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Sketches made in Bangalore, India during RAF service in 1945/1946
Harry Turner, snake charmer
Cubbon Park, Bangalore by Harry TurnerWindermere camp, Bangalore by Harry Turner
Cubbon Park, Bangalore, 7th November, 1945Camp at Windermere, Bangalore, 3rd December, 1945
Wellington, Bangalore by Harry TurnerCotie main road, Bangalore by Harry Turner
Wellington, Bangalore, 1945Cotie Main Road, Bangalore, 28th Nov., 1945
Koyana Valley by Harry TurnerYenna Lake by Harry Turner
Koyana Valley from Carnac Point, Mahableshwar,
21st January, 1946
Yenna Lake strawberry gardens, Bangalore,
28th January, 1946
Sunset, Koyana Valley by Harry TurnerLodwick Point, Bangalore by Harry Turner
Sunset, Kayana Valley from Govt. House, Mahableshwar, 1946Lodwick Point, Bangalore, 20th February, 1946
Koyana Valley, Bangalore by Harry TurnerLodwick & Elphinstone Points from Govt. House, Bangalore, by Harry Turner
Koyana Valley from Chinaman's Waterfall,
February 1946
Lodwick & Elphinstone Points from Govt. House,
14th February, 1946

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