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[25 June 1998] Notes for letter to A. Langley Searles of Fantasy Commentator
48 Highland Circle
Bronxville, NY 10708-5909

blob Sort out pics/cuttings relating to MIS - prepare an A5 version of Clayton Vale trial, with pre-photocopied pages. Try to fit into 8 pages?

blob Comment on Cleator piece... He took an interest in MIS activities after the trial - obviously felt that as a bunch of 16 and 17 year-olds we needed a little guidance, and we probably benefitted as a reaction to his marginalisation in the BIS following the transfer of the HQ to London.

blobIt was good to see mention of the help he gave Willy Ley, and would like to thank for the help he gave the MIS

boxarrow Check on Sam Youd's comments about conditions for fans in those days - I remember we were impressed when Cleator motored over from Wallasey to visit us... ESN's proud boast that he got a lift home, the first time he'd travelled in a car.

Glad to read that Sam remembers the wartime issues of Zenith. Unexpected egoboo after half a century has gone by...

blob Check on Cleator column in Tomorrow - reference to MIS merger with BIS ?

blob Check letters to see if any comment made to Marion about Cleator's trips... date of my autographed Rockets Through Space is 24 April 1938. What are dates of two Astronauts?

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