Harry Turner's Episodes of Personal History
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Paintings inspired by life in south India during RAF service
Indian Women, 1946, by Harry TurnerThe Yellow Hut, 1948, by Harry Turner
Indian Women, 1946, oils on canvas"The Yellow Hut", 1948, oils on canvas
Indian Cattle by Harry TurnerIndian Man by Harry Turner
Indian Cattle, (undated), oils on canvasIndian Man, 1954, oils on canvas
Indian Temple by Harry Turner, 1957Indian Temple by Harry Turner, 1948
Indian Temple, 1957, ink on scraperboardIndian Temple, 1948, oils on canvas
Wellington, India by Harry Turner, 1957Wellington, India by Harry Turner, 1957
Wellington, India, 1957, ink on scraperboardWellington, India, 1957, ink on scraperboard

Paintings from the 'Industrial' period, 1950s, early 1960s
Dockyard scene by Harry Turner, undatedDockyard scene by Harry Turner, 1958
Dockyard scene, (undated), oils on canvasDockyard scene, 1958, oils on canvas
Dockyard scene by Harry Turner, 1961Construction 1962 by Harry Turner
Dockyard scene, 1961, oils on canvas"Construction 1962", oils on canvas

Autumn Leaves (1959) by Harry TurnerAutumn Leaves by Harry Turner, undated
Autumn Leaves, 1959, inks on scraperboard Autumn Leaves, (undated), oils on canvas

Paintings from the 'Business Chart' period, 1960s
Trapped Sun by Harry Turner, 1966Blue Dervish by Harry Turner, 1966
Trapped Sun, 1966, acrylics on hardboardBlue Dervish, 1968, acrylics on hardboard

Portrait of K by Harry Turner, undatedAccusers of K Harry Turner, undated
Portrait of K, (1970s), acrylics on canvas
(View with head turned 90 degrees clockwise
to see the accusers!)
Accusers of K, (1970s), acrylics on canvas
(View with head turned 90 degrees anticlockwise
to see K!)

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