magnet for bogus asylum seekers; One Libyan agent gaoled for life for Lockerbie bombing, another acquitted

2001 February
2001.02.04 Labour tells Europe Minister Keith Vaz to sort out sleaze allegations or quit
2001.02.07 Blair wants the euro introduced within 2 years of the next general election
2001.02.09 Revealed: Keith Vaz, salary £82K per annum, owns 5 properties worth £1M
2001.02.12 Blair announces abolition of comprehensive schools
2001.02.13 Inflation (excluding housing) at 1.8%, lowest level since 1976; Home Office deporting just 12 bogus asylum seekers/month – 100,000/year arriving
2001.02.15 Legacy plc bid for Millennium Dome flops; Dome still costing the taxpayer £3M/month
2001.02.18 Lord Irvine in trouble for soliciting donations for Labour party – told the judiciary should be impartial
2001.02.19 Foot & mouth fount at pig abatoir in Essex – the government's response is to try to contain the bad publicity;Labour poll lead 15%
2001.02.21 UK quarantined in response to foot & mouth outbreak
2001.02.22 Labour poll lead 20%; further US/UK air strikes on Iraqi missile sites
2001.02.23 Panic over possible panic buying of food following ban on farm animal movement; boss of Huntingdon Life Scientist attacked in own home by animal rights terrorists
2001.02.24 First Mass cull of animals, carcases burned to prevent spread of foot & mouth
2001.02.26 Animals imported to Europe from UK being destroyed, 6-month ban on export of British meat & livestock on the way
2001.02.27 All horse racing cancelled for 1 week; another Commons debate on banning foxhunting; govt. giving £188M to farmers
2001.02.28 Revealed: the £188M is a recycled announcement, not new money; 26 foot & mouth outbreaks confirmed

2001 March
2001.03.01 Schools short of 10,000 teachers; 10% of NHS hospital treatments go seriously wrong
2001.03.02 The army finally brought in to organize foot & mouth culls
2001.03.03 Foot & mouth in France & Belgium, 52 outbreaks in UK
2001.03.04 Irish terrorists explode taxi bomb at BBC TV Centre, London; Home Sec. Straw soliciting £500/head donations for Labour from lawyers
2001.03.07 Budget – pre-election giveaway
2001.03.09 Hammond Report whitewashes over all sleaze in Hinduja passport scandal
2001.03.10 123 outbreaks of foot & mouth, 713 farms under restrictions, 141 farms under investigation, prices soaring
2001.03.11 50% of petrol stations didn't drop their prices after the budget
2001.03.12 Parliamentary Commissioners says Keith Vaz obstructed their sleaze investigation but clear him anway; Wall Street in meltdown
2001.03.13 US bans animal imports from EU
2001.03.15 One million animals to be slaughtered to prevent spread of foot & mouth
2001.03.16 11% pay rise for MPs; farmers refuse to allow slaughter of healthy animals in Cumbria & S. Scotland
2001.03.17 Govt. threatens rebellious farmers with arrest
2001.03.18 New Labour video makes Mrs. Thatcher the Antichrist and Wm. Hague her son; Keith Vaz in trouble over 50 dodgy passport applications
2001.03.19 Army called in to assist with cattle cull in Devon
2001.03.20 Trade Sec. Stephen Byers to sue Daily Mail for exposing sleaze over his expenses
2001.03.22 Biggest share price fall for a decade in London & New York
2001.03.23 Prof. King, govt. chief scientists, predict 50% of 62M farm animals may have to be killed
2001.03.25 Survey of doctors says New Labour made the NHS worse
2001.03.26 The army now burying dead sheep; House of Lords votes against ban on foxhunting and for self-regulation
2001.03.27 Britain's school system 'worst in Europe' due to teacher shortages
2001.03.29 US withdraws from Kyoto agreement on greenhouse gas emissions
2001.03.31 The funeral pyres of dead farm animals may be pumping toxic dioxins into the atmosphere

2001 April
2001.04.02 DNA test proves that Hanratty did commit A6 murder; Blair puts back council elections to June; 942 foot & mouth cases
2001.04.04 Rail fares to rise 5-10%; 1,019 cases of F&M
2001.04.05 Bank rate down 0.25% to 5.5%
2001.04.06 1,084 cases of F&M, Blair & ministers trying to promote tourism
2001.04.07 4 of 40 starters finish Grand National
2001.04.11 Govt. fiddle to get jobless total below 1M exposed; revised figure 1,000,700
2001.04.12 Govt. stopped publishing F&M slaughter figures on 09/04
2001.04.13 Govt. admits wrecking rural tourist industry
2001.04.15 Irish terrorists plant small bomb in Hendon
2001.04.16 Major fire at Conoco Humber refinery, Immingham
2001.04.17 Petrol prices rise 5p/gallon in response to refinery fire & US shortages
2001.04.18 NFU refuses to be rushed by govt. into F&M vaccination
2001.04.19 Govt. claims that F&M outbreak under control on Day 60
2001.04.21 F&M found in wild deer
2001.04.22 Burning of F&M carcases suspended: dioxins release risk?
2001.04.23 Slaughtermen suspected of having F&M
2001.04.24 Blair wants to give free CDs and trainers to yobs who restrain themselves
2001.04.25 Govt. shamed into dropping "slaughter on suspicion" policy
2001.04.26 Blair unveils baby bond bribe and People's Peers (usual leftie suspects)
2001.04.27 Cellular phones and pagers switch to "07" numbers
2001.04.28 Dennis Tito on ISS after paying Russians $20M for the trip
2001.04.29 Census Day – tens of thousands of forms not yet delivered
2001.04.30 Blair backs "No Tolerance" policy for expected May Day protests


2001 May
2001.05.01 Violent May Day protests in London, 60 arrests
2001.05.03 Labour-controlled Commons Standards & Privileges Committee whitewashes Geoffrey Robinson
2001.05.04 European Court gives relatives of dead IRA terrorists £10K each
2001.05.07 Govt. blames bad weather for poor harvest, dearer bread and less creamy milk
2001.05.08 Blair announces general election at London school photo opportunity, not in Commons
2001.05.10 Bank rate cut 0.25% to 5.25%
2001.05.17 No new cases of foot & mouth reported, 1,607 on record
2001.05.21 Trade gap £7.78 billion, worst since records began in 1697
2001.05.22 Revealed: EU plan, drawn up by Labour-chaired committee, to harmonize VAT & income tax
2001.05.24 Vehicle insurance rates to rise 25%, blamed on Labour-fostered compensation culture
2001.05.27 Asian-white riots in Oldham & Aylesbury
2001.05.28 2.5 million Census forms still not returned
2001.05.29 7 new cases of foot & mouth reported
2001.05.30 Jeffrey Archer perjury trial begins

2001 June

2001.06.01 Farmer who caused F&M outbreak to be prosecuted; Fuel protesters blockading again
2001.06.03 BBC's Panorama upsets Labour by exposing lies told about NHS
2001.06.05 Asians go on rampage in Leeds
2001.06.06 £ down to $1.39: fear of Blair devaluing to join euro
2001.06.07 General election, lowest turn-out since World War I
2001.06.08 Election result: Labour 413 (-6), Cons. 166 (+1), Lib.52 (+6), Others 28 (-1); Wm. Hague quits as Tory leader
2001.06.09 F&M outbreak in previously clear area of Somerset
2001.06.11 Blair takes big pay rise—restraint over; £ slumps to 15-year low of $1.3713
2001.06.12 Unions up in arms over Blairs rise; Inflation up from 2% to 2.4%; train guards to strike on 25/06 and 04/07
2001.06.13 Govt. abandons hospital waiting list targets
2001.06.16 Govt. drops plan to let pubs open 24/7
2001.06.19 New Home Sec. D. Blunkett to scrap double jeopardy rule for murder retrospectively
2001.06.20 Parliament and inquiry into Shipman murders (re)open
2001.06.21 Schools face 4-day week due to teacher shortages
2001.06.22 Census shambled: full data expected on only 50% of forms
2001.06.24 Asians on rampage in Burnley
2001.06.25 Bread price up 20%—supermarkets stop loss-leader tactic
2001.06.27 Blair fails to buy off TUC leaders at Downing St. dinner; his Cabinet Office spending up £73M
2001.06.28 MPs vote themselves £4K pay rise before taking 3 month holiday

2001 July
2001.07.01 David Trimble resigns as NI First Minister over failure of IRA to hand in weapons
2001.07.02 No Irish terrorists have surrendered their weapons
2001.07.04 Home Sec. Blunkett threatens "no remission" in "get tough on criminals" policy
2001.07.05 MPs vote themselves extra £31K in salary, expenses & pension
2001.07.06 The recession as deep as in 1990s
2001.07.07 More riots in Bradford
2001.07.10 Ulster peace talks dropping apart
2001.07.12 Blunkett to reform the police; riots in Ulster
2001.07.13 Green Goddess fire engines deployed in Liverpool—firemen strike
2001.07.14 Police to get tranquillizer dart guns as alternative to firearms
2001.07.16 Labour MPs revolt to reinstate committee chairman sacked by Blair
2001.07.17 GMB union cuts funding to Labour by £250K/year
2001.07.18 Total clear-up rate for police less than 25% on official Home Office figures
2001.07.19 Lord Archer gaoled for 4 years for perjury
2001.07.20 Yobs riot in Bristol
2001.07.22 F&M clean-up on farms stopped—cost now £800,000,000
2001.07.23 Vets & farmers tell Blair he was wrong to stop clean-up
2001.07.25 Share prices at 3-year low; Report on NHS waiting lists—treatment for seriously ill patients delayed to massage figures
2001.07.29 91 deg.C at Heathrow; Police injured in Bradford riots to sue for compensation
2001.07.31 Home Sec.'s power to exclude undesirables breaks Euro Convention on Human Rights

2001 August
2001.07.01 Govt. gives more concessions to IRA in new Ulster peace process package: amnesty for killers, no weapons hand-over

2001 September

2001.09.02 100 migrants in assault on Channel Tunnel
2001.09.04 Education spending lowest proportion of GDP in 40 years
2001.09.06 UK to pay millions to Mugabe regime in Zimbabwe to stop illegal seizure of white-owned farms
2001.09.07 Judge rules that asylum seekers locked in detention centres deserve compensation
2001.09.09 F&M outbreak in Leicestershire—first in 4 months
2001.09.10 FTSE plunges below 5000 briefly; investors told to sit tight
2001.09.11 Terrorist attacks on USA with airliners, World Trade Centre destroyed, Pentagon damaged. There is a persistent rumour that Tony Blair was behind the attacks to distract attention from the August flare-up of foot & mouth disease after Blair declared the epidemic over in May.
    Blair puts UK "on target" with America for war in Iraq

2001 October

2001 November

2001 December

2002 January
02.01.03 SWT trains on 2-day strike, Transport Sec. Byers on holiday
02.01.07 RMT 48-hour strike 02.01.08 House prices up 15.5% in 2001
02.01.09 Postal workers threaten strike
02.01.10 Govt. to rethink Lords reform plans after 121 Labour back-benchers revolt
02.01.11 Govt. threatens rail unions with compulsory no-strike deal
02.01.13 Blair admits returning railways to British Rail standard will take a decade
02.01.14 UK declared foot & mouth disease free; President Bush chokes on a pretzel
02.01.15 Bloody Sunday inquiry heading for £200 million total cost
02.01.17 11 terrorist suspects arrested in Leicester
02.01.21 Blair gives IRA MPs offices at Westminster and allowances
02.01.22 Labour signals tax rises in the budget
02.01.24 Labour smear campaign against patients who complained about Whittington hospital
02.01.27 Blair pledges to fix NHS by the next general election
02.01.28 Labour in cash-for-access sleaze row over Enron
02.01.29 RMT threatens national rail strike; Labour in more Enron-related bother
02.01.30 Millennium Bridge reopened

2002 February
02.02.01 Independent clinic offers separate MMR immunizations for £60
02.02.04 RMT calls strike
02.02.05 Home Sec. proposes 'entitlement' ID card
02.02.06 Transport Sec. Byers' decision to force Railtrack into insolvency to cost the taxpayer £5 billion
02.02.07 Postal workers vote to strike; Byers says PPE for the Tube will go ahead
02.02.08 MP Keith Vaz suspended from Parliament for a month – code of conduct breaches re the Hinduja brothers
02.02.10 Blair in another 'cash for favours' scandal
02.02.12 Euro stability pack binned, Germany allowed to break the rules; inflation in Jan up from 1.9% to 2.6%
02.02.13 Govt. threatens 2 million homes with a flood tax
02.02.15 Labour spin-doctors Jo Moore & Martin Sixsmith forced to resign
02.02.18 Banks threaten to foreclose on part-privatized Air Traffic Control system
02.02.20 Blair hints at tax rises for the NHS
02.02.21 Blair admits taxes will have to rise
02.02.22 The police reject Home Sec. Blunkettt's cuts in overtime and allowances; Appeal Court rules fines for lorry drivers with stowaway illegal migrants illegal under Human Rights Act
02.02.24 Police plan mass lobby of MPs over Blunkettt's cuts
02.02.26 Byers backed by prime minister
02.02.28 First plastic bullet fired by mainland police shot at man with knife in N. Wales

2002 March
02.03.01 Blair begins Mandelson rehabilitation despite new questions outstanding from 2nd inquiry; prescriptions to cost £6.20 from April (up 10p)
02.03.05 Labour MEP defects to Tories over 'spin doctors and bullies'
02.03.06 Revealed: Home Office asked Belgians to give Mr. Mittal details of a secret corruption investigation!
02.03.07 House price annual rate soaring, 16.9% in Feb
02.03.08 Labour admits hospital waiting lists on the increase after promising to cut them
02.03.13 Police protest rally in Westminster
02.03.14 Teachers' protest march in London
02.03.15 EU Summit in Barcelona – Blair on his own over going to war with Iraq
02.03.16 UK military leaders tell Blair war with Iraq will fail; EU approves Galileo sat-nav system
02.03.17 No change in Iraq WoMD situation for 3 years so Blair orders exaggeration of the threat; EU refuses to back Blair on going to war with Iraq
02.03.18 Royal Marine commandos to be sent to Afghanistan; Commons votes to ban hunting
02.03.20 Blair & Cabinet duck emergency debate on sending troops to Afghanistan; Labour poll lead down from 17 to 9 points; Revealed: NHS Cancer Plan cash used to pay NHS debts
02.03.21 Home Sec. announces spot fines of £40 & £80 for yobs
02.03.24 Transport Sec. Byers gives Railtrack £300 million of taxpayers' cash to aid sell-off
02.03.25 11% tax rise for company cars using fuel cards
02.03.26 Sir M. Wood, head of Foreign Office legal dept., warns Foreign Sec. J. Straw that war in Iraq would be illegal; Labour plans to sweep away controls on gambling, Blackpool will become another Las Vegas and the Treasury will rake in £1.58 billion

2002 April
02.04.06/07 It was revealed in 2013 that Blair met Bush at the president's ranch at Crawford, Texas, and agreed to join the US military campaign against Saddal Hussein with no pre-conditions. He then lied about his intentions with the result that the British army went into the March 2003 war without proper equipment and preparation, there was no plan for managing the post-Saddam Iraq, 100,000 people were killed, and a decade of bloodshed followed.


2002 May
02.05.02 Blair scraps Westminster lobby system; 33% vote in Local elections, not much change
02.05.03 Death of Barbara Castle, 91
02.05.07 Revealed: PowderJect Pharmaceuticals made 2nd £50K donation to Labour ahead of £22M vaccine purchase contract
02.05.09 John Prescott unveils plan for regional mini-parliaments in English regions; Stephen Byers continues to lie to Commons and get govt. backing
02.05.10 7 killed in Potters Bar train crash
02.05.11 New donations scandal for Labour over Daily Express takeover
02.05.13 Labour ditches plans to reform the Lords
02.05.17 Compromising letter to The Times exposed as a Labour forgery
02.05.21 Blair's fund-raising crony Lord Levy to vet donations to Labour party
02.05.23 Govt. accused of covering up Mandelson's part in Hinduja passport scandal
02.05.24 The United States won't be invading Iraq
02.05.26 Govt. to give away the Millennium Dome for nothing and throw in a £200M bridge across Thames?; Mandelson wants to take over Byers' job
02.05.27 Distribution of new £5 notes halted – the serial numbers rub off
02.05.28 Liar Byers resigns; EU rules that 8,600 fishing vessels must be scrapped
02.05.29 Govt. gives the Dome away for nothing; Cabinet reshuffle
02.05.30 Pig farmer Bobby Naugh, who started £20B foot & mouth epidemic, convicted of 9 offences

2002 June
02.06.01 Greens force Blair to back on over GM technology
02.06.03 Lots of Jubilee celebrations for Queen; Labour trying to smear the Gibraltar govt. as part of a 'Lose The Rock' campaign
02.06.04 Official Jubilee Day
02.06.06 Euro Parliament building, Strasbourg, harbouring Legionnaires' Disease
02.06.08. Blair govt.'s popularity at lowest ebb since 2000 fuel price protests
02.06.09 1,000 police stations (30%) have closed in last 10 years
02.06.10 Emails smearing Paddington rail crash survivor found at Dept. of Transport
02.06.13 EU reject's UK's plan for getting tough with migrants
02.06.14 Shares plunge £34 billion; FTSE at 4630.8; Knighthood for Labour donor Gullam Noon
02.06.16 Landslide win for Chirac's party in French general election
02.06.20 Blair's first televised press conference under new system replacing lobby briefings
02.06.23 Home Office figures show conviction rates have plunged since 1980 – CPS blamed
02.06.27 Railtrack shareholders to sue govt. over 'compensation' package
02.06.28 Pig farmer who caused foot & mouth outbreak gets 3 month curfew
02.06.30 Measles cases quadruple as parents shunning MMR

2002 August
02.08.15 Sir M. Wood tells F.O. officials in writing that using force in Iraq without legal justification would be an act of aggression

2002 September

02.09.01 First Dodgy Iraq dossier: the September Dossier, which claimed that Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction, which could be deployed for use in 45 minutes.

2002 October
02.10.04 Sir M. Wood, in a memo to ministers & F.O. officials, warns that using force in Iraq requires a new UN Security Council ruling
22.10.04 The Attorney General tells Blair: the concept of a UN "unreasonable veto" of war with Iraq is nonsense

2002 November
02.11.08 UN passes Resolution 1441 authorizing resumption of weapons inspections in Iraq, Sir M. Wood advises this is not a sufficient legal basis for using force
02.11.11 Lord Goldsmith protests about positive 'Chinese whispers' put about by Blair advisors when he remains negative about the legality of war in Iraq
02.11.12 Foreign Sec. J. Straw tells Lord Goldsmith that Iraq must do as it's told "or else"

2003 January
03.01.02 London binbag killer arrested
03.01.04 Govt. flies "flood-plain tax" kite over developers
03.01.05 Death of Roy Jenkins, Labour luvvie, 82
03.01.06 Home Sec. threatens 5-year gaol sentence for carrying firearms
03.01.07 7 North Africans arrested in London over ricin poisoning plot
03.01.09 Weapons inspectors find nothing in Iraq, war postponed
03.01.11 British fleet heads for Persian Gulf
03.01.13 6 more Ricin Gang suspects arrested
03.01.14 3 more Ricing Gang suspects arrested
03.01.15 Blair lies to Commons about legality of war with Iraq
03.01.16 UN inspectors find empty chemical-carrying shells in Iraq
03.01.17 Saddam goes on TV to be defiant
03.01.18 Anti-war demons is UK, US & Japan; Mayor Livingstone proposes 7-year Olympic Tax for London
03.01.19 US willing to let Saddam Hussein go into exile
03.01.20 Finsbury Park mosque raided, 3 arrests, stolen passports & credit cards found
03.01.21 Blair threatens Iraq with nuclear retaliation; Lord Goldsmith submits draft legal advice to Blair & Straw saying war in Iraq would be illegal without a further UN resolution
03.01.23 5 more Moroccans arrested in Italy
03.01.24 Foreign Sec. J. Straw tells US Vice-Pres D. Cheney that Britain will go to war in Iraq without a 2nd UN resolution; 16 Al Kaida suspects arrested in Spain
03.01.25 Slammer virus criples the Internet
03.01.27 UN weapons report on Iraq – nothing yet
03.01.29 Straw writes to Sir M. Wood ordering him to stop arguing and produce a legal argument to justify the government's intention to invade of Iraq
03.01.30 Shoe-bomber R. Reid gaoled for life
03.01.31 Bush & Blair planning war in 6 weeks

2003 February
03.02.01 Space Shuttle Columbia breaks up in atmosphere during landing
03.02.02 US & UK show plans for 2-day bombardment of Iraq; Defence Sec. Hoon eager to go nuclear
03.02.04 Commons throw out Blair's "House of Cronies" plan for Lords
03.02.05 Gen. Colin Powell presents US 2evidence" against Iraq to UK
03.02.06 Blair repeats unreasonable veto claim on BBC TV's Newsnight
03.02.06 Lord Goldsmith writes to Straw telling him that Sir M. Wood has a duty to warn him when he is planning an illegal action
03.02.07 Blair pledges to halve number of asylum seekers admitted to UK
03.02.09 US falls out with France & Germany over plans for Iraq
03.02.11 Tanks at Heathrow airport, over-reaction to Al Kaida plan to shoot down an airliner
03.02.12 Confused govt. messages over terror alert
03.02.13 Gatwick airport, north terminal closed, passenger with grenade in luggage
03.02.14 Heathrow closed for 90 minutes, false alarm
03.02.15 Britain's biggest ever demo in London against war with Iraq; demos all over the world
03.02.17 Congestion Charge in London started; France threatens veto of UN resolution on Iraq; Blair's popularity rating 20%
03.02.20 US/UK give Iraq 21 days to disarm
03.02.24 Govt. White Paper on energy – no more nuclear, more renewables
03.02.26 122 Labour MPs vote against Blair's war plans
03.02.28 Iraq will destroy its missiles

2003 March
03.03.01 Iraqi missiles destroyed
03.03.05 Budget delayed to April 9th
03.03.07 US/UK set March 17th deadline for war in Iraq; Lord Goldsmith tells Blair that a case for invasion can be made based on existing UN resolutions but it might not hold up in court
03.03.09 Bush phones Blair, who declines a chance to pull out of the coming war.
03.03.10 Claire Short not sacked from Cabinet after attacking Blair for war-mongering
03.03.11 US ready to go to war alone if Blair can't manage it; Lord Goldsmith ordered to give a definite yes or no on invading Iraq
03.03.13 Goldsmith delivered the required 'yes'
03.03.16 US, UK, Spain hold Sunday war summit in Azores, war if nothing heard from UN on Monday
03.03.17 Intelligence info received: Iraq's WoMD disassembled & dispersed, ignored by Blair; Saddam Hussein given 48 hours to step down; Foreign Sec. Robin Cook quits cabinet; Lord Goldsmith, arm twisted by the Americans, tells Parliament that invading Iraq would be legal
03.03.18 Gen. T. Cross tells Blair his invasion plan is inadequate and the invasion should be postponed, ignored; Blair wins Commons vote on invading Iraq, 2 more ministers resign but not Short, and the bombing starts
03.03.20 Iraq invaded on the basis of manufactured evidence of a threat to the West from Weapons of Mass Destruction
03.03.22 US special forces in Baghdad; anti-war demo in London
03.03.23 Iraq parades US prisoners and dead on TV; Large arms dump found in S. Belfast
03.03.25 Home Sec. Straw warns Blair: no thought has been given to what war with Iraq will achieve
03.03.27 UK forces win 14-0 in biggest tank battle since WW2; Saddam's yacht & Iraqi navy sunk
03.03.31 Lord Sainsbury gives Labour another £2.5M, total donations now £11M

2003 April
03.04.01 Firearms amnesty for 1 month; US in contact with Iraqi forces at Baghdad
03.04.03 Baghdad airport taken; UK citizens told to stay away from Hong Kong & Guangdong – SARS out of control
03.04.04 Saddam does walkabout for TV; Minor Cabinet reshuffle
03.04.06 Basra, Iraq, under British control
03.04.07 'Chemical Ali' dead
03.04.08 Saddam survives assassination attempt?; All 5 members of IRA gang convicted of bombings in 2001
03.04.09 Saddam statue in Baghdad toppled; Budget – tinkering but no visible changes
03.04.10 Iraqi asylum seekers to be repatriated; Ulster peace deal collapses – IRA won't give up weapons
03.04.14 Govt. blamed for A-Level grades crisis – rushed in 'reforms' without proper trials
03.04.15 Fire Brigade Union rejects 16% pay rise offer, more strikes to come when Iraq war over; Govt. says NO euro referendum in this parliament
03.04.17 Widespread strikes by guards on railways
03.04.18 Forest & moorland fires all over UK
03.04.19 SARS virus has killed 12 in Hong Kong
03.04.20 US troops find $656M stashed in one of Saddam's palaces; China admits lying abour SARS rate & deaths
03.04.21 US ex-general Jar Garner takes charge of Baghdad
03.04.22 Papers found in Baghdad allege George Galloway MP in Saddam's pay
03.04.23 WHO declares Toronto SARS no-go area
03.04.24 Tariq Aziz surrenders to US forces
03.04.27 Saddam's wife & daughters expelled from Syria
03.04.29 President Putin savages Blair (verbally) in Moscow; France, Germany, Belgium & Luxembourg set up NATO military rival
03.04.30 Leaked phone taps show up New Labour's cosy relationship with US Republican party; US inveils Road Map for Middle East peace


2003 May
03.05.01 Gains for Tories, Libs & BNP in Local elections; Blairs blames IRA for postponement of Belfast Assembly elections
03.05.02 President Bush says the shooting is over in Iraq; Labour lost 839 seats in Local elections
03.05.05 Former lance-corporal wins first ever pension for Gulf War syndrome
03.05.06 Labour suspends George Galloway MP over anti-war remarks; EU wants to impose VAT on postage stamps
03.05.07 63 Labour MPs vote against foundation hospitals
03.05.08 Immigration Minister admits Home Office's asylum system is a catastrophe
03.05.10 Revealed: NHS Trusts rigged A&E efficiency ratings in March to retain funding
03.05.12 Clare Short resigns from Cabinet
03.05.14 UK to bid for 2012 Olympics
03.05.15 Blair makes euro economic test a Cabinet issue not a Brown decision
03.05.18 Welsh Sec. Peter Hain says there is no chance of a referendum on the EU Constitution
03.05.20 Fire Brigade Union accepts 16% pay rise
03.05.22 9 Afghan asylum-seeking hijackers freed by Court of Appeal
03.05.23 Parliament surrounded by concrete blocks as defence against suicide car bombers
03.05.24 Nul points for UK in Eurovision Song Contest
03.05.27 High-tech digital cameras to be used to trap road-tax dodgers; Blair in Iraq after US admits Weapons of Mass Destruction won't be found
03.05.28 Blair accused of spicing up dossier on Iraq's weapons

2003 June
03.06.01 Blair attacked by Short & Cook over Iraq
03.06.03 Foreign Affairs Cttee investigating Iraq weapons story
03.06.06 The Pentagon had no information on Iraq's weapons before the war
03.06.07 Downing St. preparing apology for dodgy dossier on WoMD
03.06.09 UK not to join the euro, Chancellor Brown announces
03.06.10 2 killed, dozens injured by failed Israeli attempt to kill Hamas leader
03.06.11 Public sector staff will have to work to 65 for a full pension
03.06.15 Army defuses Irish terrorist bomb with twice power of Omagh bomb in Londonderry
03.06.16 The Speaker orders Blair to the Commons to explain his constitutional meddling
03.06.17 Blair admits taxes will rise still more to 'improve' public services
03.06.18 Top Saddam aide A. Mahmud arrested
03.06.22 Saddamists say Mahmud gave himself up with Saddam's surrender terms
03.06.23 Labour MPs in revolt over Blair's university top-up fees
03.06.24 Straw names A. Campbell as dodgy dossier author
03.06.26 Labour announces cuts in tanks & ships for military
03.06.28 BBC journalist A. Gilligan threatens to sue leader of HoC for libel
03.06.30 More strikes threatened as DPM J. Prescott unveils plans for 'modernizing' fire brigade

2003 July
03.07.03 US puts $25M bounty on Saddam &15M on sons Uday & K'say
03.07.05 18 killed by suicide bomber at Moscow rock concert
03.07.07 Labour-controlled Commons cttee says A. Campbell innocent
03.07.11 Blair promises more tax rises for New Labour's 3rd term
03.07.13 IRA bomb-maker arrested at Ramallah, Palestine
03.07.14 Budget creep means 2 new aircraft carriers will cost £4M not £3M
03.07.15 League tables show no improvement in 2/3 of hospitals despite £8B more cash
03.07.17 "History will forgive us", says Tony Blair
03.07.18 Body of Iraq weapons expert Dr. D. Kelly found in suspicious circumstances
03.07.22 Uday & K'say Hussein killed in Mosul
03.07.24 Rail regulator postpones West Coast Mainline update for 1 year to save cash
03.07.28 Death of Bob Hope, 100



2004 August
04.08.01 Steve Moxton, who revealed the Romanian visa scandal, sacked
04.08.02 Major terrorist alert in London based on information from Al Qaida man arrested in Pakistan
04.08.03 Most of the information for the London alert exposed as over 2 years old
04.08.05 Water bills to rise 13-20% over 5 years
04.08.12 Peter Mandelson made EU Trade Commissioner
04.08.22 Royal Mail misses all 15 targets for April-June
04.08.23 Troops begin training to cover fire brigade strike
04.08.26 Fire brigade strike off
40.08.27 President Bush bans Tory leader Michael Howard from White House over Iraq war

2004 September
04.09.02 Lord Chancellor's job not to be abolished; Home Sec. Blunkettt plans to give criminals satellite-monitored tags
04.09.08 19 British soldiers under investigation by Scotland Yard for murder & brutality in Iraq
04.09.14 European Commission planning to bypass UK opt out from working time directive
04.09.15 Police violence at demo in Parliament Square, demonstrators invade Commons as Labour rushes through anti-hunting bill
04.09.16 UN Sec. Gen. Kofi Annan declares 2003 invasion of Iraq illegal
04.09.22 Video released of Ken Bigley (kidnapped in Iraq on 16/09) asking Blair to save his life
04.09.23 Doctors want the 'appointment within 48 hours' policy scrapped
04.09.29 Another video of Ken Bigley released: chained & caged

04.10.19 Gambling Bill published – restrictions on slot machine numbers, cash prizes and casino membership to be abolished

2005 February
05.02.05 Blair calls general election on May 5th
05.02.06 New Labour still in denial over postal voting fraud
05.02.08 New Labour candidate for Blackburn with Darwen in May 2002 gaoled for 3 years for vote-rigging
05.02.11 Blair promises to clean up his postal voting mess, but not until after the election
05.02.13 The murderer of DC Steven Oakes revealed as a bogus asylum seeker on the run
05.02.14 Labour apologizes for the death of DC Oakes
05.02.15 Govt. chucks £150 million at failing Rover car company
05.02.19 Police chiefs summoned to Whitehall for emergency conference on postal voting fraud
05.02.23 One-third of households in England will pay more Council Tax after New Labour's rebanding exercise
05.02.26 Fuel price protesters picket refineries
05.02.27 Attorney General's full advice on Iraq war leaked – Blair's lies exposed
05.02.28 Relatives of service personnel killed in Iraq demand Blair's prosecution
05.02.29 Blair claims no one told him that doctors have to make an appointment within 24 hours to meet one of his govt's arbitrary targets

05.04.05 Govt. reduces number of regional super-casinos from 8 to 1; Culture Sec. T. Jowell forced to do deal with Tories to save Gambling Bill


05.05.05 General Election: Labour majority vastly reduced, start of Blair's decline

05.07.07 Islamic terrorist suicide bombers attack London transport system
05.07.21 Second wave of Islamic terrorist suicide bombers in London fails due to defective bombs

06.03.21 [C4H] Scotland Yard investigates allegation that Labour party broke 1925 law banning sale of honours

06.04.13 [C4H] Head teacher Des Smith arrested


2006 May
06.05.04 Local elections
06.05.05 Cabinet re-spin: Clarke, Straw, Hoon & Prescott sacked or downgraded
06.05.07 Blair accuses Brown supporters of plotting a coup
06.05.08 Revealed: Twice as many foreign prisoners at large as Charles Clarke admitted
06.05.11 Parliamentary Report on July 2005 bombings: no one to blame
06.05.12 Blair & Brown agree to higher pensions if delayed to 68
06.05.15 Brown put in charge of sorting out the Home Office
06.05.18 5 Nigerian illegal immigrants working as cleaners at Immigration & Nationality Directorate; one-third of Post Offices to close
06.05.19 New Home Sec. John Reid decides to abandon police force mergers
06.05.21 Sir Alastair Graham, Standards In Public Life Committee chairman, accuses Blair of not taking standards seriously
06.05.22 Tom McNulty fired sideways from Immigration to running the police
06.05.23 John Reid admits Home Office "not fit for the purpose"
06.05.24 Shortlist of super-casino sites published – public consultation will determine where to put them, not whether to have them; 46 Labour MPs vote against government's school reforms
06.05.26 Government overpaying £1 billion per year in benefit, 1/3 fraud, 2/3 bungling
06.05.30 Lord Woolf wants ministers to stop criticizing judges, Lord Phillips wants fewer criminals to go to gaol; government blunders & mismanagement have wastee £20 billion, including £ 14 billion on the NHS computer system
06.05.31 John Prescott, the minister without a job to do, surrenders Dorney Wood

2006 June
06.06.01 Dept. of Work & Pensions warned in 2000 about giving National Insurance numbers to illegal immigrants but did nothing
06.06.02 250 police raid house in E. London, terrorist suspect shot & wounded
06.06.06 Dave Cameron applauds Blair & Brown's promise of public sector wage freeze
06.06.09 Brothers from raid on 2nd freed without charge
06.06.16 NHS computer already 2 years late and will cost £12 billion, double the budget
06.06.19 Home Sec. J. Reid puts off police mergers decision to the autumn
06.06.21 G. Brown in trouble for promising to buy new nuclear weapons
06.06.28 Mr. Justice Sullivan frees 6 Iraqi terror suspects from house arrest on human rights grounds

2006 July
06.07.01 Revealed: DPM Prescott given cowboy outfit by super-casino bidder Philip Anschutz, owner of Millennium Dome
06.07.04 The Lord Chancellor will be replaced by a Lords Speaker
06.07.05 Revealed: Prescott's ODPM pushed Anschutz casino bid
06.07.10 Revealed: Lord Levy told Gulam Noon to hide a £¼ million loan to Labour; police mergers definitely off, G. Brown won't find the necessary £800 million
06.07.11 Labour chooses to go nuclear in Energy Review
06.07.12 [C4H] Lord Levy arrested
06.07.12 Petrol prices soar; Revealed: Prescott did discuss casinos with Anschutz organization
06.07.14 [C4H] Revealed: Lord Sainsbury and ex-Labour party chairman Ian McCartney have been questioned
06.07.16 [C4H] Blair says Labour hasn't sold honours for cash donations/loans
06.07.12 Home Information Packs downsized, cost reduced from £1,000 to £300
06.07.12 Figures showing huge rise in street crime overshadow Reid shake-up at Home Office; Hottest ever July day
06.07.12 Sir A. Graham rules that Prescott breached ministerial code
06.07.21 [C4H] Labour lender Sir Christopher Evans arrested

2006 August
06.08.02 Ban on deportations to Zimbabwe lifted
06.08.03 Bank rate up to 4.75%
06.08.04 Prisons 680 places from full up
06.08.06 Jenson Button wins Hungarian Grand Prix
06.08.07 Local Govt. Assn. says C-Tax will have to rise to pay for Labour's flood of migrants
06.08.08 3 News of World journalists arrested for hacking royal voicemail
06.08.10 24 British Moslems arrested for planning to blow up airliners in US, airport chaos
06.08.13 Scores of flights cancelled, govt. blamed for security shambles at airports
06.08.18 Royal Mail introduced Price & Weight pricing
06.08.23 Supermarket food prices up 10% since May
06.08.24 40% of primary school pupils leave unable to read, write and/or do maths
06.08.26 Labour party tells Blair he's making the public 'uncertain'
06.08.29 Revealed: Millennium Dome operators faked document of support for their super-casino from religious leaders
06.08.30 Govt. U-turn: drivers can use motorway hard shoulders
06.08.31 38 saboteurs arrested at Drax B power station

2006 September
06.09.01 15th British soldier killed in Afghanistan; Blair refuses to set departure date
06.09.02 Wembley Council report – super-casinos will be a magnet for gangsters, drug dealers & prostitutes
06.09.05 Blair promises to resign on May 27th and stand down on July 26th
06.09.06 7 Labour PPSs quit to embarrass Blair
06.09.07 Blair forced to announce he's definitely going to go, but no timetable
06.09.08 US Senate report declares that Saddam Hussein has no links to Al Qaida; Charles Clarke assumes leadership of 'Stop Brown' movement
06.09.11 Police think Jihadistas using paint-balling centres for combat training
06.09.12 Blair bombs at TUC
06.09.13 Lord Falconer dilutes privacy laws
06.09.14 New Tory tree logo unveiled
06.09.16 John Hutton, Work & Pensions Sec., touted as latest Blair replacement
06.09.18 Defence Sec. D. Brown admits NATO underestimated Taliban strength in Afghanistan; Royal Mail launches online stamp service for public
06.09.20 Cabinet tells Blair & Brown to stop feuding
06.09.21 Gloucester Police convicted of racial discrimination against rejected white recruit
06.09.22 Attorney General approves phone-tapping evidence in court cases
06.09.25 "Well, that's a lie!" Cherie Blair at Labour conference, Manchester, re G. Brown
06.09.26 Romania & Bulgaria to be allowed to join EU on 2007/01/01
06.09.28 Will John Reid bid for the Labour leadership?
06.09.29 [C4H] Ruth Turner, Blair's director of external communications, questioned

2006 October
06.10.02 US bans online use of credit cards for gambling, £3B wiped of shares of British online gaming firms
06.10.05 Jack Straw in trouble for telling Moslem constituents to lose the veil
06.10.06 Govt. forcing councils to introduce fortnightly refuse collections by stealth
06.10.07 Blair promises the Army anything it needs; Army highly sceptical
06.10.11 Johns Hopkins University survey: 650,000 Iraqis dead since 2003 invasion
06.10.12 General Sir R. Dannatt, new head of Army, sais British troops must leave Iraq 'soon'
06.10.13 Blair pretends to agree with Gen. Dannatt
06.10.14 Tory donors 'out' themselves
06.10.15 New Labour starts sniping at Gen. Dannatt as routine character assassination
06.10.16 Home Office admits: 2 terrorists subject to control orders on the run
06.10.18 'Save our post offices' petition on Downing St. website now has 4 million signatures
06.10.19 NICE refuses to fund in England, a cancer drug available in Scotland & Wales
06.10.20 Nurses threaten strike over govt.'s 1.5% pay offer
06.10.24 Police force ratings published: Humberside & Northants worst
06.10.26 Labour lets councils have an elected mayor without a referendum
06.10.28 Irish police dismantle IRA bomb
06.10.30 British consulate staff evacuated from Basra
06.10.31 Labour votes down an attempt to impose an Iraq war inquiry

2006 November
06.11.01 The Commons speaker, a.k.a. Gorbals Mick, limits the scope of questions to the prime minister for party political reasons
06.11.02 Lord Hutton denies that his report was a whitewash
06.11.04 [C4H] Labour donor & Attorney General Lord Goldsmith insists he will have the final say on prosecutions
06.11.05 Saddam Hussein sentenced to hang
06.11.06 Blair says he doesn't want Saddam Hussein executed
06.11.07 Talks to impose 48 hour working week maximum in EU collapse; US mid-term elections
06.11.08 [C4H] Police say no cash for honours charged before Blair quits; Democrats take control of US Congress & House of Representatives; D. Rumsfeld quits
06.11.09 Bank rate up 0.25% to 5%
06.11.12 [C4H] Revealed: the police have found evidence that the Labour party tried to hide loans from its auditors
06.11.14 Home Office plans to downgrade 25 crimes to a spot fine or 'apologize & go free'
06.11.15 Blair's last Queen's Speech
06.11.16 [C4H] Police announce that they have questioned 90 people and gained significant & valuable material
06.11.17 Blair tells Al Jazeera the Iraq war has been a disaster
06.11.19 2012 Olympics to cost £8 billion & rising due to cost of land, etc.
06.11.23 Revealed: another Labour scam: party being funded from local councillors' allowances
06.11.25 52% of Scots & 59% of English want Scottish independence
06.11.29 Illegal migrants wreck Harmondsworth detention centre, W. London
06.11.30 G. Brown wants 1.5p/mile Stealth Tax from motorists

2006 December
06.12.03 MPs want 66% pay rise to £100K
06.12.04 Blair pushing for Trident nuclear weapons renewal
06.12.06 Pre-Budget report; Dept. of Education report – primary school standards slumping
06.12.14 [C4H] Blair questioned by police on day of release of the Stevens report on Princess Diana's death
06.12.15 Brown denies soliciting honours for his pals
06.12.16 [C4H] Blair & Lord Levy telling conflicting stories
06.12.19 Revealed: Blair let Bush talk him out of Iraq troop withdrawal timetable
06.12.23 Labour repaying £1M loan to arrested Sir C. Evans
06.12.26 Saddam Hussein loses appeal, to hang in 30 days
06.12.28 Foreign Office report: British troops needed in Basra until at least 2008
06.12.29 Saddam Hussein hanged for mass murder

2007 January
07.01.02 Govt. want tougher driving test to reduce teenage road deaths; rail fares up 5%
07.01.02 Govt. planning annual Council Tax increases based on home improvements
07.01.09 The Home Office has failed to add 27,000 Britons convicted abroad to the Police National Computer
07.01.10 The Home Office refused to give the police funding for adding the above data to the PNC; bank rate up to 5.25%
07.01.11 Assets Recovery Agency to be abolished after 4 years of failure to recover assets from criminals
07.01.12 Revealed: the Foreign Office holds records of Britons convicted abroad but it refuses to share them with the Home Office
07.01.14 President Bush admits that invading Iraq & Afghanistan made terror attacks more likely
07.01.15 Police & health experts' report – super-casinos will cause a crime wave and an epidemic of problem gamblers
07.01.17 Govt. hands armed forces training contract to crony company Qinetiq to buy Welsh votes
07.01.19 [C4H] Ruth Turner arrested; suspicion of attempting to pervert the course of justice
07.01.22 Catholic church threatens to close adoption agencies over New Labour's obsession with same sex 'parents'
07.01.23 The gaols full – courts told to stop delivering prison sentences
07.01.24 Blair crumbles; no exemption to same-sex adoption for Catholic agencies; thousands of criminals to get out of gaol early
07.01.25 [C4H] Police recover deleted and concealed 'cash for honours' emails from Downing St. computer system
07.01.26 [C4H] Blair questioned again; Judges complain about Home Office interference over sentencing policy
07.01.27 [C4H] Document bearing hand-written notes by Blair seized by police
07.01.30 [C4H] Lord Levy arrested again; suspicion of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice; Manchester shock winner of super-casino contest, not Blackpool
07.01.31 The Govt. decides to pay even more to GPs to persuade them to do evening & weekned work again

2007 February
07.02.01 [C4H] News of Blair being questioned by police on 26th January released
07.02.02 Blairs purchase 5th property, 1,000 turkeys dead of bird flu in Suffolk
07.02.02 DEFRA in trouble for slow response to H5N1 bird flu outbreak
07.02.05 New Labour starts messing about with the school curriculum again
07.02.06 The SUN exposes Ministry of Defence lies to inquest on British soldier killed by US Air Force in Iraq in March 2003
07.02.12 Downing Street website crashes as people flood to sign a petition against road pricing
07.02.14 £20 million political show trial of Col. Jorge Mendonca over mistreatment of prisoners in Iraq collapses – judge throws the case out of his court
07.02.15 Mr. Justice Sullivan rules that Labour's 'consultation' on nuclear power for the 2005 energy review was a sham
07.02.16 First Sea Lord warns that Britain will have a navy the size of Belgium's (3 ships) if New Labour's cuts continue
07.02.17 News of Lord Goldsmith's affair raises fresh doubts about the impartiality of his advice on the legality of the 2003 Iraq war
07.02.20 [C4H] Ruth Turner questioned again; Blair decides to ignore the 1.8 million signatures on the petition against road pricing
07.02.21 Having wrapped himself in Lady Thatcher's achievements, Blair fails to attend unveiling of her statue in Commons
07.02.22 New Labour's policies blamed for a rise in deaths of MRSA and C. difficile in the NHS; Blair sees no reason to regret invading Iraq on the basis of manufactures evidence and takes no responsibility for having failed to make plans for what to do after victory
07.02.23 Bishop T. Burns, the army's most senior RC chaplain, accuses the govt. of risking the lives of troops in Afghanistan & Iraq by giving them obsolete vehicles and poor quality or insufficient clothing, body armour and equipment; Parliament condemns Blair's secret attempts to persuade President Bush to base 'Star Wars' anti-missile systems in Britain

2007 March
07.03.01 Chancellor gives public sector below inflation pay rises 07.03.02 [C4H] Attorney General obtains injunction against BBC to stop the broadcast of a leaked email
07.03.05 [C4H] BBC Injunctions lifted, the story was about Lord Levy allegedly bullying Ruth Turner into changing her story
07.04.08 Cameron knee-jerk; Patrick Mercer sacked from front bench
07.04.09 EU to ban sale of incandescent light bulbs in 2009
07.03.11 Revealed: Gordon Brown & Tessa Jowell have been conspiring since 2005 to conceal the true cost of the 2012 Olympics, now up to around £9 billion from the 'selling' price of £2.4 billion.
07.03.12 Govt. lifts TV advertising ban on casinos, betting shops and internet gambling; BBC reporter Alan Johnson abducted in Gaza
07.03.13 Lord Goldsmith condemned for a £20 million political witch hunt against the British troops who were acquitted of abusing prisoners in Iraq
07.03.14 Blair needs Tory help to get Trident replacement bill through Commons
07.03.15 £2.2 billion of Lottery 'good cause' money grabbed for £9.3B Olympics
07.03.16 Gordon Brown abandons the 2-year review of Council Tax by Sir M. Lyons in fear of the reaction to more screwing of the middle classes at the May local elections
07.03.17 Protest march by junior doctors with no jobs over the shambles created by Labour's meddling with their training
07.03.20 Inflation (incl. housing) at 4.6%, highest for 16 years; Revealed: Home Office issued 10,000 passports to terrorists & fraudsters
07.03.21 Budget; 10p income tax band abolished, basic rate down 2p to 20p, Brown takes a further £2 billion from taxpayers, puts 50% tax on casino profits
07.03.22 3 British Moslems arrested re 2005/07/07 terrorist bombings in London
07.03.23 15 British naval personnel hijacked by Iranians in Iraqi territorial waters
07.03.24 Last British troops leave Bosnia-Herzegovina
07.03.25 [C4H] Revealed: Blair threatened to resign as PM to avoid police interview under caution
07.03.26 Paisley & Adams agree to power-sharing govt. in Ulster from May 8th; Revealed: Culture Sec. Tessa Jowell tried to buy off Labour super-casino levels with a promise that Blackpool will be next
07.03.27 Parents, especially in London, are buying £400 stab vests for their children as the police aren't protecting them; Blair wants all school children to be monitored for criminal tendencies
07.03.28 Lords reject Manchester super-casino plan, and associated plans for smaller casinos, by 3 votes; Iranians parade female prisoner on TV
07.03.29 UN refuses to condemn Iranian govt.'s hijacking; Home Office to split off a Justice Dept.
07.03.30 Network Rail fined £4M for Paddington rail crash; Iran broadcasts badly edited 'confessions' by hijacked naval personnel

2007 April
07.04.01 Postage 34p 1st class/24p 2nd class (up 2p/1p), prescriptions up 20p to £6.85 but free in Wales
07.04.02 CBI rejects Ed Balls' claim that it lobbied for Brown's pension grab in 1997
07.04.04 Hijacked 15 released by Iran
07.04.05 4 British troops, 2 men & 2 women, and a Jordanian interpreter killed by terrorists in Iraq
07.04.07 Teachers vote to strike over imposed 2% pay settlement
07.04.08 MoD decision to let Hijacked 15 sell their stories to the media condemned as part of New Labour's campaign of 'vulgarization of Britain'
07.04.09 MoD U-turn – the rules to be redrafted to prevent future media sales
07.04.10 Blair accused of letting the Hijacked 15 sell their stories as part of a government spin operation
07.04.12 Revealed: The MoD was planning the sale of the Hijacked 15's stories while they were still prisoners in Iran
07.04.13 General Sir M. Rose: 'New Labour's moral cowardice has all but destroyed the nation's armed forces'; Blair denies knowing anything about selling the Hijacked 15's stories but doesn't explain why he didn't put a stop to it when he found out
07.04.16 Defence Sec. Des Brown almost apologizes to Commons for the Hijacked 15 media sales shambles; Health Sec. Praticia Hewitt apologizes for the junior doctor training shambles
07.04.17 Inflation 3.1% in March, 15-year high, Retail Price Index 4.8%
07.04.18 Labour votes down pensions lifeboat
07.04.19 One-third of home now have fortnightly refuse collection with Labour eager to spread the trend
07.04.20 [C4H] Police dossier handed to DPP, police want to prosecute Lord Levy, R. Turner & Sir C. Evans
07.04.22 [C4H] Revealed: Full tex of New Labour's 1997 favours for cash plan – Blair & Levy at the heart of it
07.04.25 Revealed: Downing St. and the Home Office are leaking details of police counter-terrorism operations for self-promotion reasons even though leaking this information is a criminal offence; Blair admits breaking his pledge to provide NHS dentistry to everyone who wants it
07.04.26 The NHS is shrinking; there are 17,390 fewer staff, including 6,000 fewer nurses, than in 2006 due to debt problems; Robbery is increasing as Labour's street crime initiative has run out of cash and gone out of fashion.
07.04.27 Judge releases 2 Libyan terrorist suspects on bogus human rights grounds
07.04.29 Home Sec. John Reid chickens out of running for Labour leadership
07.04.30 Five terrorists gaoled for fertilizer bomb plot, MI5 missed a link to the 7/7 suicide bombers


May 2007
07.05.01 Blair says he'll resign 'next week'; No inquiry into the lies the government told about the 7/7 terrorist attack; Brown, last month's denouncer of celebrity culture, unveils his list of celebrity backers
07.05.02 Former Defence Minister G. Hoon says Iraq is a mess because Bush & Blair had no post-war plan
07.05.03 Labour wiped out in local elections in England, Labour/Liberal coalition Scottish Executive responsible for election shambles in Scotland
07.05.04 SNP wins 47 seats in Scottish Parliament, 1 more than Labour; 100,000 ballots ruled invalid
07.05.07 Death of Lord Wetherill, first Commons speaker of the TV era
07.05.08 Stormont devolved parliament reopens in Ulster with I. Paisley (DUP) as 1st Minister, M. McGuinness (IRA) as 2nd Minister
07.05.09 Ministry of Justice (split off from Home Office), opens for business; the minister, Lord Falconer, doesn't want criminals locked up
07.05.10 Blair announces that he is quitting, but not until July; Bank rate up 0.25% to 5.5%
07.05.11 No charges against the 11 police officers involved in the de Menezes shooting in London
07.05.14 Leftie John McDonnell offers himself as pantomime horse Labour leadership candidate against Brown
07.05.15 Health Sec. P. Hewitt forced to scrap online application system for junior doctor jobs
07.05.16 There will be no Labour leadership contest
07.05.17 Government to close 2,500 post offices
07.05.18 MPs vote to exclude themselves from Freedom of Information Act
07.05.20 Chairman of BMA obliged to resign over junior doctor training fiasco
07.05.22 Government postpones HIPs due to a state of shambles
07.05.28 NHS cutbacks have left £500 million unspent
07.05.29 Five British security staff kidnapped by police/militia infiltrators in Baghdad
07.05.31 Col. Jorge Mendonca, DSO, quits the army – the target of a govt.-inspired witch hunt

June 2007
07.06.02 [C4H] Police want Blair as a witness in a cash for honours trial
07.06.03 Doctors demand cash from patients for evening & weekend appointments; Pres. Putin revived cold war, threatens to target missiles on Europe
07.06.04 £400,000 2012 Olympic logo unveiled to universal derision
07.06.05 Pres. Bush taunts Pres. Putin over cold war revival
07.06.06 Lord reverse govt. decision, vote for lifeboat for victims of collapsed pension schemes
07.06.07 Revealed: Blair did a secret deal with Gadaffi during his farewell junket aimed at sending the gaoled Lockerbie bomber A. Mohmed back to Libya; Pres. Bush rejects G8 carbon dioxide emissions targets
07.06.08 Attorney General Lord Goldsmith denies concealing from fraud investigators, payment from BAe's slush fund to a Saudi prince adding up to £1 billion
07.06.12 Blair launches whinge at 'feral beast' news media for daring to stop buying his spin & lies
07.06.13 House of Lords rules that prisoners of British troops anywhere in the world can sue the Ministry of Defence on human rights grounds.
07.06.15 MPs ordered to reveal how they spend their 2nd home allowance as an anti-fraud measure
07.06.17 Revealed: Blair knew that the USA had no post-war plan for Iraq when he told the nation (before the invasion) he was 'satisfied with Bush's post-war planning'
07.06.19 Germany still trying to sneak the much rejected constitution into the latest EU treaty; 25,000 criminals to be released from gaol 18 days early and paid £200 apiece for the loss of free bed & board; MoD finds no one to blame for kidnapping of 15 naval personnel in March by Iranian pirates
07.06.20 President Bush suggests Blair as a Middle East peace envoy – universal derision.
07.06.21 7th terrorist suspect on a control order drops out of sight
07.06.22 Attorney general Lord Goldsmith to quit under a cloud with Blair; Blair forced to back out of a dirty deal with the French on competition at EU summit
07.06.23 Exposed: Blair's 'concessions' in the revamped EU constitutional treaty are not legally binding and worthless; Brown reneges on pledge to hold a referendum
07.06.24 'Chemical' Ali Hassan sentenced to hang
07.06.25 Lord Hunt admits that New Labour's pledge to end mixed sex wards in the NHS has been abandoned
07.06.26 Extensive flooding blamed on govt.'s failure to strengthen flood defences and massive flood defence budget cut

07.06.27 Blair finally forced out of office

07.06.28 C4H Revealed: Blair was questioned by the police for a 3rd time in the first week of the month but it was covered up to avoid 'tainting' his exit pantomime

08.10.11 Sleaze Documents released under the Freedom of Information Act confirm that Blair lied about his part in giving Formula One an exemption from a ban on tobacco advertising after meeting Labour £1M donor B. Ecclestone, the head of F1.
08.10.27 Sleaze The Commons Speaker, M. 'Gorbals' Martin (partisan Labour) decides that Blair won't be called to account and he can be allowed to get away with his lies.
08.11.30 Revealed Tony Blair was warned in 2002 that an Olympics in 2012 would bring little economic or social benefit to Britain, but he went ahead with the bid anyway.

09.01.23 The Consultative Group on the Past, set up by Blair's Northern Ireland Secretary, Peter Hain, in June 2007, thinks that the British taxpayer should pay cash to relatives of dead Irish terrorists to make them feel better. £300 million is required for the cause.
 • Blair's Bloody Sunday inquiry, set up in January 1998, has blown £200 million of taxpayer's money and it has yet to deliver the whitewash.
09.01.25 Four Labour members of the House of Lords, which is now stuffed with Blair cronies, are exposed as sleazy after falling for a Sunday Times Cash For Legislation sting.

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