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The Carbon Trading Swindle
The Civil Service Reduction Swindle
The Education Reform Swindle
The Government Statistics Swindle
The Honest Government Swindle
The Human Rights Act Swindle
The Iraq Weapons Swindle
The Legacy Myth Swindle
The Great Light Bulb Swindle
The Millennium Dome Swindle
The Olympics Cost Swindle
The NHS Reform Swindle
The Personal Pensions Swindle
The Personal Savings Swindle
The Spin Doctor Swindle
The Straight Kind of Guy Swindle
The NHS Denial Machine Swindle

• Cash for Honours • War in Iraq launched on a lie • Abandoned Cabinet government for sofa government • Political interference with fraud investigations • Prevented investigation of breaches of the ministerial code by Blunkett, Prescott, Jowell et al • Prevented investigation of the finances of the Millennium Dome while shamefully trying to blame the Conservatives for the mess which he had created • Awarded lucrative government contracts to Labour party donors • Introduced wider postal voting while leaving the system wide open to fraud • Wasted millions of pounds of taxpayers' money on special advisors and spin doctors • Totally devalued all government statistics • Introduced a 'No Responsibility For Their Actions' culture for ministers and senior civil servants • Blair's idea of "investment" in the NHS involved paying people off with a gagging order to stop them revealing how bad things had become under New Labour's "Targets Before People" culture • Sponsored a 'vulgarization of Britain' campaign • Created 'The Nasty Society' • Instituted a 'peace process' in Ulster, which involved rolling over and letting the IRA tickle his tummy while he gave them more or less anything they asked for • Turned the police force over to management speak target-chasers, who deflected the aim of the force – no, "service" – from fighting crime and protecting the public to persecuting anyone with loose change • Turned control of the armed forces over to gutless pillocks • In the decade before the 2011 census, let 4 million migrants into Britain to fulfil "social objectives", which included trying to get more potential Labour supporters into the country to become dependent on benefits courtesy of the taxpayer • Let thousands of patients die needlessly in hospitals with appalling standards of "care" • Introduced a totally ineffective hospital inspection body • Doubled the pay of GPs and let them shed responsibility for providing evening, weekend and holiday medical care to their patients #150; and make a fortune, moonlighting at A&E departments • • •

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