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Publications designed by Harry Turner

British Journal of Russian Philately, design by Harry TurnerBritish Journal of Russian Philately, design by Harry Turner

After his cataract operations, Harry Turner extended his interest in art in the Soviet Union into the philately of both the Soviet era and earlier times in Russia. The BSRP's exchange packets became a source of stamps and covers, and it was inevitable that the professional designer would offer his services to the editors of the Journal.

Postal Cancellations of the Transcaucasian Railway by P.T. AshfordMedusa: A Poetry Anthology edited by Steve Sneyd

Description : A specialist catalogue of postal cancellations illustrated with covers and photographs, compiled by P.T. Ashford of the British Society of Russian Philately,
84 pages, A4 card cover/stapled binding
Published by and © Peter Ashford 1994

Description : Poetry and artwork on the theme of Medusa, 60 pages, A5 paper/ stapled binding, published by the Hilltop Press, 4 Nowell Place, Almondbury, Huddersfield HD5 8PB, G.B.
© Steve Sneyd 2005

Lewisletter, new series designed by Harry TurnerLewisletter, new series designed by Harry Turner

Lewisletter, new series designed by Harry TurnerHarry Turner offered his skills as a designer to the Wyndham Lewis Society in the early 1980s and became involved with the look of both the 'main event' Enemy News and a revival of a more frequent newsletter.
   He took the society's publications into an era of professional quality designs with the crispness of layouts made with Letraset™ and pages created on an electronic typewriter with carbon ribbons, and moved on seamlessly to desktop publishing using a PC. The new magazines acquired a very distinctive look — one can tell at a glance that it is a Harry Turner production without scanning for an acknowledgement, which is often absent.
   At one stage, Harry was working with an editor who lived in Toronto, which reflects the international reach of the Society, and serves as a reminder of what was possible, and routine, in the days before the conveniences of computers and email.

Enemy News, designs by Harry Turner
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