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Miscellaneous Notes


New job at Guardian, painting, London visits to the Bulmers, EYE, Space Times


In correspondence with
Joy & Sandy Sanderson, Terry Jeeves of Erg, Fran & Brian Varley, the Charnocks, Rosemary Pardoe of WARK, Harry Bell of Tocsin/Kamikaze, Robert Jackson of Maya, Pat Charnock of Wrinkled Shrew, Graham Charnock of Vibrator, Ken Bulmer, Andy Darlington

Return to fandom via Eric Bentcliffe recommendation, Lisa Conessa follow-up and interview; Zimri items; Writing art article : or NOT; Visits to exhibitions, etc.; Bristol Con (1973 ?), Eclipse trip, CruiseCON suggestion!; Newcastle Con 1974; Triads; Cataracts; Joe Albany; Interim pieces [Greg, Maya, Harry Bell]; Poetry mag

HT front cover on Lisa Conesa's Zimri 4
HT front cover on Lisa Conesa's Zimri 5

May 1974
HT front cover on Lisa Conesa's Zimri 6 and The Open-Ended Game published in the mag, which won the Nova award

HT front cover on Lisa Conesa's Zimri 7
HT designed The Purple Hours, edited by Lisa Conesa, published

HT front cover on Lisa Conesa's Zimri 8

July 1975
HT wrap-around cover on Robert Jackson's Maya 8 – ish won the Nova award.

February 1976
"Send me more, with extra bottums!" or "ZENITH, a brief history" published in Rosemary Pardoe's WARK #6

April 1976
Manchester Con: H.T. met Peter Roberts, Greg Pickersgill, John Piggott, Dave Rowe, Ian Williams, Rob Holdstock, Walt Willis

June 1976
H.T. elected to membership of Society of Modern Painters [2/10 candidates chosen]

July 1976
15th: H.T. to Newcastle for engagement party for son Robert & Christine Nicholson
16th: To Gateshead to visit Irene & Harry Bell.

March 1977
The Rocket That Was Meant For A Planet Explodes In Manchester published in Harry Bell's TOCSIN

February : Death of Eric Frank Russell

Midnight Shakes the Memory pieces published in Harry Bell's Kamikaze [formerly Tocsin]

Harry Turner's TRIAD Optical Illusions and how to design them published by Dover Books.

October: H.T.'s LoC of 25th June prompts the ERG WARS Ergitorial in issue #68


In correspondence with
Terry Hill of Microwave, Vin¢ Clarke, Rob Hansen of THEN, Hazel & Malcolm Ashworth, Ian Williams of Chimera, Fran & Brian Varley, Wieslaw Tomulka of SF Spectrum Publications, Eric Bentcliffe, Diego Uribe, Andrew Darlington of Ludds Mill, Geri Sullivan of Idea, Robert Lichman

March 1981
H.T. doing artwork for Ludds Mill, leading to H.T. front cover on Ludds Mill 16/17 and H.T. interior illos in Ludds Mill 16/17 & 18

February 1982
Copy of Triads book sent to Edgar Leroy of Stamps magazine with a reference to a comment in one of his articles that impossible objects are fun to look at but their construction is hard work!

March 1982
Note from Mr. Leroy thanking H.T for the Triads book and mentioning that Allan Daniel, the editor of Stamps, is interested in impossible object. A copy of the Triads book sent to him.

October 1982
HT cover on Microwave 3

It's all in the mind... published in Terry Hill's MICROWAVE (The fanzine for the literate Philistine) #4.

October 1982
Letter from Malcolm Ashworth: on the point of giving up on his Ph.D., has no great inclination to write 100,000 words on "The Fantasy Novel in Early 20th Century English Literature".

Attended CONception 1987, The Rocket That Was Meant For A Planet Explodes In Manchester republished in Embryonic Journey, a collection of fanzine articles from 1937-1987 for the convention, supplying episodes of memoirs to Wieslaw Tomulka for publication in SF Spectrum Extra

September 1988
Work in Progress published in Hazel Ashworth's Nova-winning LIP #4


In correspondence with (& designing for)
Steve Sneyd of Hilltop Press, Fran & Brian Varley, Rob Hanson of THEN, Ken Cheslin of The Olaf Experience &cet., Hazel & Malcolm Ashworth, Beryl & Archie Mercer, Arthur C. Clarke, Sheryl Birkhead, Tim Allen & Steve Soames of Terrible Work, Tommy Ferguson of Tash, Ned Brooks of It Goes on the Shelf, John Owen of Shipyard Blues, Simon Ounsley of Lagoon, Noel Hannan of Nightfall, Art Widner of Yhos, Alan Hunter, Leah & Dick Smith of Stet, Chuck Connor of Thingumybob, Derek Pickles, "The Same" Dave Rowe, Tom Sadler of The Reluctant Famulus, Jan Orys of VSOP, Andrew Darlington, Joy & Sandy Sanderson, Yvonne Rouse of Barmaid

HT front cover on Yhos 55

May 1991
Mixicon IV, 3rd-6th May, Cairn Hotel, Harrogate, H.T. signed up 85th, 4 ahead of Ken Bulmer.

September 1991
Work in Progress 2 published in Hazel Ashworth's LIP #6

February 1992
Death of Eric Bentcliffe

April 1992
Gardening Notes published in Chuck Connor's Thingumybob 5

Letter, H.T. to Steve Sneyd: Vin¢ was asking me if I knew an early fanartist called F.W. Doody. I told him it sounded very pseudonymous. He replied saying that Doody had done several Novae Terrae covers. It was only the next day that I realised that "F.W. Doody" was a Leeds sparring partner in the late 30s—actual name Frank Dobby. Or F.W. Dobby. So it goes... I am waiting to hear Vin¢'s reappraisal after he's studied the signatures more closely: Frank was into surrealism, and probably pointed me in that direction.

May 1992

Letter, H.T. to Steve Sneyd: Vin¢ mentioned that a fan I knew well in the 50s and then again in the 70s—Eric Bentcliffe—had died of cancer at the end of Feb. Last saw him at the Leeds CONception: we exchanged the occasional letter and threatened to get together some time in Stockport: but never did. Now I keep finding notes to contact him over various Space-Times covers I did for him Iong ago, whenever I riffle through the accumulating papers. I didn't realise he was ill, though I recollect he did say, pointedly, that he'd had to give up smoking.

20 October 1992

Letter, H.T. to Steve Sneyd: I can vouch that ACC was dubbed 'Spaceship' during our stay at Yatesbury (see WiP 1, (Lip 4, 1988, p.20) at least; don't know if it followed him on in his RAF career... Will he interested to see the review you mention in due course. I keep meaning to look out for Arthur's book when I'm in town, but usually seem to be dashing for trains back and no time for browsing.

HT front cover on Chuck Connor's Thingumybob 7
Recycled HT illo from Zenith 4 in The Reluctant Famulus 26
HT front & back covers on Terrible Work 2

May 1993
Death of Sandy Sanderson

November 1993
Harry Turner art showcase published in Critical Wave 33

December 1993
HT cover on The Third Alternative

HT's DIY Project #1 in Chuck Connor's Thingumybob 10
HT's DIY Project #2 in Chuck Connor's Thingumybob 12
HT cover on The Reluctant Famulus 31
HT cover on The Reluctant Famulus 34
HT cover on Tash 10
"Mangrove" & "The Case of the Copper-Plated Kitten" from N&T #4
    reprinted in The Olaf Alternative #6

June 1994
Seem to have picked up on correspondence with Ken Bulmer, who was tickled by some of my wartime pieces and found himself getting all nostalgic. I find, increasingly, that linear time is replaced by a sense of events and memories laid out like a vast painting, with details simultaneously on view. It's all becoming part of the Present. Odd. Must be really getting Old.
 • Also in correspondence with Arthur Clarke, who says: "it's getting lonely up here on Dinosaur Platform".

September 1994
In correspondence with Ned Brooks (Newport News, Virginia) of Slant and New Port News, whose zip code has an average elevation above sea level of 11.15 feet.

October 1994
In correspondence with Rob Hanson of THEN, providing recollections and copies of fan-publishings

HT cover on The Reluctant Famulus 41

Front page of Odds & Sods 32, 19961996
HT front & back covers on Terrible Work 6, also 5 interior illos

June 1996 [letter to Fran & Brian Varley]
I had a letter from Derek Pickles a short while ago in which he mentiond in passing that he hoped to visit Stockport one Sunday during the summer to meet up with Dave Cohen, who now lives in Offerton. I was invited to the gathering, but just made vague noises about the rotten public transport here on Sundays... His latest communique announces that he'll be travelling on the M62/M63 and intends to call for me on his way to Stockport. Help! Have I no excuse? I just hope that if the meeting does materialise, Dave does not have any plans for another Manchester con...

June 1996
Extract from Now & Then #2 in The Reluctant Famulus #45

August-December 1996
In correspondence with Archie (& Beryl) Mercer over authorship of Widowers' verses.

August 1996
Got a fanzine called "Waxen Wings & Banana Skins" pubbed by Claire Brialey and Mark Plummer, who appear to be on the committee running the Eastercon due in Manchester in 1998... I guess Vin¢ must have pointed them in my direction: So, I dodge Dave Cohen, but other threats hover !
A 64-page mag, most of the content eluding my immediate interests... I've sent a copy of N&T 6 and a few pamphlets of bits ‘n' pieces of past articles by way of acknowledgement while I plough thru it searching for loc-worthy points, but have a suspicion that the matter of the con will be raised directly, in due course. (Get your T-shirts here!!) We'll see.

December 1996
HT's DIY Project #3 in Chuck Connor's Thingumybob 15
"A few oddments of mail awaited me – like Thingumybob#15 from Chuck Connor, who is now out of the Services and back in the UK, and using at long last my 'DIY instructions to build thingumybob3' and various other dated items from his files to make up the issue, in a bid to get back on track. (Gosh, is it really three years ago since I drew that DIY item? Obviously time to get down to something new!)" [from a letter to Fran & Brian Varley]

Spring 1997
The Eclipse of the Century published in Tom Sadler's The Reluctant Famulus #48

HT illos in The Reluctant Famulus 49

The Rocket That Was Meant For A Planet Explodes In Manchester republished in Banana Wings #10

Harry Turner's Intuition badgeVisit to Romiley by Art Widner of Yhos with Shirley Atkins in April.

H.T. "co-opted to appear on a couple of art panels"; one of pro-artists, the other on fanart & fanzines; at INTUTITION Eastercon in Manchester.

May 1998
Death of Fran Varley

October 1998
Millennium Countdown: 448 days to go. Did you know that Vincent van Gogh, famous for his painting of sunflowers, lived only 448 months before committing suicide? Another Famous Fact brought to you by the Daily Mail Millennium Service.

HT cover on Novacon Progress Report 3

HT covers on Banana Wings 4 (back); Banana Wings 5 (back); Banana Wings 6 (both); Banana Wings 7 (front); Banana Wings 10 (front)
HT Illo in Banana Wings 8


In correspondence with (& designing for)
Steve Sneyd of Hilltop Press, Brian Varley, Hazel & Malcolm Ashworth, D. (Don) West, Dave Wood of Xyster, Claire Brialey + Mark Plummer of Banana Wings, Andy Robson of Krax, Peter Weston of Relapse, Jane Frank of Worlds of Wonder, Sue Jones of Tortoise, Ron Bennett (Cosmos Books), Alan Hunter, Paul Kincaid of GUFF, Dave Langford of ansible, John Ingham, author of E.F.R. biography Into Your Tent, Dave Rowe, Andy Sawyer (Liverpool University Library), Andrew Darlington, Robert Lichtman of Trapdoor

HT front cover on Krax 37

November 2002
Death of Malcolm Ashworth

HT illos in Krax 40

HT illos in Krax 41
August : Death of Douglas Webster

HT front cover on Krax 42
HT front cover on Tortoise sampler from issues 1-3

HT illo in Krax 43
HT illo on back page of Banana Wings 30
Harry Turner's Triads book reissued by Dover as a coloring book with the title; The Triad Optical Illusions Coloring Book

Turner collage cover illo for Banana Wings 422008
HT illos in Krax 45
March : Death of Arthur C. Clarke
December : Death of Forrest J. Ackerman

January : Death of Harry Turner

HT front cover on Banana Wings 37
HT illo in Banana Wings 40

Harry Turner : An Artist In India published by Farrago Books.

March Into Your Tent, a biography of Eric Frank Russell by John L. Ingham, published by Plantech (UK) Publications.

HT illo in Banana Wings 41
HT/PT front cover on Banana Wings 42

HT front & back covers on Banana Wings 45

14th April
A plaque was unveiled at the Clayton Vale visitors' centre to commemorate the activities of the Manchester Interplanetary Society there 75 years ago. The main instigator of the project was local blogger and astronomer Gurbir Singh of astrotalkUK.org.
The British Interplanetary Society and its origins in Manchester and Liverpool by Gurbir Singh [3rd from right in photo] appeared in Spaceflight, the monthly magazine of the British Interplanetary Society. There is a PDF version available on the astrotalkUK.org website.
The Observer's Guide to Harry Turner's Art published by Farrago Books.

Harry Turner's The Second Triad Coloring Book published by Farrago Books.
Arthur C. Clarke: A Life Remembered by Fred Clarke, with contributions from Mark Stewart, Kelvin F. Long and Robert Godwin, published by Apogee Books/BIS.
Now & Then Revisited by Harry Turner & Eric Needham, a facsimile reissue of their fanzine, published by Farrago Books.
The rocketry adventures of the MIS were included in part 2 of the First Forteans [Fortean Times #309, Xmas 2013], a series of articles by the magazine's founder, Bob Rickard.

Harry Turner impossible art interior illo in Krax #51, the final issue
Death of Marion Turner née Eadie, aged 96
"She was one of the first editors to publish work by Arthur C. Clarke and one of the first female authors of science fiction to sell work to a professional magazine."


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