People interested in knowing everything or, at least, some things about Dracula, may see and experience in the very places described by fiction and history significant moments from this famous character' life.

In order to see some places from Dracula's adventurous life one can go to:

  • Up in Birgau Mountains to see Dracula's Castle
  • In Bistrita at the Golden Crown Hotel to remember Stoker's famous character
  • In Sighisoara to see the mediaeval fortress and the house of Dracula's Childhood (the tourist may have dinner at his house; not far from there is the place where he used to raise the infamy pillar and the gallows scaffolding to punish the malfactors)
  • To Bran Castle (Vlad Dracula's halting place), dating from the 14th century and the ruins of the fortress Poienari (rebuild by Vald Dracula)
  • Poienari Fortress Ruin (fortress rebuilt by Vlad Dracul)
  • Bats
  • In Tirgoviste, the capital during Vlad Dracula's reign, to see the ruins of the Royal Place and Chindia Tower
  • Near Bucharest to the monastery of Snagov where Vlad Dracula was buried
  • In Bucharest to see the ruins of Dracula's palace (the Ancient Court).

Last update: 2002, November 7
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