Constantin Brancoveanu, prince of Wallahia (1688-1714), was put on the throne by the great boyars. During his reign, the political and diplomatic activities intensified in order to stop Tzarist and Ottoman expansion and Romanian culture flourished greatly.
Using clever politics, he ruled for 26 years. His taxation policy, caused by the many demands of the Ottomans, was not easily supported by the population. His foreign policy was hesitating. He engaged himself in helping Peter the Great of Russia in the war against the Turks, from 1710-1711, he played a waiting game. Accused by the Turks of betrayal, he was killed in Constantinopole in 1714, together with his four sons.
Romanian culture flourished during his reign. He was a supporter of culture. Many Romanian, Greek, Slavonian and even Arabian, Turkish and Georgian books were printed. An architectonical style was created in Wallahia, named "brancovenesc" style.

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