Romiley's New Lamp Posts, 2003/4 [0/9]
A journey through time and space with an Aiptek PenCam

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1. The arrival of the new lamp posts.

The perfectly adequate sodium lamps in the centre of Romiley village have to go, it seems; which leaves the citizens thinking there must be some sort of fiddle, bung or freebie involved – but not daring to say it aloud for fear of being sued by the recipient(s) of the bung, freebie or whatever.
   Anyhow, posts for new, white-light lamps have been jammed into Romiley's flaky pavements, doing further damage to them. This picture shows a new lamp with its ornate top next to an old one (nearer to camera), which is doomed. The lamps are in front of the old people's flats on the western side of the BP petrol station.


2. Cowboys In Control

This picture shows the cowboy nature of the replacement job. There seems to be absolutely no co-ordination to the replacement and painting jobs.
   In the foreground is an untopped new lamp post in its original blue colour with white transport strips on it [located at the Thresher's wine store]. Behind it is an old-style sodium lamp consisting of a post and a horizontal arm for the light.
   On the opposite (left) side of the road are a new lamp, which has been painted with dark grey undercoat, and, further away, a new, black-painted one near the tree (in the centre of the picture).


3. The new lamp at the Stock Dove.

This one, also minus its top, is jammed right up against the front wall of the pub and placed directly opposite the one at Thresher's shown in the picture above.

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