Alleged source: Visa U.S.A. (2006/10/23)
Subject: Notification from Visa U.S.A.
Reply-To: quere.jean-yves <>
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 2006 01:53:23 0000
(Received: 23rd October!)


Dear customer of Verified by Visa!

Our Security Department is providing the most protected Visa Security Program to our loyal clients around the world. That system includes screening of each transaction by our Visa security experts for possible fraud activity during usage of your credit/debit card. Recently we located online usage of your credit/debit card with the information, that doesn’t match with your account details. Now it is extremely important for you to confirm your personal account information of your credit/debit card in Verified by Visa program. That will help you to avoid different fraud operations with your credit/debit card in future. Nevertheless, if this procedure will not be completed in 48 hours, we will suspend your Verified by Visa account indefinitely to prevent possible fraud transactions. We appreciate your attention to security procedures and your sincere cooperation. For confirmation of your account data, we may require specific information from you which will be used only for personal data confirmation in our Visa Security Program.

Thank you for your attention to security procedures and please be kindly noted that your assistance can truly help us to improve the protection of your account in Verified by Visa and personal information from fraud. We apologize for any inconveniences.

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Alleged source: Visa Card Department (2008/11/17)
Subject: Credit Posted To Your Visa Account


Dear Customer,

The following merchant refund/credit has posted to your Visa Card Account.

Merchant: *YONIX 4029357733 CA
Posted: November 17, 2008
Credit Amount: $261.45

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