Pictures of Flooded Romiley, 2007

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January 2007, Flooded & Also Frozen : Views of chilly Romiley Park taken from the bus stop on Sandy Lane. The building work on the school extension is still in its very early stages

Park 4Park 5


June 2007 : There was a good downpour of rain on the 14th (a month's rain in a day in places) but the park was showing no signs of flooding the following day. But down the road a bit, on Stockport Road, things were very different. The picture below shows the vast puddle – something of boating lake proportions – at the bus stop by the Romiley Arms, where anyone wanting to get on a bus had to stand well back when it arrived!

The bus stop near the Romiley Arms 2007/06/15

Round the corner, the puddle stretched half way across Beech Lane and provided a nice reflection of the Liberal Club in the background.

The Liberal Club reflected in a vast puddle, Romiley 2007/06/15

NatWest puddle #1

July 2007, More Puddles Than Pavement

At the oak tree at the NatWest bank on Compstall Road looking east to Sandy Lane(left) and west to the bus stop (below)


NatWest puddle #2

The Precinct outside Mellor's estate agency, views of the puddle from the west (left) and the east (right)

Precinct puddle view #1Precinct puddle view#2

Beechwood Avenue/Compstall Road, looking west; the puddle is mottled because a car had just driven through it

Beechwood Ave

The pavement of Compstall Road between Beechwood Ave & Lyme Grove looking east from the bus stop More puddles than pavement

Lyme Grove/Compstall Road, looking east

Lyme Grove


July 2007, Flooded Again : Views inside Romiley Park looking toward Sandy Lane (left) and Compstall Road (right).

Romiley ParkRomiley Park

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