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J. Broadbent, E. Burgess, M. Wade with rockets

3 members of the Manchester Interplanetary Society after a Research Meeting
left to right: Mr. J. Broadbent holding CR-4, Mr. E. Burgess holding rocket CR-6
Mr. M.G.E. Wade holding rocket CR3. The launch rack (X) can be seen behind them.
The meeting was a huge success. Much valuable information was obtained

Stan Davies, Eric Burgess, M. Wade with rocket

Rocketeers Stan Davies, Eric Burgess & Malcolm Wade
with one of their infernal devices.

Broadbent, Cusack, Cummins, Burgess and MIS rocketsManchester Interplanetary Society rocketeers at the home of Eric Burgess in Clayton, Manchester, building rockets.
left (l to r): Broadbent, Cusack, Cummins, Burgess, below slightly shuffled

Broadbent, Cusack, Cummins, Burgess and MIS rocketsManchester Interplanetary Society rocketeers in Clayton Vale, Manchester.
Group around the rocket (l to r): Eric Burgess, Bill Heeley, Trevor Cusack (holding the big gloves), and Harry Turner, who built Rocket No. 2

Harry Turner of Manchester Interplanetary Society with rocket (1)Harry Turner of Manchester Interplanetary Society with rocket (2) Harry Turner M.I.S. members at his home in Manchester
Harry Turner in Clayton Vale, Manchester, with rocket
[Thanks to Peter Weston for these 3 pix from Michael Rosenblum's collection]
M.I.S members at Harry Turner's home in Manchester (1937?)

Manchester Interplanetary Society, 1936

The rocket that exploded at the Manchester Interplanetary Society March 1937
meeting being shown off by its maker, Bill Heeley. The two gents on the far right expressed interest in membership, but proved to be plain clothes detectives...

cameramen at Manchester Interplanetary Society meeting, 1936

H.T. wrote: "Yes, we did get on the newsreels – I remember dashing to
the local news theatre to see a few-second shot of our activities!"

Forrest J. AckermanForrest J. Ackerman

4SJ, Forry Ackerman, Forrest J. Ackerman (1916-2008) — leading light of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society,
inspirer of Voice of the Imagi-Nation, and invaluable US fannish contact in early SFA days (1939).

Wally Gillings, Arthur C. Clarke, Ted Carnell, Leeds 1937

Way back in the Thirties: The London Science Fiction Association "stalwarts"
at Leeds in January of 1937 for the first ever SF convention
– Wally Gillings, Arthur C. Clarke and Ted Carnell
[for more on the convention, see Rob Hansen's website,
the source of this better picture than the one I had originally. P.H.T.]

Manchester fans Harry Turner, George Ellis and Eric Needham

Manchester fans Harry Turner, George Ellis and Eric Needham, Leeds 1938

Manchester & Leeds SF fans, 1938

Leeds, 1938 – back row: Harry Turner with hosts Vic Gillard, Doug Mayer and 2 unidentified Leeds fans
front row: Eric Needham and George Ellis from Manchester
Update Note: According to the info with the above picture, the unknown 2 are tagged as Harry Warnes and George Airey. Rob Hansen was "a bit puzzled by the identification" as the gents in question look nothing like Airey and Warnes. He was able to tell me that H.T. questioned Airey & Warnes when they met again at CONCEPTION in 1987. They confirmed that they are not in the picture.

Founders of the SFA Leeds, 1937

Founders of the Leeds SFA, 1937. back row: Berry, Dobby, Miller, Gillard. front row:Airey, Mayer, Warnes

Marion F. Eadie

"My first meeting with Marion F. Eadie, president of the Junior Astronomical Association and editor of its journal, Urania,
was at the 1938 Empire Exhibition in Glasgow."

British Astronomical Association

"At a prewar BAA get-together, Marion is on the right, with Joyce Fairbairn, (in the stripy dress), who later married Sam Youd."

British Astronomical Association members

"Arthur Clarke was also at this meeting of members of the British Astronomical
Association and the Junior Astronomical Association."

British Interplanetary Society members, 1938

At the Chingford home of R.A.Smith (then HQ of the British Interplanetary Society) on Sunday 17 July 1938
L to R: J.H. Edwards, Eric Burgess, Harry Turner, Guest of Honour Midshipman Robert C. Truax, USN,
holding an experimental liquid-fuel rocket motor, R.A. Smith, Maurice Hanson & Arthur C. Clarke.

British Interplanetary Society members, 1938

Alternative group from the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, Vol. 9, No. 3 (May 1950)
L to R: H.E. Ross (author of the article Gone With The Efflux), J.H. Edwards, H.E. Turner,
Midshipman R.C. Truax, R.A. Smith, M.K. Hanson & A.C. Clarke.

Bill Heeley

Bill Heeley at the seaside on the afternoon of Tuesday, April 11th, 1939.

Eric Frank RussellHarold Gottliffe
left : Eric Frank Russell, right : Harold Gottliffe, who took the picture in Liverpool (?) in 1937 and gave
a copy of the photograph to Harry Turner during a visit to Manchester in the summer of 1937
H.T. wrote: "According to Mike Rosenblum, H.G. returned to Leeds when demobbed after the war,
married, then promptly departed from fandom; and so far as I know he never returned to the fold."

Dean Arthur Grennell and Gerry Wesley KincannonDean Arthur Grennell and Gerry Wesley Kincannon
Dean Arthur Grennell and Gerry Wesley Kincannon


   Dean Arthur Grennell, editor of the fanzine Grue,
   and Gerry Wesley Kincannon

Supermancon, 1954, Group with Harry Turner
Supermancon, 1954, picture from Peter Weston (collection of JMR).
Back row identifed as: E.R. James, Harry Turner, John Birchby
and J.M. Rosenblum

Mike Rosenblum
Mike Rosenblum

Eric Needham, 1954
left: Eric Needham (1921-1983), Enlightened Empiricist, one-time window cleaner, Douglas motorbike pilot, originator of advertising jingles for WIDOWER'S WONDERFUL PRODUCTS and Now & Then co-conspirator caught in an off-duty moment at his Longsight flat in 1954.

Archie Mercer plus caravan
Archie Mercer & the celebrated Mercatorial Caravan, his residence at the time of Eric Needham's visit in 1955 to bestow membership of the RFV&SDS.

Helen  Highwater with Eric NeedhamHelen Highwater with Nigel Lindsay

left: 'Helen Highwater' with Eric Needham
above: 'Helen Highwater' with Nigel Lindsay
during Eric's summer 1955 visit to the Torquay
Happy Fans & Lampshade Makers.

Eric Needham meets Nigel LindsayPamela & Ken Bulmer

Pamela & Ken Bulmer

British SF authors of the 1950s
British SF authors of the 1950s: Sam Youd (John Christopher), Dave McIlwaine (Charles Eric Maine),
William Temple, A. Bertram Chandler. front row Ted Tubb and Arthur Clarke, who is holding his
International Fantasy Award (non-fiction) for The Exploration of Space (1952) © ILLUSTRATED, 1953/09/12

Harry Turner comment on Eric Bentcliffe?

Surely Harry Turner (right) can't be making a serious comment about Eric Bentcliffe? (centre) Picture from Peter Weston [Thanks!] The unusual film poster is from 1958

Harry Turner & Sandy Sanderson in Romiley

Sandy Sanderson (right) on a visit to Harry Turner (left)
they're in the back garden at 10 Carlton Avenue, Romiley

Terry Jeeves, Eric Needham, Sandy Sanderson, British SF fans
British SF fans in the 1950s: Terry Jeeves, Eric Needham and Sandy Sanderson in T.J.'s back garden in Sheffield

A 1950s visit to Harry Turner & family

Another picture from Peter Weston [Thanks!] – A 1950s visit to the Turner family in Romiley:
back row: Marion & Harry, middle row: Vin¢ Clarke, Sandy Sanderson, Joy Clarke,
front row: Robert (left) and William (centre)
[No one remembers where Philip, the eldest son, was lurking at the time]

Lisa Conesa, Harry Turner, Robert Turner, Tynecon 1974Lisa Conesa, 1975

left: Lisa Conesa, Harry Turner and Robert Turner at the 1974 Tynecon, right: Lisa Conesa portrait, 1975

Eric Bentcliffe and Harry Turner, Conception 1987Eric Bentcliffe and Harry Turner, Conception 1987

At Conception, 1987 : above Eric Bentcliffe and Harry Turner / below Harry Turner, Bert Warnes and Vin¢ Clarke

, 1987

Intution, Conception & Mexicon III SF convention badges

Brian Varley

Brian Varley in a teeshirt with an impossible object design from 1995
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