The 7 Ages of Blair

The great part of the British people want peace and democracy and have had enough of Blair and his associates; nontheless the forces of reaction are not dead. They are agitating and working and waiting their chance, and they do not consist solely of former New Labourities; they also include those circles that helped New Labour to power, which did nothing to check them when they could still have been stopped, which put self interest above the the concept of personality and responsibility, and which worked hand-in-hand with New Labour for their own selfish ends.
   Let us hope that natural justice will never allow them to come back to power. But simply hoping is not enough. Education in active democracy is more important. Ten long years of education in intolerance cannot be so easily eradicated.
   That is why this website was made. That is why its last words are; BE VIGILANT!

      –after Erich Remarque.

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