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+ + + The only serving British prime minister ever to have been obliged to 'help the police with their inquiries' needless to say, corruption was the topic of the questions. + + + Destroyed the 2-parent family and encouraged 1-parent families through legislation, taxation and bribery + + + Tried to eradicate the British identity + + + Prevented social mobility + + + Devalued the education system while wasting one hell of a lot of money; the budget doubled from £35.7 billion/year in 2000 to £710 billion/year under New Labour but there was no improvement in most areas and deterioration elsewhere + + + Encouraged violent crime and anti-social drinking through inaction and unhelpful legislation + + + Encouraged gambling and drug-taking by legislation to extend the scope for the one and decriminalizing the other + + + Wrecked the pensions industry with stealth taxes + + + Wrecked the savings industry with stealth taxes + + + Transferred labour from the wealth creating private sector to the wealth devouring public sector to promote his policy of BIG GOVERNMENT + + + Wrecked NHS dentistry + + + Disrupted the NHS GP system with targets which were supposed to make the government look good but which made things worse for the patient + + + Gave GPs a pay deal which doubled their income whilst letting them shed responsibility for providing their patients with medical cover for evenings, weekends and holidays + + + Substituted MRSA for hygiene in hospitals + + + Lost control of the country's borders and made a complete bog of the asylum system + + + Created all sorts of bogus human rights to benefit criminals and the legal profession + + + Trampled on the right to free speech among other rights confiscated in the name of security + + + Blair presided over a culture of government under which ministers grabbed any credit going and never took the smallest share of blame for the disasters which they created + + + His ministers created an "NHS denial machine", which suppressed warnings about thousands of needless deaths at the worst-run hospital trusts + + + New Labour gave the country the worst behaved teenagers in Europe, who sought an ASBO as a badge of dishonour + + + Introduced a Freedom of Information Act and then trying to stop people using it + + + Institutionalized the corrupt practice of letting civil servants move to private companies which had benefitted from their attentions when the people concerned were supposed to be in the public service + + + Politicized the civil service and made civil servants answerable to members of his staff, who were working entirely to the benefit of the Labour party yet paid out of the public purse + + + Broke the 'military covenant' for the armed services by sending them to war with inadequate clothing, equipment, radios and transport, and by failing to provide adequate health care when they returned home injured + + + Diluted the British national identity to vanishing point through New Labour's obsession with its 'diversity' survival strategy – knowing that the British people would grow tired of spin and no delivery, New Labour opened Britain's borders to every under-class around the world in the hope that the newcomers would be grateful enough for getting a free ride to vote Labour + + + Gave away £11 billion of the Thatcher rebate on a promise of a root & branch reform of the Common Agricultural Policy, which the European Commission failed to deliver + + + Blair & Brown insisted on making all hospital building Public Finance Initiative projects – as a result, the taxpayer ended up getting one hospital for the price of two + + + New Labour proclaimed that the NHS would be safe in its hands yet it failed to make nurses wash their hands and employed nurses who didn't know they needed to wash their hands to maintain the bare minimum of hygiene standards + + + Gave a secret amnesty to terrorists – but only IRA terrorists – as part of the dirty dealing that went with the "peace process", and left members of British security services open unfairly to prosecution + + +

Amounts of taxpayers' cash wasted during the Blair Years

The 2001 outbreak of Foot & Mouth disease – £8,500,000,000
The Millennium Dome – £800,000,000
John Prescott's junkets – £5,000,000
The NHS super-computer system which didn't work – £20,000,000,000
400 City Acacemies – £12,000,000,000
The Child Support Agency – £4,000,000

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