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A Recipe For Sleep

Letter of Comment published in Claire Brialey's
No Sin But Ignorance #47 (October 2007)
— A response to issue #46, published 3½ years earlier!

Don't recall ever trying to sleep by counting sheep. With my advancing years I find that these evenings I tend to doze off while reading a book or watching a boring late-night TV prog — then I'm faced with the problem that the moment I slide between the sheets I become wide awake.

Mentally reviewing the events of the day or pursuing odd memories that well up doesn't help. However, I have found that these distractions can be dispelled and sleep assured by the simple ploy of thinking 'In' and 'Out' in time to my breathing.

It works every time.

Once I've settled into this routine, the next thing that happens is being awakened in the morning by the ringing of the alarm. Infallible, it is. Doesn't stop you dreaming though ■

8 May 2004   

one of a series of occasional pieces published by the Septuagenarian Fans Association

© Harry Turner, 2004.

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